Shamrock Diplomacy

Well bugger me, who’d have thought the bigots orf Ulster would turn oit to be the saviours orf Blighty. Arlene Foster orf the DUP is derailing the Irish sea border stitch-up with the EU and there-bye injecting a spot orf backbone into the Hunchback orf Downing Street. Indo-Mick Teashop cunt Varadka can shoot his prussic poftah mouth orf as much as he likes and bum up with that hissing knot orf serpents in Brussels to shaft dear old Blighty but with Foster making the headlines they will find oit what “No Surrender” means. Unless dear Arlene has already struck a lucrative under the table deal.

Oh – and never forget The Irish Republic supported the krauts in WWI and WWII. Jairmany calling. Jairmany calling…..

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke.

70 thoughts on “Shamrock Diplomacy

  1. In regards to Brexit, never thought I’d say this but – Thank fuck for the DUP! You can tell that Foster, Paisley jr and Robinson and the like despise the conniving Fenian cunts!

    • Cunters have got to be schooled on the DUP they were calling out Gerry Adams and his ilk before the average brit even knew who the fuck knows who that was DUP were the resistance IRA were the terrorists and IRA were a catholic majority party no were protestants allowed the IRA wanted to turn most of ireland into a catholic enthostate.

      DUP was protestant/or other a few catholic priests were gun runners mainstream media won’t point that out tho I am definitely pro celtic always have been despite some offhand remarks, petty name calling and cultural differences

  2. Presume no-one had Lil Peep in deadpool. Listen to Come On Over When You’re Sober. Brilliant.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the UK/Irish border would be the perfect place to build the Great Wall of Cunts for real – with the giant cunt mugshots facing the EU side – loads of room for extra cunts to boot!

    Practical…Aesthetically pleasing (from our side), fucking awesome.

    Problem sorted!

    What’s not to like?

  4. I liked the story about the time the Callaghan government needed to get support from one of the parties in Mick Land and did a deal with whoever (can’t remember the cunts name). On the day of the vote in Parliament the said cunt arrives from Ireland and is duly wined and dined in the best manner imaginable. Come the vote that the cunt had offered to support he abstains. Somewhat taken aback and slightly bemused Callaghan queries him saying “if you were going to abstain why did you bother coming over”. Old Micko replies “Ah, I wanted to abstain in person” 😂😂

    • Only the Micks, only the Micks…….

      😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂

  5. Yeah the Micks left their lights on at night in WW2 so that the hun knew where to bomb Stan Boardman’s chip shop!

  6. It’s been reported that the Irish are to make a determined effort in helping the world eradicate bird flu, going as far as to include their air force in the planned operation.
    Personally, I can’t see how bombing the Canary Islands will change much…

  7. In my last cunting of the EU, I predicted that May would cave in and give them everything they wanted. A couple of weeks later and true enough, May has bent over, taken it up the arse and completely surrendered. And STILL the cunts across the Channel aren’t happy. They won’t be happy until the UK has been completely destroyed, as a warning to other EU nations who may be considering following us. Instead of doing what she should, which is telling the likes of Tusk, Barnier, etc, that the UK is severing all ties effective immediately, May is more concerned with appeasing Muslims and having a go Donald Trump for expressing his right to free speech by retweeting videos from Britain First.

    May isn’t fit to run twenty yards, never mind a country. As a Prime Minister, she is even worse than Gordon Brown, and he was a fucking disaster.

    • She couldn’t lead Lemmings over a cliff let alone lead the UK.

      So she decides to have a go at one of the people we need onside, for better or worse, after Brexit rather than tell the EU cunts what to go do with themselves.

      The 1922 committee need to do something about May, pronto!

      • Agreed. May is as much a leader as I am an astronaut. She’s a walking disaster in No10 and she has to go.

        • She has to go before she bollocks up Brexit and this country more than she already has. The tories are heading for a worse electoral oblivion than what Major lead them to at this rate! And against an even worse opposition leader!

          May is a stupid cunt!

      • Can you blame the man when his boss has cut him off at the knees at every stage of these negotiations? What the hell is she playing at?

    • The cunt couldn’t run a bath. Mind you, it can’t be easy walking around with an expression that proclaims to the whole world that the surgery to remove your fart glands was unsuccessful.

  8. Ffs. Our best chance of fucking the EU is to have a rock solid relationship with Trump. Rock solid. But no. Becoz of a video about muzzos that’s right out the fucking window. How can she be so faggy politically correct but fuck the fucking country and its future in case we upset some sand dwellers. Christ. Next it will be that the word fire is eradicated from the dictionary in case Grenfell cunts get upset. The ghost of Maggie is watching and she is not pleased.

    • The ghost of every person who fought for this country against the forces of evil are watching and asking ”what the hell did I fight for?!”

      May puts it all at risk and for what? A bunch of fucking sand devils?! Can someone cunt May again please?

    • “Our best chance of fucking the EU is to have a rock solid relationship with Trump”

      Oh, really? Would that be the same Trump who wrote “The only good deal is one in which you crush the opponent and come away with something better for yourself”…? That’s who we’d better off with??? Ha fucking ha.

      We’d be better off in the EU than with that fat, lying, narcissistic moron.

      • Really? We’d be better off to continue getting crapped on by the EU, have the ECJ lord it over out justice system, have to carry on taking every fucker under the sun from the rest of the EU and have to contribute billions of pounds and get nothing resembling value for money out of it?


        • Why did the Tories not just simply go ”eh, fuck it. WTO rules it is then”? The way the EU are trying to screw us 6 ways to Sunday, this would have been easier and cheaper in the long run.

          Fuck the EU, I hope that worthless dominion dies a miserable death!

          EU……. utter cunts.

      • No fucking way Fred.
        Continued membership of the eu would mean a dark future of bailouts, economic crisis, soaring immigration, imported terrorism and the final extinction of democracy and independence.
        I would rather stay on the side of big Don than face total humiliation from the eu

    • The fuckin libernazi remaniac Cunts will do all they can to scupper a UK/US trade deal!!
      Then bleat about how impossible brexit trade deals are to do!! Tango mans a Cunt but sometimes you have to dance with the devil ! Just don’t get carried away!! TBH it didn’t matter what trump did there has been an orchestrated movement against him to prevent a trade deal! This kind of rhetoric will continue to varying degrees with any country wanting to do business with Brexit Britain ! The Saudis are barbaric! Australia has mistreated the aboriginals, China are corrupting economies by flooding in cheap imports! Malaysia has child labour!
      Taiwan has no workers rights! Etc etc …….
      The libertards will cry over every attempted trade deal…. “ it’s simply impossible to do deals outside of the EU” ……
      Fuck Them! Controlling Cunts!
      I want our country to have self determination! And some nationalistic self respect!
      We didn’t fight a civil war and 2 WW ,s to be governed by unelected bureaucrats from nowhere!! Who in the general scheme of things have done absolutely fuck all……….. Cunts!

      • Agree – no surprise libtards are working overtime to drain confidence when it comes to trade deals outside EU.

        But fear Fred is right when it comes to the present US Administration, the chances of us getting a good trade deal from Trump is virtually zero.

        Chances are the deranged cunt will be gone by the time we’re ready to start negotiating anyway. Meanwhile WTO rules will suffice.

  9. Very surprised that the Conservative Party hasn’t been offered in the COTY (organisations) poll given their monumentally catastrophic mishandling of the Brexit negotiations in which they have consistently caved in to Brussels. If that doesn’t make them a COTY contender, what the fuck does??

    • The cunts get my vote!

      And that includes Tony B. Liar (for this year at least – although he is honorary COTY in-perpetuity).

    • Well Trees is in there, Corbyn isn’t. Seems balanced to me.

      I notice that you didn’t make an effort to compile it yourself even though you have admin privileges. Quick to complain but slow to act. In fact you don’t seem to post much at all, even putting your own nominations on the noms page for someone to post for you.

      If its too much for you perhaps you should step down like I did and just go back to commenting? No shame in admitting you don’t have the time…

      • Who is the main admin these days? Last I knew it was Shaun of the Dead, but then I’m a little out of the loop there…..

        Any chance of you resuming duties ever Dio?

        • As well as Fred and Shaun there’s two others who remain undercover.

          Sure they’ll answer your question if they want to break cover. I respect their privacy and they’ve done a hell of a lot of work! I know Shaun’s had problems so we should respect that. I travel extensively at the moment often to places there is no internet. The connectivity is shit the Antarctic and the middle of the Pacific!

          Simply not practical for me for the foreseeable but thanks for the vote of confidence…

  10. Fuck me the Cunt-Factor final is especially shite tonight.

    So you can go for right-on or the frumpy warblings of a snowflake with a voice akin to someone having a surgical truss fitted.

    No doubt an Xmas #1.

    I’d fucking go on myself but unfortunately I can sing! Cunts!

    • Only a cunt like Cowell could define a semifinal as a two part final.

      Hope the girl doesn’t win. We don’t really need two Adele’s…

      • It’s not on again is it! Oh hell no!

        So is it labelled the Cunt-Factor Final (sort of)?

        I noticed he was doing his “Does a lot of work for charity mate!” routine. £250,000 grand to him is like £50 quid to me, the cunt.

        He wants to raise £1m for a worthy cause but I’d have had more respect if the telly-tubby, Bob the builder producing pimp had offered to match what was raised.

        After he’s had his pound of flesh from the 2 months of “fame” for said winner and all the “live” shows, even if Johnny public raised £2m and he matched it, it’s probably a 10th of what he’ll get in return!

  11. I hope I’m still alive in 50 years, not too much chance tho, but I’d fuckin love to see all the snowflake cunts crying into their manbags and dungarees when they can’t get to see a doctor for a month or have to send their kids 20 miles to find a school that may teach an hour a week in English. Gone will be the church bell and the cockerel signalling the dawn now replaced by a wailing sound blasted out by 10 million watt speakers. Their daughters will find they will have to cover their heads by law when out in public while they try to find a speakeasy where they could consume some illegal alchohol. Yes I would dearly like to be alive sitting in my favourite armchair in a pool of my own piss laughing my cock off at the society of losers that have emerged from the warped minds of today’s politicians and educators. Cunts.

  12. At the risk of sounding like a snowflake who can’t get his own way l have to complain about the COTY categories.
    Where the fuck is James O’Shithead? He’s ten times the cunt that wanker Jones is. And surely putting Bonio and Goboff in the same category splits the anti Irish multi millionare obnoxious hypocrite vote?
    I realise you can’t please everyone which is why you should please me. Don’t even dream about challenging my sense of entitlement.
    Zionist Nazi bastards.

  13. There should also be a category for non-British cunts pretending to be British, like Keith Vaz, Peter Hain etc.
    That’s where Bonio and Goboff should be.

        • So many cunts, not nearly enough time to cunt them all constantly…..

          How the hell are Jabbott and Gideon not on the wall yet?

          How has that cunt Gerry Adams not got a place on there yet either?

          • Just looked at the category list and you’re right – Abbott should be on there. It’s a spelling mistake some with one T and some with two. 8 + 3 = 11 so she qualifies!

            Ditto Gideot has 15 so looks like an oversight. Adams only has a couple.

            Two more cunts for the wall then. Can’t get away with anything with the eagle eyed cunts on ISAC…

        • I disagree. Khan and his ‘brother from another mother’ Burnham are avatars of the ‘come in peace, shoot to kill’ brigade that have infested Blighty since Bliar and his morally and intellectually deficient cohorts held the reigns of power in this fair-to-middling land. To my unjaded eyes, they’re both cunts of an order so rarified that even Sturgeon, Abbott, Salmond, Corbyn, May and jug-ears Lineker can only dream of admission to its ranks.

  14. My hero this evening is none other than good old Leonard Veradakar. This little gem has drawn a line from which ( as he states ) I will not return.

    The issue, is the border. Dear leonard has made a demand that the United Kingdom cannot fulfill without altering the constitution, and without surrendering sovereignty in at least part.

    This is a step to far for Mrs Theresa (Crippleback) May who, although she would love to capitulate, finds that this step would seal her fate forevermore.

    Veradakar has yet to wake up from his wet dream, and when he does he will realize that he has sown the seeds of his own downfall. The only result he will now get, is an increased likelihood of a very hard and painful ( for him ) hard Brexit.

    I never thought I would ever be grateful to a Paki Poof with Pikey roots. His gob has sung a most delightful tune to my ears. Hard Brexit. Bring it on !

    • That cunt ought to worry about his own job before running his mouth about Brexit….

    • Is Veradakar a “bloody difficult” bloke? Do else do we know who uses that description of herself but appears to be anything but? Let me think…

  15. Sir Jacob Rees Mogg said it correctly. Let the micks and eurocunts build a border if they deem it necessary. We won’t and don’t have to. It’s just the cunts usual tactics, drag it out as long and painfully as possible then arrive back at the original answer. Childish cunts. Actions like these start wars.

  16. I see cunting whoring bastarding Blair has attached his publicity hoover to the Irish question again: he’s issued a diktat to all editors lazy enough to cut ‘n’ paste it into their rags, that Brexit will jeopardise the NI peace process.

    What fucking process? Wasn’t it all supposed to have been sorted by the Dear Leader, singlehandedly and entirely due to his personal charm and charisma (nothing to do with the Army, Mo Mowlem or even Major or Mandelson)??

    Christ on a bike.

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