Theresa May (11)

Ourillustrious PM is rolling over to the frogs today by bunging Macron another £45 million of OUR money and agreeing to take in more fucking 30 year old unaccompanied child jihadis and economic migrants.

What the fuck is the matter with the woman?

“Bloody difficult woman”? Fucking pussy!

Enough ! ! ! !

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66 thoughts on “Theresa May (11)

  1. It shows what a shithole France is. Even though it is packed with peaceful scum, whole areas that may as well be part of Morocco or Syria,they still prefer to come here.

    • There illegal aliens pure and simple, so then why don’t the fuckin frogs round them up and deport them ? They say their refugees but travel through several safe countries to get to Blighty. Why is that i wonder ? Nothing to do with us having a soft touch benefits system i suppose ?
      You don’t see one peaceful cunt when i travel to Poland because they are not only unwelcome there but they can’t claim a single zloty in benefits either.

  2. As much use as a three legged racehorse is our bloody May. Tell the frogs to fuck off and deal with the shitfest they have created themselves. More fucking migrants holy fuck this island is sinking under the weight of most of the Worlds useless fuckers as it is. France must be a right shit hole if they want to come here! As my good lady has just pointed out France is nice but our pc driven system is much better at helping those less fortunate. Of course the very highest of Christian virtues, love thy neighbour, give unto others, turn the other cheek and so on. Strange that a government and civil service not forgetting academia and all the other left leaning libtards so anti Christian, seems to be doing all it can to enforce the highest notions of said religion. I know I am bonkers but fuck am I travelling into another reality?

  3. Stupid fucking bitch.

    Wrong decision every fucking time.

    National disgrace. A strong and stable, bloody difficult woman?

    She is not in the same league as Mrs Stroker. Japanese steel.

  4. Weak as piss. The whole fucking world must be laughing at us….there’s the British!……let’s go and nick their dinner money. Let’s wipe our arses on their poxy little flag.
    Never mind Macron the next bully boy up could be Macri. He’s the President of Argentina and if I was that cunt I would be eyeing up the Falklands. No need for a fight Slaggy May will just give it to them. Not that we could put up a fight anyway.

  5. I’m not sure she isn’t getting a bad rap here. £45 million is, I think, 15% of our weekly contribution to the EU, so it’s nothing in the scheme of things. And the alternative isn’t worth thinking about, it would mean Dover be in lockdown and the cunts would escape into the ether all the time. I realise I’m in a minority of possibly one, but I think she made the best of a bad lot.

    • It’s the principle of the thing. Either way, once and for all it proves we have no real control over our borders – Brexit or no Brexit.

      I grew up in the 1950s believing otherwise. Clearly a lie. Cunts.

    • I agree with you C&R, the money is peanuts and if it leads to Macaroon being on our side during trade talks with the EU then its money well spent. Just so long as she doesn’t let in any more sponging immicunts, not fucking 1 of the fuckers. It only needed 1 from the last batch to set a bomb on a tube train and its only a stroke of dumb luck the bomb turned out to be a dud. Are you listening Saggy Maggie? Not fucking 1!!!

    • Agree on the whole. However, as Kipling wrote about earlier bunch of unwanted immigrants:

      “… But we’ve proved it again and again,
      That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
      You never get rid of the Dane.”


      Macron’s a slippery Blairite bastard, but it’s just possible he doesn’t want the tired and huddled masses stuffing up his ports, too. I’d like to see that £44M rigorously accounted for … pause for hysterical audience laughter….

      • Nice one Komodo. Sense of humour essential in these difficult times.

        Accountability of expenditure. A la European Union? 🇪🇺

        As per the 1973 film of the same name starring David Essex “That’ll Be The Day”

  6. Valid points C&R, £45m being small change and all that. However, how long will it be before Monsieur Stinky tells us he needs another £45m to again shore up the porous froggy borders? A month, 6 months?

    Macron is a wily cunt who has now had a taste of Maybitch’s blood. He won’t stop there now he knows we are ripe for the picking.

  7. I would ask the question why? Why does Europe allow strangers to wander around its countries? People who have no name, no abode? People who take? People who do not speak the language nor share the values?

    What is so special about these people that they require NO passport? No identity?
    What purpose do they serve? What benefit do they bring?

    These questions need answers.

    In this country we are damned with a feckless and useless Prime Minister who dithers, ducks and dives, and drivels on an on about her strength and political integrity.

    Theresa May is a National embarrassment. A woman who deserves the most intense cunting. A spineless creep lacks the courage, the dignity and the tenacity to hold such a high office.

    The long drawn out death of this country rolls along, burdened by fuckwits who we elect.
    May is a cunt, a useless cunt, and a cunt we need shot of. Fuck her! ( well no not really, not that way )

  8. I have never been so embarrassed to call myself a Tory until this waste of air became PM.

    I don’t even remember voting for her.

    • I remember. Three of us voted that morning with very heavy hearts. We live in a marginal constituency. And lost. Went from Con to Lab.

      It might sound silly, but I’m convinced that without that Foxhunting nonsense the seat would have been held. The vote was that close.

      If the Tories don’t pull their fingers out by the May elections I’ll be scrawling CUNTS across my next ballot paper. Fuck them.

      • I’ve never voted Tory. But I wrote to the MFH of the Buccleuch Hunt to offer my support and sympathy when cunt Blair banned hunting. And got thanks.

        It’s one of several lousy decisions based on ignorance that Blair has since regretted…in this case admitting he knew fuck-all about the sport before caving in to the cuddly fox brigade. Still, one less national tradition to get in the way of globalisation, eh, Tone?

        • I am not a Tory. Far from it. And certainly not a Socialist! But up to now have considered it my duty to vote for the lesser of two evils.

          Closest I’ve ever come to analysing my position would be Libertarian – not to be confused with libtards, I hasten to add!

          I have, over 40+ years, voted all 3 main political parties in General elections.

          But the thought of joining any political party makes me feel positively sick. Like Groucho Marx, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”.

          They’re all cunts out there!

  9. The only candidate that I hope will take over the reigns is Jacob Rees, but he has no ministerial experience so maybe TM is the best we got at the moment

    • I don’t know how you think she has ministerial experience at all, she never got a single thing done! 5 years sitting on the toilet at NASA wouldn’t make me an astronaut.

    • Jacob Rees I love listening to his upper-class silver spoon in his gob voice. He reminds of the little clart I went to school with who had a double-barreled name Murray- Brown and spoke really posh and the pleasure we all had in thumping the little git

  10. What we need is a loony dictatorship.
    Imagine kim’s response to macron’s cheeky offer…..
    Wait, haven’t we got a couple of nukes? Just sayin…..

  11. I’ve never trusted the frogs since I once went for a meal there and the waiter, Gallic tosspot that he was, made a right twatting show of uncorking a bottle of plonk and then sniffing the cork as if it was Juliette Binoche’s bike seat. I almost decked him there and then. Utter cunt….as is granny shagger Macron.

    • A clear breach of etiquette on the part of the waiter. Instead of applying his greasy foreign snot-dripping snout to the cork, he should , after extracting it, have handed it to the customer for inspection both visually and nasally. While very few wines these days develop infection with acetobacter (or worse, indeed, lactic acid-producing bacteria) the smell of the cork is the second -best guide to whether this has happened – the best, naturally, being the vinegary taste of a duff bottle.

      Sniffing the cork has a purpose, though it suggests that the establishment was pretentious. But he should have let you do it.

  12. Hate to say it chaps but best move north and build a big fuckin wall !!!!!
    Extending into the Irish Sea ( obv not too close to them tattie muchin wean fiddlers ) and into the North Sea
    Mile high and couple miles wide
    Pay the employees that man said wall fortunes ( don’t make same mistakes as our lil chink cousins did)
    That’s just for starters !!!!!!!

  13. The big question today in the Palace of Westminster is. “Did Macron shag Theresa May ?”. And If he did. “Did the earth Move for her ?” And “did she come ?”

    It seems likely that Macron was sooooo fucking good , that Theresa paid him his asking price .

    Crafty little cunt Macron, a granny fucking specialist with a garlic scented cock.

    • She’s a fucking leftie thick as shit moron who likes to be outraged at least 5 times a day. Fucking ideal Labour useless cunt.

        • I think they’re equally thick and equally repulsive, physically and sexually.

          That should make the dim duo smile, being such keen advocates for equality at all costs.

    • The hypocritical liebour party and its adherents beggar belief. This in the Spectator re – the Toby Young subject.

      “Both Butler’s eradication of any statute of limitations and her idea of what constitutes a sackable offence are intriguing to me. While I do not doubt that a Tweet nine years ago about a woman’s breasts may be terrible, it is far more forgivable than some things I can think of. For instance, imagine if in 2009 it transpired you were claiming for a second home at taxpayers’ expense in the same city (London) where your main home was. And imagine at the same time that you were found claiming for a Jacuzzi bath – paid for by taxpayers – to be installed in one of those homes.
      That is what Dawn Butler was criticised for in 2009. To take the language she uses about Toby, it wasn’t a very long time ago. She was an adult at the time. She knew what she was doing.

      So here’s the question. Why is spending taxpayers’ cash in this way something that can be forgiven – and indeed never mentioned again – in under a decade, while a boob joke must live with someone forever? Of course, Dawn Butler and the other new Social Justice Savonarolas will claim that Young’s Tweet makes him unfit to sit on a marginal 15 person board. But then why does Butler still occupy a far more powerful position in Parliament”?
      Cunts – liebour never seem to be able to find the bottom of the barrel but they keep on scraping. CUNTS

  14. …. I just don’t get how this weasle little Cunt can march into the UK under our very noses, ask for £40 odd million quid and get it… stand on the steps of Downing St. and say France is open for business so fuck the British … and still probably get glorious hand shake on his welcome …. Yet there is a such a strong opposition to a visit from the President of America, who could do so much for us in trade … it beggars belief.

    Sorry, but the Torys can rev up and fuck off for my vote at the next or any other election. What the fuck us it with Teresa May that she must crumble to every fucking man and his fucking dog on any deal ?

    • If the Frogs & Krauts can have Trump over without a pathetic display of disrespect, why not we?

      And Macron’s an arrogant, sneering, shifty fucking cunt who should have been shown the door the moment he demanded our money with menaces.

      • Macron was a fucking nobody, an obscure civil servant until 2012 when he was appointed out of the blue to high office under Hollande. He quit that post in 2014, incidentaly the same year he went to the Bilderburg group meeting. Three years later he is president of the second most powerful country in Europe. I wonder if there is a link in there somewhere? Or could it be that he is an ex Rothschild banker?

    • Emmanuel Macron warns Theresa May today Britain must pay into EU budget and accept EU laws to secure single market access post-Brexit.

      Treesa May already agreed stupidly to pay £40billion.

      Does Macron seriously think we will have gone through Brexit in order to be in exactly the same position afterwards as we are already?

      The UK must be the laughing stock of the world. Soft as fucking shit.

  15. These cunts have got a free pass to fuck up anything and everything and then blame it on Brexit. It’s our fault you see for not doing as our betters told us. Somebody mentioned a conspiracy earlier … can bet your fucking life it’s a conspiracy!
    One day, when we are all brown bread some clever cunt will write a book setting out how they did it , chapter by chapter. That’s assuming there any cunts left who can actually read more than two pages without getting a brain haemorrhage.

  16. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only wunce. When I leave you can piss me the mennee in a black bog by the bick durr.

  17. Some Tory arsehole has suggested to loan out the Rosetta Stone as a gesture of goodwill to France for allowing us to display the Bayeux Tapestry, I reckon most people would prefer we give them back every illegal found in lorry with a no returns policy instead.

    • It’s ironic they are offering us the Bayeux Tapestry as May’s version of Brexit is the biggest stitch up in British history.

  18. As Churchill famously said of the French “The greatest cross I have to bear is the Cross of Lorraine”
    (Used by French forces led by de Gaulle as an answer to the Nazi swastika)

    • Supply and Demand my friend.

      We can’t fix Supply so we have to fix Demand!


      No, just simple arithmetic.

  19. Hi Cunters

    Long time reader first time poster ,and can I say Ive wiped the streaming tears of laughter from my cunty face over the last months reading your ( to the fucking sharpest of the fucking sharpest point ) facts about the deluge of monumental cuntishness displayed by our fellow cuntrymen and foreign cunts these past few years.
    one disclaimer i must point out from reading the past cuntings , please dont regard every Scot as some fuckwit jock who hates his English neighbours and sucks the sturgeon teet .
    Please be assured there is a silent majority who voted remain in the independence referendum and …. to the tune of over a fucking million ….to vote leave in the referendum on the EU . I personally like my neighbours of these isles, like minded in values and history instead of a plethora of nationalities with which I have no affinity
    Rant begins :
    My mind and soul hit rock bottom today when the realisation hit me of the massive con job being done on the British People by the cunty establishment. Ive watched day by day the cunty behavior but something is going unchallenged over the last week since Farage hinted another referendum may be needed. Now, none is needed, but my despair is that were being cunted into accepting as the norm…. that the 2 questions will be ….. accept the deal or remain in the EU.
    Eh ? what you cunts ? surely its accept the deal or leave with no deal ? not fucking scrap the whole thing altogether.
    so lets get this right, heres the plan since day 1 after the referendum
    1: 18month project fear utilising the liberal leftist media BBC/CH4/ Sky…andy every leftist cunt you can drag onto a talk show or political programme et etc
    2: ignore manufacturing being highest since the ’80s / no recession / no 500,000 immediate job losses / no major business relocation / no major financial institution relocation / Record inward investment / record employment figures
    3: Convince every leftist libtard and snowflake millenial that the EU is some arms around the fucking globe people movement and not a fucking diabolical stitch up of big business /evil bastard elitist /nose in the trough cunty bastards who keep wages artificially low and prices artificially high whilst moving their production to any fucking where they like as soon as it can be done cheaper.
    4: Report as fact and cower under every bit of pish that is spewed out of the three cuntmigos mouths … a’la Barnier / Verhofstdat / Junker without as much as a fuck off from anyone this side of the pond
    5 : Go on and on and fucking on about the number on the side of a bus. Well heres a fucking fact remoaners , after the rebate and any planned spend of EU funds in the UK it works out at £180 MILLION A FUCKING WEEK. Why not just put that on the bus ? Thats eye watering enough surely ? So shut the fuck up about that
    the list could go on and on
    what a total bunch of 2 faced spineless useless fuckwits weve ended up with here , backed up by half a nation of self doubting pathetic little fith column cunts , actually hoping for any bad news on the economy to further push their agenda
    Apologies, im not as eloquent on this subject as most of you cunters, im just too fucking angry to find hmour in it
    sorry for the long post

    Rant over

    • This cunter will go far, I’d say. Welcome SC.

      I lived in Scotland for 30 years, and what you say about your countrymen matches my impressions. But I can’t shake off the feeling that the huge, if probably transient, push for independence came from exactly the same feeling as the Brexit vote, namely, “What the fuck is up with our politicians? Fuck this, let’s have some changes here!”
      So I’m not completely unsympathetic….

      • A very perceptive point K. Once we no longer have the EU to blame for all our woes, where do we go next? Our politicians are at least, if not more cuntish than those on the continent. Now there’s no-one remotely worth voting for in the U.K. (exclusively now only on a lesser of two evils basis) so guess civil war’s the next logical step.

        Overpopulated anyway, we could do with a good cull.

        • I was about to suggest elsewhere that we reintroduce hunting with dogs. Large dogs. Hunting our radicalised Salafi population, which would be a good group to start with – “they’d none of them be missed” – and proceeding to anyone in Canary Wharf earning 150K (say) or more.

  20. I was more than prepared, happy even, to give Theresa May a chance, but it comes to something when you’re a worse Tory Leader than John “Bull” Major!

    Mrs May, please go before it’s too late and Labour get in, making HS2 look like a mere drop in the ocean compared to what Corbyn/McDonnell are planning on pissing up the wall for absolutely no discernible benefit –
    unless you weren’t born here and/or haven’t paid a stitch of tax here, or would like to blow us the fuck up!

  21. .76mm The solution to all problems and politics…….If you don’t believe me…ask Gerry Adams.

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