White poppies

Cunts wearing white poppies should be gunned down on sight.

And thanks to p.c. poppy fascists I don’t wear anything any more, apart from my “obedience is suicide” badge. Did you know, it’s against the law for ABBC presenters to appear on screen without a poppy in November?

Will forever, however, remember the huge sacrifices my parents and grandparents generations went through, so cunts like Monroe Bergdorf and Comrade Corbyn could be free to spit on their graves and worship at the feet of the 4th Reich, turning the country into the total basket case it’s now fast becoming.

Still bung the veterans a few bob though.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

I’d never heard of white poppies either until shitcake just mentioned it.
Fuckin pussies more like.

And yes, it should be treason.
Pacifists didn’t save us from the Reich last time and they won’t save us this time either.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage

White poppies? Naive politically correct bullshit!!!

And that cunt Corby was threatening to wear on at the Cenatoph in 2015 before he bottled it like the policy shifting cunt he is.

Red poppies are in remembrance of the millions who died in the wars. White poppies are just propaganda – and forcing schools to hand them out to pupils is nothing short of money grabbing PC bullshit and disrespect for the dead.

Then again we shouldn’t be surprised as a recent survey said that the vast majority of adults have no understanding of 20th century history!

We should be fucking ashamed…!

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. Cunting reccomendation: Alexi Sayle.

    The fat leftard scum cunt reckons that there is no anti-semitism in the Labour party. Is he deaf, blind and beain dead? Obsessed with the Palestinian xause just like Jeremy firend of Hamas and Hezbollah, Corbyn.

    A question to the fat salad dodging cunt: When is the next gay pride in Gaza?

    • Have encountered the cunt at various functions. Always try to bounce a gag orf the tosser Trot but he has no sense orf humour as born oit by all the boring shite he has done.

        • I read it,and as much as I respect Mike’s opinion,I don’t actually consider him the definitive authority on WW1.

          • Every account of WWI is layered through with the opinion and the prejudices of the time in which was written. Perhaps only the unknown soldier really knows. I suspect that I have lived through rather more changes of world view than you. Not that that makes me any more right but it does offer more fuel for me old cunt sniffer to filter out the poltroon from the hobby horse and the politically correct.

          • Bessie Camm from Rotherham, England, born 20 June 1904, aged113 years, 135 days.
            I suspect that Bessie has lived through rather more changes of world view than you. Perhaps she is the final authority on WW1 generals’ battlefield tactics that we seek. Of course,the fact that she’s probably senile might put a bit of a damper on the job.

  2. I am probably late on this, but would like to say this.
    I am a veteran of 2 wars and two army’s..
    The most inhumane and hardest war I fought was for a forgein power, I was married to a local girl, she got sick and I turned to the local veterans charity to help us. They said they could not because she was not my wife at my time of service.
    At the same time a delegation from RBL was in country visiting war graves. The military attache sent them in our direction and they gave us £400 We spent £80 and the rest was returned. I repayed the £80 and am forever greatfull to the legion for helping us.
    What stood out was they honoured the fact she was part of me and my life. Not the excuse she was not my wife when I served.
    I wear my poppies with pride and thanks.

    • I’m always proud to wear mine too and great to hear of someone getting some worthwhile assistance to help you and your wife at a difficult time.

      Fair play to you paying it back when you could too as many probably wouldn’t have done.

  3. Q: When is wearing a red poppy not wearing a red poppy?

    A: When it’s a tiny red enamel spot – barely visible – ‘worn’ by ‘principled’ cunts like Comrade Catweasel and Chavi Chakracunti, who would of course be wearing white poppies if they weren’t a guaranteed vote loser.

    And then there’s my Mrs, who has apparently just shelled out £9.99 + £3.99 p&p (!) for one online…

    • I’m sure a saw Cuntwell on the Shitfactor(y) sporting one of these.

      I remember only as it looked more like the female brooch type and thought what a sissy cunt, I bet he’s got a pair of big gals pants on under them high rise trousers.

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