Fake TV diversity

Has anyone else noticed that on all tv adverts these days there are NO white couples.
EVERY couple on tv adverts now have to be mixed race.
I’m not entirely sure why this pisses me off so much much but it does. Probably because it’s a lie.
I don’t know any mixed race couples. Do you?

If these tv cunts are to be believed, white men don’t exist (except in the new Natwest advert that I just saw while writing this cunting. He’s marrying a black woman) and all white women are with a black bloke (dressed like a white bloke) while their mixed race munchkins frolic in the warm glow of progressive liberalism.

What a load of bollocks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against mixed race couples whatsoever.
I know a few black blokes. They are going out with black women.
I know lots of white people. They are going out with other white people.

So why does the media have to force this crap on us in every fucking advert?

We all know where it’s going next, and no one wants to see that. Especially when they’re eating their dinner.

I guarantee it’s done by white women that live in 99% white areas, that wouldn’t spit on a black bloke if the poor cunt was on fire.
It’s just to push a lefty narrative and it’s bollocks.

The cunts.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

78 thoughts on “Fake TV diversity

  1. Nice one “Sausage” . I have seen these indoctrination “bites” masquerading as advertisements, and it really makes MY piss boil too!

    The cunts must think we are totally thick not to notice this blatent indoctrination.

    I can’t wait for this whole steaming pile of shite to collapse and fucking fall on the cunts heads. Long live the right wing. ( seems to be what common sense is called these days )

  2. As a mixed race man myself I have to say I’ve noticed in loads of adverts nowadays that the couples are mostly mixed.
    There does seem to be a ‘We have to used mixed couples’ agenda when Tarquin and Jemima throw ideas around in the advertising agency meetings. Yet another load of PC bollocks. The cunts.

    • Quite right B&WC. We know it happens, its natural, its not offensive, but I don’t want this patronizing shite pushed down my throat by Tarquin and Jemima.

  3. Great cunting from the sausage-meister.

    The bastion of snowflakery, the Al-Ja Beeba is a leading proponent of similar wankery. On their kids CBeebies channel, there is a programme centred around a street of ‘nice ethnics’, where you have towellies and an Uncle Tom type in a pork pie hat, living side by side in harmony. That’s it; brainwash the little ones early.

    The street upon which they live has clean, freshly painted houses. Not a scrap of graffiti or litter to be seen.

    Contrast that to the reality of dindu nuffins enclaves where you have drug dealers on street corners, crack whores, vandalism, dog shit, knifings and chattels bring launched from a tenth storey window onto the pavement below.

    I am ok with dindus and ragheads bring represented fairly on the idiot lantern, but they really need to show some reality.

  4. This has been gathering pace for many years. Almost every fucking sitcom that came out of America over the last couple of decades has a veritable coktail of ethnic characters. I’m writing one at the moment about Amazonian disabled kid in a wheelchair who is struggling with self determination issues after discovering that his father who abandoned him after he was born was an Eskimo rapist. This in turn has led him to question his gender and is seeking to transition and marry his Mongolain 110 year old boyf. Should be on our screens by the weekend.

  5. As an Americunt I obviously don’t see British television…but the same cuntish phenomenon exists here in the states.

    Full disclosure…I am of WASP descent and was involved in a long term romance with a charming Africunt/Americunt woman here in the states.

    One of the trends in our advertising is to show affluent old WASP grandparents engaging in everyday social activities with their mixed race grandchild all the while enjoying their blissful retirement.

    I could just puke!

    Multicultural and transatlantic Great cunting DtS!

    • …..And Sesame Street! One black one, one white one and one with a bit of shite on………..( to the tune of dicky di doh )
      Sesame St was one of the first to introduce colour coded characters, and the fucking Teletubbires!…Well, I rest my case!

    • What’s is WASP descent?
      Probably making a fool of myself here, but I ain’t got a clue. 😁

        • Cheers Shitcake Baker
          I tried to work it out but I could only picture a black and yellow stripey guy.

          • The only cunt in my family…aside from me…was the Scots cunt on my father’s side of the family who sired my grandmother.

            Fucking kilt wearing, haggis eating, cheapskate son of a bitch polluted our family gene pool…admittedly a shallow pool…but clean up till then! 🤔 😫

          • ScB

            I cannot believe that I..an uncouth, barely literate Yank from the colonies must educate you…a cultured, sophisticated gentleman from the British Isles.

            Whisky from Scotland is called Scotch.

            People from Scotland are called Scots.

            Cretin! 😜


          • Oh dear…I fucking know that General. Let me explain: some cunters here, including me, occasionally refer to the Scots as Scotch – precisely because we know it winds them up! Just like when I referred to baseball as ’rounders’ I was consciously winding up any Americunts who happened to be reading.

            And you took the bait General! For which I thank you from the bottom of my warm loving heart.

            Therefore, because you’re still relatively new to the ropes here, I’m prepared to overlook your indiscrete attempt at teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.

            Along with Ivor the engine driver, you are forgiven.

  6. Interesting developments incidentally about Brendan Cocks, husband of Saint Jo with allegations of inappropriate behaviour. 😇

  7. I’ve heard about this! Dude! You’re all over the trades! 😎

    Is it true that in season 2, thanks to the miracle Obamacare he learns to walk and joins antifa, only to become disillusioned by persecution of the far left by Trump and after being forced into exile he is hunted by the Tea Party and so turns to radical Islam, where he throws off the societal curse of cis and trans gender roles, leaves his elderly Eskimo lover (who has since become infatuated with Jane Garvey) and self identifies as a goat, then founds the “Goat Lives Matter” movement which helps propel Oprah into the Presidency thus ushering in a “Golden Era” of TV diversity?

      • Yep, the very same which in turn leads him to become the dominant force of an evil empire ruling over Europe. He persuades them to slaughter all middle aged white men in a small offshore territory known to be inhabited with traitorous tribes.

  8. It’s like these cunts on the telly are trying to say it’s compulsory to be in a mixed race partnership… I’ve been out with birds from Argentina, Germany and Italy… But not because it was what some advert told me to do… It’s because all three made me cum from my boots…

      • I once went to Tokyo for a naughty weekend.

        Flew out from Heathrow on the Friday afternoon and arrived in Japan on the Saturday morning.

        Two most excellent days staying in Yokohama in top hotels paid for by the now Mrs Stroker.

        Flew out from Tokyo on the Monday morning. So unbelievably knackered slept for most of the 12 hour flight back.

      • Eljen a Magyar !!

        My last to-die for woman…

        (“Long live Hungary!!”. Especially if they kick Brussels in the sprouts…)

  9. Cunting of the highest order Sausage, and long overdue.

    I have been in a mixed race relationship (wife of Indian decent) for over 25 years. Like most couples we disagree about a lot, but not when it comes to these forced multicultural propaganda bollock adverts and wider programming. We consider them a fucking insult. On the bright side, without them we’d have one less thing to feel united in our hatred of.

    If business /marketing /media think they can get us to waste more of our hard earned cash on their unnecessary tat by ramming a bunch of bogus diversity drenched crap across our TV screen night after fucking night they must be even stupider than I took them for, themselves taken for £millions by advertising agency parasites who wouldn’t recognise a real life scenario if it came up and ripped their oxygen wasting lungs out.

    • This is a great cunting and one which I was going to cunt myself after receiving my latest membership pack.

      As middle age has firmly got me in its grips I recently decided to join the National Trust.

      As Allah (peace be with the peaceful cunt) is my witness I received my ‘free gift’ and 2018 handbook which lists all the Trust’s Properties. I took a cursory look and was genuinely stunned by the amount of Mixed Race families frolicking through the grounds of some of the UK’s most treasured properties.

      It was/is so fucking in your face I thought I’d definitely give it a cunting and wanted to count the amount of mixed race happy families that conform to the stereotype as identified by Deploy as a proportion of all the lifestyle shots in the NT handbook but just don’t have the time but it’s so outrageous the cunt that commissioned it needs hoofing so hard in the bollocks he’d get a new set of tonsils.

      So I just had a look at the 2011 Census online and fuck my boots there are 2.3m people who classified themselves as being in an ‘inter-ethnic’ relationship.

      But hang on, by far the biggest proportion of these are ‘other white and white British’ 16% and ‘white Irish and white British’ 7%.

      Caribbean and White British?


      Other Asian and White British?


      Indian and White British?


      I think anyone accusing the agencies of over representing mixed race black and white relationships in the media is a raaaaacccciiiiisssst cunt

  10. Too much idiocy! Now peter rabbit is getting cunted in todays headlines for, and I quote “food allergy bullying”.
    The spritely little nipper apparently has been throwing blackberries at a child who is allergic to them who then needs to use an epipen to avoid death.
    This has got the libtards totally up in arms.
    How my heart bleeds.
    Hold on, aren’t there any, ANY other newsworthy events today?
    How about a war?
    Surely the weinsteins of this world aren’t having a day off?
    How about that stock market crash?
    Or that volcano/earthquake?
    Christ, has even the brexit mill run dry?
    It has?
    Well, that’s great then.
    Perhaps I’ll turn on the telly….
    Oh fuck, vicious circle…..

  11. So many cuntings confirming my decision not to watch television, ever.

    But boxwatchers will have missed the feminist frenzy on Radio 4, in which squeaky women with speech defects/accents and Hindustani/Nigerian names do the continuity, panels are rigorously and without regard to relevance gender-balanced (dear Christ, wimmin comediennes are unfunny) and unbalanced clots of literary wimmin endlessly chatter about each others’ books at prime time. This appears to be peaking with the anniversary of giving them the vote. Which IMO was a mistake.

  12. You can’t not notice it. Such a load of bullshit.

    And where are all these crazy, fun-loving black women with frizzy hairstyles? Advertisers must have them all locked up somewhere because they’re on just about every cunting advert and seem to be a mandatory member of everyone’s “friendship group” but I’ve never seen one in real life.

  13. ‘‘Tis the curse of brexit” we have to pay for choosing the light. Everything that goes wrong in this reality is because we defied the gods of libtard. We are doomed to dwell in the wilderness of woe for evermore. If we all got together and told them to fuck off we may be saved who knows. I will carry on building my bunker and amassing a collection of sharp pointy things.
    Nothing in this statement is meant to upset anyone of any gender, colour, religion, sexual orientation and so on blah, blah and any other bollocks I have left out as my mind has been certified as incapable of coping with the addition of another million kinds of victims.

  14. Thanks to Kodi and the greed of all in football in the uk I watch streams ( no) from eastern europe/Russia.
    Will get ads on there and not one non-white to be found.

    • Fuck me backwards!!!
      What the fuck was that about? So you’re out in enemy territory and you have to sit around watching some primitive savage performing his mumbo jumbo ritual?
      Why bother? Just fucking surrender for fucks sake.

    • Yeah, laughed my bollocks of when I saw it. What nonsense. Let’s see that guy calmly praying in a middle eastern firefight when potential relatives of his are shooting at him. What fun.
      Sounds like a security breach waiting to happen.

  15. Brexit scare. Day 9
    This from so-called BBC website.

    ‘Wales and the Irish Republic must work together to overcome trade challenges when the UK leaves the European Union, the first minister has said.

    Carwyn Jones said a “hard maritime border” between Wales and Ireland would be a “real threat” to both economies.’

    Subtext from this giant of Welsh intellect – You thick cunts voted out but we know best. Besides which I am called Carwyn which makes me Welsher than most.
    So Brexit must not have borders with the EU apparently. How the fuck does that work?
    The EU is a single entity. A border with France is a border with Ireland. You cant pick and choose. Remoaners are quick to allege lying by Leavers but every utterance from Remoaners seeks to distort the truth and overturn the vote.

    By the way, this bunch of inept inbreds want to increase the number of Welsh Assembly MPs. This will give work to more otherwise unemployable cunts.

    • They should try spending some of that cash on the fucking roads, the worthless pricks. What fucking idiot thought the best thing for democracy was to get another load of troughing cunts, and give them the cash to use as they see fit. First thing, fuck that huge empty building we were going to use as the assembly headquarters, we need a massive palace. Cunts, every single one of them.

      • Wasn’t it our Champion Cunt Anthony BLiar who introduced devolution to the Welsh? and is therefore ultimately responsible for the shower of shite that’s now in government there?

  16. On the other hand, white families and couples are only used when the advertisers need someone to look down on or humiliate. The ad below ticks a lot of brainwashing boxes: newly married couple, white male (submissive and incredibly stupid), and white sociopathic wife, clearly up to no good.


      • If you portrayed a black couple like that, or Allah forbid a peaceful couple, your feet wouldn’t touch the fucking ground!

    • Nice one shitcake … I knew exactly which advert it’d be before I even clicked it.

      Making the woman out to be the one that controls the money and organises the finances while the man fumbles around, trying not to slip over on his own dribble.

      Beagle street? Cunt street more like.

    • No medical, no blood test ??

      That’s fine, just pay us 85% of your monthly income, bosh, sorted.

      As for the couple…what can I say ? They deserve each other.

  17. You will love this, I was married to a Dalmation (no not the canine but a lady from Dalmatia) any way she had lovely olive skin (amungst other things) any way when I came back to the UK I was subjected to some racial abuse by a pasty faced arab type, in fact he called me a racist, the people around me said they had never seen anything like it, I went totally white and shouted “You fucking what! my wife is blacker than you! you are a cunt and you can shove that card right up your arse”,
    Much to the amusment of all and sundry.

    • Great stuff, Benny… I lived with a girl from Argentina for four years in my early 20s… She was a firey one, but she was stunning and it was really great while it lasted… I got a fair bit of ‘Argie’ ‘Falklands’ and even ‘Hand of God’ bollocks off a lot of lads… I simply pointed out to them, ‘Go home to your nagging wives and girlfriends… Your cheap bits from the pub and the local textiles factory… Because you all know that none of yours will ever have an arse like the one mine has got!’ And I was absolutely right…

  18. It’s creeping into everything… Now the once excellent Endeavour has been infested by the PC Colarado Beetle… Last night’s ‘All Brits are racist Enoch was wrong and the lovable Asian types don’t put a foot wrong’ crap was sickening…. Not to mention that peaceful cunt in it, saying that a horror film about a mummy was disrespectful to Egyptian culture… Someone should tell the knee-jerk PC cunt who wrote that episode that the Ancient Egyptians had nothing to do with Islam… That’s the thing with these ‘diversity’ and PC wankers: they’re not even consistent and they do no research… Brain dead cunts…

    • The Super, Reginald Bright, is good, but he reminds me of those pre-Corrie meerkats.

      Damn it, it’s those glasses. They all went to Specsavers…

  19. The River Island advert has tipped this shit over the edge for me. Finishes off with some peaceful female in headscarf attire, trying her darndest to hide her contempt for western decadence while simultaneously trying to look cool and fashionable in some overpriced shite any normal peaceful wouldn’t be seen dead in. It was the most in your face example of PC driven multiculturalism I have ever seen.

    • I’ve literally just watched that river island ad whilst reading your comment. And it’s so cuntworthy its unbelievable. Absolute PC bollocks.

  20. I married a black woman, We had 4 kids, one chinese, one indian, one gay and one gender fluid. BBC weren’t interested in a program about us unless we adopted an eskimo

  21. Actually, I think they kicked all the cunts over that friggin’ rainbow they’re always flaunting!

  22. Yep. a cood gunting
    I’m married to a Chinese girl myself, I’m happy to say, ‘cos that means I’m no longer married to that feminist (femenwithtits) wot I was buried alive wiv the first time.

    Over here in Canada,every bank advert , every Macdonalds ad, every fucking home buying ad, has either a mixed race couple with fucking loads of cash.

    Or worse still, in my opinion, an upper middle management woman driving a Cadillac, coming home to her upscale apartment with a nuclear family of two gorgeous kids……… with no fucking man in sight… nor a need for him.
    It’s unlimited fuel for the fems and the PC mob,and so the fire’s out of control

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