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While I’m on a roll, the BBC’s presenting team at the Athletics are in desperate need of a cunting. Especially Welsh faggot, Colin Jackson, Gabby Logan, Michael Jordan, Denise Lewis and the fat blonde dyke, Balding. Now, we all know that the BBC is infested with twats, but there have been a few times when this bunch have managed to out twat the biggest twats, like Lineker, Chris Evans (who recently allowed his five year old son to wear a dress to a movie premiere) and Jeremy Vine.

One example is their disgraceful behaviour when interrogating the medical chief of the IAAF. Fuck me, if you’re going to ask someone a question, have the basic fucking decency to allow them to answer it, and FINISH answering it, before you start squawking again. That athlete was treated pretty shabbily treated by the IAAF, but the amateurish behaviour of this crew ensured that nobody gave a fuck, because we were all busy tearing THEM a new one.

Then there’s the whingeing about the crowd booing Justin Gatlin. “Other athletes have been banned for drug taking” they all cried in horror and disgust. “Why are they picking on Gatlin”? Well its simple. MOST athletes who were caught cheating, were caught ONCE. And MOST of them apologised. Even if they didn’t actually mean it. Gatling has been caught cheating twice, making everyone suspicious over how much of his speed is chemically induced. And he has NEVER apologised for being a cheat. In other words, he’s a cunt.

The British will forgive a lot of things. Cheating and lacking contrition are two things that we have difficulty forgiving. What’s really pissed me off with the whingeing of presenters though, is the hypocrisy of Colin Jackson and Denise Lewis. When Dwayne Chambers tested positive, ONCE, THEY were loudest in their condemnation, and even after Chambers apologised and served his ban, they were again quick to condemn him, even going as far as to demand he be banned for life. But when the crowd continually booed TWO TIME, UNAPOLOGETIC drug cheat, Gatlin, the crowd were the bad guys, and these two were falling over themselves to see who could climb the furthest up Gatlin’s arse. I’m surprised they didn’t accuse the crowd of racism. Cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw Mc Graw.

56 thoughts on “BBC Athletics Presenters

  1. I’m all for drugs to be used in athletics. I’d love to see some steroid fuelled speed freak snorting some powerful powder step up and run 100 metres in 4.6 seconds.
    I’d love to see the shot put fly over the far stand, and its be great if the javelin event was held on an airport runway.
    It doesn’t have to be official, but i would enjoy it more than the rest that’s on offer right now with only two or three top athletes in each sport.
    I don’t understand the furor over drugs cheats as the drugs do not really help the performance, but more the recovery of the athlete.

    If drugs really made you perform faster then we’d have the odd coke fuelled streaker over taking Insane Bolt and would be stood on the finishing line twanging his shrivelled balls, waiting on the slow cunts.

    • There is so much faggotry over drugs. Make ALL drugs legal. That creates a level paying field. I mean is an energy drink a drug? Where’s the line.

      Also making recreational drugs legal frees up prison space for cunts that deserve prison.

      • Some people who take drugs can be fucking annoying….

        Customs Officers for a start….

    • Yes the money grabbing BBC blaggers are never far away from your TV. The level of smarm and smuggery in their manner is worthy of a group cunting of olympic proportions. It’s the big guns that piss me off – what the fuck does Gabby Yorath know about track and field? Bugger all of course. So they sit Mike Johnson next to her (and another chair for his ego), so he can pad out and talk shit about anything except doping. The athletes are wired up to the eyeballs and they smugly talk about how perfect team GB are and how ‘Sir’ Mohammed Cunting Farah, the imported Somalian mobot creature is bigger than God. Jesus Christ himself wouldn’t get that kind of arse licking. And my most hated cunt of the lot? Steve Cram. A self righteous, miserable, supercilious bore who sits there pontificating and whining about all sorts of athletics things he doesn’t like. I’m stumping up £150 a year for this millionaire cuntfest and my TV will be heading South from my bedroom window soon – I can’t take it. If I see Lineker’s smarmy face I’ll die from cuntation. Good shout from the OP.

  2. I see the religion of peace is showing how peaceful it is again. A goat fucker just rammed a cafe in Barcelona. Our leaders need to fucking wake up and deal with these cunts now.

    • Oh Bob! We must not say such things….It was surely a mechanical failure caused by a nasty white mechanic who did not do his job properly. And in any case, horrible white people should not be sitting around drinking coffee.

        • Surely we need to consider internment. They are all cunts anyway. Just build a big fucking wall around Bradford.

          • I’d make sure they all knew that if anyone commits an attack their wives, kids, siblings and parents will be stripped of all assets and immediately deported to their country or origin.

      • Absolutely right Shaun!!!
        Spineless career politicians who simply tow the liberal line…..
        shame on them….
        Utter sell out Cunts

      • That is the long and the short of it Shaun, total utter fucking cowards.

        The kind of people you know you could not rely on in any sort of crisis, spineless cowards that will probably get you killed in the expectation that they would back you up. Yeah right, they would run and grass you up in instant if there was something in it for them.

        Total and utter spineless cunts, useless pandering milksops the lot of them.

        Platitudes and ‘our thoughts are with the victims’. BOLLOCKS. You don’t give a fuck because you will NEVER be affected by these outrages, all it means to the ‘leaders’ is yet another way to assume more power and amass even more money. Blair must be the role model for all those in politics. What a pile of cunt.

        • Very true. Take the example of the Labour cunt the other day, saying what we all already know about muzzies raping white girls . …well said.
          Some lefty’s complain and the weak cunt apologises and quits.
          I’m full of cuntitude but I stand by what I say and WON’T apologise.
          Shame politicians don’t just say what they believe tell the electorate take it or leave it.

  3. FUCK!

    … More candlelight vigils on the way …

    At least they can’t blame it on trump.

    ….or can they?

  4. I’m actually fuckin irritated just looking at the picture at the top of the post!!
    Bunch of smug self satisfied Cunts!!!
    Fuck the BBC and their wonky eyed leftie liberal bull shit agenda……..
    The Cunts use tax payers money to brainwash the country, there’s absolutely no balance whatsoever to their news reports and when that’s called into question act in mock indignation!! The BBC is a fucking British disease and represents just about everything I despise in modern day Britain….

  5. What in the name of fuck does or did Clarice Balding have to do with athletics…..fuck all. Just like a couple of years ago gary Linekar presenting the golf. I know these pig ignorant fucks will never realize how much the general populace of the UK despise them. That in itself is pretty sad but in this day and age it’s to be expected.

  6. Great cunting by the way qdm. They are the biggest collective of cunts outside of the middle East.
    They shouldn’t have just booed gatlin, they should be pelted him with coins or something.

    ….though he’d probably just spend it on drugs.

    • Fuckin autospell. Should’VE not should be.

      …I proof read that twice! Cunt.

  7. George Aligiah is a cunt, a black cunt and a Government cock sucking stooge, employed by the Islamic State Funded Media of the BeeBistan Indoctrination .
    Tonight upon the News ( and with relish ) he spewed his bile heaped upon the White Nazis, White Racists defending the Confederacy in its Fight to maintain Slavery

    The Confederacy fought to maintain Cessation from the United States. ( like the EU, the South wanted to be free ). The Confederacy was about the economic inequalities, the rape of the south and the attitude of Northern Politicians ( So many parallells here with the EU)

    Aligiah spewed out the script provided for him by the treacherous history altering Nazi bastards of the BBC, but Jeez, did he take pleasure in spitting it out.


    • Whilst also reporting a bit of a scuffle in Barcelona by a lone wolf bloke from Seville…

  8. BBC #fakenews reporter in chief John Sopel is an insane cunt but I dont think its appropriate to mock the mentally ill so I will say no more.

  9. Yeah most of them are fucking boring to hear waffle on and pretend they know about every events in and out’s .

    over paid to as recent developments have shown and quick to change there opinions might i add .

    Have to admit i fancy the pants of gabby and Denise Lewis is one of my all time fav s to fap over .

  10. Nice of Jeremy Corbyn to clarify his position on the whole peaceful rape gang phenomenon. He thinks it’s a load of old bollocks, and there are many gangs of white people going around doing exactly the same thing. Apparently, all communities have this problem, regardless of race and religious persuasion. So there, move on, there is nothing to be learned at all, apart from all men, but particularly white fuckers, are rapist scum. Who needs inquiries when you have this sage to set the record straight. Cunt.

    • Its bloody sickening that we even have to sign a petition instead the judge and justice system or any other politicians trying to pull strings on this case should be outed and barred. 17 years is way way too early for the severity of this crime

      • Agreed.
        Signing a petition doesn’t do shit though. …probably a good thing, imagine what petitions the libtards would be throwing out if it did.
        Unfortunately it looks like yet another case where the cunts win with the full support of the lefty do gooder brigade.
        …though if they rape again it’ll be the rights fault, or trumps fault, or the fault of society, not the evil cunt doing it.
        17 bullets to the back of the fuckin head isn’t severe enough for this cunts crimes.

  11. This attack in Barcelona is horrifying. The filum that was due to start at ten has been postponed due to the news coverage.
    Its one thing when these cunts kill us, but when they fuck up my viewing schedule, is when i get mad.

    Seriously, I’m not watching any news reports of these attacks anymore as all i get is lies and their attempts to brainwash me.
    I’ve had enough, and until our collective governments get real and address the problem, i don’t give a fuck.
    Heartless maybe, but my anger is frowned upon by the left wing media so i in turn, frown upon these cunts.
    And who knows, maybe some cuckolded lefty cunts died. Barcelona is full of hipsters, gays and Muslims, like everywhere but its very concentrated in Barcelona, so i believe these cunts will just lap up another candles burning.

    When is this fuckin filum starting???????
    (Disclaimer, the views expressed in this post are the views of birdman and not ISAC)

    • He they, the filums about to start.
      Twenty minutes extra news is all these poor victims got.

    • They had a big debate on the radio about whether it was eta.
      Do eta smell like curried dog shit and bo and drive cars into pedestrians?
      Well actually I can’t answer that but it was pretty obvious who was to blame from the get go.

    • Bit because there were people of “…all races, creeds, colours and religion…” then the fact that it was yet another “peaceful” cunt can be glossed over.

      • …as reported by the “on message” ABBC reporter who happened to just be there.

        He described it as a “sea of humanity” (inferring that “multiculturalism” is king yet again).

        Yeah we need to keep those EU borders open for all of the EU layabouts to get on blighty’s “bens” (courtesy of selling a Big Issue or two) and as a lovely back door for undocumented terrorists, murderers and criminal scum who we should just let in willy-nilly simply because they get here.

        How enriched is your life feeling right now?

        Please also note that the only cunts the ABBC have interviewed are hipster “on message” tourists.

        Not one born and bred Catalonian has been interviewed. I wonder how blessed they feel from the EU’s multiculturalism experiment.

  12. Last weekend 160,000 people attended a pro refugee rally in Barcelona. You reap what you sow.

  13. Excellent cunting. Although you failed to mention the constant hero worship of muzza Mo and the excessive coverage of women’s events.

  14. Bleeding heart, left liberal, socialist, luvvie, snowflake, live everyone who has the same opinion or pretends to have the same opinion till they get here cunts.

    Sending some hate your way, you fucking deserve it.

    Oh and the religious ones, if your god loves you so much why is the infidel so much happier and better off than you? Cunts.

    Socialists see above x 2………… cunts

  15. BBC news is just fucking propaganda bullshit (as always) as is sky news and many others.
    Free your mind and soul guys from the rat race and brainwashing bullshit.

    “I’d rather live a hard life as a free man, than an easy life as a slave”

  16. “UK Prime Minister Theresa May said her thoughts were with the victims, adding that “the UK stands with Spain against terror”.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron said: “We remain united and determined.”

    Yep…really? Well what a fuck load of shit and what has that achived so far?

    Fuck all. Wake up and smell the coffee you buch of utter hopeless weak cunts you.

    • But they are going to have a day of mourning.
      Not a day of fighting back.
      Not a day of taking the war to the enemy.
      Not a day of rounding up all the cunts that they know are capable of repeating this.
      A day of mourning.

      ….bet the sick muzzy cunts are shakin in their shoes.

  17. A quick cunting

    Religious Education (with a picture of an atrocity?)

    Lost in all this Barcelona Tango has been the chilling news that Germany has lost track of all the “under age unaccompanied children” it has let in from the woglands. Turns out the same is true of every EU country. No reliable means of documenting them apparently so no attempt made – civil liberties ect ect.
    Sweet spot comes as it is revealed that ISIS has been running intensive indoctrination camps for children and young adults in all the wogspots decimated by war. ISIS may be on the retreat or rather melting away before the blitzkreig but they are leaving behind a fifth column of radicalised children waiting to be cuddled, mothered and sent to Europe. Truly the enemy in our midst.

    Another generation of atrocities is thus assured. Hang on to your bolloxs when you go out for a drink or a spot of shopping.

    • Yea why send landing craft and paratroopers when some dumb cunt will just open the door and let you in.

      I saw some footage on sky news a while ago where they’d tied up prisoners and people they didn’t like and sent the recruits in to shoot them for training.
      Think they used kids too.

      Makes my blood boil.

      Why can’t we just have a good old fashioned war with these cunts?
      I know they’re Muslims and they’re pretty much bottom of Allah’s food chain but have they no shame? …fight like a man for fucks sake.

      I don’t like the thought of war but it’s got to better than what we all know is coming.

      We’re gonna get stabbed in the back by these cunts.

    • Should have heard that grovelling BBC lickspittle Jeremy Vine saying its not an Islamic problem and any poor cunt that phones in and says it is was made to look a complete fool. Christ i loathe that cunt Vine and his irritating voice.

  18. Boys help to raise A-level grades…. The misandrist snotty Femstapo cunts can shove that up their crabby fannies…

  19. Fuck Kim Mong-Un and his bullshit… Big Don needs a new ‘To Nuke’ list, and it should include: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya,, Pakistan, Saudi… Wipe Islam off the face of the earth and then round up all the filth that’s left in Europe with a shoot to kill policy… A joke’s a fucking joke… These kiddyfucking, murdering, raping evil human filth must be destroyed and if any do gooding libmongs side with them, then they can fuck off and die and all…

    • Earlier i was asking the missus “how long after an attack do you think it takes for someone to create these unity slogans and do you think there’s some nasty cunts already waiting at their computers to come up with a slogan as soon as possible?”.
      I was half joking, but there’s the answer, Norman.

    • Should be “we fall together”.
      Cunts probably don’t even stand for a piss.

  20. 1 person dies in Charlottesville: “Shut it all down”…
    Over 12 people die in Barcelona: “Pray for peace”…

    Death to snowflakes…

    • Funny how that works huh? almost like the barcelona incident was part of the plan and charlottesville thing wasn’t.

      Remember Norm those nationalists were in virginia to protest immigration and unite under a cause to deal with that problem

  21. This gem from Big Don….

    ‘Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!’

    At this moment I would take a US military takeover of Europe to get rid of these muslim excrement…

  22. On a lighter note, I don’t know what all the fuss is about with Jennifer Aniston and all this nipple bollocks… Have these cunts never heard of Felicity Kendal and Susan Stranks?… They were doing the nips in a tight T-Shirt thing when Aniston was at primary school…

    • My English teacher was doing the nips thing when i was at high school in the late eighties, early nineties.
      The sexy little minx would be all rouge, red lipstick, big blonde hair, tight tops, leather/pleather mini skirts, many different classes of nylons and patented high heels.
      She was a miserable bitch, but i couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she would sit crossed legged on that desk and tell us how we were all such a stupid bunch of cunts.

      • Same here I had a teacher who had a body like Dolly Parton and flaunted it too. Cleavage and loads of makeup and long blond hair. I don’t remember what subject she taught apart from giving me a raging stiffy. But if you are reading Miss Lambton thank you for many vivid fap sessions

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