Nick Clegg (10)

Well fellow Cunters, I have long since resigned myself to the fact that just when I thought ‘it couldn’t get any worse’….. then it does.
Happily skimming through the usual MSM websites laughing at the usual bunch of SJW, lefties, libtard and snowflakes melting down about Trump, Israel, Brexit, climate change blah blah blah….

Then I see reported that Nick Cunt Clegg is in line for a new year honour….

Christ on a bike, Mo on a flying horse, ‘Sir’ Nick Clegg. Fookin Hell my piss is BOILING.

Please let it be fake news😡

Nominated by LeonardoDiCunty

Words fail me.
Well, actually no! They don’t…

Nominated by Dioclese

I would like to cunt the honours system. Isn’t it about time this out of date heap of shite was consigned to the dustbin of history ?

The thing that has triggered this cunting ( which is heartfelt, believe you me ), is the news that Nick Clegg is to receive a knighthood in the new years honours list, presumably for his efforts to derail brexit although that won’t be the reason given. Of all the people that could receive an honour ,this low lying, persistent, lingering bank of perpetual fugshit is one of the least deserving. One can only hope that her maj is a brexiteer of psychotic proportions and takes the cunts head off with one graceful sweep of finest British Steel enthusiastically egged on by a chortling Prince Philip.

Don’t arise, Sir Nick of Cunt, you traitorous enemy of democracy and fuck the system that promotes cunts like Clegg.

Nominated by Jack the Cunter

38 thoughts on “Nick Clegg (10)

  1. Only surprised it’s taken so long, you have to be a massive cunt to get a gong.

    Maybe Clegg opened the letter telling him he was getting a gong and thought to himself

    “fuck me, I must be a massive cunt to get this”

    Doubt he did but makes me chuckle thinking it

    • Its a dong the cunt needs, though it must have been like Scameron was fucking him with a big 18″ strap on every day throughout the coalition’s days.

      He always got the job of releasing the shit news to the public. Cunt secretly loved it though I bet.

  2. He can sit amongst all the other hypocrites such as Prescott, Hain and Kinnock, professional troughers to a cunt. How can the lib dems be so over represented in the house of cunts is joke, as their numbers there do not reflect the standing of the party at the last election, or at any election as far as I can see it. Waste of money, the lot of them.

    • Said exactly that GJ
      The liberals hold sway over at the house of wax
      Disproportionate Representation ……. 😂😂
      Which is fuckin ironic as they have fought for ever to get proportional representation at the general elections……
      The whole thing needs an overhaul, it’s a pile of festering shite!!……

    • Make the Lords elected at general elections like MP’s.Then we would get a choice of which self serving cunt to have falling asleep on the red benches.

      • You could also limit the numbers with elections and constituencies.At the moment there is no set number for peers.

  3. Cynical cunt though I am even I am surprised by this. What has this wanker ever done except do a job he was paid for and do it fucking badly? He cost fuck knows how many of his MPs their seats, lost the referendum and, finally, his own constituents kicked his useless arse down the street. As stated above it can only be a reward for his tireless efforts to sell his country down the river.
    A cunt amongst cunts.

    • Lied through his teeth to his student voters and then shat on them big style. The only award this cunt deserves is a chocolate teapot, something as useful as him.

      Let this be a lesson to any student voting Catweazle to scrap fees & loans!

      No wonder they banned guns years ago, they knew they were going to be cunts in years to come that could well end up looking down a barrel or two.

      Could we not get Clegg, Gina Millar, Heseltine, Sourbry, BLiar etc all onto a Chinook helicopter bound somewhere under the guise of transportation to a secret remoaner conference?

      Then just fuck it right into the first rock mountainside flat out?

  4. Cannot stand this cunt, a truly universal cunt who is so pro Europe it’s a joke. How can someone who writes a book called ‘How to stop Brexit, and make Britain great again’ gets a Knighthood is stupid and this cunt is a lying cunt as well. This cunt is going nowhere and will be around pissing us all off for a long time yet. Here’s a video of the cunt letting his guard down and letting us really know what he thinks of students.

  5. Another of his long list of failures is the proportional representation thingy where, yet again, the electorate shoved a piece of rock shaped like Poland right up his arse.

    This has to be one of the most least deserved. I can’t think of any one thing he has done to deserve it.

  6. Just another old school tie stitch up. Traitors Gate is just down the river…head on a spike anyone..?
    Hope Liz pins that gong to his liver…

  7. Clegg is a cunt, so only right he should be given a knighthood.

    The only reason Bliar hasn’t accepted a knighthood yet is because he’s savvy enough to realise that a knighthood marks you out as a full blown establishment endorsed CUNT.

    Instead he chooses to have the word CUNT tattooed over every inch of his reviled, puffy flesh.

    Why Nigel would seek such a dishonourable award is beyond my comprehension.

  8. What does any fucker expect. This is an Establishment bauble and the Establishment knows best. They are doing their best to fuck up Brexit so Cleggy boy is a hero. The sooner these honours are got rid of, along with the Lords and the Royals in their dozen or so palaces the better.
    To me, Savile was more deserving. At least he raised some money in between acts of perversion.

    • Yeah and Savile was hardly the only kiddyfiddler who ever made it on to an Honours List.
      Now then, now then!

      • Savile fucked the kids, but Clegg cunningly waited until they were old enough to go to university before fucking them.

  9. The cunt wrote a book called ‘How To Stop Brexit’, so he’s more than adequately qualified to be on that list.

    • And that cutting book got voted book of the year by the commons book club.Time to drain the swamp.

  10. Very amusing to see ISAC in accord with ubercunt Owen Jones who was written a rant in The Graun about why Clegg is undeserving of a Knighthood. Speaks volumes for Clegg’s titanic cuntitude that he is able to unite both Owen Jones and ISAC against him!

    • When someone can get the likes of a Grauniad writer and ISAC, who have views that are as diametrically opposed as they get, you know that person is a cunt of monumental proportions.

      • Don’t most cunters here agree that Clegg deserves a kunthood? After all, it is the mark of being a true cunt.

        Can’t imagine Owen Jones believes the cunt should be so honoured…would be amazed if he supported the honours system at all…?

  11. Words fail me on this one……. Clegg was an abject failure at everything in politics.

    He did nothing of note as an MEP.

    In 2010, he won less seats that the LibMongs did in 2005.

    His AV vote was the mother of all referendum failures.

    His support when down the toilet on all fronts.

    He led his party to political oblivion in 2015.

    He lost his own seat this year.

    He continues to sell this country down the river to the benefit of no one.

    This fucking failure gets a knighthood out of all this, it’s political correctness and equality at its worse!

  12. Was it a choice between him or Robert Mugabe?

    That’s the only way I can see how Clegg got Knighted and even then you’d have to think Mugabe was in with a shout against this two-faced cunt!

    At least Mugabe only shits on his own, he doesn’t sell them out to a foreign power like the 4th Reich EU.

    We can only hope it’s just a ruse to get a traitor in front of the reigning monarch whilst holding a sword (old-school style)?

    We can but hope.

  13. As pointed out before Nick Clegg is a failure.Under his leadership the party was reduced to 8 seats and lost all but one of their MEP’s.Smeggy Cleggy then lost the referendum and his own seat to a ginger cunter.Why do we reward such utter failures?On a side note he is a monumentally dishonest Britain hating embarrassing contemptuous smug cuckolded shitbag of a fucking cunt.I wouldn’t pass on the cunt if he was on fire.

      • It’s an interesting question – why does Britain reward failure? Par for the course in politics, been going on forever, but more and more in business too where you’d think they might be less likely to reward failure with promotion or golden goodbyes.

        Fred the Shred Goodwin springs to mind, golden fucking everythings and a knighthood from (you guessed it) Tony B Megacunt Liar. Cue financial crash…

    • I would reward the cunt by kicking him out of a perfectly good plane over a nice part of Syria with a parachute packed by
      Emile Cilliers, just to be on the safe side.

    • I would reward the cunt by kicking him out of a perfectly good plane over a nice part of Syria with a parachute packed by Emile Cilliers, just to be on the safe side.

    • They would have been better starting the petition at .gov site where it could have made the house of commons. What happens if it reaches a 1000 signatures at that site I wonder?

      Will of course be signing it anyway.

  14. I still cannot understand how a convicted arsonist, and arse crack licker, can persue a career in UK politics when his masters are overseas in Brussels pulling the strings. This twat of plutonium grade is to be rewarded by his fawning retarded rimmers in parliament, with a knighthood.

    A knighthood was originally intended to reward valour, tenacity, loyalty, and a selfless dedication to the service of his people.

    Well let me tell you my friends. this cretinous fuckwit has none of the above qualities. He is simply a cowshit!

  15. Fuck the honours system. Why anyone would ever want to get down on bended knee at the feet of those Nazi shitehawks is beyond me. Plenty of other ways to get recognition in this world than to sucker up to the virus that is the royal family.

    • The point is what has the cunt actually done to deserve it?

      He couldn’t even get into No10 on his own, Scameron let him in the cats bed out of sheer desperation …..sounds familiar?

      He failed to get invited back by Dave for a second term, the relationship was so good.

      He failed to convince the country to remain.

      He then failed to jeep his own seat.

      He rallied round another few dead beats and wrote some shit books… Who the fuck is putting them on their shelves? Are there any people stupid enough to line his pockets reading this dross?

      They will end up in the history sections in school libraries.

      What has he successfully done, bar make a cunt of himself?

      • I sent the cunt what I thought was a belting series of emails exposing his lies about the EU Army which he flatly denied would happen in the 2014 LBC debate with Farage.

        I challenged everyone of his statements using publicly available information that absolutely exposed his lies.

        I asked for an Open Debate with him as that’s what the cunts foundation is called.

        Did I get a response?

        Did I fuck.

  16. Isn’t it typical a useless cunt like Clegg that has tried to thwart Brexit gets to be called Sir. And Nigel Farage gets fuck all , a man who has worked tirelessly to get Britain back in the hands of the British . Nigel is obviously not a part of the Westminster Political scum. In a way I’m glad they shunned Nigel Farage as it suggests he’s not a part of this cozy club. One thing that Brexit has exposed is the Politicians you could NEVER trust.

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