Foreign Aid

I know this is old ground but it really winds me up. This country ships about 13 billion a year abroad in foreign aid. We’re legally obliged to do it because Cameron enshrined it in law (so that Cleggy would keep him in number 10).

On the news this morning one of the main stories was about the NHS considering cancelling non urgent operations for a month because it’s creaking under the strain. Of course this has nothing to do with 300,000 + immigrants coming into the country every year. We have a housing / homeless crisis and numerous other social problems. We are cutting our armed forces continually and are now in a worrying situation re: defence. A lot of the homeless are ex services. Where’s the support ?

The politicians in this country seem to be more interested in helping foreigners than their own people. I called into the supermarket yesterday. In front of me at the checkout were a smartly dressed couple of the peaceful persuasion ; they had a trolley full of stuff which came to seventy odd quid. The woman whips out a wad of vouchers (now this supermarket doesn’t have a voucher scheme), so I can only assume that they were issued by some government department.

Anyway, checkout girl runs the voucher barcodes through the system and off they toddle happy as Larry. I pondered briefly to consider how hard I have to work for my money and lo and behold my piss doth reach boiling point faster than a jetboil kettle.

This country is in deep shit and if things don’t change very soon the consequences will be dire in the extreme. Any politician calling at my door canvassing for votes will be asked if they are committed to abolishing foreign aid and stopping immigration apart from people who are needed in critical areas. If they answer no they will be told to fuck off in no uncertain terms.

As an aside, the local labour party dropped a Christmas card through our letterbox. It was the 31st of December. Can’t even deliver a Christmas card on time, the cunts.

Nominated by Jack The Cunter

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    • I’m guessing of the three wise men, one was actually a man, but really a child refugee from Afghanistan, sporting a full beard, Second one was a Mixed race lesbian, third one was gender neutral who demanded to be classified that way, and if it didn’t, it would blame it on men

      • jack I hate cunts like you who talk about reality, I have just finished my 20 year supply of Bliar pills and cannot recognise reality anymore, my rosie coloured tints of peaceful people and helpful eastern europeans has vanished before my rosie colored spectacles, next you will be telling me that illegal immigrants requiring temporary refuge will want to stay, and will then commit terrorist offences against the humble christian community which saved their very existence, my god I need more Bliar pills.

  1. Its disgusting to see old agers and ex service men being treated so badly by the country they worked and paid hard into all there working lifes. Foreign aide is the best case of spunking money away and for no return.

    As you said this country is groaning and creaking as our services are cracking and failing due to rapid population influxes’ and not enough money being given to them to provide quality and a good service to its ppl who have paid in for that reason alone.

    charity begins s at home, and until there are more houses then needed and that there are extra spaces in hospitals then can be filled by the British taxpayer no more money should be spent on these corrupt cunt organization s.

    Our Taxes/services are for the British ppl who paid for / built them.

  2. Foreign aid is an easy target so politicians keep telling us, it isn’t about giving our money away its about bringing investment back into the UK so giving money away is good for the UK economy.

    The NHS is failing not because under investment or because it’s poorly managed but because we don’t look after ourselves and refuse to die before we get old. Nothing to do with population or immigration.

    We are short of houses because the private sector isn’t building them fast enough nothing to do with immigration.

    Public services are straining not because of immigration, immigration is good for the economy.

    If immigration is so good for the economy given the 10 million extra added since the 50s why has the standard of public services fallen so far?

    Either they are lying to us about the benefits of immigration or LabCon have deliberately mismanaged public services in that time period. They cannot have it both ways.

    Taking the foreign aid budget and spending it on the UK would mostly be spent on aiding foreigners living here anyway

    • It is my belief that no matter what the resource or service if we (sensible cunts) keep on pushing the Supply Vs Demand argument – which is irrefutable and based on fact – then at some point they will have to give in and start listening!

      Don’t forget, this is the year the worm turns.

      If they refuse to understand then get them to try the Supply Vs Demand argument for the price of fuel. They’ll know that alright.

      Same principle, same demand factor (people), simply replacing fuel for homes/NHS beds/train seats/road network capacity/school places/jobs/etc. – anything you fucking like – now do you compendè? You fucking cunts!?!

      And the bonus is that it can be argued equally to Westminster cunts, libtard cunts, snowflake cunts and meejah cunts equally.

      There is no argument against it providing they are not allowed to move away from the Supply Vs Demand argument.

      And the pièce de résistance is that if some smug cunt a’la John McDonnell (let’s spend and spend and spend to increase supply) or Andy McDonald (let’s nationalise shit to increase supply) ask them the following:

      – How long will it take?

      – How much more will it provide by that time?

      These statements apply equally to ANY service or resource and – which is absolutely going to be way less than the same net migration numbers (of just the cunts we know about let alone illegal cunts) over that period – then you can rightly say:

      “Well how does that help? We’d spend billions if not trillions trying to catch up with the growing numbers – which we can never achieve because the numbers grow far more quickly than the services/resources to cater for them – so why not take the far cheaper option of simply reducing the numbers (i.e. demand) and then, at some point – even if that’s decades away – we may achieve parity. Blithely throwing money at supply never works and achieves nothing. Reducing demand WILL eventually work and – guess what you dumb cunts – we actually save money because there is less money required to be pissed away on cunts who come into this country, hands outstretched and offer NOTHING in return! Oh and ‘multiculturalism’ is nothing by the way!”

      Stick to the facts. Argue Supply Vs Demand and win every time! Cunts!

      • Well said Rebel.

        It’s a similar tact that Ben Shapiro preaches. I fucking love Shapiro.

        I tried it on someone recently who was accusing the Royal Family of being corrupt to the core, the beauty of it is we had an audience and my ‘opponent’ who’s not known for his willingness to back down on anything was for the first time ever left speechless.

        It was like taking candy off a kid, I didn’t allow him to make his sweeping statements without backing them up with hard evidence, the best he could site was the so called ‘Paradise Papers’ which exposed absolutely no wrong doing at all.


      • RWAC spot on, and great cunting..
        Everything man does is to satisfy our wants. If that makes man a selfish cunt, well he is. If you build 100 houses on an estate near Horsham and demand is 100 then the price is going to be fair. But open the borders and the demand is 130 then hey presto, it’s a good time to be a builder.

        There is not one of those cunts in Westminster that think we build enough new homes to house 350 thousand ‘new friend’s’. And not one of those cunts think we put the money into the NHS to cope with the influx. And it’s not a one off, it’s every fucking year. You would have to be truly devoid of economic knowledge, ala Abbott, to not get it. Bastards.

        • Yep I agree. Housebuilding in particular is massively under pressure from supply and demand, I know something about this I’ve been involved in it for 20 years.

          Fundamentally the problem the industry has is it simply can’t scale up quickly enough to the demand created by adding 4m people to the population over a 10 year period followed by a recession where countless supply side partners went bust then the rapid growth we experienced 2012 onwards.

          Build more houses they say, developers are greedy and sit on land and sell it on at a profit, developers are only interested in building executive houses, they don’t build council houses anymore, there’s loads of green space they could build on but they wouldn’t want to ruin the Surrey Hills as that’s their playground…….

          When ever I hear one of these statements I shut down as I know the cunt making it knows as much about the subject as I do about underwater basket weaving, or women!

          Every single one of these statements marks the purveyor out as an utter utter utter cunt.

          Firstly developers make money by building and selling houses, they set a completion target at the beginning of the year and have to hit that target otherwise their share price takes a kicking and then so does the CEO and the board and unless your a cunt that’s not what you’re in business for.

          If you listen to cunts like say James O’Brien cunt because he’s so well qualified in this area he’ll tell you we can’t build houses quickly enough because of Brexit and we’re all raaaaaacccccciiiiisssst and want to send Jonny foreigner home but whilst labour is an issue there’s currently on average a 22 week wait for roof tiles. Cunts like O’shithead can’t get their tiny libtard minds around real stuff like this so instead go for the low hanging fruit.

          Secondly it’s essential a developer has a healthy landbank, the big boys work on a rolling 5 year land bank with smaller regionals perhaps half of that. Without a healthy landbank the long term investment potential diminishes along with the share price.

          The competition for land is intense, the average cost of a plot for 3/4 bed house outside London is apx £60k, Sixty fucking grand, 25 years ago it was around £10k. But that’s got absolutely fuck all to do with supply and demand and to say otherwise is raaaaacccciiiisssttt.

          It costs around £100k to build the house that goes on that plot so that’s £160k and you’ve just broken even. Only the cunt John McDonnell or Flabbot would see this as a good business opportunity. However if you make the plot 10% bigger and put a 5 bed house on it you can double/ triple your return, fucking no brainer

          Section 106 of the T & C Planning Act enshrines in law certain obligations that developers have to abide by in order to gain planning, these include areas such as contributions to wider infrastructure if the development will create extra pressure on schools and roads for example but also a commitment that the development must contain at least 20% affordable homes sold to Housing Associations.

          Now here’s the thing, Local Authorities will let you buy out your S106 obligation, for a price, so they can then use that money for…… mmmmmm….. I don’t know perhaps an army of 5 a day coordinators?

          Whatever they don’t have to use it for providing housing.

          Then we have the bastard cunt NIMBY’s.

          These cunts are everywhere and they are far more harmful than you may think.

          I have a client who had land to build 400 houses. When they originally went in for planning there was the usual outcry but they thought it would take maybe 18 months or so (that’s quite normal) then every hurdle would have been jumped and off you go.

          Wrong. It took 10 years, £1m in legal fees and then were only granted planning for half the total, so 200 houses with a 40% affordability requirement.

          So as my client isn’t a charity or public service he had to get his money back somehow, so the exec houses got bigger and better and he just about made a profit, just about…..

          However he drives a nice car and lives in a big house, his kids go to private school and despite the fact he started with fuck All apparently he can afford it.

          So when you’ve dealt with all that shit, farmer Palmer comes to you and say alllllllreeeet I’ve got some land that I’d like to sell you, it’s lovely, it’s in the middle of fucking nowhere no fucking decent roads, not a school for miles, no shops, no services its fooooking lovely its even a SIte of Special Scientific Interest, are you interested……..

          Like fuck I am.

          • Well said. Only this week have I written to our local conservative MP Crispin Blunt because he is intending to campaign against proposed new housing on an old airfield. Cunt claims it’s part of the green belt. Like fuck it is !

            Anyway that supply and demand thing goes right over the cunts head, but no worries him and his cronies are all fine because they already have a house. Fucking nimbys !

            If you are in the building trade think about this. I believe building costs are about £1300/m2. So a 200/m2 house could cost £260 000. That is fine sized house by my standards. Add to that the cost of a plot to build on and supply of services and you will still be paying out significantly less than market rates. But do you think this may be possible avenue to follow. No fucking way !
            They want you to pay through the nose to buy a house or new build so that the conglomerates line their very fucking deep pockets.

            Opening up possibilities could have benefits all around. Less money tied up in mortgage repayments would release more expendable income. This would fuel local economies and create more jobs. Such as builders etc.

            So if Mr Crispin Blunt would rather spend his time and energy campaigning for improvements to local services instead of campaigning for the preservation of a fucking old airfield some less well off people may be able to get on the property ladder.

          • Bloody hell Cunty , well said ,i was well aware that we can’t keep pouring a gallon into a pint but you have certainly opened my eyes to the housing situation. Your obviously an educated man, perhaps you should write a book on the subject , go on LBC and school that huge cunt O’brian if he will let you talk long enough.

  3. It won’t be long before we could justify spending the entire foreign aid budget within the UK, as most of the current recipients make their way here.

  4. Politicians are a waste of fucking space in this overcrowded country. Get rid of all the cunts in one go! The problem is with political ideology. All parties subscribe to at least one, and their manifesto is based upon that ideological view.

    I prefer the business approach, good management, good housekeeping, live within your means, don’t shite on your own doorstep, and above all, look after the cunts who pay your wages.

    Tony Blaircunt once described premiership as a ” Benevolent Dictatorship”. Well there is fuck all benevolent in the manner in which we are treated.

    Overseas Foreign Aid, is nothing more than a corruption in the fullest sense of the term. Pritti Patel was dead against it ( initially ) and what may I ask has she done to end it? Nah…thought not. Nothing! The cash is still passed to the peaceful breed, presumably to produce more Pritti Patels. Cunts the lot of them.

    Revolution is likely to tear the shit out of this country, and meanwhile we have a bunch of feckless fucking morons in charge. Shitbuckets the lot of them.

  5. Somebody much smarter than me once said, and I paraphrase…

    Foreign aid is where poor people in rich countries, have their money transferred to rich people in poor countries….

    Sounds about right….

  6. I’ve posted my thoughts be fore but will say again.

    Foreign aid as it stands is not palletable. We give to Pakistan to fund their nuclear capability. Fund the Indian space programme!

    If foreign aid consisted of capital projects given to tax paying British corporations, with no exception, I think a lot of people would support it.

    A water purification plant for Mubogo built by British management, using local employment. It sounds so much better.

    Then those corporations will increase employment, meaning increase tax, and pay corporation tax back to the treasury.

    They should set up a website that’s utterly transparent. Every project listed, detailed descriptions, forecast and actual expenditure.

    I’m a bit of a softie at heart. I would support such a scheme who.e heartedly.

    • I’m sure if Anita Rodrick were still alive she’d have plenty to say to piss us all off but her mantra was always ‘trade not aid’ and I couldn’t argue with that.

      The way I see it though is Aid is just another way of gift wrapping our money and handing it over adinfinitum to British Charities who are staffed to the gunnels full of fat left ex public servants topping up their gold plated pensions oh and lefty cunts like Brendon Cox.

      • Anita Roddick was a fucking bitch to work for. She was always banging on about the poor cunts in bongo bongo land but the poor bastards that worked at Body Shop at Littlehampton were on zero hour contracts without holiday pay . She had a hire and fire policy all on minimum wage. She was a typical Branson type , a hippy who made a fortune and treated anyone below her with utter contempt.

  7. People Labour under the misapprehension that Foreign Aid is giving money away to poor foreigners. In reality most of the dosh goes to rich fucking foreigners and ends up in off shore bank accounts or laundered through asset investments.
    In return British companies ( the rich friends of the denizens of Westminster) gain economic and political advantages to fill up their capacious pockets in those countries , at the expense of the poor people who haven’t got a pot to piss in.
    Foreign Aid is essentially a slush fund, a big wad of notes to grease the wheels of exploitation, a fucking massive bribe in other words. Rather than let the rich cunts pay the bribe themselves their friends in Parliament arrange for the taxpayer to pay it for them. Luvly Jubbly!
    That’s why Aid is “ring fenced”. You don’t really think these politicians give a two bob fuck about starving fucking Africans do you? No more than they care about pleb scum like us.
    Thieving criminal cunts the lot of them!

    • Spot on. Aid kept Mugabe in power as one example. If Aid had any effect on poor Africans they would be living in countries with decent infrastructure and services by now. They are not because African leaders, politicians, warlords and civil servants steal most of it. Same applies to charity money.
      Then there is the trillions wasted on Afghanistan with zero result except for the corrupt few. Likewise Pakistan with it’s nuclear bomb but no credible infrastructure. Add in Somalia etc and all the shitholes where money is embezzled. This is why the fuckers all want to come to Europe.
      Give fuckall. You know it makes sense.

    • If foreign aid was all it’s cracked up to be, Africa would have developed strong and thriving economies by now. And we give aid to North Korea – what the fuck is that all about?

    • I noticed in one of those cunting TV charity ads,I think it was for Water Aid,there was a statement that the UK Government will add a pound to every pound pledged. That’ll be taxpayers money then. Don’t the cunts need our permission for this??

      • I’ve seen that very same Ad MH and it made my piss boil as the actual statement says….

        The first £3 donated will be matched by the British Goverment at absolutely no cost to you…..

        Oh really, funny that ‘cus the ‘British Government’, correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t actually have any fucking money, the cunts just take ours and spend it on shite like this.

        You know what I may challenge this through the ASA.


  8. Even if foreign aid was destined for poor people and we could afford it many times over I would still disagree with it entirely.
    At the very very fucking least it should be a loan at a crippling interest rate that would make payday loans look like lending a quid from your mate.
    That way we would OWN everything. All that lovely south african gemstone and exotic metal. All OURS.
    A snippet of what could be our empiric wealth:
    Niger. Mineral: Uranium, Cement, Gold & Coal. …
    Namibia. Mineral: Uranium, Lead, Diamond, Zinc, Tantalite, Sulphur, Salt, Copper. …
    Democratic Republic of Congo. Mineral: Copper, Diamond, Cobalt, Oil, Gold, Coltan, Tin. …
    Zambia. Mineral: Copper, Cobalt, Emerald. …
    South Africa. Mineral: Diamonds, Gold & Others.
    And while we’re at it, what about all that land we gave back to qatar that turned out to be full of decades worth of natural gas?
    Seems we love giving it all away.
    I say foreign aid could be our political vehicle to unimaginable wealth and in true empire fashion achieved with very few men on the ground.

  9. Africa is rich in mineral and natural resources with large parts of its terrain teeming with wild life and magnificent plant life. It possesses 99 percent of the world’s chrome resources, 85 percent of its platinum, 70 percent of its tantalite, 68 percent of its cobalt, and 54 percent of its gold, among others.

    • Yes and if the various Africunt nations weren’t a set of selfish, grabby cunts it would be the richest continent on the planet!

      Alas those cunts have never learned to share (either resources nor workload) for the betterment of their nations/continent so I don’t see how any of my share (courtesy of UK enforced taxes) should go to them either!

      They need to learn to co-operate and co-exist with one another or go the way of Darwinian principles and die out.

      Sorry it is that simple. You have to be cruel to be kind and if that forces the men folk to put down the AK-47’s, swap it for a shovel or a plough, and keep their cocks in their pants then so be it.

      Until we came up with the machines to farm land and gather crops we – as a nation – were happy to do it by hand. There was no cunt in the time up to the mid 19th century giving us a handout so we could sit on our arses and reproduce unchecked! No.

      No work = no food. No food = death.

      It was that threat which drove us to better ourselves and for a piss-ant nation on the carbuncle of Europe we did alright for ourselves, at least until we started giving shit away for free and started to feel guilty (and now self-loathing in the snowflake and libtard circles) about our success at being fucking good at fighting and pursuing good deals around the globe!

      Do you think the Romans would feel bad about annexing this country 2,000yrs ago, or William the Conqueror feeling guilt about Hastings (and all that followed) 1,000yrs ago?

      No, they’d say this: “You should’ve fought harder you cunts!”

      We should say the same! End of!

      • Yeah I notice the rich cunts don’t feel sorry for picking our pockets at every opportunity. I don’t see them apologising for centuries of fucking us over.
        No, historical guilt and helping out the less fortunate is for mugs like us.
        I don’t need a cunt like Blair apologising for slavery on my behalf. Nobody in my family ever made a fucking penny out of it. Do you think any of his descendants will be apologising for what he has done? Hell will freeze over first.

  10. Left to me I would not give one penny to these shit stains while born and bred folk in this country live on or below the poverty line.

    A lot of those being the elderly who’ve paid their dues and who are treated like shit when compared to 45yr old undocumented (so could be rapists, murderers, bomb-makers, or all three) “peaceful” children who contribute fuck all, are given everything and – in many cases – subsequently go on to offend!

    And do we throw them out? No because their human rights far outweigh the indigenous person’s human rights who was raped/murdered/blown up!

    The argument is that by donating large sums to these shitholes that prevents said chancers coming over here to fantasy island and getting everything placed before them.

    Unfortunately that only works if the money filters down to the cunts at the bottom of the food chain but it doesn’t as it is annexed by that particular shithole’s despotic leader/government.

    So they’re still going to come here anyway so we might as well not fill the pockets of their cunt leaders into the bargain.

    The phrase “Charity begins at home.” has never been more fitting and – as a nation – we’re fucking skint AND we are having to pay for the rest of the world’s dregs anyway then it’s better off in blighty’s arse pocket, not those cunt’s!

  11. Apparently Big Don is going to flush the international turd that is Parking Stan down the bog by cutting all US aid to the terrorist and kiddie marrying shithole… The big fellah should just nuke the dump instead…

    • And can you imagine the outcry of removing such aid from what is – effectively – a thinly veiled terrorist regime!

      We should do the same but there’d be an outcry internally here from all of the “peaceful” cunts here from over there who’d like nothing more than to see us (non-“peacefuls”) all dead.

      Any cunt offering to follow suit with Big Don would get my vote!

      • The loudest outcry would come from white Libtards – the peacefuls would barely need to raise an eyebrow – more than enough snowflakes and useful white idiots to do the heavy lifting on their behalf.

  12. Slight side cunting here – as we’re on the subject of pouring money away – what’s the odds we’re gonna bail out carillion as they’ve so selflessly and patriotically got involved with the HS2 rail link?
    From their own website:
    For over 50 years, Carillion has been creating and maintaining award-winning cultural, residential, commercial and infrastructure developments across the Middle East and North Africa.

    Goddammit, another brandy and round of golf anyone?

  13. Foreign aid and charities all have the same problem – little accountability for how the cash the spent. In order to move forward I would like to see stricter transparency laws brought in and a very critical eye put over any applications for aid. Start all applications over again from scratch! If they can do it to our own citizens in need, they should also do it here. Have to wait six weeks or more and can’t pay your rent? No problem, you can go to the foodbank and your landlord will totally understand and not take the roof from over your head. I have no problem accepting that crises happen and exist and need outside help but I’m sick of the big wages and theft that goes on leaving the poorest and most helpless to die. It’s well in need of an overhaul.

  14. It should be compulsory for MP’s to read ISAC, they then might begin to understand ordinary people. If I could bottle the common sense of the comments in this discussion I could make a fortune.

    • Unfortunately I think the only way into their brains would be via the method used in clockwork orange.
      Realistically it’d have to be the pitchfork and torches brigade for that lot.

    • Yeah, I could go to Carline Lucas clinic and suggest it. I’m sure she would become a cunter.

      • If the MPs read ISAC they’d spend all their Parliamentary time and energy over the next five years legislating to close it down. That, on reflection, might not be such a bad thing, if it stopped them further ruining the country…

        Just caught Corbyn on the news using the death of some unfortunate cunt to further his fallacious political agenda. Cynical fuck.

  15. How would India persuade any potential astronauts to board a future flight?

    “Hello please! Come on, there are free poppadums on-board! Don’t worry about the gaffer tape holding it all together! Please get on and pedal!”


  16. I don’t understand foreign aid and I never have for three fundamental reasons.

    1) Why would any government give away billions of their currency to help unseen and unknown people when their own population has issues which could be fixed with large injections of cash? On what level does that make any sense?

    2) Developed countries like the UK and US have major problems from time to time. Like illness epidemics, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. These often adversely affect huge numbers of people and cost a fortune to address. When was the last time Syria or any Peacefulistan country send aid to us? Try never. Yet these cunts have their hands out on a pretty much permanent basis and just wait for the West’s wonga to roll their way. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that America is one of the most hated counties there is. The Yanks spend billions and billions of dollars bailing out these cunts. Who exactly are they trying to impress? It doesn’t seem to win them any brownie points with anyone, so why bother?

    3) It’s a simple economic fact that you get less of something you tax and more of something you subsidise. How much money has been spent on poor/starving/destitute/etc. foreigners in our lifetimes? A ton. What have we still got a mountain of? Yep you guess it, poor/starving/destitute/etc. foreigners. How about we try not subsidising these cunts’ environments and lifestyles which obviously do not and cannot support them?

    All foreign aid needs to stop. By all means help out if you can if there’s a tsunami or earthquake or whatever, but the routine and automatic diversion of tax payer money overseas is swindle of epic and cunty proportions.

    • Given that the UK has borrowed 48 billion in this financial year already, just where does the UK Government think there is any room at all in the UK finances to give money away to anyone else for any reason.

      Don’t forget total borrowing stands at nearly two trillion according to this;

      So the UK borrows money and the tax payer pays interest on it for that money to be sent abroad, doesn’t make sense to me, given that most of the aid monies never reach those in need.

      • £48 billion is simply what we’ve paid this financial year in debt interest alone. We’ve borrowed a LOT more on top of that…

        • Well M’Tembe does need his daily cup of bison piss doesn’t he!

          Piss-taking cunts!

  17. Foreign aid,
    Now this is a thing that mystifies me, I understand that we are currently funding sanitation projects in India to stop public defecation and the spread of disease yet closing public toilets in the UK to save on public spending (and making some poor sod unemployed creating another burden for the tax payer.
    However as was explained to me Foreign aid is there to facilitate friendship between our countries and encourage trade, or in other words a bribe.
    foreign aid is given to rich people in poor countries to top up their income, or at least that’s how it seems to me, every time I turn the TV on I see dying children (not that this actually bothers me its more the point I recall collecting milk bottle tops for Blue Peter to stop all this shit as a kid) so it seems rather questionable as to what we are achieving with this aid?
    Maybe I am in danger of cross over here but aid projects seem to involve education, employment and clean water. So what happened to the people we educated during colonial times? Did they forget it when we left? They don’t seem to have passed any of it on. No they thought “I am cleverer than you lot, so now I get to fuck you over” which then brings us on to employment, “this is molly, she cant go to school because she works double shifts at the rubbish tip finding food for her multiple siblings due to parents not going to school and breading like rabbits” however molly is up shit street because she drinks and washes in the effluent washing off the tip every day.
    Brings me across to water, so we are aiding with puri tabs (basically Milton in powder form) to simplify this I want you to think of the benicol adverts, water purification tablets kill the bad stuff in the water, it doesn’t stop there though because when you drink it, it then starts on the friendly bacteria in your stomach, after a while you get the same symptoms as dysentery why are we doing this? It is totally non seneschal.
    Lastly if our foreign aid project is so good why is it the cunts who are not shooting at us turning up in droves on our shores for a better life? Lets cut the crap take it back invest it in our country and our problems so we are in a better position to pontificate at the rest of the world instead of standing like a bunch of hypercritical cunts flushing money down the toilet.

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