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On the subject of Doctor Who, I’ve been working my way through the last series stacked up on my video recorder. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode since William Hartnell days, but I have to say the three episode with the zombie monks was fucking dire, especially the third part. It reminded me of The Prisoner where McGoughan couldn’t figure out how to end it so he came up the most unintelligible loads of pseudo bollocks that ever graced the British TV screen – that is until this latest shit with the monks.

No wonder Capaldi says he does want to make any more. These scripts and characters (the Matt Lucas cunt, Bill the Lezza and that bloody Missy) are absolute bollocks – and the acting is crap too. It’s had it’s day so consign it to the dustbin where it now belongs.

As far as I’m concerned, the Moffatt cunt can shove his sonic screwdriver right up his arse. He’s completely destroyed an iconic piece of TV history.

Hartnell must be turning in his grave…

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  1. 1: Tom Baker
    2: Patrick Troughton
    3: Job Pertwee

    My favourite three and the only Doctors worth a salt. All the others can fuck off.

      • Jon Pertwee ( Worzel Gummidge) was my hero as a kid and would have definitely swapped my Da for him.

        • Worzel was ace, birdman… Pertwee was brillianat… Una Stubbs was also superb as Aunt Sally… One of my first boyhood crushes was on Stubbs in Till Death Us Do Part….

    • We had a nun at school (well several), Mother Mary Agatha – fucking frightening sight – I went on a school trip to Lourdes as a 10 year old and we were loafing about one night outside our rooms and she came out to tell us to get back into our rooms – with no headcover and in a long grey evening gown she looked even fiercer. We called her Black Dalek Number one – that’s how scary she was. The woman could cut you in half with your tongue but if that failed she was an evil cunt with a ruler and a size 10 black plimsole.

  2. Just spent the afternoon with James Caan in Rollerball. The blurb on the video case reads…

    “Set in 2018, Rollerball is a sensational glimpse of a future where the world is ruled by six giant corporations, a place where there is no war, no poverty and no unrest, but also no free will and no God.”

    The film was made in 1975 so 2018 probably seemed a long way away (I was six). But today there is lots of war, lots of poverty and lots of unrest. There’s also a Hell of a lot of a certain god. But they were right about rule by corporations and no free will.

    All together now…


    Here’s the update to yesterday’s rant about transbenders and Islamic gaylords…

      • Tom was/is my favourite… I love the Tom Baker and Lis Sladen partnership (‘Bill’ and Clara, my arse!), but I also am very fond of the Leela period too… Louse Jameson in that leather costume…

      • Only really good things about Nu-Who was/is John Simm as The Master, and the Daleks that crush peoples skulls and fry their brains with their sucker plungers…

  3. Dr Who needs to be screened at a proper viewing time i.e 1.30pm ‘watch with mother’ time cos that is the level of intelligence you need to be to watch such utter utter shite💩

    • I dimly remember the first episode. It was shite, even by b&w 60s tv standards. It is now shite in colour. I suppose cunts who watch this will one day graduate to shite like Harry Potter or Lord of the Ringpieces.

    • Dr Who is a load of pony, you gotta be some kinda cunt to sit through an hour or so watching bollocks
      Sorry fellow cunters who love it, each to their own I suppose

  4. Hijacked by the BBC right-on agenda. A real shame. I really enjoyed the 2005 Ecclestone series but the writing was on the wall when the show had to face criticism for the ‘torture’ of a dalek. Ecclestone, either with great foresight or great timing jumped ship, and the series has been heading down ever since.

    Contrary to most fans, I found Tenant’s over-excitable fopp annoying in the extreme; Matt Smith was a cunt and the criminal crap Capaldi has had during his tenure should constitute a hanging offence for pubehead Moffat and co. Trying to watch the stories pushed Capaldi’s way has been like watching your first crush being gangraped by multiple asylum seekers.

    Moffat really should be the focus of this cunting, imho. It’s no coincidence that the same pseudo-bollocks ruining Dr. Who is prevalent in Moffatcunt’s other bag o’shite, Sherlock.

    • Even at the best of times Tenant could be a annoying cunt Matt Smith wasn’t horrible but the material was weak so he can’t really be blamed

    • I like Capaldi, but how can anyone improve the heaps of steaming shite he’s been given to work with?….. Tennant had a tendency to chew the scenery and be too ‘zany’, which was annoying… He had his moments though… Eccleston was great, but he knew what was coming, so he fucked off….

      During the Matt Smith/Moffatt era, the spin-off series about Sarah Jane Smith (the late Elisabeth Sladen) was actually better then Doctor Who… And her show was marketed as a kids programme… Still, it had better plots, better villains, and Sladen acted Smith and co off the screen..

  5. This cunting should be for muffin faced moffat who ruined the show since he fucking started and its just getting progressively worse and dumber. Hell peter capadli looks so out of place even more out of place then Eccleston did. Kris Marshall as the new doctor? whata load of bollacks

    • I’d rather it was Marshall than Tilda Swan Vesta, Phoebe Char Wallah Tower Bridge, Hairy Mulligan, Miranda Horse, or that tart out of Broadchurch…. A white, straight man getting the part (whether it’s Marshall or not) will have yer snowflakes, effem menbenders, feminazi, and PC libmongs in meltdown… Worth giving it Kris for that alone, I reckon…..

  6. I recall an earlier time in my life when actors would often refuse a script as less than worthy for their acting talents. Although pretentious, it served as a benchmark. The result was that actors were selective and the quality of scripting improved.

    Dr Who. Oh Dear!

    The scripts have become less than intelligent, and every opportunity is now taken to include some less than subliminal message of indoctrination. The dialogue, particularly that of the episode featuring the Black and the Pakistani Welsh Guards circa 1880, stuck now on Mars, was a stretch of credibility beyond that of a retarded fuckwit gaining a degree in Spatial Telemetry at Oxford.

    The Doctor has become a figure of derision. Actors who are less than selective que to suck the imperial cock of the Stasi Elite of the BBBC. The acting ( Yes I know ) is less than charismatic, and is peppered by petulant performances from deluded thespians who surely are suffering Grand Paralysis of the Insane ( advanced tertiary syphilis of the brain )

    This once great and iconic programme has died. Its miserable carcass needs cremated to end the suffering of its ignonimity .

    As for the introduction of gender fluid cast and a female black Dr Who ( I kid you not….the fuckers are discussing this ) consign all thoughts to the bucket of shit along with the scripts, which incidentally are all written by fucking morons.

    Kill off this shit now !

    • The Welss Guards on Mars one was shite, but the Roman occupied Scotland episode was even worse… Sambo soldiers with Paul Pogba hairdos in the Roman Army?…. Celtic warriors all look like 20-something students, and their chief is a midget with make up and hair like Adele?….
      Oh, and of course every bloke (Roman or anything else) has to fancy the Black Lezza (funny, because I fucking don’t!)… A deliberate PC plot device so she can rebuff them by saying ‘Errrr… Yaz not my types! I likes wimmin, innit!’ Only for each would be suitor to reply something like, ‘Hey! That’s cool! My granddad is gay!’ or ‘Hey! My fellow Legionary is a bumbandit! So, hey, it’s cool!’

      What a load of fucking cunt!

      • Jeez, i forgot about that episode Norman….Romans in Scotland..! I wonder what the wee Krankie has to say about that!

        • Well to be fair, the Romans did occupy southern Scotland up to the antonine wall and the Romans tended to have either mixed legions or legions from other provinces to prevent legions from going turncoat in the event of a local peasant revolt. In that regard, the odd Mauritanian or nubian black legionary is feasible. Pakis not so much.

      • Watched some of this episode, wished I had not. Life is too short to waste on this sort of bollocks. Black lezza’s and gay dudes each to their own but what a fucking waste of a licence fee.

  7. Didn’t really like the rebooted series, I stopped watching as a kid when baker stepped down as none that followed had the charisma the previous doctors had.

    When they resurrected it I had my own kids so watched a few episodes with them, there were moments where it was almost good but it has now been hijacked to push a progressive agenda.

    Doctor Why is a bettter title, why fucking ruin something that worked because it is unworldly, it is meant to be escapism. When your fighting evil aliens gender politics and LBGT propaganda is probably the last thing on your mind.

    The BBC needs to go.

  8. Well the ABBC cant just make good programs anymore all of them have to have some flowery hippy were all equal shite in everything from kids shows to newsnight.

    i loved this show when it returned with ecclestone as the new Dr his broken and war damaged Dr had a lot of depth and range who felt like he had been through some awful things . Same with billy Piper i thought she would be wank but was amazing as Rose.

    Love David Tennant too how he could turn on dime and become this dark and emotionless creature who needed saving from himself . His end was great to his ” i don’t want to go line ” with fear and sadness in his eyes was perfect before he regenerated .

    i tried to watch Matt smith and that anorexic scot bird with a spaso bf and found a few episodes good bit overall it was pure cum farts and boring.

    had high hopes for Capaldi as loved him in the loop movie and that tv show were he played a version of Alister Campbell that made be piss myself with laughter. But no Moffat fucked it all up with his right on everyone equal lets have a black lesbian tranny disabled non binary person for every role attitude fucked it up .

    I hope they can save it with a new producer who maybe wont be a leftie lovie but chances are slim to non. There are glimmers of what could have been like that recent episode were the doctor has to keep killing and copying himself over million s of years while being chased by death through a castle, and the only way to stop it momentarily is to tell it secrets .

    Wont go into any more but was a bloody good watch a real diamond in a mountain of congealed fox and cat shit that showed what Capaldi could do with this character if given the chance .

    • We’re not allowed to take the piss anymore which is the main ingredient of good comedy .
      By the look of things their are no more comedians . We’re left with snowflake cunts with endless unfunny jokes about Big Don and Brexit.

  9. They’re announcing the new Doctor after the Wimbledon men’s final.

    Can’t fucking wait, bunch of pretentious BBC twat cunts. Like it’s that big a fucking deal.

      • Like in The Goodies… ‘I is a black muslim! My name is Rastas Watermelon!’

        Don’t think we” ever see Graybags. Little Billy, and Timbo on our screens again.. The sensitive libspaz flakey wakeys would disintegrate on the spot….

    • I’m glad they are announcing the new doctor who after the Wimbledon final, why?? Because there’s not a cat in hells chance I will be watching!!
      Federer is undoubtably a tennis great but has the charisma of a welk and on his day could give Hamilton a run for his money, I used to occasionally watch Wimbledon when it had colourful combustible characters , federer and cilic are neither….
      BTW…. I did laugh at the Spanish girl bumping off penis Williams!
      7-5 6-0 !! 😂😂😂😂

  10. While we have the BBC in the spotlight I would like to severely cunt the controller of BBC COMEDY on Radio 4. For years I have taken delight in listening to the 6.30 pm comedy even on the long wave if I was out of the country and before internet.
    I’m sorry I’ll read that again, Navy Lark etc. All very dated now but nevertheless entertaining at the time. 3 of my favourite programmes that I always and still do follow are Dead Ringers, The News Quiz and of course I’m sorry I havn’t a clue, ISIAC to us oldens. Alas not anymore. I have just listened to the latest offering from ISIAC and quite honestly I felt embarrassed as it seem several members of the audience judging by the old laughometer Nobody could replace Humphrey Lyttleton and I suppose that Jack Dee does make a valiant attempt. The best part of the show is in fact the introduction where the venue and surrounding area are placed under the microscope with the ensuing piss take to follow. The main part of the show has in my opinion gone to the dogs. First Willie Rushton went and died on us, while Tim Brooke- Taylor and Barry Cryer die every week especially now that Graeme Gaerden has mysteriously disappeared. Which brings me seamlessly to the guests which replace these fallen figures. Last week we had the delights of Andy Hamilton and the beautiful bombshell Jo Brand, both with faces perfect for radio! This week it was John Finnemore and the elf like Susan Calman. Calman deserves a cunting chapter of her own although fortunately she did not bring her “wife”or periods up, otherwise I would have brought my dinner up. ISIAC has had its day, as has The News Quiz. Great in the days of Alan Coren, Barry Took, Linda Smith, Armandi Iannucci to name a few. I wasn’t keen on Toksvig as presenter and the episode where Calman and Sue Perkins were on made me lose the will to live. 3 dykes in one show, oh well done BBC. Now we have Miles Jupp and his fucking mates Brigstock Fat Fucker Jupitus, resident jock Fred MacAulay, Cunty Calman, suspect sexuality Jeremy Hardy and that bloke whose name I cannot remember or pronounce but he is always on some chat show or 30 minute comedy Ramakin Marrakesh or sumfink like that. (Good old English name) Briefly Dead Ringers has also become embarrassing, the irony is disappearing and too much politics is replacing it.
    One last thing I would like to do the complete opposite of a cunting for my new superhero that I heard of for the first time this week Pat Condell. His views on Brexit, the systematic invasion of the UK, and snowflakes made me warm to him instantly. If this man cannot inspire you there is no hope left. Lets make him Prime Minister. Anyone second that?

      • Thanks Norman. Not starting a mutual appreciation society but I value your views as well along with Dio, JR, Dick F and of course Sir Limply even though I don’t always understand his banter. Chortle and guffaw.

  11. I’d make Stephen Hawking the next Dr. Who,at least then it would be a fair fight for the Daleks. I do like that Jenna Coleman who was in it.if she’d get her tits out I’d watch….and probably play with myself. I did when she was Queen Victoria. I’d probably still like the Royal family if they all looked like Jenna Coleman,but they don’t. Not a decent set of tits amongst them. Off with their heads.

      • The ‘Black Lezza’ (copyright: ABBC) is the worst character in the show’s history… Doesn’t it bother Pearl Thingy that she got the part simply because of her skin colour and not her acting ability?… Also, the lesbian bit has no relevance or significance to any story (apart from that ludicrous bit in the last episode: where ‘Bill’ leaves the Doc to die and floats off with that bit of fluff)….. Yet they still had to reference or mention it whenever they could… Even her last (living) words to the Doc were along the lines of ‘Errr… I’m glad you knows I likes wimmin, innit!’….. Complete PC bollocks..

  12. Getting pissed of with Beyonce and Jay Zzzzzz’s kids already.
    It shows how empty some folk are that they buy into this shite.
    I love The Charlatans but couldn’t give a shiny shite about their family lives.
    Liam Gallagher, i can’t wait for the greatest front man of all times new album, but stories of his kids? Do one!

    I reckon that this all started with Stella McCartney, and since then its the norm.
    Just look how far George Bests son got, even though i cant remember his first name.
    The Beckham’s brats. They have nothing in the way of talent, look average and yet they are “superstars” because of that “calibre” of spunk and spunk receptacle.

    Now its the babies of slebs .
    Just been dropped out of a fanny, covered in gunk and into instant stardom.

    Grown ups/adults salivating over kids is a bad thing i thought.

    • Liam Gallagher greatest front man of all times? haha funny joke bman and Mark E Smith has the voice of a angel

  13. Haven’t watched this childish shit for many years. Troughton was the best, and I came back to it briefly to watch Eccleston who wasn’t bad. Best things about this programme were the Tardis and the electronic music.. I would have been happier if there’d been more Blake’s Seven, that was quite interesting.

    • Avon was a top cunt, and Jacqueline Pearce was sexy as fuck as Servelan… Also there was Glynis Barber in a silver jumpsuit….

  14. I’m bored of hearing about,and from,those sponging “survivors” from that tower-block. Fuck’em,and bring back the Page 3 lasses instead.

    • Maybe its rose tinted glasses, but wasn’t the world a little bit of a better place with page three birds ?
      Or eighties/early nineties page three birds with nipples a blind man could spend a moment reading rather than these smooth, small nipples i see in porn nowadays.

      What ever happened to slightly brown, large, playable areoles ?

    • Likewise Dick Fiddler, sick to the back teeth of the endless news coverage of that fucking Tower and how they want the most well appointed accommodation in London. Corbyn and that sinister cunt John McDonnell are saying they deserve nothing less. As long as they don’t move next door to them of course.

      • They deserve Fuck-All. Bunch of swindling grabbers. Deport the fucking lot of them,that way we won’t have to listen to their yammering. Give the place a light dusting and there you go,affordable,vacant housing for a whole new tribe of Abduls.

    • Oh fuck I miss page 3, even when the news was awful a quick look at a nice rack would always put a smile back on my face…..😂😂

  15. Yet another cunting for the good old BBC. They have a new programme where Nadia Hussein goes around Britain sampling regional food. How right on is that? A fine example of an emancipated peaceful lady entertaining us. At our own, licence fee expense of course.
    Now, I wonder if she will be sampling British traditional foods such as – Pork pie, lobster, black pudding, cockles, bacon hot pot,meat pies, rock salmon etc etc. I rather doubt it. Why not go the whole hog (excuse the expression) and have a vegan starring in the same way? We could be treated to raw celery, asparagus and hazel nuts (allergies permitting of course) The famous rhubarb triangle could feature as well as any number of orchards and suitable gluten free cereals. A unique take on traditional British grub.
    What a bunch of cunts.

    • She should come to Bury Market… There’d be a bit of a paradox though… A black pudding eating a black pudding…

    • And the previous winner of the Great British Fake Off was …. who? Anyone remember? Did he/she get a TV series or two and a book deal? Did they fuck…

      Maybe I’m cynical but they probably weren’t a muslim female? Just askin’…

      • I don’t mind a bit of Bake Off myself, although they call it The Great British Baking Show over here. Not sure what that’s about. Anyway, the series showing now is down to 6 and there’s this one cunt who winds me up. Some ginger haired, red faced, smarmy sack of shit called Andrew. You know the sort. The sort whose face, personality, voice and general demeanor just make you want to set fire to your telly. I’m going to dance around my living room when that cunt gets voted off. Come on Mary & Paul – do the right thing. That said, their judgement is questionable, what with letting a fucking muzzie cow win a previous series. I didn’t watch that series on principle.

      • I took up that very point with the ABBC. The answer was………fuck all. They were sorry I didn’t agree with their decision etc etc.

    • Well she’d best not turn up at my door wanting some of my pan-fried squab (delicious,it was.). I’ll set the dogs on her. They don’t like people of the postman discovered when he came back from his holidays sunburnt. It’s not like they’re racist,though,they chase every fucker.

        • ‘Fraid so, Birdman. There’s a load of half-wild/half domesticated pigeons that nest in one of the byres. I climb up to where they nest on the top of the wall and take a few occasionally. I’ve had rook squab too a few times,but they can be a lot harder to get at.

          • My love of birds came from finding a squab ringneck dove when I was eight.
            Squabs are kicked out of the nest before they can fly and the one i found would never have made it through the night, so i took it home and we became best buddies, even when he’d shite on my shoulder whilst we watched the telly.
            Evening telly that was coz soon as dusk came he’d be off to his bed even if Top Of The Pops was on.

          • It might not seem it,but I’m actually fond of animals. I don’t kill things for sport,but I do kill things to eat occasionally. If people had more idea where their meat came from,they might respect animals a bit more. In a way, I understand veggies,but I enjoy my meat too much to ever settle full time for those substitutes.

    • According to that Paki cunt though, “British food doesn’t exist”. If I went on TV and said “Asian food doesn’t exist”, I’d be crucified as a racist. But she’s a) a Paki, and b) a Muslim paki, it’s perfectly OK. Cunt. And have noticed how, after wearing a hijab and dowdy muslim clothes during Bake Off, she’s now taken to wearing a turban and brighter clothing? Double cunt.

  16. Oh, and any mong on social media or otherwise who refers to the PC crazed pube headed Doctor Who destroyer, Moffatt, as ‘The Grand Moff’ should be gassed… Gassed!!!

    • Thoughts on Lukaku, Norm? Was happy to see your lot embarrass the Mickey Mouse League of Shit (MLS) LA Galaxy cunts on the telly. Every time one of theirs touched the ball, the wife and I were all “Oooo are ya”. Each time Utd scored, we’d sing ‘One nil to the football team’, then ‘Two nil to the football team’. You get the general idea. Unfortunately we had to suffer through some Yank co-commentator who obviously knows jack all about football. And then the usual Yank wank of having some blonde bimbo on the sidelines talking shite into an oversized microphone like she has some top secret intel to share. Give me strength.

      • Good striker, Lukaku, but he’ll need the service… Lukaku would have thrived with Hill and Coppell or Giggs and Kanchelskis… But with Lingard and whoever, I don’t know if he’ll get that regular service… There is even talk of Zlatan staying on now… Wouldn’t mind, he’s a handy player to have and a top professional… He could have a Jimmy Greenhoff role: a big man for the big games…

        • One layyyyyyyzzzzeeee
          fuckin idle twat. He’ll soon be shown up as the uppity cunt he is. Glad to see the back of the cunt. The cunt.

      • No surprise that Moffatt worm has been hankering for a female Doctor long before Chibnall arrived… After a few episodes of this new ‘Doctor Womb’, people will be begging Kris Marshall to take the role…. But this will go either one of two ways….

        Way One: The longstanding since boyhood fans (like myself, Dio, and QDM) will leave the show in droves, and ratings will be nonexistent, they will save it by getting in a top bollocks (male) actor) and doing away with all this PC ‘wimmin’ shite…

        Way Two: The longstanding since boyhood fans (like myself, Dio, and QDM) will leave the show in droves, and ratings will be nonexistent, they will carry on pandering to snowflake wankers, their own egos, and all men will be wiped from the show and it will die a death….

        My money is on way two….

  17. I would like it if David Bradley did the First Doc in his own series… A throwback to the 60s aimed at true and traditional fans and not post-2005 Twatter knobends… Get Bradley as Doctor No.1 Mk II, Simm or Jacobi as The Master, and some classic Daleks… Fanny’s yer auntie… But there’s about as much chance of the ABBC doing this as there is of me taking Christina Hendricks up the coal chute…. Ah well…

  18. Never been a fan of Doctor Who so I can’t rightly give it a cunting. Capaldi, on the other hand, needs a vicious steel toe-capped cunting just for being the smug cunt that he clearly is.

    All conjecture, of course, as I know fuck all about him. As far as ‘hunches’ go though, I’d say he needs a good cunting. That’s enough for me. Where’s my stun gun?

  19. Capaldi being mentioned reminds me of other Scottish slebs and other famous Caledonians.
    Daniella Nardini
    Paul Coia
    Paulo Nuttini
    Sharlene Spiteri
    Lou Macari
    Tom Conti
    Lena Zavaroni

    • Macari was ace at United in the 70s… For such a small bloke he was a great header of the ball… His nickname was The Poison Dwarf… He was also a notorious practical joker: and the stunts Lou got up to are still talked about in Mcr to this day…

  20. Used to love Dr. Who, but stopped watching when Baker buggered off. Like many a schoolboy back in the day, I too hid behind the sofa when the Daleks were giving it large. That Davros had a bit of a ‘tude too. What a cunt! Remember the big black Daleks with the gold trim? They really were shits to everyone. Great stuff!

    The whole revamp has passed me by. I caught a few minutes of one episode. Don’t know who the Dr was at the time, but the premise was plastic was somehow alive and attacking people or something like that. A couple of mongs were walking down the street and got accosted by a wheelie bin. How fucking mental is that? I thought it was a Monty Python skit for a moment. Remember the one where the keep left signs were ganging up on Eric Idle?

    Dr Who was all about low budgets, dodgy sets, cheesy special effects, quirky/fun/eccentric Doctors, cute damsel-in-distress type female side kicks and other-worldly story lines for kids to enjoy. What the fuck has it turned into? Total wank – that’s what. Great cunting.

  21. Might have fucking well known… That cunt from Broadchurch is the new Doctor… Cue endless misandry and PC shite… Well, that’s the last time I’ll ever watch it….

    Doctor Who RIP

    • Just found out myself. I’m not angry though, because the BBC is SO fucking predictable with it’s PC bullshit, I KNEW they’d pick a woman. In fact, I would have been surprised if they’d picked a man. I won’t be watching it anymore either. The last series had a couple of decent episodes, but most of it was shite. The dyke was fucking annoying. Speaking of which, watch them make their new PC beacon a dyke too.

  22. The Daleks will now be saying ‘Menstruate! Menstruate!. Since its always been the Time Lord is she the Time Lady? Think the viewing figures will go through the floor but at least the ABBC have ticked another box.

    • They missed a trick on making her ethnic, crippled and gay though!

      Hopefully next time eh…

      P.S. I don’t really give a fuck because I haven’t watched it since Tom Baker turned into Peter Davidson.

  23. Can’t wait.. Endlessly roaming around unecessarily diverse planets in a fuck off blue box powered solely by virtuous signals generated from early 21st century twatter posts (” quick, the retardis is running low on power.. Someone get your arse down 21st century Shoreditch and retweet something from Katie hopkins!!!), Gender neutral bogs in the Tardis? Free vaginal slims for any alien ‘men who have periods’ (look it up, apparently an actual thing). My roids burst occasionally.. Does that count?Can’t say I’ve ever felt the need to stick a crash mat under em though.

    Id be a bit more pissed off if I hadn’t stopped watching after Ecclestone went (but I did). If I wanted to watch gay pron Russell ‘T bag’ Davis I know where to find it… I could just imagine him around the writers table.. “Hmm .. That’s a great script guys, but I think it needs more bumming”

    Hell in a handcart.

  24. And no doubt there’ll be another female Master… Missy Mark II…. All of UNIT are already wimmin, and there’ll be a new female sidekixck, with which the new ‘Doctor’ will have a lezbo chemistry with… Absolutely sickening… They can shove it up their arse…. Chibnall you are a traitor to your own kind (men) and you are fucking libmong PC lickarse cunt… This is hatred against the male sex and misandry on a grand scale… Make no mistake…

    If anyone hears a rumbling noise tonight, it will be the grave of the late great Barry Letts spinning round…

  25. A woman Dr Who FFS!
    I suppose now the Tardis will be due for a makeover , gone will be the Police Box, unless they paint it pink, though my money will be on the Tardis resembling one of those fancy new toilets that you pay a £2.00 to use, that women adore. Inside will all be scatter cushions and bras hanging up with boxes of panty liners adoring the console.

    When the Dr now gets annoyed it will be all tears and throwing things around and lots of references to PMT and does my bum look big in this new reincarnation.

  26. If the Bastard Broadcasting Cunts really want to be modern they should have the new Dr having lesbian orgies in the Tardis in every episode.Then I might watch.

    • Nikki Benz as The Doctor… With Diamond Jackson as Missy, and Lana Rhoades as the companion… Oh aye..

    • Sandi Toksvig, Claire Balding and Martina Navratilova perhaps eh, Shaun ? You kinky devil,you.

      • Not exactly what I had in mind but this the Beeb we are talking about .

  27. The whole sjw angle for the next doctor regeneration isn’t the worst case scenario. Let me put it like this fellow cunters – who would you prefer? A black, Muslim, gay, disabled, ginger, lesbian woman………….. Or Russell Brand?

  28. This is the signal that everything WILL change. Get ready for the coming black male homosexual Remainer Dr. with social and behaviour issues, followed closely by a wheelchair bound turd and the dancing eyeball.

    • Next announcement will probably be Idris Elba as James Bond.
      Yes, he who moaned because he hadn’t been given (sorry, nominated) for an oscar. Stupid cunt didn’t stop to think it could have been because he’s a shit actor.
      Oh well, that makes him right for James Bond I suppose…..apart from the fact he’s the wrong colour.
      A few years ago, a biopic of Frank Sinatra was going to be made, and who did the makers want to play the lead role? Jamie Foxx that’s who.
      To his credit, Jamie Foxx was interviewed on the subject, laughed, and told everyone to not be so fucking stupid.

  29. Mind you, always preferred a woman Doctor to be honest, especially when they’ve needed to stick a finger up my arse…

  30. Surely in this day and age we should have a Rasta Dr Who, Polish Daleks, etc.
    Seriously the BBC are out of control, and are taking the piss.
    The cunts.

    • B&W cunt, spot on, this is the BBC spoon feeding us shit.

      They killed Doctor Who off 1st time round due to a drop in script quality and failure to keep up with modern special effects and this time they are killing it with their obsession with PC progressive agenda.

      The cunts should of let the Doctor die in line with the established hardwared 12 regenerations and your out.

      Fuck I want to see the first alien she encounters rolling around the floor laughing at here saying “You’re the Doctor?, No seriously bitch go and get HIM!”

      • One can imagine John Simm: as The Master, with his trademark sneer and voice dripping with contempt saying, ‘So…. After 2000 years and 12 regenerations… Did your dick suddenly drop off?!’

        I reckon we’ve seen the last of John though… He won’t do this shite, and it’s all wimmin lead roles now, until this pile of PC turd gets axed….

        • All part of the agenda that they redesigned The Master as a woman-hater, when old Roger Delgado was renowned for turning on the charm. His Master even got to chat up Ingrid Pitt…

  31. Billie Piper is a cunt… Gobbing off about how it would be an ‘insult’ if a man was cast as The Doctor again… Didn’t know she was a misandrist (she’ll have to look it up!)… I also didn’t hear the daft manufactured horse faced pop puppet slag complaining when hanging on to a male Doctor (Eccleston and then Tennant) blew her cheap stage school arse up the ladder… And what’s she done since Doctor Who? Well, she’s played a prostitute, a hooker, a lady of the night, and err… a prostitute, a call girl, umm… a prostitute, and erm… a prossie…. What a cunt she is….

    • Never get it when anyone says they fancy Piper either… She looks like the drummer from the Bay City Rollers…

      • Not even fucking Davros himself could stand in the way of Abbott’s daily stampede into the house of Colonel Sanders.

  32. At least there will be a man in it when she fucks up the Tardis and has to call out an engineer.

  33. What I hate about this new feminazi Doctor is the cries of euphoria from Twattermongs and cunts like Billie Piper (Mister Ed’s daughter), Freema ‘Token Darkie’ Agyeman, and Colin ‘Shittest Doctor Ever’ Baker’… Treating it like it’s some sort of major victory and like some evil curse has been lifted… It’s a fucking television show, not a war or a political struggle… But the libtard scum have corrupted a TV institution and classic entertainment into a way of scoring PC points and spreading sexual prejudice (against men)… This ‘I\s about time!’ crowing from all these cunts is them basically saying every man who made this show great (Hartnell, Nation, Newman, Letts, Troughton, Hines, Courtney. Delgado, Pertwee, Baker, McCoy, Ainley, Eccleston) were all crap, that their contributions were nothing, and that this wimmin bollocks is a step up from all those ‘horrible men’…They should all fucking hang….

      • Everything is political to these wankers. Every TV show, every piece of music, every book and film. If it doesn’t spout the agenda then it’s “outdated” or “out of touch” and a threat to them and their Utopian wank fantasies.

        Bond is next, but then 007 has been dead since the end titles of “The World Is Not Enough” anyway so fuck whatever shite they come out with next.
        Thank heavens for a large DVD collection…

  34. Notice the ABBC always do the ‘divided opinion’ noise over anything that suits them (Brexit being the main example) and broadcast negative responses when it’s something they don’t like… But I notice that they haven’t mentioned anything about the many (ex) Doctor Who fans who are disgusted at this PC bollocks and have already showed their contempt and disregard…. More have said that they hate it more than the libmongs who like it, but that would upset the ABBC PC applecart, wouldn’t it?… Cunts….

    • Al-JaBBC has, for years, applied a bias on its reporting to suit their agenda. It is actually fucking disgusting considering it is publicly funded.

      • That’s the fucking nail hit on the head. I’m fucking sick po paying for something I don’t want to access what I do want and then have the so called public service force it’s opinions down my throat.

        The BBC should be provable neutral, no bias and no opinions on anything. The BBC is overly a propaganda tool for the progressive left and as usual for the progressive left the people at the top are creaming off fortunes in tax payers money.

        Their biggest show is EastEnders which is fucking shite, what part of the east end where the population is 90% white I don’t fucking know? What part of the east end can you find where everyone is totally A Ok when their neighbour is mincing around all over the shop and not a negative word is said? Like Coronation Shite it’s agenda loaded opium for the masses.

        The BBC carries on without any serious questions being asked, like the NHS it is regarded as beyond reproach.

        Cunt fudge

        • Corrie should have ended in 84: when Annie Walker left the Rovers, when Elsie Tanner left permanently and when Big Stan Ogden died… Been shite since the mid to late 80s….

          And NeverEnders? There are more rapes and murders per year in Walford than there are in the fucking Bronx and Compton combined… Always been shite….

  35. The new Wonder Woman film was a good example, massive fanfare over the fact it had a female lead and was directed by a woman. Apparently it was quite good but that was lost in the hysterical clichéd bleating’s of ‘strong independent woman’ and ‘breaking down barriers’.

    The irony of equality for all was lost on them when they had screenings for women only at cinemas, had this been done for men then every bull dyke feminazi , right on zeleb and political point scorer would have spat the dummy and then some.

    • Remember that fucking dreadful all-shitcunt Ghostbusters remake? No, me neither thank God – but boy oh boy was that hyped and championed by the fucking liberals.

      Let’s be clear – plenty of decent films and TV with lead women. The problem is when right-on Tokenism is shoehorned into a concept, of God help us, another fucking Hollyshit ‘reboot’.

      • I’ve seen Wonder Woman and as usual there’s the rather shaky Yank grasp of history, plus the plot is all over the place and ripped off from the first Captain America film. No surprise there since that useless twat Zack Snyder wrote the screenplay.
        On the other hand, there’s virtually no real “battle of the sexes” crap to speak of and Gal Gadot is rather charming and chins loads of Germans (always goes down well, that).
        Nowhere near as bloated and pompous as Batman V Superman or Man of Steel and almost fun in places.
        I have also sat through the Ghostbusters remake. Was it an extended rant on gender inequality? Nope.
        Was it a cleverly scripted and witty comedy about the dynamic between the sexes? Nope.
        Was it even funny? Nope.
        It was shit, pure and simple. Unfunny, poorly written, cheap looking and in at least two instances VERY badly acted. And what the fuck was Chris Hemsworth thinking? Did he owe someone some money or do the film for a bet?
        Daft Aussie cunt…

        • Only good thing about them new Marvel films is Scarlett Johansson bouncing around in a black catsuit…

  36. Funny, how all these Twatter SJW cunts are labeling anyone against this PC crap as ‘misogynist’ and ‘bigoted’…. But when they auditioned ‘black actresses only’ for the part of the black lezza, I don’t recall any outcry about the ABBC being racist or endorsing apartheid… Typical libmong snowflake one way street bollocks… They are scum…

  37. Holy fucking dogshit.

    A cunt who actually identifies as a feminist as the new Timelord. Absolute fucking shit. Not that I bothered with this show in recent years, but what angers me is now the floodgates are open, you can all expect nothing to be sancrosact.

    Christ – I thought we were getting a handle on rampant liberalism in this country. What happened? It’s like fucking inoperable cancer.

    Each day that goes by, my hatred for the Al-BBC grows fucking exponentially. As for Pubehead Moffat, I hope someone takes an enormous shit on his coffin come funeral day.

    • What I dont get is why they have got a dollybird to be the Doctor.If they had to have a woman should have got someobn older with authority

  38. I am just surprised that the Baghdad Broadcasting Caliphate didn’t cast a non binary transsexual for the role of the Doctor.

    Instead of the old Tom Baker line “Aaah, would you like a jelly baby?” it would likely be “Aaah would you like to feel my tits, twigs and berries?”.

    More PC beaulocks.

    • He may of over reacted to the news the new Doctor is a woman, but maybe he didn’t

    • My nom list as follows please:

      Rhonda Fleming
      Ken Dodd
      Roy Hudd
      Doris Day
      Giscard d’Estaing

      • Bugger me, took me by surprise (as the actress said to the bishop) but I actually managed to post. Well well.

        On Doc Whos worked with that little cunt Silvester McCoy once. Mean little bastard. Got regularly reviewed as “the least satisfactory Dr Who” Always ensured an enlarged photocopy of the review was posted by the stage door. Very satisfactory.

  39. Of course, the Grauniad are wanking over this new ‘Doctor’… Their hack (a man, disgracefully) wrote it would be an ‘outrage’ if another man got the role…. What the fuck?! Capaldi isn’t Hitler… Apparently the show has been crap in recent years because of the male lead…. Bollocks, of course… It'[s been crap because of Pube Head’s ludicrous convoluted scripts, conceited ego-wanks, and PC pandering…. Even the likes of Laurence Olivier, Peter O’ Toole and Terence Stamp couldn’t make the turds Moffatt dishes out any better… But, hey, the wimmin are now in charge… So everything’s going to be tickety boo.. Fucking shite…

    • I can no longer look at an article on anything in the fucking Graun without feeling the contents of my bladder boil into supercritical steam.

      I could happily punch every single one of their columnists until I collapsed from exhaustion.

      Get your pre-emptive cunting in now for Idris Elba becoming the next Bond.

      • Would have loved to seen Sidney Poitier as Bond years ago… Because he was superb and would have got in on merit… Now if anyone gets it, you knows it’s cuz dey is bur-lack, Buana!

    • Never heard orf this new actress. In the fullness will turn oit to be a transgender dyke doubtless.

      • Oh, the character will be a misandrist lezza, Sir Limply… Guaranteed., with the BBC seal of approval…

  40. I reckon Benderdict Cuntberwank will quit Sherlock and the pube headed one and Mark Gaytits will get another ‘World’s Greatest Detective’… Probably that Abbinton tart… Let’s face it: she fucking took it over anyway….

    Whoever this Jodie Whittaker is or isn’t, I’m thankful for one thing… That the new ‘Doctor’ is not Amanda Fucking Cunting Abbington….

  41. Thing is, for these snowflake turds and effem schlongs, this lady’s acting ability has nothing to do with anything… They’ve got their way and that’s all that matters to them… It’s all ‘We’ve got a female Doctor! Na-Na-Ni- Na-Na!’ These libspakkers would be happy if the role was given to the fat cartoon sambo bint off NeverEnders or Scarlet Moffatt… The spoilt entitled kids now have their shiny new toy… And of course anyone who is opposed to this appointment is ‘Misgoynist’ ‘Sexist’ and ‘Hitler’…..

    C u n t s !

  42. Nomination: Steven Moffat.

    His crimes against my favourite childhood show mean Moffat is due another cunting on this esteemed website. Dr Who was (and should be) a kids’ show. It was always a bit cheesy and the effects were crap. But the point is, it was FUN. Tom Baker’s ludicrous overacting when trying to keep a straight face when faced with yet another “alien” that was clearly an extra covered in tinfoil and various bits of leftover props from other BBC shows. The goodies were good and the baddies were bad – only the Emperor in Star Wars comes close to Davros for sheer bloody-minded evil. I’m pretty sure Davros was wanking in that chair when he told Tom Baker he would release a virus that would destroy all lifeforms in the galaxy.

    I saw the first episode of the latest series and didn’t have much of an opinion one way or the other. Pearl Mackie is neither the best nor the worst actress to play a Dr Who companion. I didn’t watch the rest of the series. But last night I got around to watching the first part of the Cybermen story. Fuck me, I don’t know what that was but it wasn’t Dr Who. The Cybermen should be doing something demented and improbable like taking over the Moon to use the tides to destroy the Earth or crashing a spaceship to wipe out the dinosaurs. The biggest problem though was that the episode was dull, so dull.

    As I said, Dr Who should be fun; the crazier the plan by the Daleks or Cybermen or Ice Warriors the better. And I bet the BBC wouldn’t ever show Tom Baker’s one and only Cybermen story again – the Doctor and a couple of other characters were forced by the silver maniacs to wear suicide belts to blow up the planet of gold. They wouldn’t show that because retards would say it was a coded attack on everyone’s favourite victim group.

    I’m not actually opposed to a female lead if the producers had a particular person in mind who they believed would be right for role. But it just seems that Moffat wanted a woman, any woman for the job. And most of the wankstains who go on about this don’t seem to be Dr Who fans anyway; why the fuck do they care about who plays the main character in a show they don’t even watch?

    And Moffat, I’d just like to say that anyone who comes up with their own nickname – like perennial ISAC nominee Bonio – is a total and utter bellend. “Grand Moff” for fuck’s sake! What’s that sound I hear? It’s peter Cushing spinning in his grave.

    • I agree about Mackie… Not a totally crap actress, but the worst character the show has ever seen… A token darkie lezza and a PC puppet…. Sooty (no pun intended) and Sweep (again) got better lines than she did…

      And what a waste of John Simm…. All this hype about a Master comeback, but what was his dastardly evil plan? Fuck all… What did he get to do? Call the darkie lezza names…. Simm should have told Moffatt breath to stick it up his egotistical arse… After all, he effectively sacked the man to replace him with a female Master… I dare say Capaldi will look back on his time as a wasted opportunity and a load of wank…. Right about the female angle too… It’s not Whittaker who is the problem… If she got some cracking scripts, stories, and villains she just might pull it off (now now, mustn’t be sexist!)… But I dare say it will be the usual men hating, gays are cool, wimmin rule, blacks everwhere, pakis at every historical or intergalactic event bollocks and so on…. As Allan Clarke once sang, ‘I think I’ll pass…’

  43. Apart from a few political programs and the odd drama TV is 90% liquid shite. Comedy, shite, panel shows, shite, lifestyle, shite. It brings to mind Springsteens song ’57 channels and nothing on’. I think it should be remade 557 channels and ‘Fuck All On’.

    • Only things I’m watching now are Ripper Street and the repeats of TOTP on ABBC4…

  44. Of course, everyone’s licking ABBC arse over this… But I wonder if one of the old boys/ex-Doctors will pipe up and say, ‘You can’t do this! It’s wrong and total PC shit!’?
    Highly unlikely, methinks… And that Colin Baker cunt (worst Doc ever – official) will say anything to get himself publicity… The fucker needs it…

    • Colin baker with his hideous multi coloured coat looked like something from a fucking dr seuss book

      • Rumour has it that Colin Baker called Michael Grade a cunt and nearly chinned him when the original show got cancelled.
        Might have redeemed himself a bit if he had done…

  45. As previously stated, I’ve never been a fan of Doctor Who but fuck my old boots if they haven’t gone and totally fucked the show’s legacy up the arse.

    A woman as Doctor Who ??!! When will the brown-tonguing stop?

    What a collective of cunts The BBC are.

    • ‘A woman as Doctor Who ??!! When will the brown-tonguing stop?’

      Better ask Bill, the Black Lezza….

  46. If she fights the Daleks wearing some very saucy scanties and brandishing a Doddy style tickling stick, I might consider it…

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