Wayne Rooney [5]

“Well, Brian, I kicked the ball and it went in the met, know wot I mean..?

Wayne Rooney is a cunt…

Keeper nowhere near his line, static defence… Sticking my neck out here , but any pro footballer should be able to do that… Fucking hell, even Charlie Adam has done it! Rooney was doing what Rooney does best: stat padding against no hopers…

Rooney hits the ball from distance into an empty net, and all of a sudden it’s the best goal ever? Do fuck off!

Nominated by Norman

43 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney [5]

  1. With respect, Charlie Adam is not a professional footballer. He’s a fucking evil and violent thug who happens to turn up a Puke City’s ground and manages to get a game from time to time. Just sayin’. Cheers – I.Y.

    • Charlie Adam: the man with dentition like a bombed cemetery. Cracking left peg, mind.

    • Any team that has Charlie Adam and fucking Ryan Shawcross are basically the dog wank of humanity. Wish I could stake the cunts out in the desert.

      • Shawcross, an untalented chopper cunt who is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

        Even with the England team being as piss poor as it is, they can still do better than him, hence why he will never get picked.

  2. The old granny-shagger hasn’t cut the mustard for quite a while. I wouldn’t even have had him in the England team since about 2012. He never looked as if he gave a shit wearing his national shirt. How can you moan to the camera about the unhappy fans booing after they’d shelled out to watch you give it 50%, you spoilt, overpaid cunt. How ironic that he paid 30 grand to have hair drilled into the front of his head and now he’s going bald at the back.

    Typical thick-as-shit-in-the-neck-of-bottle gobshite millionaire.

  3. To be fair it was against those filthy West Ham cunts…..that makes a difference.

    • Looks like the arrival of Big Sam woke him up. I have the feeling that if Allardyce had still been with West Ham, the scoreline would have been totally different.

      • Instead West Ham appointed the highly successful and charismatic David Moyes.

        Bottom three and Championship footy next season for sure.9

  4. To sum Rooney up in 3 words:


    He was never The Man for club or country.

    • He was.alright, not bad, 5/10, but never settled into the national team and was never in the same league as Gerrard, Lampard, et al.

    • Tell me about it, I’ve found my interest in football has rapidly diminished compared to a few years ago and before.

      The money in it is completely out of control.

      £200 million for an overrated poser cunt like Neymar PSG paid, and they reckon he will be gone in the summer! Fuck sakes!

      • Usually look forward to a WC year but being in Russia and England likely to disappoint could be a bit of background noise rather than main event.

        • It’s going to be crap… No Group Of Death, no Italy, the ABBC bigging up all the peaceful and Bogo-Bogo teams, that daft Scouse cunt woman doing ABBC punditry, media arselicking Messi, even if he does fuck all (like he did at the last World Cup…. Nah…

          • When will they get the hint that the Efrikunt teams are all shit?

            Agreed on Messi, has done fuck all of note in international tournaments. Only does as much as he has with the Bastard Loners because they all bend over backwards to make him The Man there.

          • Qatar 2022 will be one to miss, in the Fan Zones with no alcohol a bit of pre match public flogging will be the order of the day.

        • Russia’s a great place to visit if you don’t want Benidorm outside you doorstep. Been there three times. Moscow, Kazan, and St.Petes. There is some great sights and the people are very friendly. Tragic thing I fear (thanks to our media), is that many won’t go and most brits that do will be looking for the usual beer and fights. They’ll get their arses kicked like last time. We can’t even do hooliganism competently anymore.

          • Been to Moscow twice (1993 and 2008) to watch United in Europe and it is a top city… The Underground/Metro is a tourist attraction in itself, and the Moscow ladies of the night are top, top drawer…Well, so my mates tell me (cough!)…

      • Don’t forget the media who control match fixtures, kick off times etc to maximise their profits.

        Not them cunts who need to set off at 5am for stupid early kick offs at some away games.

        Obviously the money they feed the clubs is king and the fans come last.

        Wish it was back to fans money, local sponsors, reasonable player prices / wages (local, homebred talent) and decent family friendly ticket prices.

  5. ‘I’d like leave to cunt in the strongest possible terms ITN news and Tom Bradby in particular for their frenzied anti Trump hysteria, for evidence if this , watch tonights News at Ten. Media whores, one and all

    • Bradby’s snidey comments to camera are worth a cunting all to themselves. Bought and paid for cunt.

  6. You’re right Norm, lets not focus on one incident in a match. Btw what was the score?

  7. Steven Gerard whinging on 5Live this evening about how the players are easily bored at tournaments and they need the opportunity to visit another hotel, go into town for coffee with theirmstes and visit and have private time with their families ‘ehhhh coz when we play in the league la,we get the chance la, to meet up with mates la, and do normal things and stuff la’

    So, what the cunt is sayin’ is that these pampered multi multi millionaires can’t handle THREE weeks away, being paid handsomely, making more advertising money and getting everything handed to them on a salver?

    Thick selfish fuckwitted cunt with a hairline fit for a gorilla.

    Many many normal folk work away from their families for longer periods and dont get anywhere near the dish adulstion and grannies these cunt get.

    It was easier being a football fan as kid but as adult you realize what a doss cunt you really are for allowing these cunts to be.


    • PS. If you actually read my shite, you can work your own way past the spelling mistakes coz i can’t be arses fixing them due to that little fucker.


      • Steven Gerard has always been up himself.

        A whinging scouse cunt.

        Remember him playing out his failed contract renewal negotiations through the press and supporters rather than just shutting the fuck up and moving on.


      • I don’t see this, I get two of these ^^ , circumflex i think they are called, except on top of each other with Back to top next to them.

        I’m using Android though.

        • I have Android and Mac OS and Windows and I don’t have a problem. It disappears after 2 seconds unless you move the display.

          Nobody else has a problem with it, so FYFTBTTTB…

  8. Possible uncunting for Rihanna… Now, I’ve always thought ‘RiRi’ was a talentless cunt and, well, a bit of a trollop… But she has gone up in my estimation: for not buying into this transbender box ticking bollocks… Rihanna said that she was against firms who hire models from minority groups as a box ticking and token gesture…. She has also steered clear of all that anti-Big Don fake feminazi shite… So beloved by Kunty Perry, Rosanne Fatslag, Madogga, Dickie Gaga, ScarJo, Spunkbucket Lawrence, Maple Markup or whatever she’s called etc… So, not all bad then…

    • So much for Kunty Perry & Co who were all leaving for Canada or GB if & when Trump got in the Whitehouse.

      On the plus side, my father in law is preparing to move his savings & fat pension lump sum to another bank following RBS closures. The minute he hears brexit as the excuse, he’s off.

  9. So sad to see metal detectors and concrete barriers at Manchester’s Christmas markets…
    It’s called appeasement… Fuck the camelbuggering soapaphobic human filth….

    • Poor state of affairs. Bastards ruined the ease and enjoyment of air travel.

      Instead of paying all this money for these security defences, I would reduce the risk and save money by booting out those on the watch list / no fly list, illegal immigrants as they are discovered along with any family they have here and friends who have harboured them, all foreign criminals and a clear message that anyone breaching the aforementioned will be responsible for their full, “extended family” being deported too.

      Maybe it would take a while but until you make a start, nothing will change and the risks remain.

      Our government is and has been for sometime derelict in its duties fulfilling its security obligations to the British people and should be held accountable. How much blood do they need on their hands to realise the mess?

      • Well said BB. When are the politician cunts going to realise that you can’t be reasonable with unreasonable people (I use the world people in its widest sense)

    • I agree that it’s shite that we need barriers.
      When i saw them being put up here i was tempted to go and harass the guys as to why. And as was going to keep asking why we needed them until i got the right answer and not the right-on answer.
      As for the metal detectors. More of them i say.
      A big fuck off line of muzzy filth being searched every fuckin’ where they go, even at the doors to their shiteholes of prayer.
      Muzzie filth only mind. The rest if us can walk past and point or stand and heckle and teach our kids that that’s what a dirty evil bunch of murderous cunty faced cunts look like.

  10. Whenever football or footballers come up , why do the kneejerking sport haters have to unwind their spaz necks and start telling us all over again that they don’t like it? Why not entertain us with your wide ranging vocabulary about something you do have great knowledge of , for example, wanking yourselves senseless.

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