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On the subject of Doctor Who, I’ve been working my way through the last series stacked up on my video recorder. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode since William Hartnell days, but I have to say the three episode with the zombie monks was fucking dire, especially the third part. It reminded me of The Prisoner where McGoughan couldn’t figure out how to end it so he came up the most unintelligible loads of pseudo bollocks that ever graced the British TV screen – that is until this latest shit with the monks.

No wonder Capaldi says he does want to make any more. These scripts and characters (the Matt Lucas cunt, Bill the Lezza and that bloody Missy) are absolute bollocks – and the acting is crap too. It’s had it’s day so consign it to the dustbin where it now belongs.

As far as I’m concerned, the Moffatt cunt can shove his sonic screwdriver right up his arse. He’s completely destroyed an iconic piece of TV history.

Hartnell must be turning in his grave…

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  1. The new Wonder Woman film was a good example, massive fanfare over the fact it had a female lead and was directed by a woman. Apparently it was quite good but that was lost in the hysterical clichéd bleating’s of ‘strong independent woman’ and ‘breaking down barriers’.

    The irony of equality for all was lost on them when they had screenings for women only at cinemas, had this been done for men then every bull dyke feminazi , right on zeleb and political point scorer would have spat the dummy and then some.

    • Remember that fucking dreadful all-shitcunt Ghostbusters remake? No, me neither thank God – but boy oh boy was that hyped and championed by the fucking liberals.

      Let’s be clear – plenty of decent films and TV with lead women. The problem is when right-on Tokenism is shoehorned into a concept, of God help us, another fucking Hollyshit ‘reboot’.

      • I’ve seen Wonder Woman and as usual there’s the rather shaky Yank grasp of history, plus the plot is all over the place and ripped off from the first Captain America film. No surprise there since that useless twat Zack Snyder wrote the screenplay.
        On the other hand, there’s virtually no real “battle of the sexes” crap to speak of and Gal Gadot is rather charming and chins loads of Germans (always goes down well, that).
        Nowhere near as bloated and pompous as Batman V Superman or Man of Steel and almost fun in places.
        I have also sat through the Ghostbusters remake. Was it an extended rant on gender inequality? Nope.
        Was it a cleverly scripted and witty comedy about the dynamic between the sexes? Nope.
        Was it even funny? Nope.
        It was shit, pure and simple. Unfunny, poorly written, cheap looking and in at least two instances VERY badly acted. And what the fuck was Chris Hemsworth thinking? Did he owe someone some money or do the film for a bet?
        Daft Aussie cunt…

        • Only good thing about them new Marvel films is Scarlett Johansson bouncing around in a black catsuit…

  2. Funny, how all these Twatter SJW cunts are labeling anyone against this PC crap as ‘misogynist’ and ‘bigoted’…. But when they auditioned ‘black actresses only’ for the part of the black lezza, I don’t recall any outcry about the ABBC being racist or endorsing apartheid… Typical libmong snowflake one way street bollocks… They are scum…

  3. Holy fucking dogshit.

    A cunt who actually identifies as a feminist as the new Timelord. Absolute fucking shit. Not that I bothered with this show in recent years, but what angers me is now the floodgates are open, you can all expect nothing to be sancrosact.

    Christ – I thought we were getting a handle on rampant liberalism in this country. What happened? It’s like fucking inoperable cancer.

    Each day that goes by, my hatred for the Al-BBC grows fucking exponentially. As for Pubehead Moffat, I hope someone takes an enormous shit on his coffin come funeral day.

    • What I dont get is why they have got a dollybird to be the Doctor.If they had to have a woman should have got someobn older with authority

  4. I am just surprised that the Baghdad Broadcasting Caliphate didn’t cast a non binary transsexual for the role of the Doctor.

    Instead of the old Tom Baker line “Aaah, would you like a jelly baby?” it would likely be “Aaah would you like to feel my tits, twigs and berries?”.

    More PC beaulocks.

    • He may of over reacted to the news the new Doctor is a woman, but maybe he didn’t

    • My nom list as follows please:

      Rhonda Fleming
      Ken Dodd
      Roy Hudd
      Doris Day
      Giscard d’Estaing

      • Bugger me, took me by surprise (as the actress said to the bishop) but I actually managed to post. Well well.

        On Doc Whos worked with that little cunt Silvester McCoy once. Mean little bastard. Got regularly reviewed as “the least satisfactory Dr Who” Always ensured an enlarged photocopy of the review was posted by the stage door. Very satisfactory.

  5. Of course, the Grauniad are wanking over this new ‘Doctor’… Their hack (a man, disgracefully) wrote it would be an ‘outrage’ if another man got the role…. What the fuck?! Capaldi isn’t Hitler… Apparently the show has been crap in recent years because of the male lead…. Bollocks, of course… It'[s been crap because of Pube Head’s ludicrous convoluted scripts, conceited ego-wanks, and PC pandering…. Even the likes of Laurence Olivier, Peter O’ Toole and Terence Stamp couldn’t make the turds Moffatt dishes out any better… But, hey, the wimmin are now in charge… So everything’s going to be tickety boo.. Fucking shite…

    • I can no longer look at an article on anything in the fucking Graun without feeling the contents of my bladder boil into supercritical steam.

      I could happily punch every single one of their columnists until I collapsed from exhaustion.

      Get your pre-emptive cunting in now for Idris Elba becoming the next Bond.

      • Would have loved to seen Sidney Poitier as Bond years ago… Because he was superb and would have got in on merit… Now if anyone gets it, you knows it’s cuz dey is bur-lack, Buana!

    • Never heard orf this new actress. In the fullness will turn oit to be a transgender dyke doubtless.

      • Oh, the character will be a misandrist lezza, Sir Limply… Guaranteed., with the BBC seal of approval…

  6. I reckon Benderdict Cuntberwank will quit Sherlock and the pube headed one and Mark Gaytits will get another ‘World’s Greatest Detective’… Probably that Abbinton tart… Let’s face it: she fucking took it over anyway….

    Whoever this Jodie Whittaker is or isn’t, I’m thankful for one thing… That the new ‘Doctor’ is not Amanda Fucking Cunting Abbington….

  7. Thing is, for these snowflake turds and effem schlongs, this lady’s acting ability has nothing to do with anything… They’ve got their way and that’s all that matters to them… It’s all ‘We’ve got a female Doctor! Na-Na-Ni- Na-Na!’ These libspakkers would be happy if the role was given to the fat cartoon sambo bint off NeverEnders or Scarlet Moffatt… The spoilt entitled kids now have their shiny new toy… And of course anyone who is opposed to this appointment is ‘Misgoynist’ ‘Sexist’ and ‘Hitler’…..

    C u n t s !

  8. Nomination: Steven Moffat.

    His crimes against my favourite childhood show mean Moffat is due another cunting on this esteemed website. Dr Who was (and should be) a kids’ show. It was always a bit cheesy and the effects were crap. But the point is, it was FUN. Tom Baker’s ludicrous overacting when trying to keep a straight face when faced with yet another “alien” that was clearly an extra covered in tinfoil and various bits of leftover props from other BBC shows. The goodies were good and the baddies were bad – only the Emperor in Star Wars comes close to Davros for sheer bloody-minded evil. I’m pretty sure Davros was wanking in that chair when he told Tom Baker he would release a virus that would destroy all lifeforms in the galaxy.

    I saw the first episode of the latest series and didn’t have much of an opinion one way or the other. Pearl Mackie is neither the best nor the worst actress to play a Dr Who companion. I didn’t watch the rest of the series. But last night I got around to watching the first part of the Cybermen story. Fuck me, I don’t know what that was but it wasn’t Dr Who. The Cybermen should be doing something demented and improbable like taking over the Moon to use the tides to destroy the Earth or crashing a spaceship to wipe out the dinosaurs. The biggest problem though was that the episode was dull, so dull.

    As I said, Dr Who should be fun; the crazier the plan by the Daleks or Cybermen or Ice Warriors the better. And I bet the BBC wouldn’t ever show Tom Baker’s one and only Cybermen story again – the Doctor and a couple of other characters were forced by the silver maniacs to wear suicide belts to blow up the planet of gold. They wouldn’t show that because retards would say it was a coded attack on everyone’s favourite victim group.

    I’m not actually opposed to a female lead if the producers had a particular person in mind who they believed would be right for role. But it just seems that Moffat wanted a woman, any woman for the job. And most of the wankstains who go on about this don’t seem to be Dr Who fans anyway; why the fuck do they care about who plays the main character in a show they don’t even watch?

    And Moffat, I’d just like to say that anyone who comes up with their own nickname – like perennial ISAC nominee Bonio – is a total and utter bellend. “Grand Moff” for fuck’s sake! What’s that sound I hear? It’s peter Cushing spinning in his grave.

    • I agree about Mackie… Not a totally crap actress, but the worst character the show has ever seen… A token darkie lezza and a PC puppet…. Sooty (no pun intended) and Sweep (again) got better lines than she did…

      And what a waste of John Simm…. All this hype about a Master comeback, but what was his dastardly evil plan? Fuck all… What did he get to do? Call the darkie lezza names…. Simm should have told Moffatt breath to stick it up his egotistical arse… After all, he effectively sacked the man to replace him with a female Master… I dare say Capaldi will look back on his time as a wasted opportunity and a load of wank…. Right about the female angle too… It’s not Whittaker who is the problem… If she got some cracking scripts, stories, and villains she just might pull it off (now now, mustn’t be sexist!)… But I dare say it will be the usual men hating, gays are cool, wimmin rule, blacks everwhere, pakis at every historical or intergalactic event bollocks and so on…. As Allan Clarke once sang, ‘I think I’ll pass…’

  9. Apart from a few political programs and the odd drama TV is 90% liquid shite. Comedy, shite, panel shows, shite, lifestyle, shite. It brings to mind Springsteens song ’57 channels and nothing on’. I think it should be remade 557 channels and ‘Fuck All On’.

    • Only things I’m watching now are Ripper Street and the repeats of TOTP on ABBC4…

  10. Of course, everyone’s licking ABBC arse over this… But I wonder if one of the old boys/ex-Doctors will pipe up and say, ‘You can’t do this! It’s wrong and total PC shit!’?
    Highly unlikely, methinks… And that Colin Baker cunt (worst Doc ever – official) will say anything to get himself publicity… The fucker needs it…

    • Colin baker with his hideous multi coloured coat looked like something from a fucking dr seuss book

      • Rumour has it that Colin Baker called Michael Grade a cunt and nearly chinned him when the original show got cancelled.
        Might have redeemed himself a bit if he had done…

  11. As previously stated, I’ve never been a fan of Doctor Who but fuck my old boots if they haven’t gone and totally fucked the show’s legacy up the arse.

    A woman as Doctor Who ??!! When will the brown-tonguing stop?

    What a collective of cunts The BBC are.

    • ‘A woman as Doctor Who ??!! When will the brown-tonguing stop?’

      Better ask Bill, the Black Lezza….

  12. If she fights the Daleks wearing some very saucy scanties and brandishing a Doddy style tickling stick, I might consider it…

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