Jihadi Apologists

With the recent resignation of Michael Fallon over a bit of knee touching, Gavin Williamson is the new Defence Secretary and has used his first major speech to call for UK jihadis’ to be hunted down and eliminated. This provoked the usual wailing from left wing cunt waffles branding him ‘insecure’ and ‘juvenile’ despite probably 99% of people would agree with him.

You join a terror organisation with the aim of bringing carnage to Britain and expect to return home pulling the wool over the eyes of appeasing bollock brain cunts as misguided or disillusioned? Your human rights went down the crapper as soon as you were viewing terror propaganda, getting a chubby on thinking about ‘paradise’ and your 72 virgins,as soon as you stepped on the plane your fair game, no questions.

The same cunts are the ones who hound British troops for years over jackanory bullshit ‘war crimes’ fairy tales, PIL parasites et el , yet them and their like are prepared to give treasonous cunts a free pass on the premise of being young, idealistic and some fucked up warped version of somehow upholding human rights.

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  1. Oh and as for for jihadis, some peolpe like the underdog to the point of extreme pervesion, these people are known in the social sciences as “cunts”.

  2. A fucking good cunting LL.

    However, I have a feeling that what was said by Williamson, was said for popular effect in the coming scramble for the Hunchbacks job. Williamson will toe the party line whenever, and will suck cock when ordered. Politicians are all the same.

    I too feel that Jihadi’s should be eliminated, and even before they leave the shores of blighty.! Much is made about their possible return. Well, several hundred have returned here already, and with the Governments knowledge.

    It is not readily known that in the past 4 years, Jihadi.s have been returning for holidays, to recruit, and to raise money. Our fucking useless Home Office have known of this for fucking donkey’s.

    At the time of the Tamil Tigers arriving here en masse , the Home Office was giving T/A and leave to remain, and allowing returns for “family visits ” etc.

    My point is, it is not just the terrorists that present the threat to the people of Britain, but the Government who recklessly care more of others than us.

    jihadi,s and Politicians are fucking cunts, and ALL should suffer a fucking drone strike or two. Cunts.

    • Any country worth its salt would have had these cunt Jihadis banged up in the middle of the Channel in a fleet of old cruise ships or converted ferries. But not our jellyfish of a Government.

      Agree about Williamson – positioning himself for probable leadership contest next year. If they don’t have a genuinely rigorous contest next time around the Tories will be well and truly fucked, assuming they’re not already.

      • They are already fucked.Too broad a church and no faction with a clear or united message.

      • Put the cunts out on the oil rigs they are spending a fortune to decommission instead.

        No lifeboats for any of the cunts either, no sky tv, games or fuck all. Constant brainwashing of christian videos like the Clockwork Orange.

        Oh, and some explosives within the bottom of the legs just in case they become a cost problem in the future that we need to close down, just like the way they close our libraries and leisure centres when they ain’t viable.

        • Why not outsource our prison service to the Chinese? It would cut the costs to a fraction, the human rights there would allow more room for real punishment, and it would be more of a deterrent, a six week journey on an old converted oil tanker before you even get to your cell.

    • For the last four years puts much of this shit on Teresa Mays watch of her previous role.

      What a shitfest!

      I shudder to think what mess Patel, Greening, Rudd the Dud etc are creating for reveal in another four years time.

      Useless cunts boil my piss!

  3. “This provoked the usual wailing from left wing cunt waffles branding him ‘insecure’ and ‘juvenile’ ”

    Lots of Tories accusing him of the same thing.

    • Many Tories nowadays are merely Blairite conformists.Committed to unregulated mass immigration,
      The Islamification of the UK, globalist trade policies that undercut native workers and are keen to hand over their responsibilities to Jean Claude Drunker Barnier and Verminhofstadt and committed to arse licking minorities including the transbender brigade who want to undermine everything good about this country.Heseltine Clarke Soubry Morgan Sandbach Grieve Dorrell Allen Patten Duncan Burt May Hammond Rudd and many others value the EU and liberalist ideals above their country.

        • In Cameron’s time they were Blair lite. What a fuck-up the whole system is! And we haven’t even started on the Vermin in Ermine…

          “Much obliged for the whitewash Chakracunty – how about a seat in the House of Lords? £300 an attendance, no questions asked. Wanna prop my prolapsed rectum up in the Shadow Cabinet? Marvellous. Now go out and fatally undermine the British way of life – don’t forget to exploit their sentimental sense of fair play and our freedom to guilt trip them into believing they’re all racist cunts. That’ll be all for today Shami love…”

    • There aren’t many on that side of the house who could genuinely call themselves a Tory these days.

  4. I wonder if the families of the women and children ripped apart by a nail bomb at the Manchester Arena are quite as blase about the dangers that these returning fanatics pose to the British people? The scum who answered the call to Jihad aren’t suddenly going to renounce their “holy war” because they’re back in good old civilised Britain. They are enemy combatants and should be treated as such. No country in it’s right mind would allow hundreds of fanatical terrorists to return to it’s streets. Even if they aren’t all potential terrorists(although I can’t see why they wouldn’t be) the cost of policing them will be ruinous. The security services have enough on their plates without adding to the huge list of “persons of interest”. Plus these returning combatants are potentially battle-hardened and most certainly trained in the arts of bomb-making and combat.
    Why on Earth would we take the risk? What do we gain by allowing them back? I suspect that the apologists who call for their unhindered return are either naive in the extreme,or are enemies of this country in the same way as the terrorists that they seek to allow safe passage back to a country which lives under a system which they hate,and is populated by a people who they consider their holy duty to destroy.
    Sheer madness to let them return. We should be shipping their kith and kin out to join them in their sandy Paradise,not allowing them back here to spread their poison and hatred. Enough of putting a load of murderous foreigners’ rights above the rights of the British people.

    • 100% Right DF.
      Common sense I’d say. Shame the politicians are such spineless treacherous scum

    • Take them out on the battlefield or bang ’em up in the middle of the Channel if there’s no room left at Butlins. A spot of James Bond in between the two wouldn’t go amiss either!

      • I think that I would leave the banging up the middle of the channel part to Kravdarth though and even then would strongly advise protection as those dirty cunts are cultivating bacteria and diseases over there that the world has never heard of.

        Ebola is just the most recent.

        On the subject of diseases what happened to that Zika virus shit that dominated the headlines?

        Has it all gone away now?

        Disease transmitted by flies my arse. More like some medicine or vaccine taken previously rearing its head.

        Them Brazilians bought it though.

    • Well summed up DF, they are derelict in their duties in keeping us safe.

      Prevention is surely the first step instead of the Run, Hide & Tell shite they spout out.

    • Excellent comment there mate. The first duty of any government is to protect the citizens of the country it governs. Unfortunately, this, and previous governments have failed miserably in that duty. May would far rather panda both to Muslims and the PC brigade, than ensure that the British public is as safe as it possibly can be. Meanwhile, after the attack outside parliament, in which a police officer was murdered, May showed us that she was serious about protecting the British people, by putting armed troops outside Parliament and Downing Street. She was trying to send out the message; “Look, we ARE doing something to keep you safe”. Unfortunately, due to her incompetence, the message it actually sent was, “Look, we’re doing something to keep OURSELVES safe”. And note that not one single MP complained about the presence of those squaddies. Or asked why they were outside parliament, when they, and especially the police, should be on every street in the United Kingdom.

  5. Ive always wondered if we ‘disappear’ some people so cunty they need eradicating. Remember that bomb on tne tube that didnt go off. Heard someone was artested, then silence. Probably just my wishful thinking.

    • Trouble is, in our case in the UK the cunts are probably protected and made to disappear for their own safety instead of being dealt with properly.

      • They should be tied to a stake in the town centre cross they have betrayed during their stay and left for the public to stone & whip to death.

        Imagine the difficulties in Bradistan etc though?

        You would have to shoot the raitor peacefuls that were round at night sneaking them Bhajis & Samosas.

        Cunts would be out showing their true colours, supporting the terrorist scum.

        All it will take is a “big situation” to occur that faces them with the choice / question of what side they are on and you watch them congregate in their droves.

        The cunts never come out and criticize any terrorist attacks and as such a clear warning they can’t be trusted.

        If they can’t be trusted, they shouldn’t be welcome here.

        Security begins here on home soil, we are a bloody island and it doesn’t get much easier to lock down security than we could.

        We need a Trump style total shutdown followed by extraditions.

  6. Brilliant cunting on a very infuriating category, Liberal Liquidator.

    I saw this being argued on the Daily Politics last week and holy fuck, the shitcunt pleading for the human rights of the traitors deserved a monumental tolchoking.

    At this point, I hold apologists for terror groups and individuals in equal contempt as I do for ISIS and the rest of the rabid ragheads.

  7. They tell us that they’ve foiled x number of terrorist plots but you never hear of arrests and court and shit. I’m pretty convinced we do disappear people. As a civilised nation it’s only right we do.

    • I take all those claims that they’ve foiled x number of plots with a massive sack of salt. Why would anyone believe the security services to be the only government department that’s remotely competent?

      They couldn’t even deal with a black bin liner on the motorway without bringing the entire transport system to a grinding halt for 24 hours, imo…

    • They probably “disappear them to another area within GB, give them a new home and a “Grenfell style fresh start package”, loads of cash to set themselves up, vouchers for the Odeon, Frankie & Benny’s, ten pin bowling the lot.

      Helps them integrate into the new area in preparation to strike again.

  8. Jihadi’s are a good meal ticket, you’ll never get the legal aid to defend them if it’s on record you called them goat raping soap dodgers… follow the money. The plight of these poor Jihadis manages to move some people (to a bigger house).

  9. All Jihadis should be executed on foreign soil preferably by the British army.These people have made their choice and it should be our duty to send them to he’ll to meet their paedo prophet Allah in person.

  10. I’m in Germany this week and flew in to Düsseldorf, there was a massive queue at passport control (EU Channel) and the reason…….?

    Seriously anyone that remotely looked liked a Peacelim was getting the Spanish Inquisition, how ironic, big beard – questions, towel over head – questions, bag over head – questions and not before time.

    I do believe this is called ‘profiling’ great and it made me feel just a bit safer.

    Could you imagine the clutching of the pearls by Shammyshammyshammy if we did that in U.K.

    That fucking whore was a great champion of Phil Shiner of PIL and whether or not he got found out she supported his work prosecuting OUR soldiers.

    Baroness Chakrabarti go and stab your self in the ass with a broken bottle and let me pour salt in your wounds.

    More like Treasonous Chakrabarti.

    • I’d pay good money to watch that Chakracunty cunt slowly bleed to death on a freezing cold concrete cellar floor.

      • Makes you wonder how Jo Cox was higher up the list than this one. Couldn’t have been much in it…coin toss decider maybe?

        • Opportunist killer Bob. Cox was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had Chakracunty or Lady Nugee been passing at the time, there would have been a far happier outcome.

    • Chakrabarti is a plutonium grade cunt who built a massive industry of wog warriers in the legal aid pig trough! All are responsible for some of the more serious and criminal admissions to this country.
      They were the bain of my fucking life. Only the OSA prevents spilling the beans.

  11. My missus reckons I could become a professional harbinger of doom and need to look at the world with better eyes. But I can’t.

    The reasoning and decision making outside my control doesn’t allow it. I really believe there are dark days ahead and in only a couple of decades, and it is the one constant that provides the inevitable. Maths.
    The falling fertility rates across Europe show the Muslims have no need for crazed truck drivers or suicide bombers, they’ll get there by numbers alone.

    If the end of days, is at the end of the week, there’s no need to worry yet.
    But it sure feels like Monday…

  12. What’s this giberish about that peaceful Iranian / UK (She’s like Keith Lemons neighbour Ozzy, I don’t know what the fuck you are) women detained in Iran?

    Hopes she may soon be freed?

    Rumours of the £4 Million + release of Iranians imprisoned here + reduction on sanctions must be coming true.

    A peaceful goes back to the mother land using a child as a human shield in her quest of doing whatever she was doing.

    She gets caught despite knowing the risks and we have to buy her out?

    Mind you, if she left the child here she would just be an Iranian up to no good in Iran.

    This money tree that’s getting shaken just now must be near uprooted, but the cunts can’t pay for the government services that law abiding citizens here in GB need.

    They should get the child back here with the father. Why should we pay for her mistakes?

    If she gets bought out, she’s clearly been there on official GB business. I can foresee the trouble this one will create when she returns as well.

  13. Hey JR, the fucking Elite thrive on that sort of attitude and the ‘politics doesn’t affect me’ attitude, my missus was exactly the same, then I fucked her off, that will teach her. I’m currently posting from a piss stained stairwell in Dortmund. Merry fucking Christmas.

  14. There are 4 words in the English language that need extermination. The first two are “human rights”. Ffs does anyone live their life by worrying about the human rights act? No. We live our lives by a code of decency, and that code ought to be the fucking litmus test. Break the code and you have no rights. Christ, wouldn’t it be a lot better?

    The other two words are Tottenham Hotspur.

  15. Sorry JR, it’s a really small pissed stained stairwell and I’ve had to evict a family of refugees using just my bare hands and half a pound of bacon, however I took pity on their dog, apparently it got here on an inflatable across the Adriatic, what a set of cunts making a dog endure that.

    • I would have given the dog a home but not them cruel cunts.

      Would have rammed the bacon up their nostrils with a red hot poker giving them the benefit of smelling it cook until it was nice n crispy. Followed by a force feeding of a couple of gallons of HP sauce down the throat until it chokes them to death.

      I hate cruelty to dogs.

    • You know hes right tho right? but hes also wrong because their is great anime out there One Piece and Neon Genesis Evangelion are pretty good But yeah most anime is pure fucking cancer

      On anime I think the retro stuff was the best alot of modern day anime is gay and has turned turned into such shite aside from games

  16. re: Max Clifford, i never thought i’d have anything good to say about David Mellor but he was royally stitched up by that creep Clifford. he completely made up that shit about him wearing a Chelsea strip while shagging that bimbo. horrible piece of work.

  17. Well you know my opinion on “peacefulness” – especially “peacefuls” from the former Northwest Territory of India – they are the most ungrateful, over-rewarded (for doing fuck all other than breeding 8:1) nest of vipers we’ve had the misfortune to tolerate since we asked the Commonwealth to come to blighty in the 50’s/60’s.

    The Caribbean folk integrated, the Indian folk integrated, even the cunts from the then Rhodesia and Ghana integrated. The Northwest Territory “peaceful” cunts never did and its only taken the fuckers 2 generations to become the largest population within the shitholes they’ve infested (Bradford/Leeds, Leicester, Luton, not to mention great swathes of Birmingham and the capital shitty).

    I’m fed up of folk completely unaffected or unlikely to ever interact with these cunts, lording over me, and folk like me, for having the audacity to be concerned at the overtly militant nature these cunts have shown over the last 15yrs.

    More sickening are cunts like your Lily Allen’s, Lineker’s, etc., all coming out in support of “peacefuls” after – yet another – atrocity, and yet nairly a scant word for the victims other a virtual candlelit vigil via twitter.

    Well I say this: any fucker of that ilk who cries and wails that we should let any of the “peaceful” cunts back, or any new “peaceful” cunts in, if said “peaceful” cunts break the law – whether (likely) murder or rape, or theft (including the likely defrauding of the benefits system) – then those appeasing cunts should be held equally complicit and accountable, and suffer the same sentence that said “peaceful” would suffer (if they’ve not blown themselves up that is).

    Wouldn’t it be nice to hear a satisfying “clink” fall behind Lily/Gary as they’re bound over for this Xmas’ atrocities (hopefully there’ll be none but somehow I feel something will happen in a major town/city soon).

    They (and the police service to be frank) should shut the fuck up, unless it is to condemn terrorist “peaceful” cunts and then fuck the cunts back off to Islamabad or Karachi.

    Any of their offspring can go with them free of charge too because not one of those cunts genuinely feel British.

    Like I say, walking through Luton, you are looked on by these Jihadi’s in double-bed’s clothing with utter disdain and we need to sort those cunts out once and for all otherwise in 20-30yrs it won’t be a Great Britain password we’re issued with but a New Mecca passport.

    Fuck that! Piss-taking, work-shy, benefits-scrounging, rapist/grooming, murderous “peaceful” cunts!

    • I’m betting Luton is crawling with CCTV that would provide images that were “good enough” for court prosecution if any happened to trip and fall.

      Just a thought, penny dropped Luton council infiltrated by them already too?

      • Take a look at the list of names on Luton Town Council.

        Very “peaceful”. That’s why you end up with council funded police protection of cunts like this marching through Luton spreading the words of “peace”, love and tolerance for the infidel (just like we’re expected to do for them):


        Now can you see Lily and Gary living in that shithole anytime soon? No, neither can I, and yet my digs are actually just off the road where those cunts are marching.

        Thank fuck I get to go home at weekends, and fuck you Lily & Gary you have no idea WTF you’re on about and if you had to live in a mock-up of Islamabad I’m pretty sure you’d be a less preachy pair of cunts!

        • Once there is enough of them to establish one of theirs in local government, its goodnight.

          In summary,

          10 white bottles, sitting on the wall, and if one white bottle should accidentally fall…

          There will be another brown bottle, replacing it on the wall.

  18. Man United are cunts… The best team won by a mile… Herrera’s not even the Spanish Tom Cleverly the useless cunt, and Lukaku (the Black Pudding) is just an embarrassment…

  19. Seriously, there must be someone actively doing something about all this who is not deemed illegal by the home office.
    Who are they? Where are they?

    • I think its high time that the government e-petition system gets a battering of petitions raised to fight back against the shit that they are raising. Some of them are an utter joke…


      Maybe raising counter petitions for each one raised, for example instead of petitions asking for sanctions to be put on them we could have;

      A petition to stay out of Myanmar’s affairs and allow them to deal with the problems that their country is facing as they see fit for the cause and not what the media claims to us is happening.

      Have the media ever once covered the story from the other side, reporting what the Rohingha cunts have been doing in Myanmar to justify the government clamp down?

      I’ve said before who the actual fuck is our government to tell another country that they are doing things wrong when their great advice has made GB become an out of control shithole.

  20. I note that Chakrabastard bitch has put on some timber and is looking distinctly chubby around the gills. Must be all that taxpayer subsidised food and 🍷 booze in the House of Lords.
    Or maybe her good friend the Abbotpotamus has introduced her to the delights of the KFC family bucket.

    • Have you noticed how Comrade Corbyn loves his bitches on the porky side? Some animals are more equal than others…

  21. JihadI apologists. That’ll be the bhoys and ghirls that follow Glasgow Celtic Football Club. The cunts are at it again, protesting trumps recognition of Jerusalem. These terrorist loving cunts have previous, and have been fined and warned about their fans behaviour before, but the club do nuffin. Scumbag cunts.
    This is not about football. This rant is about an enemy within who gather fortnightly and sometimes through the week and protest against all things British and celebrate all things to do with the “underdog freedom fighter terrorist cunt.
    Time to kick Celtic FC out of Britain and ban them from European football for good.
    If a more learned/intelligent cunter than myself could do a proper cunting of them to be nominated, that would be excellent as it’s about time these anti British cunts were named and shamed.
    #Celtic FC is a cunt.

      • Calm down big guy they were just flying the palestinian flag in protest to israels warmongering

        Also why can’t they protest you want them to be deplatformed from footy just for that?!

        • They have been warned about they’re fans behaviour repeatedly yet they still let the cunts gather and shout they’re anti British bile. If it was a mosque I’d want that shut down. They hold up massive pro terrorist banners that have been banned. I’m sure that if Celtic FC wanted to tackle this problem they could get some security guards to look out for a guy carrying a rucksack the size of a Ford transit that carries the massive banner.

    • They do this shit every time, thinking because Hamza and the gang at the SNP are supporters of all that is taig in Glasgow / Scotland.

      This is Hamza who wants to integrate the British Transport Police under the umbrella of Police Scotland who don’t know shit let alone transport policing.

      The sole gain / mission is to eradicate and cleanse any organisation with “British” in its title.

      Another one failing to do his day job, but what the hell when his boss is still hosting the Eastern European child trafficking / prostitution / drugs / rape network in her own constituency.

      Ross Kemp wants to save a few quid on flights and catch a train to Glasgow sometime soon for a documentary of a problem here instead of some other cunts country.

    • The moment I heard those Celtic fans chant about Lee Rigby, I recognised a signifcant proportion of their fanbase as absolute fucking cunts of the highest order. Other acts of cuntishness said group(s) have committed of which I’ve learned since simply reinforces their piece of shit status.

      Assured I am not anti-Scottish. I’m just anti-Celtic, and anti-cunt.

    • Oh and Celtic will lose most of their supporters once we leave the EU as most of the cunts couldn’t pass through a legitimate passport control system.

      They could always tear down the Peedodome and rebuild it again outside Dublin for them. Its full of oirish flags anyway, and oirish fags.

      Hamza likes the shortage of Union Jack flags, Poppy’s for remembrance and anything else “British”.

  22. On a lighter note, I’m watching an Emmanuelle filum on telly. One from the nineties with George Lazenby. There’s a scene where an African girl is being rooted by two guys and it keeps cutting away to stock footage of African animals rooting.
    Bit racist that. 🙂

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