White poppies

Cunts wearing white poppies should be gunned down on sight.

And thanks to p.c. poppy fascists I don’t wear anything any more, apart from my “obedience is suicide” badge. Did you know, it’s against the law for ABBC presenters to appear on screen without a poppy in November?

Will forever, however, remember the huge sacrifices my parents and grandparents generations went through, so cunts like Monroe Bergdorf and Comrade Corbyn could be free to spit on their graves and worship at the feet of the 4th Reich, turning the country into the total basket case it’s now fast becoming.

Still bung the veterans a few bob though.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

I’d never heard of white poppies either until shitcake just mentioned it.
Fuckin pussies more like.

And yes, it should be treason.
Pacifists didn’t save us from the Reich last time and they won’t save us this time either.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

White poppies? Naive politically correct bullshit!!!

And that cunt Corby was threatening to wear on at the Cenatoph in 2015 before he bottled it like the policy shifting cunt he is.

Red poppies are in remembrance of the millions who died in the wars. White poppies are just propaganda – and forcing schools to hand them out to pupils is nothing short of money grabbing PC bullshit and disrespect for the dead.

Then again we shouldn’t be surprised as a recent survey said that the vast majority of adults have no understanding of 20th century history!

We should be fucking ashamed…!

Nominated by Dioclese

161 thoughts on “White poppies

    • Yes a right nest of cunts. The ABBC panel selectors have excelled themselves this week.

      Nice to see Rab C Nesbit still flapping his chops only shadowed by the fact that he’s sitting next to an even bigger cunt in Chakrabarti!

      • Fucking stopped listening.Been listening to nonsensical shite all day at work I can literally take no more!

        • Fell asleep before it came on and had the opportunity to seriously inflame my grumpy gland.

      • Fuck poppies, and remembrance chugcunts.
        Instead, tell me why WWI started? Don’t make sense does it? Not for millions to die for.
        Why not instead go after the fucking cunts who wanted it, started it, and made trillions out of it?
        That’s right, the Ashke’nazi’ clan of bankers called the Roth#chihuahahas. Bankers to the war. Lend to both sides, how can you lose?
        So fuck poppies, fuck the sentimentality, the ‘up to my neck in muck and bullets’ slow motion documentaries.
        String up the real banking dynasty murderers and the corporations that made industrial genocide an achievable goal. Just for once MSM, tell the truth. Oops sorry, I forgot. They own you too.

        • Not quite sure what the point was of shoehorning in the jew reference but I’m sure it’s perfectly applicable and in some way indicative of causation.

  1. White poppies? Never heard of such a thing or what they represent.

    Isn’t that racist? Shouldn’t they be black with some Arabic infidel slur or green with a crescent moon and star on them?

    The poppy and what it represents is immutable. The fields of poppies weren’t white they were red. But let’s no get bogged down with either historical or botanical fact, not when there’s a bit of virtue signalling to be had.

    And next year there’ll be a pink poppy to appease the trans-gender-neutral-fluent brigade.

    This country is shit, it really is, and the emergence of fringe cunts polluting the views of the ordinary populace like a zombie epidemic is really boiling my piss!

    Fucking cunts!

    • Its ironic we are brainwashed on wearing poppies, kinda ironic seeing how it is the flower of the opium plant, opium for the masses … just saying

      • Its not titslapper – There are many different types of poppy and only one species of poppy, Papaver somniferum, is the source of the crude drug opium which contains powerful medicinal alkaloids such as morphine and has been used since ancient times as an analgesic and narcotic medicinal and recreational drug. It also produces edible seeds. Fuck all to do with Flanders fields poppies me old mucker. – Just saying!! – you aren’t by any chance that thundercunt Spivey in disguise are you? Just saying 😉

    • Unbelievably, white poppies have been around since 1933! In my experience they have become especially prevalent amongst the usual trendy leftard PC virtue-signalling suspects since the Iraq war, etc:


      As Deploy the Sausage so aptly put it, “pacifists didn’t save us from the Reich last time and they won’t save us this time either.”

      Kill one for peace today!

  2. Apparently the concept was invented by a Canadian. The Canucks claim it, anyway.

    I buy a red poppy every year, not just for the obvious gratitude but furthermore to piss off the hippies and cretins who’ve never picked up a History book. Apart from the poppies’ crushingly sad poignancy, they’re also rather pretty.

  3. White poppies….sounds like something thought up by the French.
    Accessorise nicely with matching flag…

  4. If an old cunt can put his oar in (and fuck you if you don’t like it) but the red poppy became a poignant symbol orf the Great War (that’s WWI cunts) because it came up and flowered in vast profusion on the battlefields.When soil is turned over to some depth, deeply buried seeds (perhaps hundreds orf years old) come to the surface and rapidly grow and flower fertilised by latrine slurry and decomposed bodies.
    Needless to say such a transformation orf muddy wastelands to glorious carpets orf red became part orf national folk law. Thus endeth Gardeners Question Time for tonight.

  5. I am a lucky cunt. I was born after the 2nd WW and never had to suffer the fear and horrors of serving your country. The least I, or any of my generation and those that came after can do is respect the dead. I wear a poppy out of respect not pressure. A white poppy means fuck all to me. The flowers of Flanders fields were and are red.

    • Mind you, if we’d had a third war to clear out the cannon fodder we wouldn’t be saddled with these thick as shit virtue signalling deviant politically correct cunts…

  6. white poppies! kids with no gender! i cant fucking keep up with all this blatant stupidity what a load of old cunt

    • As rebel said, they’ll probably have pink or rainbow poppies next the cunts.

      I don’t know if the world has gone totally fucked up or if it’s just the lefty media twats trying to make all this weirdness seem mainstream.

      I did hear the other day about a cunt that wants to raise her children “gender neutral”. Apparently she wants them to choose their gender when they’ve had time to decide.
      Fuckin weird cunt obviously doesn’t give a shit about her kids being bullied and ridiculed at school and for some reason hasn’t realised the simple fact that YOU CAN’T CHOOSE YOUR FUCKING GENDER.
      And what about when they grow up??
      Who the fuck wants their kid ending up like Eddie Izzard!

      • How the fuck can you choose your gender when the time is right?

        It’s fucking easy you cunts.

        If you were born with a cock you’re a man, if you were born with tits and a flange you’re a fucking woman.

  7. There will be rainbow coloured ones for the shitstabers and the rug munchers too.

    Corbyn, Flabbot and the other IRA sympathizers would make great pin cushions for people wanting safe disposal of Poppy’s after Remembrance Sunday.

    People who can’t recognise the brave servicemen of the past, present & future keeping our country safe and secure are cunts.

    Sadly our countries enemy wears no uniform today, however their Trojan Horse can be seen clearly if only people opened their eyes and looked around themselves.

    • Don’t you mean Trojan Goat?

      That’s the major issue of concern in this country.

      Unfortunately – unlike the wars – we can’t repel the cunts at our borders because they’re already here and are spreading like a cancer until they eventually consume and ultimately kill their host!

  8. I don’ t wear a poppy as I don’t believe putting a few pence in a tin once a year demonstrates support for our brave aervixe personnel.
    My commitment is year long and private. I do it because I am acutely aware of the issues faced by ex-service personnel: I see them in my work. Many are destitute with severe psychological trauma.

    Since a young age I have been fascinated by the S.O.E and have built up a library of books on the subject. I am especially interested in F section. Women like Violette Szabo who left her daughter behind to go twice behind enemy lines never to return. Women like Denise Bloch and Inyanat Noor Khan. Ver Atkins who worked for S.O.E in London and dedicated her life after the war trying to find out what happened to those who did not return.

    What would we do now? Would S.O.E need “safe spaces?” ethical product sourcing: not made in Israel? Non-binary Carte De Identitae? Agents having to check Gestapo agents gender pronouns before they are shot by them? Time off for fay pride? Extra forged french ration cards due to fat acceptance and variable radio transmission schedules during Ramadamadingdong? At least our latter day left leaning agents need not worry about their obession with Jews as they will all have bern rounded up…..


    • And God bless the gun totin’ American blockheads who have killed over 1.4 million of their fellow cunts since 1968.

    • Excellent post Krav. We must have been in a similar line of work you and I. The British Legion do stirling work and what wankers here fail to understand is that the shortfall in funding comes from each poppy collection. The military and the Government couldn’t give a fuck about the war injured

  9. If anyone should be wearing the White Poppy then its the spineless cunts over in the EU with their faux bullshit of friendship, they have never gotten over WW2 and having their backside saved by the Allies. They have already raised the white flag with the barbarians at the gates over the islamification of Europe. France and Sweden are gone, but at least Brexit has given us a fighting chance.

    I was ready to cunt Jon ‘fuck the Tories ‘ Snow for not wearing a poppy but he said he wears it only on Remembrance Sunday and will not bow to poppy fascism. This makes the bollock brained streak off piss only slightly less of a cunt, but not much.

    • Barnier, Juncker, Macron et al. would do well to remember that if it wasn’t for Britain their ungrateful throats would be crushed even firmer under the German jackboot than it is today.

        • Hitler in Buckingham Palace instead of the Queen? Well they’re both German I suppose.

          But hey, wait a minute! – Hitler was Austrian!

          Not a lot of people know that…

  10. Although I used to be in the raf and the army, and my grandad died on remembrance Sunday in 1994 (so it’s really is a memorable day for me) I don’t wear a poppy due to my distaste for outward displays of what I consider virtue signalling. I can have a quiet, stoic respect for the war dead without the need for validation. I tend to wear certain things in order to wind up lefty cunts – such as my pro Donald trump t-shirt or my pro Brexit t-shirt. I wasn’t aware that lefties get triggered by red poppies……. I might have to buy one this year.

    • Great points – Poppy fascist cunts have put me off wearing in the last few years, but think will now wear one this year. If it winds up only one lefty scumbag it’ll be worth it!

  11. As I think I mentioned around this time last year, my oldest stepdaughter was spat at by some foreign bitch in her local Tesco and called a “Nazi” because she was wearing a red poppy.
    Particularly revolting as she has a bad hip and uses crutches.
    Nice people we’re letting in…

    • What a fucking cunt. Sorry to hear your family experienced that.

      Incredible irony on many levels of an intolerant scumcunt referring to someone as a ‘nazi’ for wearing a poppy… there’s a glimpse of Corbyn’s socialist utopia right there.

      • Sorry to hear of that story Mr B, you should be proud of your girl, and thanks for her support.

  12. If those heroes from the last war could see us now I’m sure they’d wonder why they even bothered. The Nazis were national socialists we now have global socialism = global authoritarianism.

    • Dam right BVM, what the fuck has this country got to be proud of when every left wing scum go out of their way to disrespect any achievement this Nation has ever achieved.
      Unless it’s poofs trannies and cocks in frocks , oh and the peaceful cunts.

    • I was wondering what’s happened to this country after brexit with all the lefty whining and trans shit going on but to be honest I don’t think we’ve changed.

      The vast majority of people in this country are normal. I think it’s just that the left have taken over politics and the media and are trying to push their ideology on the young and gullable generations by convincing them that their world view is actually the way things are.

      Hopefully when they grow up and get some more life experience they’ll realise what cunts they are.

      ….or perhaps I’m just in a “glass half full” mood today and they are gonna be cunts for life.

      Yea actually that’s it. They are all cunts and always will be.

      • Normal gets you nowhere.
        My daughter applied for badly paid job requiring educational and medical background to deal with problem families and their kids.

        She’s a former superintendent radiographer with a BSc, spent the last few years as a TA at the local primary school, has counselling certification and had to quit her job to be a full time carer for her son.

        She didn’t even get an interview. I assume it’s because she’s not a coloured, disabled, lesbian muslim with gender issues?

        • Interesting Dio. Have you noticed the gradual “takeover” of pharmacies by your local friendly Parking Stanley’s ? It also applies to all medical areas and is seen as the golden goose. A pocket filler courtesy of the taxpayer. Look also at the ownership and investors in Nursing Homes! If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you nothing will.

      • Thanks to the brainwashing administered to our children by the intellectually redundant cultural marxists that masquerade as teachers, the cunt population is set to grow at a rate matched only by that jug-eared twat Lineker’s bank balance.

      • Anyone who says you’re wrong to wear a red poppy is a Cunt. Anyone who says you’re wrong NOT to wear a red poppy, is a Cunt too.

        Two wrongs do not make a right. Unless you’re Diane Abbott (as a previous poster pointed out)…

  13. WARNING! Citizen Khunt & Comrade Catweasel on LBC this morning 10am – 1pm. Fuck me ragged…

    Upside? At least it’s not Lord Haw Haw O’Brian.

  14. On a lighter(?!) note, well done to jug-eared bloke Martin Clunes for saying that actresses are a bunch of hypocritical slags willing to fuck directors/producers etc, to secure their roles. I do hope he doesn’t pussy out and apologise. Perhaps a story might emerge of him getting a little over-enthusiastic with Leslie Ash in the mid-90’s. And which cunter here (apart from Kravdarth, of course) would’ve said no to that?!

    • Before she fucked her face up, Leslie Ash would most definitely have got some serious sausage action.

      • I’d have imagined that Caroline Quentin’s bush would’ve rivalled Paloma Faith’s for unattractiveness and would’ve been thicker than the 100 years’ worth of thornbushes that surround Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

        • You can always measure a womans bush by her thick dark eyebrows, the darker and thicker those eyebrows are the more chance they have a fanny like Ken Dodd’s haircut. I have spent many years researching this theory and i will soon be publishing my white paper with a book to follow available in all good book stores. I wonder if Paloma Faith will send me some photos to use ? purely for research purposes of course.

          • The eyebrow theory is a valid one – Cara Delevinge, anyone?

            When Helena Bonham Carter was younger and had dark caterpillar-like eyebrows, she had a reputation among costume-fitters for having a bush that was more like the pelt of bear.

          • Eyebrows theory fits perfectly with a girlfriend I had in the ’70s. Proof on file…

          • Thankfully neither Ken Dodd, his haircut, nor his gnashers, ever came to mind whilst utilising said fanny. Nor are they evidenced in the photographs…

      • Felicity Kendal has screwed herself up somewhat since her “shape up & dance” video /DVDs.

        Stupid cunt.

    • Have always considered MC to be one of the greats… A truly versatile actor, his portrayal of the acid-bath murderer Haig was excellent.

      Unlike some specimens, who just rely on their “What-ho old chaps” accents to get them same-old “What-ho” roles…

    • Not me that’s for sure!!
      I would have been more than happy spray her with my millet
      TBH I would probably hang out the back of her even today after a few jars!! 😂

    • Talking about old totty Gabrielle Drake was fucking hot back in her UFO days, I always had fantasy’s of ramming my interceptor in places it shouldn’t go…..

  15. White Poppies…..fucking hell.
    Unbelievable. Just so wrong. Makes you ashamed to be sharing the same country with these people doesn’t it.

  16. Fuck this white poppy Shite. it’s an insult to the armed forces that sacrificed themselves. White poppies are directing money away to the left wing organisations that are selling them. Another new fad made up by complacent people who have never experienced war.

    • Shit I didn’t think of that.
      Are the cunts that make these white poppies donating the money to the forces?

      …Now I’m pissed off.

      What cunts.

          • Also surely the true symbol of a pacifist ( Conscientious objector) is the white feather . If they wore them I would have no issues with that as they show the world they don’t support war and violence in general but with no obvious disrespect to the dead of the Great War and subsequent conflicts. Whereas a white poppy disrespects and offends.

          • Excellent point – white feather would at least be intellectually honest and not disrespectful of those who fought and died for our freedom.

  17. Sorry to butt in, but just when you thought the cunts couldn’t get bigger, along comes Alexie Sayle on Sky News a few minutes ago, gushing on about “bathing in the light” of his saviour Jeremy Corbyn – please God give me fucking strength! He then went on to spout some crap about anti-semitism in Labour Party being a lie and Taylor Swift is a true cultural goddess…! All a lot more disturbing than I can describe. Cunts don’t come more pre-packed with ugliness than this one.

    • Would that be the washed up, no career, forgotten “alternative comedian” and fat cunt whose Hollywood career stalled after his bit part in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”?
      That Alexi Sayle?
      Fuck him, fat cunt…

        • Yeah the fat scouse cunt alexei sayle who’s whole act was shouting crap talking crap singing crap in fact the perfect alternative comedian if it’s alternative to funny. The young ones minus him was brilliant especially the late great Rik Mayall

      • Eminem the establishments rap useful idiot /mafia come bucket is trying this foot shutting/look at me/I’m a right twat strategy too.

      • Eminem the establishments rap useful idiot /mafia come bucket is trying this foot shooting/look at me/I’m a right twat strategy too.

    • and what the fuck is Taylor Swift ?? Is it really a goddess, or some sort of gizzard with extras?
      These days, one simply doesn’t (want to) know, or care…

      • Taylor Swift is a rich daddy’s girl cunt who ‘decided’ to make being a pop star her ‘career’… She also (like Emma Twatson) has no tits to speak of…

    • Sayle is a true champagne socialist. Scouser turned luvvie London Islington ponce who spouts socialism at his dinner parties the fat useless cunt.

      • Alexei Sayle was also diabolical in Revelation Of The Daleks… He was so bad he even made Colin ‘crappest Doctor ever’ Baker look good… In fact, the only good things in ‘Revelation’ were those ace looking white Daleks and the pulsating piece of pulchritude that was Nicola Bryant as Peri…

      • A bloke from Liverpool goes for a job at an abattoir and is immediately hired and employed in the section where the animals are stunned.
        They’ve never seen a scouser working before….

      • “He then went on to spout some crap about anti-semitism in Labour Party being a lie”

        It is a lie an overhyped one at that, nothing close to the truth quite frankly

        • Naz Shah? Ken Livingstone? Condemnation by JML (Jewish Labour Movement)?

          Not to mention John Cryer, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who said of anti-semitism in the Labour Party:

          “I have seen some of the tweets from the Labour party members and I am not kidding you it makes your hair stand on end. This stuff is redolent of the 1930s. You see all this coming out and you think ‘what the hell is this person doing as a member of the Labour party in the first place?'”

  18. I don’t care if people wear a red poppy,white poppy or no poppy. As long as people have an appreciation of what war actually involves,and the sacrifices made by both military and civilians, I can’t see the problem. People ranting and raving about whether people should wear a particular colour poppy,or any poppy at all , is all a moot point unless people truly understand what it represents.
    As a bit of an aside, I believe that there were soldiers who fought in The Great War who vehemently opposed getting involved in The Second World War,or any other war. Having suffered the horrors of WW!,they weren’t so keen to see another generation suffer. Suppose they might have been labelled “Pacifists”.
    Anyone who believes that all Pacifists are traitorous cowards is a fool.

    • WWI was an avoidable, outright humanitarian disaster. Many of those who subsequently became “pacifists” would also have been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and totally understandably so. WWII was a different kettle of cunts – a desperate fight for democratic freedom and National survival. Pacifism, as today with ISIS, would have been useless in the face of the Nazis. Appeasement never works.

      • AJP Taylor wrote a short book explaining WW1 which is well worth a read if you just want the background summary rather than reams of excruciating detail.

        Should be compulsory reading in schools IMHO…

        • What really marked out the decade before 1914 was a failure of statesmanship and hope. By 1912, most European governments had come to believe that a general European war was inevitable and that the problems which plagued them at home and abroad could no longer be settled by negotiation and diplomacy… In these circumstances, war seemed to offer an attractive way out … The balance sheet in 1918 proved how wrong they had been.
          R. Henig, The Origins of the First World War (1989)

      • Well, ignoring the possibilty this is a fake, there is an interesting question suggested here.
        In order to be totally PC, the victim should have been refered to as a person first, followed by their disability. For example, “a co-worker that is disabled” not a “disabled co-worker”.
        This is obvious lefty bollocks, but, I am interested in what happens if there is another variable:
        In what order do you refer to a gender nuetral child such as that raised by palmonyer face or russel bland? Is it person, gender persuasion, then victim status.
        Or victim first, then gender persuasion, then person; or what?
        How the fuck do you approach this?
        Humorous answers please to help with a boring journey!

  19. I don’t understand the situation in Spain and I don’t want anyone to be hurt but, I hope it develops into a massive cuntfest and encourages other separatists movement in Europe.

    • With you orn those sentments C n R. Dagos hate Blighty. Appreciate some cunters have gaffs in Espania but sod you. In retrospect only good thing cunt Cameron ever did re jockos – quite by accident – was to let a whiff orf freedom oit which mixed with other leftist effluent and blew over the EU to Catalonia. Whatever happens in the short time re bottling it, shit will happen. Chaos theory in practice. Nice.

    • Spot on CnR, I want to see Macron , Merkel , Barnier and Junker strung up by their own people.

  20. Sorry Norman. Can’t let you get away with Colin Baker as “Crappest Dr Who ever.” That award for lifetime achievement has to go to Sylvester McCoy. Who? Precisely. Gave gainful employ to the little cunt many moons ago. Critics took agin him from the start. Regularly reviewed as “the least successful Dr Who”. Had to do a runner orn that one. Biggest googly Yours Truly has ever dropped – thus far.

    • To be fair Colin Baker had a few great episodes of Dr.Who and apparently the audiobooks with his voice acting are highly lauded however that multicoloured coat he wore was stupid as shite and McCoys stupid cane was equally a bad choice

      • Before he got fat, Colin Baker often played heavies and was a fairly big intimidating bloke.
        Rumour has it that he called Michael Grade a cunt and nearly decked him over Grade’s desire to scrap Dr Who.
        Would love to have seen that on the telly…

  21. White Poppies, what a pile of cunt.
    What next gender fluid poppies, I wear a poppy sometimes and sometimes I dont. I understand and support what is a great cause but I dont need to wear a poppy to prove it. I have the utmost respect for anyone who is willing to put their life on the line to protect this country and having a English Great Grandad who fought in WW1 and a Jamaican Great Grand uncle who fought in WW2 makes it even more important.

  22. Now Yours Truly missed WWI by a few years but grew up in the aftermath orf it. Rural Herefordshire suffered like most orf the country. Few young men left to work the fields or to start families. Young women having to become accustomed to a lifetime of loneliness.
    For those that survived the carnage, only the most rudimentary surgery then, there were no antibiotics and the kids went to gape at men gathered quietly on street corners with their crude crutches and sometimes a big black covered wheelchair operated by side handles for those without an arm or legs. They did not beg but it was accepted that we kids were to offer them food or tobacco and we would ask them what they did in the War. What sticks in the mind is the answer to “why do you breathe so funny mister” and the answer, “We were gassed son, early every morning it come rolling over the trenches staying about a man’s height above the ground. Jerry was clever see.” “But your gasmasks mister.” “Nah, not worth a buggery son. Just filled up with gas. We made do with a bit orf wet blanket and just coughed our lungs up to try and get rid orf the bastard.”
    If we were really lucky we spotted one orf the men with a facemask, a flesh painted piece orf plaster hooked over the ears to cover a missing nose or a large hole where the mouth should be. They were shy to come oit. No plastic surgery then. None braver.
    This white poppy obscenity. White is the colour orf cowardice and death. Red is the badge orf courage and life. Want to jack in the red poppy and wear a white feather instead? (for young and callow cunters white feathers were given out by hoity toity women in WWI to young men not in uniform).

  23. Thanks to reddit for this. ‘In a serious bbc voice’. And now an emergency cunting on behalf of the bbc. Yes honourable folks of IAC the BBC needs a massive cunting. Why ? I hear you cry. Just follow this link and see what your hard earned contributes to https://www.bbc.com/pidgin

  24. I would like to nominate Amnesia for a proper cunting, as it seems that if you are a woman born any time in the last 50 years or so you suffer from a rather debilitating version of selective amnesia in which you all of a sudden remember hideous sexual abuse and harassment when your memory is remarkably jogged by either an Al-BBC reporter or a lawyer.
    It seems that 67% of women have suffered some form of sexual harassment and then “got on with their lives” completely oblivious to the fact that it actually was abuse until the witch hunter comes a knocking, at which point, sometimes many years later, they suddenly remember the trauma and abuse and start blubbing and claiming a ruined life for something they previously hadn’t given much thought about, the poor souls.
    There was a time when we used to be able to say anything to each other in the pursuit of chasing the opposite sex, flirting it used to be called. It was innocent and both ladies and men used to do it in the hope of having it off with someone eventually. Now it seems any kind of historical chat up lines can be brought to bear as harassment and sexual abuse. Amazing that something only matters when its given a label and a price tag.
    With flirting and sex now off the table it appears the human race is doomed to die out, good fucking riddance i say, cos a world without paying compliments, flirting and, gulp, sex isnt worth saving.
    My overriding worry in all this is that in primary school in 1977 me and Mary Smith played “you show me yours and ill show you mine”, so its only a mater of time now…..

    • I had my arse groped by a woman in a nightclub back in the 1980s.
      Suddenly I’ve decided that actually I was traumatised so severely that I didn’t notice at the time, but now the prospect of some attention and a fat wad of cash has brought it all flooding back.

      Cheques to be made out to “Bastard Enterprises Inc”…

    • It’s ok Cuntstable – once we’re all gender neutral those issues won’t apply and we’ll all live happily ever after.

  25. To me, it seems a bit of an insult to wear a white poppy on Remembrance Day. It’s the one day that politics and agendas should be put to one side, and quietly remember what people went through to give us the freedom most cunts take for granted. I’ve been to quite a few commonwealth war cemeteries, Arnhem, Dieppe, Sainte Nazaire, and most of the ones in Normandy. It’s moving experience, and when you see the scale of some of these cemeteries, it brings home how many men died just in the small area each one serves.
    I would never judge anyone who didn’t wear a poppy, there are many reasons why someone would choose not to. But I think the white poppy is more of a political statement, usually made by some cunt who knows fuck all about history, and is just being an anti for the sake of a few twitter likes. They could wear one any other day, but then it wouldn’t have any impact.
    However, let’s keep an eye out for those cunts in the media, who said we should have another brexit referendum, as all the old bigots are dying out, and with them going, the youthful remainers would triumph. Cunts like Clegg and Branson. Let’s not see them wearing a red poppy, that would truly be a insult.

  26. I’m part of one of the generations (a 50 something) who has benefited greatly from the sacrifices made by our military personnel in various theatres of war, not least the first and second world wars. I always observe Remembrance Sunday, always wear a RED poppy and always spend several moments reflecting upon what it must have been like for those in combat not knowing if they’ll ever see their homes and loved ones again. I respect very few people in this shit hole world we now live in, but I respect the military. I thank them all for putting it on the line so the rest of us didn’t have to.

    On a lighter note, I’m reminded about the song we used to sing at school when the German exchange students would show up: “Two world wars and one world cup, do da, do da” Those were the days.

  27. I’ve just sent off for my Children In Need pack,apparently it contains everything that I need to participate in the fund-raising fun….So presumably an address where I can send the cash.
    I’ve decided to show what a caring but wacky person I am by blackmailing any of my acquaintances who are soft enough to hand over their cash. I’ve decided to do a sponsored assault-course where I feel sure that the fact that I’m an out-of-shape, smoking,semi-alcoholic Cunt allied to my hilarious clown costume should guarantee a lengthy hospital stay…So fuck if my care costs thousands,I’ll have raised £!4.06 and more importantly demonstrated just what a caring,and yet fun, wanker I actually am.
    I look forward to receiving donations from Cunters on this site.. Money only this year,please Gents. Last year’s collection of suggestions on where I could stick my charity appeal were mainly obscene and even verged on the physically impossible.

    • You sound like a caring, sharing individual DF with you charity work for CiN, are you participating in Halloween festivities of trick or treat? Are bear traps, Viet Cong style booby traps set up around Fiddler Towers and the dogs put on limited rations for a few days?.

      • Since the infamous birthday party debacle of 2013 my neighbours tend to give Fiddler Towers a wide berth. My reputation,suitably embellished by the ex-Mrs Fiddler,ensures that only the desperate or chemically-coshed approach in the hope of charity. Although that doesn’t stop me from getting roaring drunk in the village pub and stealing sweets off any children who I consider porky. I like to think that I’m doing my bit to help childhood obesity problems….not that I seem to get much thanks for it. I’m sure one day I’ll wake up to discover the villagers surrounding my lair,waving pitchforks and threatening to drive a stake through my heart.

        Fuck them.

        • Regarding your comments on certain families doing well out of war, its quite apt today with the release of the Kennedy assassination. Joe Kennedy was an appeasing cunt who went behind the State Departments back and tried to meet up with Hitler, was against US providing any military or food aid too.

          If not for Pearl Harbour, the Commonwealth would have been on their own as the Yanks saw it as a European War.

  28. I can’t imagine the feeling of betrayal that a a lot of the returning military must have felt particularly after WW1. A whole generation slaughtered and maimed fighting a war at the behest of their “Betters”.
    Lions led by Donkeys and then discarded when their usefulness was done. No wonder that both they and many of their families wondered if war was worth what they had to pay.
    Lot of money to be made from war,the returning military didn’t see it,but some families did very nicely out of it. Not that were involved in the fighting,of course.

  29. “Lions led by Donkeys” is a myth perpetuated by the swinging lefties orf the 60s. Culminated in Joan Littlewood’s “Oh What a lovely War” staged at Stratford and later filmed on the West Pier in Brighton. Military leaders such as Haig and French have become stereotyped as mindless brutes but the opposite is true. They cared deeply about their men but were stuck in a type of warfare not of their choosing.

    Remember this was the First world war, nothing like it in scale or ferocity before.

    Most wars are wars of attrition, one side battering away at the other until one achieves supremacy by virtue orf the other side running oit orf men or supplies or munitions or money. Each move is calculated, it makes no military sense to heedlessly send men to their deaths. What happened in the European theatre is that due to periods of appalling weather and the power of new explosives the two sides reached a state orf stalemate. First to crack loses. Jerry cracked first.

    Then a pandemic orf flu set in which croaked almost as many as did the war. The War ended at a massive cost to the British Empire which Blighty had to pick up and pour billions into relief efforts worldwide. To the victor the spoils. All still part orf the National Debt. Then it all repeats twenty years later.

    • I wonder if the ordinary Serviceman appreciated how deeply their Commanders cared for them as they continued with a battle plan that they were too stubborn to admit was nothing but a mincing-machine.Their hubris ensured that an outdated mindset permeated through the upper ranks…FFS they even did their best to derail the idea of mechanised tanks,….”not sporting,might frighten the horses.” …………
      ” Criticism of Haig occurred in the memoirs of politicians. Winston Churchill, whose World Crisis was written during Haig’s lifetime, suggested that greater use of tanks, as at Cambrai, could have been an alternative to blocking enemy machine-gun fire with “the breasts of brave men”]”

      • Churchill is an unreliable witness to events in WWI. He was an early advocate of the use of tanks and was blind to their problems, the chief orf which was their unreliability. Early designs bogged doine and were ready coffins for the poor sods that crewed them. True they had the Kaiser crapping his pants orn their first outings but Jerry soon got their number. Their armour plating was useless, any heavier and the buggers would dig into the mud. The engines were demoniacally hot and filled the cabin with toxic fumes. The driver had limited vision through a small slot and there was no suspension. Poor cunt had to lug at a heavy tiller to steer and two levers controlling each track separately If the ineffective guns were fired they deafened the crew and any incoming shots that hit the armour plating caused internal ricochets orf metal fragments to slice and dice ’em. However Jerry tended to take oit the tracks first, an easy target and then bombard them at leisure. In short mechanised death traps. Knew an old boy who was a stretcher bearer and corpse catcher. Least favourite job was to open up a tank fatality. Inside looked like a can orf chopped tomatoes. Churchill was considered a right cunt by officers and men. Only regained respect later during WWII.

        • As an irritating factoid orf the approx 3500 British tanks produced 1916-1918 only 80 remained at the end orf the war and this despite Jerry producing just a handful orf tanks himself.

        • Can’t even imagine what those guys went through to give us freedom and democracy.

          Pisses me off even more hearing remoaners when I think of what what was sacrificed to give us a sovereign country.

          Did they give a shit if their shopping was gonna cost a bit more or “what it’ll do to house prices”.

          Fuckin heroes every man Jack of em and the lefty’s can spin on it if they think we’ll hand it over now.

        • “The man was so confident in his outdated ideas that he never allowed actual battlefield experience to challenge them. His fantasies of cavalry charges across open country were matched by his insistence on sending infantry against the enemy in neat ranks at a slow walk, the better to maintain control. Andrew Jackson had demonstrated the flaw in this method of attack during the War of 1812, and the American Civil War had truly driven the point home on a dozen different occasions. But if Haig had ever heard of Cold Harbor, he plainly did not believe its lessons applied to British soldiers. And the Confederates who had cut down 7,000 Union troops in 20 minutes didn’t even have machine guns.”

        • My late father in law was in tanks in WW2. One day he watch one brew up and listened to his mate screaming as he burned to death.

          So he volunteered for the SBS and went into Rhodes harbour on a raft to put limpet mines on German warships, coming back out under fire. He reckoned it was safer than being in a tank!

          The current generation have no fucking concept of warfare…

  30. I wonder what all those ‘Brexit is evil!’ snowflake scum cunts will do when their precious and beloved EU puts the boot into Catalonia?…. Will these hypocritical two faced vermin start screaming about ‘voters rights’ and ‘violation of democracy’?… You bet your arse they will…. Gas all libmongs…

    • Exactly norm vile hypocrite cunts, also spain legitimized catalonia’s independence by acknowledging the vote nobody seems to ask that tho. EU are uber cunt hypocrites when they allowed the kosovo independence from serbia too

      • Yes and how pathetic that the first and only cunt to recognise the Catalan referendum result is that indian/irish wooftah Leo Veradkah who forgot how displeased the EU will be with him. Not a peep oit orf Sturgeon.

        • Funny, about the first time she’s kept her mouth shut about anything in ages.

          I mentioned a while ago that it’s weird that she ain’t piped up recently but birdman pointed out that they’ve been rumbled as a bunch of corrupt cunts in Scotland. …probably the worst bunch to piss off. …and now she’s up to her neck in shit in the land of … …. well… Scots… … rather you than me bitch.

  31. Sky News cunts already virtue signalling with compulsory poppies. At this rate Xmas trees will be cluttering up the set next week…Comrade Catweasel, who as a man of principle used to wear a white poppy, will be out with his tasteful, teeny-weeny enamel model – the cunt being too disorganised and tight to buy a regular one like the rest of us.

  32. I did write this much further up but it kept telling me I was spam. Now I’m hungry. Let’s see if it works down here. (Thank fuck for auto spell).



    remembrance is about the poor brave people that went through hell to give us all a free democratic society, where all have the right to think, speak and vote as we wish.

    My heroes .

    I honour them by wearing a poppy, giving a few bob to forces charities when I’ve had a good month and swearing that if anyone tried to erode the values they fought for I’ll raise hell.

    We all have 1 vote. They all count.

    Full stop.

    I wish the forces were negotiating brexit and not the lefty’s

    • Great point, and great original cunting.
      I came across the White Poppy saga several years ago, studied it and decided they were delusional cunts, who didn’t understand war and the ravages it brings.
      I am proud of my ancestry, which I can trace back to Agincourt when the English army led by Henry V were outnumbered by 10:1 by the frogs, who thought the day would be a walk in the park. They encountered that stubborn defiance which we as an island race have demonstrated ever since. Supplorted by highly efficient Welsh archers, we thrashed the bastards.
      That stubborn defiance has been demonstrated by later generations (Grandfather in WW1 – Ypres, Somme, Amiens, Somme 2 + Father in WWII – North Africa, France, Germany), and by my own service (various forgotten wars). The bottom line is we remember them, and what they all fought for – our freedom to decide our own fate.
      It’s in our DNA, and that’s why we voted Brexit – fuck all the Euro pussies. And fuck the White Poppy cunts.

  33. Just seen a question on Quora asking why the Uk has decided to leave EU. I couldn’t copy the link so I just copied the text. It was posted by Barney Lane a career expert in EU regulation and Single Market. Quite an accurate summary I think. Thought I’d like to share it with fellow Cunters:-

    I like to go back to the words of Winston Churchill, who declared that there should be an EU. We must create a sort of United States of Europe, he said after WW2. But we shouldn’t be in it.

    The UK and the EU see things differently. They have a different view of politics, a different view of economics, law and most fundamentally of all, a different view of the malleability of political institutions in response to change.

    When I was a young lad, I knew all these things. But I hoped that over time, our differences would be ironed out, that we would slowly converge and become a successful union. I expected give and take from both sides.

    Today, as a professional of 20 years’ standing, working in the domain of EU regulation, single market and economic policy, I see the differences as fundamental and irreconcilable. The give and take required to make it work, just isn’t there, on either side.

    To consider these differences individually:

    Political. Fundamental in the UK is the notion of legitimacy and consent. The EU doesn’t work like that. The EU’s mindset is, we lead, you follow. Public opinion is a bit dirty. This provokes an extreme and highly emotional reaction in the UK, which is never sustainable in the long term. Call a UK politician “out of touch” and he knows there’s a problem. Call an EU politician out of touch and the response is a bemused, “your point is?”.

    Economic. The UK has a much more Atlanticist world view. It believes more in pure competition, market outcomes, private ownership and freedom to act within the law. The EU on the other hand is an uneasy fusion between the French and German models. On the one hand you have the German model, which is about occupying the commanding heights; to caricature a little (but only a little) it translates to “we make the rules, you obey them, we do when it suits us” and the French model, which is fundamentally protectionist and is hostile to free market outcomes.

    Law. There is a difference in legal cultures. The UK believes in light regulation, prohibition by exception, general guidelines and case history to assist in complying with the spirit of a terse and sparsely worded primary law. The EU’s legal philosophy is pretty much the opposite; it is centered around permission by exception, detailed rules and voluminous primary legal documents.

    Malleability. The UK believes, if something doesn’t work, change it. Most complaints in the UK are about things not changing fast enough. Every political arrangement is viewed pragmatically as existing for a time and for a purpose. The UK is concerned about the future of the House of Lords, yet such a discussion could never happen in the EU, except as a result of a major trauma. Witness also the difference between the UK’s flexibility when faced with the threat of Scotland leaving the union by promising devolution, with the EU’s inflexible response to the UK potentially leaving. The UK couldn’t understand why the EU wouldn’t show any flexibility at all in response to very real and genuine concerns. The EU meanwhile misjudged the climate in the UK. We have a clash of mindsets: one pragmatic, the other dogmatic. Neither understands the other.

    Those incompatibilities are being played out today in front of our very eyes in the phoney war over the negotiation. The EU is still of the belief that it runs the negotiation. It will not show flexibility because that’s not how it works. The UK on the other hand will not do as it’s told. That’s not how the UK works. It will not comply with the EU’s negotiation strategy of meekly signing up to a large financial settlement before being fobbed off with a lousy trade deal. The UK would rather be damaged than humiliated by the EU.

    The EU believes it will win because it refuses to believe the UK will walk. It will sign whatever is put in front of it. But this is to make the exact mistake that it has always made; it’s a misjudgement of how UK politics work.

    There are increasing signs of concern in the ranks of the EU that their strategy is not working. Witness the shock of Juncker when he finally came to understand that May was serious that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, and the childish behaviour that ensued. Much of the tough-talk on the EU side is because they really do think we are bluffing. The occasional reality checks that we’re not, are met with sanctimonious fits of rage. This is what happens when a dogmatic voice speaks to a pragmatic ear and vice versa. The one literally does not hear the other.

    We are seeing a microcosm of the EU-UK relationship playing out in front of our very eyes, in all the wretched disfunctionality that has plagued its history from the outset.

    The EU has misjudged the UK at every turn. Their response to Cameron’s warning that “you better take us seriously or we could leave” was “yeah right”; their response to “Brexit means Brexit” was laughter; “no deal is better than a bad deal” was met with pitying derision. Reading the German press leaves one with the impression that the decision to leave the EU has yet to be taken. They do not believe we are serious. Their mindset does not allow for the possibility that we are. Each proof is met only with a hardening of their line. They think they have to go that little bit further to make us see “sense”.

    There is today, a very real risk of a no-deal outcome. This would be a traumatic and disruptive exit and bad for both sides. We have to hope this doesn’t happen. But if the EU think that it can be avoided by carrying on as they are, they’ve misjudged (again). The UK and the EU are approaching the situation from different universes. Each side truly believes the other is deluded.

    Just as they always have.

    • Give that man a red poppy. Cunters should post this wherever they can on the internet.

  34. Cunting reccomendation: Alexi Sayle.

    The fat leftard scum cunt reckons that there is no anti-semitism in the Labour party. Is he deaf, blind and beain dead? Obsessed with the Palestinian xause just like Jeremy firend of Hamas and Hezbollah, Corbyn.

    A question to the fat salad dodging cunt: When is the next gay pride in Gaza?

    • Have encountered the cunt at various functions. Always try to bounce a gag orf the tosser Trot but he has no sense orf humour as born oit by all the boring shite he has done.

        • I read it,and as much as I respect Mike’s opinion,I don’t actually consider him the definitive authority on WW1.

          • Every account of WWI is layered through with the opinion and the prejudices of the time in which was written. Perhaps only the unknown soldier really knows. I suspect that I have lived through rather more changes of world view than you. Not that that makes me any more right but it does offer more fuel for me old cunt sniffer to filter out the poltroon from the hobby horse and the politically correct.

          • Bessie Camm from Rotherham, England, born 20 June 1904, aged113 years, 135 days.
            I suspect that Bessie has lived through rather more changes of world view than you. Perhaps she is the final authority on WW1 generals’ battlefield tactics that we seek. Of course,the fact that she’s probably senile might put a bit of a damper on the job.

  35. I am probably late on this, but would like to say this.
    I am a veteran of 2 wars and two army’s..
    The most inhumane and hardest war I fought was for a forgein power, I was married to a local girl, she got sick and I turned to the local veterans charity to help us. They said they could not because she was not my wife at my time of service.
    At the same time a delegation from RBL was in country visiting war graves. The military attache sent them in our direction and they gave us £400 We spent £80 and the rest was returned. I repayed the £80 and am forever greatfull to the legion for helping us.
    What stood out was they honoured the fact she was part of me and my life. Not the excuse she was not my wife when I served.
    I wear my poppies with pride and thanks.

    • I’m always proud to wear mine too and great to hear of someone getting some worthwhile assistance to help you and your wife at a difficult time.

      Fair play to you paying it back when you could too as many probably wouldn’t have done.

  36. Q: When is wearing a red poppy not wearing a red poppy?

    A: When it’s a tiny red enamel spot – barely visible – ‘worn’ by ‘principled’ cunts like Comrade Catweasel and Chavi Chakracunti, who would of course be wearing white poppies if they weren’t a guaranteed vote loser.

    And then there’s my Mrs, who has apparently just shelled out £9.99 + £3.99 p&p (!) for one online…

    • I’m sure a saw Cuntwell on the Shitfactor(y) sporting one of these.

      I remember only as it looked more like the female brooch type and thought what a sissy cunt, I bet he’s got a pair of big gals pants on under them high rise trousers.

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