Guy Verhofstadt [4]

Vehorstadt really is a stratospheric cunt!!!
Brexit is a waste of time and effort??
Yeh I suppose he has a point?,
Who wants to be governed by democratically elected people??
Want sort of Cunts want that??
What sort of idiots want to retain some national identity??
What kind of fools want to control their borders??
What sort of people want to stop a tsunami of foreign workers prepared to work for less money??
Brexit is indeed a waste of time!! 😂😂😂

Nominated by Quislings

Verhofstadt is a grinning, gap toothed, curtain haired, Biggins glasses wearing, plutonium grade cunt.

This piece of political jenkem has told a conference in London that Brexit is a waste of time and energy.

Had he a slight appreciation that the EU had become undemocratic and conceded that reform was needed then Brexit possibly would not have gained a majority vote.

Clearly he has no concept whatsoever of democracy. Fuck off back to your cheap fags, snotty chocolate and chips smothered in mayo, you utter fucking cuntbox.

Verhofstadt is a fucking waste of skin and bone. Cunt x 10^infinity

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

Guy Verhofstadt has ordered the United Kingdom to take “financial responsibility” over Brexit and pay a divorce bill to Brussels. “You have to pay us!” he rants in the European Parliament.

Now listen here, Doddy you gap toothed cunt : NO WE FUCKING DON’T!!! IT’S NOT A FUCKING DIVORCE!!!

Take that back to your Diddy Men and smoke it. Fucking idiot…

Nominated by Dioclese

103 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt [4]

  1. Career Euro fanatic cunt and all round 5* bell end, looks like the sort of shifty bloke hanging around the school gates whom your parents told you to give a kick in the plums if he tried to talk to you.

    • First episode of ‘Last Post’ on bbc tv tonight…..what a
      load of bollocks……enough to make a soldier cry!
      Don’t they employ any military advisors when they make these dramas?
      I can’t wait till ‘Mad Mitch’ & his Argylls come marching
      in with the pipe band & blast the wogs. Since when have the Military Police had an infantry roll anyway?

  2. I wish to nominate celebrities and the plankton who pay attention to them for a cunting on this esteemed website.

    Just this weekend I have seen headlines about:
    Cheryl Cole (or whatever the fuck her surname is this week) and her fabulous post-baby body;
    Beyoncé on a date night;
    One of the Kardashians is up the stick to her boyfriend of five minutes.

    I mean, who gives a fuck?

    Why the fucking fuck is media attention given to the inconsequential doings of ‘celebrities’? Seriously, who gives a damn about what jug-eared ex-goal hanger Gary Lineker think about anything outside football? Or what crap actors like Bendycock Cuntypants or the oaken Ben Affleck think about politics? Why would anyone with an IQ in double digits think a drug-addled fuckwit like Lily the Musical Mong is the go-to person about refugees?

    The multi-talentless Victoria Beckham and her equally talentless brood are perhaps the best example how one can become rich and famous without any discernible talent, looks or character. Remember Beckham was the crap one in the Spice Girls ffs.

    In other news, I’ve been ranting about history again…

    • You are indeed quite correct, CMC. But surely equally as cunty are the idiots who read about ‘celebs’ and actually care. And when I say ‘idiots’, I do, of course, mean ‘Wmmin’. At least mens’ magazines are (usually) about something tangible, golf or classic cars or whatever. Only wimmin buy these fuckwitted magazines about Holly Willoughby losing 3 pounds or Pauline Quirke’s anal bleaching.
      There are usually a stack of these literary marvels at work which I deface in the most revolting way possible.
      This country is doomed on many fronts, but surely the most annoying is worship of celebrity culture. Rather than blowing the smithereens out of poor wee kids at a concert, why oh why (to quote ‘Points of View) can’t there be a massive bomb of peace blasting the entire cast and audience of ‘Strictly’, or ‘X-Factor’ or ‘Big Brother’ into molecules.

      • Holy mother!!! Pauline Quirke’s anal bleaching. The vile image will haunt me till I die. You are so right about sleb culture, this arseolian sub culture has infested just about every part of British life and cancer like has embedded itself in the national psyche drastic action is needed to excise the filth.

  3. This whole paying to leave thing really fucks me off.

    We have voted to leave, suck it up and try and get more money out the Frogs, you EU cunts, the days of UK funded wine and roses are soon to be over, twats.

    • It’s not “paying to leave” though – that’s just how the rightwing press are deliberately mischaracterising it. Like it or not, the UK has legal contractual obligations to pay for existing commitments.

      If you choose to switch phone or energy supplier, do you just say “I’m switching, so I’m not paying my last bill, suck it up”…?

      • Who is going to want to do trade deals with the UK if we are seen as failing to honour our contractual commitments?

        • Be nice to receive a detailed invoice before shelling out the €100billion or whatever the Useful Idiots at The Financial Times say we should pay.

          Who knows, could turn out we’re even due a refund!

          Need to check out the EU’s unaudited accounts to find that out though.

          • Indeed. Figures of between £20 billion and £100 billion have bern floating around.

            Yes, we need to honour contractual responsibilities but we shouldn’t be paying the EU a punitive lump sum just to avoid them imposing financial hardship to make an example of us to other member states.

            If they try this little trick we should tell them we will impose swingeing import taxes on all frog and hun goods.

            The cunts don’t like it up em!

        • I see your point Fred but one option would simply be for the UK to cease payments at the end of March 2019 (with no bills thereafter). The UK would be on strong legal ground if it decided to do so. Article 50 is clear that, in the absence of any other agreement, EU Treaty obligations will cease to apply after that date. And fuck the cunts in Brussels especially Guy Verstatdshit why should we pay his Dentist bill ?

      • There is an ‘outstanding commitments’ bill to be paid, there are also 20 odd years of assets to be divided. £100 billion? We haven’t contributed that in the last decade… or is the real cost of being in the ‘club’ actually slipping out. Was that 350mil a week actually a gross understatement? It’s dangerous to be seen not to honour our commitments, it’s just as dangerous to be seen as a nation state ‘rape victim’.

        • It’s all one way – the EU has never given us a penny that we didn’t provided them with in the first place!

          Net payments £8 – £10billion a year. Would have been less if Blair hadn’t tossed away a chunk of our rebate in exchange for fuck all.

          And yes – substantial assets to be divided. We have such a strong hand, why are we not playing it?

          Smell a rat, anyone?

      • I take your point Fred, but here’s an analogy :

        You go into a restaurant and sit at the table. Before you have even seen a menu, the waiter says “That’ll be £125 sir and I’m afraid I can’t tell you what you’re getting for that until you’ve paid up and you can’t leave without paying.”

        Would you go for that? I don’t think so. Commitments, yes. I’ll go with that but these EU twats should present us with an itemised account of what they want us to pay for. If they want €100billion from us, then they need to tell us in detail what it’s for, otherwise we’re back to the restaurant analogy…

    • While we’re still part of the charabanc then we are legally obliged to pay monies we agreed to as part of that payment schedule.

      It’s what happens after Brexit (which like Verhofstadt says himself is slowly becoming a waste of time, with the ineffectual wankers we’ve got in our corner) which is of more interest.

      Some folk also state that we should look to recoup contribution monies that were net greater than what we got back in return.

      But again that was part and parcel of being in the club: the richer nations paying commensurately higher amounts than the poorer. That’s no different to a national taxation system where the higher paid pay more in tax pro-rata when compared to lower paid (the uber rich excepted who manage to legally hide most of their money through tax avoidance schemes).

      We knew that when we entered the agreement. It is what it is.

      Should we pay any money post Brexit (which won’t happen)? We’ll it depends on what it’s for. If it’s for a legit reason such as intelligence sharing on the “peaceful” cunts Merkel invited in – then yes we should contribute towards that.

      If we should contribute just to keep the likes of the unelected Verhofstadt and Juncker, et. al., sweet then they can fuck off.

      Like I say, if we had some cunt with the stones to keep on stating “trade deficit” I’m pretty sure the Franco-German coalition that is the EU would soon pull the strings on these unelected wazzacks and get them to shut the fuck up!

      The most disappointing thing about this Brexit shite is that it should have been seen from the off as an opportunity to free ourselves of the chains and ridiculous/disastrous impositions (free movement being one of them) that the EU demands (to serve their own goals of globalism – not anyone else’s) while maintaining strong trade links with Europe (if not the EU then the individual countries therein – the words “trade deficit” comes to mind yet again).

      We could then aggressively seek markets in North America, India, China and Australasia.

      Given a fair roll of the dice we could become the biggest trader in Europe again. And that’s where the rub is with the EU. They know this and they don’t want this. They want to maintain parity across their dwindling economic standing in the world.

      Then again we may not but it would have been nice to have at least been given the opportunity to try.

      Alas the feckless twats of all colours we have running this country for the “good” of the people will virtually guarantee that we get shafted by the EU, still have to pay pointless moneys, still have to agree to pointless immigration and make ourselves look like weak buffoons to the rest of the world.

      Because that’s their plan isn’t it – make the divorce deal so fucking unpalatable that the political classes get the 2nd vote they’ve wanted from day 1 of the result not being as expected (including the opportunist cunts BoJo and Pob) and leaving is repealed.

      Strong and stable, yeah about as strong and stable as a railway bridge made of balsa wood! Fucking cunts!

        • Unfortunately I’m far to honest for a life in politics.

          Although if I win the Euro Millions next week I might have a crack at forming a “Common Sense” party that we – the people – so richly deserve.

          The interview process would be simple:

          1) Have you, at any time, worked in government or been a government toady in Whitehall? ‘Yes’ then fuck off. ‘No’ go to question 2.

          2) Are you a fresh-faced deluded cunt straight out of university with the life experience of a fruit fly? ‘Yes’ then fuck off. ‘No’ go to question 3.

          3) Have you been in work less than 5yrs? ‘Yes’ then fuck off. ‘No’ go to question 4.

          4) Are you a Public Sector worker? ‘Yes’ then fuck off. ‘No’ we may consider you for an interview.

          That should weed out the cunts from folk who’d actually like to see this country do well and regain some form of national identity.

    • David Davis should just rock up to the next round of negotiations and say to Verhofstadt and co, “what’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here!”.

    • Spot on, Fred !!

      EU – You’ll NEVER leave…

      I think if I won obscene amounts of dosh, back to Switzerland for me.
      You see, I have a urine problem.
      Back in UK/GB since mid-2015, and quite simply my urine has been totally extracted and superheated by the extreme cuntitude of our elected, not to mention unelected lords and masters.

      Switzerland is pretty good at sorting cunts out.

      Moreover, I should like to keep some piss in reserve, for when I am no longer here, I wish to piss on a lot of cunts from a very great height. Await yellow floods of…(insert title of whichever Ladybird Book of Old Beardy Men in the Sky that floats your boat…) proportions.

      Verminhofstadt really does look as if he had an “in utero” accident with a wire coathanger. Such an odious, repellant, arse-wipe, noggin of knob-cheese…
      Bugger it…have mislaid my copy of Roger’s Profanisaurus !

      Cannot decide which is worse, him or Bliar. I suppose Verminhofstadt can’t be blamed for his looks, but if I looked like him, I’d off myself.

  4. I’d like to punch the speccy cunt in the mouth but I think me fist’d go straight through the gap in his gravestone teeth. UK hating opulent cunt.

  5. I will give him one thing….. He is an ugly cunt…… Looks like he cleans his teeth with gunpowder
    And lives in a hedge bottom
    agreed fuck you CUNT

  6. He looks like the loser who’s always unmasked at the end of Scooby Doo.

    THELMA: Let’s see who really was stealing the UK’s money and using it to feather the nests of the unelected, Brussels lizards.

    (Freddie rips off the ghost mask)

    DAPHNE: Guy Verhofstadt!

    SHAGGY: Yoikes!

    SCOOBY: What a cunt!

  7. Alien lizard people don’t rule over us! alien lizard people don’t rule over us!! breathes heavily*, get it together hes a human just like you and me. Of course hes not a reptilian overlord…

  8. I bet he has the most gut wrenching Halitosis with teeth like that. Being in a room with ole gappy gums would be like standing next to a terminally ill cancer patient after they have farted within hours of their demise. I know what that smells like , you never forget it 🚽💨

  9. Just seen the Maybot on Andrew Marr Show. Mindbogglingly embarrassing.

    We’d be better off with a Japanese sex doll in No.10.

    • She’ like a female C3PO, when people say “I need to recharge my batteries” she really means it.

  10. I see that plastic satanist and piss poor Alice Cooper impersonator, Marilyn Manson, was crushed by a prop on stage….. A shame… A shame the horrible little cunt didn’t end up in the dead pool… Antichrist Superstar my arse…

    • Music for misfits. Those type of gigs, you get searched for knives on the way in, not because you might stab someone, but because you might harm yourself. Goths and emos, for cunts that claim to be individual, they all look the same.

  11. The ‘divorce’ bill was always going to be a controversial subject. Unless the EU publish the accounts it’s been withholding for the last 5/6 years, it is going to be a figure plucked out of thin air. What accounts they grudgingly publish show that wasteful spending and expenses are as to be expected from a political movement. Other people’s money, the gift that keeps on giving. It’s why the troughing cunts are there in the first place. We could just give them the cash we piss away on foreign aid. Seeing as most of the third world are making their way to Europe, it would still be classed as aid.
    My problem is the continuous whinging by the EU about its citizens living in the U.K. still being subject to European law if we leave. Where else in the world does this arrangement stand? Surely if you move to different country, you are going to have to abide by the local law and customs? Oh yeah, I forgot, this is Britain. We don’t do that sort of thing. My guess is that if we had the ability to deport all the cashpoint thieves, the human traffickers, the murderers and career criminals, they would be Europes’ problems, and not ours.

    • I think that’s a great idea. Let’s role it out worldwide then I can go and live in the USA and still be governed by UK law not their’s. Can’t see The Donald having a problem with that.

      And he wouldn’t be able to deport all those illegal Mexicans because they’d be subject to Mexican Law not US law.

      Gotta be a winner…

    • Fear not, I’ve told the Cunt that I’m willing to send him my old bell-tent as long as I can have a ride on his daughter.

  12. Two women killed in a stab fest in Marseille according to LBC. Knife man shot dead.

      • Well the Cannucks have a leader as weak as maiden’s piss to match our own when it comes to “peacefulness”.

        It’ll be portrayed as some cunt from Quebec. Which is quite apt because most of the “dual lingo” fuckers of Quebec I’ve had dealings with have all been cunts!

        I worked on a project that was being sold into Canada and they liked it but we had to make it dual language (which apparently is by law – just to appease those Quebec cunts).

        We employed a French lady to do the translation (rather than rely on Google translate) and she’d had dealings with them previously. She’d been in the UK for donkeys years and she said: “You know in Allo Allo how they put on a poor French accent to intimate they’re talking French? Well that’s how they sound to us except speaking it.”

        We put a tracker on the usage stats and not one, not one, ever used the “En Francè” option. You know why? Because the Quebec lot are cunts! Cunts!

        • Oh and the cunt doled out $10mil Canadian to a “peaceful” terrorist who’d be put up in Guantanamo Bay for a bit.

          The poor, wee, bomb-making, dear! What a weak cunt of an administration that is. Second only to our own! Cunts!

    • “Run,Hide and Tell”….fucking good advice. That way the slowest and weakest’ll hold them up while I make good my getaway,pausing only to throw women and children behind me.

  13. Ten years,£12 million and now another £154k found to continue the search for Madeline McCann…and yet the British police have yet to formally interview the McCanns or the 7 friends with whom they dined that night !!
    I’m surprised that Gerry and Kate’s friends aren’t beating the police door down to help the search,never mind the McCanns themselves. Still, I guess that after that Portuguese copper had the temerity to ask them to explain themselves,they’re probably wise to steer clear. Perhaps a new appeal for funds from the public’ll help take the McCanns’ minds off their loss.
    They really are incredible. Truly incredible.

    • Friend of mine just come back from a holiday very near to where it happenned. The locals said there is no fucking way they could see the apartment from where they had dinner and they are convinced to a man that the Mccans did it.

      • Liars without doubt, and guilty of child neglect for sure, but child murderers?

        I hate the cunts as much as anyone – and the virtue signalling police pissing £12million of our money into a hole in the ground. Not to mention the fucking Media and their £££paedowankfest.

        Can’t remember, have the McCanns been cunted before? Must have been. Fucking white middle class cornflake skidmarks.

        • I’m sure that I’m wrong…but I wonder if they doped the child so that they could get some time with their friends,and maybe just overdid it ? Be the end of their careers if it came out.
          Of course this is all unfounded speculation with no basis in fact.

          • I think you’ve hit the nail bang on, exactly what I’ve suspected for ages.

          • DF, exactly my thoughts…
            Slight cock-up on the Mickey Finn front
            Kiddie was fed two much Calpol by its glorious medic parents…

          • I’m betting these fine health professionals had access to far better stuff than Calpol and stuff that can’t be bought by you or me at the local pharmacy.

            I reckon he doped them up when she was preparing to go out in another room and then she unknowingly double dosed them when he was away taking a pre lunch shit.

            Regardless of murder, they should be banged up for drugging minors, neglect / abandonment and any other offences relating to where the drugs came from.

            Anyone who can drug their own kids and leave them alone in the Portugal peado capital isn’t fit to hold a certificate enabling them to work with vulnerable people and other peoples children.

            Nor bear the Doctor title.

        • ‘cornflake family’ that should have read. A sociological term. Not that it makes any difference to ya.

      • I have NEVER been to Praia da Luz, but I remain 1000 % convinced of the McCunts’ guilt.

  14. there was a rumour that Diane Abbott had died. bit of crossed wires it seems. it was Hugh Hefner not huge heffer. bad taste i know but what the hell.

    • What’s bad taste about that?

      Richard1 – you’ve set the evening up with a joyous song in my heart, thank you so much!

      Songs of Praise can go to Hell.

  15. But it IS a divorce. Notwithstanding that Guy Vershitface is a major cunt you can rail against the EU but we are linked in many ways whether immigration, travel, finance or trade let alone law.
    We didn’t join a fucking golf club, not renewing byebye. We are in this thing up to our bollocks and anyone who actually knows something about the ramifications says so and gets pounded by the lets fuck off and fuck ’em brigade.
    Well that works fine if you just contribute to this forum but it has possible unknown effects which no one was ever told about.
    Farage will tell you from wherever he is hiding that it will be alright and they need us more than we need them etc. It matters not ,they are defending the principle of their union and they will suffer god knows what to keep that.
    This is complex and whilst many including me wish we had never got this much involved, we are and calling them cunts might be satisfying but it won’t make things better for people in the UK.
    You can piss off one of the biggest trading groups in the world [on your doorstep] if you want but if you think the rest of the world is waiting to welcome you, think again and just look what the US has done to the aircraft industry in Northern Ireland.
    It might be the biggest fucking mistake we ever made and if it is , there will be a mighty shortage of people who admit to voting brexit.

    • Yeah, we’re divorcing a dysfunctional partner with severe multiple 27 personalities disorder.

      • Freedom comes at a price. That price in the past has been bloodshed.

        Freedom from an ever increasing malignancy can be obtained by a simple vote. The cost, I don’t know, but of one thing I am sure.It will not be paid in blood.

        Had the EU been a democratic, appropriate and truthful organisation, then I doubt we would be having this conversation now.

        It is my desire that my children and my grandchildren can enjoy freedom. If the cost is simply a lower standard of living, then so be it.

        The rabid attack dogs of the EU need to be fought now, and before they become invincible. Guy Verhavitoff is one such rabid beast, but believe me, he can be defeated. All that is needed is an opponent of strength and integrity.

        I am waiting….

        • TB’s right you know. The unelected cunts in charge would rather see the economies of every EU country permanently destroyed before they let their doomed political project bite the dust.

          It’s known as ‘scorched earth directive 28’. The least we can do is stay in and help them get the job done properly.

          My next door neighbour, who voted Leave incidentally, has been on the phone to the Samaritans all day, for some unknown fucking snowflake reason or other.

    • No it fucking isn’t!!!
      It’s a political club and you don’t pay an exit fee.
      And as for pissing them off, they sell us £9billion a year more than we sell them.

      And their attitude of making an example of us to prevent others leaving speaks volumes for EU coherence.
      But I guess you think it OK for them to piss us off but not other way around?

      Seig fucking heil !!!!!

        • You’re welcome.
          See also my restaurant analogy in reply to Fred.

          I’m all in favour of honouring commitments but they refuse to tell us what they are. Perhaps something to do with six years of unaudited EU accounts?..

  16. Christ. I always forget how fucking repulsive-looking this goblin-faced cunt is.

    Looks like a rejected extra from a middle-Earth epic.

  17. I see rent a cunt have tried to disrupt the Tory conference waving eu flags. I would like to see how much these snowflakes would protest if the Guardia Seville were about to reign blows upon their unworthy fuckin heads. Let’s face it , if the Tory’s offered free money to them they still would protest about it.

  18. i would like to cunt that fuckin Paddypower advert with the bloke in the wheelchair ‘ singing’. what the fuck is that all about?. it is absolutely dire. just because someone is disabled it doesnt mean everything they do is worthy of praise. the fuckin bloke just can’t sing. .

    • I’ve worked with the disabled Richard and those window lickers are treated like dieties . The money and attention that is given to them is mind boggling. I’ve seen 12 health care professionals sitting around deciding weather they should eat with a fork or a spoon. Fucking absurd

  19. Totally agree with simplearsehole. I am quite prepared to have a lower standard of living too. Fuck me, the alternative is unthinkable. The way it’s going they will crown Queen Angela. Freedom comes at a price. it always does, but if we manage to get away, I’m guessing others might follow.

  20. Nomination: the Spanish government are cunts for not allowing a perfectly democratic vote by Catalonia for independence. What are they afraid of? Perhaps it’s losing a wealthy region that contributes massively to the economic structure of Spain. The scenes from today are like flashbacks to the Franco era of fascism and oppression.

    • Foe not allowing a democratic vote in the first place, or for stopping this illegal referendum?

    • “losing a wealthy region that contributes massively to the economic structure…”

      That seems to ring a bell somewhere?

  21. Is this a stand alone cunting?

    Although Yours Truly likes Belgie chocolate (but not the cheapo Lidl variety) and chips with proper rich cholesterol bulging mayo, will take no part orf this Verhofstadt cunt playing his hard man/soft man game. Time to present the horse fucking cunt with Blighty’s bill for saving his flat shite stained country in two world wars. Bills also to Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, WogLands various, ect, ect. Additional bills for staying around to protect them during the Cold War caper as well. Worth remembering there are aroinde 40,000 British troops still stationed in Germany not due to leave until 2020 (if ever).
    Given the fun and games with comrade Putin, this remains our strongest (and never mentioned ) card.

    Remember that Blighty is due to fuck orf by March 2019, aboit the same time that most orf our troops go. Those dates are in Putin’s diary donchathink? Will the EU have any kind orf defence force in place in time? Will the frog surrender monkeys bravely fill the gap? Yours Truly foretells a Brown Stain orf shite flowing acrorss Europe.

    Sorry to see cunts various swallowing hook line and sinker the defeatist canard that we have a “divorce” bill to pay and no other nation will trade with us if we renege ect ect. Expect that kind orf language from an awkward squad cunt like Fred West (Soon sort the jasper oit if I had him in my old regiment. Stop him masturbating in his bunk after lights oit ) but from old soldiers, quite beyond the pale.

    Point is poor Blighty accumulated much orf its deficit courtesy orf two world wars ( I know it goes back to the 1700s) and has continued regular repayments for nigh orn 100 years like clockwork. Fred likes statistics so here we are. In December 2006 we paid orf the last £46million to the US orn a WWII war loan orf £21billion. The last orf our WWI war debt was paid orf in Dec 2014 (£1.9bn). A lot orf this was in gilts delivering totally secure income to pension funds and the like and much missed. Argentine War Loan anyone?

    Blighty has a reputation for not defaulting on its debts which is far stronger than Brussels and its dodgy accounting can ever undermine. Brussels? Fuck orf I say but not before you have repaid your debts to us.

    • Agree with every word, oh Limply one. The cunts have been taking us for mugs since the dawn of time.

      But if we behave like mugs, who amongst us can blame them?

      Soon our backs will once more be firmly against the wall. What then?

      • Fuck the EU timetable and start fully trading with The World now. Australia, NZ, Canada and India are waiting. Then cautiously start trading with the Yanks (in the knowledge that they just want to fuck us over). Start building a new Merchant Navy and new docks to trade through. Revitalise the country. In the meantime plenty orf old ships available to hire world wide. Would revitalize the Greek shipping sector as well.
        Start developing new forms orf bulk air transport to link our old trading partners together. Rebuild our aerospace industries. Remember what we achieved during WWII. Take the defeat oit orf Britain. We have the resources and the talent to do it. How to pay for it? Do what we always do, borrow. Borrow from the Chinese and the Commonwealth. You know it makes sense.
        Come orn lad. Backs against the wall? Safest place to be.

      • We demand the missing money that all post 2007 VW diesel owners should have really been paying in road tax / VED as the low figure was based on VW emission lies.

        All those VW’s every year doing our treasury out of approx £150 per car per year would probably hit hard on the people financing VW. I’m sure there is German government interest on their somewhere.

        Or did Scameron / Osbourne write that debt off when he tried getting Merkel to influence the Other member states to make reforms that Dave could present to us prior to the referendum vote.

        That was their chance to give something, they gave up fuck all and now the shoe is on the other foot and we should give them fuck all.

        A divorce is a two way split / settlement. We shouldn’t be paying in for future EU projects that we won’t benefit from.

        Other reasons the EU are trying to push us around are;

        To send message to other countries thinking of also leaving.

        The media manipulation portraying Davis & Co are idiots which riles much of the GB public into believing this is the case too gives them a laugh.

        The way the remain voters are behaving, refusing to accept the result and trying every trick in the book to get yet another referendum or ignore will of the people. This is like a Trojan bastard donkey!

        Some clowns seemed to think Corbyn was going to rip it up and remain if he had got in at last election.

        Now they are hoping for another early election to vote for that wank stain Cable in hope of remaining.

        This is the leader of the party that would have scrapped tuition fees if they got in under Nick Smeg, but he didn’t deliver on his promise. So you can put any ideas of trusting Vince Cunt right out of your heads.

        All the students have fucked off to Jez’s camp, which welcomes more immigrants than the Calais jungle camp did. Where do real labour party voters put an X now?

        No wonder EU tries taking the piss!

    • On retrospection I suppose this EU crapola is a kind orf divorce. They have been fucking us for a lifetime, want to force on us unnatural practices withoit consent and withhold love and affection and make us pay for it. In a British court we would get a massive payoit.

  22. The Spaniards should have won hearts and minds instead of going in hard and give the Catalonians lots of bungs just like we have to the Jocks, then they would of been content living off the fat of the land just like the Jocks.

    • Fascist cunts do what fascist cunts do. Reminds one orf the old days. Always good to see a few student heads broken whatever the politics.

  23. I’d like to cunt cunts who take their kids to pubs in the evening. When I was a kid I sat in the car with my sister and drank coke from a bottle with a bag of crisps and I was reasonably happy. I looked forward to being allowed in pubs when I was old enough to pass for 18. Now, in an evening, I want to go to a pub to chill and have a pint. It was bad enough that some fucking cunts decided I couldn’t even have a fag in my local home-from-home, but now I have to put up with fucking curly haired 4-year-old cunts running around squealing while their galaxy busting effeminate cunt parents sit eating some vegan cunt shit food with a very sensible (aka cuntish) soft drink. Pubs are for adults, and if I want to swear I’ll fucking swear. Take your little cunty kids elsewhere you cunts. And I’ve got two by the way (grown up now, but I never imposed them on the poor cunts that just want to have a quiet pint and read the paper/browse the web on their phones).

  24. I was watching Come Dine With Me this morning and they had an ex miss Middleborough on. When offered a drink she replied “nonalcoholic for me please” and when asked why, she replied “I’m a practicing Muslim”

    OK, apart from the fact you look like a tart slapper with tattoos and plenty of cleavage showing, why are you a “practicing muslime”?
    Her reply, and i quote, ” i grew up in a small village and everybody was white and Christian, and when i moved to the city, i found the different people interesting”

    Allah bambino! what a twat?

    That’s the problem with today, we keep letting doss cunts utter any daft thought they have without anycunt sayin’ “enuff ya cunt”

    Note she said “practicing Muslim”, not just a muslime but a practicing one. In her head that gives her more importance, i bet.

    Daft, daft, daft cunt!!!!!!

  25. School tomorrow for my daughter. Just went to say goodnight and she’s in there cleaning her eraser and pencils with a baby wipe.
    OCD much?????

    That can only be a good sign, weird, but good. 🙂

    • School was a cunt I wish it wasn’t such a headfuck when I was younger, met to many cunts there, took to much dope drank too much slacked off too much. I wish I would of took it more seriously, definitely regretting it now.. oh well haha thats life

      Schools definitely easier for girls socially I mean. I’m sure your daughter is a hyper clean freak. enjoy it while it lasts before shes a teen drama queen

  26. Who exactly is this fucking cunt? A sort of David Mellor looking, unelected twat and like most other EU politicians harder to get rid of than a wank stain on the wall.

    He is from Belgium so he’s probably some sexual deviant or avoiding doing proper work like building flood defences in his country. Cunt.

  27. Saw something quite…well I’ll leave mah fellow cunters to decide:

    On tv, Embarrassing Bodies.

    A one-legged transbender (I kid you not, sounds like a Marty Feldman joke), male into female.
    It had already lost ten stone, was hopping around on one leg, with a crutch, wearing one black fuck-me high heel. It STILL looked like a Tyneside docker, specifically one that shares a dentist with Verminhofstadt. More gaps between its teeth than in the average party political credibility. Its prosthetic leg was crap, too – it ought to have had varicose veins and liver spots to match the real one.

    Its face resembled one Pauline Quirke.

    I think I watch too much telly. I’m scared. very scared…

    • Does every episode of Embarrassing Bodies have to have some class of weeping arseholes?
      Every episode, man!

      There was one episode were this young recently married chap hadn’t consummated his marriage as his cock had that many skin tags on it that it resembled a pine cone and his missus wasn’t going anywhere near it.
      It was all skin tags and there must have been a couple of hundred of them.

      Dr Christianson informed him and the audience that these skin tags were caused by too much friction. 🙂

      Haven’t seen a doctor in sixteen years but if Dr Dawn Harper was my GP, I’d have some case of phony genital problem every fuckin week.

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