Grenfell selfishness

I’m making this emergency cunting for this “Grenfell selfishness” involving victims and family of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and those facilitating this debacle.

The money falling off the money tree into this fast flowing river is ridiculous, much of it is unjustified and doesn’t help the situation or those involved.

The taxpayers seem to have landed this bill as I haven’t heard of one single insurance company having paid out. Anyone else?

Those in hotels are paying for nothing, no cooking, no dishes, housework, laundry etc etc because they won’t accept other accommodation and NOT that they haven’t been offered it.

Benefits still being paid despite compo payments taking savings above thresholds.

Free funerals & family travel accommodation costs met.

They gather daily in numbers and are all in contact with each other via phone & flowal media (warned to watch, what they say on line by their friendiee sources) “ganging up” against the local authorities at every opportunity.

The couple who lost “their uncle” stated after the memorial that they are “all getting to know each other really well and are like one big family now”.

There are some now expecting two homes where they previously lived in one, allegedly to make it easier for the local authorities to get them homes? Yeah right!

If one family reject a home, all the others know about it before the authority even get to chap another door to offer it to them.

Many are suffering understandable stress & trauma, which I express full honest sympathy with those residents who lost family and escaped themselves that night. I would never want to see that building again and would happily relocate away in order to do this.

The money from the government and the continued and escalating payments from charities collected and redistributed by the Red Cross coming in would easily enable this.

However this cuts the future flow of further compo. No more stress money for having to see / stay next to the tower. They will have to pay rent again when homed.

Some expect cash payments to “organise and pay their own” mental health counselling.

Some even expect a free home for life and the housing benefit paid “for what the government has done to them”. What the actual fuck?

The government didn’t do anything other than stupidly start offering money to meet costs that home insurance, landlords insurance or business liability insurances should have met. Now the government have started, they can’t help themselves. They are so busy chasing their arises over brexit that they can’t / dont want to see the rising costs involved here.

The insurance companies get a good old government back scratching and are pissing themselves, not paying out a coin and instead met at our expense.

What’s boiling my piss even more is those cunts from surrounding homes or even further away trying it on with success, jumping on this gravy train when unaffected other than the horrible view out their windows.

Victims families from out with the area / country are also being “put up while they wait for news”?

What news do they expect?, no more good news left, they want to hang around (off work with stress) likely right up until the last enquiry is complete. Why aren’t they returning home and grieving away from the situation that feeds their emotions and anger, maybe trying to get some normality in their lives restored?

The piss taking has to stop. I got offered a council flat in what was termed locally ” Gaza strip” which I refused. I then got offered another flat that was pretty shit, however I was told if I refused, I would be offered a different flat back at “Gaza” which if I refused would send me to bottom of housing list again.

I took the pretty shit flat and put in hard work, time and money i worked hard for, and eventually made it a nice home for me and girlfriend.

Twenty five years on, people are entitled to everything.

Yet I worked since left school never unemployed. I’m fighting DWP sanctions regularly for a poxy £72 a week due to an industrial accident which I’m off work unpaid, awaiting surgery.

I get sanctioned, accused of not going to medicals they didn’t ask me to attend, eleven weeks later they refund it and actually ask me to a medical which I attend. Two weeks later another sanction as some “nurse” reported back I’m fit as a fiddle. I object to the report full of lies & shit and now twelve weeks on awaiting a decision.

I wish I had stayed in Grenfell, not sitting here freezing, cunting to get a heat from inner rage, having to worry about Christmas or how I’m going to pay my gas bill in New Year. I’ve had a shit twenty months mainly due to the NHS waiting lists and shit from DWP every letter filled with joy!

DWP’s mates at HMRC join in kicking me while im down, expecting me to conjur up payment for a 2015 bill for £600 due to employer error when cunty DWP not paid me a penny for about 14 weeks now.

Government, DWP, HMRC & NHS have robbed me of two years of my life. I paid my end of contract with contributions on £3.5k earnings a month for last 20 years. Now I need & get fuck all but grief my medicated brain could do without.

Thank god for MasterCard or we would be homeless, not in a hotel getting wined & dined… HOMELESS!

Sellfish Grenfellians get it handed on a plate but it will never be enough. A working citizen fights for a slap in the face.

Sorry all, I’ve heard enough of it…i

Nominated by Basement Bob

78 thoughts on “Grenfell selfishness

  1. One of the best cuntings I’ve seen to date. Very little to add, Basement Bob. And I share you frustration at the total, utter unfairness of it all.

    As previously discussed on an earlier nom today, that BBC article on ex-residents ‘suffering in a hotel prison’ neatly encapsulated much of what you say. Why the fuck should’nt people be angry as they slave away, working for a living, only to see these freeloaders – some illegals – neatly skipping the fucking queue?

    I do have to say – and apologies for doing this on an epic nom – watching QT right now and realising that a threesome with Julia Hartley-Brewer and Isabel Oakeshott is my all time fantasy. Totally overtaking my wank bank and I can barely function at the thought of it…

    On topic – just fuck Grenfell. The liars, the self-entitled, the grief thieves, the publicity hungry slebs, the political posturing – just fuck them all.

    • Definitely agree Isabel oakeshott and JHB!!
      Get the pair of them in a cabin On a snow driven mountain , open fire , massive fur rug, copious amounts of bubbly, and absolutely smash the living daylights out of them!!
      It’s just a shame Nigel farage can croon like Sinatra 😎

    • I saw Harry and Wills were there at the memorial, next to Adele, crying her eyes out. Enough said.

      Maybe these all these people should be elevated to a consideration panel for COTY.

      • I didn’t pay much attention to the service but would be surprised if some cunts like Geldoff, Bongo, Jamie Oliver, Tom Hardy, Lily Allen, Paloma Faith were missing out on a day out.

        Could this be the shape of things to come in memorials not just annually, but biannual? 6 months, 12 months, 18 months where does it end?

        Mind you it could be worse, cunts like Lammy would have a weekly vigil if they thought they could get access to St Paul’s every week.

        My big concern is the government has taken its eyes of the numbers on this one and its going to end up paying out a fortune keeping victims (and the politicians / media who are working them) sweet, then one day someone is going to start adding up the numbers to find a country crippling number for a fire that was contained to the tower. It didn’t spread and take out the city.

        Other areas and people of this country are in need too and also in a worse predicament than my own. I’m sparing a thought for those who lost people in the Manchester arena attack this Christmas. These people won’t see fair justice never mind compo. I add that I stay nowhere near here or know anyone affected in the terror attack.

        When did accidents get more attention than terror attacks?

        When 9/11 terror attack occurred, did the media forget about it and instead report on some accidental fires that took place elsewhere?

        • Don’t you know, Grenfell wasn’t an accident, it was a conspiracy! By…err…umm…maybe David Icke knows.

        • Also fears that Merkle will drag Harry down to lowest of low celeb appeasing cess pit levels.

          I’m thinking he’s been seen as an easy target due to the time and effort he has put into the Invictus games and he will be worked like a puppet just shortly.

  2. Awesome cunting !
    Sorry to hear of your situation buddy no wonder ur piss is boiling hearing about all the freebies given out to cunts every fucking day !
    From ” homeless ” to Methadone swilling junkies , the country is fucked

    • Fuck, don’t get me going on the methadone program!

      The program that costs shitloads per head that junkies are put on and forgotten about. I thought it was a program to reduce drug addiction and not just “legally dispense” an alternative. I heard its £9K per head?

      I’ve also been told that I face an absolute nightmare of withdrawal from the shit pain relief they have fed me the last two years. More likely in order to zombie me and shut me up while placed on the NHS merry go round of waiting lists.

  3. I’m fed up of the fucking lot of it.

    Watching the ABBC you’re lead to believe:

    – All deaths were “peaceful”.
    – All people affected were “peaceful”.
    – All the people rushing in to help were “peaceful”.
    – All the nasty councillors in Kensington and Chelsea are rich white people who don’t care.

    Not that you would expect anything else from the ABBC. And yet they fail to identify that…

    – The total dead is 71 and yet 430-odd were claimed missing/dead.
    – Those claiming for ghost victims were “peaceful”.
    – How many were prosecuted? None, cos they’re “peaceful” you fucking idiot!
    – Most have been offered as good, if not better, accommodation but avoid it like the plague cos they have their own mini-EU gravy train having to do little else than wipe their own arses to get the same bens as before (ergo net in the arse pocket the cunts are better off than me each fucking week pulling 10 and 12 hour day shifts – the cunts).
    – There’s more than one “peaceful” on that council and yet when the ABBC want to tear a strip off they exclusively choose non-“peacefuls” for the task.

    Finally has the cause and source of the fire been identified? The fire investigation services are not fucking idiots and will have bullseyed that not long after the embers had faded.

    O’course if the cause/source is non-PC then we’ll never know. I am not unsympathetic to the victims and their families but for fuck’s sake it’s not Hi-De fucking Hi!

    • If there is a cover up on this, it won’t be who signed off on what work was or wasn’t done to prevent it, it will be on whoever started it, as to try and appoint blame on the person actually responsible for the fire would be political suicide. They will still be dragging this around for the next twenty years. The BBC will see to that, the cunts.

    • Lets take a look at the cunts that have been blamed so far.

      London fire brigade for not putting out a minor fire, not having tall enough appliances to suit the buildings of London, having enough water pressure / volume or acting quick enough.

      Also incapable of floating over the top of all the illegally parked, untaxed, unMOT’d, and “surprisingly UNINSURED”, unregistered cars likely owned unofficially by unlicenced drivers obstructing their access, just like the residents shit that littered the staircases and landings endangering LFB lives.

      The contractors in the refurbishment (not including their “cheap peaceful workers) for supplying materials not fit for purpose or switching to cheaper without instruction from council or not installing correctly.

      Kensington & Chelsea tenant Association for not providing safe accommodation.

      Kensington & Chelsea council for letting tenants association do what they did / didn’t do.

      The current Conservative government for letting Kensington & Chelsea council do what they did / didn’t do.

      The previous Conservative / Lib dem coalition for letting Kensington & Chelsea council do what they did / didn’t do back in their administration.

      The previous Labour government
      for letting Kensington & Chelsea council do what they did / didn’t do back in their administration.

      So they have roped in everybody into one tank and they are all squirming as much as each other. Finger pointing of blame didn’t last long, did it?

      The only thing they haven’t buckled on is a peaceful infiltrated enquiry panel. Imagine how long it would take with the animals continually shrieking out every two minutes?

      Doesn’t matter who / how / where the fire started and why.

      It doesn’t matter about the exposure of illegals, benefit cheats etc, though they want immunity and the justice system to instead, hang out others to dry?

      It doesn’t matter about disabled smoke alarms and fire doors wedged open or that they didn’t want the sprinkler systems they are now claiming they should have had.

      Instead, it matters there wasn’t adequate sets of stairs for escape (littering with bicycles, prams, sofas etc).

      It matters there wasn’t external smoke alarms.

      As you say, the fire brigade know exactly who, why, where and what caused this fire but it doesn’t matter to the peacefuls as they blame everyone else.

      Anyone else got someone to blame?

  4. Great cunting Basement Bob. Julia HB has some lovely puppies TECB.
    This Grenfell business has really pushed my blood pressure to its limit, fucking unbelievable how certain members of society are bending over backwards for the residents of Grenfell when they have turned a blind eye and their backs on the indigenous people of this shit strewn country. I want to leave this shithole before I turn the corner of my road and find a fucking mosque there. The other thing that gets my goat going is pensions. I have worked for 36 years and all of a sudden my pension is not looking as good as it should, totally screwed by the company I work for. Several years ago, through no fault of my own my hourly pay went down so the cunts in charge could get their fucking bonus.

    • The Grenfell is the ultimate, highest push to the limit for many. Its the ultimate for the peacefuls as they know most feel buggered about shouting out for fear of being branded racist, islamaphobic etc and they now have the government & co eating out the palm of their grubby hands.

      My pension got fucked over too but not after the management conned us into doubling our contributions for two years in order to save it before closing it as intended.

      State pension will be a joke just in time for my retirement after another 20 years of this dilution and appeasement.

      Bear in mind, the peacefuls will be taking out of the system in their droves, with the majority not paying in their share.

      The cunts mostly having dodgy laundering business accounts, bogus family employees and they pay little if any tax & vat. They bank / hide all financial gains under their beds and in their big fuck off safe at grandfathers house.

  5. Fuck me BB your situation sounds horrendous.

    I’m currently involved in a huge battle with the NHS over my dad’s care, I have a nailed on case which so far has cost me £5k and despite all the compelling evidence they just stonewall me and my legal advocate until such time that they can’t.

    The system is designed to cunt you, no question so I genuinely share your pain.

    Fundamentally no cunt in the public sector is accountable so they just flick the V’s at you every time you walk out of the meeting or put the phone down.

    Don’t give up though, that’s what they want you to do. Hopefully you’ll get a stroke of luck as I did recently when I applied for my dad’s medical records and they kindly sent me someone else’s. They don’t know that yet, but in time they will, along with the useful cunts in the press. Watch this space.

    Btw on a lighter note, got to agree with TECB fantasy threesome. Fuck me talk about a dilemma, where do you go first?

    • Oakshott for me! She did well on QT the other night I thought.

      NHS is a joke, time limits to complain within, tampering with reports & records, withholding info. They know not many will get a lawyer to take their case as most lawyers struggle to get a medical expert that will go against “their mates” to provide a report for court purposes. Heard stories of people needing doctors from USA to come here and provide reports. Very costly and guess what…our shitty justice system doesn’t like to take in to account evidence from non GB experts? Cunts.

      I’m helping my dad fighting out a case around my mothers recently in hospital as her mental health rapidly deteriorated while in for a surgical procedure. Turns out someone (they have clamped and won’t say who) reduced a morphine based med that she has been on for life long spinal damage. Someone cut it by half and she basically lost the plot turning into a different person.

      She often didn’t know who I was and she became verbally aggressive and abusive towards us and the staff she was convinced were trying to kill her. She started refusing medication due to her state, making her condition worse. My father was in with her often in excess of 12 hours a day trying to calm her down due to missed medication.

      The crowning jewel is they reduced the Morphine based medication but were found to be administering another medication after my father left at night without any of us knowing or consent.

      This Haloperidol (googled many appalling stories resulting from this stuff) drug given to her is apparently not recommended for anyone with heart problems, yet given to my mother who’s had two strokes and is on lifelong meds for her heart & thinning blood. Nobody taking responsibility for that either but G.P now trying to play the risk factor down. Stonewalled by hospital but they are playing on her mental state & her refusing treatment.

      I could easily do time for someone right now as I’m getting more stuff piling up than capable of dealing with and its all down to government, DWP, NHS neglect & failure.

      Hope you get your stuff sorted.

  6. How in the name of fuck would these cunts have coped in London during the fucking war. Go take a reality pill cunts. Shit happens every fucking day, deal with it. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the compo would it????

    • That big long unfunny cunt Greg Davies was kicking her back doors in once upon a time
      So she’s a cunt an’ all

    • Mixed feelings on Kendall, I have to say. Some days she looks textbook MILF; others she looks like a fucking baglady on a methadone comedown. I think it’s her hair; always looks dank and unwashed – and not in the good, slutty way.

      • JHB’s hair always looks like shredded wheat as well. I’m betting Kendall showing a bit of leg will have raised a few cunters heart rates.

        Did she say something when talking of moments of the year that indicated she had been Weinsteined by someone herself? Sounded like it to me.

        Not surprised one of them said Grenfell. They probably drew straws.

  7. *sliding rapidly into poverty after the dreaded DWP-PIP thing* so BB I wish us both a better 2018.

    • Same goes to you Blocked Dwarf.

      Due to thrift spending within our means, we thankfully had no debts aside the mortgage and some savings which helped the first 18 months.

      That’s all gone now and were owing out on a couple of cards for more than what the DWP owes us backdated and I’ve borrowed an additional sum from my father.

      So debts have suddenly started to bite now, I’m pissed at the DWP system which has caused the loss of mortgage payments my PPI policy would have otherwise covered.

      The DWP arrears wont go far as rough cast damaged by frost to a communal chimney is causing water ingress to both our properties. Next door got estimates around 13/1400ish for new cope stone on top and re roughcasting / scaffolding costs.

      Recently wished i was in a council house as rent would just be arrears sorted by DWP and I would qualify for free vet bills that hit us sore on the first year.

      We will get there eventually Blocked Dwarf, as you say staying strong and not letting them wear you down is priority.

  8. Grenfell, Grenfell, Grenfell.

    Vague recollection that something a bit bad happened in Manchester? And maybe London Bridge? Can’t have been that important.

    I’m trying to think back… did we have a 6-monthly memorial for 7/7? Lockerbie?

    The biggest disappointment in 2017 personally speaking was that Brexit did not quell the left wing stranglehold over social affairs. When the vote was revealed, much was made of how Labour and endless pandering to liberal causes had contributed to the disallusionment of leave voters. I consider myself in that bracket.

    But instead of putting an end to it, we seem to be smothered by it more than ever. If anything at all is deepening the division in this country, it isn’t leave voters, nor the right: it’s screeching, hysterical left wingers, aided by quislings like those shitcunt rebels last night.

    The only radicals I see of/hear of on a regular basis these days are militant liberal fucktards and of course, our good peacefuls.

    • I wonder if “the Millwall Lion” got an invite to the memorial?

      That guy should be at the palace for a medal, despite the peaceful attempts to shaft him.

  9. Nothing to add to your powerful and emotional posting Basement other than to wish you the very best of luck over Xmas and the New Year.

    I know that life can be very hard sometimes, I lost my first wife when aged just 41 leaving me to look after two daughters, aged 8 and 10. Somehow managed to get through it just but we all have emotional scars. That was nearly 20 years ago when the UK was a kinder and more understanding place.

    I share completely your anger to what is going on at Grenfell, suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Anyway keep your head up, hopefully things will resolve themselves to your advantage.

    • Cheers Willie, can’t imagine the times you’ve been through with your family after your loss.

      Situations such as yours put mines aside as trivial, my problems are mainly financial apart from pain & medication side effects which should improve post surgery. What’s money really? Pieces of shitty paper that’s nice to have some but life goes on without it.

      When you lose a loved one, money doesn’t matter a shit! We lost mother in law to big C in Sept 2016 and its been tough for us all here but its seeing the way its destroyed her dad that hurts me most.

      This place is bliss for maintaining my sanity right now.

      • I remember distinctly a Lloyd’s broker coming into our underwriting room soon after my wife died to tell me that in all likelihood he was going to lose his job and the conversation he had of finding alternative employment. Immediately afterwards he paused and apologised saying that what he was going through was nothing in comparison to losing someone.

        Everyone has problems in one form or another and in various ways. Losing someone close to you is incredibly hard however financial problems and the pressure this puts on their relationships are also incredibly hard to deal with.

        It always helped me to be open with people, a problem shared is a problem halved etc. Glad you are able to unload some of your stress with fellow cunters.

        Best of luck and keep strong Basement.

  10. Funny and sickening to know that the authorities, the ABBC, the media in general, celebricunts (see you, Lily, yer fuckin spaz!) and social media mongs care more about these shouldn’t be here anyway Grenfell cunts than they do about innocent kids getting murdered by sandwog filth at pop concerts and girls getting groomed and raped by Peaceful scum in places like Rotherham…

    Fuck them all….
    Fuck them all to fucking cunting hell…

    Hope things get better for you, Bob…. Don’t let the bastards grind you down…

    • Cheers Norm, like you say I will encounter a few surgery scars that are nothing compared to the scars the Manchester arena terror victims and kids of Rotherham molested by dirty peaceful religion worshipers are carrying.

      Seeing the lax approach / fear to tackle the offending peacefuls to get justice for all these victims boil my piss big time.

  11. Sorry dudes haven’t had chance to read this cunting yet but I will as soon as I finish watching the pjw.

    Just wanted to rejoice in the new name for that slime that we call a pm.

    Tereeeza the apeeeeza.


    I’ll post the link to his latest when I can, it sums up the bollocks that trump gets from the left and the fuckin joke That is “brexit”.

    I’m too drunk though. Thank fuck for autospell.

    Wow just read that back. ….technology. wow.

    • I wish the government (all of them including its MPs and all employees) would apply as much effort to doing their day job as they do in speaking out about another country’s leader.

      Should spend more time running ours properly than speaking out about how he should be running his. Bugger all to do with them anyway. Fix the shit here that you can actually do something about.

      We used to be a country that acted and did things, now we are peaceful polluted, we do nothing and dish out idle useless talk.

      That’s how the peacefuls broke the resilience of this great country, with continual whining and droning away making up new rights and entitlements for them and washing away our values.

  12. Think I should put a compo claim in with these caring and understanding people for my Great Aunt May’s house that was destroyed during the Manchester Blitz in the war?…
    What do they mean ‘No’? British citizens and elderly ex-ATS girls don’t count?! Peacefuls and Bogo-Bogos only?! Well, I am disappointed, I must say…

    • I opened my bedroom curtains today, first time in a long time. Saw a burnt out firework lying on my garage roof, a big rocket on a stick.

      Where do I claim for this attack made on me and my family?

      It might not have been launched by a peaceful, but 99% chance they sold the cunt to the kid who set it off!

  13. Great cunting …. I feel for you brother.

    We all know that we’re bottom of the pile as far as the authorities are concerned.
    I used to think it’s coz we let in all kinds of people from other countries and let them take jobs in power …obviously favouring their own, but now I know that it’s the political / media class cunts that literally don’t give a shit about their own people that r to blame. Cunts .

    Traitors almost ever man Jack of em.

    Jrm is ok but the rest can hang.

    Keep your chin up mate, change is on the way. …they’re stopping brexit.
    I’ll be honest, I always hoped tgey would.

    Time for a war. It’s the only way shits gonna get sorted.
    Should’ve just had a good tear up in the first place and saved all this fannying5 about.

    • Robbing the electorate of their democracy and stopping brexit process would destroy this country and its values.

      It will cause unrest on the streets that they could never imagine.

      There isn’t a party out there truly representing the working man of Britain and they all seem to be full of stupid, hopeless politicians stuck in the Westminster bubble.

      I hope Nicky Morgan got the message from the Barnsley guy on QT last night about how the majority really feel, it looked like it was sinking in by the look in her eyes.

      I hope her comrades and opposition party colleague’s watching got the message too. Streets won’t be a safe place for the traitors to be.

      There’s easily a thousand angry people like the guy from Barnsley for every Westminster M.P that there is.

      Will be like scenes from RoboCop. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  14. This sums up what we’re dealing with with these fuckin tower blocks.

    The biggest misrake we ever made was listening to French. ….possibly the most useless bunch of cunts in the history of the would.

    Jacob Reese not has a bit and he’s bang on.

    By the way I’m only up this late coz I’m off for Xmas, not coz I’m a lazy drunk.
    Well I am a lazy drunk but work far stopped for Christmas.

    • Yet we are going to let the French build Hinckley point with the Chinese?

      A nuclear bomb planted on our soil with another country having a control button?

      Stupid or just plain Crazy?

  15. Ha ha. Yea report the bitch.

    I thought everyone was tucked up.

    It was a few nights before Christmas, when all through the house
    Not a cunter was stirring, not even a mouse,

    The cuntings were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that some cunt soon would be there;

    The cunters were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of cunts danced in their heads

    I should probably go to bed.

  16. Off topic – a threesome with Julia Hartley Brewer and Isobel Oakeshott? Just imagining the soft touch and 4 erect nipples that could cut steel.

    Oh Lordy! I would last a bare 20 seconds before I ‘Oakeshott’ my creamy load over the pair of them. I would then play the xylophone with my dick on their lovely rounded bottoms.

  17. Little to add to Basement Bob’s exhaustive cunting of a proper cunt system, except very best wishes and sincerely hope the cuntishness of the cunts you have to deal with evaporates in the new year. While it’s a fucking disgrace that something like Grenfell can happen at all – whether because of being packed with migrants of varying degrees of legality, or because it was wrapped in highly inflammable plastic, or because those responsible for the site’s safety were on permanent holiday – it is also the case that the benefit system is unfit for purpose, the NHS is on its last legs, the economy’s utterly fucked, the government’s corrupt and about the only remaining option is a physical revolution in order to put someone who (a) knows what’s happening and (b) can fix it, in charge. Big ask, but stranger things have happened.

    BB – best of luck.

  18. Grenfell. A fucking PC fuckfest. Virtue Signalling, and Shite.

    The BBC refused to play my dedication to them all “Toast”


  19. You know Adele? That one key voiced bawling cunt who can’t pronounce simple words like ‘All’ (she always quawks ‘Ow–urr’ instead)? The ‘down to earth’ (yeah right) local girl made good/money? The celeb who feels so upset and feels a ‘connection’ with Grenfell?
    I wonder, does she actually love them so much that she actually lives round there? Or did she put any of the survivors up in her luxury pad? C u n t !

  20. Did the attention whore mong we all love to hate attend the grief bonanza and virtue signaling fest at St Paul’s? Be just like her to pretend to be ‘bovvered’ and then not show up…

    Mind you, she might have been above the dome in the tower, ringing ‘The Bells! The Bells!’…

  21. I thought the appropriate response was lighting candles and some talentless wanker giving their career a boost with a song of reconciliation. Apparently not in this case.

    • Superb cunting BB and good health and luck to you.
      Off topic a bit, I had the misfortune to see some of The Wright Stuff this morning on channel 5. Among other communist viewed subjects was the (hopefully) pending visit from the Donald. The consensus of opinion was that he should be ‘allowed’ to come so he can be arrested for inciting racial hatred and maybe a demonstration could be held on his arrival so everyone could drop their kaks and moon at him.
      Shame those lovely peaceful people who stand on street corners spewing hate and death threats to the West (not you Fred) while being guarded by the police couldn’t be arrested. Can’t have that though can we…that’d be racist.

    • Other music related guests welcomed to the service included Marcus from Mumford and sons.
      Although apparently no invite for Blazin’ Squad….

      (whoever they are)

      • Isn’t that scruffy cunt from Mumford and Cunts boffing that arch-snowflake and quintessential celebircunt, ‘Hairy’ Carey Mulligan?…
        Rather him than me… She’s a cunt…

  22. The OED has announced its “Word of the Year” today, and I’d like to nominate for a cunting both the word, “Youthquake,” and the OED for selecting it. Their definition is:

    “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people”.

    No prizes for guessing who they are talking about and they have it wrong. The correct word for this phenomenon is, in fact “Cuntquake”. .

  23. Fran Unsworth has been appointed as the new director of news and current affairs at the BBC. If the extract from her Wikipedia page (see below) is anything to go on it would appear that things will carry on as normal.

    ‘On December 2005, Unsworth appeared on the BBC’s Newswatch programme, facing accusations of double standards in BBC News reporting of racial crimes when white people were the victims. Complainants suggested the BBC buried stories such as the racist murder of Kriss Donald, with comparable murders involving black victims given twelve times more coverage and the opening of an arts centre in Gateshead reported in preference to Donald’s murder. Unsworh admitted the case had not been covered sufficiently and that there had been space to do so.[5] Her department again failed to cover the case adequately the following year.[6][7] In 2011 BBC News was criticised for referring to looters in the 2011 London riots as “protesters”, even two days into the violence.[8] In response to 62 complaints about the matter, Unsworth conceded that the BBC had been wrong to do so.[9]’

  24. Apologies to change the subject, but I’ve just tried to post a link about that suckydick cunt mayor of londonistan, but I keep being told that I’m posting spam.

    I tried the same thing a few days ago when I tried to post a link about snowflakey cunts complaining about being called snowflakey cunts because it hurts their snowflakey cunting feelings.

    Is dopey me doing something wrong, or has pricky doublecunt been on here again?

    • In my experience you need to include a sentence or two of your own together with the link. Also find it useful to shift the link up or down once before posting.

      • I did that, I included two lines of stuff about old suckydick cuntbag mayor of londonistain. Tried it on pc as well, still the same warning. 🤬

    • Bit like MP’s complaining of death threats after wilfully voting against the democratic will of the people and their own party.

      Fuck em.

  25. Just having started reading through this nomination, I have jumped to the end to place a note of thanks and appreciation for comments received.

    I initially started the post in a reply to a post from TECB on another thread and it became more the length of a cunting than a reply and so I posted it as a nomination.

    I didn’t plan to include anything of my personal circumstances in the nomination, it just happened to come out, but I felt slightly better for it as none of my friends or family out with my four walls are aware of our financial hardship. Let’s just say, so far its been hidden well, though mine & hers relationship has been tested to the limit!

    I was going to cut it off the nomination and only choose to leave it as an example of how others like myself are all around us, struggling and fighting against a biased & loaded system while others snap their fingers and the government jump through hoops so fast, they lose count and can’t stop.

    I’m also penalised for having a small mortgage on my 3 bed semi, where you get no help from the government that a council tenant would receive.

    Fair enough, that is the system and knowing this, I (stupidly?) took protection insurance for this type of event but I can’t get them to pay out as the DWP keep stopping & starting my weekly payment of 72 Queenheads which buggers up this policy from taking effect. The duration its set to pay is soon due to expire and it hasn’t paid a penny.

    Yet unprepared, uninsured and some unemployed Grenfellians get everything by asking for it and not fighting for it. Some of them don’t even need to fill in the sixty odd page forms!

    Thanks once again cunters for your thoughts, kind words and advice and also the great nominations and replies that go some way to forgetting mt troubles & boosting my morale on a shitty day. As Brucie would have said “Keeeep Cunting” !

    • Hope you get it sorted BB. The welfare state doesn’t give a Fuck about people who have worked for a living, and find themselves in the shit. We are just expected to pay for every lazy worthless cunt under the sun when we gainfully employed, but if you lose your job, they treat you worse than the benefits bludgers that have never worked a day in their lives. They care not that a working man has working mans outgoings that don’t stop when you become unemployed. They really know how to kick a man when he is down.

      • Yep, vintage welfare state cuntishness.

        Why the fuck do we bother? We make an honest living, pat into the system and get shit on while every scum, parasite and undeserving bastard gets it all.

        Anyways, I hope thing work out for you in the end BB!

        • Cheers PMS, I wish we had a chance to opt out and sort all our stuff ourselves as I have found out the systems (NHS, DWP & HMRC) are total shit when I needed them.

      • Cheers Gutstick, your spot on there. My liabilities are still there, sadly they don’t stop until you are getting paid again.

        Yet I fight my way through the queue of crack head methadoners in the chemist to get medication to keep me alive, while they are popping shit that’s slowly killing them and I’ve been paying for the cunts who have never worked since leaving school or even tried to get a job.

        Lost causes get paid out with no questions asked.

  26. Top stuff Cuntflap, made my day that has and put a worthy criminal offence in a coppers notebook!

    Will need to be on the look out for similar breaches of British laws, phone camera at the ready for evidence. To be honest, I normally dither around minding my own business but time to be more vigilant.

    If just realised there’s a peaceful who leaves her baby’s in parked car on road, while she goes into school to collect other kid. Would this be a noteworthy offence?

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