Sir Alan Duncan


Emergency cunting for Tory Remoaner Sir Alan Duncan who, at a recent speech to the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, stated that Brexit was caused by “the working class throwing a tantrum about immigration”.

I hope this odious, patronising cunt gets a taste of a real tantrum one day – the sort that ends up with him dead inside a holdall concealed in the cupboard of a flat in Westminster.


Nominated by Fred West.

45 thoughts on “Sir Alan Duncan

  1. A good cunting would do him good ….?, or frighten him to death
    He is partial to man sausage I believe ..?

    • Just because he takes it up the arse doesn’t make him a bad person. Being Alan Duncan makes him a mincing cunt.
      And this particular cunter threw a tantrum about democracy and bureaucracy not immigration.

    • Don’t give a toss about the bum bandit’s sexuality, so long as he doesn’t rub it in my face.

      I do however give a huge full on fuck that he’s an arrogant, elitist, narcissistic snob – nasty traits he takes great delight inflicting on the public at every opportunity, via any passing microphone or television camera, flaunting his cuntishness to the nth fucking degree!

  2. He actually fucking said that? What an ocean going cunt he is. It wasn’t the working class throwing a tantrum over immigration. It was the working getting pissed at being ignored after spending the past TWENTY years telling privileged cunts like Duncan that unchecked immigration was wrecking the country. People like Duncan aren’t working class, they’ve never seen the effect that high level immigration has had on working class communities. Worse still, they don’t fucking care. Well cunted by the way Fred.

    • Thanks, QDM. Yup, the phrase I put in quotation marks is the EXACT line he used, it’s being quoted by a variety of news agencies.

  3. No idea who this smeg sandwich is, but why are all the remainers so fucking condescending? Blair, Cable, that Clegg , talk as though the electorate are thick cunts who had no idea what we voted for. Clegg in particular should understand the electorate voted him into obscurity.

  4. I would dearly like to see a Wat Tyler character raise an army of the plebs, and fuck over all of the politico’s . Arrogant little bastards like Duncan should be roasted alive. Tawdry little fucker.

    • Just thinking of The Peasants Revolt, a mighty army of boozed up Farage’s with pitchforks!

  5. Needless to say Fred’s wishful comment on the fate orf Mr Duncan is purely his own and between him and his patio.

  6. When the working people ‘throw a tantrum’ over here its through a democratic process. In countries following the peaceful religion of very special needs beloved by cunts like this ‘throwing a tantrum’ by the people usually means a civil war and heads on spikes.

  7. What an absolute cunt.
    Sorry, can’t think of anything more elaborate or imaginative, but at least it’s true.
    Utter shitstain….

  8. Amusing really, that when the chips are down the Left, the Right and those oh so “nice”, yet scarily authoritarian cunts in the centre of the political spectrum, all express the same level of contempt and disdain for the plebs.
    Welcome to the Post Democratic Age.
    Fuck ’em, the whole corrupt, greedy, callous, bloodstained lot of ’em…

  9. Pretty much correct apart from the tantrum on our part.
    Cold repressed anger is what it is.
    All politicians in the mainstream parties have sold out the working class.
    All for cheap labour and eventual replacement of whites.
    I despise them all. Along with all forms of “government ” in this country including the police and common purpose civil servants

  10. He must like being done up the chuff so much he wants the rest of us to know how it feels. Gorgonzola munching cunt.

  11. A quick google of this cretin leaves me feeling rather sick, just before I’m due to eat as well 🙁

    Filthy cunt our society could easily do much better without.

  12. My God, just heard the speech on LBC. Basically saying the working class are thick cunts who, because they voted leave, must be racists. Now I’m neither working class nor thick but I’m absolutely affronted by this cocktail sucker. I know you are a fag Duncan but stay the fuck away from my Brighton.

    • What an absolute piece of shit!!
      I despair that we have such absolute Cunts in our midst!!
      It’s fucking depressing, truly depressing stuff!!! 😡😡😡

  13. If he hates the working class that much surely he should corss the house to Labour

  14. It’s the same monologue from all remoaners.

    I agree with Fred’s previous sentiment (in a previous cunting) where the remainers can feel aggrieved at the decision and to raise questions about it’s implementation, but to state that all leavers are “thick racists who didn’t know what they were voting for” wore thin 12 months ago.

    A cunt of Alan Duncan’s “so called” intelligence, you’d have thought that he would have had a little more original material by now. Alas not, the cunt.

    Thing is the meejah and neo-liberal think tanks give this shit airtime over and above accurate reasons expressed even by moderate leavers.


  15. Have been shifted on work to work 12 hour shifts on Xmas Eve Xmas Day boxing day New Years Eve and New Years day.Well that isnt going to fucking happen!

  16. Even a snobby elitist working class hater like SIAlan would approve of such a Scrooge like schedule.I work fucking hard (hence my laziness as a mod on here sorry other admins) and feel I need a bit of recognition over the Holiday season.I would happily do two or 3 of those days but all 5!Fuck that right up the poop shoot!As always my shift is the dirty work whilst all the bosses fuck off abroad at xmas.Not a leftie by any stretch of the imagaination but there is a limit as to what a blue collar worker will roll over for.Seems all the unions are more worried about keeping us embedded in the undemocratic burreacratic elitist EU and protecting EU workers rights over British workers rights though.

  17. Sorry if I’ve missed any previous posts but yet another cunting of wankchop extraordinare Vince cable…..
    Cable was quoted as saying that brexit and the tories were somewhat to blame for airline monarch going into receivership on Monday morning???
    Well cuntox as usual your talking out of your arse!!
    Monarch have been in dire straits since 2014 when they recorded loses of £96 million pounds!! So fuckface that’s a longtime before the referendum vote!! , the company’s staff all took a pay cuts, their long haul flight program was cancelled unfortunately for them a lot of their business was now focused on Egypt, Tunisia and turkey! which has seen a dramatic drop due to the peaceful people, this was the root cause of monarchs collapse!!, who said this?? Andrew swaffield ( chief executive) of monarch !! That’s who!! Cable your a fucking absolute 24 carat gold plated cunt………

  18. The problem here is that uncontrolled immigration results in a shortage of affordable housing, overcapacity hospitals and schools along with congested roads and public transport. None of this affects the likes of snollygoster Duncan in his cosy Westminster bubble.

    Arrogant MPs like Duncan are what will inevitably push voters into the arms of Corbyn and Flabbott. He is clearly oblivious to this.

    According to Wiki he has a committed following in the gay community and is and advocate for gay rights. It is pretty clear that his predilection for dungtrumpery dominates his political endeavours.

    What is it with these brown hatters that enter politics for the primary purpose of promoting the wholesomeness of their cackpipe drilling pecadillos?

    • “The problem here is that uncontrolled immigration results in a shortage of affordable housing, overcapacity hospitals and schools along with congested roads and public transport”

      It could be argued that Tory cuts to public services cause all of the above. The immigration issue just makes the effects of the cuts more noticeable..

      • I won’t argue with that Fees, but Tories cut spending because the previous successive Labour administrations managed to spend way beyond the country’s overdraft, not to mention the Blair administration opening the floodgates to non EU migrants.

        I know the temptation is to make the matter party political but Tory spending cuts is not the principal cause of the shit we are seeing today.

      • Could be argued that both contribute but the parties do like to polarise on the one issue that makes the other side look bad. Balance in politics? That’d be a first wouldn’t it?

        Three sides to every story – yours, mine and the truth…

  19. Sir Alan said ” the electorate stirred up an image of immigration”?? WTF!!
    Amazing shit……..
    yes sir Alan!!
    Images of people willing to work for less?
    We had an image of house shortages ?
    An image of limited school places ?
    Images of An already creaking NHS sinking ?
    Images of Packed trains !! Roads!! Etc etc
    All images?? Really???
    That’s not an image Cunt that’s our reality!!

  20. Narcissistic, Momentum 5th Columnist cunt, out to revive Tory ‘nasty party’ image and sabotage Conference. Should have been kicked out party yonks ago.

    • oh boy my first “waiting in moderation…” in like a month and a half I think I set a personal record with this

  21. So he’s another political sir. So feckin what ? Whose arse did he lick clean to get that ?
    Knighted ?? He can bloody well get knotted.

    I’ve had an absolute cunt of a week / 10 days, and if anybody crosses me, I shall turn my superheated piss-steam on them, and melt their flesh orf.

    Bastard politico cunts.

  22. I come from a well educated family, we all earn over or at least average wage, this heap of pig swill thinks I’m sulking because of immigration? No I’m fucking angry that my own people I served in the military for for 6 years are being fucked over by spineless cunts who keep letting peaceful goat fuckers in here and making excuses for their peacful ways. Show some fucking balls and lob the inbred cunts out

  23. This won’t take long. Alan Duncan( Sir my fucking starfish) is just an annoying piece of shit on my shoe. I’ve wiped it off now. Going forward.

  24. Not surprised always knew he was a self-satisfied cunt of the highest order, he is also a shifty cunt as he has been embroiled in shall we say less than savoury business dealings involving some peace loving nations and oil all not quite explained as to how the money was resting in his account. So a cunt on so many levels and doesn’t even like cunts, how ironic, man has no shame and he is no sir, services to men in dark alleys maybe, otherwise no idea how. there is a spot waiting for him with a red hot poker in the next life. (probably enjoy it).

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