European Union leaders

I need to nominate the EU’s “leaders” for a well deserved cunting. I’ve never considered them to be leaders. True leaders show respect to those they wish to lead. They put others before themselves and in return, they inspire respect, loyalty and a willingness to follow. The likes of Juncker, Tusk, Tajani, Verhofstadt and Barnier inspire hatred, contempt, ridicule and a strong desire to end them in the most painful way possible. Not one of them has had the decency to stand in a free, fair and open election for their positions. Yet they presume to order others about like the unelected, undemocratic Nazi bastards they are.

They’ve been particularly bad since the majority of UK voters chose to the leave their ridiculous little club. Then again, if the EU was benign, we wouldn’t have wanted to leave. They’ve always shown the UK, and the British people nothing but contempt, making it clear that our only purpose is to keep them in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed, and help the Germans provide the funding for their little dictatorship. Since voting to leave however, they have become worse.

If the EU were a benign organisation, they would have been sad to see us go, but would have accepted our decision and wished us well. But the EU is NOT benign. And that has been proved time since June 2016 by the increase in contempt, outright hatred, scorn, insults and threats they’ve hurled at us. Over the past 17 months, they have made it perfectly clear, through their actions and rhetoric, that they have no intention of making our exit from the EU as smooth as possible.

Instead, they have thrown obstacle after obstacle in our way, happily aided by traitors on this side of the English Channel. Most notable is the outrageous demand for tens of billions of pounds that we DO NOT owe them. Although May has so far held out on giving them the full amount, she has shamefully caved in on other demands, possibly in the hope they would relent and ask for less. Instead, she has emboldened them.

Aided by cretins like the Irish President, whose name I can’t be bothered to remember, Macron, Mutti Merkel and several other jumped up cretins who have chosen to stick their noses in, the EU’s dictators have deliberately thwarted all efforts of David Davis and his team to move forward with the negotiations, choosing instead to try punish the UK for what they see as a grave insult, and a direct threat to their authority.

As I said earlier, not one of those ignorant, hate filled, pompous, entitled, incompetent little despots comes anywhere close to being a leader. And even though they firmly believe that they do, not one of them has any legitimate right to the offices they have pushed themselves into. Again, as previously stated, none of them had the courage or the decency to put themselves forward for election to their posts. They just assumed it was their right.

The reason for their contemptible behaviour is obvious. Fear. For years, the British public have been demanding a vote on our membership of an organisation that NO British government sought our permission to join. We were told that the EEC as it was originally called, was nothing more than a free trade club. That was an outrageous lie. And for years, successive British governments have denied us our democratic right to a say in the matter. Until Cameron came along that is, and even then, he didn’t call the referendum because he thought it the right thing to do. He called it, because he arrogantly assumed we were all morons, and he could fool us into voting to stay in the EU with that ridiculous charade he called “The Renegotiations”. The problem was, we are NOT morons. We knew from the start that he had no real desire to change anything, and it made us angry. It also became clear that the true leader of the EU, was Merkel. Cameron didn’t do himself any favours by stating from the start that he wanted the UK to remain in the EU, something that instantly put him on the back foot. That angered us even more.

Juncker, Tusk and co, arrogantly assumed that we would be good little sheep and vote to remain, they were wrong. That vote to leave sent an earthquake through the British and EU political establishments, causing first shock and then anger. How dare we use our democratic right to choose our own destiny to vote out of the EU? And the likes of Juncker, Tusk, Verhofstadt, Barnier and Tajani are worried. They are scared of what the future holds for them. Because if post Brexit Britain proves to be a success as a sovereign nation, then other EU members, like Italy, may decide they want to return to the days of self determination. And that would spell the end of the EU, and their cushy, EU taxpayer funded lifestyles.

That’s why they’re now behaving in such a contemptible manner toward us. They want to punish the UK for daring to break ranks. They want to ruin us. If it were Poland or the Czech republic wanting to leave, then things would be different. Juncker and co would still be angry, but it wouldn’t bring as big a problem as our leaving is. We’re the second largest financial contributor to the EU treasury which means when we go, so does our money. That means a massive financial black hole will open up, potentially bankrupting them. And they can’t have that.

Tusk recently gave us an ultimatum. We either up our financial offer in the next two weeks, or he’ll deliberately delay the next round of talks until we do. And apparently, the EU is also planning on withholding our final repayment of 4 billion pounds. In my opinion, the time has now come for May to grow a spine and tell the EU that we’re walking away. The EU will not cave in on it’s demand that we pay 100 billion pounds before they will engage in trade negotiations. And she’s finished if she does cave in. We’ve tried to negotiate. We’ve tried to be sensible and fair in our approach to the talks. But the EU is not interested. They would rather shoot themselves in the head than give us anything that even looks like a fair deal. So the only thing we can do, is walk away and rely on WTO rules.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

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  1. Terrific cunting QDM! I think you have summed it all up pretty damned well, which leaves me little to say except, Mutti Merkel is currently wallowing in some shit, and I can only hope it gets deeper for the old cow! Cunt!

    • Merkel. Stupid fucking bitch.

      Should not be taken seriously, but unfortunately is, by the massive stinking turds at the EU.

      • I wonder who will go first…

        Robert “Merkel” Mugabe, or Angela “Mugabe” Merkel.

        Epic cunting, QDMG.

        I think I shall re-train as a medic. Hold on, where’s the address of the Dr. Mengele Academy of Medicine??

        That’s what Tera cunts like diddler Verminhofstadt and the deluded Junckunt would receive on my “special” NHS.

        They would end up being gassed by their own stinking, hopeless farts.

        NEVER cave into blackmailers. Totally agree, walk away. The greedy cunts have had their chance, time for DroopyTits Might to tell them to fuck orf and DIE.

  2. I am currently revelling in this mornings news that the sack of kraut shit ( Merkel) is struggling to form a coalition in the cradle of the 4th Reich. I wish nothing but a torrent of festering putrified shite upon the head of the Kraut bitch, and that she is dragged through the sewers by the tit ends by rabid fucking rats.
    Afd are the solution to Our “European” problem, and I can’t wait for the backlash against the establishment. A pox upon all the fuckers

  3. About time these cunts were given a good slapping! Gravy train riding leftist twats. Fuck off the lot of you.

  4. Absolutely spot on cunting in every way QDM. This country really needs a Howard Beale style EU negotiator .””I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”” quote from the 1976 film Network. Which sounds a lot like the average uk citizen that I know and what a lot of Zimbabwean citizens are saying and feeling about that prime cunt Mugabe.
    Hopefully the next negotiations go something like this
    Davis “ we are not paying anything once we leave the EU”
    Barnier “ Yes you are”
    Davis “ Goodbye”
    Barnier “ But,But,But”
    Davis” sound of tumbleweeds rolling by”
    EU Cunts Fuck Off

  5. I’m hoping that 2018 is the year the Kraut police and/or army arrest Frumpenfuhrer Merkel and start deporting all that peaceful shite back where it came from….

    • Once they’ve got their German Citizenshits they can come over here, and there’s fuck all anyone can do about it…

      “They’ll be comin’ up the Merkel when they cum.
      They’ll be comin’ up the Merkel when they cum.
      Cum all over Merkel, peaceful jizz in Treesa’s hair,
      They’ll be comin’ up le Macron when they cum”

  6. Awesome common sense on steroids, Quick Draw!

    Ok, I ‘reluctantly’ admit I ‘reluctantly’ voted Remain, not because I had anything but distain for the crooked, profligate, unaccountable EU, but because I had zero confidence that our ‘leaders’ and managers would make anything but a complete pig’s ear out of delivering ‘independence’. And that was in reference to the relatively competent Cameron Government – not the hopeless mess we have masquerading as leadership today.

    Even the prospect of having an extra £10billion NET a year to spend in the UK could not quite convince me turn a blind eye to my misgivings and vote Leave.

    Now it appears we won’t even be assured of that benefit! £60-£100billion for the privilege of leaving the EU? Ffs – that’s the same as staying in for 6-10 whole years, and without any of the so called perks of membership!

    £20billion is already £20billion too much! Besides, it’ll be a fucking miracle if the EU even lasts 5 more years…

    15 months on from the referendum, the EU and their leaders have finally been outed for all to see as the nasty, money grubbing, bully boy, parasitic cunts many of us have always known them to be. If another referendum was held today I would have no hesitation in voting LEAVE, on the proviso that the Government pledged to piss not one more penny down the EU shitter than we are already legally committed to.

    Fuck the EU “leaders” and their bloated FIFA style scam organisation!

  7. The dirtiest words in the EU dictionary have to be nationalism and self determination! Both of which brexit represents . The unelected EU elite have been desperately trying to stamp them out for the last 40 years, brexit will not only undoubtedly damage them financially but also challenges their core ideology, they are terrified that other disenfranchised members could have their heads turned by a successful brexit! , this is a clear and present danger to the EU,s social experiment , they will do everything in their power to make brexit a failure or even better never happen.
    I believe it’s going to get dirtier than ever as we try to extricate ourselves from their clutches….
    FUCK THEM………

    • Again, again, and again, the EU REALLY is the Fourth Reich.

      Junckunt is Heydrich, and Verminhofstadt resembles Fat Hermann of the Luftwaffe

      The BBC is Dr. Goebbels proaganda ministry.

      • Sky is just as bad. Fucking Anna Botting prattling on about how we’re going to have to face up to paying the €40billion we owe (!) so we can move talks on to trade. So much for balance, dreary slut-bitch cunt.

        I wonder how many affordable houses could be built for the £38billion our government is happy to piss down the shitter without so much as an itemised bill?

  8. 24 carat cunting. Sums it all up. I was against this pile of shite back in ’75 and my views have never altered, unfortunately the people leading ( ? ) us are fucking useless. I voted brexit, I’m expecting a crock of shit. I hope there’s another election in Germany and I hope it’s a complete fuck up for Merkel, that’ll put the cat amongst the cunts.

    • They could always vote that ugly twisted dog like face mother fucker Martin Schultz in. Mega pro EU cunt.

    • God bless you, Sir !!

      Tart’s bedroom, Reichskanzler and the one about Elsan Bog’s microphone are spot on.
      Re the latter, I’m surprised The Greek didn’t suggest shoving it up his tailpipe…

  9. The truth is sometimes it comes to a point that negotiating reaches a dead end. That point is now and truly the only answer when cunts like Tuthk and Barnear, who btw are only lackeys to Merkel and garlic breath, are coming out with pathetic comments about English sense of humour are simply told to Fuck Off. Easy as that. You must offer more money! Fuck off. You must sort out the Irish border. Fuck off. The ECJ must have a say in your future affairs. Like we say, Fuck off! Bye.
    Without these unbelievably stupid cunts posturing and politiking business will find a way. It always has and always will. Just brush these nonentity scrotal sacks aside and let common sense pragmatic people get on with living a fucking life. Cunts.

    • There is nothing to be gained by dragging the negotiations out as they are not decent honorable people and are untrustworthy.

      If the UK negotiators had any backbone they would have already told them to fuck off.

      Useless lily livered polite smiling imbeciles vs ungrateful, disrespectful nasty foreign cunts.

    • 100% correct KN
      Goblin faced Tusk , French cretin barnier and the rest are nothing but puppets doing the Franco German axis dirty work!!
      How on Earth do some British people accept a situation where political non entities from non countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, and Malta etc etc get to shout , scream and threaten the UK with impunity?
      I voted brexit and all of their threats have only stiffened my resolve and desire to leave the vast swamp of festering turds!!

      • Agreed, its only a hard core of cunts slowing Brexit down through vested interests. Bandwagon jumping zelebs, singers, actors and authors can be dismissed as cunts who don’t want to be sacrificed to the Twatter lynch mob, most of the public leave or remain just want May to grow a pair.

        • Basically all the gov / ex gov / lords & celeb cunts with their foreign interests, wanting to swan in and out of GB to their EU holiday tax havens.

          Good riddance to the lot of them, go live in frog / kraut land, there’s plenty of people ready to fill the job vacancies.

          Watch them chase you for tax liabilities you will have incurred on your “out of GB / offshore” investments because “they” know all about them and are just waiting for you all to arrive to cash in.

  10. Surely James O’Brian (Lord Haw-Haw) should be awarded an Honorary Position on the Great Wall of Cunts? He really has surpassed himself this morning.

    Imagine the cunt as PM – it would be Blair x10 on steroids!

    We really must count our blessings…

    • To be honest Shitcake I think we should make O’Brain ruler of the whole planet cos he knows EVERYTHING and has the answers to all the worlds problems. Simple.

  11. Nice to see none of the Gerry cunts want to get in bed with Frau Merkel for a coalition Govt.

    Good, the cunt!

  12. Excellent cunting, absolutely spot on, as are the various responses.

    The only way is “fuck off you cunts, no money, WTO Rules”. Watch the fuckers squirm – and we should never buy another BMW, Merc,VW again, or any other kit from the EU. Hit the fuckers where it hurts

    It is high time they remembered Agincourt – the stubborn, surly defiance we display when our backs are up against the wall will see us to a better future. They think we are a pushover, just as they did 600 years ago. We have not changed, and nor have they, arrogant cunts. All they want is our hard earned money.

    We don’t need any of these cunts, and as Dyson says – they will come to us.

    Fuck the lot of the cunts.

    • If only we didn’t have to rely on a dumbed down, poorly socialised bunch of snowflakes to make Britain, if not Great, at least capable again.

    • Marvellous in depth cunting.

      Just walk away UK,
      You won’t see us follow you back home…

    • The japs do decent motors!! Fuck the Germans!!
      Never owned a French car but fuck them too…….
      if it really does go tits up I hope there’s a monumental drive to buy British wherever you can!

      • Your right there, they do executive models in Japan that they don’t bring into GB as they don’t want to waste time & money trying to compete in the corrupt German / GB car trade game.

        I will be buying as much non EU goods if they shaft us and EU holidays will be a thing of the past too as I won’t give any of the cunts a penny of my hard earned.

        • Agreed mate, we should also bring the production of automotive components back to the UK, or having a good deal with India or Jap!

        • Boycotting EU goods will not be a problem in the Baker household. EU stuff is generally cheap tat, even worse than most American junk, and that’s really saying something!

        • Hi BB,
          I’ve been doing long haul holidays for years! Although sitting on a plane for 10 hours + is undoubtedly a cunt you get a much bigger bang for your buck!
          Euroland is seriously expensive ( tourist areas) nowadays even more so with the weakness of the pound …….

          • Yeah, them Spanish cunts really been chewing the hand that feeds it, but also the hand that really boosted the tourism industry in Spain and made the country what it is today. As the popularity drops due to expense, they just up the price for the remaining mugs.

            Once the tourism starts drying up, just watch them turn the screws on the ex pats, eventually kicking them out with their “right to evict” clauses hidden in the Spanish property deeds by the crooked lawyers.

            They will all need to come back here anyway as hospital costs for Brits will increase to replace the “lost tourism” money.

            Italy has shot itself in the foot by letting the bongo bongos over in their droves and letting those “fake charity doctor without borders” cunts boats dock in their ports.

            France has shot itself in the foot for their behaviour letting them through and setting up the Calais jungle and threats to let them aboard ferry’s for us to deal with at our end. Plus their shitebags.

            Portugal is off the the menu, having missed out on the tourism trade Spain got they tried the “golfing holiday” angle which wasn’t enough so became a secret destination for the peados. Sealed with their behaviour over the investigation of one little girl, who’s parents walked away scot free.

            I’ve never been to Greece but I sympathise the way the German cunts stitched them up and put them heavily in debt so that’s the only place in EU I would consider other than Gibraltar.

            I’m looking for peaceful / religious fanatic free destinations. Think I’m limited with Ascension Island for some sun, the Falklands for long haul break or Rockall for somewhere closer to home, though that would start the tattie howkers off, claiming ownership of it again.

      • Shows you what a bunch of spineless snivelling cunts our so called leaders are really. Even if we had to negotiate with the EU Turds which we don’t, why doesn’t the government and all the big British institutions run an endless “Back Britain, Be British, Buy British” campaign after all buying foreign goods, food, cars etc was only ever going to screw us over and when we had nothing left then up to the prices and we can’t say anything about it because we have no alternative.
        Let’s start a movement.
        “Just say No” No Divorce Settlement, No Open Borders, No ECJ, No EU No More.

        • I get carried away cunting as I have never been so angry but in short I fully agree with what you have said.

          Instead of giving EU 40 Billion, invest that in our infrastructure and manufacturing. Run the campaigns you have mentioned and I’m sure foreign companies would want to come here to make their products when they see we will only buy from companies who manufacture in Great Britain.

          BMW, Merc & VAG Group would be desperate to set up factories.

          If not, I will happily buy Nissan, Toyota & Honda as long as they remain manufacturing here.

  13. Spot on cunting. What puzzles me is the divorce bill. Surely when you owe something it is itemised and can be checked. You don’t make an offer and haggle like a gippo market. If there is no clear financial commitment then there is fuck all to pay. If there is then it can be assessed. And publicised. What are our fuckwit negotiators up to?

    • We need to see a clear, itemised invoice.

      And while we’re at it we should send them an estimate as to how much we expect to be refunded for our share of all the property and other lucrative investments we have contributed to in the EU over the past 40+ years.

      Thieving cunts the lot of them! Walk away NOW.

    • Spot on.

      This bastard organisation hasn’t been subjected to a financial audit for yonks.

      Wouldn’t even buy a used car from them…Polski Fiats have the reputation of being carbon monoxide gas chambers on wheels, their exhausts and floors are so shite.

      Any other org that behaved like this would have been trashed by the fraudbusters years ago.

      • That brings back memories, Polski Fiats rapidly crumbling into dust by the roadside.
        A bit like the wretched EU…

    • CC ……Don’t forget your dealing with a bureaucrat monster that hasn’t been properly audited for 20 years! Good luck getting an itemised bill off these Cunts…..

    • Precicely Cuntbubble, and if its akin to a divorce bill then the joint assets should be split BOTH WAYS. The cunts think we are as stupid as them.

  14. Only thing I can say is a pox on the lot of them and a big helping of fuck off to the eu. Take your peaceful visitors with you as well you inane bunch of cunts. Fanbloodytastic cunting respect mate.

  15. Hilarious news!!!
    Mumma Merkel is seeking new elections as she’s not happy leading a minority government!! Poor old you! More like nobody wanted to get into bed with you sauerkraut bitch!! Her powers on the wain….. Cunt!!

    • Merkels failure to form a coalition is unsurprisingly being reported by sky as a body blow to brexit? Apparently Merkel was going to be some kind of deus ex machina in the brexit negotiations?? Well obergruppenfurer Merkel didn’t help Cameron out when she could? Instead sending the hapless cunt home with nothing!!

      • I’m betting he let the millions of f pounds we are owed due to the VW emissions disappeared at this point while every other country collects theirs.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if they compensate him for burying it. In the future of course when non day is looking the same way most PMs cash in.

        Our treasury aka Cuntbourne should be in the tower for what he has let the Apples, McDonalds and Googles get away with.

  16. If that useless bitch May gives those fuckers a single cunti ng penny she can kiss my fat hairy arse.

  17. I am hoping all the people protesting in Spain,France,Greece, Poland,Italy and others the papers don’t report, join forces and march to Brussels to chuck these free loading, squandering cunts out. We are told that we, the UK are the only country who doesn’t want to be in the EU. I don’t think so for a minute. Everyone in Europe is pissed off with the blatant piss taking going on. The EU is a federal dictatorship and old peoples home for useless slimy politicians-sexual harassment cases on now, but no reporting?-fleets of mercs and drivers, lobster for lunch, in a massive palace like building.Remind you of anything?
    Any twat who tries to make me feel bad for voting to leave this ‘lovely’ organisation, I tell them, you do realise you’re on the big banks side, Alister Campbends side, Branson the pervy goats side and the king of the remainers Tony Blairs side. They normally walk away or have an autistic hissy fit.

    • I wished they would but sheep bleat a lot and then do nothing!!, other than cross the field…….
      hope I’m wrong………..

    • As a former long distance train commuter into London (and back again) each day I have always been interested to see how other nations railways compare to our own.

      Have been fortunate enough to have visited Japan many times to see the masters at work. Fucking incredible is all I can say. Clean, on time, cheaper than here, and safe for all to use. Bullet train fantastic.

      Watched two programmes in the last week, both featuring Chris Tarrant. I am a bit of an anorak if the truth be known. Love travel shows.

      Country visited first programme Latvia, new tracks and trains provided courtesy of the EU.

      Countries visited second programme Croatia and Slovenia, new tracks and trains provided courtesy of the EU.

      A really lovely first class way to travel.

      As the UK pays vast amounts of money into the EU coffers each year why are our commuters still forced to suffer by virtue of having to pay eye watering amounts of money for their season tickets, for a piss poor service, ancient dirty creaking rolling stock, and unreliable locomotives running on tracks laid decades ago.

      What value for money do we really get from the EU when others who pay virtually nothing by comparison seemingly get far more out of their membership than we do.

  18. European Medical Agency press release that they are relocating from London to Amsterdam.

    Bon voyage, adios, fuck off, at least we won’t have to subsidies you anymore. We should be focusing on the British Medical Agency after we leave, just like our British courts enforcing British laws etc.

    I wonder how many of the staff that choose to relocate were educated / graduated through British universities.

    Their education subsidised with bursaries and hooky sponsorships. Unpaid student loans which the fees have been paid with?

    Once we leave the EU we need to reconsider our approach to allowing EU students in to study here, after all why and who are we to provide graduate education to people who will return to their country of origin and work for companies who will be direct competitors to ours.

    We need to start charging them a hefty premium up front payment for this which gets NO subsidies from GB whatsoever.

    In fact if Great Britain is such a hopeless place that wont survive without the EU, why do so many people come from foreign countries to get educated?

    Royal families and high up government figures of other countries worldwide send their children to our universities.

    More worrying i think is the amount of them that walk into the military college systems being educated in our warfare strategies? Apparently loads of rich Arabs kids have passed through one of our education systems.

    It shows just how other countries look to us and we are not the failure the EU is trying to infer we are without them. Cuuuuuunts!

    • Fuck me that’s a euro quango of self important cunts getting back handers from big pharma companies to delay drugs they had representatives of all the EU countries experts etc not much waste there. Shit I bet they’ve blocked drugs that could help with dementia cancer and all kinds of nasty shit just too bleed the public dry by charging high medicine costs and even higher medical treatment costs no point curing disease when you’ll lose loads of income. EU funded leaches

  19. What a post, mate! But nothing to be said about the UK companies rejecting the WTO option or not taking a position? FFS!!!! Astrazeneca, JLR, Aston,… No one would care in downing Street till the big businesses keep quiet!!!

  20. Is it just me or can anyone for see a cry for help from Africa to rid themselves of that cunt Mugabe when they have their own armed forces nobody ever wanted to tangle with?

    No doubt a coalition led by GB / US forces will go in and then they can scream blame and cry for compensation as “we have wrecked their country”

    Our good old government mugs!

    • The Zimbabwe army are playing it cool to let the public oust mugabe and put that other corrupt cunt “the crocodile” in his place then when he turns out to be as big a cunt the army comes along saves the day and takes over and Johnny umbongo thinks great not realising he’s been played like a fish literally walking into the slaughterhouse carrying the knife.

      • In a few years post-mogadon Mugabe, they will indeed be moaning about how corrupt their next great fatbastard dictator is…

  21. Thing is we can apply tariffs as we please. So no tariffs on meat – no price increase. It’s just more gobshite bollocks from the lefty fucktard cunts !

    And I have been thinking about the export rebate for a while. Use the gazumpty billions to refund our exporters whatever tariffs are applied by the EU. Again effectively zeroing the tariffs. Fuck me and we’re not even rocket scientists.

    That way we can stick right to them where it hurts most. In their greedy bottomless fucking pockets.

  22. I’m praying that something gets done whether it be mass protesting or a vote but this 40 Billion cannot be paid.

    It would be the shitiest start to rebuilding our country after just leaving EU. We would be worse off than Greece who have been stitched up by German financier’s. These cunts want us to struggle and have the added bonus of the others wanting to leave that are watching our departure see our struggle to scare them into staying in.

    They don’t want us to leave but will make more effort into causing suffering than that they put into trying to get us to vote to remain.

    The message Cameron came back with from Brussels said it all to anyone with a brain.

    Fuck them, leave now with no deal, and be at least 40 billion better off for a start. Add that to the benefit money we won’t be paying the gimmigrants and that’s a good start.

    Waste no more time, start negotiating with the countries around the world waiting on us leaving to form new trade deals, countries “who want to deal with us”.

    • Common sense Bob…something UK Government significantly devoid of.

      £40billion, a figure plucked from the air.

      Labour, if in power, would likely be offering £100billion+, or reverse process altogether, so Government probably feel they can waste £40billion and not lose too many votes to the opposition.

      UKIP, or equivalent, needs to get its act back together sharpish to challenge this madness!

      Our governments have poured £100s of billions of taxpayers money into the EU over the past 42 years. The profligate EU have not given us a penny that we did not provide them with in the first place!

      Besides, if they want to call it a divorce, should we not be entitled to half the assets? Not to mention the alimony…

      • Oh, I have no doubt Corbin would have started offering 100 billion and they would have said “no its 400 billion you owe”

        Flabbot would have said just pay it Jeremy as by “my calculations” we just up income tax by a penny for one year.

        Cable would do similar no doubt.

  23. I don’t remember voting to negotiate to leave the EU, I remember voting to leave the EU, get on with it cunts, and fuck the negotiations, It;s the rich cunts shitting themselves about how much money they will lose. I will still have a job, and will get paid exactly the same, so no no loss to me, so fuck them too

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