Michael Moore [4]

I see American motormouth Micheal Moore has been giving his opinion on brexit? As you can imagine it wasn’t a positive one, infact he said that we should ” enjoy our miserable life on our island” ?? Charming!, so I say ” enjoy your early heart attack you lard arsed fat cunt American gobshite!!” …….

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23 thoughts on “Michael Moore [4]

  1. Did he really walk around with that fucking sign? Speak for yourself, you fat sack of shit. Someone should have gone up to him with some freshly cooked bacon, the cunt would have drowned in his own saliva.

  2. I remember him being on a show called TV Nation. I thought he was a comedian and may have even been billed as a comedian. When I saw him I realised that he is not a comedian just a shit documentary maker. He makes Louis Theroux look like an intellectual. I think he has worn the same clothes for about 27 years and has the same schtick as that other unfunny cunt Mark Thomas.

  3. Christ I despise this fat smug know-it-all cunt. Lives a life of wealth, comfort and indulgence (obviously) and hates the DEMOCRATIC society that gave it to him while arse-licking it’s enemies..
    Just fuckin DIE will you…

  4. His films are toilet.
    If anyone made documentaries as slanted to the right as he does to the left, they’d be crucified. Yet this odious, opinionated walrus only shows certain segments and cleverly omits masses. The one about Health was particularly rotten. He painted the NHS as a dream-like, benevolent institute with no waiting, as opposed to the over-subscribed, free-use-for-Health-tourists/ six-hour-queues-at-A&E decaying beast was wretchedly untrue.

    Furthermore, why is he so obese? Good Lord man, stop preaching your cowardly shit and have a fucking walk! You look like you ate Diane Abbot for breakfast, you stereotypical fat, Yank ogre.

    • The cunt is still smarting after some Trump supporters cleverly used part of a speech he made,to destroy Killary on youtube. Ha ha whats good for the goose .

  5. I have never seen anything with this useless fat sack of shit in it. The fat cunt would be okay if they ever made a Family Guy film, he wouldn’t need any make up, the bloated fat cunt looks just like peter griffin. The cunt.

  6. I have never seen anything with this useless fat sack of shit in it. The fat cunt would be okay if they ever made a Family Guy film, he wouldn’t need any make up, the bloated fat cunt looks just like peter griffin. The cunt.

  7. Michael Moore the human manatee virtue signalling spunk bubble . Seen most of his documentaries and all are bollocks cherry picked to death and just plan lying cunt.

    Glad its a Blaire white quote too i find her stuff extremely entertaining and well thought out .

  8. Has anyone got the Cunt in the Deadpool? If not,I’ll have him next time. Nobody that fat can live very long. Wonder if eating himself to death counts for The Suicide Squad? Surely anyone that bloated, who continues to eat,must be trying to kill themselves? Anyhow…Whatever category the obese Cunt falls into,I hope it happens soon,and hopefully when someone is filming. I’d like to watch some lardy Cunt like him explode as they shoved the last gobfull into their greedy maw.

    I liked that film Se7en where the hero made the fat Cunt burst by stuffing him full of pasta. Excellent notion,and a good idea for fat Yanks everywhere.

    • Monty Python’s Meaning of Life springs to mind.

      Lardy arse Moore doing a Mr Creosote, exploding in mid speech and showering his simpering audience of liberal sheep with a hundredweight of half digested burgers in stomach acid…

      • John Lennon did that scene first in Magical Mystery Tour. Hypocritical multi millionaire tax avoiding cunt that he was.

    • I reckon he secretly wants to be gang raped by a whole bunch of wild goat shagging hill boys, just as those German girls did at the train station and borders.

  9. This bloated cunts deluded rantings relating to us all being easily lead, submissive saps bers perfect witness to he’s twisted, mangled, perception of reality. Can’t even stop eating.

  10. We are all Muslims, yeah like fuck you total cuntist, and, your “written and visual work is total fucking pants” please fuck off so a more deserving life form can occupy the large space you currently infest. Cunt.

  11. Furthermore, when he badgered Charlton Heston at the end of his “Anti-guns” film, I felt queasy. Here was this 35 stone slug harassing an old man and giggling to the camera as if he was doing daring and provocative journalism. He’d die slapping his own back if his blubbery arms could extend further than his piehole.

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