Vince Cable’s Lib Dems

The Lib Dems need to fuck off, Vince Cable is a deluded cunt who seems to be even more deluded than Tim Farron. Tim realised when the electorate told him to fuck off that his idea of a referendum on the result of the outcome of the referendum was not what the people wanted. So after seeing close up the mistake of his predecessor Vince says the same old shit. What a drain on the taxpayer.

Nominated by Blank & White Cunt

Cable reckons his record in government speaks for itself. If it does then it’s saying ‘We’re fucking useless’

Nominated by Dioclese

Saw Sir Vince Cable on Channel 4 news earlier and he looks even more wobbly and ancient than in recent times.
After he said that bit about being the next Prime Minister and the cameras cut back to the interviewer in the studio, I swear you could see the interviewer trying not to piss himself laughing at the ridiculous old fart. Great TV.

Nominated by Ian Appropriate

I just have to nominate Vince Cable for the deluded cunt of the year, after he said this weekend that he could become the next Prime Minister.
I thought Farron was the biggest fantasist in the Liberal party, but Vince beats him hands down. What a knob head

Nominated by Iamnot

69 thoughts on “Vince Cable’s Lib Dems

  1. The worst thing about Mr Vince Wire and cunts such as Hammond, Rudd, Starmer and all the other fuckwit remoaners that outrightly REFUSE to accept the result is they still think they can blag their way through this with their self deluding clever sophistry by insisting that we agree to this ‘transitional’ period. They hope and pray that if they can con everyone into accepting this they can drag it on into the next election and thereby offer the electorate the chance to fuck leaving off. If parliament agree to this I can ‘GUARANTEE’ the Brussels mob will agree terms very quickly. This scenario has already been planned between the commission and our traitors. The only thing they have forgotten is that we ‘leavers’ are not as stoopid as they have us believe. I say ‘get in’ Boris with your article, perfectly timed to remind all these cunts what the deal we all voted for needs to be. Fuck off you duplicitous cunts.

  2. Cable is a grade A Cunt – he’s clearly reached a climax having worked his way thru a stash of bad acid he had access to as the dumb Minister responsible for losing the Taxpayer £billions, selling off the Post Office to his chums in the city at a massive loss.

    Tory MP Lucy Frazer, on the other hand, gives me the horn. At least she did until she said yesterday that UK would inevitably have a Brexit divorce bill to settle with the EU.

    • Unless she meant they would have to pay us, which they should, of course.

      After all, we’ve been ploughing £10billion net into their crooked organisation for years! Never have they paid a penny to us that we didn’t provide them with in the first place.

    • A divorce settlement involves both parties splitting their assets. These dumb cunts are too stupid to realise this with their bastarding innapropriate analogy.

  3. The cunts are in Bournemouth at the moment. I went past where the conference is and I’m sure all their MPs were stood outside.

    Not much of a crowd, and they all looked like cunts.

  4. I don’t like the fact that most MPs have never run a real business or had to deal with the real world. It’s like me employing a plasterer straight from a really bad collage and hoping he doesn’t make too manly mistakes.
    Teachers are the same too, they go through the school system lapping up all the lefty propaganda and bad, unworkable ideas, through college and finally at the end of it all their totally incapable of functioning in the real world. That’s unless they get a serious kick up the ass.
    These loony, lefty, nicey MP dreamers are mad and literally living in cloud cuckoo land.

  5. The LibDems are all cunts. Can’t think of one who isn’t.

    At least Labour have a few decent people – Frank Field, Kate Hoey, and…umm… well two anyway.

    As a naive optimistic pessimist, I actually voted LIbDem on several occasions back in the ‘80s & early ‘90s. Even so, I never voted for anyone I didn’t think was a utter cunt.

    The choices always seem determined by degrees of cuntishness.

    Tories are all cunts of course. But their cuntishness is far outweighed by the cuntishness of all the other parties in Parliament – outweighed by the fucking SNP and Caroline Lucas alone!

  6. Vince should move to the EU, which is in reality a building in Brussels and fuck all to do with the people of Europe.

  7. As another hurricane approaches Richard Branson’s already devastated Necker island, I have contacted him to let him know that we can get an engineer to him in 4 – 6 weeks time, probably on a Wednesday, sometime between 8am and 7pm…

  8. Wonder if we had another referendum what the result would be. Think maybe it would be leave by a bigger margin. The EU have shown their cuntishness in all its glory.

  9. Another Lib Dem cunt of a leader following in the proud tradition of cunts like Clegg, Farron. No other cunt challenged him for the leadership apparently which suggests they’re all useless cunts or they all know it’s a job which only guarantees you’ll look like even more of a cunt in the end.

  10. Another cunting for Dominic Littlewood,
    This is the type of cunt who when he knows he is being a cunt will deny he’s being a cunt. I’ve been watching his ‘Show’ and although I cunted him ages ago he’s not taken the hint, he still a ‘I know best, I do nothing wrong, I’ll judge you all, and act like a Copper type of cunt. He would no doubt grass on his mate for getting an extra few quid on an insurance payout.
    A 100% certified cunt.

      • Vince should leave politics and take up acting.
        He’d make a perfect replacement for the late Angus Scrimm in the “Phantasm” horror movie series…

        “I’ve been waiting for you…. BOY!!”

    • Dominic Littlewood can never be cunted enough. I’m not exactly sure what it is that gives him the ‘C-Factor’ – infuriating, in-your-face mockney wide-boy? Short, bald manlet? The fact he appears on such shit programmes? Who knows, the only certainty is that Dominic LittleCunt is a vintage cunt, and always will be.

      I remember watching him give what looked suspiciously like a Nazi salute to a Polish ‘cowboy dentist’, in fucking Warsaw no less. Managed to find the clip just now. Tell me what you think:

  11. Emergency cunting for Lee “I is black” Jasper. See what he had tweeted about Grenfel Tower: I kid you not….

    • “Only person arrested re #GrenfellTower is a black man. He was clearly wrong but what about those grievously responsible for the deaths?”

      Oh but of course, more pro-negro jingo. Perhaps if Lee ‘I is a cunt’ Jasper considered that said negro, one Omega Mwaikambo (now there’s a name straight outta bongo-bongo land if I ever heard one) deserved arrest and charge for posting photos of an offensive image, he could save his faux fucking outrage for a more deserving cause.

      Let’s face it here, cunts like Jasper just want this whole fucking debacle reduced to a race war. Locking up ol’ whitey will solve all your problems – except it won’t, because even arresting every fucking white man in the entire borough of Kensington and Chelsea will not come close to solve how much of a cunt Lee ‘I is a walking abortion’ Jasper is and always will be.

      • I think they should lock us all up.

        It would be nice to see what it feels like to be kept by the state for once, fuelled by *their* extensive taxes.

        I’d give it a week, or however long it takes Johnny Giro to run out – whichever is the soonest.

  12. Vince Cable, the doddering old fuckhead, seems to be under the illusion that the ‘revolutionary’ image which bought Corbin a few more votes might somehow work for the ‘Dems if he decries Brexit enough times. Sadly for Cuntle, his sense of importance is probably distorted by the hideously skewed left-wing media who would suck the cock of anyone who champions the remain campaign.

    Clearly, Vince’s rapidly deteriorating geriatric numb skull can’t recall as far back as December 2016. Back then, Sarah Olney channelled the spirit of both Mr. Ed and Shergar, summoning their combined powers and managing to oust cunt-by-regal-appointment Zac Goldsmith during the Richmond Park by-election. I for one at least can recall the following bleak Winter afternoon, when ol’ Tombstone Teeth herself, alongside grinning manchild Tim Farron, declared that victory as the start of the Lib Dem empire rebuilding; that they would be back in power within the year and they would stop only to reverse the Brexit decisions via death-by-referendums.

    What happened in the 2017 GE? Farron’s party got an almighty fuck-off from the electorate, Clegg got his coup de grace and the Olney creature lost to a much-maligned Goldsmith a mere six months after usurping him. So much for the shitting revolution.

    None of that clearly registers with Cunt cable, as he is repeating similar rhetoric and just blathering on about anything he thinks the remainer cunt camp wants to hear. This fucking cunt needs to be strapped onto a gurney and wheeled to the nearest secure medical institution pronto. It’s for your own fucking good, Vince.

    • I’d rather bury my face in a burst colostomy bag than go anywhere near that repulsive cunt Sarah Olney.

  13. Kick tt Out are cunts….

    So-calledAnti-discrimination group (of cunts()Kick It Out has contacted Manchester United to ask them to stop the club’s fans singing a “racist” chant about Romelu Lukaku…. The song -an adaptation of The Stone Roses’ ‘Made Of Stone’ – says Lukaku is a Belgian scoring genuis with a 21 inch penis… But, of course, Kick It Out say the words are “offensive and discriminatory”…. Then again, what isn’t offensive to these miserable pompous cunts?….

    “Racist stereotypes are never acceptable, irrespective of any intention to show support for a player,” said Kick It Out…. I don’t think Lukaku or any player (except for maybe a couple of Arsenal softarse pooves) would object to fans saying they have a big knob…

    Manchester United say they will liaise with Kick it Out on the matter….

    All I can say is I would think Big Rom would take the song as a compliment, and as long as he’s OK with it, who gives a fuck what others think?…. As for Kick It Out? Get a sense of humour, you virtue whore fucking cunts…. Fuck yourselves…

    • I reckon MUFC should threaten to sue Kick It Out and tell them to keep their PC obsessed conks out of reds business… They should also do the same to the disgusting ABBC… Any more whining from femstapo licking cunts like Dan Roan about United not having a wimmin’s team and they should pull all MOTD appearances…. Adopt the Fergie approach and ban the bastards…

      • Lets face it, its not a patch on ‘He’s gay, he’s bent, his arse is up for rent…( insert players name from opposing team here)

  14. Apparently the Grenfell death toll could be ‘below eighty’ say official reports…
    Want to try smoking that, Lily? You meaningless award winning gobshite mong…

    • She’s been very fucking silent recently. I was hoping for an associated Dead Pool alert…

    • It seems some of the entitled cunts have been claiming non-existent dead relatives etc. Now, whodathought it?

    • The first thing that comes into my head when the lily Allen is mentioned is that upskirt shot.
      Can’t help it.
      She is a super dupa mega mega cunt and my porn collection would put Larry Flynt to shame, but that pic beguiles me.

      I’d root the Lily Allen.

      Your fault Norman.
      You put that pic up ages ago and warped my tiny fragile eggshell mind.

  15. New definition of an Echo Chamber (see Cuntings, passim…)

    The entire LimpDump wetminster crew in a phone box.

  16. Rio Ferdinand continues the cunty trend of celebrities trying their hand at boxing, hope he gets knocked right out.

    • If the cunt comes to certain pubs in Mcr there’ll be those only too glad to knock the wobbly gobbed tosser out… And that’s just the United fans..

  17. The Grenfell “disaster” just gets better and better.

    Police have now said the number of victims in this fucking thing may go down because people have claimed compensation for people never even fucking existed!!

    So we have people who shouldn’t even be here, who can’t speak a word of fucking English claiming compensation from the tax payer for imaginary bozos…all in a country I thought was civilised.

    These cunts should be prosecuted for fraud and then put on the next available ship or plane and told to fuck off back to whatever they crawled in from.

    I’m British, I like to help people who need it but you’re just a bunch of dirty, stealing shit skids.

  18. Vince Cable could be PM?
    Yeah, why not?

    If a nonentity minor cunt like Farron can claim ISAC’s COTY, then anything is possible. 🙂

    • I think Vince is going for ISAC of the year 2017 to try and match Tim Farron’s achievement. He probably realises that’s all he will ever win.

      • Or since he is an old cunt with many years of being a cunt behind him, maybe a lifetime achievement award?.

  19. As we are nearing the end of another year, as well as Cunt of the Year may I suggest an award for ‘outstanding achievement award in being a cunt’.
    A sort of runner up to Cunt of the year, there are way too many contenders for our top prize so in the interests of fairness and in the spirit of ‘There are no losers’ a runner up could allow cunters to nominate two out of the tonnes of cunts making a last ditch effort to win the prize.

    • Do we actually get to vote on cunt of the year? (not been cunting long enough to know)

      • Yeah we had a vote last year (Farron) and the year before that (Abbot). It usually happens around December.

  20. I was just about to shat this on the site but been beaten to it by a formidable cunter. Grenfell death toll may fall as ‘fraudsters have invented missing loved ones’. Who would have thought in this day and age in the most honest country in the world we would have this

    • I wonder if “invented missing loved ones” are the sort that shag sex dolls / sisters / nieces daughters…

  21. Sir Cunt Cable is an odious fucker. They call themselves the Liberal democrats when they are the most self centred undemocratic party in Blighty.
    And I can’t stand that constant look he has like their is an awful smell under his nose all the time. The cunt is a traitor that should fuck off and join Johnny euro in euro land.

  22. So Rio Cuntinhand is mouthing off about becoming a Boxer, got sent this clip which I think is funny. Hope you all like it if not fuck off.

  23. I’d like to have a whinge about the current trend for petty,little-Hitler types using the threat of “Terrorism” to justify their apparent desperate need to exercise control over the general public.
    An example from Lingfield Racecourse this weekend…”As we are sure everyone can appreciate, given the current national situation, there was a need for additional security in place to ensure racegoers’ safety. This included asking customers to hand in umbrellas and glass bottles, including perfume bottles.”
    The threat of terrorism is being used by every Cunt who can squeeze themselves into a high-viz jacket to give themselves a cheap thrill by imagining that they are actually “important.” The same Cunts would, I suspect, shit themselves if actually tasked with dealing with an incident of an exploding Peaceful.
    I object to be being treated like a naughty child at the best of times,and if some Pavement Admiral type makes the mistake of trying to impose some silly edict on me, he’ll discover what getting his clipboard shoved up his dungpipe while being strangled with his lanyard actually feels like.
    Fuck them.

  24. Huddersfield town fc need a good cunting, ever since they’ve been promoted to the premier league it’s been huddersfield this huddersfield that, they’re fucking shit just wait till they play the big teams who will tear them new arseholes because so far they haven’t beaten any cunt worth shouting about, The press have been wanking over them for months spunking over their kraut cunti manager David Wagner who looks like that little chinky out of the first Indiana jones. Their fans also boil my piss with their clapping cardboard all through the game would love to shove those pieces of shite right up their fucking arseholes. Hope the cunts are relegated soon so we can hear the end of this never ending wank fest and that cunt manager will disappear into obscurity.

  25. Any Cunt who drinks,smokes,plays the Lottery or has a mobile-phone should not be allowed access to Food Banks. If they choose to spend their dole money and child benefit on luxuries, let them starve for a few days. They might not be so keen on wasting their unearned money next time. Greedy Spongers .
    Fuck them.

  26. I’m waiting for the swarm of snowflakes, libmongs and airhead celebrisluts to blame the Mexico earthquake on Big Don… No doubt that brain dead trollop, Jennifer Lawrence, will say something like ‘All dose widdle Mexican guys died because dat evil debil Twump wannid ta build a wall, ya know?’….

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