Charities [2]

The following advertisement is a charity appeal on behalf of the N.E.T.S. Society

A heart-rending voice over by charadee shill Liam Neeson now follows…

Every year more and more of these poor people are displaced from their residence of birth.

Some displaced through wars of far flung lands and others forced out by the intolerance of their neighbours, neighbours who themselves were tolerated previously but who now show no loyalty to their fellow neighbours.

Their struggle has reached breaking point and so can you take just £1bn a day to ensure that the undeserving cunts from within and without are molly-coddled to a standard to which they have become accustomed?

This year has been especially difficult on N.E.T.S. with cash-cows such as Grief-fell and the payment settlements of Guantanamo terrorist prisoners returning to their UK paid-for homes in order to displace even more N.E.T.S. (who have no other choice than to leave or feel like they’re living in a “peaceful” state).

So can you help? Your taxation – no matter how large – is guaranteed to be wasted on campaigns such as those to bring home murdering, hate-preaching, bomb-makers like Abu Hamsa and to also help with a hefty kick-back for all of his unjust suffering for having to serve time for his criminal activities, let alone the payments required by his free legal team.

Times are hard for N.E.T.S. So many undeserving cunts to be paid for and so much hard-earned money to be taken.

So please, take generously.

That was a charity appeal on behalf of the Non Ethnic Tax Slave Society

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

60 thoughts on “Charities [2]

  1. It’s not just the money they take from your pockets to give to foreign ponces and rich fuckers but everyfuckingwhere you go some fucking cunt has got his hand on your wallet.
    I was reading the other day about hospital car parking charges. I find it totally incredible that nurses, who get paid fuck all and have to travel at all sorts of strange times of the night , are charged to park their cars at their place of work!!
    What the fuck! Unless, of course you are a nurse in Wales or Scotland because then the English taxpayer coughs up.
    No wonder nobody wants to be a nurse but don’t worry we’ll trawl every country in the 3rd world and nick all their nurses.
    But what about all the poor people in those countries who desperately need those nurses I hear you ask?……..oh fuck them….it’s called globalisation old boy……you’re not one of those awful Brexit chappies are you?
    Anyway we’ll bring in some of those refugee asylum bods and throw some of your money at them just to make you feel good about yourself . Try not to think about things too deeply, that’s what television is for.

  2. The more overpopulated this country becomes, the greater the number of non-wealth makers we have and hence non-jobs that need to be created by the government to keep the unemployment figures down.

    This is one, but not the only reason everycunt has his hand in your trouser pocket in an attempt to relieve you of your hard earned.

    Cunts all. My advice in life for 2018 is to be generous to friends and family but be the world’s tightest cunt to officialdom and all other undeserving cunts. There endeth my sermon of cuntitude.

  3. Just three pounds a month, is it too much to ask?
    Your three pounds a month could help buy Robert Mugabe a new Mercedes S Class, with a few quid left over for some AK47s for the boys.
    (Well, not any more ya old cunt!)
    Whenever I put forward the suggestion that most charities exist to funnel money from plebs like myself into the pockets of the middle classes, I get the most shocked and horrified looks.
    “We’ve got one that can SEE!”

    Happy New Year everyone…

    • Is £3.00 a month too much to ask??? Err ….. YES!I
      I wouldn’t give these Cunts the steam off my piss!!
      And another thing about the shill Neeson he can cock off with his transatlantic accent and dodgy action films, I’ve seen residents in my mums care home exhibit more athletic prowess than this lumbering ORISH CUNT……..

      • Three quid a month please paid via text message then we will pester the fuck out of you for more. Not a penny matey, no money here for sky TV and their crap Hollywood films filled with these left wing Marxist tossers, As soon as you make a charity payment you have marked yourself as a gullible mug.

        I remember that poor woman that chucked herself off a bridge because these charities preyed on her guilty feelings that she had to give more and more until she couldn’t handle it . What say you Neeson and co? Speak up I can’t hear you all……..Deathly hush…

  4. Dog cunting sick of millionaire luvvies begging for money,Neeson looks like a fucking hobo these days,I wont give a penny to these corrupt pyramid schemes,and hasnt Christmas tv been shitter than ever,watched a pirate copy of Dunkirk last night,didnt even have a drink I hate new years eve bollocks that much now

      • Held my attention but not in same League as Ryan but I dont think Nolan wanted it to be,was hoping Harry Styles would get shot up the arris too

    • I’m surprised the woman wasn’t put in the mental health ward for being “transphobic”!

      • This is reap what you sow for the liberal left! No way should the NHS fund tranny op’s. The suicide rate for post op is no lower than pre op. Indulging these wierdo’s has led to this nonsence. Latest research points towards not even indluging these fuckers.

        The MET police is full of gender benders including one twat who has 2 warrant cards: one as a bloke (he is one) and one as a tranny bird. This sad attention seeker actually turned up to a police holocaust memorial service in full slap: I was there. How fucking attention seeking! The MET also has a post op geezer bird who has a mans voice and makes countless allegations of “micro aggressive transphobia” all day long. When HE (yes I said he) got caught publishing porn and using HIS position to publish it (breaking all the rules) HE claimed it was cathartic due to “PTSD” and was let off. What job in the MET does this wannabe drag queen do? He is in charge of business interest compliance!!!!!!!!!!

        Suck my Dick son of a bys driver, Khunt and Cressida Strapon are destroying the MET.

    • Same thing happened to me in Thailand once.

      I had itchy bits and consequently visited a Doctor. She told me to stand up and remove my trousers. Then she told me to remove my pants. I stood there with my Magnanimous tackle dangling but feeling a bit odd. She tersely said, “You no worry. Having erection is perfectly alright in dis situation.”
      I said, “I haven’t got an erection.”
      “No,” she replied, “but I have!”

      Happy New Year Cunters, one and all.

    • Cunts like that shouldn’t be allowed to work in the health service, care sector, education or with children, elderly or people with special needs. End of story.

      If the NHS etc are employing these people, then they MUST give you warning and allowing you the choice they do not partake in your treatment. I suggest it needs to be come mandatory that you give written warning to allow these fuckers near you and you provide written consent.

      They are creating the mess, its up to them to deal with it and an apology after the event has taken place doesn’t cut it.

  5. What pisses me off is how the current government have the audacity to call themselves ‘Conservatives’. They are the furthest fucking thing from that description!

    Theresa ‘maggie’ May is further left than hillary clinton FFS, she just doesn’t play gender or identity politics as much

    • Fucking silly bitch. Would be better suited to some local government, middle-mamagement, pen-jockey role.

      She has all the leadership skills of a chocolate trifle, the foresight of Lennie Peters and the strategic prowess of Dick Dastardly and Muttley.

  6. The great Criminal Deception continues. Each year, 11.4 billion is taken from the streets of the United Kingdom to be squandered by cunts in power. Nothing changes as long as we are fucking daft enough to keep chucking our cash in their direction. As for “adopting” a leopard, polar bear, chimpanzee. What fucking cretin believes they are actually adopting a fucking wild animal with a fucking stupid fucking name, that writes letters to you each fucking month?

    I tell you., the cunts taking your money ain’t the daft ones, its us.

    Office for statistics shows 185.000 charidees in the UK, and growing at the rate of 5000 per annum, collecting 11.4 billion p.a.6000 charities for cancer alone!
    We need to seriously think about this!

      • Does any cunt ever get the cuddly toy though?

        I trust no cunt after Sunlife didn’t send me my free Parker pen that I was supposed to get with my no obligation quote.

        Pestered me with junk mail and telephone calls for about 8 years and no doubt passed my details to other cunts.

        Happy new year cunters!

  7. Only ones I support are the Legion, local hospice and local wildlife trust. I’m sending fuck all to Africa etc. Liam N looks ill, could be dead pool fodder, the cunt.
    Good cunting in 2018 cunt pickers.

    • I heard somewhere that the money people think goes to trying to stop and catch these scumbags is actually going into the gamekeeper / poachers pockets. This makes these payments in effect bribes to stop them hunting the animals.

      Heard a short time ago on Sly news that they reckon as many as 50 elephants killed per day.

      Elephants have more right to be there than those cunts. They wouldn’t be so smart without their guns either. I would tie the cunts down and let the elephants stamp over them.

  8. When senior executives of Oxfam and the rest make more per annum than the Prime Minister – regardless of how inept the incumbent happens to be – then you learn just why those fucking chuggers are so dogged in their pursuit of your Christing direct debit.

    Never the most charitable cunt anyway, the docmentary I saw on professional drama queen and fruitbowl headwear afficionado Batmanghelidj made me realise what a fucking scam template many of these organisations follow.

    Didn’t someone work out that with the money poured into Ethiopia, Eritrea and Malawi in charity/aid over the last 30 years, each should now be developed nations with their own space programme. Or something.

    • World aid into the dark continent alone since the 1970’s is in the $100s of billions of dollars.

      And yet we’re treated to M’Tembe still walking 8 miles for a cup of bison piss.

      We’re still having to fork out for simple eye operations in order for kids to see. I wouldn’t deny anyone their sight but how about starting with an education programme for the mothers (as you never see a Dad do you – that’s cos they’re round the back with the AK-47 and couple of bandoleros of bullets) which tells them that allowing flies – which have just been feasting on a dog, elephant or lion shit – to happily dance all over their kid’s eyes is probably not the best thing in the world for ocular safety!

      Corruption in Africunt states is so rife that most aid (including food and medical aid let alone monies) is annexed by the corrupt powers that be and is then sold back to the folk who it was intended for.

      Africunt leaders are the first fuckers with there hands out (ignore the Rolexes on their wrists) for more and more money, they get it, and what happens? Nothing.

      I remember in the late 80’s – when folk started to realise that “GIVE US YOUR MONEY NOOOOIIII!!!” was having fuck all effect – that an attempt was made such that the aid givers would descend en-mass and administer the aid directly to the peoples that it was intended for, thus bypassing any government interference. That should work right!?!

      What happened? Well a lot were refused entry but were “asked” (under armed force) to leave the supplies and *they* would distribute them to the *right* people. Those allowed entry transported the aid to wherever, and –
      once helpfully destinated – was *then* annexed and the aid workers ejected.

      As it was subsequently deemed too dangerous for the aid providers to transport the aid themselves because of the threat of “bandits” (i.e. that country’s army on behalf of said despot dictator), that aid would be delivered to the authorities and that they would then *ensure* distribution.


      When you see many of these aid operations they are the set-ups allowed by the despot powers that be to be filmed. Think a similar regime a’la North Korea – where you’re only allowed to see what you’re meant to but you know for a fact it’s all a fucking sham.

      The thing is that this self-fulfilling prophecy of having no discernible effect whatsoever should have been nipped in the bud at the end of the 80’s when it was quite clear that it was having no effect.

      Unfortunately charadee is big business and therefore now exists as a Ponzi scheme to fill the pockets of the directors/governors at the top of the food chain, nothing more. If that means we indirectly arm a few despots into the bargain then so be it, they still have their £200k salaries and £50k bonuses to keep them warm at night, right! Cunts!

      And M’Tembe is STILL walking 8 miles for a warm cup of bison piss!

      • Obviously that useless cunt Ewan mcgregor didn’t pass on the message to M’TEBE…………😂

      • I can’t speak the language but ii can only compute that a cup if Bison piss is like a drug addiction to M’Tembe as he makes the journey to get his fix everyday and waits for fresh piss to flow before dunking his cup.

        His parents won’t move closer to the source, so they don’t approve of his bad habit.

        How much money do charities pay Sly for each of these adverts?

        Or do Sly give them free airtime?

        Its about time more of these charities were outlawed or do they have to grow to Kids Co level before action is taken?

    • Don’t fucking set me off on Oxfam!!!!

      Back when I were a working lad, I was asked to tender for a job working on a computer system for Oxfam. Basically, they employed local people to keep records of their projects thus providing them with gainful employment and an income. The plan was to get rid of them and replace them with a laptop and a satellite link for their man on the ground to keep his own records and submit them back to Oxford.

      First the scruffy cunt tried to tell me that every £1 per hour he took off my rate would feed a starving family for a week. I thought “Tough shit. I have to feed my family too – and fucking work to earn the money to do it”

      Secondly I thought that this concept went entirely against the ethos of “Teach a man to fish…” and against the very principles of this so called caring bunch of cunts.

      Thirdly, it was going to cost more than employing the locals – by a shed load. So if you ever wondered where your donation goes…..

      Anyhow, I was off on holiday and was told the contract would be on the mat when I got home. It wasn’t. When I asked why I was told the software was being delivered late so they didn’t require me for another 4 weeks. The cunts expected me to wait.

      I got another contract. Fuck ’em. I will never give them the scrapings of my toilet bowl never mind money. Complete bunch of idiots!

      • They ain’t so stupid now, running away with the Grenfellians cash while they are too busy squealing at the government for more and more.

        Once the government cash tap gets turned off, they will be chasing the red cross (with a good years head start) into the sunset. But it will all be gone…

        Next stop, the government. We want compensation because you let a charity run away with our money. You owe us millions!

        One brand new luxury apartment and a life of benefits with no, questions, forms, medicals, interviews or assessments ever until we die. Oh and you pay for our funerals too.

  9. Trouble with starving children / clean water and shit is that it’s self perpetuating. We give enough money to help the kids survive, grow up, breed like rabbits, and it starts all over again. Would be far more productive to send a load of birth control stuff.

    • Remember that breeding kids brings in more money. They’re a cash cow.

      Take a look at the parents. They’re not starving, just the kids. If the parents were starving then it would effect their fertility wouldn’t it?

      Seems to me they don’t give a fuck about their kids…?

      • Been struck by that conundrum for years. So blatant, thought I must be missing something, or just plain thick.

        Well fed, well dressed parents holding their starving, bag of bones babies and young children, flies buzzing around their dead staring eyes. Child abuse on an industrial scale.

        Been going on as long as I can remember (60 years?), £100s of billions poured in and not a viable economy in sight, just the remnants of whitey’s reign of terror.

      • Exactly Dio, so why the fuck should we care!

        Across the whole of Africa it is blessed with such natural resources and fertile land that it should be the richest continent on the planet with fuckers waddling around so stuffed with food they’d make the USA look like an anorexia camp!

        And yet they’re not are they. That’s because – from North to South – Africunts are greedy, selfish, lazy bastards. There’s summat in them – whether through nature or nurture – which turns them into grabby fuckers with no thought of the plight of their next door neighbours let alone their village, country or continent.

        And the higher up the food chain they get the more selfish and grabby they become!

        Combine that with a work ethic which has about as much go in it as a dose of Andrews Liver Salts then you have a continent with an embarrassment of natural riches and yet still piss-poor because they’re cunts.

        Maybe if we stopped all the aid, and their population started to thin a bit, they’d get the message and rax their arses to do something about it, rather than just sitting there with their begging bowls outstretched??

        • We really do need to just let them croak it. As you say its child abuse and our country, charities and donators are fueling the abuse.

          We should be vaccinating them against the disease that’s killing them off in the first place. Sterilisation is the vaccine, life is the disease that kills them.

          I’m sick watching these adverts running non stop forced upon me, yet tobacco advertising got banned and their was nothing gross about their content?

          Cigarette packets are no longer allowed their brand packaging but charities are using these disgusting images as part of their brand.

          They should be banned from our screens.

  10. People have an childs idea of morality, where sentiment and good intentions are king and any kind of logic or forethought are seen as almost evil.

    God is dead, some german geezer said that ages ago. Hurra cried the morons, not realising that god is a metaphor for the sustaining and occasional growth of civilization in the face of utter selfishness.

    Well he, and our civilization are almost gone. You can tell because the greatest idea of good nowadays is to close your eyes to the obvious in case it offends anyone and give money to anyone that pretends its for a good cause.

    Our world of bullshit is being turned into a world of shit. These bastards are driving range rovers for fucks sake stop giving them money! God people are cunts.

    • God a metaphor? I think you’ll find God is an old white cunt with long hair and a beard. Or a woman, of course. That niggle apart, your post provides much food for thought.

    • It was Nietzsche who said God is dead, and you are damn right that God is a metaphor for how we, as humans, should act in a objective and subjective world. Genesis tells you that in no uncertain terms.

      Nietzsche also said that the death of god will cause the death of untold millions when ideology fills the gap that God left.

      Cue the twentieth century, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.

      One thing I get from Genesis is that it seems to give a kick in the bollocks to communism and socialism, as in one has to provide for oneself, make the proper sacrifices to struggle toward a future better than today with no State to look after you give you free money and things.

      Sermon over.

      • It seems there is a cunt well inside of humanity, and it needs filling with some form of shit. It works both ways too, as some of the former soviet states didn’t find democracy too appealing, so to fill their totalitarian shaped cunt well, they turned to religion. They tried a few, but the one that has had the most success is the religion of peace, as it closely resembles their previous predicament. Now they have more places of worship than schools. Always a good sign….
        I always thought that free of religion and other superstitious nonsense, humanity would soar, but there are so many people on earth who are hard wired into being a cunt, any excuse will do. Happy new year, cunters!

        • Less religion + more freedom & democracy = greater prosperity, imho. And Communism /Socialism is just as much a religion as any other irrational belief system flying in the face of practical reality.

          • That’s the point, the stories particularly in Genesis are are trying to make sense of reality in as much as how to act in the world to attempt to make life better rather than worse, dealing with he practical reality of life, given that we are conscious and self aware.

            The stories in the old testament are based on wisdom of the better way to live are way way older than when they were penned, for example there are echoes of the Enuma Elis in there, the Gilgamesh story too (in part), along with the Ancient Egyptian myths. The chinks also penned similar in the Tao Te Ching.

            Humans have wrestled with why we are conscious beings for millennia and the best way (as in the way that is more likely to reduce pain, suffering and premature) to live life given that we are aware of the future, hence making sacrifices today to work toward a better future.

            All fascinating stuff really and very deep in you take the time to read and understand what the stories/myths are trying to say.

            The idea of a montypythonesque grey bearded cunt that lives in the clouds is not what these stories are trying to tell us.

          • I have always lived by the principle of deferred gratification. Many of my peers regret not following a similar path…

          • Indeed, and that is the thrust of the Cain and Abel story, although way deeper than just that.

          • Religion used to be science politics and entertainment all rolled into one. Everyones lives had the same narrative, survival, and that meant unifying positive behaviour, mostly through stories.

            You can separate religion from other elements of life now, but its quite obvious that as you go back further in time religion was life, it was the social consciousness.

            And people don’t change. People still have faith, they just place it in the hands of mortgages, media outlets, and various institutions nowadays.

  11. Bill Nighy hammered the final nail in my charity giving coffin.

    It wasn’t so much the cause (Syria) but Nighy’s miserable, sneering, hectoring delivery, implying what an cunt I was for not having coughed up already, and what a sub human Ian Brady sized cunt I would be if I didn’t follow his Labour luvvie instructions and cough up immediately, cos I no longer had any excuse since Bill had put me straight on ‘the facts’.

    Cunt Cunt CUNT.

    • Boiling piss: that is all the cunt is good for.

      If only our central heating system could be adapted to run on boiling piss…

  12. I seem to remember that good old Terry Wogan worked selflessly for whatever BBC cuntfest charidee (Z listers in need?) and only got paid £20,000 for the night. I was quite fond of Wogan but this just about sums it up.

  13. I’m sick of seeing these fucking scrounging Bastard cleb’s in every fucking ad break, and the intensity is just getting fucking worse.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, WTF is it with the UK charity culture? When you’re made to feel guilty for having a roof over your head and able to feed yourself. It’s not my fault some fucking third world twat can’t get on with his fucking neighbour because they can’t stop fighting over some trivial shite like religion, to the extent of turning their county into a pile of rubble!

    Also, our own fucking government just keep squeezing the middle income earners (like myself) because we’re the only fuckers that do any fucking work!

    The cunts living on benefits are unaffected because they’ve got fuck-all to start with, and get everything handed to them on a plate. As are the cunts at the other end of the spectrum who’ve got so much money it’s someone elses problem.

    The brother-in-law from Londistan had the cheek to call me a rascist for suggesting we pay too much tax in the UK for it to be given away in overseas aid? Cunt! He said the reason people want to come here is because of our generosity. I just thought what a CUNT!

    • Great post. I am overwhelmingly surrounded by similar cunts. If it wasn’t for ISAC I’d probably be in the nuthouse or pushing up the daisies by now.

      • Me too SB! In a world that’s so full of shit, it’s great to have at least some sense of belonging?

  14. Happy New Year, cunters.
    I see that 4 young men are dead in London (in seperate incidents) following the New Years’ celebrations/gollie knife-fest last night. No prizes for guessing the level of Um-Bongo-ness of the perpetrators.
    Hopefully the same as the victims.
    Fucking savages!

  15. To be fair I do spend ages rooting around charity shops.
    Last year I found a very rare old dinky toy car for 25 pence.
    A week later sold it on Evilbay for 70 quid.
    Did I donate my “obscene” profit back to the charity?
    Did I fuck…

  16. As I have always been a skint/tight cunt, charity has always drawn the short straw with me. The only time my cash goes into a rattling tub is for a poppy.

  17. On the basis humans can ask for help and there are a million human related charities, I only give to animal charities. Specifically the ASPCA. After I left the UK I tried to continue donating to the RSPCA, but their stupid fucking website made it so difficult to enter a US based address that I got fed up of dealing with their shite. So I switched to the ASPCA instead. The only exception I make for people is giving to the poppy appeal. I’m grateful to the armed forces for going into combat zones so the rest of us don’t have to.

    Happy New Year to all my fellow cunters!

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