Dead Pool [76]

* * * * WE HAVE A WINNER! * * * *

Well done to me (Shaun ) who has gone and won Deadpool 75 by picking singer and international
teenage heartthrob to women of a certain era (including my mother) David Cassidy.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move on to Dead Pool 76.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.


Shaun`s nominations:

Nobby Stiles
Liam Miller
King Michael of Romania
Johnny Hallyday

68 thoughts on “Dead Pool [76]

  1. Fucking well done!
    Here’s my noms:
    David attenborough (natural causes)
    Harrison ford (natural causes)
    Dianne abbott (myocardial infarction)
    Jeremy corbyn (traumatic rhabdomyolysis)
    Paloma faith (traps herself against door trying to peel an orange through the letterbox)

  2. Fuck me the grim reaper working overtime. Anyway I’ll go for.
    Terry Jones
    Windsor Davis
    Kirk Douglas
    Jerry Maren (Last surviving Munchkin)
    Patricia Routledge.

  3. Clive James
    Denis Norden
    Leslie Phillips
    George A Cooper
    Earl Cameron

    Well done, Shaun! They’re dropping like fucking flies!

  4. Nice shout shaun my nominations
    Charlie sheen
    Harvey Weinstein
    Kirk Douglas
    Nicole shergzinger
    Des oconnor

      • Piss I’m sure he will be next .. well I’ll hope that his boy has been giving zeta Jones oral pleasure again and pop for Michael Douglas

  5. Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    Mary Wilson
    Jan Michael Vincent
    Ratko Mladic

    Thats Mary Wilson, Harolds widow.

  6. Grim Reaper been busy

    Dan TDM
    Duke of Edinburgh
    Michael Caine
    Robert Mugabe
    Eddie Van Halen

  7. Congrats matey.

    my picks are.

    Dick Van Dyke
    James Earl Jones
    Gary Glitter
    Ric “WOOOO” Flair
    Angela Lansbury

      • My sincere apologies sir, i’m a right cunt
        I’ll go for Sheila Hancock instead of JEJ then

        • Sheriff of Cuntingham @

          Sure you don’t want Soros too? you usually always nick him from me you prick. seriously pick him the fucker won’t die anytime soon, Soros is up for grabs

          I’m sure hes friends with the devil so he’ll get a headsup before his time. He probably bathes in blood of of young virgins to rejuvenate himself

          • Hehe sorry mate do try to stick to the same cunts each time unless they be dead of course , but if im late to the party mine get nicked 😂.

            Right about Soros i bet the fucker will live to be 150 the scrotum faced pile of grey dog shite he is.

  8. Ginger Baker
    Pope Francis
    Roman Polanski
    Rick Wakeman
    Sheldon Adelson

    another one already? good one Shaun

    • Bollocks. Sonny already dead.
      “I wouldn’t wish that on a broke dick dog”
      Replace with Jesse Ventura …

  9. Yoko Ono
    Danglebert Pimpledick (please release the cunt)
    Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono

  10. bob barker (go on die the time is right)
    olivia de havaland (because someone knabbed vera lyn)
    kirk douglas (because well, he is old)

    • Bastard bugger Frog fuckair Hallyday filched. Go for

      Stirling Moss

      And have to state that Cassidy was a total and unmitigated cunt for not having the grace to last another week or two. What a selfish bastard to croake immediately after YT got me first early crack at the Pool in years.

  11. In 1. Jim Bowen, Bully’s favourite.

    In 2. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Britain’s favourite Journo, sorry I meant Stay Away Mum on holiday…will that do until the cheque clears?

    In 3. Its another Stay Away Mum on holiday, its Kate McCann.

    In 4. Keeping the gender fluids happy with a Stay Away Dad, its Gerry McCann

    5. Shona “the fairground prize gonk” Robison. Scotland’s equivalent to Jeremy Hunt. Couldn’t run a video recording of Holby City, never mind a nations health service.

  12. Gerald Harper
    Bill Maynard
    Katie Boyle
    Fennella Fielding
    Desmond Morris

    Oh bugger, Sir Limpley, who must be a cunt nicked Fenella Fielding, I have been peddling her for months. OK, err Millicent Martin

  13. Harley Race
    Terry Funk
    Dory Funk Jr
    Leon ”Vader” White
    Tom ”Dynamite Kid” Billington

    • @Prime Minster Sinister

      Shame to say cant see many of them lasting much longer all are in a bad way. Except for Terry Funk he will out last time itself.

      • Well Vader claims he will be dead in 2 years.
        The Funks are still getting in the ring even though Dory is 76 and Terry is 73.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that Terry Funk will die in the wrestling ring. To think that he first retired in 1983…..

        Harley Race…. tough old git but after that fall and given how his body is beaten to hell from when he was wrestling, even if he retired like 25 years ago now.

        Dynamite Kid….. fuck knows how he made it this far!

  14. The Rt. Hon. Kirstie Allslop, Baroness Harelip
    Camillaaaah Parkyer-Bowels
    Jilly Cooper
    Emma Twatson
    Kenneth Braner-Wankagh

  15. Gordon Banks
    Paul Gascoigne
    Donald Rumsfeld
    The Grandmaster, Duke of Kent
    David Van Day

  16. 1 Liz Windsor (A Life on Benefits)
    2 Sir Eric ‘Porcine’ Pickles of Pigswill
    3 Donald Trump (Leader of American White Supremacists)
    4 Tim Healey
    5 God

  17. Fuck missed oit agin’. Bastard. Bollywood legend Shashi Kapoor has been immolated and scattered orn the Ganges aged 79. Knew the cunt from me India days. Yet another total tosser that has slipped orf the old mortal coil without tipping his old mucker the wink. Not playing the white man.

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