Jan Ditheridge

If ever a person needed naming on this site it is Ms Jan Ditheridge chief executive of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust. She has just refused a charity donation because the fund raisers were a group of burly men dressed up as nurses pushing a bed around the town. Ms Ditheridge said: “The presentation of men dressed as female nurses in a highly-sexualised and demeaning way is wrong, very outdated and insulting to the profession.”

The bed-push fundraiser had taken place every summer for decades involving men from the local community and was “light-hearted”. The proceeds from this year’s event had been earmarked to provide ECG machines.

Ms Jan Ditheridge has refused the £2,500 donation so should be publicly named and shamed on this site.

Nominated by Iamnot.

65 thoughts on “Jan Ditheridge

  1. Silly bint allowing her politics before people’s health. She’s probably right; men dressing as women is a bit old. Nonetheless, take the money for the sake of the patients. She looks like the nightmare offspring result if Boris Johnson had rutted Sandi Tosvig.

      • She’s clearly the mutated offspring of 2 related, 3rd generation, nuclear-fallout affected cunts.

    • Trouble is Captain, everyone seems to of lost their sense of humour, i see it where i work all the time, they have to analyse every joke , every comment incase their is some sexist, racist or homo/lezbo connotation about it.

  2. Instead of putting the patients first she has decided to morally censure the collection and make her ridiculous point??
    If her logic was applied to Red Nose Day / children in need etc where people dress up and do silly things to raise a few quid those charities wouldn’t exist!!
    The only unsurprising thing about this story is her name is proceeded by Ms….. daft cow….

  3. Another case of someone saying what they think they should say to make themselves look good and with it. In fact this type of insincerity shows them up as exactly what they are. Cunts! Some Labour cunt called Paul Flynn who looks like a Christian pygmy fiddler was on the radio a couple of days ago talking to Julia H B about the Brexit negotiations. His opening gambit was ‘you may accuse me of sexism here but the problem here is macho men posturing like peacocks when what is needed is women negotiating because they are far more calm and sensible than their male counterparts. So I admit I’m a sexist’. SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR YOU CUNT OF CUNTS.
    J H B saw right through this obnoxious little fuckwit and summarily fucked him right off. People who try to gain popularity by sucking up to minority’s etc place themselves in a category of Cuntitude that cannot be quantified. Ten to the power of infinity CUNTS.

    • JHB doesn’t suffer fools!!!
      I didn’t hear that interview but the guy sounds like so many other kiss arse virtue signaling Cunts that infest the political landscape these days…….

    • This odious little ancient cunt has form. He is fucking useless as an MP and he is the cunt who suggested the referendum vote should be treated like the BoatyMcBoatface vote. His constituency voted leave as did Wales as a whole.

  4. Just a quick cunting for the already saturated coverage of Princess Die on the anniversary of her death.

    Seeing old stock footage of people who didn’t know her weeping like drunk fat birds at a disco turns my stomach.

    And the interviews with some halfwit who met her once when they were 12, just get over it or fuck off, you dopey cunts.

    The Queen of Tarts, still touching lives by making me want to throw up my breakfast.

    • Totally agree TBR,
      Anybody that grieves over someone they don’t know and have never met needs to visit a psychiatrist!!
      I understand when your favourite singer or whatever dies you can feel a little down but full scale mourning??
      It’s like all the terror attacks, I feel sympathy for people that have lost friends and loved ones but my fucking candles remain in the cupboard for when I actually might need them……
      The whole princess diediana circus needs to pack up and move to the next town!!! 😡😡

      • I was working at British Gas at the time. One of my staff failed to turn the next day because she was so distraught over Di’s death. Silly cunt lost a day’s pay and I didn’t extend her contract when it came up because I don’t employ idiots…

          • I was in a bar in Durban whan the tragic news came in. Some Vaaly cunt (a Johanesburger) sussed that I wasn’t a Saffa and came over making offensive jokes. ‘I’ve just heard that Di was on the radio. And all over dashboard as well’ etc etc
            He was put out that I didn’t give a fuck. His jokes were crap anyway.
            One less parasite as far as I am concerned.

          • I was 23 at the time and rooting a 46year old bird I’d pulled the evening before, her alarm clock radio beeped into life at 7am with the solemn news head line that Lady Di had indeed now lived up to her name…..

            Oh that’s sad I said reaching over to hit the mute button, then I carried on rooting away.

  5. Oh, and if I were her inbred and illegitimate children, I’d be more concerned that the world knew she was being fucked up the arse by a sandwog.

  6. Stupid cow, another one with their head stuck well up thier own arse. Whatever amount of cash they raise they should give to the next nearest health authority, certainly not the one this old trout belongs to.

  7. Jan Ditheridge is a silly mong.. She is one of many “professional” liberal plants, wafted into office by a Board composed of similar liberal fuckwits. The NHS has been systematically fucked over by ALL political parties, each inflicting their own ideological knife wound to a mortally wounded animal.

    Ability to do the job is of little concern these days, but the qualities to inflict the “agenda” and promote a universal concoction of piss and puke are foremost on every CV.

    I agree that the fundraising efforts may be a little “yesterday” but so fucking what?

    If morons like this are allowed to be that selective in whom they ALLOW to donate, then the NHS is NOT that strapped for cash.

    Fuck off daft bitch, get your teeth straightened and a decent hairdo, wear something nice and get a man in yer snatch…

    • A bag over the head would be cheaper and achieve a far greater result……..😂
      As you are fully aware you can’t polish a turd..💩

      • Hate to disagree on the polish a turd saying, one of the first skills a newbie lefty libtard learns is turd polishing. I mean how else would the cunts justify multiculturism, the peaceful religion, kids of 3 changing sex etc. Fuck them all.

      • Talking of turds, the Princess Of Trollops griefathon continues shamelessly unabated by the UK’s multitudes of mongs…

        But for all her glitz and glamour (on the taxpayers nut), as my nana used to say ‘You can wrap a ribbon around a turd… But, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd’…

  8. Another totally humourless face like a bag of spanners offended by everything misandrist cunt…. Are they cloning them somewhere? Because this type of munter/cunter is now all over the place… Be it Ditheridge, Grizelda Dick (or whatever its name is!), Wee Bastard Burney, Ace King Queen Jack Monroe, Cuntlin Moran, Sandi Twatswig, that dyke I mentioned who ‘took offence’ at a George Michael joke and many more (as K-Tel used to say on their LP adverts)…. The invasion and takeover of these ugly and humour-free bitches would put Davros and his Daleks to shame ( a Dalek at its worst would be more agreeable)…. Whatever happened to real women, eh?….

  9. I notice the musical mong we all know and don’t love is back in the press: looking like a prick and getting more publicity for and over nothing…. I don’t really buy newspapers any more, but I think I would by and read every single one if the Liwwy ver knickerless mong ever ODs…..

  10. And this Ditheridge cunt looks like a (badly) dragged up version of Timbo from The Goodies… I’m a teapot! I’m a fucking teapot!

  11. I think we need to spare a thought for poor William and Harry on this, the most poignant and sombre of days.

  12. Princess Diana was an alien. I’m hoping to get away with this libelous statement because she’s dead.

    • David Ike and I would agree with that statement Dick…I think she was also a tart who shags sandwogs.

      • I think I’m ok with what I said here,but after learning that it is libelous to say that Mo Farah is changing his name to Mo Lester,as is calling him HoMo, and is liable to get the site closed down I really am limited in what I can say.
        I shall also be mindful of not causing offence when I nominate in the Deadpool.

  13. Didn’t Ike say the Royal Family are all six foot lizards part of some Global Illuminati? Phil The Greeks cover is slipping and is looking more reptilian by the week, I don’t think he will die, just shed his skin and slither off.

  14. Her problem is she is very ugly both in terms of looks and personality meaning she hates men as they wont fuck her hence her problem.If the men dressed up as Dr’s firemen policemen or paramedics I bet she would argue it is still sexist.Fucking miserly cunt!

  15. She could always use the dating site for ugly people
    HOT IM NOT……
    She’s got shelfer written all over her miserable face……..
    David Ickes always good for a laugh, he reckons the moon is an ancient alien spacecraft that controls our minds? To be fair he could be right… 😂

    • Forgot to mention Ickes got a new book coming out ….
      looking up Uranus!!!
      Apparently it’s available in all good pound shops!!

      • Also can be delivered to your door by “Uranus Hertz”, a fully-owned subsidiary…

    • Even her fucking names annoying!!!!
      Who wants the word DITHER anywhere near their
      family name…,. 😡

  16. Fucks sakes. She needs to pull the self-righteous stick out of her arse and stop riding aboard the HMS Snowflake. Another crusader putting her own facile opinions before patient-care. This world spirals down the shitter.

  17. I would rate her an 8 pinter, based on the old Beer Goggles Scale. The scale was obviously completed before the advent of the now freely available stronger brews, like McEwan’s Champion which is 7.3 on the Richter. Using that, I would estimate she’s a 2.5 litrer. 8 bottles of Champion would result in a severe case of Droop de Brewer, as it’s known on the continent. That might be the preferred outcome for most cunters on here, based on her less than fetching photo, though I suspect Dick Fiddler would give it a go.

  18. Looks like the convicted kiddie photo collecting, simpering ex drummer from Bay City Rollers. Was it Derek?

    Silly old fucking faggot in any case. Deserves a firm kick in the fannyhole.

  19. Earlier, cunters were cunting some cunt for saying that wimmin were “more calm and sensible” than men, and i agree.
    I’ve been stabbed twice (flesh wounds) and glassed once.
    The stabbers were male and on both occasions they doss cunts were just trying to get me anywhere they could, but the female of the species (ex girlfriend) got a pint glass and rammed that fucker right in my knee.
    We were splitting up at the time or rather i was getting the dumped, and i thought i was being slick by just sitting there going “yeah, d’ya think i give a shite?”
    Crash smash and i was pretty quickly giving a shite.
    Still, got six weeks off work.

    The female of the species can be an evil cunt too.

    PS. Shite coverage, so i couldn’t reply to the original comments and had to post a new one.

    • “We were splitting up at the time or rather i was getting the dumped”

      What were you getting dumped for?, you left that extra juicy bit out M8…. The wrath of a women is scornful choose your parting words carefully

  20. I’m delighted to see that…

    Z for zoophiles has made it into the equation

    Pre-op elephants are seriously under-represented in today’s full-on, huggy-kissy society…

    JC, where did I put those bloody KP Nuts ??

  21. @TitSlapper
    It was probably many things but i do remember me eating all the chocolate Hobnobs being mentioned just before my tendons were being ripped to shreds.
    Seriously, no joke, Hobnobs.
    Every time i dip one in my tea, i wince.

    She was a vodka drinker and I’ve always been careful around vodka drinkers since. Mad juice.

    • Oh come on, hobknobs you got glassed for hobknobs? don’t stick your dick in crazy mate I doubt it was the vodka I think she was just a fucking nutcase

      • Not just Hobnobs but CHOCOLATE hobnobs.

        There was more and i’ll admit that i’m not the easiest person to live with, but chocolate Hobnobs was the last thing i remember before the searing pain of glass ploughing into my knee.
        The bitch was punching me as i phoned a mate to take me to hospital. My “mate” said that at 12:30 am, it was too late, an told me to fuck off.
        I then phoned a taxi, whilst still being punched and when the taxi turned up and i was crawling into it through the snow, the bitch kicked my dog out and told me to take it with me. So there was me having to take my dog to my sisters before going to hospital.

        Yer right, she was nuts. One of them smiley bitches outdoors but indoors a moody crazy bitch.
        Fuckin stunning though.

        Its amazing how quickly you get over the break up of a serious relationship when yer lying in a hospital bed looking at yer fucked leg.

        I hope life got her back in the end.

  22. Apparently the most commonly used sentence when couples part is….
    “It’s not you…it’s me”

    Surprisingly this phrase is most commonly used in China, but usually when they’re looking at family photos….

    • Had a chinese girl in my school ages ago her name was Me Mi So Lee You could imagine all the original insults hurled at her like “Me Mi So Horny” for example

  23. Sorry I know it’s already had more hammer than a blind cobblers thumb but watching sky news reporting on diediana was sickening!! , the piece just went on far too long, and they posting messages, my favourite for pure OTT nonsense ” even after 20 years I still feel a deep sadness for your passing” , that’s from a “fan”? Not a friend!! , another tweeted ” I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the dreadful news” Sky were lapping up this sentimental shitefest…… Cunts!!

    • The ABBC were full of it too…. Actual news reporters stood outside Kensington Palace where hordes of mongs just stood around like fucking pricks, eulogising someone who they never knew and did nothing for them… Ask any one of these thick griefmonkeys if the Princess of Trollops did anything – actually anything – for them or their kids or their grandparents or their community and the answer will be ‘Errr… Well… No… But she was so nice…. She was (drum roll) The People’s Princess!’ Do fuck off! Not unlike that other griefjackers saint, St Jo Of The Blessed Cox, Diana did nothing for actual British people… Pensioners, children, battered wives etc… It was all brown babies, landmines, and AIDS patients… What a load of mawkish, sentimental, griefjacking bollocks…

  24. I work in the NHS as a very highly overpaid profressional. Stupid mares like this are two a penny. Full of shite, self promoting and more overpaid than I am….and that is saying something.

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