The Establishment (2)

The establishment is about due a cunting. Much has been said in the past week about the atrocity committed in Manchester on Monday night, most of it complete bullshit. As we all know, a Muslim scumbag chose to blow himself up at the Manchester Arena, murdering 22 innocent men, women and young girls in the process. And I’m sorry if this gets a bit rambly, but I’m still emotional.

As usual, we got the usual tough talk, “they will not defeat us”, “we will do what has to be done”, blah, blah, blah. And then we got the usual bullshit. “He wasn’t a Muslim”, said Burnham, “Islam is a religion of peace” said a load of soppy liberal cunts. “If you slag off Muslims, we’ll arrest you and have you charged with hate crimes”, said plod. “WE’RE THE VICTIMS OF HATE CRIMES”, said all the Muslims. And the lefties nodded in agreement. Nothing ever changes.

I’ll admit, I’m still angry over this. My daughter and my niece were at that gig. And although they’re physically ok, mentally they are deeply scarred. It’s only been in the past couple of days that my daughter has been able to sleep without waking up screaming in the early hours. To a point, I can understand what she and her cousin are going through, I saw muslim dickheads blow themselves (and other people) to shit several times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve even survived an IED while on patrol in a Jackal. I’m a trained soldier though, my daughter isn’t, so I’m pretty sure it’s a lot harder for her to come to terms with it.

While I blame Abedi for the atrocity, I also blame lefties and our ignorant, PC obsessed, appeasing political class. For years now, we’ve had to tread on eggshells around Muslims, in case we upset them and they start to feel oppressed. How come it’s only Muslims who are so sensitive? Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists never seem to feel oppressed. Then again, they’ve all integrated into British society, whilst maintaining their own culture and beliefs. They don’t make a big deal out of it.

Muslims, on the other hand, have to be treated with kid gloves. Because if we don’t, they start to play the ‘Islamophobia’ card, and then they start burning flags and making threats of violence. Which kind of proves the lie that Islam is peaceful. The establishment have been only to happy to buy into that bullshit, shouting down anyone who dares to criticise Islam with accusations of racism and, inevitably, Islamophobia. They’ve sucked up to them for so long that Muslims now think, rightly, that they are untouchable.

Look at the paedo gangs in places like Rochdale and Rotherham. 1400 underage girls raped over 14 years by MUSLIMS. If the perpetrators had White, they wouldn’t have gotten away with it for 14 months, never mind 14 years. But Muslims got away with it, because the local councils, the police and most of social services simply were too afraid of upsetting the Muslim community and being accused of racism to even consider investigating. Not only that, but, disgustingly, they actually accused the young victims of lying and of being racist. They accused them of being from broken homes, as if that somehow justifies them being raped.

And it’s that same attitude that allowed Abedi to walk into that gig unchallenged and murder 22 people and wound over 60 more. And ever since then, as always, the Muslim community have been trying to paint themselves as the true victims, with bullshit claims of attacks, both verbal and physical. A couple of days after the attack, an Imam in Oldham claimed his mosque had been firebombed. I’m not convinced that this attack wasn’t staged, because the damage was to the outside of a door and although it was badly charred, the damage to the building was quite superficial.

One of the most ridiculous stories from last week was the elderly Imam and the elderly Jewish woman. Apparently, they had been friends for years, and were held up as the model of tolerance and inter-faith understanding. Bullshit. That Imam was an exception, not the rule. Most Muslims would have happily stoned the elderly Jewish woman to death, or at least provided the stones.

This PC bullshit has to stop. Because the fact is, Muslims are as much to blame for Islamic terrorism as those who are protecting and even encouraging them. The time has come for a purge. WE, the British people, need to start standing up those who call us racists and Islamophobes when we complain about halal meat increasingly creeping into the non-Muslim food chain. We need to rid Government, the police, social services, local authorities, the judiciary, the BBC and the media in general of all the PC dickheads who infest them, and replace them with people capable using common sense.

We need to start telling Muslims that THEY have to start taking responsibility for those in their community who hate us and want to do us harm. And they know who those people are, but they refuse to inform on them. A lot of them actively support terrorism. The need to be told that they will no longer be given special status, and they either start integrating into British society, accept that BRITISH law reigns supreme in the UK, or they can fuck off back to where they came from.

Because until the establishment is free of the PC madness that it suffers from, we will be trapped in a perpetual circle of violence and appeasement. Like the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

236 thoughts on “The Establishment (2)

  1. A quality and fully justified cunting QD.

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter and nieces experience. I’m glad they are ok, at least physically, and I’m sure you will help get them through this.

    After reading your post I can’t help but ask, when are you running for office? We need guys like you in there giving these cunts what for. I often struggle to understand the magnitude of what these cunts did in Rotherham and other places. The thought of some overweight greasy stinking mudslime, let alone a fucking gaggle of them, praying on our youth makes my stomach churn. Then on top of that our own people denying or insisting that these youth are lying coz ” that couldn’t possibly happen” is madness. If something like that ever happened to my own, I’d do time with a fucking smile on my face.

    I’m not a racist. I appreciate diversity. But these racist mudslime cunts need to be stopped. And, if we stand up to oppose what’s going on, we get called racists. Fuckin bollocks.

    Corbyn blames foreign policy. I can’t help but wonder if we should vote this tool in, in the hope that he might put his money where his mouth is and pop over for a nice cup of shai tea with Al Baghdadi. He must promise though to take a cameraman with him. We would all love to see the pattern of conversation I’m sure. And while he’s at it take Andy Burnham. Wouldn’t want to miss Andy Burnham ” Andy Burnhaming” himself while Al Bagdadi is sharpening his fucking sabre!

    Political correctness is a CUNT. Corbyn, Burnham, and every other tosser in this country who thinks that these cunts want to integrate into our society need their head read.

    No, many come here for their free ride and to play our system. I rented a house at Uni from one such freeloader years ago. He owned about 3 houses in a row, claimed benefits, and most likely is worth a few mill. Slimy looking fucker.

    Problem is, if there is a backlash from us honky racists, my only worry is the good doctors and nurse types cop it as well. There are many over here who do us good. How the fuck though do you identify the difference in the street. If these attacks keep up then they’re all gonna look like jihadis after a while.

    You’re bang on QD.

    The establishment is indeed a proper CUNT.

    • @Count Cuncha, mudslimes are not a race, you are not being racist for calling them cunts. Neither is it islime-o-phobic, because that is an imaginary mental condition promoted by a terrorist organisation. What it is is veracity and as far as I know telling the truth is not a crime in UK, however it is in Canada so you never know, it might be illegal soon.

      • That’s a great comment. Blaming our foreign policy, as Corbyn has been doing, is yet another copout, to avoid blaming Muslims. There were Islamic terrorists long before British foreign policy even mentioned the middle east.

        • True mudslimes are not a race, but unfortunately our blessed, beloved highly useful race hate laws have classified them as such.

          Not that it will ever stop me from hating the cunting cunts.

    • First rate rant. There is nothing I could add to that. Well done QD.

  2. We ( the working class) have only got ourselves to blame. We swallowed all the media anti-union , individualistic , look after number one bullshit. Once you have broken the unions then you can import cheap foreign labour and reduce wages and working conditions. If you don’t like it then you are branded with the R word. I don’t suppose the Establishment likes the Muzzies any more than we do but when you are using the R word to stigmatise and demonise people you can’t discriminate between one form of R and another. That just doesn’t make sense. People at work are always moaning about Tube Drivers….
    “Those cunts earn 50 fucking grand for sitting on their arses pushing buttons.”
    I have to point out that they have strong unions and are prepared to strike and be stroppy cunts to get what they want. They don’t get it given on a plate.
    Yes, I know most of you cunts ain’t gonna like it but you swallowed all that “they’re all commies”….”Holding the country to ransom” bollocks. You voted for Thatcher and Blair 6 fucking times and you got what you voted for. People just listen to the music they don’t hear the words. Nobody knows how we got in this mess and they want change. That’s why they voted for Brexit and why they are flocking to Corbyn. Something’s gotta change. ( Was that The Clash? Can’t remember)

    • I guess you should vote for Corbyn then seeing as you think unions should be stronger. Maybe he can magically take us back to 1978. Mountains of rubbish in the streets, power cuts, the dead left unburied. Happy days.

      • Or Teath (paedo) and his 3-day week.

        Same level of cuntitude, different party.

        There IS a guaranteed outcome this Thursday…one way or another, YAY !! Behold, a Muppet in No. 10…

        QDMG, your cunting was MOST excellent and timely; I wish you and your family all the very best. You really hit the nail on the head re integration – the KEY word here. Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists are integrated; the others seem to DEMAND that WE integrate… And, of course, the dead hand of PC.

        I just wish I could do more, I feel powerless. I tried for the Navy in about 1987, but “application dismissed” on same grounds that Katie Hopkins had to leave the army, I believe…
        I could be up for some (young) Grandad’s Army style action, though…

        • Funny enough, I tease the youngsters in work, by saying they will all be conscripted soon, and end up in the cannon fodder battalion. When they retaliate by calling me old cunt and the like, I say I’ll be right behind you, like a modern day corporal Jones, too old to yomp, but I can quite happily man a VCP, or a MG bunker.

  3. IT’S OK TO BE A RACIST!!……That’s if you are a muslim by the way. It works both ways thick cunts. Change for certain things like immigration need to happen slowly and carefully. But it their futile quest to try and make themselves feel good and kind and tolerant and have people blow smoke up their arses these morons are splitting a country in two. There will be only one outcome if we continue down that road. With the muslims out breeding us by 4-1 it may come sooner than we think. Fucking fools.

    • It’s certainly OK if your name is Diane Abbott – who I notice this morning has been told to disappear until after the election.

      Such confidence being displayed by Labour in the woman who wants to be our next Home Secretary…

      • Diane Abbott disappear???
        There’s not a magician alive that could make that happen!!

        • I wish they would saw her in half, but you would need a bloody big saw.

          • Perhaps they’ll stash her in one of those old airship hangars at Cardington…

      • Apparently Diane thinks that May was being “racist” by focusing on her “brain-fades” during the campaign. Wonder if she’ll criticise the stratagists who now want to side-line her until after the election.

        The race card trumps everything in Diane’s deluded world.

        • Listen dick fiddler, the delightful and deluded ms Flabbot got her hair/wig/weave done yesterday, so move on will you.

          New hairstyle
          New thoughts. OK?

          PS. When did you drop the caps from yer name?

  4. On another note, this concert on Sunday seems to me to be a bit too soon. It also feels a bit disrespectful to the victims. I know the sentiment is there but to have people laughing and happy somehow feels a bit wrong just a couple of weeks after the tragedy. I know there will be a lot of tears, hugging, consoling and ‘you will not break us’ but we are not hearing too much about the families and victims. Just don’t sit right with me at the moment.

  5. Could I just give a big thumbs up to that yank comedian Kathy Griffin. That crying routine she did is one of the funniest things I’ve seen recently. What would be funnier tho would be Donald holding a severed look alike head of her. I wonder what the lovely lib beautiful people would have to say about that. Anyway well done Kathy keep up the good work. Maybe you could get on a plane or go to a concert and shout ‘BOMB’. I’m sure that would get a few laughs too🤡

    • Apparently, she’s now blaming Donald Trump and his family for ruining her career. Sometimes, this shit really does write itself. There’s a video going round of the preparations for Griffins severed head photoshoot. She can clearly be heard telling the photographer to phone his parents and tell them he’s out of a job. So she knew what would happen, but she did it anyway.

  6. I would like to cunt the ticket resellers who originally bought tickets to the Ariana Grenade concert and then sold them on at over inflated prices.
    These shameless cunts then applied for the free tickets intended for the victims of this atrocity with the intention of selling them on.
    Cunts like this make me sick.

  7. Best cunting ever!

    The sad thing is if you were to ask the “ordinary Joes” of this country what they thought, I guarantee they’d echo exactly the same sentiments.

    Unfortunately the media is composed of ultra-left liberal facists who will shout down any negative viewpoint and over-promote a positive one in it’s place.

    Manchester being the sad example where the attack was big news on the Tuesday (with absolutely not one mention of an “M” or “I” word) and then for the rest of the week the atrocity was given it’s two-minute’s lip service in the main bulletin followed by story after piece after story of how integrated the “peaceful” community is, how these sacrosanct individuals were suffering “hate crimes” (i.e. name calling, if it was a true “hate crime” the cunts wouldn’t walk for a month), and as usual how it is a religion of “peace”.

    And woe betide anyone dare say that there’s an endemic issue with “peaceful” cunts because your voice will be stiffled by some uppity “peaceful” cunt who will try to be smart to nullify the argument and then who will simply say: “This is not where I want this conversation to go.” and cut you off, so then they can interview some virtue signalling snowflake who wants to “big up” the “peaceful” community.

    Fucking cunts the lot of them who’d happily see every non-peaceful murdered so that they can get down to the real job of turning this country into a colder version of the backward, insular and intolerant Shariah shithole that they came from!

  8. Quality piece, QDM,and I hope that your family cope with what must have been horrific,particularly for young children.

    I completely agree with your sentiments regarding the need for a far tougher line to be taken with the muslim threat that faces this country. However, I doubt that it’ll ever happen,we’re too far down the road. The younger generation has been brainwashed into totally buying the “Everyone is essentially good” mantra. Well, I’ve got news for them….they aren’t,particularly when you bring religion into the equation. Too many people still prefer to deny the blatantly obvious fact that the vast majority of the muslim “Community” either actively help the terrorists,or condone their terrorism through their own inaction.

    The Establishment are enthusiastically doing what comes naturally…,taking the path of least resistance. The draconian laws on “hate” crimes mean that no meaningful action can be even openly discussed,never mind implemented. There’ll be no change in policy because it’s only a tiny minority who seem able to recognise just what is actually happening to not just this country,but the whole of Europe.

    Personally,I have no family who I give a damn about,so as far as I’m concerned,if the people of Europe and the UK have reached the point where they lack the will to even acknowledge the threat that they face, never mind actually defend themselves…well, they’re welcome to whatever their “tolerant” society delivers…Serves them right.

  9. The Establishment, is a collective term given to those who wield power, enormous power both in commerce and in politics. It is a collective of like minded persons who seek to dominate and structure life for their own benefit. The Establishment is not new, and has attained more power and influence as time has gone by. George Orwell warned of the coming of an all powerful establishment elite, but obviously his message was largely ignored. Today, we have a circus, a circus of politicians who wield no real power. They are there as a simple ruse, an illusion of democracy. The Politicians are played by the establishment, very much like actors following a script. Politicians are a useless and spineless breed, but they serve the purpose of the marrionette. As the strings are pulled. they perform. The establishment is an increasing evil, and we are marching willingly to an existence little better that ant life. A New World Order, requires New World Solution, At the next gathering of the Bilderbergs they will be in one place. Hoepefully Kim Yong Un is listening?

  10. NOMINATION : Sergeant Pepper

    Apparently, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the album that “changed music forever”

    What a load of pretentious marketing speak drivel! Like fuck it did. The Sex Pistols did more to change the face of music than the Beatles ever did. The Fab Four were a pop band that got lucky because Epstein was a brilliant marketing man.

    If you want to hear a half decent Beatles album you won’t find it in Sergeant Pepper. After Revolver it was all downhill as McCuntney & Co climbed further and further up their own backsides.

    Want proof it’s all bollocks? Look no further than Amazon who are selling an anniversary copy of the album for £109 with previously unreleased material. Basically five or six preproduction or remixed versions of the same songs. There’s a reason they’ve never been released before. It’s because they weren’t fit for purpose. Beef that up with a book and a couple of DVDs with old documentaries on them. Bingo! Loadsa money…!

    No, if you want to hear Beatles music then listen to The Rutles who took their stuff and improved it.

    “Changed music forever”? Don’t be a cunt…!

    • Seconded, vastly overrated, the whole 60’s nostalgia thing is wank, marketing hype to repackage old shit and keep ageing cunts in the news.

      70’s nostalgia was in for while and now we have 80’s nostalgia recycling classic music such the unrivalled tunes of Bananarama.

      Nostalgia is a cunt

    • Got a copy of the new Sgt Pepper thing (from a certain Pirate, you understand) and Martin the younger has done quite a good job with the remix of the original album… It certainly sounds better than it did before… Mind you, the original stereo version always was crap… The takes of Strawberry Fields Forever and A Day In The Life are of interest, but who the fuck wants multiple outtakes of Fixing A Hole and Lovely Rita?… And the ‘documentary’ is a South Bank Show episode from 1992, with virtually no interviews (audio or video) of John Lennon…. You think they’d get off their arses and do a new thing for such a ‘momentous’ release… Rubber Soul was their peak and the entire 67 summer of love thing probably did more harm than good… After all, wasn’t the hippy the prototype for today’s entitled student cunts and the snowflake?…. I’ve always hated hippes, and I hate snowflakes too… Cunts…

      • Didn’t ‘Are You Experienced’ come out more or less the same time as Pepper?… That and The Byrds’ ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ piss all over it…

        • Hendrix was fucking amazing. Saw him several times live. He just doesn’t come over on a recording. You had to be there…

          • Used to visit Hendrix in Newcastle. He used to busk on Shields Road in Byker and also on Heaton Rd. He was obviously not famous at that time, and was living in a small flat courtesy of Chas Candler. Dozens of us used to go am
            nd listen to this guy with funny hair, and a simple acoustic guitar that sounded like no other guitar you have ever heard. I’ll never forget those Saturday afternoons.

      • Takes some doing to do a remix from a four track tape. Fair bit of work.

        Still a pretentious and mediocre album tho’

        “When I’m 64”? FFS! I rest my case…

        • More money for Macca!

          I always though the Beatles were way overrated. They were a pop band that jumped on a bandwagon popular at the time. They invented fuck all and changed even less.

          Worse than that they were the spring board for any scouse cunt who could strum 3 chords to be made famous and for that they should all be cunted every fucking day. Cunts!

        • I can imagine the cunts are going to go to town for Let It Be’s ’50th’ in 2020… A super duper deluxe box set featuring the film (dull and miserable as fuck), multiple versions of ‘The Long And Winding Road’ and ‘Dig A Pony’ (shite), all the crap that Phil Spector binned, a book featuring loads of pics of Paul’s beard and Yoko’s ugly mug, and a special ‘we never hated each other, and I never thought he was a cunt, honest!’ documentary…. All for 200 quid..

        • Revolver, Abbey rd and Rubber Soul were the best. Pepper was mostly Macca whimsy with a couple of decent songs thrown in. And how good was Joe Cocker to turn the trite shite of ‘a little help from my friends’ into a great rocker.

        • Many came before them but Elvis (before he joined the army),Dylan (1st couple of albums) and The Beatles (whole recording career) were ground zero in modern popular music.
          I’ll get me coat.
          PS they are all cunts.

    • I’ll have to disagree with you, Dio esquire.

      The Beatles, even without Epstein and the incredible production skills of George Martin, would’ve been pretty special. They are still above anything we’ve seen in the last fifty years.

      {caveat: We are talking about pop music here. Short, nursery rhyme-like songs that use limited chords and seldom stray from lyrical themes of ‘love.’ Verse-chorus, Verse-chorus, bridge bit, chorus}

      The Beatles wrote poppy stuff but later, with Martin’s aid, were able to experiment musically and lyrically. Personally I don’t think Sergeant Pepper is their best album; however, it still contains A Day In The Life, Within You Without You and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

      The Rutles were funny. Compare “How sweet to be an idiot” to “Whatever” by Oasis and you’ll realise where Noel acquired his tune.

      The Sex Pistols were ace but in reality only had three or four good songs. They were pieced together, like The Monkees or One Direction or any other fabricated, inorganic manufactured puppets.

      • They were the first. They got lucky. They got marketed.
        Didn’t say they were rubbish.
        Four blokes who got together formed a band and learnt their craft the hard way, on the club circuit. Credit to them for that.

        It’s just that Pepper really didn’t change the face of music.
        My reference to punk was the genre rather than the bands.

        Real game changers? Bill Haley, Elvis, Chuck Berry.
        Sure the Beatles and Stones did their bit too – but not this album now being overhyped to the extreme just to make more money…

        • Monkees were alright… At least Jones, Dolenz and Nesmith could sing, and Tork and Nesmith could play… Their Kirschner led stuff was crap, but ‘Headquarters’ and ‘Pisces’ were OK… Only Steve Jones could play out of the Pistols…

          Funny how Pepper is lauded, but it was The Kinks and Small Faces who had the greater influence on bands like The Jam and the later ‘Britpop’ bands…

          • Yes, this album wasn’t groundbreaking, but overall The Beatles changed everything. Elvis nicked his music from Black people as did Bill Haley. It’s all pop music, chugga-chugga-chugga. After the Beatles and Dylan there was little left to do. It’s all the same chords in a 4×4 beat.

            Punk uses the same chords, the only difference was the lyrics, middle class angst and profanities. The Clash and The Stranglers weren’t working class. “Wun, two, free, four…” Chugga-chugga-chugga. Middle class, burn your bedroom music by pieced-together marionettes.

            If you don’t like The Beatles’ music, fair enough; but if you hate them because they’re Scouse or don’t see their importance, then keep listening to music from whenever you were a teenager and insisting it’s “the best.”

          • Furthermore, The Monkees started as a tv show joke. Originally none of them could play anything. Their songs were written for them. They were alright.

            Same guitar chords as punk.

          • no one has mentioned Napoleon X1V, They’re coming to take me away.
            You won’t get them playing high risk songs like that on the radio nowadays. Especially on Hospital radio.
            Ground breaking quality music…

          • Both Tork and Nesmith were musicians before The Monkees formed… With Nesmith especially well known in country circles… Jones and Dolenz were the actors and musical showmen… And their best stuff was the later songs written by Nesmith like ‘Nine Times Blue’ and ‘If I Ever Get To Saginaw’….

            The Beatles and Dylan did open a lot of doors, and The Byrds also had a massive influence… If it wasn’t for The Byrds there would have been none of that 70s California scene: like CSNY, Eagles, Jackson Browne, James Taylor etc… And the Byrds came about because of Both Dylan and The Beatles…

            Also, weren’t Kraftwerk game changers in their own way?… No Kraftwerk then no (original) Human Leauge, Gary Numan, New Order, OMD etc…

          • The lovely Mrs Maskinback and I had Buddy Holly’s True Love Ways played at our wedding during the signing of the certificate. He wrote that song when he was 21. Incredible.

            He was a true genius who changed the face of music.

    • If it wasn’t for them we probably wouldn’t have had cilla black.

      For that reason alone they’re cunts.

    • I’ve always thought the Beatles to be pretty, pretty shitty.
      Yesterday i heard snippets from this so called classic album and i can honestly say that it’s “twee pish shite”.
      Did they sing down that kettle on every track?

      Anyway, the shity of Liverpool are putting on some arty , non comprehensible shite for each song.
      I cant really explain it other than, no i cant even explain coz its that nonsensical.

      I know we all have different tastes in music and i don’t have any problems with idiots liking the Beatles but please stop labeling them as the greatest ever.
      Slade piss all over them yet Slade are seen as a novelty act.

      Lovely Rita
      Meter maaaaaaah fuck off!!!

      • Slade did one and half good songs, couldn’t speak properly and wrote comedy songs that were bereft of, erm, comedy. The only jocular thing about them was their hair. Beside that, they resemble sinister child molesters.

        • How Does It Feel? is one of the best songs ever written and I’d honestly listen to Look Wot U Dun over and over for eternity rather than listen to a full Beatles album once.

          Hey, Hey, Hey
          Look wot u do to me
          Uhuh uh uh uh
          Hey Hey Hey
          Look wot you duuuuun

          Fantastic. 🙂

          • Come on maaaan!!!

            That’s a classic.
            My favourite Slade song is Hear Me Calling.
            Not many lyrics, but great guitars.

          • “That’s a classic”

            Apologies for sounding like a local radio DJ.

          • Prefer the Ten Years After version which, I think, was the original?
            Leo Lyons, their bass player, was a mate of mine so I’m biased
            TYA were another brilliant live band…

          • I never knew it was a cover.
            Ten Years After was released in 68, so thats definitely the original.

            I’ll check out the Ten Years After version later when this WiFi signal kicks in.

          • Yeah – used to hang out with TYA at the RickiTick Club in Hounslow back in the late 60s/70s
            Terrific band with a first rate guitarist, Alvin Lee.
            “Woodchoppers Ball” on the ‘TYA Undead’ album is a masterpiece…

          • I was trying to understand what they letters were but they’ve gone.

            I know i misread stuff all the time due to hazyitis, but there was letters there.
            Wasn’t there? 🙂

          • T-Rex were ace… Till Bolan went up his own arse and became a bloated gnome…

      • I have to say i am obsessed with the music and fashion from the 60’s. My older brother was a local dj around Brighton and he would take me to all the places where mods would hang out and bands like the Small faces and Geno Washington would perform plus lots of others, its a real nostalgia thing with me. Yes i probably look back with rose tinted glasses But i loved every minute of it and still play the music i loved then by all the bands you have all mentioned.Their seemed to be a lot of new things happening and their was definitely a great teen culture something that is not apparent anymore . I feel sorry for the young now, it seems fucking grim now compared to those times.

        • Terry Kath of Chicago was an ace axeman who Hendrix raved over.

          Chicago were great with Kath until excesses took their toll and he died from an accidental, self inflicted gun shot.

          After that Chicago entered their MOR/80’s power ballad phase. By Christ they were utter shite after Kath went.

    • Is it the album itself or the boring, pretentious cunts who try to analyse it to death that irritate Dio? Like the blowhard libbo cunt on ABBC2 right now!

      Fuck me I’d rather just listen to the record than that cunt and I never much cared for the Beatles myself music wise.

      Mr Snowflake states that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was nowt to do with LSD and all to do with Alice In Wonderland.

      Well that may well be his belief but I reckon they were cunted on acid to come up with that shite!

  11. Apparently there was a special QT on last night with Saggy Maggie May and Cunty Comrade Corbyn avoiding answering questions like their lives depended on it. Here is a clip of Cunty Comrade Corbyn refusing to answer if he would use nuclear weapons in a retaliatory strike.

    Forgive me, but isn’t the threat of using nuclear weapons a deterrent? Our enemies must know, with absolute certainty that if they attack us we will hit them back and this lunatic has just said that he wouldn’t. Isn’t it also the first order of business for any government to defend the people and the country? Forget Brexit, the economy, NHS and schools. Defence comes first, without a strong defence everything else is meaningless and Cunty Comrade Corbyn has as good as said he isn’t willing to take on that responsibility.

    But what is more frightening than Cunty Comrade Corbyn are some of the comments. Some of these people actually think he is the man to lead the country. Others actually believe the BBC has a right wing bias!! FFS!! What level of cognitive dissonance is required to hold such views? What level of mental illness can make some one think Cunty Comrade Corbyn is the man for the job?

    • He thinks that if he is nice to everyone, then all the worlds problems will go away. Bellend.

  12. Excellently put, QDM… Modern Britain sickens me… Was at the funeral of one of the young girls who were killed at the Arena (her family are friends of the mrs) last week… It was in Bury, and while the congregation gathered and the cars slowly went their way, peaceful pakis swarmed all over Bury town centre like they owned the fucking place…. Cunts dressed as letter boxes and multitudes of parky wimmin with their shitloads of screaming brats (the future peacefuls… How lovely)…. No respect shown for the hearse or the occasion… A few old’ uns came out of the nearby pubs and stood in silence and a couple of Polish blokes (nice lads) paid their respects… But these camelstuffers simply didn’t and don’t give a fuck… As long as they get their benefits and can blow it while clogging up towns with their awful offspring everything (for them) is tickety boo…. The cunts acted like it was just any other day, and when I am in Bury for work reasons it’s the same old faces every time, not a care in the world…. Spending taxpayers money and not respecting British life, people or values… And that violin ‘playing’ cunt I have previously mentioned was told in no uncertain terms that if he put on that ridiculously loud backing CD and tried to cash in on the day of that poor girl’s send off, his fiddle and bow would be shoved sideways up his peaceful (he is one!) fat arse…

  13. Mexican midget and 2 nd rate actress Selma Hayek needs a cunting, in an evening standard interview yesterday she was talking utter bollocks about brexit, having lived in London for 3 years she now appears to be an expert on the British, according to her she has seen immigrants being treated very badly since brexit?? Yeh I can imagine that happens on a daily basis in Londons richest areas ??
    Apparently the whole mood of the country has changed?? And worst of all the people that voted in the referendum didn’t understand what they were voting for?? Amazing stuff from the Mexican midget, she has also linked brexit to trump of course, pathetic ramblings from a completely uneducated liberal fuck wit, at this point I would usually say stick to the day job, but I would rather sign off with fuck you Selma!!

      • Better still, get yourself down to the local religion of peado palace for a spot of goating…

        That’s what most of your pathetic type are so obviously dreaming of, so go on go on go on go on and suck their skanky foreskins !!

    • She might well be a bullshit-spouting pain in the arse, Q…..but she’s pretty high on my list of “Women to nail ,wether they like it or not,when they announce that the world ends in a week” list. I wasn’t aware that she lived in London,that’ll certainly save on the air-miles.

      • I pulled this older sort recently,
        early 60’s, nice condition.
        Back at her place she asks if I’m up for some mother/daughter action.
        ObvIously I was dead keen, right up until the point when she called upstairs.. “Mum you still awake?”…..

  14. Excellent piece QDM. It’s a shame that even when children are the obvious target for this attack, apart from a few arrests, most of which have been released, nothing will be done. The moderates hate the jihadis, because they put them in the spotlight, where it’s easy to see that the long term goal is conquest by womb.

  15. Seems that Rotherham II is about to break in Keighley. 150 cases of suspected child grooming by Asian gangs in one small northern town.

    This will turn out to be a national issue wherever there happen to be large communities of “Asians” or in common parlance Men of Pakistani origin.

    Something else the establishment needs to answer for.

    • If the establishment continues to do nothing but pander to these parking stanley filth, we could well see the formation of British paramilitary groups similar to the IRA in years to come… The government do nothing, the law does nothing, the BBC actually like these scum… So would it be a surprise if people did something about it themselves?….

  16. Paul Mason is a cunt….
    The ex alBeeb and Channel 4 journalist, and current rabid Labour propagandist has accused May of racism, for daring to suggest that Diane Abbott is not competent to be in government. No wonder he gave up journalism, with insights like that. And, little wonder why the BBC employed him as a journalist, and why the continually supply him with a platform to spout his bullshit.

    • Mason is an industrial strength cunt who makes Cunty Comrade Corbyn seem moderate. A truly loathsome individual who said that people who voted Brexit are the type of people who would steal your bike. That, of course is fair comment as far as this dos cunt is concerned but dare to question the competence of the demonstrably cretinous Flabbott and you are being racist. Typical lefty twat, no arguments, no leg to stand on so just go full on with the ad hominems and recite the magic R word, the word that once spoken closes down any debate instantly.

      • “that people who voted Brexit are the type of people who would steal your bike” I never stolen a bike in my life, except that one time…. but it was the worst bike ever!

        Seriously the cunt who owned it should owe me favor for stealing that piece of shite. The seat was cracked left handlebar was missing, the tires were low pressure bordering on deflated, there was a crack in the aluminium frame that I cut my leg on

        • I swear we stole the very same bike.
          Still got me away from the polis though.
          Some cunt stole it off of me two days later.
          Whatever happened to honour among thieves?

          I was fourteen at the time and it was a mansion i stole it from, so Pater could obviously replace it.
          It was probably left out for the bins anyway, it was that bad.

          • Perhaps when we have Brexit watered down to nothing and the public just shrug their shoulders, we can just use Yank English and not care about language. Maybe you’re right and it doesn’t matter.

            On a brighter note, I’ve just hit the top score on the pinball and put my name in.

            139 million. *Captain Magnanimous”

            I am awesome, maan.

          • “Pedantic cunts, that’s what “tires” are.” funniest thing I heard all day birdman had me laughing for a bit

            but seriously what would it be captain. Is it not a tire on a bicycle wheel?! fuck me if I’m wrong maybe I’m just cooked or something

    • And then there’s Diane Abbott… Winnie Mandela after an accident with a foot-pump….

    • Indeed. Not quite the shit choice the yanks had last year, but as I’ve said in the past, you vote for the one you hate the least. Can you imagine Abbott at the treasury? McDonnel as defence secretary? Len Mclusky as deputy PM? Never mind having the pipe and slippers Marxist as PM. I’m wondering where in the world I could claim asylum if they get in…..

  17. Top cunting quick draw!

    I’ve worked with lots of muzzies in the past and although muzzies are not all terrorists, EVERY SINGLE ONE has a victim complex.
    Constantly moaning about the west and how poor innocent muslims are persecuted throughout the world.

    I guess it’s just part of their feeble culture. Terrorism isn’t caused by our foreign policy, it’s caused by them constantly portraying themselves as victims and spreading anti western propaganda throughout their community.
    That pile of shite book that they all worship I expect has a lot to do with it too!

    They need a fuckin reality check.
    The vast majority of persecution in the world is perpetrated BY muslims, not against them, and the Muslims that are persecuted are persecuted by other cunting muslims.

    And if they have a problem with the west they should fuck off back to their own side of the world.
    In fact even if they haven’t they should fuck off anyway.

    Something needs to be done to put this shite to bed once and for all, otherwise it’ll just keep happening.
    #finalsolution may be going a bit too far but lets start sending them home.
    ….apart from the jihadis that is. We need to build gallows for those cunts.

    • Not all muzzies are terrorists but all terrorists seem to be muzzies.

      Or liars with aspergers/aspbergers/assburgers.

      • It’s true.

        All this bollocks about a muslim golden age and “religion of peace” is a load of crap.

        Isis probably are the “real” muslims. The peaceful ones just don’t get what the religion as actually supposed to be about.
        Muhammed was a genocidal, theiving, slave trading, raping, murdering, pedophile.

        • Quite right, Mr Sausage. There is talk of radicalisation but as far as big al the space fairy goes the ones who are radical are the ones who are not blowing people up. Big al says so, he says he thinks more of those of his followers who fight in the name of islime than those who stay at home and don’t fight.

          And as you so correctly point out there is very little of any significance that ISIS are doing today that Mo the mighty (may piss be upon him) had not done in his lifetime. In other words he was a proper cunt and the perfect example for all muslimes to follow.

          So far from being radical islime, the terrorists are old school conservatives.

  18. Fellow Cunters:- Does anyone know any London pubs with Pinball machines? We’re on a pub crawl through only boozers that have pinballs.
    We’ve only found two so far.

    I’m the best pinball player in the World. It’s a natural talent.

    • There’s a deaf,dumb and blind kid who would disagree with you,but he can’t see you or hear you or even tell you. Apparently he plays by sense of smell,bet you can’t do that.

      • For some of the pubs in London, it’s best not have a sense of smell.

          • Police at most stations, transport is wobbly and sirens litter London’s Saturday. Another van-at-random innocent people. How do the police fight these invisible, murderous cunts?

  19. I heard an ad on radio Gibraltar promoting “Gibraltar Pride”.

    Get this, the Elliot Hotel have booked “Britain’s no1 Elton John impersonator”
    It got me thinking, does the fake Elton John have to be gay to play Elton John at a gay pride do?
    Does he have to give a blowjob or get buttfucked in the toilets to prove his gayity?

    God forbid a straight guy playing a gay guy at a gay bash (pun intended).
    There’d be screaming and drying wet eyes with flapping hands in the streets if that travesty was to happen.

    Gay bash?
    That could be a civil marriage do or an orgy.
    Its a fuckin tightrope out there.

  20. When the establishment says “we will not give in to terrorism” they are right. It’s the rest of us that are expected to give into them.

  21. Excellent choice of the Voltaire quote in the pic above the cunting.

    That quote made me think first of the Tories’ notorious Transparency of Lobbying Act which forbids any charities publicly criticising them under threat of prosecution, and then of Trump’s daily rants against anyone who dares call him out as the ignorant, lying, dishes-it-out-but-can’t-take-it snowflake cunt he proves himself to be every single day.

    • May and Trump have their faults it is true Fred but they are not socialist filth so they are always going to be winners on that count.

      • May is not my choice but i will vote for her to try and keep the cunt Corbyn out.
        Never used to bother me much who got in but i am seriously worried this time round that we could have him and his incompetent cunts in government. What with Brexit, immigration and the economy their is simply to much to loose.
        We will also become the biggest laughing stock in Europe or even the world with those Marxist clowns at the helm.

  22. With the Manchester memorial concert coming up tomorrow any chance of me cunting of TicketMaster re “sold out” tickets seeing the light of day?

  23. I’m watching 4 seven (some chanel 4 extra channel) and the lefty cunts have got a spastic announcing the programmes!

    Now I’ve nothing against spastics but why hire one to do the announcements?
    You wouldn’t hire someone that mangled his hand in an accident as a hand model. Why hire someone that can’t talk properly to make tv announcements.

    They could just be trying to cut costs but I suspect that it’s the usual lefty cuntitude.

    • Its like deploying wiminz in front line armed services roles or as fire fighters or is some cases coppers ( all they do is radio for some men to come and help them ). They are just not up to the job and the physical requirements for entry are reduced in order to let them join.

      • Channel 4 have an announcer with Tourette’s. Honestly! Unfortunately she doesn’t curse, just says BISCUIT every other word. And punches herself. Definitely not ticking a box……

        • Reminds me of when Victor Lewis Smith rang up the beeb and asked them if they had any problems with him being a continuity announcer, even though he suffered from Turets.

    • One of my mates went for a job with a care company and i shit you not, he was interviewed by a panel of raspberries, one of them just kept asking him what times dinner ? and another got her tits out.
      The lunatics had quite literally overtaken the asylum.
      Now if thats not PC gone fucking mad then what is ?????

    • Its like the ABBC idents, rollerblading black kids, wheelchair basketball team and Scottish bhangra dancing. I’m sure there is a whole department dedicated to finding new and exciting ways to celebrate ‘modern Britain’.

      • Indeed…can’t think of a soap that isn’t a majority population of wooftahs and Offas, not to mention people with two back wheels…

        But then I’m a CUNT for watching this shite anyway.

        After the latest Corrie plot, I wouldn’t mind betting that “Nathan” becomes a very, very popular name for newly-born peacefuls. In fact, there will probably be a shrine to him down at the local sandwog-dome. Two fictional cunt characters in two crappy plots.

    • Fucking right Norman and the cunt that is Abbott has been overtly racist against white people.The race card is her ticket to ride.

      Like many on the left she see’s it as her purpose in life to dismantle this country and and turn it into a divided Island full of minorities who will all vote Labour in ignorance of the fact Labour are the problem.

      Fuck off Dianne Abbott and stop chewing that chip on your shoulder, it’s making you even fatter.

  24. That bitches skin must be so fucking thick you’d need a fuckin shale gas drill to get thru it. She gives me the fuckin shivvers.

  25. Britain’s Got No Talent is a cunt.

    I see the winner ticks the necessary PC boxes.

    I thought it was Jason Lee (of Nott’s Forest fame)…ee’s got a piiiiiiiiinnnnnnnee-apple on ‘is “ead!

    Ee’s got a piiiiiiiiinnnnnnnee-apple on ‘is “ead!

    Ee’s got a piiiiiiiiinnnnnnnee-apple on ‘is “ead!

    He’s got a pineapple on ‘is “ead!

  26. Real Madrid fans,players,staff,CR7’s boyfriend are all cunts.
    No sleep tonight with the fans beeping horns and setting off fireworks until daylight.

    There was a massive telly put up in our town square or plaza as the beautiful people call it.
    That square is probably the furthest square in mainland Spain from Madrid.
    And it was on fee telly anyway.

    Fascist cunts.

    PS. ISAC may have to pay some slippery agent a fee for me using “CR7”.
    Oh fuck, i did it again.

    • so many feckin helis over Cardiff tonight it’s some sort of Biggin Hill…

      couldn’t they do something USEFUL like napalm the peacefuls ??

  27. Looks like another attack in London tonight. Obviously not a peaceful cunt, how could it be? Khan did say we would have to get used to it. Is he on their mailing list?

    • Dirty dirty cunts.
      Just saw it on a newsflash that interrupted a programme i was watching, so i knew who it would be.
      I feel confident calling the perpetrators dirty dirty cunts and I’m sure I’ll be proved right.

      Thankfully no deaths have been reported, with at least twenty injured.
      Please let this be the straw that broke the camelfuckers back.


      • If they can blow up kids, they aren’t going to give a fuck about adults out on the town. How much longer can they stifle public opinion?

  28. Sounds like the Police might have arrested him. Hope they kick the shit out of him.

    • I’m sure some pisshead will be taking a few dunts off of a cowardly copper somewhere in the British isles tonight, but a rag head?
      No, no, no……

  29. The media have a muslime witness on the screen as i type.


    There’s three white yoofs stood by but it’s the muslime being interviewed
    The white yoofs are filming on their phones looking alright. Nonplussed. No shite given.

    We are fucked.

    • That muslime cunt and the white pieces of shite are being told to move back by a figure of authority and the white ones are ignoring him and using their phones while the muslime piece of shite is lording it up and telling the polis guy where to go and jumping up and down laughing at his taking the piss.
      Our country and people have been attacked again and this is how witnesses are reacting.

      #we are truly fucked

  30. I grew up around London Bridge, so these are my people. Filthy muzzie cunts. 💩

    • It was less than two weeks ago thst your and our people were being told to not let these cunts affect our way of lives, and carry on regardless coz love will save us all.

      Get ready for the rehash.

    • There has been a third attack in Vauxhall. Police are reporting fatalities. I have been listening to this report for a few minutes now,no description of the attackers yet and we are being told not to assume the events are connected!

  31. “The comoonutty won’t be divided, we will be stronger etc.”

    Christ on a pogo stick. Those skidmarks who masquerade as our government really couldn’t find their own arseholes with a satnav.

  32. The authorities will do absolutely fuck all if and when they report that the perpetrators were “peaceful goat/camel shagging ragheaded sandw@gs. Let us light more candles, have vigils, hold hands and say, or even sing Lionel Richie’s “Love will conquer all”. Fucking cunts.

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