Modern Parenting (3)

I’d like to deliver a royal cunting to the sharp-elbowed shitcunt ‘modern parents’ who allow their fucking brats to behave like absolute cunts in public. Watching the news earlier, I saw this little shit clambering on the news desk in front of Alastair Stewart, while he was trying to deliver his autocue reading. What did the fucking mother do? Smiled and simpered in that fucking fist-chewingly morose way all modern Bugaboo-wielding shitcunts do.

All kinds of complex socio-political decisions have got us to this point where kids are largely uncontrollable. The liberal left, unsurprisingly, have had a major faeces-smeared hand in fucking up the boundaries of modern parenting. Demonising almost any form of discipline; putting the inclusion, and even fucking opinions of children above the rest of society; decimating the traditional roles of men and women in families, and even expecting teachers to fill all the fucking roles that modern parents increasingly want to rid themselves of – even down to giving them fucking breakfast and counselling.

A few months ago I was at a restaurant with some friends. Notwithstanding it being late on a fucking Friday night anyway, these two utter cuntfucks brought their screaming sprog into the gaff. Once pacified, he then was allowed to wander around the restaurant, putting his fucking hands in other diners’ food and all kinds of fucking liberties until some geezer, quite rightly, roared at the parents for being so shit. They eventually looked up from their fucking smartphones and finally did something at that point. The entitlement and self-importance of these sorts of fucking idiots is off the cunt-charts.

The next time some father of an uncontrollable kid tries to excuse all the banging on your walls/ceiling as being down to them ‘having kids’, tell them “having kids doesn’t fucking exclude you from showing your neighbours a bit of consideration.”

The next time some left-lib-lush tries to argue that her precious sprog “will be your future carer, doctor or local policeman”, tell them that her actually not-so-fucking precious “may equally end up being my future mugger, unscrupulous landlord or crooked financial advisor who tries to diddle me out of my meagre pension.”

And the next time someone tries to tell you it is “society’s responsibility to bring up their kid”, be sure to tell them “fuck off you self-entitled cunthole”, and be sure to tell them that I sent you.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

71 thoughts on “Modern Parenting (3)

  1. Fucking good cunting. Agree with every word.

    Am in starbucks again. New lad serving.Very cute arse.

      • The better question Dick Is, Are you planning planning on sexual harassing or even raping the staff kravdarth? you seem to go their like alot. You know what i don’t care go ahead starbucks baristas are usually unbearable pricks to deal with anyway.. moody hipster cunts Also I find starbucks is a bit to overpriced for me I like their sidebar treats tho

        • He does seem to have stalker tendencies when it comes to Starbuck’s staff, T.S…..That’s why I was wondering if he’s got himself a job there. Not as a barista…I’d imagine that a lot of training is involved with that. I thought he might have got casual work moving on old biddies on when they’d sat too long.
          Spit it out,Kravdath…Bare in mind anything you say can,and will,be used as evidence against you.

        • Also, fine if you loike your cakes served on white-hot plates.

          When I was in Vienna, I was made aware of a Sacher-Masoch torte (I kid you not…), and it REALLY could be sold in a cake shop.

          As with most Viennese cakes, to be eaten with lashings of whipped cream (and some of their WPOs are banging hot…)

        • Plenty of cases to study on here….I’ve always had my doubts about most of the people on this site. They could well be mentals. The voices in my head warned me to be careful,that’s why I NEVER go out without lining my bowler hat with tin-foil.

  2. TLDR; Word bro.

    Superb cunting. This is why I come here, I am not alone!

    Did you hear about that shit the other day with the complaint about the girl on the trampoline who would be out in the garden very day screaming, so someone wrote a rude anonymous letter which went viral after the parent put it on facebook.

    The problem was that though consideration needed to be given to the girl as she was on the autistic scale or something, not only was it implied that because she was a child, and was to some extent “vulnerable”, that no consideration be given to anyone else at all, but then the parent herself (talking to Jeremy sycophant Vine) reinforced her entitlement by saying that she would under no circumstances pay heed to any criticism of her childs and her own behaviour. Utter, unapologetic, deluded, selfishness.

    This cunting hits it spot on, liberal parents are subhuman cunts who don’t understand that the basic thing you pass on to you children is values, because they don’t have any fucking values. They are children themselves. God I could go on I have so many anecdotes but suffice to say I don’t want to listen to a load of fucking screaming little shits whenever I go shopping and your stupid fucking kids are ignorant spoiled brats because you are you brainless, moronic waste of cunting space!

    Thank you Empire Cunts Back!

    • Adhd, autism, etc all catch all terms that mean fuck all in reality. Apart from a relatively small number of people in most cases its just bad behaviour that is easier to excuse with a libtard buzz word. My missus works in mental health and says most of her time is spent dealing with the dregs of society, drug addicts, alcoholics, and general scum most of whom have no underlying cause for their issues they just are cunts. Occasionally she’ll deal with ex military, rape victims or people who have had seriously distressing traumas who have mental health or substance abuse issues but they cannot be treated as a priority much to her disgust because of the appaling way the mental health service is run.
      And the cunts that can’t or won’t discipline their brats are clogging up the system with the insistence their brats can’t just be little cunts but must have Adhd or autism or something and it’s not that they are shit parents.

      • When the state financially rewards a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism it is hardly surprising the NHS is clogged up with parents trying to get on that gravy train.

        Also I notice among my benefit entitled chums, is the tendency to pop out more kids at 40 years old or more, a second family as it were as the older kids are of an age to leave home and guess what all that lovely benefit money too. Plumb that in with an ADHD diagnosis for the latest sprog and Bingo!

        Maybe I’m too cynical…….

      • When I qualified in 1995 I had never heard of ADHD or autism. I can understand autism but ADHD? Load of tosh……

    • Tbf that kind of behaviour can happen with autism. I know because my brother was born with a severe case of the condition and he does the same thing – mainly because he uses screaming as a replacement for not being able to speak. Still doesn’t justify the parent being rude about the situation though.

  3. Indeed. These spoilt rugrats of today grow up to be the self entitled young adults of tomorrow.

    Last night, the next door neighbour who is a divorcee in her early 50s (but thinls she is still a teenager) decided to let her 20 year old daughter throw a party in their back garden. Not one to want to poop a party but they were taking the p@ss. Music thumping at excessive volume until 10:30 pm, girls getting overrefreshed and screaming profanities.

    I had two young children trying to sleep and the poor elderly couple the other side, in their 90s, must have wondered what was going on.

    Luckily the torrential rain, thunder and lightning that pitched up just after 10:30 pm cut it all short.😄

  4. All it takes is a little effort every day to be an appropriately authoratative cunt to your kid/s. My mates don’t call me “Victorian Dad” for nothing. Well, that and the fact that I sport a rather splendid moustache. Which looks rather bent, to be honest.

    • My mates call me that too!

      At least my kids are well adjusted, well mannered and considerate to others (even though they want for nowt) because myself and Madame Rebel have never tolerated and shit from them as they were growing up. No modern parenting here.

      We had our kids in our early 30’s which is 10yrs or so older than the parents of their friends. It’s the pre Vs post Blair era influence at work again I’m sure.

      In fairness the kids of our contemporaries – who were given the modern parenting treatment – are still decent individuals but they’re certainly a lot more “snowflakey” in their “peaceful”/LGBTQ/immo opinions than my lot.

      After an hour with the cunts I have no top lip – having had to bite it so often!

  5. Bar of soap in the mouth from my Mum, belt buckle across the arse from my Dad. By fuck, did I quickly learn where the boundaries in my life were!

    Try that now and even the most feeble minded of children would know to have you arrested.

    Can’t touch the little cunts now, they all know their ‘rights’.

    • I’m rather given to disciplining, in public, the ghastly offspring of people I don’t know. It’s particularly satisfying and has gotten me into many an amusing argument and almost fisticuffs. Is it wrong to wish an enormous, obnoxious fat woman would slap me (after I told off her child) so I had an excuse to punch her in the chins?

    • I told someone the other day that when I was 12, it was one of my chores to do the weekly shop. I was given a list and £20 and the shopping trolley. I joked that this would be called child abuse now!. The person I was talking to said it definitely was!. Jesus wept.

      • We had a teacher and he would say,
        Their will be three hits boy, you hit me , I hit you and you hit the ground.
        We never crossed the line with that hard bastard. That’s what’s needed now more than ever.,

        • I had a teacher like that. Imagine my joy a few years later when I saw him on an opposing rugby team. My pleasure at renewing our acquaintance wasn’t matched by his. I was sent off. He was carried off….turns out the Cunt was a hard man when he was dealing with a 14 year old,not quite as hard when dealing with a 20 year old.

  6. There are 5 things you have to guide your kids on, just 5.

    1. Eat healthy.
    2. Try your best at everything you do.
    3. Respect others.
    4. Have good musical taste.
    5. Don’t be a cunt.

    Seems to me points 1 2 3 4 and 5 have gone right out the fucking window.

    • I’d agree with that, C ‘n’ R. I always say to my daughter, “Be kind and warm-hearted on the outside, but be steel inside.”

      I’d probably add:-

      6. Be open-minded but don’t be naive and gullible.
      7. Don’t subscribe to any religion and cut out all superstitions.

      We could write a good list for 21st century:-
      ~ “The Cunt’s Guide To Bringing Up A Child.” ~

  7. Top cunting. What these shite parents don’t register is that by being utterly spineless and never saying no, they are making life worse for themselves and their kids. How thick can you get?
    Cuntish behaviour in kids is invariably learnt cuntish behaviour: learnt from cunt parents.

  8. So called ‘experts’ give it every name under the sun like ‘helicopter parenting’ or diagnosed with ADHD bollocks when really their little shit stains are just brats. I think we are just seeing the fruition of these cunts in the form of snowflake students, those who have been told that everyone’s a winner, no winners or losers in life and everyone wins a prize. No should mean no for these little emperors, Blair etc are obviously prototypes for these cunts.

  9. Cracking cunting, on the subject of ADHD and hyperactivity my friend has twin boys one is normal but the other has ADHD/ hyperactivity disorder and by fuck do you know it. However he is still a decent kid who knows right from wrong,is well mannered considerate etc,etc. I wish most self diagnosed sufferers of a mental disorder could have little Jack for an hour on a bad day and they would think twice about bullshitting about their own feral brood.

  10. You get the little fuckers on planes kicking the back of the seats and running around. Or just randomly screaming. And of course, everything has a fucking label. Autism can be a truly horrible condition but the scale they use now justifies cuntitude of any order.
    I grew up poor in South Wales of Irish/Welsh parentage. I was thick because we couldn’t afford dyslexia.

  11. The problem is that we are led to believe there’s nothing else to do in life but raise children. So people who are totally unsuited to being parents do it because they think they’re supposed to, not because they want to, and they take the first opportunity to shift the responsibility onto others – relatives, teachers, social workers, anyone. I didn’t raise any because I hate the little fuckers.
    Kids raised by cunts usually turn out to be cunts and cause nothing but problems for society in general. People should be vetted before they’re allowed to breed.

    • Spot on, Allan. I never had kids either ‘cos I fucking hate them like poison. I enjoy peace and quiet, flexibility, spending my own money on me and generally enjoying life on my terms and my terms alone. Mrs Yank is the same way and is probably why we get on so well. Having a kid simply doesn’t fit into that lifestyle, so it boggles the mind what kind of parent I’d have been. Intolerant, impatient, resentful, bitter and permanently angry I’d imagine. Best avoided really.

      What sticks in my craw though is this universal belief that we should all pander to and be tolerant of other people’s kids irrespective. What a crock! I don’t say this in a mean spirited way, but I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else’s kids. In the same way, I’d imagine most if not all parents don’t give a flying fuck about my awesome, well behaved, non-tax payer gouging cat. And that’s perfectly fine by me. But let’s be fair – I won’t inflict my cat on you if you don’t inflict your fucking cunt offspring on me. How’s about that for a fair deal?

      • I never had kids either, cos I looked around and saw what the world was coming to…

        However, I still consider myself an expert on child-rearing.

        At her tender, child-like age of 30, Charlotte Church’s rear still appeals…

  12. It was strange because my kids were perfect yet everybody else’s, literally everybody else’s kids were cunts. Must be a Brighton thing.

  13. A Good Cunting, Empire CB.

    What about the little shites who do ab-so-fuckly NO work at school….then blame the teachers that they haven’t learnt anything! Later in life they probably join a gym, turn up twice to take photos of themselves, then three months later complain that the gym’s rubbish as they’re still flabby losers. Always someone else’s fault.

  14. With the way the schools are teaching kids nowadays, I’d say Its gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. Its easy pickings to just blame the parents but truthfully our schools and uni’s are the real problem another thing corrupting youth is the whole generation of me me me! celebrity culture cunt culture, gender fluid teens. Internet social media sites like facebook & Twitter are a real cancer too. Frowning on other parents use of discipline is a big one I remember my mother use to spank my arse bright red if I so much as sweared at her nowadays its considered child abuse weird times we are living in. Good cunting Empire

    • Year the bad influences are everywhere nowadays not just the parents. I can even remember a tv programme in the early 70s called “please sir” which I knew at the time was a bad influence but I still went along with it and found my young, immature, impressionable self mimicking the totally irresponsible, almost dangerous attitudes portrayed and nurtured week after week. Just think what the kids have to deal with now??? And it’s some nanny, do gooder cunts hidden away somewhere who are responsible for this shit.

  15. Unfortunately I met a couple at a wedding recently, friends of the unknown-to-me groom. They had a little shit for a son who caused havoc during the ceremony, with plenty of black looks and shushing from most people there, except his parents. Afterwards, he fucked up the wedding photographs as well and I felt I had to intervene. “Keep your child under control, please” was all I said and was met with looks of amazement. “He’s got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” was the reaction, as if this explained it all. I said “That’s really unfortunate for you. He’s got ADHD and he’s a little cunt as well”. They left immediately.

    • I was at a wedding once, and a similar little cunt was running around unchecked by the cunts that spawned it. How funny was it, when the little retard ran full pelt at what he thought was an open doorway, only to smash face first into a glass door. I’ll tell you how funny it was. Fucking hilarious. Every fucker was laughing, even the soft cunts who felt sorry for the little shit. Highlight of the day, that and Les Dawson’s understudy on the organ….

  16. My Mum works with people who have autism and they can be seriously fucked up.

    Autism, and especially ADHD are used as excuses for poor behaviour due to worse parenting. The kid’s running around shouting? Must be autism. Throwing their food all over the place? ADHD. Fuck off, you pricks, it’s badly brought up spoilt brats.

    Nothing wrong with the threat of a slap, did me no harm and made me respect my parents and other adults. Never got hit, though, the threat was enough!

    • Did a locum in a child and adolescent psych unit a fews months ago as a favour to someone. Never again! 14 year old trans kids (rude as fuck) anorexics who over exercised all day. All the staff were lefty Guardian reading libtards. The kuds were running riot. Never again…..

  17. I had ADHD as a kid, luckily my parents managed to cure it with a nurturing and carefully administered smacked arse. I also almost became a non-cis, non-binary, asexual, agendered transbender type too as I liked to walk around the house in my moms shoes, but I stopped when I got sick of the old man introducing me as “the little poofter kid”. Also he took them off me one day and twatted me round the face with one saying that if I broke them, he wouldn’t buy her any more… ahh memories.

  18. I blame a lot of this on that stupid cunt SUPER NANNY tv program!
    ” oh little jhonny has just head butted grandad , what should we do SN?” “ah put him on the naughty step for 5 minutes ”
    Fucking idiotic shite!!!! 😡😡

    • ….starring a daft bint who has raised no kids of her own, and gets to piss off away from them at the end of the show. Utter fucking tripe…

  19. Bratts have a lot in common with farts. Only their owners quite like m.
    I did however think my brothers brats would end up being a total disaster coz of the way they were treated along with their subsequent behaviour but really surprisingly they have ended up doing quit well. Apparently they tried to bead in differences in fruit flies by introducing genetic errors but it failed because the offspring kept reverting back to normal so hopefully the human race may still have a chance.

  20. There were two approaches to parenting by people my age. Those that wanted to give their children all the things that they never had or did when they were growing up, and those who brought their children up the way they were brought up. They realised that their upbringing was what made them who they are. Discipline is nothing without love, as is love without discipline. Get that balance right and the children have a chance.

  21. I was a Cunt as a kid and the consensus is that I’m a Cunt as an adult. Can’t always blame the parents,mine tried everything.

  22. Children’s piss poor behaviour and the dereliction of duty by their ignorant trash parents is exactly why I fucking hate kids with every fibre of my being.

    Can’t stand being around them. Or seeing them. Or hearing them. Nothing. Vile, obnoxious, self righteous little walking germ bags. Producers of nothing, consumers of everything including my tax dollars. Hey parents, if you have a kid here’s a novel idea – pay for it your fucking selves and stop sponging off the rest of us who have no fucking interest in your hideous offspring. Cunts!

  23. Seventies/eighties parents are cunts an’ all. Mine were anyway.

    My da hated the sight of me since the day i was born yet cherished my sisters.
    They split up and the mater chose her career, so i got brought up by my grandparents.
    Had a brilliant childhood without the “parent” cunts and have nothing to do with any of them.
    Don’t even know if they’re alive.
    My grandparents taught me the same as i teach my daughter, “be nice to nice people, but be nasty to nasty cunts.
    They might not have brought up the most mentally stable of cunts, but i still respect anycunt i meet, but if i see cuntishness, i will also play the cunt.

    I know most cunts say their kid is the best, but i can honestly say that mine is no problem at all and is respectful, the teachers pet, can take or leave her anywhere and know she’s behaved and helps out with the dog and other chores. So not bad for a fuckwitted cunt like me.
    Her taste in music is her flaw though.

    • I worked on my kids musical taste from the first fucking minute. The first album my daughter heard was Nirvana, my son, Guns n Roses. No cunt rap, no cunt hip hop, no cunt Radio fucking 1. They are grown now but we go to rock concerts and festivals together.

      One of the small number of successes in my life.

        • Isn’t that Grim Nickshaw?

          What a talentless cunt he is. Him and Sarah Cox are the ABBC’S token northerners.

          Sarah Cox is gorgeous however.

          • Sara Cox viewed our house in Brighton when it was for sale, to move near to her friend Zoe. Nice tits.

          • Isn’t Sarah Cox one of those geezer birds ? I bet she farts in public, never wipes her arse, drinks pints and smokes roll ups.

  24. Hi, I’m Nicky Cuntbell and today on the Big Question 20 years on we ask, were they coked out their tits in that merc ?

  25. I see Cunt-Factor is back on. I used to enjoy the first couple or so, laughing alongside the kids when the shite acts were on.

    So WTF gives!?! All you got today was half-decent Ed Sheeran wannabees (which makes them cunts) and decent other acts.

    I never watched past the audition stages anyway but no point in watching the cunt at all now.

    Yes, I know, admitting to watching the shite in the first place makes me a cunt but every now and again you’d get some gold awfulness like the chicken-plucker youth doing “Barbie Doll”.

    Alas no more. Cunts!

    • Can’t stand X Factor a real cunt spectacle of a show I tell you that show probably increases your chances of getting cancer I have no proof that actually happens but its probably true

  26. Fucking mobile phones are to blame for all this shit. Toss pots can’t keep their eyes of the cunting things for more than two minutes. Often I see utter pricks walking across roads staring at their electronic brains without bothering to even look for than two tons of metal heading in their direction at life threatening speed. If I had my way i’d make it a national sport running down fuckwits too stupid to survive without a cunting iphone glued to their fucking face.

    • Once took a call from a 14 year old patients mother on Xmas day asking me to ask her son to stop using the internet. I told her to cut the fucking internet cable..

  27. Raheem Sterling is a cunt… A useless, diving, incompetent, overrated, overpriced, overindulged Man City fucking cunt…

    And England are shite… They’re fooling nobody…

    • Raheem Sterling runs like a chicken.

      Seriously the way the cunt’s head bobs forward on every step you’d think he was being chased by Sylvester Stallone in a sweatsuit!

      He’s a lazy cunt as well. When he was playing for Liverpool he had a weeks holiday mid-season cos he’d played 3wks in a row (or summat). No other Liverpool player received such treatment.

      Mind you he was *only* on £50,000 a week or so back then so I can see how he’d struggle to get out of bed for that…

    • Spot on, Norm. We were spared the pygmy vomit inducing England game over here in Yankland. The last few times I’ve bothered to tune in when they’ve been on Yank telly it’s been such dire crap.

      The Two Mikes on Talk Radio/Sport call Southgate “Pep Southgate”. All his chin stroking, meaningful pauses and philosophical meanderings don’t change the fact he’s a loser in charge of a bunch of losers.

      Nice to see what Potato Head gets up to when not on England duty too. What an utter plank!

      Due to the ethnicity of my beautiful wife, we’ll be following Japan again at next year’s World Cup. They’ve already qualified. Job done. Go Japan! The only other sources of World Cup enjoyment will be England not qualifying, but best of all the Yanks qualifying then getting hammered every game. Every time the Yanks lose at anything, it is deeply satisfying. Not very pro-Yank considering Yankland is my adopted home, but hey I’m still a UK citizen so am under no obligation to join in with their unending love fest with themselves.

  28. Out of the blue, the former president of Mexico threatens white Americans with genocide Because that is what ethic displacement amounts to, eventually. Look at the lefty cunts praising and fawning over him disguisting.
    Now you know why Trump wants to throw out DACA better known as the take care of me stupid gringo americans cause my stupid beaner parents came here illegally and dumped me tax? Trump should just nuke mexico already

    • And the worst of it is that the main line Republicans, including the high profile Paul Runyan, are trying to preserve DACA when the same (traitorous) cunts vowed to repeal it when it was Obama’s brainchild!?!

      When will the career politicians of both sides of the house on Capitol Hill finally realise, no, accept that Donald Trump was voted for by the majority of their electorate because they are fed up of “sanctuary cites”. They are fed up of having to foot the bill for illegals who merely arrive there and by the fact they have children they immediately “assume” residency is a given. They are fed up of having their discernable income being continually eroded by cheap labour flooding in from South of the border.

      These were all the things that Trump ran his campaign on. No cunt gave Trump a chance and yet here we are.

      No all you get – from either side of the house – is that the American people “didn’t really mean it” when they voted for Trump on those issues and so we must be as obstructive as possible on giving the American people what they actually asked for.

      Amazingly enough that same conceit and contempt of the electorate of the UK – again from both sides of the house – parallels the US situation beautifully with regards to Brexit.

      “No they didn’t really mean for us to take back control of our borders. No they didn’t really mean that our laws should take presidence over those of the EU. No they didn’t really mean that they didn’t want a federalised single state of Europe run my corrupt ex-bankers at the behest/whim of cunts like George Soros, etc.”

      Well actually – political cunts – yes we did MEAN EVERY FUCKING WORD! YOU CUNTS!

      Now if you could just do as we demanded of you (seeing how we pay your fucking wages and don’t ever forget it cunts) then that would be great cheers!

      • Well said Rebel Anybody with half a brain knows that immigration, legal or otherwise, hurts local workers. In nature, resources are limited, so the more people have to share them. It needs to be squashed at all costs, or else even the wall won’t matter anymore. DACA was always a anti-white dagger aimed at the heart of America. 1 million homeless American kids, While DACA kids and DACA adults are getting money for their dreams. Does this make any sense to you? This is globalism and its happening everywhere If Trump passes DACA his base will be extremely angry with him

      • Paul Ryan is a cunt. He’s consistently undermined Trump and people like him and that utter bastard McCain seem intent on ruining the best chance the Republicans have had in a long time, to actually make some positive change for average Americans.

        I contributed to Trump’s campaign and was happy to do so. I didn’t think he’d win because I didn’t think the ‘establishment’ would allow it, but it happened. After that I kept getting solicitations from the Republican Party. They can fuck off. I supported Trump. The fact he was the Republican candidate was immaterial to me. The Republicans now have the presidency and control the HoR and the Senate and look at the fucking mess they’ve made of it. It’s like they’re giving it away to the left libtard mongs.

        As for the illegals, I know what I had to go through to live and work in the US legitimately and legally. Let’s just say it took a fair amount of time, cost quite a bit and the supporting evidence/documentation to uphold my case for being here was extensive. That was just for permanent residency, not citizenship and I’m married to an American! To see this filth being given a free pass boils my piss like you wouldn’t believe. Immigration is a very hot topic for me. If you’re here illegally and/or came to be in the US without going through the official channels – YOU’RE A CRIMINAL. Fuck off and dream somewhere else you cunts!

        • Unfortunately you’re not the right kind of immigrant as far as the politicos are concerned.

          I’m assuming you’re not “ethnic”?

          I’m assuming you can speak English?

          I’m assuming you have a job and contribute your bit to society?

          Why on Earth would they want you? You voted Donald Trump in after all.

          However I can understand why they would want to tap you up for funds because you, and folk like you are the only cunts in society paying for anything!

          Your immos/ethnics are great for votes but fuck all use when it comes to party funds!

          “Lo siento senor. No hablar Inglais!”

          “Oh that’s a pity cos I was going to be handing out a few Andy Jacksons!”

          “Oh hang on I can speak a BIT of English!”

          “Hmmm, what a surprise you free-loading cunt!”

          “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

          • You are mostly spot on, Rebel.

            Being a professional, tax paying, law abiding, English speaking whitey, I am of course public enemy No. 1 and just scum to the wonderfully enlightened, progressive and clinically insane left.

            I didn’t vote for Trump because I’m not allowed to vote. Permanent Residency does have some restrictions, that being one of them. I am eligible to apply for citizenship now, but it costs many hundreds of dollars and you have to take a fucking exam. You get questions about the Declaration of Independence, who past presidents were, etc.

            So the authorities want to make me learn a bunch of American history and charge me an arm and a leg for the privilege and yet turn a blind eye to the massive illegal immigration problem and give free passes to criminals – people are have no allegiance to the US, contribute nothing but take all the benefits they can get their thieving hands on.

            The Department of Homeland Security should be begging me to become a citizen. Until that happens, they can all fuck off.

          • Never mind asking you questions about Uncle Sam they should ask the “poorer” students.

            I shit you not but when asked about their country’s geography not 1% got all of the answers right and these weren’t bullet hard Krypton Factor questions they were shit like:

            – Is Vermont on the East or West coast of the USA? Effectively a 50/50 punt. “Poorer” students (with money thrown at them – so much for disparity) got 45%!?! Contrast that with the mid-west non-poor (but who have fuck all spent on them comparatively) who got 89%.

            – When asked to point to Alaska the same “poorer” cunts hit Hawaii over 25% of the time!

            – When asked which of the following was a US President: Ronald MacDonald, Ronald Reagan or Ron Howard? A jaw dropping 29% of “poorer” students elected the burger master himself (and I think Reagan came 3rd in that poll).

            You should tell the cunts: “As soon as your ‘poorer’ students can name any president before 1980 and get one state capital right then I’ll do your exam otherwise fuck off!”

            Again if you were some cunt who was still wet from the Rio Grande swim, any cunt asking you those questions (in Spanish) would be classed as racist and said illegal suing Uncle Sam for millions in “hate” money!

            However you’re the wrong ethnic disposition, speak English and have a job – so fuck you it is!


  29. I couldn’t agree more with this cunting,ive just got back from my local curry house in Cardiff….the food as always was great,service on a sunday shit as the boss is off on a sunday but a hundred times worse was the family of cunts next door who ruined the evening for everyone there by letting their out of control cunt kids run amok,screaming.shouting,wrestling throwing things and making utter cunts of themselves…now its no secret that I fucking hate kids but in this case its the shite parants that need a good fisting for letting these cunts behave like that… if it was you you are a pair of cunts and deserve to be spit roasted by Romanian beggars/,,,,

  30. So in my opinion if I ever hear Esham don’t do this,dont do that,put that down,,,,,future terrorist I reckon if he was that much of a cunt in a curry house,what will he be like in a few years….and if you are Esham the terribles parents you are a pair of cunts that couldn’t control a wet fart,i hope this cunt lives with you until you are 65 yoers old you treble cunts

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