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  1. And a dangerous cunt too. Reported this morning that their last missile was aimed at Japan and shot down by the Yanks. I know you can’t believe everything in the media, but nevertheless…

    • Well it was aiming for Seoul so the cunt still hasn’t got his aim right! 😉

      We should tell the cunt to have a go at London and with any luck he’ll wipe out Brussels!

  2. He’s gonna get himself, his sidekicks and a load of innocent standbyers killed if he carries on the way he is.
    A true cunt of the highest order and with a small dick too.

  3. ‘With our super-duper-world-class-big-bollocksy-mighty-bomb we shall obliterate the western imperialist scum hwa hwa hahahwaa’

    I’m guessing they’ll send in the black-ops mercenaries to sort out that little cunt and his cabinet of short-arse generals.. I figure if they do it within a very tight time-frame, say fifteen seconds or so, they can send out a message that makes the rest of them just shit their North Korean panties and run for the hills. Stupid cunt constantly surrounds himself with his top advisors and military generals. About forty or fifty well-placed hollow-point shells in quick succession would take out that slapstick little entourage of slant-eyed comedy-trouser cunts and leave them flailing for the next in the chain of command with enough bollocks to press the button. A ruthlessly efficient show of death-squad mercenary aggression could sort that out in no time, I’m sure.

    I will miss him when he’s gone though. He’s like that bad alcoholic uncle who always makes a scene at weddings … only the weddings are on the international circuit and the alcohol’s more potent.

    The divvy little Dad’s Army cunt.

    • It looks as if his syrup may be receding, in which cause his inferiority complex may well increase exponentially.
      Very alarming.
      And the cunt isn’t so little, either !!

      I think Philip Hammond -(tiny) Organ must be cunted urgently. I can’t stand Treesa, but if this dodgy wide-boy (and nb the quiff) makes a bid for No. 10, I hope he gets it hard in the nuts, a la Heseltine.

  4. This rotund slant eyed Pygmy is a clear and present danger to just about everyone, the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree, at this rate military intervention seems ever more likely….
    Going off point I saw the puppet film team America world police again on Amazon last night, released in 2004 its amazingly prophetic! , the opening scene is in Paris where the terrorists are looking to deploy a WMD, anybody who hasn’t seen this film should watch it, very funny , it takes pot shots at lots of ISAC favourites, front and centre is lard arses old man who wants to destroy the world!. it’s completely UN PC….
    back on point I saw Pygmy boy on TV the other day, covered in medals?? Obviously in North Korea they get awarded for acting the Cunt!

  5. I can forsee an army of millions of asylum seekers flooding to the west and it will make the current problem look like a routine day trip. Australia will get more than it could bargain for ( remember the Viets ) and the rest will be ferried to Ramsgate to await their homes and benefits.

    If the fat gonad wants a war, oblige but make it unresricted warfare. In fact, fuck over China at the same fucking time. We are where we are today with Lardy Boy because of the fucking chinks!

  6. He scares me, the fucker is a power crazed nutjob. Quick sniper bullet to the head is in order.

    And he is a cunt to boot.

    • Couldn’t agree more. He needs the Inglorious Basterds Hitler scene finale and sharpish, the fat little bum-loving cunt.

  7. Do not kid yourselves Kim Jong Un is a dangerous cunt, however, in truth he is being manipulated by China, who are trying to appear all innocent while secretly revelling in the situation.
    The most worrying thing is we have a nutter in North Korea and a nutter as president of America.
    My advice, start building your shelter now.

  8. This situation doesn’t look too promising, especially when you consider how close Seoul is to the North Korean border. When you have a megalomaniac in charge of a country, diplomacy often counts for nothing, and when two of them lock horns, it’s likely to end in tears for a lot of innocent people.

  9. I think we are long overdue a follow up to Team America. Kim Jong Il’s ‘so ronery’ puppet was fucking hilarious.

    Just imagine Kim Jong Un as a three point tall, fat, yellow, cheese-snaffling puppet dressed only in a nappy.

  10. Kunt Jong Un is a fine selection for a cunting.

    He really satisfies all the criteria for being a cunt, and then some. You can tell when a fucker is omnipotent amongst his own people, usually because they look like a fucking almighty helmet (no-one dares mock or refer to his fucking ludicrous barnet, for example).

    Like others, it worries me that this mad bastard is manoeuvring into an ever-concerning position with regard nuclear armaments. He’s gone from being a joke to being in dire need of a .308 hollow-point to the frontal lobe.

  11. Oh and back to hot topic Jason Osamede O-cunt-daye, the police have dropped their investigation into his tweets.

    By any other yardstick, these should have solid grounds for inciting hatred. But no, the BAME contingent can do no fucking wrong.

    Commitments prevented me from giving this fucking ingrate the true cunting I wanted to over the weekend – already admirably handled by ISAC of course. But that fucking cunt’s attitude riled me beyond comprehension – we’ve raised this so many times recently, but Britain seems to be trapped in this horrific shame-fest, where absolutely any grievance or misdemeanour against other nations committed in the last 500 years is used as a truncheon to beat the white man over the fucking head with.

    I’m so fucking tired of it – TRULY fucking tired. Bad enough that OCuntdaye was driven to the height of social standing by alleged white privilege; now the cunt seems to be able to slate fuckers using the same ‘racist’ metrics which can lead to the prosecution of others, who happen to be white. And therein lies the irony – Okundaye has just got away with the same sort of hate speech that convicts the white troll, by the supposed ‘racist’ police. Looks like if anyone is in an exalted fucking position in this country, it’s the non-whites.

    Anyway, enough Johnny-come-lately hijacking. Back to Kim Jong Un. A cunt of Biblical proportions or what?

    • The cuntlord Blair give the white guilt bullshit a massive boost when the cunt ‘apologised’ for slavery. I don’t know if his family had anything to do with it, but I know for sure that mine didn’t. And if they did, they would have been dead two hundred years, so how would I have any residual guilt from that? The cunt didn’t apologise for destabilising the Middle East, which he definitely did do. I still laugh at the thought of Blair, hot from setting fire to the lands of the sand people, going there as a peace envoy. Must be like sending Jimmy Saville to comfort has rape victims. Not in my name, cunts…..

    • O’Kuntaye could only have been worse if his name were Joshua…
      I am not really a violent Belinda, but as Dio so cogently pointed out, shit happens and, if it happened to him, would I go out, light a candle, hug an egg ?
      Fuck that !!

  12. Think I’d trust the slinty eyed cunt more than I would Blair, Clegg, Mandlescum, Hammond (Philip, not Richard), etc etc. Oh and that weasly little cunt down the road too. Cunt.

  13. Dangerous times on the Korean Peninsula, the fat paranoid noodle slurping cunt might be mad as a box of frogs but doesn’t take a genius to press a button.

    The Labour Party have nothing on North Korea when it comes to propaganda and their ‘Dear Leader’. He learned to drive at three years old and apparently does not crap or piss…ever. His dad Kim Jong-il is equally bonkers, wrote 1,500 books while at university(40 a month) , 5 holes in one during a round of golf and invented the hamburger.

    • Never craps or pisses ?? Then he needs a visit to Auntie Belinda’s clinic – a hot Nitromors enema, and catheterisation with a fine glass instrument (awfully fragile…) should sort him out.
      Plus terminal face-sitting from my friend Diane – she’ll do it for a box of nasi goreng…

  14. Say what you like about Kim Jong Un,but in an increasingly depressing world,it’s nice to see someone so obviously happy in his work. He’s never seen without a smile on his face,the likes of that po-faced old boot Merkel should take note. Anyhow,the sight of a grinning Chink,Nip or Slope never fails to cheer me up,it always reminds me of giving the piglets that I fatten their swill….the screwed up eyes,the grunting,the selfish lack of manners and,of course,the appalling smell…all identical to Orientals. Fuck me,if I could teach those pigs to use a camera,they’d be eligible to open their own takeaway.

    Kim’s no worse than any other Oriental..vicious,devious sadists given half a chance. I do like their women,though.and after watching their porn I would,apparently,be a veritable John Holmes when compared to an Oriental. Maybe that’s why they’re so savage…short of cock inches. Presumably Kim must have a big cock and that’s why he smiles so much..”In the land of the blind,the one-eyed man is king.”

  15. Problem is the Chinese. They prop up the regime and basically use them as a proxy to tweak the nose of the West.
    The Chinese are the real problem.
    Nice food though.

  16. This fat little downs looking cunt seems to have made it an ambition to start world war three. This is what happens when you let inhabitants of the shallow end of the gene pool have power. Those prepper cunts you always see on nat geo don’t look quite so stupid lately……

  17. Scariest job in the world?
    His hair dresser.
    Imagine having to blend that wedge to perfection every day , not knowing if it yer last.

    “How’s that sir?”

    Fuck that.

    Second scariest Job in the world?
    Being his uncle or brother.

  18. They ain’t daft, them north Koreans.
    The manage to receive aid from the USA to spend on their military, even though they’re enemies.

    And they south Koreans are cunts an’ all.
    There’s thousands starving in south Korea too, but that would look bad if that became common knowledge, so shh, nothing to report there.

  19. Prince Charles is a cunt.
    Have just watched the Passchendaele tribute, and there the jug eared cunt is. Festooned in fucking medals like a tin pot dictator. How dare this congenital idiot deface this ceremony for real soldiers, poor cunts who had no choice but to take it, by parading himself with medals. Are they from a lucky bag? Where the fuck did he earn them?
    He will have a retinue of 50 or so lackeys with him for his day in Belgium to dress him, squeeze his toothpaste and probably wipe his arse. How dare the cunt show his face wearing medals. What a benefits scrounging, disrespectful cunt.

    • Any man who can pork that withered old bag,Camilla, has earned a medal the size of a frying-pan.

      • Kim Jong Un has no Seoul.
        He is a Seoulless cunt.
        He’s a pain in the (ar)Seoul.

      • Its a good job Charles and Camilla never had kids, can you imagine what they would have looked ? I know the Windsors are a very ugly family but those two have taken ugliness to a whole new league .

        • With Camilla’s breeding and looks, id be having a score on the 2.25 at Goodwood on their offspring.

          • Norman, you’d have shagged a young Shergar given half a chance and a bag of oats.

      • Camilla looks like a desperately down-market version of Shirl from E Enders…
        As someone once said, every dustbin has its lid…

  20. Charles has the medals out so people can view them before they go on e-bay.
    The Royals maybe a bit short of cash at the moment, but that’s inevitable if none of your family has done a proper days work in the last thousand fuckin’ years….

  21. I see BBC 4 is devoting tonight to programmes about all things gay. I can’t understand why the cunts think someone’s sexual preference is of any interest to anyone. The only thing I’d like to know about homosexuality is why is their taste in music so appalling?

  22. Stone the fucking crows. The BBC has been shirtlifting central this past week. I don’t understand why they feel the need to drown people with endless articles on gays and associated. Cover the anniversary of decriminalisation by all means but fuck me, apply some moderation.

    I’ve never quite understood the whole ‘look at me, I’m gay and I want the world to know’ mentality. Aren’t we past all that bollocks? With marriage, pensions and adoption covered, it’s pretty much equal rights already.

    Of course, when it comes to liberals and minorities, ‘equal’ is never fucking enough.

    • The next ‘battleground’ is all this gender identity bollocks and the trans communities demands, its already got a designated ‘phobia’ to silence anyone who dares to argue in favour of science and genetics.

  23. Watched the Passchendaele Commemorations meself and was outraged by the little pink flabby cheeked cunt Hislop hence me cunting:

    Hislop and ‘The Wipers Times’

    Settled doine in front orf telly with a nice single malt to pay me respects to the memory orf the fallen in the battle with the greatest carnage count in WW1. Indeed Passchendaele remains unsurpassed to this day. Then up pops the slap head cunt Hislop to do a promo on his crappy play ‘The Wipers Times’ (for those cunters ignorent “Wipers” was what British troops called Ypres). Amidst the mud and gas our brave lads took to publishing a newspaper to generally take the piss and boost morale. According to Hislop it was very funny in an anarchic British way, a sort orf ISAC for the trenches. Some orf it was then staged in front orf Ypres Town Hall for assembled dignitaries and public. Went doine like a lead balloon or indeed like shrapnel in the groin before the watching millions ont telly.

    The bint doing the commentary went orn to mark our cards with further plugs for Hislop’s shite with the warning that it would shortly be touring to a theatre near you. If Hislop believes himself to be a writer orf dramatic worth then sadly he is delusional. No help to him that a section of the infinitely superior ‘War Horse’ was also performed but to great acclaim. Perhaps Mr Hislop should consider a modification orf his title to the ‘Wipe Arse Times’. Then his poor public will be better prepared.

    From Our Drama Critic.

      • Brilliant cunting Mr Bastard.
        Not so much the topic, but the cunting itself.

        “Kim Jung Un is a fat little yellow cunt”

        Short, but its all there.

        Bang on description of the handsome fella.

    • The New Theatre in Cardiff is advertising this as a sort of early Private Eye…
      Hislime looks genetically crook to me.

  24. Judging by his looks and his temperament, I would say Kim Mong-Un is Lily Mong’s real dad….

    • Watched the first Trainspotting filum the other night.
      Love that filum but obviously feel pissed off that two minutes her pater is on screen.
      Feel worse now. His side kick in the filum is his brother, her uncle.

      Only noticed it when the credits came up.

      PS. Watched T2 five times now.

      “Some cunt glassed that poor lassie and no cunt leaves till we find oot wit cunt done it”

      Fuckin poetry, that.

  25. In North Korea, there is only ten hairstyles allowed for each sex.
    This mad cunt has issued hairdresser headshots with the permitted styles (no perms permitted though) from circa 1950 that he chose himself, yet his hairdo is not on the list.
    He is the only cunt in N Korea to be allowed that look.
    So it not all bad for the N Korean folk.

    Mad as a bag of monkeys, this cunt.

  26. The sooner our special forces, or the yanks kill this pigmy murderer the better.

  27. According to the MSN homepage the US have just ordered all US passport-holding citizens out of North Korea by September 1st.

    Looks like that ronery little cunt’s finally gonna get some whoopass.

  28. Will anyone really miss New York tho? just sayin, its a corrupt overpopulated rat infested hate filled shithole and I really enjoyed escape to new york… tho on reflection the pacing is kinda bad but still great film nonetheless

  29. Whatever happens I reckon Kim Mong -Un will be brown bread by the end of the year… Either assassinated, excecuted Saddam style, killed by one of his own, or just plain nuked…

    Anyway, I think his little mong inbred head will explode before we see 2018… It’s in everyone’s best interests (including the Ivans and the Chinks) that this happens…

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