Naz Shah (2)

Naz Shah,MP for Bradford West needs a cunting,the smug evil cunt. She has ‘liked’and then shared a post on Twitter which is apparently ironic and says that the Rotherham rape gang victims should shut up,for the sake of diversity.

She now claims this was a mistake and that she has an unblemished track record challenging racism and discrimination (except the cunt has got previous for being anti-semitic). How do we get rid of these cunts? Yet Geoff Boycott is piloried.for suggesting,albeit crudely,that ethnic minorities are over represented in receiving awards.

Nominated by Mary Hinge

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  1. In a Britain that has smothered the truth for decades, the emerging dominant races are further gagging the revelations of the victims, for the sake of “diversity”

    Paedophiles reign supreme in this Britain, and the statement made by this piece of immigrant shit, is really a threat to any victim of exploitation to shut up and not come forward.

    No complainants, then no prosecutions. The Muslims can then continue their filthy evil practices without interruption.

    • Class !! And one of Pat Coomb’s best roles, I think (it was her ??)

      One of the greatest ever, along side Peter Cook’s Biased Judge summing-up of the Jeremy Thrope trial…

      • Ah yes. The wonderful Justice Cocklecarrot I think it was. But didn’t some chinless judge/cunt surpass this in the Archer Kings Cross libel trial by saying that Archer coudnt possibly use prossies because his wife Mary was ‘fragrant’
        The cunt got caught out in the end despite the biased judiciary.

        • aaah !

          Nice to know – I thought Pat Coombs had redeemed herself after the “Celebrity Squares” Monkeyhouse wankathon.
          Was it Pat Coombs as Spike’s mother in “Adolf Hitler – My Part in his Downfall” ?

          • That unfunny cunt Willie Rushton always occupied the the middle square in celebrity squares.

  2. She’s the delightful lady who suggested Israelis should be “relocated” to America. Do you reckon her spellchecker changed “Auschwitz” to “America”?

    • re my comments last pm regarding history, this Naff Cow prob does not even know where Auschwitz is, what its function was…

    • She is a racist anti-semitic loud mouth curry muncher. Needs a burkah and some slim fast.

  3. You’d have thought women folk of the “peaceful” variety – especially those in power/of prominence – would be hell bent on steering this country away from Shariah rule (seeing how the women folk in the Shariah states of the middle-East don’t fair too well in the equality/human rights stakes).

    Naz Shah was one of the MPs followed in some shite ABBC fly on the wall programme which included Jacob Rees Mogg and some easily forgotten LibDum shite.

    Funnily enough I can’t remember Ms Shah wearing a hijab, nijab or burka once as she was “driving” around Bradfordistan.

    Well Naz enjoy those privileges while you can because once you have your way you’ll be consigned to being just another baby making machine with no rights other than those that your husband allows – which will be none! Cunt!

    • Any females who peddle libtard, pro religion of peado lies &c. MUST be taught a lesson.

      Blunt, dirty kebab knife, FGM.

      Man-buns can have their bell-end removed in similar fashion…

  4. Yet again the poison of religion is at the heart of this problem. Not only are the filthy underhand cunts targeting young girls who no doubt don’t have much in the way of a normal family life but the insane tactics of the powers that be are doing their utmost to contain as much of it as humanly possible in the name of diversity and integration. Diversity and integration my arse! These oh so holier than thou morons must realise you cannot force people to like and openly accept another culture when they see their own environment being transformed right in front of their very eyes. These cunts that make these ridiculous decisions are kidding themselves if they think the ordinary man/woman on the street believes their sincerity. The only thing these duplicitous cunts in charge have in the forefront of their minds is their own longevity in power and getting paid unmerited amounts of public money for doing a job so badly. I don’t know when it will happen but one day, given the way this rabbit in the headlights approach is being persued, there will be ‘blood on the streets’. I say to all religions ‘fuck off and take your pathetic toys with you’ stupid cunts.

  5. This is just another example of how their WHOLE community regards white people with contempt. This bitch is supposedly one of the moderate ones,but when the mask slips,she’s the same as the rest of her tribe. Their religion has told them that they are superior to “non-believers” and are entitled to kill and rape anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs.
    Every fucking one of them believes that they have a god-given right to treat non-believers like scum. We will never defeat them until we acknowledge the fact that it is not a tiny minority that causes the trouble,it is their whole community which enables and quietly agrees with whatever foul behaviour their kin choose to commit.
    Naz Shar is nothing more than a perfect representation of her community when the “Moderate” facade is stripped away and their true nature exposed. Then we get to see what they all really think and believe. It’s not just the actual bombers and rapists that we need to defeat,it’s the cloak of respectability that people like Naz Shah use to hide the true feeling of their WHOLE community….every fucking one of them.

    • True fiddler.

      She’s one of the moderates and she’s evil scum.

      Who’s fuckin idea was it to bring these cunts in?
      If I’m not mistaken it started well before B.liar , not sure when though.

  6. I consider myself privileged in as much as I have never been to Bradford. A neighbour of mine moved down from Bradford thirty years ago because the place was overrun by Muslims. He worked in administration and he would turn a corner and there would be some cunt on a prayer mat. Thirty fucking years ago. I imagine it’s now a white no go area. If there was a competition for cuntiest place in England, Bradford must be a top 8 seed.

    • Bradford is just part of a peaceful West Yorkshire sea of the cunts. Halifax, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leeds, Keighly. Infested with grooming gangs and those who turn a blind eye to it all..
      Yorkshire – Gods County if your god is Allah.

  7. LBC saying cost of policing Notting Hill is £7 million. £7 million to stop some black cunt going on a stab fest. Last year there were over 70 stabbings. If it was predominantly white it would never be allowed a licence. Think about it, that’s £7 million that could be spent on the hunt for Madeline.

    • TBH it wouldn’t matter if there was 200 stabbings and it cost 15 million to police!!, no Cunt would have the guts to say enough is enough!! , ” although there were 200 stabbings and 1,389 cases of mugging the carnival was a massive success, and whilst unfortunate these things are part and parcel of living in a city nowadays ” you can almost hear suckdick ……

      • @Q Along with your proposed game of Monopoly for Jihadis, I wonder if we could update Cluedo …..Kate and Gerry, In the Apartment,With the Tranquilisers.

        • Diversity community chest….
          Knowing your next door is an active jihadist you have failed to report this to the infidel authority’s
          Please collect £5000 and a 6 month all expenses trip to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan……

      • They should just build some mud huts in the lion enclosure at London zoo for those sponging ingrates. Help them feel more at home.

  8. Shah is yet another uppity itchy knickers sambo trollop of a cunt, who should have no say whatsoever in British affairs… Is she related to Banana Gob by any chance?…

  9. And of course the ABBC will not mention the Shahslag’s disgusting remarks… But if Big Don says absolutely anything, the muslimfucking lickarses are onto it like greenbottles on shit…

      • We get them greenbottle cunts… The ones with arses like metallic green mint aero wrappers… The little cunts all go to the brown garden refuse bin… They must think it’s a giant turd…

  10. Taylor Swift is a cunt… Apart from the very public (and very snide) dragging over the coals of the DJ who allegedly goosed her, this supposed ‘pop genius’ and (now, don’t laugh) ‘saviour of the industry’ has now sampled Right Said Fred… Well, either sampled or ripped off their song… Media knobheads, celebricunt lickarses, and social media mongs claim ‘Tay Tay’ is popular music’s hottest property and the modern equivalent of The Beatles, yet she has to rip off the novelty hit ‘I’m Too Sexy’?! Pull the other one! It’s got fucking bells on!

  11. Lets hope Compo Corbyn sacks her as he did the other week. Although what she said the other week was actually the truth

  12. That reminds me. I’m nominating Corbyn’s Labour Party for a well deserved cunting. As we all know, there were recently yet more revelations about the Police and council in Newcastle standing by and doing nothing while a gang of Muslims raped young white girls. Once again, they did so for fear of being labelled racist if they did their jobs and stopped the filthy bastards. The irony is, it’s impossible to be a racist when dealing Muslims, since Islam is NOT A FUCKING RACE.

    Corbyn fired one of his front benchers, Sarah Champion, for daring to tell the truth that the UK has a serious problem with MUSLIMS, not “Asians” as lefties and the media like to say, MUSLIMS, wilfully raping underaged white girls with the collusion of the police and social services. Corbyn was challenged over this issue, and true to form, he refused to acknowledge or condemn it. Just as he does when asked to condemn terrorism. All he would say was some bullshit about people from all races committing crimes. CUNT!

    Yesterday it emerged that Amina Lone, a Muslim Councillor from Greater Manchester, has been banned from standing for re-election as a Labour Councillor. She’s effectively been sacked. Why? Because she has the nerve to defend Sarah Champion and speak out about a very real problem in British society. It says a lot about the state of the current “leadership” of the Labour party that they would rather punish two women for standing up and telling the truth, than demanding that the scum who commit these terrible crimes face justice.

    It also says a lot about Corbyn’s Labour party that not a single member has spoken out against the treatment that Sarah Champion and Amina Lone have received from Corbyn and his anti-British disciples. These motherfuckers are not just a danger to the UK, they are pure EVIL. They would rather see underaged girls raped and otherwise abused by scum, than admit that a disproportionate number of Muslim males have an unnerving tendency towards committing sex offences against non-Muslim females.

    Since Corbyn and his followers won’t even condemn terrorism, unless it’s imaginary “far right” terrorism, you have to wonder, how terrible does the crime have to be before Corbyn’s Labour, and other lefties for that matter, admit that their favoured religious community not only has a VERY serious problem, but poses a very real threat to the citizens of the United Kingdom.

    Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell and the rest of them keep telling us that they are ready for government. They are wrong. Because until they admit that followers of Islam are MORE likely to commit violent crimes such as terrorism and rape not only are they not ready for government, they are not FIT for government. Because it’s clear that would rather protect Muslim rapists and terrorists than British citizens.

    • Here here.
      Muslims feelings are more important than British lives as far as Cornyn and his band of cunts are concerned.

    • Small point but it’s not just white girls. There have been many complaints in Birmingham about Sikh girls being targeted. It’s not a racial issue.

      • Very true CMC. Any girl fair game except muzzie girls. Relatives only for them. Basically more white girls availiable for the sick bastards to nonce.

  13. These fuckin muzzies don’t even hide their racism.

    They’re blatantly a tribe that hates all others and proves it repeatedly.

    …then they just say … just a misunderstanding. You’re just racist against Muslims.

    So is pretty much everyone else on the planet.
    Wish they’d just fuck off back to their own side of the world.

  14. That slimy little cunt Emanuel Macron has spent TWENTY SIX THOUSAND euros in THREE MONTHS on fuckin makeup.

    What is he Ronald mcfuckin Donald?

    Two words spring to mind.

    Tart and cunt.

    • I also read weasel cunt soon to be slap head Francois Hollande spent 9000 Euros a month on his fucking barber. Just let it go gracefully, the French think you are a cunt anyway.

      • Amazing, really, when hollande is centimetres away from being a slaphead.

        What’s French for brilliantine ? How many litres do you get for E 9,000.

        Perhaps our professional wine-raster Anne Robinson might comment…

  15. Close with Spot the jihadi yesterday in Brussels, but alas no multiple deaths apart from the peaceful who’s in Paradise with his 72 virgin goats. Was looking forward to Mosul trip, now ISIS have been ousted it should be a calm and tranquil place, safeguarded by Sharia Law. Bit hot this time of year though 40+ today with a chance of a light stoning.

  16. Off subject cunters, can’t make my mind up. I’ve got a four fold bet with three results, if Leicester beat Man U ill win almost 300 quid off a 70p bet. The cunts are offering me 20 quid to cash out now at nil nil (halftime) the stingy cunts. Might as well take a chance?

    • Let it ride…£20 isn’t a fortune,and imagine how pissed off you’d be if you cashed out and Leicester went on win.

      • Yeah decided to let it ride, I think Leicester are gonna win. I’m due a big win from Bet365… The cunts.

  17. Latest ABBC misreporting/misrepresentation on R5L on my way home. 6pm news.

    “The man who attempted to stab police officers yesterday with a knife was also in possession of a Sword. The man – who many say was shouting ‘God is great!’…” minor pause “…in Arabic…” minor pause “… is said to have……”

    God is great but in Arabic.

    So basically – ABBC shitstains – he was shouting “ALLAH AKBAR!”?

    Just fucking say it like it is you cunts!

    Don’t you all think we know what fucking Allah Akbar means after all of the recent atrocities caused by “peaceful” cunts (who you’ll compartmentalise as anything but fucking “peaceful”, from Kent, Norwegian, etc.).

    How about reporting exactly what happened and what was said just like Ian Watkins yesterday and Darren – fucking – Osborne a couple of months back!

    What is your appeasing end game YOU CUNTS!!!

    • And the IBC knows full well “Allahu Akbar” doesn’t mean “God is great.” It means “God is greater” ie: our god is better than yours.

    • As far as the ABBC is concerned, May the Lord have mercy on your grossly fucked-up organisational soul.


    That pile of shite was printed (not hand written) on a placard by some cunt in Barcelona today.

    We are constantly being told that all these atrocities have nothing to do with Islam, even though the perpetrators are most vocal in saying this is for Islam/Allah/, so why,after each atrocity, do they wheel out Muslims ???
    Today in Barcelona, Rey Felipe was walking beside a Muslim bint complete with headscarf. Why?.
    If it has nothing to do with Islam, then why was she by the kings side?
    They had stages where Muslims were telling everycunt that they, the terrorists, were not true Muslims, but just some bad apples who had nothing to do with Islam.
    Even the day after the Barcelona attack, they had a bearded cunt wearing a Barça top on the news saying this had nothing to do with Islam.

    Newsflash cunts, this is all about Islam and making Islam the dominant force in the world.

    Yesterday’s cunting of the word “vulnerable” was stellar, but its not only that word, its all words.
    A war of words if you will.
    Nothing anycunt in the media, politics or even the public says makes sense anymore. Its all word games and I’m shite at that game.
    I’ve mentioned here many a time that my schooling was all for nothing as even though i understand whats going on, I’m constantly being told that i don’t know whats going on and any thoughts i have of what’s going on are bad and I’m the baddie.

    Maybe a wall is needed like in Berlin where us knowledgeable cunts are living in safety on one side and the blind gullible sheep can live on the other and embrace being raped, mutilated, beheaded, blown up, mown down and made to pray on a mat.
    That wall will run from Morocco right through to China.

    ISLAM IS TO BLAME is what it says on my (imaginary) placard.

  19. So…

    This word has been chafing my aural gusset for too long now.
    I should dearly love to administer an Agricultural-Strength, Professional-Use-Only cunting to interviewees on Radio 2 and other Left-Wing-Gobshite-Purveyors, who insist upon prefacing their every answer to every single question, with the word “So…”
    “When did you begin the recording process for your new album ?”
    “So I started writing material back in…. blah blah fucking blah”
    “Do you think the majority decision to leave the EU should be reversed ?”
    “So Brexit is a disaster… blah blah fucking blah”
    “Should the rescued pigs have been given to the Firefighters as sausages?”
    “So the rescued pigs blah blah fucking blah”
    My old English teacher, Mrs. Harries, a bleach-blonde harridan of epic proportions, would be spinning in her grave, assuming she is, indeed, dead. (Although she was buried some time ago and that’s usually a give-away). Never, she would bark (‘though not on all fours) begin a sentence with “And” “But” or “So”.
    She had a point – No-one would dream of beginning a sentence with “Therefore”, “Such That”, or “Thus” – all of which have the same meaning as “So”.
    “When did you begin the recording process for your new album ?”
    “Therefore I started writing material back in…. blah blah fucking blah”
    “Do you think the majority decision to leave the EU should be reversed ?”
    “Such that Brexit is a disaster… blah blah fucking blah”
    “Should the rescued pigs have been given to the Firefighters as sausages?”
    “Thus the rescued pigs blah blah fucking blah”
    “So” is a meaningless, pointless, lazy addition to your answer, you thick-as-shit cunts.

    • It’s cunts who use “obviously” or “basically” all the time who boil my piss.

      • So, i was like wow and she was like oh my, and he was like jeez, and we were all like, y’know, like, reeeeeee-leeeeeeee.
        Fffuck offffffff!!!!!!!

        Like, that’s what does my head in.

  20. When bored, i sometimes look up what our favourite doss cunts are tweeting about. This gem is from Oh-wen Jones and was tweeted 7 hrs ago,
    ” people who suggest someone’s left wing opinions are evidence of them being mentally ill/ having a breakdown, are being gross. I mean yuck.”

    Pot calling the kettle a spouted cunt, eh?

    I mentioned earlier about word games and how its mad as fuck and here’s my proof.

    What a stupid little cunt.
    And don’t even get me started on cunts that use the word “gross”. I mean, yuck.
    His followers will lap his shite up with not one realising that they continuously throw horrid descriptions of us coz we are not left wing.
    Daft,daft, daft cunts.

    This is what we’re up against and I’m sorry but my only solution to this is to offer Owen Jones a square go.

  21. The blessed old mater used “innit” a lot. No idea how she picked it up. Also quite a girl for malapropisms (look it up cunts). Many classics. I think me favourite is when she toddled into the local Paki general store (her usage) and asked for “one orf them Durex batteries”. Confused old Ahmed (short changing cunt) who offered her an Ever Ready and a packet orf four Ribbed Ticklers..

      • Which reminds me. A quick cunting:

        Asian Corner Shops

        Sky high Prices. Mouldy ancient stock. Manufacturers special offer stickers removed. All goods only available in small ie most expensive sizes. Only premium price brands available plus some Happy Shopper crap. Do not give receipts. Do not give credit. Booze at extortionate prizes and a lot orf dodgy “as seen orn Watchdog” fake brands. Do not give credit. Hang about. Wazzat? The paki cunt has actually got some decent looking Fray Bentos steak pies. But bugger me, it’s grey goods all in wriggly worm lingo. Sod that. All that mad cow disease beef must have gone somewhere. And no credit.

        What really arses me orf is the little inbred cunt they keep hidden in the window behind the till. No CCTV, just a little twisted cunt eye-balling the punters. Always flash me old arse so el cunto knows I’ve seen him. What aboit me personal space? I’ll give the Guardian a bell.

        And no credit.

        • Really,Sir Limply…..the thought of a Gentleman of your social standing trawling the bargain-bin at the Paki shop looking for tinned pies available on credit shows just how far this country has slipped.
          Isn’t there some kind of geriatric club paying £300 per day with tax-payer subsidised meals available for the impecunious Lords and Ladies of the Realm? You don’t have to even be the full shilling, and it’s bound to be warmer than the local library.

          • There always used to be the Distressed Gentlefolks’ Aid Association.

            Maybe Catherine Deneuve will aid me with an assisted shower…

        • There was a great little corner shop near us for decades… Sold Goblin steak puddings (can’t get them anywhere now!), Maykway curry mix, the Barrs and Ben Shaws pop in the glass bottles… Then Rod (the bloke who owned it) retired and the Parkies moved in… All the stock either changed or discontinued, extortionate prices came in (nigh on a quid for a fucking Mars Bar!) and the worst frozen food department imaginable…. Britain is dying by the minute….

          • Oh, and Parkie shops near hospitals are fucking outrageous… They know that people will get stuff for their loved ones in hospital and the cunts charge a bloody fortune for anything… But especially for drinks, sweets, flowers, and sandwiches (because hospital butties are so shit)…. Thieving cunts…

  22. Getting back to flies. How does this happen? This morning I had a wash and a piss , I left the bathroom door shut and the window closed . No sign of a fly. Then went off to play golf. Got home 5 hours later. Went to the bathroom . Full of fucking flies ! Those horrible buzzy green ones. Where the fuck did they come from? Fuckin mystery. Was about 20 of em.

    • I had an infestation of those flies in one of the byres…turned out to be coming from a nest of dead rats that I’d poisoned. The smell was appalling,as were the flies…..Have you been suffering from a dead rat problem and been putting the smell down to having a particularly savage shit? Easy mistake to make….Hope this helps, Richard1.

      • Them fruit flies are cunts…. Microscopic orange fuckers that are small enough to avoid fly spray and even if you twat a few by clapping your hands, the cunts turn up again… But there is a good trick to kill the bastards… A saucer of vinegar (ordinary will do, but cider apple vinegar is best) with a dash of sugar and washing up liquid and the fuckers can’t resist it… Drowns the shit out of them…

    • One orf the mysteries orf life old heart. Perhaps I can throw some light. Bathrooms are warm and moist, perfect incubators. Every time you scratch your bollocks, arse and gut a shower orf dead skin forms a carpet orf rotting flesh upon the floor, behind the khazi, under the sink and so on. Perfect growth medium for the fuckers maggots.
      How do the maggots get there? On your shoes, on your clothes or if you are the legendary Fred West, the last time you took a bath with your dear lady wife and a little girl. (with every respect Fred)
      Little appreciated fact that that black gunge you get up your nose after a trip on The Tube is dead human skin, some of it very old indeed. What do you think those sweet little Tube Mice live on?
      Make a point orf vigorously scratching me person whenever I travel by tube (thankfully not orften) in order to pay the bastard travelling public back.
      Hope this helps old heart.

      • Oh and as I recall the first words spoken on the International Space Station when it opened back in 1998 were “Where the fuckski did those flies come from/”

  23. I never go into any of our Asian friends shops on principle. On the principle that they all fucking reek. Not only that but the same aroma can be discerned in each and every one of these depots of low cost crap. The fucking carpets weren’t renewed when they commandeered the places and have never seen a hoover remotely near the now blackened with filth once red pattern. Most of the tat in these places any normal person would take straight to the local refuse reception area for immediate destruction. Then to finish off the ambience of the establishment behind the counter sits the untidiest, unshaven, ignorant brothers sisters uncles brother with its hand down its charity shop black kecks playing Bangladesh Billiards. Nah, not for me thanks I’d rather travel the extra couple of miles and pay over the odds for my tea bags.

    • I agree… Although it is a few miles away, I go to Bury Indoor Market for a lot of stuff… British stalls and retailers who have been there since it opened in the 70s and who also have a rapport with regular customers… I get all sorts, whether it’s cold meat or bog rolls… Mind you, I don’t really like going to the ASDA that’s nearby… It’s full of Parking Stanleys….

    • Went into a Polski Sklep in Cardiff yesterday looking for some good ole Polish Spirit, 140 proof.

      Since when did the Poles a) not drink alcohol and b) smoke naff- looking coloured glass pipes.

      The great Polski Sklep has become a victim of its own success; now imitated by the dodgiest sandwogs.
      Fuck it, I’m off to Gdansk. (a possible new hit for Katie Melua ?)

    • Avoiding dirty Abdul’s has been a principle of mine for over 30 years.
      Mainly because the filthy dens charge higher prices than Fortnums and my last purchase (1985) a box of raisins contained, on opening a solid mass of mould that the rats in the alley turned their noses up at. Also they always talk their own language so most likely calling you a cunt or something equally community spirited. I enjoyed telling them to fuck of in Afrikaans as I sauntered out the rather dirty door; untill the box of raisins incident put a lid on the whole paki shop thing. So I had to drag my lazy arse further afield to satisfy my craving for crisps etc. I do not think avoiding paki shops for 30 plus years has done me any damage apart from my missing the whole multicultural thing that seems to be all the rage the “new Black I suppose” but hey life is short if you hop backwards across the A17 so I’m off to complete my drink quota for the evening.

  24. She said about relocating the Israelis to the USA, alot of them are from Europe originally. Thick fuck knows fuck all about history.

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