Emmanuel Macron [3]

Emergency cunting to the smarmy faced granny fucking globalist cock sucking cunt Emmanuel Macron.So Macron wants to make wolf whistling illegal and punishable by a fine.Of course Manny cares about women (he doesn`t want his granny wife and side bitch Merkel wolf whistled at after all):P.He cares about women so much that he has allowed unsustainable amounts of peaceful refugees who have killed women and girls and whose culture treats women little better than cattle.So instead of saying shut the borders to stop our women getting groped and raped in the street like Cologne Sweden etc let me grandstand and virtue signal by fining people for flirting.What an utterly contemptible slimy disingenuous cuntbag this frog is.I wonder if he is against men lusting after beautiful women as his wife looks like Gail Platt with her face smashed through a windscreen at 80mph.Bet this cunt lets a little whistle out when visiting nursing homes.He is also constantly badmouthing Brexit and Britain`s weakness despite the French being renowned for rolling over and surrendering.


Nominated by Shaun

33 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron [3]

  1. Heard on the news this cunt was saying to Teresa reMayner that it’s not too late to stay in the european union. What abaaaaaht the votes of 17+million people who said fuck the european union.

    • Yeah, he’s been saying that for weeks now.

      What he really means is “GIVE US YOUR MONEY!”

      (in French of course – speaking English in Frogland is against the law there).

      • “Donnez-moi votre argent, con”

        Ainsi parlait Pudsey-ours-con

        Also sprach Pudsey-bar, in Merkel-speak.

        The EU is such a colossal, overbearing, pompous heap of wank that it should be set to music by Wagner or Richard Strauss…
        The EU sadly set to run and run, like Wagner’s Ring (piece)…

  2. An odious smarmy smug power hungry democracy hating arse licking (clamouring to stand next to his new mate Trump at the most recent “Leaders” cuntfest), Euro loving British Brexit hating (remember him outside number 10 saying he wanted to transfer British financial sector business from London to Paris) disrespectful PC Froggy Cunt.

    French version of Tony B Liar.

  3. He is right about Britain’s weakness though. We are a wounded animal and the EU cunts are moving in for the kill. Even the most ardent Tories can’t believe in May and her useless cohorts anymore. Something has to change very soon. We live in interesting times, as the Chinkies say ( ooh…a little bit racist there).

  4. He’s the very definition of a man in desperate need of a good, hard kick up the baguette. With army-issue hotmail boots, natch.

  5. Who the fuck is this tool? What? Oh, he’s in charge of a few cowardly farmers. That’s nice. How gratifying.
    Cum gargler.

  6. The French voted for him, and they deserve all that they fucking get!

    Le Penn was the future, and she was the solution to many a problem. The Granny nudger is a home grown plant of the EU. He is therefore a cunt!

  7. Macron is a soft cheese gobbling, EU loving, UK subjugating, pensioner bothering, socialist branleur.

    I wish a plague of shitehawks on him and his granny.

  8. These EU tossers are saying more and more about us staying in. They are now DESPERATE as the date draws nearer. Their last chance I think is the Irish card. They are making such a massive issue of it now and the thick micks can’t see they’re being used by the bureauwanks who are willing to reignite the trouble in Ireland just to get the vote reversed. How fucking low can these cunts limbo. Cunts.

    • Absolutely right KN , the EU are getting desperate, having thrown the kitchen sink at the UK by way of daily threats from all the usual suspects macron , Tusk ,Merkel . Juncker and co , aided and abetted by the quisling alliance of umunna, CLARKE, Clegg , soubry etc and every other business body in their pocket it hasn’t had the desired effect, so now the scum sucking Cunts are using Ireland.
      The orish PM is looking to make a name for himself and is doing the bidding of his EU masters, I hope it back fires on the treacherous Cunt! …

      • Bogtrotter PM can go wank in his teasock.

        Any org that relies upon oireland to get them out of the shite…
        ’nuff said.

        If we could somehow make the OiRA hate the EU??…

      • Forget to mention…..
        macron is indeed a Cunt
        The French are not only Cunts but stupid too……
        Hollande polls 4% approval rating… His party isn’t going to win an election….
        macron leaves Hollande and starts new party? …..
        The French fall straight into macrons arms! Believing in a new beginning?
        Did Hollande and macron plan this? FFS
        As a previous poster said “ you can tie a bow around it but it’s still a turd”…..
        will untested macron be a successful President and push thru all his promised reforms?
        Only time will tell but as former PM Cameron repeatedly sqawked before our referendum “ it’s a leap into the dark”

    • It was pointed out yesterday, by many an LBC listener, that if the Southern Irish rock the fucking boat too much … there will be a ‘Hard Brexit’ ( to use the term that shouldn’t exist) .. we’ll be off, and they will get the hard fucking border they’re bubbling on about not wanting.
      The daft Cunts should be doing as much as they can, along with the UK Govt. to smooth over the border issue …. Sorry, but I thought the old joke about … ‘There’s a Englishman, Scotsman and ( the butt of the joke being ) an Irishman …. was a thing of the past.

  9. Macron is just an updated version of flowery cunt Blair, all make up and faked up patriotism – a cunt who would sell his own granny to lick the arses of those he considers his betters, a powdered prancing oily heap of shit. The only thing you can say for him is that he doesn’t have a Mandy. Other than that it’s Blair 1997, before the Grecian 2000 wore off.

  10. Slimy French garlic smelling turd Macron is coming down heavy on wolf whistling, while the streets of Paris are infested with raping, thieving, dirty peaceful scum and Bogo-Bogo ghetto trash?! I wonder: if the ladies of Paris would say if they were asked if they were more fearful of a builder giving them a whistle or a wink, or all the ‘migrants’ that have turned Paris into an unsafe and intimidating slum?… Macron is your typical Franch twat: making out he’s doing something but, in actual fact, he’s doing nothing…. I bet Macron is hated so much that the old Parisians wish the Panzers would roll in again…

    And Macron’s Zelda from Terrahawks look-alike Granny/Wife can fuck off and all…

  11. Goes without saying that even had he not been the french pm or whatever the fuck the frogs call it he would STILL be a FRENCH CUNT

  12. It’s always annoyed me that whenever they’ve whinged about the getting a rebate on the amount the EU steals from us, at least one French politician has used the line, “The UK needs to pay it’s fair share”. Fuck off, you snail eating cunts. It the UK actually paid it’s FAIR share, we’d be paying a lot less and would not need a fucking rebate. As has been pointed numerous times before, the UK is the second largest financial contributor to the EU’s coffers. France is well behind us. They have absolutely NO right to lecture anyone on paying their fair share.

    • QDM – we’ve done more than pay our fair share, we’ve been the 2nd largest contributors and have got fuck all from it!

  13. A total lefty fucktard granny-shagging French cunt if ever there was one.

    Who would’ve thought that the French could produce a bigger cunt than Tony Blaircunt (apart from the other 67 million mainstream cunts that live there, of course)?

    And to top it all off, his tutankhamuns-mummy cuntalike of a wife (who looks like she was probably sporting a cock at some point a few centuries ago) is even uglier than Blair’s postbox-gobbed self-emptying wank sock. Which in itself is some sort of landmark in the ugly cunty wife hall of fame.

    Of course he’s banned wolf-whistling; his cunt of a wife is unlikely to attract a whistle from anyone with the exception of a pissed-up Stevie Wonder.

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