Cowardly Brits

I’d like to cunt the craven cowardice of most of the British people. Whether it’s failing to stand up for themselves when a corporation tries to fuck them over, or bending over and letting left-wing fucks utterly spoil our once mighty country through immigration, unnecessary taxation/wastage, they make me sick. If I may, I’d like to distill it down to just one person: Campbell Millett. This utter pussy represents, in a nutshell, the utter cissiness of many regular people. He was walking his dog off lead and when approached by council jobsworth cunts, he rolled over, trembled like a Frenchman in a thunderstorm and gave them his details, resulting in a £75 fine.

Here’s the story (sorry, don’t know how to do links)

I’d like to think that any cunter on here (at least one who could actually look at himself in a mirror and not be ashamed) would’ve told them “My name is Mr FuckYou and my address is 123 FuckYou Street. Then walk off. These utter wankstains have no power over any Englishman who’s not an invertebrate.

No doubt we’re all guilty of not being as brave as we’d like, at least when young, but as I get older, I get magnitudes more irascible year on year, a sentiment doubtless mirrored by many folk here on ISAC. As an aside, is there anyone here (apart from half of black & white cunt, of course) who isn’t a white, middle-aged Anglo-Saxon?!

Nominated by Thomas the Cunt Engine.

49 thoughts on “Cowardly Brits

  1. Officer Willie? …what a cock!

    These cunts are covered in body mounted cameras to catch you being abusive as well as dropping your fag end on the deck.

    Council cuuuuuuunts!

    • By the way, I am a freeman of the land / sovereign when I come across these cunts.

      Cunt: “What’s your name?”

      Me: “I am Bob, son of Basement “

  2. Excellent cunting!

    And in answer to your question, I’m a white, 33 year old, Anglo-Saxon… so am I one of the youngest here out of interest?

        • 64, hate infused white softy Southerner, dash of Viking, and more kin in sCUNThorpe than you could run down with a blacked-up Morris Minor…

          • I don’t have an age or a birthday, only the day that my mum & dad told me I was born on.

            Frankly, I won’t repeat it because it could be a pack of lies just like Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy the liars told me about and so I could be incriminating myself by lying too.

    • 32 here mate , quarter English, Irish, Scottish and a quarter Russian . Just a mongrel with a old cunts attitude and thoughts 😃

      • 30 years old…… can proudly say that I have never been on the liberal mindset like ever!

  3. I remember being a kid thinking ‘i can’t wait til I get older and no cunt tells me what do’, yeah, look how that turned out.

    I’ll admit it doesn’t happen to me often coz I’m a right scowling cunt, but sometimes some halfwitted person of authority tries it on and it always goes the way the cunting says.
    ‘ fine me, go fine me. Don’t have an address, no i don’t have Id, fine me, go on fine me. OK, fuck off then’

    A downside to being a scowling cunt is that i always get followed by supermarket security. They practically walk right behind me.

  4. I think the people of a country are only as strong as its Government and weak leadership can be seen right across the EU in places like France, Germany and especially Sweden. The exception being Poland and other Eastern Bloc countries, strong leaders, zero peaceful immigration and a proud national identity with left wing cunts usually finding themselves at the business end of a police baton.

  5. Being a bolshie cunt I sometimes get into confrontations with authority, or rather fuckwits who believe they are authority. Thankfully this is rare because I am 6’2″ and built like a brick shithouse and scowl like a pissed off Silverback.

    Sainsbury’s in Uxbridge employed a boggly eyed Afreakan security guard who followed customers around and stared at them in an accusatory manner. Most people suffered it and were too timid to take the cunt to task. The silly cunt tried it with me, only the once mind.

    After following me around the store for some time and giving me the Paddington hard stare, I turned around to ask him why he is following me around like a lost puppy and if he is in need of some help. Cunt said nothing, avoided all eye contact and scuttled away.

    Little brown turd didn’t bother me ever again.

  6. As we we get older we seem to develop what I call ‘Miserable old Bastard Syndrome’ where nothing is right. I’m already on the cusp of murder/suicide, so I don’t need any CUNT trying it on whoever they are? I’ll just stab the Bastard and consign myself to being butt-fucked and having 3 meals a day in prison!

  7. Pathetic cunt!!
    Reading the story was hugely annoying!! , the only thing that made me smile was the photo of the daft fucker with his receipt!
    Imagine getting mugged by a couple of primary school children and then go bleating to the papers or police? This pathetic individual has no shame, either pay up and shut up or simply walk away from these toy town jobworths! ………

    • Btw…
      I’m not advocating paying these Cunts!! But if your such a shivering poodle of a man and do pay them? Just shut up!! And live with your shame instead of bleating about it!!..
      “ they were going to call the police “ said timid Mr Millett Well fuckin good luck with that…. it’s not a 999 call so your be all day getting thru to talk to some Cunt who won’t be interested!!….. “ yes we have a situation there’s a man here with a small dog off the lead“ …. I can tell you where that’s gonna be placed in priority for police assistance, absolutely nowhere!!

      • Ahh but if one of the “enforcement officers” happens to be Black, mussie or a trannie gender weirdo just mention this to the plod along with the hate crime bollocks they’ll be there like Regan and Carter

  8. Potentially a good cunting, but unfortunately the source is the Daily Mail, so it’s likely to be either completely fabricated or a total distortion of what really happened.

    Given that much of what appears in the Mail is either made up or deliberately distorted in order to stoke up self-righteous anger, aren’t the real cunts those who believe everything they read therein and really believe this country is going to the dogs? The Mail’s disgusting portrayal of Britain via its fake stories and apoplectic editorials is deeply unpatriotic and the cunts who write and edit it are the scum of the fucking earth.

    • Ho ho, a perfectly fair point, Fred. I will admit to being a frustrated Mail reader but pride myself on not believing the stream of shite that issues forth from its pages. The most pathetic thing the Mail does (to my mind) is starting every story with the phrase “FURY as…blah blah”. It’s always FFUUURRRYYY! Like William Wallace shouting “FREEDOM!”, it’s doubtless a rallying cry for dullards.

    • Absolutely right mike..
      with so much bad news around I love to have a laugh with the nonsense in the daily mail, you have just got to take it with a shovel full of salt…….
      Mind you I bet that story about Mr Millett getting fined £75.00 for his errant hound was true…

    • Richard Littlejohn talks a lot of sense though,don’t you think Fred? I never miss his column. I also like the Reader’s Letters page where The Great British Public can have their voice heard. I might start writing in too. If I can just toughen up my views regarding immigrants and benefit claimants and start being a bit more outraged about foreigners, who knows where it could lead? I might even be Letter of the Day.
      What’s happened to Katie Hopkins? For a woman,she spoke a lot of sense.It’ll have been those left-wing snowflakes who’ll have silenced her. They can’t stand to hear the truth.

  9. Before we cunt, we should differentiate between the “no nonsense, Im not taking that shite, lets stand up and fight about this BRITISH ( under replacement )

    And the queer, feckless spineless cringing euro cock sucking, pc loving sponging cowardly liberal synthetic NEW BRISH who are sadly taking us over.

    Before we cunt the British, lets make it clear!

    • Is it not already clear? Doesn’t the ‘Cowardly Brits’ nomination naturally fall into your second category?

  10. White, Anglo Saxon 69 year old with ambitions to be an honorary Hungarian if Viktor Orban continues to be their PM. The Maybot and Spreadsheet Phil make me feel ashamed to be English.

    • Me too!!
      You know you’re doing something right when shifty mega cunt George sorearse has a pop at you, a few days ago soros publicly attacked orban over his treatment of the peaceful ones! And immigration in general……..

    • Me too but I wouldn’t fancy Corbin & the Flabulator doing the maths?

      Or how about that old cunt Cable? who will hopefully get his insulation stripped off and hypothermia will get him.

      Pucas?…I don’t know what she is.

  11. We are not all cowards .. during that terrorist attack in London one fella ran at the terrorists with a bottle shouting “fuck you I’m millwall ” also here in Scotland one boy broke his foot booting a terrorist in the balls while the terrorist was on fire
    Don’t think I have felt more patriotic in my whole life..

  12. Most of us are more Celt than those johnny-come-lately upstarts the Saxons and their fair-weather friends the Anglo.

    I may myself be a bit Jute.

    • True, a lot of English people aren’t as ‘English’ as they think. I am sure most people know the word England comes from Angleland (Angles) and the Angles and Saxons were different tribes. The Jutes settle most in Kent and the Isle of Wight. The true English are Saxons and Jutes and Angles who are settled in the south, east and midlands and a little bit of north east. Most of the western parts of England are Briton, Celt mixed with Anglo Saxon.

  13. Cunstable am just back from Budapest and guess what no peacesfools etc
    Plenty of cunts mind
    Oh and im scottish im old as fuck and don’t give a fuck
    £75 for ma dug aff its lead ?
    Aye right !!!!!!

  14. Totally agree with this cunting of people who describe everything as “scary”. Bollocks. Man – or woman – the fuck up.

    I’m a 46 year old anglo saxon with a small hint (1/4) of welsh. But I’d never describe myself as anything other than English. Certainly not a fucking “Briton” – when did that cunty expression become popular?

  15. I’m a fucking mongrel!

    Mam’s side Greek, South African, Scotch and Macam.

    Dad’s side never moved more that 6 miles outside of Sunderland for as far back as anyone can remember and until me, all miners.

    Irascible is a great word (in the cunting) and as my years pass I find their is a graph of diverging curves whereby as that increases my patience decreases.

    It’s called the cunt equation.

    • I bought a dog from Houghton Le Spring, hard as fucking nails he was and a real little fighter, couldn’t beat misdiagnosis and wrong medication prescribed.

      Vet was a cunt, sadly found out too late.

  16. As long as none of them are time waster religious Bible type books full of make believe & lies.

  17. I’m just thinking back to the footage of the Millwall lion as he lay in his hospital bed, face cut up to fuck.

    What if he had actually killed one of the cunts who attacked him, would the media have dressed him as a hero or would they get interviews from family, friends and neighbours of the peaceful religion worshiper to say what an innocent, gentle man the peaceful religion worshiper was and make the Lion out to be a crazed loud mouth racist killer?

    Guys a hero in my book as is John Smeaton aka Smeato, the hero who tackled the peaceful religion worshipers that tried to create carnage at Glasgow Airport.

    These are the people who deserve honours & knighthood’s and not the majority of the saps that do get them.

    • Certainly more deserving that that Beckham cunt, harriden wife and pretentious cunt kids!

  18. With a name like Campbell Millet
    What do you expect…….?
    Why don’t I ever get confronted by cunts like that

  19. Was in the post office recently. Young lady ahead of me in queue really upset. On the phone to friend saying litter gestapo were outside waiting for her. I offered to help and escorted her outside. Said tatooed thug with body camera and notebook ( thick but fit as fuck) was demanding her details . She had, apparently given them to him 10 minutes before.

    I lectured him on Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and that he was now conducting unauthorised surviellance. He fucked off! Council have since terminated the contract. Pold were fed up being called down everytime an “offender” refused to give their details.

    I have a job for him……

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