Spot the jihadi [3]

We have a winner!

Rebel Without a Cunt correctly predicted the next terrorist atrocity would be in New York City where a short while ago a truck of peace killed eight people and left fifteen seriously injured.

The cunt in question yelled “Alluha Akbar” so it’s no surprise that the NYPD are treating it as a ‘suspected terrorist attack’. No shit, Sherlock?!

So the slate is wiped clean and we invite you to guess where the next significant sack of shit will be perpetrated. It’s only a matter of time.

One guess per person in this thread only please.

158 thoughts on “Spot the jihadi [3]

  1. Was it some bloke from Bristol?

    Surely not an “M” – according to the UK and libbo sanctuary city loving US meejah at least…

    I bet Fox News call it for what it is, plenty of “M” usage in their reports I have no doubt! Alas the libbo cuntrollers here on Sky have removed it.

    I still watch Tucker Carlson every morning whilst doing the daily ablutions on my Dumb Phone via YouTube.

    Only a matter of time before the Googlecunts ban anything Fox on there too!

    Still if you’re a Jihadi and would like to post your support for this heinous act in New York then you’re more than welcome, as a “peaceful” cunt!


    The next Jihadi atrocity will be in Sydney.

    • Just noticed the khunt is still alive in hospital, I thought he was killed in the process.

      Dear Peaceful Khunt,
      Hope Uncle Sam has something very special for you seeing you won’t be going to meet the 50 whatever virgins you dumb fucks believe await you.

      There will be no mamby pamby Court of European Shite for you to whine at either and no Sony PlayStation where your going either.

      The biggest plus has to be you fucked it up for all your “peaceful friends” and things are going to get so bad for them now on like they deserved all along.

      Prepare to see lockdown on all future peaceful imports @ USA soon.

      • They should insert some particularly viscious flesh eating virus up the cunts japs eye whilst in hospital.

  2. Don’t worry people of NY, all part of living in a big city as Citizen Khan will tell you. Istanbul next.

  3. Tragic its idiocracy come to life seriously Trump should just Toss the Mayor of Noi york from a 50 story building he should be able to do that.

    Well anyway my next guess is London cause our dogshit faced leaders refuse to address islamic terrorism and sex gangs and another bridge attack is just a waiting to happen

  4. No doubt there’ll be megamongs singing ‘Don’t Cunt Back In Anger’… That cunt, Noel Gallagher, should be strung up by his blue balls…

    I reckon the old sandsambos will go for Paris again…

    • Never mind at least Ariana Grande’s career is back on track after that unfortunate blip in Manchester. That little concert whilst those kids were still on the morturay slab worked a treat.

  5. Cardiff as no one will notice if they bomb Newport or Washers already look like they have been hijacked……

  6. Sayfallo Saipov was the cunt that was driving the truck, apparently. An immigrant that had come to the good old USA in 2010.Very kind of the raghead to show his appreciation for allowing this and other cunts to leave their shit filled sand wogged countries to blow up, shoot, stab or run over innocent people. Never mind all the candlelit vigils will make it okay.

  7. Errr… I’m too drunk to rad the posts so I’ll go with London. If you need something more specific I’ll say Hammersmith. Where all this nice media buildings are.

    I actually hope it isn’t in case they think it’s me.

    Paku Anbar!

  8. First time spot for me and its tough as these smelly cunts are like Martini, anytime, any place, anywhere.

    Merkel has been good to the peacefuls, but she failed to convince Spunker & the EU to give concessions to stop GB from voting to leave EU.

    Facing far tighter security and prosecution under GB law does not suit peacefuls, therefore I with regret suspect a cowardly attack on festive fun lovers at;

    Cologne (Christmas markets).

    I doubt they will behave until then and London probably be hit beforehand, however London has already been taken and attacks there are seen as the norm by its peaceful mayor and our appeasing government & their opposition.

  9. An attack syraight to the heart of our materialism is next –
    They’re going after santa in lapland.

    • Santa’s safe as he has the only heavy goods vehicle over there and none of the reindeer would work for any of them smelly soap dodging khunts anyway.

      • Lol, yeah you’re right. Also, it may be a little difficult to blend in up there. I’m thinking it would look like some demented version of cool runnings.

  10. Berlin.

    Although Barcelona was on my mind but if that happens it won’t be peacefuls so I’ll stick with the muzzies.

    Mind you, in Smalltown Bury St Edmunds they’ve just announced that there’ll be four armed police at the Christmas market this year. Not much use for stopping a truck of peace tho’…

  11. I don my psychic robes and the mists clear…. I see a city…I see carnage….I see fiat punto’s…..I see MILAN! I think the cunts name is…. is….let me see….MOHAMMED! CUNT.

    • If only carlsberg did atrocities….
      I’ve got a soft spot for Stockholm….. The Sand people are just about to show the friendly people of Sweden their gratitude…….

  12. The NY “peaceful” was a mini-cab driver.

    Just goes to show no matter where in the world you are all “peaceful” cunts are mini-cab drivers!

    I also read TitSlapper’s link about the abuse suffered at the hands of UK “peaceful” grooming rings. It’s about right that plod arrested the men trying to get their daughters/sisters away from the cunts! Sums this fucking place up!

    • Cash in hand, very little oversight, premium access to drunk young girls, set your own hours to pray when you like. Most of em only earned £7.20 last year.. full benefits please. Fantastic economic benefits. Let’s hope Uber does to cab driving what Tesco express has done to the corner shop.

      • Uber the peacefuls career choice. Rich young drunk girls with iPhone apps calling the next sex attacker and tracking his route to his next victims. Fuck Uber the sex predators workplace.

  13. The Imperial Leather or Pears factories. The Peacefuls are adverse to soap so these premises are a serious target for them.

  14. Frankfurt for me.

    And can anyone let me know what Twatter hashtag or Fuckface picture I’m meant to use to show my support?

  15. I’ll go for Lille in France.

    Just a thought for the Mods, can a forum be added to ISAC? Given that most cuntings end up being forum type posts with cunters talking to each other and drifting away from the actual cunting, the selective amnesia cunting being a case in point.

    • No is the short answer. Adding a forum would be difficult on this site. You can always use cunts corner if you want to. In my view it’s a shambles.

      Lots of comments on a post are due to sparsity of posts lately. 3 admins and 2 days between posts? One a day should be easy. Just saying…

      • Cunts corner is awful. I can’t even work out how to use it. Anyway, most off topic posts are hysterical.

        • Must admit I like some of the Cunt’s Corner stuff. Don’t know what most of it is on about,but do enjoy some of the contributions.

          • I lurked at the Corner for a bit though I couldn’t bring myself to throw my hat into the ring and await a load of piss from the resident fuckwit the place seems to revolve around.

            I didn’t grasp the concept of how some seemed to be more into “reporting” others to the mods than constructive cunting. A shame as it wasn’t all bad.

          • IMHO Cunts Corner was a lot better before they converted it to a forum. A forum is a lazy way of running a blog as it requires no posting and little moderation. As a result it swiftly loses quality and gets messy. Also leaves you wide open to trolls and libel action…

      • Got a stack orf posts which never got picked up. Have suggested this before, that we have a dedicated “post box” where we can post rather than it seems, the rather haphazard system that presently pertains. Admins can and do post in their own right but lesser mortals have to take pot luck on being spotted.

  16. I’ll go for the burger-van parked at the England/Scotland border on the A68. I got a very poor bacon/cheese and black-pudding-bap there and, worst of all,there was some old wanker blowing a set of bagpipes while some Chinky tourists took his photo. I was fucking tempted to have at the Cunts myself.

    • Bagpipes eh??
      Only the Scots could come up with something that awful!!
      I was at murrayfield a few years ago to watch England and that was considered the entertainment?
      I’ve never understood the reason for water boarding being used in interrogations? , simply put the suspect in a room with some cunt playing the bagpipes! Within 1/2 hour he will tell you anything you want To know……

      • Terrible fucking things,bagpipes, but perfect representations of the Scotch themselves….loud,grating,unwelcome and fucking difficult to get them to work.

        • When i was on Facebook, i noticed that my school pals who now live in Australia were always posting Scottish stuff.
          After a while i pointed this out and asked if they’d ever thought of living in Scotland.
          Two unfriended me Sayin that i was an English cunt just like at school. Er, yeah i am.

          Homesick Scots and Irish, fuck off back to where you came.

      • While running the risk of being told that I’m talking shite, i think the bagpipes may be an Indian invention and tartan/plaid African.

        Just a little summat to wind up the Scotch with. 🙂

        (friendly post, calm the flick down, calm the fuck down!!!!!)

        • It’s difficult to distinguish if someone has been playing the bagpipes all their life, or if it’s their first attempt….it sounds the same.

          • Someone once said, the mark of a true gentleman is … somebody who can play the bagpipes … but doesn’t !

    • Ah Dick, memories of the Carter Bar. ( sigh ). And a visit there very recently revealed that Yon Ahmed had taken his van up there to sell fucking tat to the tourists. I wonder how long he stayed? They don’t like darkie cunts in that neck o the woods.

      • Last terrorists to have a serious pop at an MP were the IRA, and they make jihadis look like aimless schoolchildren.
        You would imagine the jihad would start with high value targets like MPs, but then you’d need to think and plan. Not something the peacefuls manage with any degree of consistency.
        I personally find their lack of creativity distasteful.

        • Good point cuntflap. If you want to change a policy go for the cunts who make em,! Go waste some politicians.

        • To be fair, they were probably fed up trying to get a hold of the MP’s at their constituency offices, who are on their side anyway working tirelessly to get the sand niggers everything that’s going.

          MP’s are too busy squabbling with each other instead of working together taking the country forward which also suits the peaceful ones who want us to go back to medieval shit they’re more acquainted with.

    • Captain Corbin an unlikely target as he is navigating the peaceful ones cruise liner to its final destination.

      The peacefuls forecast a much smoother sailing, a piece of piss compared to the Mediterranean crossing section of the journey.

  17. Put me down for that wonderfully multicultural cess pit, Birminghamistan. Lovely diverse place – it’s got muslims from Pakistan, muslims from India, muslims from Yemen, muslims from Somalia, muslims from Iran, muslims from Bangladesh …

  18. Midsomer.

    Btw, just cos Damian Green looks, walks and talks like a bona-fide pervy sleasebag straight from central casting, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is one.

    He is however a shifty cunt of indisputably slimy proportions.

  19. Paris again for me, but my dearest wish will be a hand grenade right up Owen Jones Jacksy 👍

  20. You’d probably need a nuclear bomb to do any damage to Owen Jones slack ringpiece.

  21. Never heard of any of those filthy tarts you mentioned Birdman. Suppose it’s a sign of gettin’ old and wretched…

  22. Have not heard of any of them either Birdman. Out of interest looked them up on Google. All I can say is-interesting selection.

  23. Donald was put in that job specifically to “take one for the team” and order something really terrible to be done.
    Got to be honest though, I have no idea who’s gonna be on the recieving end : mexicans, koreans or the peacefuls?
    He can’t possibly do all three in the time he has left….

    • If I had my way it would be the peacefuls.
      That may not be the most sensible in some folks eyes but to me it is for all the grief they’ve already caused worldwide…and they need stopping. Cunts.

      • I’m sorry to say this but I’m afraid the peacefuls could be unstoppable because they are willing to die for their coarse and there are so many of m. We’v been feeding and resourcing them, providing them with water to grow their crops, educating them since before live aid 1980, there’s a whole army of fighting aged men trained and ready still coming and being welcomed, sheltered, fed and clothed by our own government. We are weaponless and pussyfied. We don’t stand a chance.

        • Whoa… I take your point BVM but never give up.
          All we need is get together and give them peacefuls a rousing rendition or two of Don’t look back in anger, light a few candles and we’ll soon have ’em on the run.

        • BVM speaks of brutal reality. Fucking spot on. Maybe we may have up to ten years. Start saving up the pills…

  24. … With the festive period coming up and celebrations, Christian or otherwise … I think it’ll be at a pantomime near you … “Oh no it won’t” … “Oh yes it will” … ‘What, (cupping your ear) , I can’t hear you” … “The Peacefull’s are where ?” … “They’re behind you !!!”

    • Surprised if the cunts approve of pantomime’s, mind you they won’t feel awkward wearing their recycled curtains when the dames around.

  25. I do wonder whether muzzos know just how much we fucking hate them. Do they go along oblivious? I suppose if they can convince themselves they are all innocents, they can convince themselves of anything.

  26. Pity that Welsh bloke didn’t have a go at Sadiq Kunt. I’d like to hear Sadiq say it’s all part and parcel of living in a big city from his fucking hospital bed.

  27. Yes, I had the misfortune of hearing that too. Silly cow was referring to women who’d had their knee touched as “Survivors”. Fucking insult to genuine Survivors! Though personally not a great fan of that sort of terminology anyway.

  28. The former substitute drama teacher and part time ski instructor Justin Trudeau will be the next to enjoy the bounteous fruits afforded to him by his tireless efforts towards hes wondrous dream of a multicultural utopia where sexual deviants are pampered and celebrated, frenzied peacefuls are shown love and singing com by are all day and feminist women get artificially inseminated, pampered by the state while all those nasty white men get taxed taxed taxed and taxed again.

  29. Dustin Hoffman,Roman Polanski,Harvey Winestein, Woody Allen….I wonder if they all went to the same Synagogue? Perhaps they were all brainwashed to indulge in sexual assaults in the same way that muslims are brainwashed into their murderous behaviour at their mosques.

    • Is it cos they is secular Jews Dick? Btw, Woody Allen was innocent. Not a lot of people know that…

    • Are Jews more likely to be sexual abusers? No, this happens in all communities . However. When one community dominates a particular walk of life ie the music and entertainment industries then, yes jews will dominate in all aspects of it. They skew the results.

  30. Maria is high quality. Lisa-Ann and Nina Hartley are a bit past their best.

    Current favourites of mine are the 6′ tall Alison Tyler and a rather luxuriously upholstered wench called Kya Dakota. Can only find two flicks with her in. Both are gonzo efforts with a guy called Rodney behind the camera and wielding the gentleman vegetables.

  31. Michael Mcintire is a spacca-looking posh wanker. I hope that he does a Tommy Cooper and karks on live telly,it’s his only hope for making me laugh….The Cunt.

    • Unfunny posh cunts seem to be cloned uncontrollably, David Mitchell, Jack Whitehall and any cunt from Cambridge Footlights who landed a gig on TV, usually the ABBC.

  32. Its brussels for me fellow cunts
    And for all you bunglecunts re bagpipes etc go fuck yourselves with the thick end of a ragmans trumpet
    Fucking morris dancing cunts

    • Highland dancing, now that’s the making of man.
      The Gay Gordon?

      If you want to have a pop at English cunts, remind them that when Carnival de Paris was being recorded, they used an instrument that represented every country taking part in world cup 98 and all they could come up with for England was the spoons.

      “the spoons, get the spoons on it”

      Still, better than scissors.

      I’m off to Google where Cumnock is. 🙂

          • I remember meeting a Scot who was a native of Maybole, likewise in Ayrshire.

            His only comment was that if God wanted to give the world an enema, he’d stick the tube in Maybole

          • Maybe a catheter more appropriate for this cunt from Mayhole, the arm pit of South West Scotland. Home to abusers, peads and inbreeds who hide behind the hustle and bustle of the heritage of Rabbie Burns.

          • I heard somewhere that Burns was a grass, shopping people in for not paying their taxis.

            I know a few cunts who used to give fat fuck taxi drivers a nearby address instead and do a runner through a few gardens to get the rest of the way without paying.

            I was never sober enough for such silly antics.

  33. Another “look at me moment” to get his smelly knob in the press, in other music news morrissey released another album but nobody fucking noticed because the cunt was behind his prime years ago.

    Just like Noel actually maybe he should join Noels group and they can call themselves the High Flying Cunts Morrissey can play the scissors and can wank off Noel during songs

  34. I would lime to cunt women. Now I know many of you are married to one and have daughter etc but by Christ the problems they bring may be cancelling out their benefits. I read that sexual robots are on the horizon. I would suggest men would be better off with them. Sign me up.

    • Don’t worry, I’m almost entirely in agreement with you.

      They are, to trot out a cliche, genuinely only good for one thing. I like to believe I’m somewhat well-versed in most things in this world, but women never fucking cease to go beneath my already rock-bottom expectations of them.

      Always fucking rude. Always self-entitled. Declare themselves the judge and fucking jury on all sexual matters when in fact most just lie there like a fucking plank whilst expecting you to channel the spirits of Ron Jeremy and Rocco. Most of them are users – countless friends of mine reduced to weekends-only with their kids because their fucking ex-wives/gfs insist on it. One has had his head used as a football for the last two years and I’ve had to go around and watch this fucker – all 6’5” of him – repeatedly bawl his eyes out because his shitcunt of an ex keeps shifting the fucking goalposts on his access to both daughters. Humourless, patronising, manipulative. Figuratively and literally cunts.

      Sure, the letter of the law says ‘equal’ – but do me a fucking favour. The UK courts are a gynocentric bastion of cuntishness designed to repeatedly shaft men and give preference to the (un)fairer sex.

      The only bit I don’t agree with you on is sex robots/substitues – I couldn’t do without sex (sadly), so I consider women a necessary evil to satisfy desires etc. But beyond that, they are nothing. Fucking nothing.

      • A very fair and reasoned assessment TECB. The only thing I can think of in their favour is that most of them inexplicably appear to find men sexually attractive.

        Mine also cleans the toilet once a week. And knows how to use the washing machine. Never known it clean behind the fridge-freezer though.

        • It’s apparently ‘OK’ for wimmin to call men for being unattractive, for them to cluck like hens on crack over male strippers and firemen, and revel in that Fifty Shades shite… Yet if a bloke calls a bird fat or ugly, has a gander at a nice pair of tits, or watches a bluey, and the wimmin are outraged and pull the sexist card out for the umpteenth time… They really are the most hypocritical cunts on the planet earth…

          • Here’s another one for yer… A friend (who I rightly despise) of my mrs will eat beef, pork, chicken and turkey when she darkens our door… But she won’t eat lamb because it’s apparently a ‘cute baby animal’… And when she feeds her fucking face with beefburgers she says (attempting to be humorous) ‘I’m terrible, aren’t I?’ To which I reply with venom ‘Yes! You fucking are!’ Classic woman, classic cunt…

  35. Michael Fallon quits in the wake of Westminster sex scandal, after years of gutting the armed forces has had his mind on stripping of another sort.

  36. I went on YouTube literally just now.

    Underneath the de-rigeur “forced on you advert” every story in the top 12 list was about the NYC attack.

    Then I noticed the ad at the top and thought WTF!?!

    Does YouTube (i.e. Goocuntle) have no sense of embarrassment? This was it FFS!

    Utter, utter CUNTS!

  37. Bristol, wishful thinking as i saw a new article stating the city had the most Vegan politicians……

  38. Bit of a loose cannon tonight cunting all and sundry – but watching Sadick Khunt earlier, it struck me just how fucking uncharismatic, unemotional and without any fucking conviction that bastard truly is. Awful speaker – that stunted, 2nd/3rd generation Pakistan accent that barely seems to cover basic diction; only slightly better than Mo Farah.

    To quote Malcolm Tucker, Sadiq Khan is more useless than a marzipan dildo.

  39. Bugger, will go for Morocco this time if only because I got me worst dose ever orf food poisoning there. Blew me arse orf in the khazi.


  40. Possible uncunting for Anne Robinson …
    Robinson has said that today’s celebricunt wimmin are both soft as shit and hypocrites… That they sell themselves, yet they play the injured innocent when it suits them…
    They all crack on that they’re ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’, yet they blub like babbies because they claim some bloke touched their arse years ago… Most of these celebrislags also flash every part of their anatomy to sell sex and gain publicity, then they act all holier than thou and demonize Big Don for being sexist…

    Only a possible uncunting, mind…

  41. That Benfica goalie is a useless (but funny) cunt… Still, it’s nice to see Crystal Tipps is still earning a living as custodian at the Estadio Da Luz….

  42. breaking news of a mass shooting at a colorado walmart
    maybe the silly cunts will take guns off the fucking shelves now

  43. If Kevin Spacey did ‘assault’ that Anthony Rapp, he must either have been very pissed or he must be a very unfussy poove… Because Rapp looks like a mong…

  44. Couldn’t be fucked reading through 161 comments to see if some cunt had said Melbourne Australia. Probably because I’m a lazy cunt. But my pick for an attack from a camel jockey, towel headed fuck chops cunt would be Melbourne Aus. Ps FUCK ISLAM

  45. Off piste but I’ll go for Strasbourg – 2nd home of the EU cunts and a Christmas Market look ripe for some enrichment

  46. Two near misses this evening –

    Oxford Street turned out to be a false alarm but 16 injured in the panic

    235 dead in an attack on a mosque in Sinai doesn’t count because it’s peaceful on peaceful. And anyway, nobody picked it…

  47. In light of recent events, I’d say Jerusalem or pretty much anywhere in Israel is a no-brainer here, we all know what these dull-witted cunts are like, they are so predictable.

  48. And this year’s Christmas sing along :
    “It’s beginning to look a lot like Melbourne…”

    Car of peace incident as yet ‘unconfirmed’

    • Given that no details have been given out about the two arrested one can be certain it is because they are of the peaceful persuasion.

      If it were a white male, that info would have been blasted out immediately.

      • Apparently an Afghan with mental health issues.

        So given that anyone who believes in mythical sky fairies has mental health issues and than Afghans are off the peaceful persuasion, I’d say we might have a winner for Captain Reacharound?

  49. I see the truck of peace incident in Australia had nothing to do with terrorism, just another mentally ill person having a bit of a breakdown. Who didn’t see that coming? I know you have to be a bit mental to believe in sky fairies in the first place, so it’s usually a given, but the driving into crowds bit? Perhaps he had the radio on, an misheard Chris Rea singing his classic Christmas hit, and thought he heard him singing 🎶 “driving over christians”….

    • And some poor cow gets stabbed in Skipton and it doesn’t even make the news never mind the headlines.

      Too busy with puke inducing jolly Christmas bollocks…

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