Have you noticed with these snowflake cunts that it’s never their fault?

Bloke parked on my drive in front of my garage. When confronted “It’s your fault because there was nowhere else to park!”

Bloke nearly ran me down speeding in the car park while texting “It’s your fault for not getting out of the way!”

Woman walks around the back of my car while it’s reversing “It’s your fault. You should look behind you!” So I’m supposed to have eyes in my arse that can see through the parked cars either side so I don’t hit here while when’s not looking where she’s going because she’s fucking with her phone?

Bloke parks on the yellow lines and gets a ticket “It’s the council’s fault for painting yellow lines!”

Fuckers can’t afford a house because they piss their dosh up the wall on fags beer and eating out “It’s your fault. You should sell your house and give the money to your kids so they can buy a house!”

Entitled, blameless and fucking useless…

Nominated by Dioclese

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  1. Good cunting Dio that’s going to become more relevant over the next few years if the stupid fuckers keep flocking socialist Pied Piper Corbyn, have it all, pay nothing and when it goes tits up its someone else’s fault.

  2. IMHO symptomatic of growing up and never being told “no”.

    You see it all the time out in public. Modern parents not telling off little Jonny for being a little shite, afraid that they may look mean parents.

    Yes folks, the next generation of snowflakes will be even more sensitive than the present. On a sensitivity scale – akin to a granule of sharp glass being trapped under the old foreskin.

  3. I just saw a bunch of these cunts on tv this morning playing, wait for it……………. fucking Quiditch!!!! FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS. Running around a field with a fucking stick between their legs trying to chuck a ball through a hoop. I can GUARANTEE that every single one of these cunts came straight out of the snowflake mould that has infected 80% of the younger generation. I wonder at what point their tolerance and diversity threshold will tip over when they come to realise that they are being shit upon and fucked over from a very great height. Spineless cunts.

    • I watched that this morning with buttock clenching embarrassment. Fucking bunch of Oxbridge knobheads with fuck all else to do in the summer.

    • And every one a virgin. The girl who has gone so far to split her love of Barry Potter and this ridiculous game, Jesus Christ. Shame she seems to have forgotten the real world.

      And as for this fantasy horseshit being an Olympic sport? Deluded beyond all levels of normality.

  4. When I was of Snowflake age (so 16-22 say) I really didn’t give a fuck about politics.

    I didn’t really give a fuck about world affairs.

    I used to hear of disasters around the world and feel sorry for said victims but that was as far as it went.

    When I went to college I had mates of all sexes, colours and religions and never gave it a second thought.

    When a mate turned up in a new car it wasn’t coveted and he ostracised because his parents could afford it, the usual response was: “Wow! That’s mint!” – even if it was the most basic model Rover Metro Rio 1.0L.

    If a girl came in with a nice outfit, or new haircut and you happened to comment that it looked nice, you were usually rewarded with a genuine “thank you” rather than being reported for sexual harassment.

    This – in my opinion – was behaving civilly and just being decent.

    O’course I was fortunate enough that all this happened pre-1997 and long before the likes of TwatBook came on the scene 10yrs later.

    This has all been skewed because the most vocal advocates/adopters of social media were the groups on the fringes of society and their views slowly started to become the norm until that snowballed (especially over the last 5yrs) and now is perceived to be the norm – even though it isn’t – and woe betide anyone who disagrees because they are just “haters”.

    The biggest issue I have with generation snowflake and their ilk is that if you dare put forward a reasoned response/argument to any of their bullshit statements/standpoints they’ll think for a second and just before common sense could take hold and make them realise what cunts they are, the social media subliminal programming kicks in and they’ll just start to scream “HATER! HATER! HATER!” or “RACIST! RACIST! RACIST!” or “SEXIST! SEXIST! SEXIST!” because it is far easier to not accept common sense and to stifle reasoned debate because to do so would be to admit that they’re wrong.


      • Other BL classic cars…..
        Austin allagro and the princess!!
        Both available in lime green or turd brown….

          • The same bunch of cunts who thought that the public would buy a shit-brown MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire or TR7.
            What kind of idiots decided that people would aspire to a shit-brown sports car?
            British fucking Leyland, that’s who…

          • I had, sad to say, an MG Midget/AH Sprite (same thing) and a TR7. The Titfire was probably the best of the three. Never had one of them.
            I had an MX5 too. Far better than the above and despite being Japanese it’s was a fine British Sports Car…

          • I remember the Private Eye ad for the Allegro (ma non troppo…)
            Hurry while Stokes lasts…
            Waterproof, comes with roadholding ability and a free tow-rope.

            And what about the one shaped like the remains of a block of cheese, after everyone had taken a bit off. The 1822 ??
            Am sure my Gt. Aunt used to drive something called a Triumph Sodomite…
            Sounds like a transbender bra.

          • Shit, my first car was a bright yellow 2CV 😥

            Fanny magnet for the girls at college, though.

          • My first car was a Trottermobile.
            Got it at 16 and drove it for 6 months street legal in a motorcycle licence.
            Passed my car test at 0930 on my 17th birthday…

    • 100% correct RWAC. It also proves that they are incapable of and lack the intelligence to put forward any counter argument to back up their “hater, racist, sexist” one word responces. They probably think that the above will shame the recipient and send them running into hiding. Stupid twat’s.

    • You are quite correct, Rebel. Good post. I must admit, I particularly enjoyed this line “…had mates of all sexes”. Made me laugh that.

      Nevertheless, you are spot on. It reminded me of times gone by in my own life. When I was at Poly (mid to late 80s), I had a mate who lived in the same hall of residence as me, who was also on the same course too. He had a car, an Austin Allegro if I remember correctly, which he used most days to drive himself the 8 or so miles to college. I, on the other hand, only had a bicycle or if I was feeling a bit of a lazy cunt, I took the bus. Said mate would often drive by me on my bike or past me as I waited for the bus. I never thought he was a cunt for not giving me a lift (he did occasionally if it was pissing down) because I figured, just because he’s fortunate enough to run a car doesn’t automatically make him into a fucking taxi service. He was able to enjoy his freedom and good for him.

      I also remember a time when you could say to some female who you worked with something like, “Wow, you look really lovely today”. Couldn’t do that now.

      Sometime in the late 90s I first noticed this new behaviour. The look of absolute disgust you’d sometimes get when you noticed a particularly attractive girl at work and either did a double take or looked a fraction of a second ‘too long’. You know the look – the one which says ‘how dare you look at me you foul loathsome piece of garbage – I’m far too gorgeous to be looked at by the likes of you’. The same girls who would have spent a considerable about of time preening before showing up for work looking like they’d fit in perfectly at some poncey cocktail lounge. Anyone else noticed this?

      The late 70s to mid 90s may not have been wonderful for everyone, but life was simpler then and people were just nicer to each other. It’s been down hill ever since. I blame the internet.

      • And, re the female behaviour, last time I was at the GPs, was reading back pages of some girlie mag, Agony Aunt (prob a bloke writing under a pseudonym, anyway…), some wimman complaining
        “Can’t get a bloke, what am I doing wrong?”
        Refusal to acknowledge your fellow humans, for a start, behaving like a pink, fluffy pwincess.
        And, as one of the Two Fat Ladies said to their producer,
        “You’ll never get a bloke, dressed like that!”
        I actually complimented a younger woman in the street (about 9.30 am) about six months ago, she seemed very friendly and quite delighted.
        Should have put my hand up her skirt.
        Oh well, next time…

  5. And let’s not forget the thinnest-skinned, biggest snowflake of all – the Mango Mussolini, Donald Trump. Literally NOTHING is EVER his fault either.

    • The useless, ignorant cunt has even started describing himself as a “victim”, for fuck’s sake.

      Rebel Without A Cunt is dead right about “social media programming” (above), but it applies equally to cunts like Trump (who seems to conduct government by Twatter) and the far right.

      • Feel sorry for the yanks..All the candidates in last years election were cunts.More so than we have seen in any election I can remember.At least Trump doesnt mind pissing off the student mongs unlike Clinton who licked their arses clean.

      • He’s literally Hitler according to the low level reasoning snowflakes. However Twitter is all you have when your surrounded by assassins.

        • Yeah I have seen people share photoshopped of Trump and his parents dressed as Klan members and people actually believed that shit hahaha

        • Snowflakes so feckin ignorant re history that they seem to be unaware of Heydrich, Goebbels, Mengele, Streicher. (not to mention Stalin, and various other lefty dictators. But, of course, any lefty is a friend of Snowflakes…) I’m not necessarily saying I’d like to meet Hitler down at the local boozer (although we share a problem…atrocious farting, I reckon Dolfy and I would have the place to ourselves in a few minutes…), but there were WORSE Nazis.
          He was, after all, Austrian, and they are disorganized, not at all like the ruthlessly efficient Germans.

    • That’s because he’s a psychopath, Fred, with no sense of responsibility for his actions or indeed any empathy for anyone whatsoever. We must respect the democratic result that brought him to power, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s so full of shit, if you gave him an enema, you could fit what’s left of the cunt in a matchbox.

  6. Its like that cycling snowflake count that killed the woman texting, he said it was all her fault, nothing to do with the fact he couldn’t stop due to not having any brakes…. still they both paid the price she,s dead and he going to prison,i wonder who,s fault it will be when the cunt gets gang raped in the showers….

  7. There was a good article in the Mail at the weekend on the Snowflake Generation. Some stories to come out of universities would make your piss boil like cunts at Oxford who want extended deadlines because of ‘critical anxiety’ and being ‘triggered’ over cultural appropriation for someone wearing a rasta wig or sombrero at a fancy dress party. If Compo Corbyn gets his way then taxpayers would be paying for these little cunts to indulge in their tantrums.

    • A quote by Martin Luther king
      “If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts.
      Be careful, ‘brethren!’ Be careful, teachers!”

    • That was a good article. The nerve of people, expecting special treatment because they suffer from “anxiety and depression”, well don’t go to a place where you’re likely to become fucking anxious and depressed. It’s that simple. Suing a university because despite knowing the rules, she STILL asked for extra time, a class room where she could be alone and a laptop. But no, it’s the universities fault that she had to take a year away to sort her fucking life out, and lost a years salary. Fuck off dickhead. You shouldn’t have gone to uni in the first place. I’m just surprised they didn’t cave in.

      • Wanna bet?Reading about it is one thing living in the middle of it is another kettle of fish.It got worse as I was there longer.Got to the point I was permanently exasperated.

          • Not triggered just thinking oh for fucks sake every 2 minutes and laughing at the lunacy .

          • I’ve been considering it for some time. I feel strongly about the right to decide when you want to end your life.
            Once met Baroness Murphy on a trip. She’s involved with the right to die debate. Her view was that it’ll never get past the catholic lobby.
            I’ve written about it many times over at my place…

  8. The Muzzies won’t need to breed their numbers up too far to defeat these buggers.
    Allah won’t need to wait much longer.
    Heads off.

    • Yeah, once again generation snowflake have yet to realise the end game of their permanent appeasement/championing of the “peaceful” contingent.

      They fail to realise that a “snowflake infidel” is still an infidel in the eyes of all “peaceful” cunts!

      • Year progress for the snowflakes is no head or clit. If you’re lucky you could end up being thrown of a high building or bowing down to an angry god for the rest of your shitwhole of a life.

      • Exactly Rebel, a feminist is still a woman to be enslaved , the trans/queers etc are still degenerates to be thrown off roofs. The only trigger warning you’ll get from a peaceful is burst from their AK47 regardless of how enlightened and diverse they think they are.

      • Generation snowflake really believe they have political savvy with all the news and media at their fingertips!!, unfortunately they have been spoonfed leftie liberal bullshit all their lives and know nothing different!!, from school thru university the whole system is infested and infected with liberal nonsense!
        To them being run by unelected Eurocrats is normal, having open borders and mass uncontrolled immigration under the guise “free movement” all normal, welcoming swaths of people that actually hate our values and lifestyle!! Normal, in world snowflake everybodys welcome!!, they have been brainwashed and simply follow like sheep….

      • Wilful ignorance of the NCP Top-Deck Challenge, straight into the tank of nitric acid.

        What goes “Pink, pink, fizz ? Eddie Izzard and Gay-Ham Norton on their way to the cuntdom of allah…”

  9. Off topic, but co-incidentally as I was watching the news this morning about the flooding in Houston, I was listening to Savoy Brown doing this…

    • Fuckin hell, that brings back memories. If only i knew then what…………………

      • For some reason that image isn’t coming up.. or is it a clip? for whatever reason it isn’t embedding probably just me tho savoy brown was a pretty good blues rock band

        • I’ve got all their albums. They’re still going I think.
          Some albums better than others, but that’s true of all bands.
          Knew them way back when Martin Stone was the lead player. Much better than Simmons in my book. Lost track of Martin after his brief foray into Stones Masonry. Crap name for a band!

  10. Working with these cunts can be amusing though (as long as your company doesn’t have a HR department). I work with a bunch of clever, soppy cunts in their early 20’s (I’m 45) and they’re consistently flummoxed and horrified by my regular use of ‘darkie’, ‘mong’, ‘paki’, ‘flid’ and ‘ding ding’, amongst others.

    On a side note, it was indeed a shame about that decent-sounding Indian family getting wiped out in that Minibus. I can’t be the only cunt on here that, upon seeing the headline, crossed his fingers that it was an entire family of peacefuls that had perished…

    • There are some folk who say: “God only takes the good ones before their time.”

      Hence why he took a decent Indian family before their time.

      “Peacefuls” only get there early by doing their rent-a-bomb trick! The cunts!

      Besides that in itself is proof enough to me that God does not exist because if they did, and we’re all powerful, they’d have sent those cunts straight back with a “not known at this address” note!

      • Caused by a Polish lorry driver over the limit, can’t understand a word of English in court. What a fucking cunt.

        • The cunt understood plenty of English to get the driving job.

          Even so, white, Polish, Catholic man. Name the cunt immediately.

          Swordy, stabby, “peaceful” fucker – not a dickie-bird. Probably categorised as some bloke from Finchley or summat.

          Utter ABBC cunts!

  11. Didn’t the Cunts over at BL give the allaggro the vanden plas treatment?? Chrome grill , leather seats with trays in the back?, walnut dash etc etc
    Leyland actually tried to polish a turd!!!

    • I had a Ford Cortina Crusader , it was the end of the Cortina line and was tarted up. Ended up a rust bucket but during my ownership it was a dam good fanny magnet.

      • Many a good time was had in the back of a Cortina.
        Never had to have one towed home either…

        • Andrew Lloyd Webber summed it up in Evita…

          “Don’t fuck in my old Cortina
          It’s old and the springs can’t take it
          Its just a rust heap
          Driven by a creep
          You want to know why?
          It’s past its sell by…”

      • My mate had a 1600E , although old it was fucking cool , oh How the Essex ladies swooned!!
        A few years later He followed that up with an escort RS 2000 !! More knicker elastic snapping!!
        He was the king of Essex!! 😂
        FF was the crusader ( great name btw) a special??

        • The last time I went out on the piss in Essex the night ended with me getting a six inch gash across my face.

          Those Essex birds are proper slappers…

      • My first car was a Mk 2 Escort.
        It was the 1100 engine so I could probably run faster than it went. I was the ‘L’ spec so it had plastic seats and no radio. I don’t remember it fondly at all…it was fucking horrible.

        • MK2 Escorts rusted like buggery, two door ones were worst.
          I had the van version when I first went self employed and it had the Fred Flintstone floor option…

          • Fords certainly did rust like all the rest but the way people worshipped them made me laugh.
            I started selling cars in 1987 for a Fiat main dealer….yes I obviously know how rusty Fiats were but folks would come in and say ‘ Fiats rust don’t they?’ Then I’d go outside and take a look at their part exchange., something like a 3 year old Escort Mk 3 with the sills shot to pieces and the front suspension turrets already welded. Everything rotted then.
            When I worked there, I had A Fiat Uno Turbo as a company car for a while…obviously no abs, no traction control, no handling, drum rear brakes and did 130 mph. Brilliant fun!!

        • I am sure the Escort was better than my first car. Skoda 120 LSE. The shame still haunts me.

          To lighten the mood the mood, my next car was a lancia beta 2 litre coupe, fuck that was a fast angry burnt oil smelling unreliable bastard.

          • I bought my first car at an auction. 1966 Mini Cooper S, 150 quid. Racing Green with a cream roof. Drove it about 2 fuckin miles when the cunt packed in. Cylinder head gasket. Cunts.

  12. So Michele Barnier is threatening our security if we dont toe the line in Brexit negotiations.That is like Rolf Harris threatening to not babysit your kids.

    • These unelected cunts baffle me. Pay us millions and we wont punish you so much.
      Fuck negotiations.
      We are leaving.
      We owe fuck all
      We will put the same tariff on your stuff as you do on ours.
      We will make the same checks on your stuff as you do ours.
      Guess who loses out? The elected leaders in Europe are going to have to sort this out before they are fucked over by their own bureaucrats.

    • Like I say, fuck sending troops to Afgshitistan, Ircrapq or pisSyria.

      Fetch the troops back and have them on standby in all of the “peaceful” shitholes in the UK.

      In my govt if any bed-sheet or bin-bags came into view I’d have them ready their weapons – just in case.

      Harsh but fair seeing how none of the cunts in their communities will out or condemn the fuckers doing the atrocities, so as far as I’m concerned they’re all potential bombers, stabbers, shooters or hell drivers.

      No doubt there’d be an uproar of cunts (Abbott, Shah and the like) decrying the inhumanity and infringement of human rights.

      That would be the same cunts who kept schtum about the human rights of 8-15yr old kids not to get blown to bits by these “peaceful” cunts at a pop concert!

      Or indeed agreed that young non-“peaceful” rape victims should keep schtum in the interests of diversity.

      Well the UK “peacefuls” can be as diverse as they like so long as they do so under the knowledge that an SA-80 is trained on their arse – just in case!

      Fuck ’em!

      • Military dictatorship here in UK.

        The forces know more about anything than the bloody gvnmnt and so-called specialists do.
        As a v young teenager, the best burger I EVER had wasn’t a Wimpy, but at the Aldershot display.
        RACC. School meals sorted, end of.
        RMP In charge of discipline, sod the regulars, unless they sign up to a “no-nonsense, no PC PC bollox charter”

    • I don’t know too much about barnier but from what I hear I don’t like!!
      Firstly the Cunt works for EU
      And secondly he’s french which instantly makes him an even bigger Cunt!! 😂
      For him to threaten us with this security nonsense shows just how pathetic and desperate the EU is becoming!!….

  13. Tower Hamlets cuntcil deserve a massive one.

    An English kid was fostered to not one, but two peaceful families in the area.

    Said child was stripped of anything remotely to do with Christianity, and obliged to learn Arabic.

    Do we really need to wonder what the outcome would have been had a turd from the nearest date tree been planted in an English family, stripped of all its demontic symbols, bin-bag garb &c.

    No, thought not…

  14. Funny you should mention sensitive little flakey wakeys, Dio… Because I encountered one on my dinner hour last week… Me and a lad who is a friend and workmate of mine were in this place having bite to eat and a cuppa,and George Michael was on the radio… I told a George Michael joke (the handcuffs one) and this cunt, who looked like a cross between Viz’s Mille Tant and Bella Emberg came up to us and asked ‘Are you being homophobic?’… I simply said ‘Get a sense of humour’ while my mate said (just to wind her up) ‘Yes we are… I fucking hate them and think they should be tarred and feathered’… The snowflake frump then proceeded to attempt to lecture us about how George Michael did so much for the homeless, and then Diana, Princess Of Trollops came into the rant… Could have turned ugly (or uglier in her case) bu the lady who owns the place we were in came out and told her to fuck off… Milllie then backtracked and skulked ouf, saying ‘I wasn’t having a go… You’re entitled to your views… After all, this isn’t America…’ to which I replied ‘A Trump Hater and all? There’s a surprise…’ Fucking ugly fat snowfalke libmong bulldyke cunt….

  15. My daughter just picked up her first class honours degree from Bath. I don’t know what makes me more proud, that, or the fact she is a ferocious right wing Muslim hating anti EU atheist.

    • Calm down…before we all get too carried away we need to know the type of degree said daughter graduated in.

      I’m hoping it’s a BSc. because, as we all know, arts degrees don’t count. LOL. We used to rip the piss out of arts students literally all the fucking time. Us Computer Science undergrads were a vitriolic bunch of cunts.

      Full marks for her other qualifications though.

      • I’d always imagined “computer geeks” to be nerdy types unlikely to take the piss out of anyone. When they appear in the papers,they all seem claim to have ADHD as an excuse for their activities. Was it different in your day? 🙂 .

        • Hey Dick – Well, thinking back there were a fair number of utter planks on my course, but it was a mixed bag to be fair. There were a few really smart over-achiever types. They wound me up a bit. We were all at a Poly not a Uni. If they were that fucking smart, they’d have got better A Levels and gone to a Uni like I wanted to but didn’t quite make the grade. Most others seemed normal, hard working, down to earth types, with a few mum’s boys thrown in for good measure. There were some boffin types. The type that still lived at home, wore milk bottle bottoms for glasses, had acne and couldn’t talk to girls. The rest were Pakis or Indians who absolutely stank. You always knew when they’d been in the computer labs, like a week before! They always hung around with their own kind, probably attracted by the smell and never socialised with anyone white or who could actually speak English. But all us whites are the haters and racists though, right? They must have all been completely lacking in social skills though because none of them ever kept in touch. Good. 🙂

    • Seriously, well done to her and to you too Sir.
      I am and always have been a right wing Conservative and My two oldest kids aged 27 & 23 both vote Labour.
      I fucking despair they just will not see sense.
      Needless to say they are both ex Uni students..cunts.

      • Really sorry to hear that …..
        University’s like a snowflake finishing school…. 😂

        • Thanks Quislings.
          Hard to bear, it really is.
          Still, at least they’re not peacefuls.

  16. Tower Hamlets council need a massive cunting. It’s been revealed that the right on cock lickers in Tower Hamlet’s SS division…I mean…social services division recently allowed TWO different Muslim families to foster a white British Christian girl. Take a moment to let that sink in. Apparently, the girl consequently had her crucifix confiscated, was told she would have to learn Arabic because one of her foster mother’s didn’t speak English, was banned eating bacon and was told that European women were drunken sluts and that Christmas and Easter were stupid.

    Rather than find her a white foster family, who COULD speak English, The SS completely ignored the wishes of the family (because as we all know, social services workers are omnipotent, and we should all shut the fuck up, because they know best), and placed in TWO muslim homes. The little girl was said to be highly distressed by this, because as she pointed out to a social worker, the niqab wearing cunt she was placed couldn’t speek a word of English.

    Now before we gave up and told social services where to shove it, my wife and I applied to be foster parents. We have enough room to take in a needy child, neither of us has to work anymore, so we had loads of time to give and we already experienced in raising children. We thought that would stand us in good stead. We were wrong. They wanted to know the ins and outs of our dogs arsehole during the resulting inquisition. The fact we were people of a relatively high income seemed to provoke contempt for unknown reasons, but finding out that I had served in the British Army. FUCK ME! That was a most definite no no as far as the SS were concerned. How could they expose a young child to a man like me? A man who served his country for over 20 years. Or to put it in the way the SS saw, A man who has been trained to kill. I was Pol Pot, Adolf fucking Hitler, Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein all rolled into one. And it was at that point, that I lost my patience and told them to shove the application up their arses. I even put in a complaint, which was acted upon.

    Here you had two people who could have happily given a home to a less fortunate child, provided them most of the things they’d never had before, especially a loving, stable environment in which to grow in confidence and learn all the lessons they needed to learn. But no, we were financially secure white people, and therefore, the enemy. Worst still, I was a potential murderer, because I’d served in the Army and had fought in places like Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So could someone explain it to me how a niqab wearing camel fucker, who can’t speak a word of English, and a burqa clad potential homicide bomber could possibly be put on the register of foster carers? Especially having expressed anti-Western views. Hmm? How?

    My daughters were initially quite excited when we told them we’d applied to be forest parents. They were hoping to get a younger brother. After five weeks of us being asking probing questions, one of which was asking my then 17 year old daughter about her sexual habits, and whether she had ever either given or received oral sex, and whether she had received anal or been pressured into anal sex. That was done in front of ME, her father. My daughters decided enough was enough and asked us to withdraw our application. To be honest, by that point, Lindsey and I had already decided to do that.

    During our application, were all checked more thoroughly than you would have thought necessary. Our bank balances were checked thoroughly. What school my wife and I attended, my Army career, every inch of our computers was checked with a microscope. They even demanded to know why I was born in San Antonio, Texas, rather than in UK. Is it my fault my dad is American?

    So I find it truly baffling that TWO women of non-British origin, one of whom wears a niqab and couldn’t even speak English, the other of whom wore a full burqa and declared her hatred of Britain and its way of ife were allowed to be placed on the Foster Carer’s resgister, which such apparent ease when my wife and I were treated like fucking criminals. 2 years on from that incident.

    Worse still, I have to ask WHY someone at the SS decided it was a good idea for a clearly practising you Christian girl in their care. Particularly when the girl’s natural family objected, and the girl herself expressed her fear and concern. We’ve recently been contacted by SS, to see if we’d still be interested in fostering. They say they don’t need to carry out all the checks they previously did, but they’re desperate for stable couples to take in young children. I’m not so sure, I’ve never liked social workers, and I don’t think its worth it to have them coming to my house and sticking their noses in one a

    • The main issue being that you’re the hated middle-aged white man. Nothing more.

      We’re expected to pay for everything (as folk working pre-Blair era) but we’re not allowed an opinion on anything.

      Let’s face it, since Blair all students are fucked with debt and I know of at least four 20-somethings in my family who are avoiding pay-rises like a plague because they’ll be worse off as their loan repayment hike would make them net worse off. So they pay fuck all into HM Govt.

      The benefits wallahs who engorged themselves at the teat of the “re-elect me and never work again” Blair era are still supping at that teat but now their offspring are in that mode as well. So they pay fuck all into HM Govt.

      The eurotrash pay fuck all into HM Govt as – while some of them may work hard – a lot like “cash in hand” jobs. So HM Govt gets fuck all from them.

      And then we get to the “peacefuls”. While some work, when it comes to net benefits – based on a tribe per family – I reckon they’re in debt with 8 kids going through the NHS and education system per working adult. So HM Govt gets fuck all from them.

      So the lion’s share of HM Govt’s coffers comes from the hated middle-aged white man. The group they choose to alienate and ostracise the most.

      Yeah, I don’t get it either!?!?!

  17. I don’t know where the word ‘snowflake’ came from to describe these cunts. One definition is that the ash from the chimneys at the concentration camps would blow all over the place and the naive people though “Oooh… snowflakes” in a Frank Spencer type voice I would imagine. Another one is that they are so delicate they are like snowflakes. I don’t fucking know. All I know is that they are soft shites.

    If this country actually made something and people had hard manual jobs, or even hard intellectual jobs, then they wouldn’t have time to think after work and they’d just go home, get dinner and go to bed.

    The government should just be truthful. People should work hard. Don’t get into debt. Yes, have time for the individual. Have time for your family. Have as little state interference as possible, not multiple layers of government. Keep your nose clean and everything will be alright. If any party had those policies I’d vote for them.

  18. QDMG, if a child were placed with you and your wife, s/he would almost cerainly grow up to become a decent and valuable member of society (or society as you and I would see it).

    Obviously, SS couldn’t possibly allow that, far too sensible, doesn’t tick the all-important boxes.

    My ex and I once got a giant white rabbit from the woman in the flat downstairs; her partner had just bought a Jack Russell, and she didn’t reckon that Floppy would be too happy living with a terrier.
    Floppy also had his name changed to something more…dignified !

  19. I’m afraid that it’s time to face the fact that you and your family are not what the progressive,modern Britain is all about. A heterosexual,financially-stable couple with a history of raising children PLUS a military influence ?? You bourgeoisie enemy of the people,it’ll be the reeducation camp for you.

  20. Truly fed up of life after today.There is no victory just fucking pain and sadness no matter how much you try.

    • I sympathise with your problems mate their are some days I wish for the sweet release of death

  21. Fucking right mate.

    They say there is no inventment in this country. BS. For years we’ve been investing in the institutions and laws to make everyone feel like they can do what the fuck they like with no consequences.

    The liberal revolution. A future for childish twats to destroy life for everyone else. These snowflakes are the parasites in out midst, but there’s fucking so many of them, there’s nothing you can do or say.

    We’re all fucked!

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