Proms in the Park

BBC deserve a double cunting. Proms in the park is held in London, Wales, Scotland and Ireland concurrently with the last night at the Albert Hall. The second half from the Albert is beamed live to all 4 parks. When it came to the end, Rule Brittana, Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory they stopped the feed to Scotland and Wales through fear of upsetting the SNP and CLyde Cumri cunts! Fucking BBC. Who gives a fuck as to whether we upset Scotch and Welsh independent cunts. I’m sure there were decent people in Scotland and Wales who wanted to sing along.

Nominated by Cunts and Roses

Jesus h fucking Christ on a bicycle! The BBC politically correct wankers are airbrushing history and tradition from last night of the proms. No Land of Hope and Glory in Wales or Scotland.

That’s fucking appalling. It’s traditional FFS and the Scots and Taffs have never been upset before! Just take look at the flags in the picture. I can spot a Welsh, Norweigan, Japanese. They don’t seem to be particularly upset!

That are some fucking total absolute cunts running this country these days and not just at the beeb. If Compo ever gets into number 10 we’ll be ending the proms with The Red Flag.

I fucking honestly and truly despair just how bloody stupid people can be…!

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. Despite the LNotP being a BRITISH celebration, it has somehow become painted by much of the liberal media as being a ‘dirty’ reminder of English patriotism.

    Basically, the BBC and the Guardian are packed with self-loathing quislings, desperate to cast any sign of national pride as racist, or even fucking fascist.

    Some fucking cunt in the Guardian a few days ago billed the Last Night as a ‘tradition for a Britain which never existed’ – fuck you you cunt. Patritiotism was never a fucking issue before Blair arrived and set the trend for PC madness and immigrant chaos. Here is the piece, unsurprising given the author’s name:

    I used to attend regularly and I loved every minute of it. As has been pointed out, tourists love it as they can’t get enough of Britain and its past. I was there the night the Welsh conductor kicked the rugby ball into the stalls.

    As much as Al-BBC want us to eventually watch calls to peaceful prayer 24-hours a day with sandniggers blasting their pained moaning over the airwaves, they can fuck right off. The BBC are a cancer on society.

    • Another foreign piece of shite passing his authoritative view of our England. The BBC needs bombed off the face of the fucking earth , and that particular Brown fungal Infection needs steeped in a bath of fucking iodine.

      Like all cancers…..Radical Excision is Necessary.!

    • And why is it OK to be a Welsh nationalist or a Scottish nationalist but if you’re an English nationalist then you’re branded as a racist and a fascist?

      • Yeah I never worked that one out Dio…? SNP? WNP? but English Nationalism =Nazi. Why the fuck is that?

        We need to counter this with the term “Quisling” and said with venom.

      • Totally correct. It seems that being pro English is racist. So promoting your own country is a no no, yet every other cunt who comes here can fuck the English and the supposed English government and authorities allow anti English crap, but wo betide if you say anything against another none English cunt sponging off us. We are the most fucked over country in the world and our government just accept it because they’re shit scared of upsetting the pc shitheads who think the multicultural disaster experiment is still viable. Fucking wankers.

        • The aids/Islam mind virus tricks the immune system into believing its a friend. A friend who’s main objective is to gorge mercilessly on it’s host until it’s dead. In so doing the now compromised immune system allows many other less harmful virus’ to take hold weakening the host still further till finally the immune system becomes so overwhelmed with issues, petty issues and even more transgender, feminism cunt issues that its ability to protect the body and its own stupid fucking BBC self failes and to it’s utter, dumb surprise has to die along with the body it’s been wilfully betraying all this time.

      • Welsh nationalists are a bunch of small minded weirdos and the SNP is not far short of a fascist party. Sinn Fein is the fucking IRA and the nationalist NI parties are religious loonies. So I think we can do without the English version of these cunts.

        • You’re labelling snp & plaid cymru, who are pro-European & pro-immigration, as the nasty nats yet can’t or won’t see the English/British (which are the same) nationalism of the Tories, Ukip & yes lab & libdems in a right wing isolationist Uk/England. Laughable.

    • Wasn’t the solid-platinum CUNT Bliar responsible for “Cool BRITANNIA” ??

      Well, Britannia didn’t seem to be a problem for him then… The arsewipe was MORE than happy to trade on it.
      The Grauniad, soiled piece of Bronco that it is, continues to wail for contributions… just like my uni days in Leeds, during the miners’ strike.
      Old bats out shaking buckets..”Support the miners please, ev’ry little ‘elps”
      I didn’t give a bean, and didn’t give a toss, either, because as far as I was concerned, if the miners wanted to rule the cuntry, they should have stumped up the deposit (like Screaming Lord Sutch, and everyone else), and campaigned… Cunts.

      Here’s hoping the whole sodding lot of them fall feet first into a very slow-moving, sharp industrial shredder.

  2. And who did the ABBC consult on this?

    I bet if they’d asking the Taffs and Jocks the majority wouldn’t care, just enjoyed the sing dong.

    The BBC, self-serving bunch of cunts.

  3. I used to regularly attend the open Proms at RAF Duxford each year. Terrific! Absolutely terrific! Pomp and Circumstance with WW2 aircraft around you, stirring and Nationalistic music to stir the heart.

    And to make it even better….not once did I ever see a Brown face in the fucking crowd. Not once did I see any protest, and not once did I see a flag other than British.!

    The BBC, Gaurdian and all snowflake transgender cock sucking liberal voting remainiac scum need cleansing from the face of the earth, and it should all start with the fucking political class being wiped our first.

    If Kim Yong wants a first target….get the fucking Beeb!

  4. I like the Proms and generally watch the Last Night broadcast on tv. Land of Hope and Glory was played in Scotland (and Wales, presumably), followed by an encore, so it was only the few in the parks who were denied. I agree that the BBC are absolute shits, who deserve castration with a blunt spoon (or the female equivalent, whatever that is. Answers on a post please). What really annoyed me was the ubercunts who either handed out EU flags or waved them in the audience. I was looking forward to some good fisticuffs, but to no avail. Cunts.

    • There’s a BRILLIANT Dambusters March on youtube, Colin Walsh at the organ of Lincoln Cathedral,
      The record co. got some RAF guys to do a fly-past of Spitfires (I think…) at the end.

      Hopefully said organisation will be on its way to flatten Berlaymont asap.

      • A few good solid kicks in the cunt with a steel tipped Doc Marten works wonders when it comes to female castration. At least it does in my experience.

  5. 1) The Last Night finale (Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem) was only put together for the first time in the late 1950s.

    2) When the Scots stage their own Last Night-style concerts – they usually replace Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, and Jerusalem with Highland Cathedral. The Scots made this decison many years ago and the BBC usually respects it in their broadcasts of these concerts – it’s been happening for years, it is not a new development at all.

    3) With concerts and screenings in parks you have curfews attached to the licence – the music goes off at a certain time regardless of whether or not the show is finished (it famously happened to Springsteen in Hyde Park). So if the show over-runs, tough shit.

    Sorry to disappoint cunters here, but I’m afraid none of the above is the fault of the BBC or the Labour Party. 😀

      • I for one am rather gratified to hear that Fred.
        Save the cunting for the twats waving EU flags (if there were any, I didn’t watch it, not having a TV licence and all that..)

  6. Took a relative to St Thomas’s hospital today as an out patient.

    Saw a lot of Muslims.
    Apparently ‘Allah’s will’ determines everything in their lives, even making them ill.
    Appears that it’s also ‘Allah’s will’ they take full advantage of the NHS. Strange that.

    Have recently bought a guard dog, the thing is fucking hopeless. Lets any cunt stroll in and do what they want.
    Not sure of the breed, but best guess is U.K. Border collie….

  7. Let us not forget that at one of this year’s Proms Daniel Barenboim the Argie Pianist now turned stick-waver made an anti-Brexit speech. Cunt. I don’t go to concerts to hear the rantings of foreigners. Apparently however the Beeb required Sakari Oramo (Finish not Japanese, apparently) to let them see and vet his Last Night speech. No idea what he might have wanted to say. It’s never been the same since they retired Sir Malcolm – but he at least was English so I suppose that is why we no longer hear form him.

    • Sadly – and my apologies if I’ve missed a joke here, but MS died of cancer in, I think, mid 60s..

      If you’re a follower, there’s a superb box of 16 CDs in HMV shops, about £32-.

      I still say that his Elgar Violin Concerto, with Jascha Heifetz (on Naxos) is the dog’s bollox, likewise the Cello Concerto with Paul Tortelier. 1940s recording of Dream of Gerontious quite breathtaking, recorded, I think, about the time his daughter Pamela died of polio

  8. Excuse me, I’d just like to say that Frances O’Grady is the biggest fucking cunt on the whole cunt infested planet. Now pray continue…

      • Frances O ‘Grady looks as if she could eat an apple through a tennis racquet with those fearsome gnashers.

        A sure contender for a Dick Emery vicar in a waywardly orthodontic competition.

        O’Grady says “put a bag on your head – in case mine falls off”.

          • General Secretary of the TUC who apparently are calling for a general strike for no other reason than bringing down the government.

            Whether or not you support the Tories, it’s still called treason in my book…

  9. Have I spent too much time with me head up me arse or has there been a virtual news blackout on the situation in the British Caribbean Territories re hurricane devastation and aftermath? Much footage about Frog parts and Dutch and Yank parts but bugger all about the likes orf British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Anguilla ect.
    Just some belated news aboit poor old Richard Branson and the devastion orf his Necker Island. Sure cunters will join Yours Truly in a heartfelt sense orf loss.
    Do we detect the good old Health ‘n Safety culture here? Why no hundred strong crews orf BBC wallahs lapping up the sunshine? If it’s a hurricane they don’t like it up ’em.

    • Spoke to The Eye earlier. HMS Ocean is currently in Gib being franticly loaded via Chinooks with supplies and men ready to head full pelt to British Caribbean territories tomorrow.

      Anyone spouting that HMG is doing fuck all is talking out their arse…

  10. We had the BBC news telling us that some Scandinavian on you tube had to apologise for using the N word. (I assume they mean nigger).
    Since when was using coarse language worthy of a TV news article?
    They really have lost the plot, and I’m fed up of funding the loony left cunts just so that I can watch TV other than theirs.

    • If a black rapper can use the word nigger with no retribution then I should also be able to use it. I don’t give a fuck if some black cunt calls me a white honky or whatever, its water off a fucks back. Black on white = it’s acceptable, white on black = white man is fucked big style.

  11. A few years ago Benedict Cummbercunt bent over backwards to crawl up his own arsehole and apologise for daring to utter “people of colour” in a interview. Since then I have heard it numerous times on TV news, and even in the names of organisations and rights groups bitching about their ‘oppression’. Like ‘nigger’ either its offensive to all or it isn’t , cunts cant cherry pick language and expect everyone to walk around on eggshells.

  12. Can’t say that I’m too bothered about The Proms. I put it on once and it just seemed to be a bunch of Henrietta and Giles type of posh wanker students bobbing up and down as if someone was tugging on their anal-beads. Chinless wonders trying to look “wacky”. Fuck them,they look like the kind of snooty, public-school trust-fund tossers who go “glamping” at “Glasto”. … “Oh, Wupert,I do hope Mummy’s waiting outside in the Wange-Wover,we don’t want to mix with the commoners.”
    Cancel it and put some wrestling on instead.

    • “GLAMPING”??????

      Jeezo bambino.
      Add that to my earlier offering of “holibobs” means we are truly fucked.

      The world has gone to pot since it became socially unacceptable for cunts to hit cunts round the head with chairs.

      • I’ve a funny feeling that it’s not just hitting cunts around the head with chairs that’s become socially unacceptable, Birdman. I think it could be likes of us that is “unacceptable”.

        • You are right DF I have been persona non grata for about 2 years now. Though the archery club are still fond of me as the odd eccentric gives them some “street cred” and I pay my dues on time.

          • We’re getting fewer and fewer, BB,but as long as I’m still able to upset some right-on fucker I’ll know that I haven’t wasted my day. It’ll be when people don’t think of me as an “off-message”,rude,selfish Cunt that I’ll know that I’m fucked.

    • Have attended the Proms a few times (shepherding relatives, never orf me own bat) and always been struck by how tacky the place looks orf camera. Chips, dents, buggered worn seats ect. BBC always tart it up with washes orf blue and red light and a spot orf new carpet for the broadcasts.
      Massive queues for the khazis and refreshments. In the cold light orf day the place looks a right shit pit and the acoustics are rather poor. Just what you want for a premier concert hall.

      • I love classical music but I’d rather listen to it in peace, not surrounded by a crowd of braying twats…

    • I think it’s the same bunch of fucking hooray henrys who infest Twickers, Henley, Wimbledon and many other southern Jessie occasions.

  13. How about a star studded version of Bob (up and down in the water) Dylans Blowing In The Wind to raise money for the hurricane tragedy?

    Twister And Shout
    Rooftops Keep Falling On My Head
    Winds Of Change (“yes we can” remix)
    Where The Streets Have No Name(posts)
    Tie A Yellow Tether Round The Old Oak Tree
    It’s Raining Men (and women and kids and cats and dogs and houses……)
    Row,Row,Row Your Boat (gently down the street)
    Downtown (octopus’s garden remix)
    Sitting On The Loading Dock Of The Red Cross Warehouse
    The House Of The Rising Surge
    The Drowners

    WetWetWet, The Drifters, The Damned, The Blow Monkeys, Earth Wind And Fire, and Hurricane # 1 have all signed up.

  14. Have attended the Proms a few times (shepherding relatives, never orf me own bat) and always been struck by how tacky the place looks orf camera. Chips, dents, buggered worn seats ect. BBC always tart it up with washes orf blue and red light and a spot orf new carpet for the broadcasts.
    Massive queues for the khazis and refreshments. In the cold light orf day the place looks a right shit pit and the acoustics are rather poor. Just what you want for a premier concert hall.

  15. All part of the NWO plan and agenda to break up the nation of GB into easily manageable pieces, then re-absorb the weakened regions back into a monstrous power bloc called the EU. Giving the region’s independent political partie’ s more than equal status to encourage them, is all part of that strategy. The ace cunt Bliar has always pushed for that and continues it along his evil trajectory. The history of GB is a stumbling block to the NWO’ s communistic plans. They seek to remove it.
    Rise up all you cunters and make our stumbling block a mountain they can’t surmount.

  16. What I fail to understand is that Scotch, Welsh and Irish nationalists, despite being cunts, command some political respect. But, any movement with the word England or English in its title, it’s the fourth fucking Riech.

    And what the fuck happenned to English MPs only voting on English matters?

    We are the down trodden of the union. Makes me sick.

  17. Charles Bronson is a cunt.
    Famous for being the shittest criminal in British history, the thick cunt, who has recently changed his surname to Salvador, is annoyed that his plans to marry some bimbo are not being taken serious enough by the prison authorities. The dopey twat, who is basically in prison for being a shit prisoner, wants to tie the knot, and consummate said betrothal, with some fifth rate actress, who had a glittering career as background characters in shitty soaps such as Corrie, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. The guy is like some real life version of Begbie from trainspotting, who could start a fight with his own reflection. I love the fact that he has changed his name in honour of another great painter, as his own works of art wouldn’t look out of place hanging from the walls of a special needs classroom.
    To be fair to the guy, he does cite as one of the reasons why he is livid as the fact that some kiddie fiddlers in another jail were allowed to marry. What the fuck? Also, what is going through the mind of this dizzy bird who wants to to marry the crazy fucker? Looking forward to a bit of infamy I suppose.

    • Looking forward to a bit of infamy or infanny? 🙂

      “Britain’s shittest criminal”
      Brilliant description of the doss cunt.
      Many times I’ve had to tell cunts to shut up/fuck off when they drivvle on about this cunt.

      The guy is a fuckwitt who knows he’s on to a good thing being banged up with free bed and board.

      Pity Mark Brandon Chopper Reid never got his hands/pliers on the prick.

      I’m not into gangster shite, but Chopper was funny and admitted that he wasn’t all there in the head when he was being “chopper”.
      He also admitted that he was a bullshitting show pony.
      “Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn”

    • If Bronson’s changed his name to Salvador, does Charles Windsor now become Charles Bronson ??

  18. The BBC don’t want us to be male or female.
    They don’t want us to be British, French or whatever.
    They seem to be ok with f.g.m. and throwing bennies off high buildings.
    But if I wanted to discipline my own kids that’s fucking terrible.
    What the fuck do they really want???

  19. Fasten your seatbelts. Not quite a sea change but I watched the bbbc news tonight and it showed looting in tampa or somewhere. Looting carried out by b**cks. Nee whites in sight. Of course carrying boxes of Adidas trainers and chucking them in a waiting car is ok in riot / storm situations. Generation dindu.

  20. And speaking of the BBC, could someone please remove that fucking smug smiling bastard brian cox from my tv before I stick a fucking fork in my eye.
    I wish he would disappear into a black hole or uranus.

  21. TNB- simple as that.

    We saw similar going on during the Tottenham riots. Dindus rioting for the sole purpose of bagging themselves a free 60″ Panasonic.

    It doesn’t take much to kick them off either when the likes of Abbott et al stop just short of condoning Dindu riots, thus giving these fucking sub 80 IQ morons encouragement.

    “Gibs ma plasma. Ors dats be raciss and I report dis to Bleck Lives Mutta or ma main sis Abbott. Nomesayin?”

  22. Did you see the EU flags right down the front in front of the cameras at the Royal Albert Hall? Yep. Did you also see them in Hyde Park? Glasgow Green? Swansea and Enniskillen? No. Did you fuck.Fucking BBC at it again. Cunts.

  23. Bugger me. It’s ISAC wot dunnit. Suddenly the BBC is carrying reports orf British aid efforts in the British Virgin Islands and the Turks And Caicos with reporters on the spot. .

  24. A Boeing 747 filled with volunteers has just departed Liverpool’s John Lennon airport and is heading to Miami to assist in the looting….

    In other news… looting has begun in the English city of Stoke after a six foot plank was thrown through a window.
    Police say Peter Crouch is recovering in hospital….

    • “Six foot plank” reminds me of my mates very, very short dads nickname.
      His nickname was “Osram” coz he was a four foot tube.

      Still makes me laugh.

      (A “tube” is Scottish for twat/idiot/fanny in case anyone doesn’t get it)

  25. i was watching the Victoria Derbyshire show this morning. she was interviewing a couple who weren’t happy one of their 6 year olds classmates ( a boy ) was being allowed to wear a dress to school. her other guest was a transgender bloke/ woman./ whatever. this fuckin numbskull asked the 2 parents what sex their children were. ‘ we have 2 boys ‘ they replied. numbskull then came out with this gem: ‘ how do you know they are boys’ ? i kid you fuckin not.. the parents self control was admirable. not sure mine would have been.

  26. Nomination: The Daily Mail

    It’s September so it’s time to slag off schools who try to enforce uniform rules. Most of the “stories” in the Mail are basically chavvy parents complaining about their precious offspring being forced to obey the same rules as everyone else. I admit that some headteachers can be a bit overzealous but in school the rules are the fucking rules.

    The Daily Mail has certain stories it runs at certain times of the year but slagging off schools and teachers is one of their favourites. If there isn’t a way to slag off teachers then run a picture of Diana fucking Spencer. In August, the Mail always runs a story about how exams are too easy and it would better to bring back 1950s-style O-Levels. I predict in late October the Mail will go with tales about health and safety twats stopping a bonfire on Guy Fawkes’ Night and in the run up to Xmas, they will have stories about fuckwitted councils banning trees to avoid upsetting the peacefuls.

    I know teachers are not popular with some folks here – mostly because some member of staff gave them a hard time in 1975 (hint: get over it snowflake). But 90%+ of school staff are not the Marxist ideologues of Paul Dacre’s fevered imagination but decent people trying to do a job with little help from the government, the gutter press or fuckwitted parents. The average conversation in a school staffroom is not about how to force your son to wear a fucking dress but about how a couple of little bastards in a class of thirty fucked up a lesson you had spent ages planning.

    And remember, 90%+ of kids are well-behaved and do the right thing. It’s just that children are like farts – other people’s disgust you but you quite like your own.

    • “Some member of staff gave them a hard time in 1975(hint.get over it snowflake.) ….To accuse anyone who holds a grudge about a teacher of being a “Snowflake” who should “get over it” is fucking ridiculous and offensive.You have no idea why any individual might have a grudge.

    • All my teachers from infants thru polyversity were great, even the ones who had a rep (from preceding year’s pupils) for being cunts, they weren’t, you did right by them and they did right by you.

      I can still name every one to this day.

      Luckily I left school in 1987 and luckier still my formative years were under the Maggie Thatcher era rather than that piss-stain Blair era.

      What I will say is this (as I have two kids in high school and 6th Form now) the teachers of my day definitely weren’t as liberal as the cunts of today. Whether that’s their public facing persona because of fear of being ostracised by the proper libbo cunt regimen there (and they do exist).

      I can’t speak from experience – as I never had it – but the thought of the cane (or wooden chalk board rubber hurtling at you across the room) certainly kept most folks of my era in line.

      And of my friends who did experience it always maintained: “And I deserved ever one!” One of whom subsequently went into the Royal Marines the other the Paras both seeing action in Desert Storm #1.

      They weren’t bad kids or violent it was pranks with them.

      I wouldn’t be a teacher for all the tea in China and I doff my cap to every one of them.

      Hopefully the pension keeps them warm at night because in order for me to enjoy those same benefits I’d have to invest £250k into a private annuity fund.

      That can be the only benefit in this day and age because most teachers don’t have fine upstanding pupils like me to teach! 😃

    • The Daily Mail always side with the chavs and the scum because despite its reputation the Daily Mail are enemies of our traditional way of life. EU cocksuckers as well.

  27. Being born male is normal.
    Being born female is normal
    Being born gender neutral is abnormal.

  28. Methinks a display of eu flag-burning is long overdue…

    How many years in prison will that get me ?!

  29. Yet more tosh from the BBC. So ‘Rule Brittania’ might upset the Scots, might it? Well, you can hear it belted out by a horde of Scots at Ibrox every other week and,
    just for good measure, the lyrics are drawn from a poem (‘Rule, Britannia’) written by – you guessed it – a Scot.

    Some Irish people may not like it, but then I’ve never cared much for Daniel Feckin’ O’Donnell, and the Beeb didn’t hesitate to inflict him upon us…

    Oh, and don’t start me on the whole ‘England is Britain’ thing. It feckin’ isn’t, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a cunt of epic proportions.

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