Humanity at large

We appear to be in the midst of another full blown Moral Panic. This sort of bullshit is nothing new.

The Govt, career politicians, commentators and opinion makers, having run out of easy ‘fool the public’ pain-free solutions to our urgent virtually impossible to solve issues, have gratefully latched onto the latest media bandwagon frenzy (Weinstein vs. slags) to distract and smother the infantile, snowflake electorate under a slag heap of sinister trivia. Talk about ‘Fiddling’ while Rome burns!

Another cunting due for Humanity at large anyone?

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

40 thoughts on “Humanity at large

  1. Breaking news: Weinstein flavour of the month moral panic over! Not a dickie bird in the news over the last couple of days – Parliament instead back to debating cleverest ways to scupper Brexit.

    What an ugly nest of Remoaner vipers our cunt MPs revealed themselves to be in the Commons yesterday!

    Either way, normal service has been resumed. Knee touching outrage in the dustbin of history. Brexit dead in the water. Humanity at large can never outcunt our treacherous, Janus faced cunt MPs…

    • They probably all have vested interest in the eu, they have singled themselves out to show what an unprincipled shower of shite they really are. Yes we will be leaving the eu but you can bet it’s only in name. Johnny Foreigner will still keep pouring in and Brussels will still have the whip hand . It’s all smoke and mirrors shitcake.

    • Not heard much about Raqqa either after its liberation from IS or should I say handover after governments who don’t give into terrorism allowed them to flee in alleged 6km convoy out the other side of the city under the supervision of coalition fighter jets.

      The lot should have been bombed, hostages or no hostages. These cunts are now dispersed probably with a plan to turn up somewhere else, possibly within GB and carrying out further attacks.

  2. Agreed.
    As an exercise, scrolling through the a-z archive at the bottom of the page gives a frightening but fleeting glimpse at a fraction of humanity’s cuntitude. Its more widedpread than that obviously, but what I am enjoying is humanity’s potential for cuntiness that when it peaks will make Bono look like jesus……
    Ongoing automation is generating more people with nothing to do. To the extend of basic universal income being seriously trialled.
    Onward movement toward utopia? I think not.
    What will 7.6billion of us do with ourselves?
    Perhaps we will become like Iain M Banks’ culture and pursue our minds potential.
    I think we should disregard conjecture and look at the facts.
    A sample study of admirable size has been going on for years now. If you want to see what humanity does with itself when all is provided for then look no further than your nearest council estate.
    Now imagine this pestilance spread throughout every human on earth.
    It’ll be like a sesspool of vomit and cum with what’s left of humanity sliding over each other like leeches in a bucket. Science, knowledge, social ascendance all reduced to nothing.
    Roll on our entropic journey towards our true cuntworthy potential.

    • What will 7.6 billion of us do with ourselves?
      Subscribe to ISAC of course. What better way could there be to waste a fleeting hour?
      We should have a “Lets waste a day” cuntest and a non-prize for the most wasting cunt. I’ll start you off.
      “Under starters orders from her indoors I spent yesterday morning having to look through an Ikea cuntalogue.” The afternoon reading a book about, numbers reflecting life, but I cunting well forgot what page I was on and finding it took up most of the evening. In the early hours I watched Family Guy, brilliant but, gigidy, gigidy, in a cloud of lambs bread haze, I’ve forgotten what happened. Will have to repeat, rinse, repeat to remember, ad incuntinfinitum. Curious that some of the shit on FG is cuntsynchronous. Life imitating art and all that cuntishness. I watch FG to remind me what a big fat cunt I am and ISAC to confirm it.
      I’ve heard that the’re going to replace the sacred word Cunt with a genderless, non-specific, neutered word, – – – – Vunt.
      We need to rise and object to our MP’s. Tell em they can stick it up their Varses, – – – -whoops, their shit is contagious.

  3. The cocksuckers at the Guardian have outdone themselves with this pile of wank…

    Apparently Louis CK (who?) has been accused of wanking in front of various actresses – as you do. The twat who wrote this crap reckons…

    “By laughing at Louis CK, [you]’re tacitly accepting his worldview: it’s easier to pretend that this man is not a sexual abuser, or that his actions weren’t unacceptable, than it is to confront the idea that you empathise with a sexual abuser.”

    Utter shite.

    Full details here if you are interested…

    • As you say : “Who?”

      In my day cunts like this were either prosecuted for ‘indecent exposure’ or taken aside by her brothers for a spot of correctional instruction applied by boot and cricket bat. Normally that dissuaded them from doing it again.

      Happy days…!

  4. As the regulars here and on my own site will know, I have travelled extensively across our glorious planet. It is a beautiful and wondrous place. There is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one single thing that completely fucks it up wherever it touches. Humanity.

    I sincerely believe that the world would be a better place without people.

    For irrefutable evidence of this, I give you The Comores. A rubbish dump best passed by on the way to Mauritius – in itself an over commercialised shithole, but at least it’s reasonable clean. The Comores are a low spot even for humanity.

    They had a civil war. Mayotte in the east is quite nice. Anjouan, the western island now independent, has no infrastructure to speak of. Massive unemployment, no garbage disposal system, no proper sewage system, rubbish everywhere, shit roads, rusted out abandoned cars and trucks all over the place. And more importantly nobody who gives a fuck.

    They took us there to prick our moral conscience. Afterwards the Cruise Director was pilloried, passengers ripping her apart publicly. One guy actually told her she was cunt who should be fired and then stormed out of the lounge, followed by others. They don’t go there any more. Despite looking hard, I’ve been unable to find any pictures on the web that accurately portray the extreme shitiness of Anjouan Island. The beaches look lovely so I can only assume they photo shopped out the thousands of abandoned plastic bottles – they’re everywhere! – and the piles of black plastic rubbish sacks and strewn contents that have been scavenged by rats of both the animal and human variety. I have photos of the place that would turn your stomach. Really.

    A perfect example of paradise on Earth. I fucking despair…

  5. In light of the events taking place in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe allegedly being placed under house arrest, I’d like to suggest that the rumours circulating of him being originally from the U.K. may be true.

    Tradition dictates that those seeking permanent residence in Zimbabwe must adopt a new identity by reverse spelling their surname, so the cunt is obviously from Yorkshire…..

      • Rejoice, rejoice – the old Psychopath has been deposed!

        Now where did the $80billion in foreign aid go, received since 1980?

        Long live the new Psychopath!

  6. Moral panic really brings to the fore the true cunts who are otherwise hidden from view in society/humanity. Akin to that blood-test scene in The Thing, you often have no idea who and who isn’t infected with xenomorphic cuntitude amongst the people surrounding you, until the hot, steel wire of a moral panic connects with society. Then, furious, rabid and uncontrollable cuntliness comes to the fore within select individuals and we get our shitstorm of cunt-induced ‘panic’.

    The latest, this #MeToo shitcunt sex-case witch trials, has now degenerated into an open-season on men where select women can simply claim abuse of all kinds, with most refusing to name the perpetrator. No burden of proof necessary – just stand up and get instant victimhood points for free! You can see some of them almost wearing that badge with pride; especially cunts like GaGa and Rebel Wilson, who crave online validation and will do absolutely anything to get it.

    I read an article earlier in the week (buggered if I can now find where) that suggested men would be less likely to publicly assist women in distress compared to a decade ago. Another article in the Standard stated that of a number of men surveyed, less would be likely to perform CPR/first aid on a woman:

    Both of these articles attributed the fear of reprisal/accusation of sexual assault to men’s reticence for chivalry.

    I’m well aware, as Mr. S. Baker astutely observes, that this all helps conveniently mask the real shit-shovelling going on in government. But even if it is all a sideshow, it is a really damaging one. UK Men are already effectively banned from children unless they are related (even then, don’t be so sure). Now we have to fucking worry every time a shitcunt barges into you in public, whether we will be accused of ramming a newspaper into her axe-wound during the 0.234 second ‘window of opportunity’:

    I know fine well how much of a misogynist I probably come across as, but sadly British women do a great deal to justify my cuntings and rants.

    • Years ago, my cousin was a social worker and her and her male workmate were trying to restrain a psycho kid in their care. My cousin has massive and i mean massive tits and claimed that her male workmate groped her during the scuffle.
      Massive tits.
      She tried and tried to get him sacked but, and good on them, they took his side and she took leave and eventually left for good.
      Fuckin bitch.

    • Jesus, men can’t even go about their normal business without being accused of something they know nothing about. Evidence no longer seems to be important. Anyone remember Colin Stagg?
      I’m locking myself in the house from now on. It isn’t safe to go out.

    • Ahhh Duty Free

      A fucking hideous pile of monkey spunk where the main joke, the fucking core joke was that of infidelity….yeah that’s real fucking funny.

      It was anal discharge then and still is now.

        • Agreed. He was good as a cabbie in some series (with his wife played by Annette Crosbie, if I remember)…

          But what I REALLY remember was the other woman in that, played by Maggie O’Neill.

          Scorching hot.

    • Not as far as I can see. Bit of a nonentity really so can’t say I’m surprised we missed him.

      I’m a bit worried tho’ as my better half has Mugabe. I’ll never hear the end of it if she gets two in a row…

  7. Humanity is reaching the end of the road,and I can’t say that I’m either bothered or surprised. We are a pretty terrible species,we despoil,pollute and exploit . We have no respect for our environment or the flora and fauna which we so readily destroy.

    I’m confident that if a nuclear war doesn’t finish us,some other man-made disaster will. Good.We’ll be no fucking loss,and maybe the planet can recover without the most invasive,destructive parasite poisoning it.

    Fuck “Humanity” and all who sail in her. Cunts.

    • Life on Earth started about 3.8 billion years ago. Homo Sapiens, aka Cunts, only appeared on the scene about 200,000 years ago (a police box is thought to have been involved).

      Either way, Cunts have been around for less than 0.005% of the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. Would we be missed? Fuck off!

      • Comparing the timeline to a 24 hour clock, starting at 12:00AM man has been on the planet from 11:58.43PM, or a total of 1 minute 17 seconds.

        Now 7.6 billion people in the world, with an additional +76m net (births less deaths) each year. Many scientists are of the opinion the world has a maximum carrying capacity of between 9-10 billion people. It will not take long at the current rate to reach this figure.

        The amount of the natural resources extracted for human use (driven by a growing middle class) the and the plundering of the planets natural resources has tripled in the last 40 years and is now running at an unsustainable 70+ billion tonnes a year.

        The alarming rate at which materials are now being extracted is already having a severe impact of human health and peoples quality of life.

        Rich multi national companies only care about money- people are expendable and can easily be replaced. Greed by both the producers and consumers of stuff are killing the one fantastic planet we have.

        The worlds most powerful leaders (who are elected to represent the peoples of the world) meet annually at the G20 summit meetings and seem to do nothing other than cost taxpayers eye-watering amounts of money (G8/G20 in Toronto 2010 was reputed to have cost the Canadians a whopping $1.1 billion for 72 hours)!!! And for what? A fuck of a lot of “wasted” money for some backslapping, arse licking, and a few photos of leaders standing around looking resolute and pretending they really care and can do something about it but at the end of the day have NOTHING to show for their efforts other than a ridiculously large invoice. Perhaps the answers and solutions are complex but it would be nice if they were able to agree on something.

        What can be done about the future of the planet and mankind? Answers on a postcard.

        In conclusion, if the those elected to represent the world at the very top table are not in the slightest bit serious and or prepared to work together in order to solve the problems that man is causing I suspect there is fuck all anyone can do.

        World leaders are all corrupted fucking cunts anyway so Dick may well be right, and that humanity is reaching the end its natural lifespan.

        I understand that there are still many sane, intelligent, decent and caring people in the world but feel that these are now very much in the minority and as a race we are gradually devolving into a lot of selfish, greedy, uncaring violent and ruthless cunts.

        Not a world I want to be part of, and perhaps time to give someone else a chance.

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