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In all this crazy world let us not forget the strange Twilight Zone vanishing of Nigel Farage. Not so long ago he was smirking to camera and proclaiming that he was not going anywhere and would remain in politics to ensure Brexit means Brexit. Well it’s gone dahn the khazi and UKIP are playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun yet still not a tweet or a squeak from the cunt. Will continue as a member of the EU Parliament to draw his massive pay and perks and maximise his enormous pension but lead a new charge against the Remainers as promised? Nah, can’t be arsed.

Don’t suppose the condition in his T&Cs re withdrawal of pension rights if he is judged to have brought the EU into disrepute (ie calling them cunts and tossers) has anything to do with Farage going stumm at this time orf crisis?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke.

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  1. A thoroughly justified Cunting, Sir Pimpley.

    . The man has the look of a dodgy Arab selling dirty postcards down the Souq. Indeed he has the look of a dodgy Arab featured in dirty postcards down the Souq.
    Saint Nigel seems to have gone shy on slaying the EU dragon. At one stage you couldn’t put the telly on bar the fellow was invoking the spirit of Churchill,John Bull and the good old down-to-earth English yeoman. Now,nothing but a deafening silence. I suspect that he has more than just the odd skeleton in his closet. I suspect there is a full boneyard. I’m guessing that he’s been told to shut his strangely shaped yap or he’ll be the next to be exposed in all his glory (a la Max Mosley, I suspect.)…either that or he feels that his financial health may benefit from a period of silence.
    The man’s a sell-out and has more faces than a pair of dice.
    Fuck him.

  2. Who’s gone stumm? Not Nigel.

    LBC 4 nights a week 7-8pm. Sundays 10am-12pm.

    Wholesome fun for all the family – guaranteed!

    • LBC? What the fuck is that to us foam flecked northern racists. You must be one of the metropolitan elite we keep hearing about on our B&W TVs.

      • Doesn’t Big Brother broadcast Freeview channels on the Sir Limply Stoke style Cathode Ray TVs up North?

        Well in case they ever do, LBC can be found on Freeview channel 732.

    • LBC has gone national, fuck knows what channel its on elsewhere but you can get it on the radio section of freeview.
      If you want to wind yourself up then listen to James O’brien, if you get through 5 minutes without hearing a whinge/rant abaaaaaht Brexit then you’ve done well. What a cunt he is.

      • No, I think I will pass on that and leave it to those fortunate enough to live in that London.

      • I listened to about an hour of O’Shithead this morning. He started off by saying “ we’re having a day off Brexit today “ and actually managed 35 minutes without bringing it up. Must be some kind of record for that ponce.

  3. Nigel may well be quiet at the moment, and that is wise. Every rabid politician within the rotten cesspit is on the take, lying, scheming and plotting our continued enslavement.

    We set out on a course towards our freedom for the simple reason that the oily dumbfucks refused to realize that a few well needed changes were all it would take for the vote to be REMAIN.

    They chose to hang on to Schengen, free movement, and a number of other items that needed a few tweaks.

    The arrogance of the fucking European Carpet Baggers was appalling! NO! NO! NO!…Cameron came back empty handed, and instead of getting angry and getting even, he tried to con us all with his ” I have won a great deal” It was fucking bullshit.

    The people voted ( sensibly in my view ) to leave. The reason? They could see exactly what the EU twats were, and the way that things would continue.

    IF, and only IF, they had exercised common sense, and shown a willingness to correct what was clearly wrong, then my vote would have been to REMAIN.

    Only one man gave us the chance to bring about a change, the other smug bastards would not. And for that reason I am indeed grateful.

    Will I cunt Nigel NO FUCKING WAY!

    • Common sense and the EU are mutually exclusive !!

      Skidmarks like Verminhofstadt, Junckunt and Barmier only have one aim.
      Full-on Fourth Reich, United States of Europe, full steam ahead.

      Compromise is no option in Berlaymont.
      Never was, and never will be. It is just as much a “Master Plan” as the Third Reich was. Their attitude is that people are either with them, or against them; those that fall into the latter category must be silenced, rubbished, and rode-over, roughshod.

      They are so deluded that they will not see the error of their ways until the whole shite-infested edifice is lying in ruins on top of them.

    • Agreed Simple Arse. Without Sir Nige the vote would never have occurred. Mavis fucked it up by having an election and running the worst campaign ever seen this side of the fucking Andromeda Galaxy. I hope she end up in the fry up in ying tong.

    • Me neither, I think Nigel is doing the sensible thing letting them squabble amongst themselves.
      They don’t need him to cause problems.

      I posted on another page that I think he should have remained seeing our exit to the end but on the other hand he would get the blame for every problem that occurred throughout while being continually aligned by our media with Trump.

      Hopefully he’s just letting them run out of steam, though as been said he has a slot on LBC most nights.

      UKIP have to get their act together following that Nuttal clown and recent media induced scandals. They still have a job to do as clearly their absence isn’t keeping Teresa May in check to deliver, and nor is any other party.

      Others only want to rock the boat, derail and undo the will of the British people and democracy. I can’t see how this anchoring back benefits our country which should be moving forward and not wasting more years of time attached to the EU anchor that is frankly choking the life of our country to death.

  4. Sir Nigel is the greatest living Englishman as far as i’m concerned. Without him and his twenty odd years of hard work we wouldn’t have had a referendum in the first place. How many times were we promised a vote only for cunts to come up with some flimsy excuse why it’s not necessary anymore….. circumstances have changed blah blah bullshit. Sir Nigel got the job done and no cunt can take that away from him.
    Listen to his radio show and you will see he isn’t finished yet. Don’t write him off so easily. As for skeletons in the cupboard, if they existed do you think they wouldn’t have found them by now and splashed them all over the BBC. Cunting Sir Nigel is for poofs, snowflakes and assorted EU loving traitors. NOT A CUNT!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Without La Farage there would never have been a referendum in the first place. This man is a hero and for this site to vilify him is a disgrace. He voices his views extremely eloquently on LBC most days.

  5. I suspect that Nige has something up his sleeve.

    If I went anywhere near that murkiest world of politics, I wouldn’t write anything down, I’d keep away from any form of data-retrieval type systems &c.

    I remain convinced that he will pull off something quite spectacular: he’s already said that he’s never wanted to be a “career-politician”, and, let’s face it, if I were him, I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere near Berlaymont. Brussels stinks of dog-shite, anyway.

    So, alas and alack, no cunting this time…

    But my mind remains open.

    Slightly off-topic, but it was looking in yesterday’s snoozepapers that Tory party donors might be trying to put the skids under The Maybot.
    Lack of money really talks to a political party, and donors are more tricky to muzzle.
    Let’s hope The Mogg runs in the next contest. God alone knows who they might drag up otherwise.

  6. Sorry Sir Limply

    Cannot agree at the current time.

    Nigel is probably the one persons political views I respect and which more or less coincide with my own. His is the voice of sanity in a room full of fucking morons, the light in the darkness. There are a couple of minor whacky proposals in there but generally a sound and logical rationale for leaving the EU.

    He is not afraid to tell it exactly how it is, and does not hold back or back down when challenged by the PC brigade. This I very much admire in a person.

    Has had to endure endless amounts of shit from the top EU wankers and from the establishment and big business leaders here in the UK. They have tried to destroy him but he was strong and got his points across clearly and eloquently.

    If being totally honest I suppose I am a little disappointed that he is still out of the main political arena as the Leavers are clearly now on the back foot and have lost much needed momentum. The US election appeared to be a major distraction for him, and I feel he should have focused on matters here rather than there.

    One of if not the most influential and charismatic politicians of recent times, and without his tireless work, dedication and resolve there would not have been a referendum. Not his fault that the Conservative party are fucking useless and are ignoring the will of the voters.

    In view of what a fucking shambles UKIP have turned into since his departure and Labour still floundering like the group of pathetic unprincipled muppets they are I like to think that he will return into the thick of it relatively quickly and continue his work in getting this country out of the EU in full and as soon as possible.

    Get a move on Nigel for fucks sake, otherwise all of your good work will have been for nothing and in vain. If you decide not to for whatever reason I hereby give notice that I will be forced to agree with Sir Limply and Dick Fiddler.

  7. Nigel? Seriously? Up there with Churchill, Thatch and Sir Noel for me. He’s on LBC Mon to Thursday evening. LBC is now national on DAB. DAB is listed alphabetically so we are not talking about splitting the atom in terms of finding it.

  8. Cant agree with this cunting I’m afraid limpy.

    Saint Nige deserves to be crowned king for all he’s done.

    Unfortunately brexit won’t happen. He got suckered into slipping up and mentioning a 2nd referendum and all the remoaners have leapt on it yelling “See. Even the leavers want a say on the deal”.
    So as predicted the cunts will get a shit deal, organise a 2nd referendum and this time they’ll make sure that they get the result that they want.

    Unfortunately Nige didn’t get brexit but at least he showed us what cunts we’re ruled by.

    • You have to love him for standing in Brussels surrounded by cunts and having the balls to stand up to them all and call them for what they are. At least he didn’t lie down to be browbeaten and bullied.

  9. Quiet? He must be absolutely knackered..

    Sir Nige (one day Lord Nige of Kent) is a person who’s given most of his adult life for his aim. Without him the superb result in the Great Referendum of 2016 wouldn’t have happened. He has made history.

    You know one of your side is magnificent when they’re so reviled by the top brass cunts (Branson, Barnier, Blair et al). Perhaps he might be offered something if there were ever a proper Brexit Government, with vision, with balls, proud of the U.K. and possibly lead by the Moggster.

    He had pushed and pushed and kept the tide rolling. Not a cunt.

    • You’re right Captain, When he is hated by the likes of Branson, Blair, and all the other “elites”, then he must be on our side.

  10. Off tangent announcement, following the removal of the Darts championship organizations removal of the girls who walk on with the players, Formula One set to remove girls from the start grid.

    Playing right into the peacefuls hands once again (who are behind this shit with the “me toos”), who would rather see Michael Van Gerwin walk onto to the Ally Pally stage leading a goat in each hand.

    However they like wanking themselves into oblivion in private (like Bin Laden was in his final hovel) with porn featuring young white girls and will happily target young British white girls on the streets mostly unchallenged by our police & courts.

    Clearly the fact these ladies are old enough & bold enough to give them a slap and tell them to fuck off back under their magic carpet (unless spiked by drugs) means they aren’t lusted after by them and the average British man should therefore gain no pleasure watching them either. Ruining every harmless chink of sunlight that brightens your day. Cuuuuuuunts!

      • Don’t know about darts and F1 but I watch boxing and I have to admit it irritates me to see four girls stood in the ring with ridiculously wide grins on their faces as the fighters are introduced to the crowd. What the fuck are they doing in there? Ok, one to climb in between the rounds and hold up a sign with a number on it, Other than that they serve no useful purpose.

  11. They should use the Black Bin Bag Brigade on the F1 grid instead of the girls but nail their shoes to the fucking tarmac.

    • Don’t you mean sandals / flops?

      You would have to nail through their feet while the flies have a mini GP if their own around their ankles.

  12. Feminazis obviously don’t give a beanflick if their sisters end up out of work, or worse still, pushed into dodgier “glamour-related” employment.

    Something of an own goal, I fear.

  13. Would be good if UKIP’s current leadership could sort itself out and sink its differences for the common good. I don’t think Farage can do very much on his own, and he needs (a) a party and (b) some straight policies to go any further. All very well representing the common man, but this is machine politics now. And money. And PR. Wish it were otherwise. OTOH if the suddenly-democratic remoaners do force a second referendum, he might have a valuable role in ensuring that this goes as badly for them as the first – as it could still do, with care.

    • Interesting thought there Komodo. The question that interests me is this. Has May the tits to call an election and make it a theoretical second vote on Brexit. Could work…..but risky. Now..”.do yuh feel lucky punk?….”

      • That was the reason he floated his interest in a second ref. Which was a misstep. Should have started with “do yuh feel lucky, punk?” as the soundbite. What might make it work would be just that mix of entertainment and aggression.

      • Sorry, slightly missed your actual point . I reckon if someone could breach May’s cold exterior ( no fnaarr intended) and rile her up, she could do it. I think there are untapped depths of insane viragoness there.

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