The BBC [9]

Can I cunt the BBC? Well I’m going to anyway. Day in day out the fucking BBC pushes the line we are a racist, homophobic, misogynist bunch of cunts.

If it ain’t women it’s Muslims, if not muslims it’s LBGT. Today there’s a story about a Muslim woman who found she could get a job if she removed her headscarf. Proof we are all racists apparently. What about the alternative BBC, that when the woman concerned made an effort to integrate she was then welcomed into employment.

The multicultural experiment has failed totally and completely. When people of any colour come here and integrate everyone gets along on the whole. Leave your 3rd world 7th century garb where it is the culture if you want to be part of our.

No more fucking Mosques, no more Islamic council of Great Britain. Assimilate into our culture or fuck off.

As for the BBC, stop pushing agendas and divisions and start acting like the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Whilst I’m at it we should ban Islamic and Punjabi radio stations. Tired of being expected to be ashamed of being a white English male.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

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  1. Great cunting SV.

    The BBC is a vile left wing organisation that becomes hysterical when a peaceful feels intimidated. It pushes a cultural Marxist agenda that makes straight white working class men feel alienated.

    Question time audiences? Bunch of guardian readers. Radio 4 is a socialist mouthpiece. Meeds to be shut down. I know, make it pay for itself! Alan Yentob? An embarassment to my tribe. What was he thinking hanging around with that Camilla batwoman from Kidz company?

    God save the Queen.

    • Valid cunting indeed. If anyone else stole the publics cash to run a hate campaign against their own people they’d be in prison the traitors.
      Now as if the circus side show didn’t have enough cynically planted exhibits we have a one armed weather girl to go along with Frank ‘wheels’ Gardner, the myriad of oddballs, bohemians and freaks that have been assembled at your expense. I dumped my broken TV, never replaced it and it’s a ‘no license needed’ now. Enough did enough. And the other channels aren’t much saner either. But the BBC freak show is in danger of not only of brainwashing but now scaring the kids.

    • If the BBC were such a vile leftwing organisation, I’m struggling to understand why it always appoints rightwingers to its senior News and Politics positions.

      Director of News, James Harding was a Murdoch editor before joining the BBC. He recently announced his resignation and intends to set up his own news website (which “friends and insiders” say will have a rightwing slant).

      Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg was last year found to have breached the BBC’s impartiality rules in an early report on Comrade Steptoe. Numerous similar complaints about her pro-Tory/anti-Labour bias are currently under investigation by the regulator.

      ‘Today’ presenter and former BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson, is a former president of Oxford University’s Conservative Association.

      James Landale, an Old Etonian schoolfriend of Boris and Cameron, who joined the BBC from The Times, is currently the BBC’s Diplomatic Correspondent, having previously worked as Deputy Political Editor under Nick Robinson.

      When Paxman worked for the BBC, he would tell anyone who listened that he was a “one nation Tory”.

      Before becoming the BBC’s star political presenter, Andrew Neil worked for the Conservative Party before joining The Economist and then The Sunday Times.

      Neil’s BBC boss on The Daily Politics, Robbie Gibb, has just been appointed as Theresa May’s spin doctor. He is also the brother of Tory Minister Nicholas Gibb.

      Tory cabinet ministers Michael Gove and Chris Grayling are both former BBC News producers, Gove having also worked on ‘Today’ in an editorial capacity.

      Sure there have been some Labour MPs who have worked for the BBC too (Chris Bryant, Clive Lewis, Ben Bradshaw) and Comrade Steptoe’s Deputy Director of Communications Steve Howell is also ex-BBC, but, unlike the rightwing figures listed above, none of them were ever employed in positions in which they were able to influence the tone and content of the BBC’s reporting of News and Politics.

      To sum up – the tone and content of the BBC’s News and Politics reporting is influenced by rightwingers (and/or those with experience of working for / aspirations to work for the Conservative Party). In addition, the independent regulator has found that the BBC’s Political Editor has breached impartiality rules in its biased treatment of Comrade Steptoe and continues to investigate further such breaches.

      And people still call the BBC leftwing…? Un-fucking-believable!

      • Some great points there Fred – the idea that the BBC is in any way the darling or a mere tool of the Left is palpably absurd. Coming from their own admittedly white, middle class, guilt ridden, New Labour/Wet Tory, pro Remain, University educated gene pool, they’re actually more balanced and impartial than one might expect.

        Rather them anyday than a monopoly FOX / Daily Mail driven agenda, or whatever passes for public service broadcasting in Russia and China, not to mention N. Korea…

      • Agree up to a point – the BBC as a whole rightly gets flak from both sides, as it promotes pretty well a Blairite worldview; maybe making the right noises but sticking safely with anti-Brexit global corporate exploitation on behalf of the people who actually run the government rather than the government of the day. But Radio 4, words fail me in describing the forcible feminisation of what used to be a fairly interesting, often informative general-purpose broadcaster. Wall to wall shrieking harpies, obvious quotas for single-issue wimmins rights obsessives on panel shows, even, bloody hell, a speshul wimmins’ motoring programme. Which hasn’t yet included motorcycles (think designer saddlebags for Hardly-Ablesons) but it’s only a matter of time.

        • Thanks for the heads up K.

          Haven’t listened to anything on Radio 4 for fucking years, apart from bits of Today programme whilst getting my morning shit together. Gave up on the rest as 90% was ticking me off big time.

          Now even worse, from what you say…

      • Good well made points Fred. It’s a fucking mystery.
        I guess that my main experience of BBC news and current affairs – which I watch rarely to be honest – comes from watching Breakfast over my morning cuppa in bed. It has to be said that Charlie Stait (is that how you spell it but you know who I mean) is about as rampant left wing as you can get. If he went any further left, he’d meet himself coming back on the right.

        I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re left wing, but I would say they’re definitely not impartial or balanced, which makes them unfit for purpose. They seem to have their own agendae on lots of issues. They’re certainly pro Muslim, anti Brexit and scared shitless of not being politically correct, but they’re not unique on that front…

        • Perhaps it has something to do with them being THE media arm of the Establishment?

          Apparently someone once wrote to the producers of Question Time (which claims to represent the range of views of the British public) suggesting that David Icke be invited to appear, to put an alternative view of what is happening in the world, in contrast to the usual stream of career politicians, pundits, and related elitist regulars that appear ad nauseam, week after week, to perpetuate the illusion of a Left-Right-Centre political ‘choice’ and ‘debate’ load of bollocks.

          The letter, by all accounts a polite enquiry, brought the following reply from Brendan Miller, Producer of Question Time, BBC Glasgow:


          For this to come from a so-called credible and professional BBC producer of a so-called credible and professional BBC current affairs programme shows just how far down the drain this ludicrous ‘broadcaster’ had by that time plummeted, coming, as it did, after a puke-making sycophantic display of worship by the ABBC of the Queen and Royal Family a few weeks prior.

      • Probably playing a double game.. Scared shitless of losing their license fee, ever noticed they rarely criticise the government of the day. Clearly they remember the Thames tv debacle over ” death on the rock ” in 1988.Thames lost their franchise because maggie didn’t like them slaggin of our wonderful Sas..

  2. I have every sympathy with those missing a limb. I can’t imagine the problems they have and how they overcome them.

    But, I don’t want to see their stumps. And the BBC has taken PC way beyond what is acceptable. Carrie Burnell, weather girl, born without a hand, presents the forecast with stump in full view. It’s absolutely fucking gross. What would be wrong in wearing a blouse with sleeves? Oh, of course, that would be discrimination, so rather than risk that, let’s gross out the entire audience. Bastards.

    • Did you ever see that one armed bird Cerrie Burnell on CBeebies? The only reason she got the job was because of her disability. But fuck me she was absolutely hopeless in front of the camera. Wooden as fuck.

    • I fuckiin hate the BBC!!
      I tried to watch Sunday politics today but had to turn over!!
      There’s absolutely nothing impartial on it, an absolute shower of shite!! And worst of all we have to pay for it!!!….

  3. If the BBC were consistent we would have a woman with a full face covering reading the news. We haven’t . Why notyou discriminating bastards.? I think we know why and it’s the same reason we don’t want to see any woman wearing that shit. Ban the fuckin things now!

  4. The BBC was parodied in George Orwell’s “1984”. Even then, Orwell recognized the power of the media, and the technology to deliver the “message” everywhere we go. The drip fed behavioural modification programme continues unabated, and, with Government approval.

    Take out the BBC and the Bastards at the helm

  5. Top cunting. I hate the Bastards.
    I believe the Beebistan Broadcasting Cunts must be in the running for COTY.
    Every programme on theTV or radio has become a SJW virtue signalling propaganda broadcast for every right on lefty view of anything they don’t like.
    Only today they have a picture on their news website of the guy running for the Austrian elections with his hand raised waving to the crowd, but the Beeb what you to think it’s ‘ala nazi salute’ and so the article mentions ‘right wing’…. For fucks sake…. They should look up the political views of National Sociallism one day…..

    Their love of anything anti English or white male is a disgrace and so obviously rammed home every day, why don’t their so called reporters go after Rotherham Council and social services, like they have gone to town over Grenfall Tower… Oh yeah it’s cos the victims in Rotherham were white girls and the perpetrators were peacefulls, whilst at the towering inferno the victims were peacefulls…. Cunts.

    The BBC funding should be withdrawn, the tele tax we pay under threat of prison should be abolished. They should go subscription or private funding. See then how many fekkers they have doing non-jobs. Did you know they have a head of diversity programming? Also Any cunt on their payroll who is also expressing ‘personal views’ on twitter should be fired, I don’t want to here Gary I’m a cunt lineakers view on Brexit, I don’t want to see that John Sopel is tweeting about Trump bad, Obama good and I really could not care less what Chris ‘fudge’ Packham has to say about global warming.
    They are a disgrace and should be shut down, most of their output is verging on treason.
    National broadcaster, meh. National fucking disgrace.

    • A damm fine cunting. The only reason that the bbc is home to a nest of traitors and fuckwits is that they are spending someone else’s money. As you suggest the time has come to cast them off the teat of public funding. Will not take long before the only trans you hear about is a van whilst the adverts they run at primetime will be for chinese built coal fired power stations. Look forward to programs about peacefuls claiming more benefits than any other demographic group etc. The series of programs that I would produce for the new commercial bbc (if asked of course) would include such gems as sleb “what the fuck do I do now my massive salary has gone” Chris Packham car park attendent. Gary Linaker and his Junior school park league and my fave at the moment can you outrun an arrow?

      • “Can you outrun an arrow ” now that’s a programme I’d pay a licence fee to watch . And what about ” let’s see how far they go when the trebuchet throws”

      • Would also need a weekly “Launch a Celebrity Chef From a Cannon” special. I propose Rick Stein for the pilot.

  6. A worthy cunting SV.
    I too would like to see the extortion which is the license fee abolished.
    I would love to see how the BBC wankers would fare if they had to stand on their own two feet.
    How many programmes would disappear instantly when no one wants to watch or fund them?
    The cunts would be left with about two TV and two radio stations and they’d probably still find room for non-British bullshit.

      • Absolute cretin of a ‘female’ and thinks she’s so fuckin funny.

        I could never watch her when she did that kids show back in the late 70s/80s…. Thought there was something ‘wrong’ about her even then when I was too young to understand what a ravin dyke she was.

    • I think Sandi Toksvig is a transgender Clive Anderson, google their pictures. Never seen them two in the same room

  7. That uber-cunt John McDonnell on ABBC right now saying Bad Deal would be better than No Deal. And signalling to Barnier that Labour ready to pay Exit Fee, amount depending on Remoaner legal advice.

    Now it’s arrogant hypocrite, born to rule Killary’s turn…SIR Starmer to be on Sunday Politics later, yee-hee! Our cups runneth over with Remainer 5th Columnist, son of Project Fear propaganda this morning…What a national treasure our ABBC is!

    • A Putsch! A Putsch! That’s what we need! And invite Madam Guillotine over for the “cleansing”.

      • Sunday has been renamed remoaners day on the Beeb. Cos it’s all they do, every Sunday, wheel out undemocratic no marks who constantly keep banging the same old drum about bad Brexit.

        Well you fuckers keep doing it, the more you push this message, the more everyday people will see through it, see through the cunts you give a voice too, like Clegg (who he) and Starmer, and more and more will turn against your undemocratic anti British sentiment.

        • The more I see the reaction from Europe, the more I know it was the right decision. We have the audacity to leave the EU the more they want to punish us? Now I know what it must be like to be married to Katie Price, except the sex obviously, and hundreds of kids that weren’t mine that I am supposed to pay for after the divorce, even though I wasn’t the father, and look forward to EU telling us daily that we re cunts for wanting to leave.

          Ok Think I am done ranting for now

          • I think the only way is NO DEAL just tell Juncker Bernier and the rest were off good bye and thanks for all the fish. Then get on with sorting trade deals with fuckers that want to trade the chinks the Indians the yanks and the rest. We’ll do alright once the traitors have been told to fuck off!!

    • Good news from Austria…
      They are going to the right; this should scare the eu skidmarks, as Poland and Hungary are likely to do the same. Finally, a cuntry that sticks up for itself.
      I read that they’d even banned slime face coverings.
      Am not sure whether tis is a good thing or not, as so many of them are gross, pig-ugly, fat-faced fuckers.
      A lot of them round Cardiff should be permanently bricked up.

  8. NOMINATION : eBay

    A two part nomination for eBay and some of the illiterate intransigent cunts who buy stuff on it.

    I’ve been on eBay for about 12 years ever since I moved house and had a clear out. On the whole eBay buyers are OK, but once in a while you get a fucking idiot. For example, the cunt in Jockland who claimed the bracelet see bought wasn’t correctly described – it was – and didn’t fit her fat podgy wrist. Not her fault of course.

    For example, the bloke who bought a book of me, failed to pay or answer emails and then sent me a string of abuse after I raised a non-payment dispute. My fault of course, not his for not paying after he’d had several reminders and an invoice!

    Or the one I had the other day who bought a roman blind off me and then complained it was the wrong size because she didn’t read it properly and took the width as length and vice versa. My fault of course because I only stated the dimensions in bold type in two different places in the listing.

    That’s my stage one cunting. Now we move on to stage two – eBay themselves!

    I got negative feedback from the last cunt with the blind so I try to leave her negative feedback. This seems reasonable to me as the error was entirely her fault. Guess what? eBay don’t allow sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. Only positive feedback is allowed ffs!

    So – no right of reply, no mechanism for removing inaccurate or malicious feedback comments, and no way to leave negative feedback for a crap buyer.

    eBay, you are a bunch solid gold, grade A, greedy, intransigent, unhelpful, biased, up your own arse cunts. And some of your buyers are fucking illiterate, not my fault, rude, self fucking righteous arseholes.

    There. I feel better now.

    • I too have experienced similar problems, both as buyer and seller, but for me (and most people I know) the upside of eBay FAR outweighs the downside. With the multitude of Cunts out there you’d have to be living in Disneyland not to expect a shitbag transaction now and again. And believe me – I know how much it can make your BLOOD BOIL and put palls on entire days.

      Try not let things get out of proportion, just give the UNREASONABLE cunts their money back and block them from buying/bidding again if you’re selling, or claim a refund thru eBay if you get ripped off or don’t receive as a buyer – then leave the Seller cunt Negative feedback if you feel he/she/they deserve it.

      Buyer beware, full stop. Seller be aware of the multitude of idiot cunts out there just gagging to ruin your day. Apologies in advance to fellow cunters hacked off by my defence of fat cats eBay…

      • If you think Ebay is bad, you ought to try Discogs. You’ve heard the expression “the customer is always right”? Well at Discogs, their motto is “the seller is always right”. I’ve never known a site where so many sellers blatantly lie about their products. And when you complain, they’re allowed to give you negative feedback. I had so many problems I stopped using it.

        • I would never leave a Discogs scumbag negative feedback before they’d left something for me. I once waited out the full 90 day limit before leaving one mega cunt some well deserved Negative at the last minute! Very satisfying it was too – the concept of ‘delayed gratification’ personified.

    • I agree Ebay is just shit now since the Buyers all have the powerto whinge without repurcussions.

      A few years back I sold something and clearly stated UK postage only, and a greek man won the bid and insisted I post it to him in Greece, I pointed out that the ad clearly said UK only and he reported me. In fairness Ebay sided with me.

      However I should have been able to report him not only for being thick, but being an unreputable buyer too

      On the plus side I now owe ebay about £40 for a subsequent advert, Cancelled my paypal account, and they aren’t getting shit from me.

      Sellers pay for the adverts you dumb fucks, you better decide what side your bread is buttered

    • Chas C it’s a shame you can’t leave negative feedback for being a thick human who can’t read.

  9. Here is a fictional story which sums up the ABBC perfectly…


    Many people are gathered here, in Southwark Cathedral to celebrate Christianity’s most holy of days and to enjoy the traditional Christmas Day carol service alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    Although a celebration, pause will be taken to reflect on the incidents which have befallen the capital and other cities in the UK over the last 12 months.

    It was only in July that The Countess of Wessex attended the ‘Service of Hope’ here following the London Bridge attack with many of the people here today directly affected by that incident.

    A day of celebration, a day of contemplation.

    Faisal Islam, BBC.


    And there would be no hint of inappropriateness or even irony from the W1A cunts!

  10. Headline (first story) news this morning was Harvey Wankstain being kicked out the Oscars. How the fucking hell do the ABBC consider the fact that a bloke can’t vote for films to be the most important story in the UK?

    Although I see Lysette Anthony has come out with a story, I’d of banged her back doors out all night.

    • I’m thinking of complaining to the Academy that Reese Witherspoon hasn’t serially harassed me.

    • If Harvey Wankstain had been called Harvey Al Fadir then I’m certain the story would be one of a witch-hunt just cos ‘e is “peaceful” in’it, and the abuse allegations glossed over a’la Rotherham, Newcastle…

  11. Nomination: Tranny Appeasement

    I wish to nominate for an cunting on the award-winning website ISAC, the current trend for appeasing any freak, deviant or attention-seeking mong in the name of transgender rights. This morning on the fucking front page of the Sunday Times was this story about the NHS having to quiz everyone over the age of 16 about their sexual orientation.

    Fuck me ragged. Last time I went to hospital I had suspected meningitis and once I had described my symptoms I was straight into the treatment area and admitted less than an hour later. Why on earth would anyone need to ask me whether I liked to take it up the bum? Some cunt staggers into Casualty with a broken arm and some cunt with a clipboard asks him whether he likes birds or blokes? Fuck off with all this fucking shit. Unless you are being treated for a collapsed rectum what does your sexual orientation have to do with anything?

    There are people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria and who need medical help. But they are about 0.3% of the population, approximately 192,000 people in the UK. I bet there are more fucking stamp collectors or chess enthusiasts than that. Why the fucking fuck does such a tiny minority get such attention? Fuck me with a rusty fucking fish fork up the fucking ass.

    This comes as there is talk that the ‘gender’ question will be omitted from the 2021 census. For fuck’s sake, surely the NHS need to know how many men and women there are in a particular area a lot more than the number of ladyboys and/or chicks with dicks? The provision of basic medical services like gynaecology and antenatal and postnatal care swing to mind.

    The laughable twats at the BBC who love all this shit. But I wonder how they square their love of all things transgender with everything peaceful?


  12. Fair play to the BBC though, their programme WIA is a brilliant piss take of themselves. ‘Head of Now’ lol.

    • Sadly I beg to differ. Twenty Twelve was great comedy, but W1A is just a tedious self serving vehicle that expects us to congratulate the ABBC for having the ‘courage’ to poke fun at its own short comings, where in truth it simply irritates with its overweening self-regard. One 30 minute episode would have been more than sufficient to make the point, but a one joke pony stretched out for three entire seasons? More like ongoing inverted virtue signalling methinks.

      And besides, insiders confirm that W1A could have been twice as cutting without getting anywhere near the mindboggling reality.

  13. Will probably see the new blade runner today, its like the only film I’ve wanted to see in 10 years kinda pissed jared leto is in the film tho… If his Niander Wallace character is at least half as good as Hauer’s Roy Batty I’ll be pleased. Was just gonna wait til it came out on dvd but might as well get the best visual experience possible from a film like blade runner 2049

  14. Yes, the bbc truly are cunts. Fuck them.
    Their demand for license money is a civil case not a criminal one but they hound people as if it is.
    They are supposed to be a public broadcast service – when is the last time they broadcast about public dangers e.g. swimming in cold water, playing on railway lines or near pylons? These adverts really were useful, and in the modern day there is still a requirement for these kind of adverts. For example, vaccination information schemes, how to spot meningitis symptoms or what to do in the event of a terrorist attack…
    The only service broadcasting they do is to inform us of how hard the law will come down on us if we don’t pay the license fee.
    They harbour criminals.
    They harbour paedophiles.
    They promote materialism, selfishness and mental simplicity.
    They fail to report news impartially.
    They pay some of their assholes hundreds of thousands of pounds. Public service?
    They promote popular culture.
    They marginalise british white people.
    Cunts. Cunts. Cunts. Cunts. Cunts.
    They worship cunts like jeremy cunt corbyn and ed cuntface sheeran.
    Fuckin list is absolutely without end………..

      • “what to do in the event of a terrorist attack”

        You mean like run hide and tell someone? thats a genius piece of advice eh?, plod should be cunted for an eternity for that one

        Did cressida dick come up with that one herself or did amber rudd the stinky cunt help her?

        • Yep, that sort of stuff. Unfortunately most people need to be told exactly what to do. Instead of casually walking away trying not to spill your pint whilst peacefuls run rpund the place wielding machetes.

    • Never ever trust someone called Jeremy!! Thorpe, Corbin,Vine,Hunt,Clarkson. Cunts one and all

  15. I have the misfortune to have to walk past a Mosque to get into my flat.
    Their building of peace is slap bang next door to a Church, which is ironic. Wonder how many Churches are allowed to be built next to Mosques in sand wog land?
    It was Friday prayers and the peacefuls had blocked the whole of the narrow shared drive way with mostly their black Mercs and Beamers. In front of me was a young woman, we could just about squeeze through the one narrow car gap remaining.
    I said to her, “What a blood nerve they have.” She said, “Sorry, Polish, no speak English!”
    On the way out of the flat a few hours later, most of the peacefuls had fucked off, but standing around were half dozen or so scruffy, younger ones, some looked to be North African, rest looked Iike Somalians. As they were eye balling me, I asked, “How are you?” They looked blankly away. Obvious to me that English was an alien language to them. Recently jumped off the back of an artic?
    Where’s the fucking Immigration Enforcement Agency, when you need them?
    I suspect Mosques have become safe havens for illegals and they hang around them, hoping to get jobs, cheap, cheap labour. Explains why the Paki restaurants and mozzy businesses round our way are always being raided and why their boss class drive around in flash, wog wagons, —- a never ending stream of illegal Islamic neo slavery supports them. Their population here is exploding exponentially, all aided and encouraged by the lefty fuckwits. They are the traitors and they are fucking up our country big time.
    The South Coast is rapidly going the way of Londonistan, no more white flight possible, cept the sea.

    • Is that the Immanuel baptist church and the mosque in Portsmouth I always found it amusing when the old priory pub was next to the church as they were in a couple of other places the st Mary’s arms, the Oakwood on northern parade.

  16. I would like to cunt TV & radio ads with cunts whistling on them. Including A-BBC trailers, which need to be cunted with or without whistling, cunts.

    • Apparently she only lost coz she’s a woman. The fact that she’s a cunt had nothing to with it.

      She got beaten by trump … who .. and let’s be honest now … isn’t exactly a genius, and she still can’t face up to the fact that she is a shit cunt.
      Typical lefty.
      It’s everyone else being an evil Nazi that’s to blame for everything.

      • Hilary herself is an evil Nazi. Which makes perfect sense if she blames evil Nazis for her losing the Presidential Election to an otherwise unelectable cunt the size of Trump.

        That and the fact she’s an evil barefaced liar who cynically stood by and covered up for her powerful sexual predator husband, ex President of the glorious USA, Bill Cunton.

        And what does Hilary think of Brexit? Will leave that to your fetid imagination…

  17. I’d like to count that fuckin British Gas series of ads featuring Wilbur the Penguin. Tedious, boring, condescending and fuckin not funny. Fuck off widya fuckin penguin. Oh and bring yer prices down yer rip off theiving bastards.

  18. Funny how the bleatings of cockmunching celebrisluts and the alleged flashings and goosings of a Hollywood mogul create more hysteria and outcry than girls being groomed and raped by paki cunts and Weinstein’s ‘crimes’ have totally eclipsed the story of an innocent woman in London, attacked by sandwog scum three times in one day….

    The BBC is shit… Britain is shit,,,

    • Remember the incessant focus on Weinstein is being orchestrated to distract from the real scandal that Hollywood doesnt want you to see. Child abuse.

      • He has been found guilty by the media court, what happened to a fair trial? Not saying he didn’t do it, but maybe he should be entitled to justice? Journalist cunts and vermin actresses promoting their own sagging careers

    • Said it before but it’s a steady drip drip drip of appeasement and approval for the sick depraved behaviour of both homegrown and imported scum. All the predatory sex gangs almost all pakis or similar and the stories made next to no impact on the media. Fucking winestein and the slags and it’s everywhere ,big don and grab a pussy bloody he’ll you’d think he’d sacrificed a baby live on TV. Then there’s all the weirdo LGBTXYZ shite surely it really isn’t that important when put up against real problems. Hope I’m wrong but I truly think unless someone grabs the bull by the balls then we are fucked

  19. And every time I see that wimmins boxing continuity on ABBC1, I want to put my foot through the telly….

    Once it was the revolving globe… Now it has to be blacks, pakis, dykes, gays, wimmin, or mongs… No white straight men allowed on the ABBC, you know…

  20. Cunts wearing white poppies should be gunned down on sight.

    And thanks to p.c. poppy fascists I don’t wear anything any more, apart from my “obedience is suicide” badge. Did you know, it’s against the law for ABBC presenters to appear on screen without a poppy in November?

    Will forever, however, remember the huge sacrifices my parents and grandparents generations went through, so cunts like Monroe Bergdorf and Comrade Corbyn could be free to spit on their graves and worship at the feet of the 4th Reich, turning the country into the total basket case it’s now fast becoming.

    Still bung the veterans a few bob though.

    • Goddamn! Never heard of these cunts till you mentioned it.
      Why would anyone in their right mind attempt to hijack remembrance sunday under the guise of freedom of choice?
      Is this some perverted example of irony?
      Fucking incredible. Cunts.

      • I’d never heard of white poppies either until shitcake just mentioned it.
        Fuckin pussies more like.

        And yes, it should be treason.
        Pacifists didn’t save us from the Reich last time and they won’t save us this time either.

    • Not sure if it’s true but someone told me Labour want to scrap Remembrance Sunday. Started when Foot was leader.

      If it is true, Labour truly are a bunch of fucking cunts.

      • The problem is Bournemouth , young people are voting for Corbyn because they genuinely believe he is offering them Utopia, and young people have no concept of what it’s like to defend their freedom , maybe the occasional war is necessary to stop the rot and complacency. When a society considers cocks in frocks and medieval belief systems to be top priority then you know something has gone radically wrong

        • I must say, not all young people are complacent, let’s remember all the brave service men and women who have served and died in combat in the peaceful lands etc

      • I do not wear a poppy because I do not believe a pound in a tin and wearing a poppy represents support for our amazing armed services.

        We need to remember the brace men and women of the UK and the commonwealth who have, and continue to, protect us. We need to treat our former service personnel with some fucking respect.

        White poppy wearers:You are cunts. Utter scum cunts and I would not piss on you if you were on fire unless I was pissing high grade aviation fuel.

        Similarly, people forcing others to wear red poppies need to educate people so others can decide for themselves.

        I make generous monthly donations to support homeless veterans because I am proud of what they have done for this country. As a psychiatric professional I am acutely aware of the issues they face.

        God bless the UK armed services. God bless the United Kingdom and god bless the queen.

    • @ Cuntflap
      Didn’t mean to imply anyone was “hijacking Remembrance Sunday”, just meant they were making a mockery of the freedoms previous generations had fought and died to preserve.

      • Sorry Cuntflap – thought you were referring to the individuals I mentioned. Assuming you meant White Poppy cunts, you are of course bang on the money!

    • No poppy my choice. No cunts pressures me into wearing one, several family family members served their country including dad and grandad and I respect them and honour them in my way. And seeing the cunts on the ABBC wearing poppies really gets my back up fucking hypocritical cunts.

      • Chickenshit media cunts wearing compulsory poppies is virtue signalling at its most cynical and meaningless.

  21. What gets me is that my licence fee goes towards paying Steve Wrights wages. Him and his two fucking lapdogs. The biggest cunt in audio entertainment has been polluting the airwaves for over 30 fucking years. I remember back in the 80s, Mrs CnR was listening and I actually threw the radio at the wall because it was that or voluntary euthanasia.

    • Steve Wright ” Nobody loves the show you stupid cunt”
      I know what you’re thinking but it’s him or local radio and have you heard that. And my bosses won’t get DAB so forget them half reasonable stations

  22. Excellent cunting yet again. I only watch the bbc shitty morning prog to get suitably wound up to go and do my job (uncivil servant). One item last week not related to brexit in any way, shape or form until raga carpet muncher threw in the “and how will Brexit affect this ?” It fucking wont u idiot. At least louise munchkin gives me the facking orn to knock one out to. Needs to be shut down with immediate effect, the buildings to be turned into affordable housing for ex forces personnel. Just saying

    • I’d rather shag Naga than Louise Mingebag, she really winds me the fuck up and I’d like to see her put through a threashing machine.

      • Fucking hell Dan ” grinning idiot” Walker and Louise ” gormless slag ” Minchin act like the chuckle brothers with less humour and charisma.

        • They’ve turned a news programme into a shite version of Teletubbies.

          I used to think Bill Turnbull was a cunt but he’s a fucking presenting genius compared to Dan Wanker.

  23. Eminem is releasing a ditty aimed at that evil dictator Trump.

    Anybody ever heard “Kim” by Eminem, or most of his other woman hating crap tat?

    This cunt has made millions by writing anarchic shite and wife beating shite but somehow is offended by racist trump and aims to throw a hissy fit his way in protest.

    Yo Trump
    And pump
    Like a lump
    Catch a bump
    Eh, Trump
    Clump, yeh, ah-huh-uh
    Eh, eats Flumps?
    Im gonna fuckin kill ya
    My daughter
    Eh, yeah
    I’m gonna kill her mum
    And mum
    Sorta rhymes with Trump
    Uh yeah uh yeah

    • Eminem is an utter utter cunt.

      He has made a career of just saying the most offensive shit he possibly can just for shock value. He rips the piss out of gays, murder victims, cancer victims and disabled people and now he wants to virtue signal and suck up to the lefties. What a twat.

      The funniest thing is when he tries to come across all ‘hard’ and ‘ghetto’ .
      Have you ever seen an Eminem fan?
      Skinny, scrawny, dweeby, spotty little middle class white boys. Virgins every one of them.

    • “Grump” forgot grump.
      And Gump.
      We’ll add them to the remix.

      Stump!!!! Fuck, I’m on fire now

    • Ah, the lyricism, the sheer beauty of the Bards language. A beautiful and poetic draft that pleases both soul and spirit. Eminem must surely be the epitome of all that our beautiful language can convey.

  24. Great cunting Sixdog.
    It’s just corruption. Plain and simple.

    In this day and age there is no reason whatsoever to justify everyone in the country being forced to pay into a fund to support a tv channel.

    The fact that they are politically biased towards the ‘establishment’ , brexit, trump, Muslims, trannies, etc.. probably helps them get authority to shake the rest of us down to pay themselves those huge salaries.
    The media twats all go to the same schools and universities as the political cunts and no doubt they’re scratching each others backs. ..on our fuckin money of course.
    Theiving cunts.

    • I know they published the salaries of some of the talentless cunts on their payroll, it would be interesting to see the management salaries. That would be a fucking eye opener.

      Chris Evans paid 15 times more than the prime minister. Fucking scandalous.

  25. PETER HITCHENS: ‘Run! Hide! Tell!’ Try saying that to Churchill and Nelson

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Read this, Cunters,and tell me that we haven’t read the bulk of this article before? It seems to bare a remarkable similarity to what we were writing weeks ago.
    Guess great minds must think alike, eh?

    • Good article Dick I read it earlier and was talking bout the stupid Run tell and hide in a previous post and agree Peter Hitchens must be a fellow cunter, tho whats his username? lol

      • I read that article and yes, have to agree, its bad advice. Public service broadcasting should still be used to help inform the sheeple on the best way to react though, instead of airing cuntly cum dancing etc

      • Has anyone else been on a train lately and heard the “See it,Say it,Sorted” tannoy message? It’s like they think we are all fucking retarded and can’t deal with words of more than four letters. There are poxy signs on buses now,showing a bag of chips with a face on it saying “don’t eat me on the bus because I smell and other people might not like it”. Ironic really when you consider that most buses haven’t been cleaned for years and a lot of passengers stink like polecats. What a sanctimonious fuckwitted load of old cunt.

  26. Porg character from star wars is a cunt All I have to say is this character is pure fucking cancer! Try to Imagine the minions from the stupid despicable me franchise and the ewoks from star wars had a retarded baby that baby is the Porg…

    And it is disgusting If you haven’t boycotted Star wars already like 15 years ago when george lucas intentionally destroyed his own franchise please do and if you see your son of daughter play with these dumb porg mascots toss it out and ground them for a month they deserve a normal childhood untainted by the Porg idiocy that disney is inflicting on us

    • I pressed “like” instead of “reply”, so take one of the end tally. 🙂

      Reply: it won’t be kids wanting these, but “cool dudes”.
      We’ll probably see them sat in the back windows of cars soon and the driver will be wearing Porg socks.

      • If the crave over ewoks, jar jar binks and minions taught us anything get ready to see porg every fucking where! It will be horrible and disney will make a killing off this shite the moraless money hungry bastards the stupid sheep will eat it right up!!

        • I seem to remember that Porg used to be a PC euphemism for stood for Person of Restricted Growth. We were told to use this term when I worked for the DHSS. A colleague used the term when speaking to a chap who was about three foot six,and this chap told them he was a dwarf and to fuck off!

  27. OT but has Jennifer Laurence and her jizz covered face come out and given her tuppence worth on the Weinstein affair?

  28. I know that the BBC isn’t ideal,but for £3 per week I think that it’s a bargain. I watch a fair bit of BBC programmes and listen to Radio 5 a fair bit. Some of their programmes probably are biased and fucking irritating. I’ve found that the answer to this is to change channel or switch it off.
    The BBC might need a bit of reforming,but there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      • Don’t get me started on fucking radio 5. Mrs CnR listens all day, hour after endless hour hoping she “might learn something”. I learn something, radio 5 is wank of the highest order.

        • I had to drive to Falmer near Brighton on Thursday afternoon, for a business meeting.

          On the return journey, on the A23, I lost reception of Smooth Radio and all I could seem to pick up was that fat fucking ponce Steve Wright on R2 and his twirling gaggle of fartknocking sycophants. On realising this is simply turned the car radio off.

          I concluded that I would rather listen to the hammering of the diesel lump than the inane, self-congratulatory horseshit that dribbles from the mouth of R2 cuntmeister Steve Wright.

    • Surprisingly enough I agree with that Dick. Rather BBC than Fox setting the standard, anyday. Same goes for NHS – far from perfect but the likely alternatives don’t bear thinking about. Both could be made to work a lot better given political will. And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Comrade Catweasel & Co….

    • Sounds like an appeal.
      “For three pounds a week, you can give an endless supply of champagne to Gary Lineker, or another super car for Chris Evans”….

      Fuck em.

      • A sales idea for Wanker’s Crisps…

        Rip Linekunt’s ears off, boil them in piss, grind them up and sprinkle a little bit in every packet.

        Students will love them !!

  29. Good Morning welcome to BBC Breakfast news, coming up, A skinny geordie Lezzer travels the country desperate to find someone actually affected by Brexit, Naga Munchousen will sneer at a Tory minister, Charlie Bellend will be discussing a medical issue with the only Doctor in the country (a peaceful) qualified to talk about every issue imaginable but always bringing it back to Brexit and racism somehow. A bit later a Hobbit will be on to tell you about last nights women’s football and we will be interviewing a “successful Business Woman” who still thinks cos she once spoke to a man in a bar she is a victim of abuse. Later on if we have time we may talk to Owen Wilson how has written a book book about why the Parsnip is a racist white male symbol of oppression and should be banned.

    I sit through this horse shit every day. I try to keep an open mind to most things, immigration and Brexit, Meh, but the BBC news boils my piss to steam. EVERY link to anything is about brexit and i sincerely believe they would collapse if they had to interview a white person to gather an opinion, let alone ask anyone other than minorities in the street about their opinion. You can visibly see them rankle at the prospect that Brexit hasn’t really caused too many problems, and generally most people don’t give a shit.
    My favorite two stories of recent weeks incensed me so much that i wrote to complain.
    1. Naga was reporting about Rotheham, and “accidentally” called the Girls a “Gang” and the Peados a “group” now i don’t know about you but that is deliberate reporting to undermine the process and diminish what these children went through, complaint number 1.
    2. Naga, again, was sneering at Tory Toff Jeremy Hunt, saying that because of Brexit the NHS is fucked. Now, having working in the Social care system my whole career, i can safely say Brexit is not the reason….During the last Communist Government his Tonyness declared that all kids were the same, any kind of elite system was removed from our schools and as a result we have produced a whole few generations of young people too thick, lazy and non aspirational to be nurses, not to mention the fact that they would have to get good grades and attend nurses college and study for many more years, and how many of them can be arsed with that? Most of them can’t be bothered but have been told they are so special and entitled so may time that why should they?
    This is the real reason Naga you lefty trollop, that and who wants to study for 7 years to earn the same as a traffic warden and work 70 hours+ a week! But no BBC news, its my stupid racist fault isn’t it. Cant fucking wait for the endless stories of pensioners dying because of brexit…..Cunts.
    So BBC news, a new impartial broom is needed. Seek the opinions of a white Doctor once in a while, find a business that is flourishing after Brexit, remind people that under the current government unemployment is a low as its been for generations, and remind people that the NHS is still the best in the world.

    Oh, and punch that Cunt Owen Wilson in the cock, or mangingina, or whatever he has this week…..

  30. Can I offer a moderate, and I do mean moderate, un-cunting for unfunny wobbler James Corden? He’s gone up slightly in my estimation for making some tasteless jokes about the Harvey Weinstein saga. Ex-fit as fuck, now frigid minger Rose McGowan has been on Twatter calling him a “fucking piglet”. At the start of the week, I thought Weinstein a bit (only a bit though) of a cunt for taking advantage of his position, but the more these sanctimonious, hypocritical bitches have crawled from under their gilded stones accusing him of various things, the more I’ve been thinking “ha – excellent”. I do hope he gave utter cunt Gwyneth Paltrow a particularly insistent “struggle snuggle” ((c) Jimmy Carr).

    • Yeah – all powerful women now, all “raped”. Never occurred to any of them to call the cops or blow the whistle until now? Fuck off, and give the cunt back the $millions he’s made for you while you’re at it.

      • He’s clearly pissed off someone a bit more powerful than himself.. As an englishman I am truly, truly for James Cordens attempt at humour. He’s a fucking disgrace. Here’s a classic for all the delayed reaction rape victims out there –

        Well, why don’t you tell them what happened to poor Rita Alldridge then?
        Yes! Good idea! What happened to Rita Alldridge then?
        Last Friday night she was indecently assaulted over by the adventure playground.
        No! Did she report it?
        Yeah, I saw her this morning, she’d just been down the police station.
        Right. There you are, you see; that’s exactly the sort of thing… Hang on a minute, if this happened on Friday night, how come it’s taken her ’til Wednesday to report it?
        Because she didn’t know she’d been indecently assaulted until this morning when the bloke’s cheque bounced.

        • Sorry lad’s but cordon has passed into the realm of cunt from which one can never return.

    • Can’t do it. He’s a cunt. Soon as the weinstein thing is over, he’ll still be a cunt.

  31. Knives are out in Hollywood for Oliver Stone.
    Serves the cunt right for crawling up Castro’s arse.
    The Liberals are eating each other…

    • Something to do with a historic tit-squeezing incident, acccording to some old slap… er, I mean former Penthouse model…

  32. The worst thing about this nomination is that the number in brackets is NOT in double figures.

    I can’t believe that!?!

    I would imagine Tony B. Liar is the most nominated on ISAC but I’d have put the ABBC in a photo-finish 2nd! 😕

  33. Apparently Weinstein has finally grasped the seriousness of the situation he is in…..after being unfriended by Bill Cosby….

  34. Looks like Austria have given a massive kick to the EU.Good on them.Watching Verhofstadt congratulate a pro European Austrian party for finishing at least 4th is better than sex.

    • Yes I saw that. The ultra right-wing party was making huge strides there on the immo ticket until this young whippersnapper stepped in on the centre-right and poached those ideas.

      Thing is this – yet again – smacks of EU fiddling: “Ok tell them you’ll be strong on immigration if you get in. Most of the centre and right will vote for you cos they’re still a bit perturbed by the ultra-right. Then you basically give the voters the finger and tow our line. Don’t worry – if you’re a one-termer there’ll be a cushty number here in 4th Reich central and Soros has put $10m to one side for you.”

      I’d fail to be surprised if that wasn’t close to the truth. Corrupt EU cunts!

    • Labour now fully committed to Remaining it seems. Or whatever crap EU ends up demanding of us. Until the wind blows in the other direction, that is.

      ‘Principled’ cunt Corbyn said he’d vote Remain next time only a few days ago. Must be really kicking himself after campaigning so fiercely to escape EU over last 30 years! Not when it came to the crunch though, of course.

      Watch out for Catweasely-worded U-turn on Nuclear Deterrence just prior to next election…

    • Austria is literally over run by wogs now. It is a Catholic country which still remembers the turkish invasion and wars (1788-91). Mix in waves orf Merkel’s hair shirt muslims and other rapist untermensch from the east and you have one pissed orf population. They have now got the youngest Fuhrer in Europe, a clueless looking cunt with sucking lips tailor made for Merkel. It can only get better…..

  35. Why is it that the constant appeasement of just 6% of the present population of the UK is so important? Is “Free Speech” dead and buried? Political Correctness is the death-knell of Western civilisation.

    Mayor of London … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Bradford … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women … 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men … 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families … 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT.
    All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population

  36. The Weinstein scandal is yet more media misandry in action…. The ABBC and the like just assume that all these wimmin are right and that certain infamous slappers are now suddenly as pure as the driven snow…. Just like the hysterics over Big Don’s ‘locker room’ remarks, the MSM are loving this Weinstein thing… Just so they can have a pop at ‘nasty’ men…. It really is hilarious… Slagelina coming over all holier than thou?! She’s never refused a cock in her life… Less men went down on the fucking Titanic…

  37. I simply don’t trust any news outlet unless it confirms all my existing social and political prejudices.

  38. The weather girl with the flipper is ace, like something out of Silent Hill but telling me it’ll be cloudy in Wales.


    • I regularly wack one off before tea if Rebecca Williams eyes me in a skanky way during Sky News at 6.

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