Philip Hammond

I think Philip Hammond -(tiny) Organ must be cunted urgently. I can’t stand Treesa, but if this dodgy wide-boy (and nb the quiff) makes a bid for No. 10, I hope he gets it hard in the nuts, a la Heseltine

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

60 thoughts on “Philip Hammond

  1. Choice cunting.

    Spreadsheet Phil’s always got that perversely satisfied smug look on his face; like he’s just laid a massive shit somewhere he shouldn’t have.

  2. Off topic, but on a recent Cunting on electric cars… British gas are increasing their electricity charges by 12.5% ….. increases like that will certainly encourage folks to go electric.
    Sort shit like this increase out with the energy providers out first, Gove you Cunt, before you even think about going down this road of the impossible of banning fossil fuel vehicles.

    • The Green party have this covered. Each car will have a windmill and solar panels. It will be constructed from recycled composted quinoa.
      Oh, and pedals.

      • I’ve decided to become carbon neutral by storing my farts in the Green Party HQ ready for release at their national convention.

        That’ll show them! All 5 of them!

      • Couldn’t we use green people to fuel power stations – a lot of hopeless farts, and hot air…
        I was in no way advocating burning them. No, I wasn’t…

  3. Another early Viz character makes it to the real world. The above cunt looks just like Norbert Colon (he’s as tight as a gnat’s chuff etc)…

  4. This guy is a weapons grade peacock-ing cunt. Why he is fucking chancellor is beyond me, Rees-Mogg is the only politician with an anywhere credible understanding of sound money accounting, and he ran a successful investment company. What the fuck has this cunt done apart from row back on pretty much everything he has announced thus far?

    He has the odious turd look of Blair, and the fiscal incontinence of Brown. May needs to put this fucker back in his box.

    • Back in his box and lock the lid down. Rees -Mogg is the man for me to replace TM. Eccentric, yes, but far more credible than Boris, a true Brexiteer and folk are starting to listen to him. I also think he’d be telling Dave Davis to ‘toughen up’ and stop this soft approach.

      • Sorry, but a cunt who names his children Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher, Alfred Wulfric Leyson Pius, Tom Wentworth Somerset Dunstan, Peter Theodore Alphege and Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam immediately forfeits any claim to be taken seriously and will be rightly labelled “out of touch” by the electorate. Such a self-consciously cuntish choice of names makes Paltrow and Geldof seem positively pedestrian.

        • Fair shout on the kids names, I don’t get that either … I’m just judging the man on the response he gets on Question Time on his views on Brexit, HS2 and Overseas Aid. His opinions and the response from the audience on those, it would certainly seem he’s more in touch with the electorate than the naming of his kids would suggest.

        • I apologise genuinely, but was NOT meant in terms of anything related directly…
          The compound in question had been in existence for some time before that dreadful period of history.
          Feel free to replace the offending term with gun and percussion caps.

  5. It says a lot about Hammond’s character that he waited until May was on holiday until made his bullshit announcement. He’s a coward, a traitor and a slimy little twat. We’ll have to wait and see if May is a true leader. If she is, she’ll tell Hammond to pack his backs and get the fuck out of No 11. Personally, I don’t think she is a leader. So she’ll probably give Hammond a limp talking to and leave it at that.

    At some point, there WILL be a leadership challenge and Hammond will be the first to stab May in the back. If he wins, we can all forget about leaving the EU. Because Hammond is one of the treacherous slugs who would happily have the UK crawl back to the EU. And then they’ll treat us worse than before.

  6. Fuck British Gas! Anyone using them should switch quickly before all the other thriving bastards follow suit which obviously they will , cartel anyone ? And let’s all keep an eye on BGs profits and it’s directors pay. It’s time something was done about this, gas and electric is a necessity not a choice. Time for a cap.

    • Spent over two years on contract to BG when they entered the electricity market. Universally recognized as the UK’s most expensive energy supplier.

      Why the fuck does anyone buy gas and electric from them?

      • Anyone getting ripped off by an energy supplier when there are other suppliers out there charging far less … sadly deserve all they get. Many say it’s too much trouble to change suppliers ….. You may have to jump through a few hoops, but if it’s going to save you money, then why not.
        The current adverts for ‘We Buy Any Car .com’ , when some Cunt is saying they are willing to take (far) less for their car than what it’s worth …. ‘ ’cause their time is far more valuable !!!! ‘ …. I don’t think that really works out, unless you’re on about £500 an hour, because as sure as shit, using them will get you fuck all like what you would fet elsewhere selling the car yourself …. Cunts.

      • BG…all those bloody penguins !

        There must be shedloads of guano around to offset against price hikes…

  7. He looks like a potions master from Hogwarts and better have some fiscal Harry Potter type spells to pull out his arse over Brexit when the Krauts and Frogs try to screw us, over trade deals and the economic nuts and bolts of leaving.

  8. Hammond takes in £10,000 a week through his numerous buy to rent properties. So he’s well in touch with the ‘common man’.

    • Maybe “in touch” proxy-style… a string of knocking shops by any chance: he’s prob got keyhole-cameras rigged up.

  9. I know i believe everycunt in power to be a lizard and mention it regularly. Well, it looks like he’s about to pull his rubbery face off, a la ‘V’.

    Look at the pic.

    Fuckin lizards.

    • PS. I think it was Anne Widdicombe who said about Michael Howard, that he he’d ‘something of the night about him’, well so does this cunt, and many others in politics, including Anne Widdicombe.

    • Talking about rubbery face, I seem to remember an on-line game “Slap Michael Gove”
      Quite good therapy, I think I did a few thousand one in one pm…

  10. I don’t get this constant exhorting us to ‘switch ‘ energy supplies. Say we all did this, there must be one supplier that is cheaper than the rest, wouldn’t we all end up on that one? Or is it all bollocks?

    • Remember when some mad bastard politician put forward the idea of having prisoners on exercise bikes connected to the grid?
      He he he.

      Anybody ever seen that grid????

    • Can’t be arsed to change suppliers: it’s only ever going to work so long as the energy coy. concerned still makes a handsome profit. If too many people opt for the “good value”, introductory inducements / cheaper rates end, and then…you’re back to punting round again.
      I rely on micro-produced methane to fire the Dutch oven…for the benefit of Cardiff’s hard-of-hearing, tonight’s brew-up smells of decaying sprouts.

  11. With the appearance and demeanour of an undertaker this pro remainer is one dangerous cunt!! , don’t you just know he is in the pockets of the EU collective!! , a more deceitful cunt you wouldn’t wish to meet!, knowing this obvious point you have to wonder about maybots real motives?? Sell out Cunts!!
    There’s a war raging in government!, let’s hope the brexiteers get stuck into this Trojan horse!….. Utter Cunt!!

    • I read Treeza is a Rothschild plant, her Brexit and General Election performance has done nothing to dissuade me of that. Telling pensioners they will tax 100k after applying IHT (death duties) on their 2 up 2 down was election suicide.

      • Raiding peoples nest egg ( house) and (although troublesome Cunts ) bringing back fox hunting ( Brits are generally animal lovers) was always going to sabotage the voting, was really odd? it’s like the tories were deliberately trying to alienate voters , cat weasel did nothing more than promise hand outs from the imaginary labour money tree which grows at party HQ!! , and worse still the electorate bought it….. we’re living in strange times…..

  12. The quality of cuntings on the front page seem to have diminished considerably. So can I nominate my missus then. For being a fat cunt who refuses to accept she is a fat cunt because “she’s not as bad as SOME birds.” Besides which it’s her age, and it’s a known fact that her hormones make her fat, and anyway that’s the only thing she’s eaten all day. Not forgetting the pill of course which also makes you put on weight.
    So someone inform the red cross. They could solve world hunger with just one fucking Microgynon.
    The fat, deluded cunt.

  13. Philip Hammond is a European plant. A remainer die-hard with a streak of treachery a mile wide. He is as keen as mustard to sell this country to the Krauts and attempts pathetic posturing of faux defiance of Brussels demands. This cock sucking fiddler is determined to fuck this country over, to bankrupt us and leave us at the mercy of a bunch of fucking retarded European fuckwits, paedophiles and alcoholics.
    If ISIS were any fucking good, they would take this bastard out and spare us the ignoble end that he plans for us.

    I never trust politicians, particularly those who know the price of everything and the value of fuck all! This cunt knows fuck all!

    • Juncker looks like Heydrich, and I saw a video of Verminhofstadt sprawled across the front benches, ee looked just like Fat Hermann Goering.
      Feckin coathanger-dodger.

  14. Queen Elizabeth the Second needs a Cunting.

    The lazy old trout is, apparently, planning on taking on far less “Official Duties”. At the age of 91,courtiers believe that she has done her share,and it’s time for the younger royals to step up…. What utter bollocks. I’ve little doubt that I could work into my nineties if all my work consisted of was being ferried around in a Rolls Royce, cutting the odd ribbon,nibbling on a cucumber sandwich and then being whisked off to the races.

    She is also responsible for breeding the most dysfunctional family since the Sawney Bean clan were in their pomp. Charles is a selfish arrogant fool. Edward a queer, Andrew a bumptious oaf. Anne,however,is O.K.

    Her grandchild William already takes after his father…too stupid to realise that people have had enough of the inbred spongers. I won’t mention that dolt, Harry,because she isn’t related to the half-a-brain waster. Fuck me,even those weird looking great-grandchildren are already showing the Windsor traits of over-indulged,self-important arrogance that Her Majesty has bred through her offspring.

    No doubt when the old Kraut finally does the decent thing and gives the taxpayer a bit of relief from having to support her and her indolent tribe,the nation will be expected to go into some grief-fest about the old bag…Not me,although I will raise a glass a woman who managed to con an entire nation into believing that she was some benevolent force who only wanted what was best for the country…She only ever wanted the best for herself and her sponging family.

    Fuck her.

    • Tourists, presidents, tourists, presidents, tourists, presidents, etc, etc, etc.

      You’re out of order Dick Fiddler.
      Not everybody and everything is for cunting.
      There’s unwritten rules that you have obviously not read.

      Even though i agree wholeheartedly with everything you said,, I’ll have nothing to do with this cunting.
      Despicable cunting, Dick Fiddler.

      (Bravo pal, sssshhhhhh)

      • Guess I’ll have to be careful next time I’m being chauffeur driven through a tunnel in Paris.

        • Is that in case it crashes or because you’ll be sat next to a “peaceful” cunt?

          • The best reason I ever read for that crash was on this site…. Apparently as the car was going through the tunnel, Diana was giving Dodi a blowjob and the chauffeur turned round to get a better look.


    • Still not been deleted.
      There’s cunters with snowflake demeanors gonna be upset with their slave master being cunted.

      Tear it down and delete. DELETE!!!!

      Eggshell minds will be crushed.


    • Tourists – France, Italy etc do well enough without a family of sponging parasites.
      How many palaces do the cunts have? Add in their lackeys for arse wiping and so on it amounts to hundreds draining on the rest of us.
      If we need these cunts then let them have one residence, preferably in Scotland where they can inbreed in peace.
      And don’t give me shite about President Blair etc. At least the cunt would have been voted in and could be voted out again.

  15. Philip Hammond has got to be the most boring Dullard Politician ever . He makes john Major look like Jim Carey on Speed in comparison . But he has got his own remainer agenda and must be slapped down . The miserable boring looking cunt

    • Apparently before he went into politics they sacked the Cunt from undertaking?? He didn’t have the charisma?? Associated with the profession…… 😂😂

  16. Hammond is a cock sucking weasel, no mistake. The treacherous bag of monkey jism is supposedly proposing a transitional period. Bollox, the sneaky cockwomble would love nothing better than to kick Brexit into the long grass.

    Jacob Rees Mogg has announced he is watching Spreadshat like a hawk. If only some of the other Tory frontbenchers would too take their hands out of the front of their underpants and ensure this divisive ball of excrement doesn’t sell us off along the windward side of Bum Island.

      • Talking of airline cunts, Branson very unhappy with the Maldives re-introducing the death penalty. He says airlines should boycott the islands. Does the slimey skull faced cunt intend to boycott flights to the USA as some states there still employ capital punishment. No! Thought not the hypocritical fuck tard.

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