The Language Police

Can somebody please explain to me why it’s OK for some musicless hip hop cunt to shout ‘nigger’ 50 times during a ‘song’ and yet when an MP lets slip a common phrase in use for centuries and says ‘nigger in the woodpile’ she’s suspended from the Tory party? Has Treeza got fuck all better to do? The woman let it slip, she apologised, job done, move on.

So now we have the language police deciding what words are acceptable and what are not. Orwell’s newspeak in full flow. It’s bullshit, plain and simple.

Anyone remember ‘Love Thy Neighbour’? Can’t see them re-running that on the TV any time soon. Sambo, coon, nig nog all bandied about non stop so we could laugh at the stupid biggotted white twat and see him for what he was. Or how about ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ and Garnet ranting on about immigrant coons and randy scouse gits?

This is how such things should be treated, but not in the wonderful 21st century PC they’re not. Well, not if they’re white on black anyway because it only seems to work that way round. Ask Dianne Abbott.

The cunts that are jumping up and down about this need to get a life and a sense of proportion. Cunts one and all

Play the fucking white man!

Nominated by Dioclese

118 thoughts on “The Language Police

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Dio… I saw an episode of Steptoe & Son on BBC4 at Christmas…. In the original, Albert says to Harold, ‘I’m not having a bunch of white wogs laughing at us!’
    But when it was re-broadcast last Xmas that (and other bits) were edited out… Even more absurd was when in Only Fools & Horses the Trotters take in a pregnant German girl, and Del Boy greets her with the word ‘Mönchengladbach’… This was also cut out… No doubt by some born in the late 80s media studies never does any research clueless cunt who thought a city in Germany was some sort of Nazi reference… It’s total knee-jerk bollocks and almost Stalinist… It’s like all the cunts that say Risng Damp was racist (when they haven’t even seen it!)… Rigsby was bigoted, but Philip (the black character played by Don Warrington) always outwitted Rigsby, got some superb lines, and was the favourite of Ruth Jones… Besides that, Rigsby and Philip formed a bond and a mutual respect as the series went on… But snowflake knobheads will just sneer and say ‘Oh no! That show was sooo racist!’ when it wasn’t… That’s one of the (many) things I despise about snowflakes and lefties… They make out they’re so intelligent and on the ball… When in fact most of them are as ignorant as fuck and thick as pigshit…. Ooooh, Miss Jones!

    • Well said, Mike… Same goes for It Ain’t Half Hot Mum… Libcunts saying that it’s ‘racist’ and that they got a white man to ‘black up’… Truth was Michael Bates (Rangi Ram) was the only cast member born and brought up in India who could speak the language… Rangi was also the wisest and most cunning and insightful character… And as for ‘racism from the British Army? Those were the attitudes at that time… The Sgt Major referring to ‘damn natives’ ‘Filthy Japs’ and his concert party as a ‘load of poofs’ was 100% correct… In fact, my granddad said his Sgt Major during the war was a million times worse than old ‘Shut Up’ played by Windsor Davies… The show -like Speight with Alf Garnett – took the piss out of British officers… With Colonel Reynolds and Captain Ashwood being portrayed as gin drinking, public school, Tory buffoons…

  2. Coconut Beyoncé and knobcheese Jay Zed are huge cunts… Calling their new twins Sir Carter and Rumi… Well, I suppose they’re going to grow up as extremely spoilt cunts, so they might as well have names that make them sound like cunts….

    • Beyonce the cunt has taken the narcissim to volume 11 with this.

      It’s as if this talentless fat-arsed cunt is the only woman ever to have fucking kids. Attempting some kind of deity worship for her and her fucking niglets.

      • In 1780s France self important, self superior, arrogant and decadent cunts like ‘Queen Bey’ and Jay Zed would have copped it on the steps of the guillotine…. Ah, those were the days…

    • Uppity Cunts. This is what happens when they are allowed to pick their own names. I’d have named them ‘Lil Chicken George and Big Fat Momma if they’d been mine….don’t know what I’ve have named the kids,mind.

      • Sir Carter haha wtf? didn’t realise the Jay-Z family was royalty lol and Rumi what kind of fucking name is that for a girl? One of my dads old drinking buddies was nicknamed Rumi cause he almost always had a rum and coke attached to his hands

        Beyonce’s so called muzak is utterly repugnant and Gay-Z rap muzak is even worse I would prefer a migraine truthfully speaking lil chicken george haha good one

        • They are royalty, Titslapper, a right, blue blooded royal bunch of cunts.

    • It’s just typical of black “stars” like Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Born with absolutely no class, but a shitload of arrogance and a strong victim mentality. We all know that the only reason that boy is named is “Sir”, is because Jay-Z hates White people and thinks it’s funny that everyone, especially White people will have to say “Sir” when speaking to his son. The fact is, Jay-Z is just another low brow arsehole, with immense delusions of grandeur.

  3. My trouble is that I just can’t keep up with what’s acceptable and what’s not. I never know if I can call people half-caste or pooves or cripples or whatever they happen to be. Most of the time it seems to be the “outraged” generation who take offence and not the ones that I’m talking about.

    The old saying about “Sticks and Stones” still holds good for me,but I suppose in this tittle-tattle,run and tell society a “Nasty Word” is a great excuse to become outraged and start a twitter campaign.

    I don’t blame the coons or pooves or whoever for this one,I blame the pathetic,puerile generation who spend their time looking for something,no matter how trivial,that they can use to virtue-signal.

    • Agreed. If you call someone a name, you do it to hurt their feelings. Someone who’s obese, you call them a fat bastard. Someone with a squint, you call them a skenning bastard. Someone who’s coloured, you call them a black bastard. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have anything against overweight people, or those with an eye defect, or people who were born in another country. It’s an insult aimed at one particular person, but the politically correct insist that it’s not acceptable.

      • A long time ago, just as all this shite was starting, I watched a clever arse take to task a young lad in Newcastle Central station for calling someone a “nig nog”

        In an instant the young kid decked him with such a beauty, his snot chute exploded everywhere.


  4. Transport for London said yesterday that they will no longer be using ‘welcome ladies and gentlemen’ on the tube network for announcements. Instead it will be ‘welcome everyone’ to be more gender neutral, transbenders and the LGBTQ zealots have of course welcomed the move along with Kunt Khan even though their numbers make up a fly’s fart in the grand scheme of things.

    ABBC almost never show re-runs of Only Fools and Horses, poor old Rodders might need his safe space after being called a plonker or dipstick too many times.

    • I saw that too, I read it out loud to the Mrs who said ‘what the fuck is all that about’, I agree.

      It is the tip of the iceberg and the rise of left wing agitators affecting legislation. The biggest worry is the element of compelled speech, not just banning words or phrases, but compelling and individual to say certain words under threat of discipline if they don’t acquiesce. What is also worrying is those who are super excited and happy about this. Just wait till they are compelled to think and say certain things that they don’t want to think or say. Be careful what you wish for. How can debate occur when there is no free speech?

      Jordan Peterson summed it up here;

      reposted from dead pool 64 if you missed it there

      • I think this is the left’s grand plan, to stifle free speech, thought and debate. Its already prevalent in academia at all levels where some poor fucker got marked down for using the word ‘mankind’ in an essay.

        Start them young and turn everything into a grey, neutral, bland non specific, non offensive pile of pc shite. I’m glad I’m on the older side of the millennial spectrum and had a Saturday job in a butchers where the banter was witty and language colourful, today we would be nicked by plod for hate crimes.

    • What is needed is a new collective term for these people. How about “fucked up persons “

  5. I saw somewhere that someone in the USA was hounded for using the word ‘niggardly’ It defies belief that these fascists are so fucking stupid.

  6. The individual word is not their real problem, never has been. Its the reasons why we say it and our freedom to say it that they really have a dislike of. It’s the real end game of political correctness. If you control the language you control the conversation and if you control the conversation you can eliminate argument and criticism. Once you elminitate those you have no opposition and everything you do will ultimately go unchallenged allowing you to do pretty much anything you like- job done.

    • well summed up,

      a very slippery slope when moving from banning certain words and phrases to compelling people to use certain words and phrases.

      • Slippery slope! Do you think that kind of language is acceptable? I’m sure someone must be offended.

        • Oh shit,

          I didn’t think of that, there might be some slitty eyed gook somewhere really offended where none was intended.

          Guess i’ll just wait for plod to turn up.

  7. James O’Shithead, when praising the hard working, tax paying EU immigrants often likes to contrast them with “lazy Brits.” In our multicultural society that would also include “lazy black Brits” and “lazy Asian Brits.” wouldn’t it? Yes but if the cunt ever used those phrases he would be kicked off the radio. ( i fucking wish ) No, we all know “lazy Brits” are white so that’s ok then.

  8. Seem to have struck a chord here?

    What got me was that when they were talking about it on the TV news, even Piers Morgan was forced to say ‘the n word’ when referring to the ‘incident’. She said nigger. So why are we saying ‘the n word is offensive’. It’s not. ‘nigger’ is offensive so why not say so when referring to it? The censorship and fear of offending anyone – especially non whites – boils my piss.

    I had a row with a noisy yank neighbour recently. She called the police and reported me for saying she should fuck off home and take her airbases wth her. Two cops called at my house and told me it was unacceptable language, so I asked if it was acceptable to refer to me as a ‘tight-assed Britfuck’?

    They had no answer – but I’ll bet if I’d called to report the yank, they’d have ignored me.

    This country is fucked…

  9. So 5 acid attacks in Hackney within an hour.Yet the media are not pointing out that areas with highest Muslim population have the largest number of acid attacks.This country is full of cowards.

  10. Was visiting my parents to overhear this conversation:
    Mum:Who is playing tennis today?
    Dad:The cripples.
    Mum:You cant say that.The correct word is spastic.

  11. Racism (weather you like it or not ) is another natural and inherent human behaviour. We all select by preference, and that includes who we choose to live with or associate with. Its part of our survival and is instinctive.
    People subliminally select. You can go to a strange city, and feel comfortable or insecure within your environment. That is your subconscious awareness preserving your security. We are selective not just by colour or race, but are selective within our own race and culture by such things as “class identity” “social and economic status ” and so on.
    What has happened in such a short time, is that the Liberal Elite and the Itinerant arseholes of social inverse dynamicism ,have tried to change what is natural, and what is relevant to our survival to a model that suits their own perverted inadequacy. The Portuguese must now be forced to change their language and their historic culture to satisfy the beasts of Political Correctness.
    It is the correct, who are the threat to society. What ever happened to the old days when some smart arse tried to intimidate you? We simply filled the fuckers in. Turn back the clock. Or we will be contributing very shortly to “Is a Crunt”

  12. What if you’re half-caste and you say nigger? Do you only get partially offended?

    • I think if you are half caste, then you will only be partly castrated….I think..

  13. Well fellow cunters;I moved to deepest Mid Wales 3 years ago,to a small Welsh speaking village.I joined in straight away,go to Chapel,local boozer,functions,e.t.c;and I get the piss taken for being English,by the local farmers.I take it all in good spirit,and hence,have been truly welcomed,and they couldn”t have helped me and the mrs any more than they have.
    It”s a pity our immigrants don”t adapt to our culture more readily………………..Just sayin”…………..Cunts…………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah(c)

    • The fuckers will burn your house down next time you go on holiday. ‘There’s nothing as mean as a kind hearted Welshman’ a jock once told me when I was a lad newly in work. I am Welsh and despise the home rule cunts who now want to spend good money on expanding the Welsh language. Like that is the priority for a country utterly fucked by the closure of industries. And these cunts really are the language police.

      • Heres a great George Carling description of Political Correctness.
        “Political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people’s language with strict codes and rigid rules. I’m not sure that’s the way to fight discrimination. I’m not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.”

      • On ITV news tonight, an article about making Welsh language compulsory for some jobs…
        Would love to hear next door’s inbred slime-child (his grand-dad’s son, I reckon) try…He must be about 30, can barely string two words of English together…

        I’m sure forced teaching of English to gimmegrunts would go down well with our tolerant liberal friends…

  14. Bitter twisted exes are cunts. Years after they became an ex they are still sitting like fat demented demon plotting your downfall and blaming you for every conceivable issue in their miserable psychotic life.

    Is it common or did I just hit the mother load of vile nasty bitter shitcunt bitchload?

    How many men in this country and around the world are eating regular doses of toxic shit from a woman that ceased to exist many years ago as far as any relationship is concerned?

    A very personal cunting but I can’t be the only one?

    • The ancient Romans carried out the practice of “skinning alive”.

      It was a much quicker end than divorce.

    • No,S.V., You’re not alone. Snakes with tits, every fucking one of them.

    • Its the preying Mantis theory sixdog, its not just your money their after but the need to see us screwed into the ground physically and emotionally. Us blokes are content to walk away from a marriage cut our loses forget the bitch and move on. Its very rare a woman agrees to any terms and how many times have you heard a woman say , Darling i would never try and fuck you over……Yeah right.

    • Oh Sixdog my boy. I could give the female of the species a cunting so brutal and so loaded with extreme hatred that it would put you into a state of trauma.

      Suffice to say, you are absolutely not alone in your experiences with the ‘fairer’ sex.

      • No, MGTOW is the domain of virginal wizards. You can dislike the traits of women and still have relationships with them, as I do.

        Personally speaking, I only consider women good for one thing – and it sure as fuck isn’t their cooking.

  15. The language police are the biggest fascists ever. Latest shite is that TFL staff must no longer refer to “ladies and gentleman” as this excludes, yes you guessed it our “non-binary” friends. What a load of wank…………………

    • The world is upside down and inside out, what was considered insane is the new sanity. The legal system and judiciary are tying them self in knots tackling the hurt feelings of the perpetually offended who are inventing new ways to be offended daily.

      Meanwhile on the streets knife crime is rife and the increase in acid attacks is truly frightening.

      We how every symptom of a society in free fall to self destruction with the barbarians already flooding through the gates,

      The insanity around us is a symptom of the terminal disease that has taken hold on the West.

    • There is much evidence for their being non binary identities as there is a flat earth yet if you say it is utter bollocks people look out you as if you have ejaculated into a babies face!

      • All this noncy bi cock n cunt stuff is ridiculous, makes the fuckers non persons. Non persons don’t qualify for benefits….that’ll shake the fuckers..

  16. Well… We’ve abused ethnic types for fucking years: by conquest, colonisation, slavery, and just being cunts to them. So, if they want to use former insults as a badge of honour, so fucking what. It’s what I’d do in their place.

    It’d be nice if our MPs didn’t talk about ‘niggers, wogs, paddys, ginger twats, etc: They are ‘supposed to be’ above all that, so a bit of professionalism wouldn’t go amiss.

    Admittedly, the whole ‘hate crime’ thing is a pile of shit. Surely most assaults and murders are due to hate, in one way or another, so why single out racial differences?

    I like to refer to things I don’t like as ‘Gay’. My family tell me it’s ‘homophobic’. I tell them:
    a) I’m not frightened of gays
    b) Language changes over time: Gay used to mean “happy, carefree”. Then it meant “Homosexual”. Now it means “slightly pathetic, unappealing”.


    James Woods the Hollywood actor is NOT A CUNT.His twitter feed has long been a hilarious antidote to the liberal Hollywood nonesense.He has surpassed himself this time by savagely taking down some fucking fruitloops raising their kid as “gender non-conforming” and using their son to plug their agenda.Suffice to say the liberal Hollywood elite and the gay brigade are incensed by this calling Woods homophobic despite him being a gay rights activist .

    We Should send a personal invite for Woods to join this site.I think he would fit in well!

    • Any person who uses their child as a “proxy” for their outrageous beliefs, is actually guilty of Child Abuse and is subject to the court of protection .

      A few such orders, and the removal of the child to the protection of the court , may just be enough to send a clear signal to the mingers to think carefully how they use their children.

      Beckhams beware.

  18. Been burgled? Had your car nicked? Been mugged by a bunch of child refugees. Don’t bother reporting it, the coppers are too busy chasing people for using forbidden words on the internet.

  19. Now that the little cunts who threw acid around have been caught, there will be a candlelit vigil to protect the identities of these little fuckers. No doubt, the army of the anguished tit squeezers will lactate outrage at the arrest of “Chillun” who have seen “Much Pain ” in their former countries ( although the little cunts were probably born in Londonistan )
    I hope some fucker gets a crack at these pieces of shit and attempts to electroplate the little shits before their goodnight bath in battery acid. Cunts.

        • It’s not something I would do on the spur of the moment. Trouble is in my mind we baby these cunts who go round committing brutal violence on innocent people. They get a smack on the wrist, a couple of years in prison is a credibility boost for them.

          The majoity of these little fucktards would walk a straight line of they thought for a moment they might be on the other end of the brutality they dish out.

          So yes if someone is willing to do that sort of shit to me or mine I am willing to make sure they endure a suitable response that ensures they will never do anything similar again.

          You can’t deter this sort of shit with cotton wool and a harsh word from some decrepit old cunt called a judge. The certain threat of extreme violence is the fastest way to peace.

    • I can’t believe the ‘knee jerk’ reaction to deter this appalling behaviour is to make the purchase or carrying around (transport) of such acids / chemicals to be more strictly policed.
      …. No, no, no …. jail these Cunts, of whatever age, for 25 years each …. no question and any limp wristed defendants of these Cunts are told to fuck off. Now that should be a deterrent to any other fucker about to try the same shit.

  20. I nearly puked in my soup when I saw that Soubry cunt bemoaning and bewailing the woman that used the forbidden ‘N’ word. What a fucking pitiful sight to behold a woman of 60 years of fucking age pretending to be so utterly shocked and appalled by the use of such a vile word. Grow up for fucks sake you false old bag. I guarantee if some teenage black kid ran a fucking screwdriver down her car or broke into her house she’d come out with a string of descriptive profanities in private aimed at the aforesaid miscreant, and if she says she wouldn’t she’s a stinking fucking liar. I am not a racist, I am a name caller. If you’re a nice person I like you. If you’re not I might call you a scouse cunt or a welsh twat or or an eskimo wanker. As Douglas Murray says, when the Muzzie extremists come to nuke us we’ll be arguing about wether we can call some bloke a girl or if some bird can use the mens bogs. Go swallow my cheesy bell end cunts.

  21. Make it all State Policy. Then criticizing State Policy will instantly become “unacceptable behaviour”
    Try telling anyone that and they’ll just laughingly reply that “that sort of thing couldn’t happen here”

    Well, it is happening. Free Speech and what little Democracy we ever really had are being dismantled in full public view and with mass approval from the media and political class, manipulating the population through social media and selected news stories.
    The people go along with it because it appears, on the surface, to be the “decent thing to do”
    “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”

  22. That Lord Adonis is a cunt…..
    I heard the twat on radio four this morning, who were loudly trumpeting his thought that allowing brexit to happen was the same as appeasing the nazis in the thirties. How the fuck does that work? Short answer, it doesn’t. A stupid analogy from a stupid man with a stupid name.

  23. Near to where I live there is a gravestone – – at Sunderland point – called “Sambo’s grave” – they come from all over to see it. Fuck knows what they call it in this PC age.
    In the early 18th century Sunderland Point was a port for Lancaster, serving ships too large to sail up to the town.[1] According to the Lonsdale Magazine of 1822,[2] Sambo had arrived around 1736 from the West Indies as a servant to the captain of an unnamed ship:

    After she had discharged her cargo, he was placed at the inn…with the intention of remaining there on board wages till the vessel was ready to sail; but supposing himself to be deserted by the master, without being able, probably from his ignorance of the language, to ascertain the cause, he fell into a complete state of stupefaction, even to such a degree that he secreted himself in the loft on the brewhouses and stretching himself out at full length on the bare boards refused all sustenance. He continued in this state only a few days, when death terminated the sufferings of poor Samboo. As soon as Samboo’s exit was known to the sailors who happened to be there, they excavated him in a grave in a lonely dell in a rabbit warren behind the village, within twenty yards of the sea shore, whither they conveyed his remains without either coffin or bier, being covered only with the clothes in which he died.—Lonsdale Magazine, 1822″
    A footnote – much admired (well by some) legendary darts show Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen had to give up his job as a host on BBC Lancashire radio after several complaints about a description used on a phone in and discussed in the studio. The reason? In Lancashire there is a term used locally “nig nog” – to describe someone a bit tapped or not all there, an idiot, amongst many other funnier phrases. 4 calls were received in complaint – Jim was suspended and ended up resigning. I hope the 4 cunts have rabbits that die and they cant sell the hutches. Top cunting by the way a cunt etc.

  24. Rules have to be implemented across the board otherwise they’re just guidelines, and guidelines are ineffectual as fuck.

    If it’s okay for that utter bellend of a spazzy cunt Kanye to call himself and his ‘brethren’ niggas then it’s okay for me to call them niggas too … that’s the bottom line. Same goes for ‘queers.’ If it’s okay for some knob-polishing trendy cunt in Camden to refer to himself amusingly as a queer or a fag then it’s okay for me to do the same, and any rule that tells me otherwise is as much of a cunt as he is.

    When it comes to rap and hip-hop what’s needed is a production/distribution boycott on any recorded material that includes offensive racial terms, whether espoused by whites or blacks or anywhere in betweens. If the in-house recording studios want to waive the rules then don’t give the material air-time and don’t certificate it for EU release. You tell that dopey cunt Jay-Z that he ain’t getting anymore royalties until he starts calling blacks something more polite on his albums and he’ll be as pc as GAP before you can say Nigger.

    Same with fags and queers and lezzers and trannies and the whole fucking lot of them. They can be whatever they want to be; this is the 21st century and good for them. Just stick to the fucking rules you cunts and us ‘others’ will too.

    Until then Kanye is a talentless crazy-eyed broke nigga cunt and Gok Wan is a mincing slit-eyed Hampstead Heath- loitering good-for-nothing poofy cunt too.

    If they don’t like it then they should play by the fucking rules, the cunts.

    • Kayne West? He ain’t the worst, fuck to some he is Uncle Tom, fuck he even sticks his black meat into a white woman.

      JayZ and his Ho Beyonce on the other hand are as racist as they come. JayZee as the Nigga likes to be called even wears a black supremacy medallion for all the world to see.

      Now here’s a thing, I don’t dislike black people, a man is a man and I will treat him how he treats me no matter his colour or creed, even if he is a Muslim.

      I was in our local supermarket a couple of weeks ago and their were two sihk fellas in full garb, one of them I assumed was the grandfather keeping his granddaughter amused, I smiled at the scene and he smiled at me, a moment of neutral recognition of the universal love for family and the love of our children and grandchildren. We looked each other in the eyes at that level where race and religion are absent two human beings understanding the moment.

      Not all niggas are black, plenty of white niggas about

      I will leave it to Chris Rock

    • I is a poof and I agree. Oh and I once snogged a black man so no one can call me a raaaccccaaallllliiiiisssttttt. Am vack in Starbucks. 18 year old guy on the till is looking extra fuckable today in his grey shorts. Arse to die for and what a troserbulge…..

  25. There was a Dame Hilda Bracket lookalike on Sky news yesterday morning, telling us how it was offended by the ‘ladies and gentleman’ citation, having been banned by Tfl.

    It sat there, simpering like John fucking Inman, in its droplet earrings, loving the contention and attention.

    This transgender shit needs to stop right now. You are born male or female. End of. Some people are born with two sets of genitals, but chromosome tests will reveal what sex they are and what bits should be removed. Usually these poor people are born female with a male appendage covering the clitoris. This can be easily rectified with surgery shortly after birth.

    If you are ‘confused’ then you should shut the fuck up and stop trying to push your made up neurosis on the rest of the population. That cunt on yesterday’s Sky news should have been drowned in a bucket at birth.

    Suckdick Khunt needs to be fed through a fucking halal sausage mincing machine for supporting the banning of ‘ladies and gentleman’ announcements by Tfl -Twats For London.

  26. On the subject of misandrist cunts and gender obsessed knobheads, I do hope Kris Marshall gets the role of Doctor Who… Not because I particularly like Marshall (I’ve nothing against him either), but it would boil the piss of all these snowflake ‘genderfluid’ Nu-Who online fuckmongs who squeal about a ‘female Doctor’ every time the current one quits the show… It would shove all their cuntlicking of Tilda Stickinsect and Phoebe Punka Wallah Game Of Bridge right up their man hating a-holes….

    • They should give the part to Sandi Toksvig. That would signal the death knell for a programme that is way past it’s sell-by date. Plus,she’s an ugly,hateful lezza,so would fit right in.

  27. Well, so much for making a wish when you throw a coin in well… The Manson family still haven’t paid the Beckhams a visit. Cunts.

    • Manson family TV’s Beckham family.
      I’d pick the Beckhams any day.
      One of them is a living skeleton ffs.

          • Love it.

            Its my very own version of ISAC.

            You don’t have to attack these people to rile them up, all you have to do is disagree or say that something is shite and you have them.

            Like fish in a barrel.

            I think i may be becoming a troll. 🙂

          • Couldn’t access it without an app, but cheers anyway Norman.

            STILL waiting for Different Days.

            I see Ariana Grande has been made a citizen of Manchester.

            Bad innit/init ?

          • Your ‘Personchester’ remark reminds me of a classic Alex Frergusom moment, Dio…
            In 1987, when United signed Brian McClair, this daft cow (who worked for the ABBC, naturally) asked Fergie if he thought the name Manchester United was ‘sexist’ and if the club should be renamed ‘Personchester United’… Old Taggart’s response was colourful, to say the least… He ended it with ‘I suppose you want us to call him ‘Clair’ instead of McClair, eh?!’

          • If you use the grey ‘download through your browser’ link for the Budokan file it should be cool…

          • It’s only to be expected when a piece of snowflake scum like Burnham is now mayor that Ariana Grande gets the freedom of Mcr… It used to be reserved for greats like Matt Busby, Joe Mercer, Tony Wilson (except the cunts only gave it him when he was dead). Poof he may have been, but Frank ‘Foo Foo’ Lamar did more for the people of Manchester than Ariana Thingy ever did…

  28. After beavering away behind the scenes to derail brexit I see ISAC hall of famer Blair has popped his head over the parapet, according to him the EU would do a deal on freedom of movement as long as we stayed in the EU?, a clear effort at divide and conquer, FMOP was a big driver for the leave vote and blairs intimation that the EU would do a deal is cynical and has Brussels dabs all over it, i personally I don’t buy into any of it….
    Secondly another top rated Cunt our old mate cleggers, according to this wonky eyed prick we must have another referendum?
    Not only that he would like to see young people ( under 30) votes count twice as they are the future??, nothing to do with the well documented fact that they like the EU as they don’t know anything other than that, and think it’s normal to be ruled by an unelected foreign executive that originally was simply a trading block…..
    Last and not by any means least is lord atlas who has made the comparison of brexit to 1930,s Germany!! , that’s a thoroughly despicable and misleading thing to say!!, to pick one the darkest times in human history and compare it to a country simply wanting to regain control and sovereignty is disgusting! Utter Cunt!!!

    • I saw B LIar has opened his cock hole again. He isn’t even worth a cunting anymore, he is the undisputed Daddy Cunt. Should be inside Tony and I believe at some point you will be. It would be ironic if it was the EU that finally took you down.

      • He claims that peoples attitude to brexit has changed this last year.
        I’m going to counteract his claim and claim it hasn’t.

        There i win.

        • I believe that Tony Blair is the biggest cunt alive.

          There are evil cunts on a par with him but they eventually go away.
          Some voluntary, but not this cunt.

          Saying brexit nearly made him reenter politics, but he never, so why is he discussing brexit with EU leaders ?
          Also, i find it patronizing that he thinks we’re that thick that this mass murderer and all round bad guy thinks we need him to save us from ourselves.

          Tony Blair, biggest cunt alive.
          Maybe ever ?

      • Heard the cunt too. Does he have no self awareness? Disgraced, disowned, lying cunt who now ‘knows’ that the EU want to give us all the concessions we want.
        What a deluded war criminal of a cunt.
        Then we had Adonis. Fuck me wasn’t he a Blair co-conspirator? Sounds like a character out of Wodehouse but with less credibility.

        • Messianically self-delusional: could well be Cunt of the Century, although it’s always going to be a very close run thing.,,up to the wire…pull that wire, Tone !

          The Blair Foundation – the gift that keeps on taking (the piss),,,

  29. Clegg gives Blair a run for his money in terms of uttering unadulterated lies, childish wankery and horseshit.

    However, Blair is a supreme cunt in overall terms of cuntishness. Few can touch him.

  30. Multiculturalism is a cunt A desire for multiculturalism can no longer be masked as anything other than collective white suicide. Because the majority of people defending the multicultural system are white cucks, the rich elite, and they can no longer claim that this is anything other than a desire for gang-rapes, getting run over by trucks, stabbed, blown up by bombs, getting welfare leeched from hard working tax payers, losing control of entire areas of cities to drug gangs and acid attacks

    The fact that these wonderful ethnic cultural practices are being brought in by these enrichful vibrants is not being discussed, but everyone is fully aware of it. That in itself is insane. That society will collectively accept not mentioning the fact that this is a behavior being engaged in exclusively by these “new” Europeans to avoid being racist. Instead, it is framed as a random happening like mysteriously getting gravy on your shirt and has no racial background or rhyme or reason its just unbelievable

  31. They say the mark of greatness is achieved by the meeting of certain requirements, in sport for example you have teams and individuals that have pulled off amazing performances on a given day, but when asked to name the true greats people will usually name the teams and people who have achieved ultimate success over a period of time , so in tennis you would have Sampras and federer etc etc , Liverpool, Man Utd ,Barcelona and say Real Madrid in football etc, so when you look at Blair your seeing an individual who has been at the very top of his game for over 25 years!! , Cunts like clegg, Ming cambell, farron and Stephen kinnock etc etc have moments of extreme cuntish behaviour, but with Blair it’s all so different!, you would imagine after 25 years of being a cunt who is openly despised by so many he would just slink off and do the country a favour!!, not a fuckin chance!! , his pet project is the derailment of brexit by any means necessary…..

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