Andy McDonald

You may struggle with disbelief at this but Andy McDonald is a platinum cast “shadow” cunt.

He wants my train journies to and from London to take 9 hours again like they used to in “the good old days” of nationalised British Rail just so he can keep prices artificially low and fill the rolling stock to the fucking brim with chavs, students and other undesirables.

Here’s one for you; you bearded, bald, midget twatacular cunt. I LIKE THE TRAINS BEING EXPENSIVE. I have no desire to sit in steerage with grubby Irishmen, football hooligans and half dressed tarts. They have a separate line system operated by Town & Cuntry for the scum to ride on. Instead of dragging everyone down to your level how’s about a leg up for small and medium sized businesses leaders.

An idea for you. MAKE THE WHOLE TRAIN FIRST CLASS. That way fewer cunts would be able to afford the tickets improving the journey for the humans amongst us.

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  1. I do not do ” cattle class”. Its first class, or I fucking walk. This is not because I am a snob, nor do I consider myself “entitled ” or rich.

    I travel first class to escape the retarded apeshits of cattleclass, the vacuous loud mouth student types, the Nigerian “gangsta” types, smelly armpits from the army of the unwashed, loud mouthed labour voters, and bastards who play loud music.

    If that makes me a cunt. Then I am a cunt!

    • I just do it because I can afford it. Why spend 12 hours wedged into a crappy aircraft seat trying to sleep or eating slop when you can get a decent meal and a full flat bed?

      I don’t do trains because they don’t go where I want when I want.

      I also don’t do big hotels or boats. It’s mass market cheap low grade shit and I’d rather go without than waste my money…

    • I commuted into London for many years.
      I have nothing to add except, try Ryanair.
      Just to see what happens when to humanity
      without genetic social engineering.

      • I was supposed to fly Aer Lingus (fairly shit anyways) from Manchester to Dublin when that hurricane/storm struck Ireland in October. Aer Lingus stopped all flights to Dublin on Monday 16th and the only option I was left with, in order to make the arranged trip in time, was a Ryanair still scheduled for later that day.

        Needless to say, the trip was cancelled.

        • I used to fly to Dublin fairly regular with work and hated flying Aer Fungus. My employer booked & paid the flights at ridiculous prices and I still grudged the money they paid.

          Looks like they get all the air hostess’s that are past their sell by date and forgotten everything they learned during their training.

          BA was much better in the MILF department and the odd GILF and Flybe chicks were always keen to please. Ryanair was as ropey as Air Fungus though you would expect so at the prices paid.

  2. Perhaps I’m a cunt for concurring, but I am fully on board – with first class buffet car reservations – for this cunting.

    During early December, I made the fatal mistake of opting for the advance cheap seats on the Grand Central route between London Kings X and Sunderland. So fucking chuffed was I with the cut-price fare, less than a third of its usual toll, that I did not stop to consider the kind of journey I’d let myself in for.

    A three-hour shitfest which featured three Australian pissed up backpacking cunts who literally lay passed out in their seats by 6:00pm; some fucking guilty new-age dad who insisted on walking his bastard offspring up and down and up and fucking down the carriage on repeat, complete with screams and shrieks aplenty; and then the usual background noise of shitcunt studentfucks and their cacophony of biscuit-tin-beat, shit-tier Apple earphones. Expressly told by the ample matriarch cunt of a guard that upgrades to first class weren’t available that Friday, I sat there properly enraged, audibly cursing my fucking ill-judged stinginess.

    Trains are a total rip-off versus equivalents abroad and almost every operator on every UK line is a seismic cuntlord; but the one glorious by-product of pricy tickets is the significant mitigation of the shit-munching, lagered up twunts and all the other associated dregs of life’s shit-tapestry.

    The time I spend travelling on trains is significant, and I very much hold dear the precious, quiet stretches where I can contemplate at length upon what a cunt I truly am without jolting interruptions. So fuck off Andy McDonald and don’t even consider pissing on my sacred bonfire, you sizeable shitcunt.

    • I do see the point of this cunting, but reflect. In the Good Old Days, there were three classes. (later, two, but there were still corridor carriages which broke the concentrations of chavs and football supporters up a bit) You could go into any station, buy an almost-affordable ticket to anywhere, and get on the next train going that way. The prices were standard across the country. Season tickets cost less than a house. And you could put anything up to and including a motorcycle in the guard’s van. Porters would help with your luggage, for a consideration.
      Sometimes, too, the seats were vaguely comfortable, even. It wasn’t all bad. I see there’s talk of reopening some of the lines Beeching closed, now that the roads have ground to a standstill. Sound idea.

  3. Living breathing proof of the adage concerning the pinning of a red rosette on a monster turd.

    • He’s a proper pan-blocker alright.

      The sort which you keep praying will flush after a few hours each time, until the grim realisation hits that you can’t avoid reaching for the bog-brush any longer…

  4. Fuck me, you cunts should try National Express coaches. Cheap as fuck but you are trapped in a metal box with some of the lowest form of scum on earth. TRAPPED!…….Trapped I tell you!!
    This thread isn’t about this McDonald arsehole or trains or even transport…….it’s about people. They are all cunts !!!
    FUCKING CUNTS I tell you!!!

    • It’s my experiences on NE coaches as a youth which fuel my hatred of travelling scum class.

      Like Dioclese, I’d rather go without than suffer a nightmare journey.

  5. Not set foot on a train since I was a small boy and long may that continue.
    Its what cars and motorbikes are for…

  6. Thank fuck iv’e never had to suffer the indignity of a daily commute by 🚂. To have to suffer all that’s been mentioned above and then be royally fucked for the privilege must be a sort of daily hell.

  7. Scotrail now there truly is a uranium enriched bunch of supernova CUNTS
    Try the last train out of Central Station ANY NIGHT !!! Not just fri sat and sunday
    Options ;
    Stab vest
    Pepper spray
    And thats just for the females

    • Was the last one out referred to as “the sleeper”?

      Maybe referring to the likelihood you will get knocked out before its first stop.

  8. Last year my daughter and I had to attend a court hearing in Manchester. Tickets arranged and paid for by the DPP. Return tickets from Ipswich to Manchester (Standard Class) for two adults £898 (£449 per person).

    I kid you not.

    Who on their right minds would buy tickets at this price level, let alone first class tickets?

    • You could travel across France or Germany in comfort, at speed, with decent food & toilets, for a lot less. Oh, and without meeting or enduring any of the loathsome scum-cunts mentioned above.

    • Heartwarming & inspirational story Willie – wouldn’t like to think taxpayers money was being poured down the train, boom-boom!

      Corbyn now suggesting second Referendum. Just heard on LBC. Quelle surprise if true…

      • If there is a second referendum and the Remoaners lose, they will still not accept the decision, and want best out of five.

        • Crisis over! Apparently he’s only dithering again. Comrade Catweasel is a sub Michael Foot, Poundshop Tony Benn without principles.

      • So angry I wrote to the DPP and express my disgust at the unnecessary wasting of taxpayers money.

        The response was that open tickets gives flexibility and that this is standard practice.

        If this is typical of government sending (and I would suspect that it is) no wonder the country is in such a fucking mess.

  9. With you all the way there Cuntflap!

    Because of all the cuntage horrifically described in previous posts, I have not set foot on any form of public transport for at least 10 years. Don’t drive neither, cars and rads are a cunt. I walk everywhere, or in extremis risk the occasional taxi.

    “Could I just say, my heart and thoughts go out to” all you unfortunate cunters who have to endure the run of scum when forced to travel in today’s basket case Britain.

    BTW, the wife commutes to Londonistan daily, mad as a fucking box of frogs imho.

    • Nice one Cuntflap. I have a bike but it’s been in the shed since we moved here in 2002. By the time it’s out and the tyres are pumped up I could have gone nearly everywhere I want on foot anyway. Besides, too many stupid cunt motorists out there babbling into their mobiles for my liking. All the best for 2018!

  10. That’s how l came across IAC In the first place. Overwhelmed the number of cunts on the planet I decided to Google ‘humans are scum’ to see if anyone else hated people as much as I do? Lo and behold my prayers were answered!

    Even though I’m one of the cunts, I’m fucking ashamed of the human race! What a bunch of cunts!

  11. He (McDonald) may think that this is a noble pursuit – as a socialist – and what “ordinary” folk (i.e. Labour voters) want.

    This is in the belief that a nationalised railway would be more efficient and cheaper for the masses. The sad fact of the matter is that the opposite would be true.

    When British Rail was sold off into the private sector under John “Bull” Major’s failed tenure as PM, British Rail was utter shite.

    Soft shit socialists would have you believe it was every bit efficient as the halcyon days between the 1920’s and 1950’s but it wasn’t, it was shit.

    Privatisation was the answer to this problem whereby fares would get cheaper, the trains would become a lot more efficient and start to run on time again.

    Unfortunately – yet again – the exact opposite was true: much higher fares, a lot shitter service and even longer delays.

    And so now we are to believe that re-nationalisating the railways will lead to cheaper fares, more efficiency and more punctuality.

    Alas it is all fucking smoke and mirrors.

    The real issue of transport – across the boards – is the one that no cunt in Westminster will address. As a country we have too many people living here.

    Overpopulation doesn’t just affect housing, the NHS and schools, it affects every shared service across the boards from refuse collection (which used to be once a week for everyone and now you’re lucky if it’s once a fortnight), to the road networks (the M1 is best part 8 lanes now from North to South and it’s STILL fucked every day due to congestion), and finally to public transport (of any form).

    The late 40’s through the early 60’s (until Beeching tore up loads of rail track in 1966 to sell the steel to Germany instead of just decommissioning the lines – useless cunt) everything seemed great. That was because we’d had a fucking great national cull courtesy of WW2 and there was over-capacity in most services because – for the briefest of periods – we were actually under-populated.

    However as the 60’s turned into the 70’s the cracks were already beginning to appear as the population naturally increased. Immigration was there but it was controlled and was at least sustainable.

    By the end of the 80’s services were operating at max or under capacity in most services and then the final nail in the coffin (again under the failed tenure of John “Bull” Major) was the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993. This is where the freedom of movement act was ratified but the full impact of that would not be felt for another 10yrs.

    At that time there was a rough parity of the numbers of peoples in each of the original 12 EU states working in the other states and therefore no additional burden on our services.

    We then enter the UK’s second dark age between 1997 and 2010 and mostly under that cunt of the century Tony B.Liar.

    This was the period where unrestricted (other than lip service) immigration was welcomed because – as we all know – most immos vote towards the left and therefore swell the Labour voting numbers. Who gives a shit if that fucks over the indigenous populace? So long as Blair got his votes fuck everyone else right!?!

    And then we have 2004 – also under cunt Blair – where, for the 1st time we have a nation – Poland in this instance – where many more 1,000’s of them wanted to live and work here Vs UK folk wanting to live and work there.

    Now I have no issue with the Poles cos they’re God fearing Christians (in the most part) and do fucking work but…when you have a disparity in the range of 16,000:1 then the country on the left hand side of that disparity equation HAS to be effected services, etc., wise. Alas not according to cunt Blair and his successors who all love unrestricted immigration (i.e. Labour votes).

    And so it continues. We voted out of the EU but it looks like we’re still going to have accepted free movement in the (hopefully) short term but – if the treacherous cunts have their way – we may have to suffer that cunt situation indefinitely.

    However we really do need to pull up the shutters once and for all across the boards. If you (genuinely) are a doctor from India/Australia/Canada then by all means come in (and pay big taxes). If you’re a chancer gimmigrant only of use as kindling in a tower block whilst only ever taking from the UK table, then – no matter how bad your plight – sorry, you can fuck off!

    Andy McDonald making statements that re-nationalising railways will make them better is completely avoiding the issue. Andy, dear heart, the reason why every fucking service and resource in this country is fucked has nothing to do with being publicly or privately owned, it has EVERYTHING do do with being overpopulated! It is that simple.

    And will any cunt in Westminster dare broach the real issue? Will they fuck because since the second dark age no one can be honest about stuff without offending some fucking fringe group or another. That equals political suicide for the protagonist in question and therefore they say fuck all and let the country disintegrate around them. So long as the parliament seat for their fat arses is safe no one gives a fuck.

    So yeah Andy re-nationalisating the railways would be a fucking huge waste of time and money and wouldn’t resolve a single fucking thing! It’s a bit like adjusting the deckchairs on the Titanic as the cunt sinks: “Hole? What hole? There’s no hole here!”

    Useless cunt!

    • Bang on Rebel, I still often wonder if benefits weren’t paid to anyone with less than five years contributions, whether anyone other than people who want to work would come.

      As you said, all services are stretched to capacity through migration from the money we hand them through benefits, the homes we house them within and pay their rent & council tax, the local government services, the schools & universities we educate their children in, the G.P’s & Hospitals in which we heal them, the public transport systems bursting carrying them and soon the care homes will be filled with them.

      The lack of contributions to HMRC from these immigrants due to either low income earners or blatant “famileee business” tax dodging is fucking the system overall either as they take out more than they put in.

      You only have to open your eyes and look and see there are few places there isn’t a mile long queue due to immigration pressure, the one immediate to mind is the entrance to a Christian church.

      The only place without a waiting list is a bowling club and that’s only because they would trip over their curtains as they stepped forward after releasing the bowl and sandals are not allowed.

      We can’t cope with the breed rate of those already here, never mind let in more. They cry we need them but most of those are only needed due to them in the first place.

      • 5 years!? F off BB you soft bastard. No one should be eligible for ANY benefit of ANY sort in this country unless ALL their ancestors came here at least a century ago, AND every single one of them kept their noses clean. Same with votes too. After a century, 1/4 of a vote each, but don’t bank on keeping even that unless you are a fully integrated BRIT!

  12. Luckily i get to drive to work. A commute of approx 10 mins. Me, myself and I. My music as loud as i please. The faces on the residents at 8.30 a.m. when they hear in the court of the crimson king at ear splitting volume is a true sight to behold.

  13. As a member of the permanently poor I urge you to sympathise and support lower fares. We’re not all cunts and, although I will freely admit to being a cunt, if not for work then we travel for love, family and caring for someone other than oneself. Sometimes it feels shitty and you become a true cuntish cunt, sorry if that inconveniences you.

    • Too much unnecessary caring and sympathising got this country where it is today I’m afraid.

      • 100% correct BB.
        Everybody being made to feel guilty about everything everywhere.
        Well everybody except us cunters of course!

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