Richard Branson (9)

Emergency cunting for Virgin trains. They are refusing to sell the Daily Mail. Apparently the snowflakes who work there find the paper offensive! Boo hoo …..

Nominated by kravdarth.

Branson is a fucking cunt. He hoovers up taxpayers subsidies and then fucks off to avoid paying it himself. Now the cunt bans a newspaper from his trains because the staff object to it. What a load of fucking bollocks!!
Like they can object to anything.

“Excuse me Mr Branson I object to the slave wages you pay us.”

“ Oh yeah…..well there are plenty of Poles, Lithuanians and assorted Muzzies to take your place. Don’t like it then fuck off cunt.”

Cunt has banned the Mail because it’s not a pro EU toilet roll. Bastard fucking cunt.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

105 thoughts on “Richard Branson (9)

  1. Some call him, “That bearded, liberal entrepreneur” ; some call him a vain, publicity-seeing berk” ; some “The smiling face of Capitalism.”

    I know what I call him.

    • I have always called him a cunt; just one of many that infest this reality that I call home.

    • Critical columns of Branson in the Mail by Quentin Letts are what this banning is about. Topping it all Mr Letts has given Virgin man the star role in his new book “patronising bastards”..

      This censoring isn’t about moral outrage, merely bitter vindictive revenge.

      I also recommend Tom Bowers books about the man in question.

      Take the mask off and pull away the union flag that Dicky boy has wrapped himself in and it reveals not just a cunt but a nasty cunt.

  2. I wonder if his real name is Richard or if he just made it up to explain why every one keeps calling him dick.

    He’s a monumental cunt for banning newspapers from his trains just coz they’re not lefty propaganda.
    Guardian reading prick.

    • The IVth Reich’s very own Goebbels.

      First, you ban selling a publication
      Then you burn it in public
      Then you burn the people.

      Proof (if any were still needed) that libtard fuckwits are killing off freedom of speech and democracy.

      Oh, by the way, Branston is a CUNT of monumental proportions.

  3. I call him a debauched Stringfellow doppelgänger who wears his skull on the outside 💀 and someone who uses other people’s money to take a risk then leaving them high and dry to face the consequences while he sails off to his island to abuse some poor young victim. In my mind that puts him at the very lowest levels of human morality and if even if there is a 0.000001% chance of a heaven he would be fucked right off. Contemptible cunt.

  4. The first I heard of the DM ban was on last night’s ill-judged viewing of Question Time, when that box-ticking shithead ‘comedian’ quipped about it.

    I had to laugh at the statement Virgin Trains made in that selling the DM ‘was not in line with their values as a company”. And what fucking values are these, perchance? The values that allow this fucking shitshow of an operator to rip-off cunts desperate to travel ‘twixt York and Edinburgh for the best part of £100?

    The Virgin brand has values? Just LOL. Just fucking LOL at that concept, buddy boy. Any poor, unfortunate cunt who has to suffer Virgin Media because their old incoming Telewest/Comcast cable cannot accept any other provider has my deepest fucking sympathies. Rip-off merchants and customer screwing in abundance.

    What about the Virgin Active gyms? Time was, you effectively had a specific SINGLE day in the year in which you could cancel an annual subscription without having to pay some sort of fucking charge. This practice saw them on Watchdog a few years back. Top social values there, cunts!

    And casting the Virgin cunt-net further toward topic-of-cuntversation Branson himself, what about the mounting evidence that he too is one of these dirty old sex pest fuckers in the same vein as Weinstein et al? How do these claims sit with the ‘values’ of Virgin and their cuntlord deity of a figurehead?

    Oh, and let us not forget that a man was sent plummeting to his death, all in the name of Branson’s space-race egocentric vanity project. Virgin’s ‘values’. Branson has just raised the already stratospheric bar several kilometres higher in the hypocritical cunt pole-vault competition.

    • Branston said
      “Space is hard, but worth it.”

      If we could arrange things so that the cunt is PERMANENTLY isolated in outer space, I’d gladly press the launch button.

  5. Branson has always been a cunt… In1969 (when he was fuck all) Little Dickie edited some kind of hippy/student rag… He arranged and interview with one of The Beatles, but said Beatle forgot the appointment… Now, instead of re-booking or sorting it out, Little Dickie threw all his toys out of the pram… Branson threatened to sue Apple, the Beatles, and fuck knows who else for ‘breach of promise’ and he was very nasty and spiteful about it… All over a missed interview… Fortunately, big bad Allen Klein had a ‘word’ with the little shit, and he then shut up… Once a cunt, always a cunt….

    • One can imagine it now… Klein growling ‘You’re a cunt, kid… But I’m a bigger cunt… So, what’s it gonna be?…’

      Lovely stuff…

  6. Branson’s Daily Mail ban is blatant censorship of a paper that is investigating Virgin Rail’s shady taxpayer funded £2billion bailout. Cowardly cuntishness at its most cynical.

  7. Well, no denying the galaxy wide cuntitude the daily mail has.
    And no denying the same of branson.
    I love it when cunts cunt cunts.

  8. Saw that new X-Files yesterday… Better than I expected, and the Smoking Man is one of TV’s greatest ever cunts… And Gillian Anderson is a top actress, and, yep, I still would with gusto… 20 years later… Postastically Milf-a -doodle doo Milfmungous! As Smashie might say…

    • Talking about yes, I still would and MILF- how about Julia Carling, ex Mrs of Will “I didn’t shag Diana” Carling?

      Not aaaarrrfff

      • Agree about Mrs Carling too…
        Others on the ‘still would’ list:

        Jennifer Aniston
        Geri Halliwell
        Keeley Hawes (Oh yes!)
        Kate Winslet
        Alison King (Carla from Corrie)

    • Gillian Anderson seems to get better with age Norman. Christ what i would do to give her a right royal seeing to !!!

  9. I wasn’t aware that he was a cunt as early as 1969. That confuses me even more because Virgin Records at the Clock Tower was so cool.

    I actually thought he officially became a cunt on 25 May 1973, release date of Tubular Bells.

  10. To quote

    ‘Why this hypocritical, elitist “love everyone, no borders but stay off my fucking island” cunt was not carried off into the arms of Irma is a lamentable travesty. Ballooning bastard”.

  11. Words cannot describe the Cuntitude of this grinning, bearded, hippy cunt. I recommend Tom Bower’s biography for the full picture. This paints him for the grasping cunt he is and he didn’t sue which supports Bower’s facts.
    Many half baked rich cunts have given him money to fly on his spaceship. This is now a decade or so overdue but I look forward to a spaceship full of cunts igniting in the stratosphere, including the grinning bearded cunt who claims he will be on the first flight. One thing is for sure. If there is ever a flight this grinning cunt wont chance it.

  12. Unfortunately we can’t hear the music playing with that picture at the top. Up in Flames, Coldplay. 🔥

  13. I trust I don’t offend any of this site’s esteemed and loyal readership but Branson loves piloting in one of those heavier than air machines (balloons spacecraft etc) and it has always been my experience that people who do that and like to boast about it are space-cadets and posers and frankly not to be trusted further than their wings can take them.

    Branson seems, I have always thought, to be of that type.

  14. I remember when Virgin Records was a mail order company and I bought a live bootleg double album by Hendrix. It was well cool in red and blue vinyl but totally unlistenable . I swapped it for a copy of Deep Purple in Rock.
    A couple of days later the kid came back to me saying this is shit I want my Deep Purple back. I said a deal’s a deal so you can fuck off. Richard would have been proud of me. If he had known about it he might have given me a job. However given the heights of cuntishness he has achieved I wouldn’t have lasted long. Being that much of a cunt requires a total lack of values and real dedication on a Blair like scale.

    • Seen The Purple on a few occasions. Great memories. Branston probably likes The Pet Shop Boys. Le Cunt.
      (That’s ‘cunt’ in French)

      • I saw them ( Purple not the gay shop boys) a couple of times in their prime . The 2nd time I was in the queue outside London University and that cunt Ritchie Blackmore came along and gobbed chewing gum in the back of my hair, fuck knows why. Some girl cut it out with a pair of nail scissors . Nobody believes that story but it’s fucking true. Dirty fucking cunt. Fuck him.

        • Richie Blackmore was a bad tempered moody horrible cunt. Ian Gillan said in an interview a few years back.

        • Pet Shop Boys rule!

          So did Purple, up to a point…

          Hendrix double red & blue bootleg album was called ALIVE, on the Trade Mark Of Quality label. Also released on Rubber-Dubber Records. Great audience recording, L.A. Forum 25/04/1970. Goes for upwards of £100 these days…

          • You cunt ! I was robbed! No wonder I never became a millionaire. What a muggy cunt.

          • Pet Shop Boys… Masters of the 12′ single… Second only to New Order….

            David Coverdale told of how (years after he left Purple and was with Whitesnake) Blackmore suddenly attacked him and started pulling his (Coverdale’s) hair and Blackmore was screaming like a schoolgirl… Apparently Blackmore was jealous of Cov’s huge year in 87 with Whitesnake… Richie was a top guitarist, but he’s a proze cunt…

        • You should’ve fuckin snotted the cunt. He’s now a cunt with a fucking Lute or Mandolin. Soft cunt.

        • Confess I never really took to Purple and can’t comment on RB’s cuntishness, but I have several Blackmore’s Knight albums and he’s far better on an acoustic than an electric guitar.

          And acoustic takes more skill. A talented player, but hardly Hendix or Peter Green in his Mayall and Mac days. Splinter Group are very average.

          And they’re all better than me, the cunts 😁

  15. What really gets up my jap’s eye ( is that racist? ) about the grinning cunt is the way he seams to think he is everyone’s mate. The fake bon ami cuntishness of it all, like he is actually just in it for a laugh and is doing us all a favour really but whoops! there’s $5 billion I made by mistake. And all he does really is steal other’s ideas and put Virgin before it, Virgin records, Virgin broadband, Virgin trains, Virgin Airways ( who are fucking despicable, BTW ). Did the cunt invent records, t’internet, trains or aeroplanes? Did he fuck. I’d bet he’d do Virgin undertakers if he thought there was any money in it and grin all the way through the funeral, have a wacky jokey vicar, cool banging toons and ugly fat birds with the personality of a shit stained carrot ( recruited form his fucking cabin crew ) acting as ushers. A truly world class cunt we can be proud of.

  16. Virgin Trains, a company associated with a cunt whose values involve living on a private island as a tax exile, and who moved his Empire to Switzerland to avoid paying tax in the UK, actually had the audacity to lecture the Daily Mail on values. The Mail has its faults, a lot of them, but they pale in comparison to Branson.

  17. I hope everyone forced to use one of beardy-cunt’s shoddy trains will buy a copy of the Daily Mail, just to leave it on the train. The cunt

  18. Mentioned it many times……. Goatee beards… Any cunt with a goatee beard is a top cunt……..
    (bikers exempt, Mr Bastard)
    Fair do’s it’s my opinion, but ffs why??

    And his fuckin hair. It’s not a fashion show but cunts that have cut boxes/sideburns back to a high level have and always will be a cunt in my book. What is it with rich old guys who try and hang on to their youth always have outdated hair styles?
    He looks like a shredded wheat with a middle parting.

    There’s loads about this cunt but it’s already been said do I’ll just attack his look.

    And he has lizard eyes…..

    He did sign the Stereophonics tho.
    Still a cunt, but..

    • Necker Island Bee Gee reject and judging by the photo going ‘neeeoooww’ with a model spaceship is the closest the beardy cunt will ever come to lift off.

    • The cunt has always looked like one of those poncey celebrity hairdresser types…and he grins too often….

  19. Apologies for being off topic but I missed my chance on the previous nomination, and my piss isn’t just boiling, or steaming it is now full on plasma!


    I use shithole all the time.

    I use it most often with respect to my own home town – because it is a shithole.

    I use it in terms of where I work because Luton is a shithole.

    Our capital – with all that great architecture and heritage – is a shithole.

    I use it in terms of countries which have backwards views and/or run by despotic or corrupt leaders/governments.

    Please note that the term shithole applies equally to eastern European shitholes, Africunt shitholes, Asian shitholes and South American shitholes.

    So while it may be a derogatory term it certainly IS NOT a racist term and yet that is all your allowed to hear being screamed from the press (here and in the US) and the cunt meejah especially the cunt ABBC bastards!

    If you were to take any (ordinary – zero flake – actual American, not an “import”) Californian and ask them what they thought of the city of Fresno their response would more than likely say: “Yeah it’s a real shithole!”

    Take a cunt from Maryland ask them their thoughts on Baltimore: “Yeah it’s a real shithole!”

    Furthermore, just because a shithole might have a nice beach or some other feature of natural beauty does not make it any less a shithole. Shithole encompasses things like fucked infrastructure, filthy cities, a populace of cunts, or all of the above.

    I would like all these “ass hurt” libtards to answer me this question: if these shitholes weren’t shitholes then why do so many of the people living there want to leave and come here or go to America/Australia/Canada/New Zealand/Scandinavia/Western Europe/”insert any non-shithole here”? If their shithole is so great why do so many of them want to leave?

    I’m fucking fed up of no one being able to say any fucking thing for fear of some cunt being offended in the time of generation snowflake and the liberatI!

    Oh and any shithole crying about not being a shithole: if your country is so fucking great then you won’t be needing all those aid handouts – quite a high proportion of which comes from the USA – anymore then will you!?!

    Yeah, thought not! Cunts!

    • The reason anywhere becomes a shit hole is because there are shit people living there.

    • The thing is, he is right, and everyone knows he is right, but the cunts dont have the guts to admit it. Let’s face it, what, 70% of the world is a shithole, maybe more.

      And England is not exempt. The muzzo infested cities are shithole, London, sadly, is now a grade 1 shithole.

      Of course, there are cities where it’s more a matter of opinion. Some cunters think Brighton is a shithole, I don’t, otherwise I wouldn’t live there.

      • I prefer Brighton during the morning before the junkies and scroungers get up.

        Its actually a nice place around 8 am.

    • Al-BBC said “Vauxhall was vibrant”…

      I’m surprised they didn’t say diverse.

      Does “vibrant” by any chance mean an earthquake is due ?

  20. Both BLiar and Branson are orthodontically wayward and insist on giving us these sickly, rictus, toothy grins that urges you to land them right in the mush with a firm right hook.

    Both are certified cunts.

    Both have got very, very rich by cuntish means.

    Both believe their word should trump that of the man on the street.

    Both are part of the greedy, liberal elite.

    Both are immoral cunts – did I mention that?

    Was this pair separated at birth? Some kind of Siamese freak of nature born with just teeth and wildly gesticulating hands.

    Fuck the pair of them.

  21. I look forward to the day when Richard Hammond and Richard Branson are sharing a car journey together….or air balloon….or bike…

    • On paper, Clarkson is the bigger cunt, but there’s just something smarmy and gross about Hammond.

  22. Fucking hell. Clarkson, Hammond and Cptn Slow are one of the few funny things we have left. I would find it highly amusing to watch Branston burn tho.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Kendo.

      Clarkson, one of the few people on the planet who can make me laugh out loud with his thoughts, perceptions, descriptions of life events and good old fashioned straight talking. James May interesting and highly watchable, Hammond a bit of a prick but the three of them together make for excellent viewing.

      • Capt Slow likes old Honda bikes, which shows excellent taste.
        But if the old MK 10 Jag that appears briefly in the grand tour trailer ends up getting trashed I’ll personally cunt all three of them.

  23. Fuck fuck fuck fuck and more fucking fuck. Why do I randomly get a JavaScript warning when everything is set normal. When it happens in Desktop mode I have to copy it then paste it in mobile mode. Then if I stay in mobile mode it sometimes does the same. Highly piss boiling. Anyone got any solution.

  24. It was pointed out earlier that Branson wants open borders and multiculturalism yet lives on a private island…… Why doesn’t one, just one, interviewer point that simple glaring fact?

    Add to that some questions like “will your daughter ever run the risk of being abducted by a rape gang while she walks to the shop?, will your daughter ever run the risk of being run over by a van with a mentally unstable driver driving it?, will your daughter ever run the risk of being stabbed for having the audacity to be out on a Saturday night? ”

    Will she fuck!!!

    Fuck off Branson you fuckin facedlizard cunt…..

    • I would actually pay for a telly licence again if the BBC would allow one of their “impartial” interviewers to ask Hugo Drax, er I mean Beardy Branson those simple questions.

      And many thanks for the goatee beard exemption Birdman.
      It’s all down to that one bloody Star Trek episode…

    • Maybole, Ayrshire.

      A local once told me that if Dog wanted to give the world an enema, that’s where he’d stick the tube.

    • You could always use her nose if the ringpiece is a bit slack. Now there’s no septum there it makes for a handy 4th orifice for Mr Sausage.

      In the 80’s “Sam Butcher” was well do-able until she got in with that goateed dwarf Brian Harvey. A cunt so thick he ran himself over with his own Range Rover!

      I bet it was ‘im who got Ms Westbrook hooked on the auld Bolivian marching powder.

      Fucking little talentless cunt!

    • Come on mods are you getting your thread blocking stuff from the Googlecunts liberatI?

      Won’t be long before unless we’re talking about fluffy kittens or safe spaces that it’ll go through in one pass!

      Nowt in the post (above – eventually) that’s inflammatory or hasn’t been in the (un)popular press already.

      I don’t like to dis the powers that be but that’s utter shite filtering chaps! 😕

      • I think it sometimes has a mind of its own.
        I get moderated frequently yet there are no inflammatory trigger words in these posts.

        It can be annoying and a pain when it doesn’t go thru until the thread is dead, but hey-ho.

        I’m sure it is accidental as I’m familiar with your work and know that you keep it clean, Rebel Without a Cunt.

        (hope you don’t mind me answering this query, but in my experience, questions to the men behind the ISAC curtain rarely get answered)

        • Er…
          I used to answer them, even if the reply was ‘Fuck off’!

          Moderation is handled two ways. WP-Spamshield is a plug in that filters out, well, spam but can make mistakes. Your comments may then disappear into a black hole without anyone knowing it was ever there but you.

          The other method is in the WordPress discussion settings. That uses trigger words, email addresses and the like. It also occasionally gets things wrong in which case it joins the moderation queue.

          Also if you use a different IP or have finger trouble with your spelling it will treat you as a first time comment and moderate you.

          The moderation queue has to be manually checked by an administrator who can approve or delete the comment. It can also be edited then released. Libellous parts can be removed and the rest published.

          Recently we’ve had one admin moving house, one with job worries, two away in business so the queue wasn’t getting cleared. Life does get in the way. My arsy comment was because I was getting loads of complaining emails about something I have no control over any more because I can’t access the queue these days.

          There you go. Question answered…😁

          • You did answer them Dioclese, even if it was fuck off…… but I don’t even get a “fuck off” when I ask the present admin questions.

            Not once have they answered a query, and that is their right, but it’s a bit ignorant……

          • I have been busy clearing the backlog of 30 plus noms by scheduling them for future publication.

            What is the question you would like answered for which you feel you have been ignored?

      • Read the header on the Nominations page. The post got queued. Unless of course you’d prefer 10 posts today and none for the next week..?

  25. I remember getting on a virgin train a few years back, on a failed trip to Alnwick castle.

    After getting on the train at Darlington, we were faced with the usual…..fuck all seats, so had to stand in the aisle near the toilets. The whole fucking carriage stank of piss and the carpet was soaked too (I assumed that was piss also), and I couldn’t even open a fucking window!

    I haven’t used the fucking train since. In fact I don’t go any fucking where anymore because I fucking hate the human race. I can’t think of anything worse than being sandwiched with a bunch of the cunts on a train or in a traffic jam, mainly due to letting every cunt and his dog into this already overcrowded country. CUNTS!

    • Think I was on that train. Nine hour failed journey, pish flooding out the bogs and no seats. The bar ran dry too but not before I’d got a good share.

  26. When is this party boys space rocket supposed to be fucking taking off. Is it delayed because of Brexit?

  27. I must cunt the current HSBC tv advert most grievously.

    I have now had the misfortune to see it in its vile entirety, too many times.

    What a total heap of cack.

    I don’t know if the bloke is anyone famous, but he has got an exceptionally aggravating set of facial features, and makes me want to projectile-vomit copiously.

    It is so fuckin globalist, I can almost hear Manilow-esque crescendos being pounded ponderously on the Soros-Rothschild piano…

    • Coincidentally the TVs advert I have hated most by far of all time is also courtesy of HSBC.

      The one with the pretentious snotty girl child making and selling lemonade telling customers in a whiny American voice that she also accepts Hong Kong dollars. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

      Also remember clearly taking a call on a Saturday morning from a HSBC representative asking to speak to my youngest daughter (who was not actually living here at the time). My daughter (who is usually very good managing her finances) told me when I asked why they would call on a Saturday morning, that she had just gone overdrawn by approximately £15 and that she had already received a letter and £25 charge for the oversight. They had also called her on her mobile about “the situation”.

      My daughter transferred to Natwest the following week.

      Hate fucking HSBC and everything the cunts stand for.

  28. If Big Don did say ‘shitholes’ about… well… shitholes then he is a daft cunt… It’s nice to boil libfuck piss, but talk about making yourself a target for the snowflakes and the Trump hating media… That said though, All the snowflakes and libmongs who are blubbering in a fetal position because they heard profanity will next whine for a safe space… Yet these leftist scum say fuck all about the aggression, racism, sexism and general filth that is in most rap music… Cunts…

    • Think he is past caring.

      Whatever big Don says these days is always guaranteed to upset someone. I like the fact that he speaks his mind and calls a spade a spade.

      Sure were he to use even this phrase many people will take offence and deem it racist, sexist, islamaphobic, elitist, etc. The usual fucking professional snowflake whingers with nothing better to do with their pathetic lives.

      Like him or hate him at least he has a backbone and is trying to change stuff. Unlike our own useless excuse of a prime minister. Stupid bitch.

  29. Just like his friend Tony Blair, he has a poofy voice and a moronic grin on his face all the time. Just like Blair he is money mad and has fuck all principles, and just like Blair he would be first to stick his tongue up the arse of Juncker.

  30. This Cunt Branston, epitomises what is wrong with this world. A greedy money fleecing cunt, who has built his empire on the backs of tax payers, government funded loans. People are suggesting dates, for when he became a “Cunt”, this was obviously as he shot out of his fathers ball bag.
    Even when his empire tax haven paradise, was battered by the storms, you can safely bet, he will grab UK money to facilitate repairs.
    You joke about a Virgin undertakers, but if their was a way of tapping into tax payers / government funded cash, to do this, you can guarantee, this cut would be in there.
    We can only hope this thieving bastard, is on the 1st fatal flight into space and some of his tax avoiding mates are with him.

    A soulless, pious, annoying, tax-payers money thieving cunt, if ever there was one.

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