Stephen Gilbert

Speaking of obnoxious Lib Dems, Stephen Gilbert a former MP for Newquay and St Austell deserves a cunting.

Recently, Gilbert went onto Facebook and launched into a rant against everyone who voted to leave the EU. Like all butt hurt liberals and Remainers, he’s completely incapable of arguing with facts and logic, so he followed standard butt hurt procedure and posted a picture of an EU flag with one of the stars as a tear, below which he wrote: “F***wits the lot of ‘em. From Great Britain to irrelevant England in 24 hours. Now, how do you claim refugee status?”

Gilbert first became MP for Newquay and St Austell in 2010 with a majority of 1,312, clearly very popular. He lost his seat to the Tory candidate back in 2015 and apparently, has spent the past two years training to be a teacher. With his attitude though, I wouldn’t want him within 30 miles of my daughter’s school. He has one big problem in his quest for re-election. The constituency of Newquay and St Austell voted Leave by a margin of 64%.

So basically, this far left Farron fucktard is asking people he has badly insulted to send him back to Westminster. Seems a pretty dumb thing to do if you ask me. Then again, we all know that Lib Dems are hardly rocket scientists. If I was a voter there, I would have given him an unambiguous FUCK OFF!  (Ed:  The electorate there did just that).

In one rant, he has insulted 17.4 million British people and proven once again that the Lib Dems are not a party for Britain, they are traitorous, pro-EU, pro-immigrant, anti-British, democracy hating cunts.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.

98 thoughts on “Stephen Gilbert

  1. Stephen Gilbert…….. just another Chris Brown class remoaner loser. So just like the rest of his ilk he decides to insult the 17.4 million people who didn’t vote the way he wanted. Then he tries to appeal to some of ”fuckwits” who voted leave to vote for him? You couldn’t make it up!

    Yet another contemptible cretin who hates the people yet wants them to help get him back on the gravy train.

    Stephen Gilbert, you’re just yet another cunt, do the decent thing and disappear into the obscurity that you deserve.

    Or in layman’s terms – Bahhhhhhh! Cunt!

  2. Look at his face! Just look at his face!
    One look at this festering dog turd and you can see what a slimy, arrogant, know it all, camel loving, two faced , untrustworthy CUNT he is. I used to work with a cunt who looked just like this wanker. Behind his back he was known as Tory Boy, after the Harry Enfield character. Spoke with a plum in his gob, acted like he was so superior and was as thick as a plank.
    I’m sick and tired of these remoaner cunts trotting out the same old bollocks. It’s very simple you fucking cunts! We’ve had 40 odd years of doing it your cunting way and look where we are! No, I said WE ARE not YOU ARE cuntchops.
    Posh cunts, rich cunts, remoaner cunts………all from the same barrel of shit. Give us what we voted for you treacherous bastards or you’ll find out what a “fuckwit” I am. Now fuck off CUNT!

    • That was beautiful man! Hard to sum it up any better!
      I hate these pricks too. Now I wasn’t even born when we went into the EU/EC in the 70s, but since I became aware of what the EU is, I’ve always wanted the UK out, naturally the political class is going to go out of their way to stop this which is a high possibility now that Silly Bitch May spectacularly shitted things up and now vermin like Hammond and other remoaners are out for blood.

      I swear, if they fuck us over on Brexit, there will be hell to pay from the 17.4 million who want out of the EU. FFS, even most run of the mill remain voters now want us out of the EU but naturally the cunts won’t acknowledge that! Bastards!

    • I’m surprised his face isn’t messed up more!

      … can anyone walk past a face like that and not want to plant their fist right in the middle of it.

      What a cunt.

  3. Smarmy looking, chinless cunt by the look of him. Bet he’s “irrelevant” now, watching the giant tit of the EU move further away from his (rather sinister looking) lips…

  4. Judging by the pic, it looks like someone is having a good old gnaw on something of mr gilbert’s, and I would say that its not a female doing the gnawing.

  5. At first glance i thought “who the fuck is cunting Suede’s drummer?”

    Don’t know this cunt, so i’ll go down the route of every other cunter who doesn’t know him and say that that’s one weird looking cunt.
    That’s why the selfie pout was created, so gormless looking cunts could hide their strange features.
    Who ever picked that photo for publicity and told him it looked good is either a doss cunt or a supa dupa piss takin cunt.

    • He looks like a male version of that thing from Spitting Image that just lost her seat back to Rich Boy Goldsmith.

  6. Yeah, you just reminded me that I went to school with a cunt called Steve Gilbert. Last I heard of him he was selling his arse in the amusement arcades they used to have in the West End in those days. Yes, it may be a coincidence but I’ve run out of abuse for these vile money grabbing bastards.

      • Politicians would sell their partners as kids’ arses to peacefuls if they thought it would get them political capital.

  7. Like all right minded people I voted leave. Even mates who went the other way have accepted the result. In fact they accepted it the day afterwards. They are not bleating on about it so why does this cunt and cunts like him ?
    Answer is because he is off the gravy train and is too fuckwitted to actually do a job where he has to work and earn his money.
    However this particular nasty piece of work is a double cunt for slagging off the very people he wanted to represent. As Prime Minister Sinister says above “you couldn’t make it up” . Yet I would bet a pound to a penny the cunt didn’t make the connection.
    He looks like a paedo as well just for good cunting measure.

  8. Just googled this cunt and guess what? Yes, he’s a long distance driver on the chocolate motorway! Who would have thought it eh?

    • Of course, he’s a pillow biter, what a shocker.

      Long distance driver on the chocolate motorway.

      *reads again*

      Long distance….. pffftt ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That was brilliant!

  9. When I looked at the cunt I did a double-take.

    A mug you can only expect to hear “Gottla Geer! Gottla Geer!” from.

    Looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy from a creepy 1970’s holiday camp kids entertainer (from the Saville school of kids entertainment – if you get my meaning).

    He’s a LibDum? Says it all.

  10. Payments for Grenfell residents of £500 cash and £5,000 delivered through DWP into bank accounts from Monday – No10 announce… Be interesting to see how many apply…. I’ll wager a good number aren’t here legally and some have sub-let…. Weren’t they insured then?.. Why didn’t the flood victims get this?… Not violent or threatening enough?… Or just calm, normal white Brits who buy insurance?… I know a lot people died and all that, but would anyone else get this if their house was to burn down?.. If no, then why the special treatment?… Oh yeah, I know why now… The Stones should re-record their 1969 classic…

    ‘The Wogs Always Get What They Want’…

    • Fucking hell… The people who own the bookies and the off licence in Grenfell will be in for a bonanza this week…

      • How about ‘Sympathy For The Devil(s)’…
        ‘Gimme Shelter (and loads of money!)’…
        ‘Let’s Spend Our Cash Together’…
        And – naturally – ‘Play With Fire’….

        And wouldn’t it be a turn up if the fire was terror related?…
        Watch Twatter fall silent if it is….

        • Yeah, let’s see all the judgmental cunts then.

          If that’s the case, watch how all the anger will become ”unite against anger!”. Utter cunts! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    • There is now a fund available for handouts. Any towelhead can turn up,say they were a resident of the tower block and all their ID went up in flames. And hey presto! Loaded!

    • Wow, that’s not going to be abused by every cunt under the sun is it?

  11. Christ what needs a cunting is the slimy spineless cunt Slaphead Paget-Brown allegedly lead (as they term it) orf The Royal Borough orf Kensington and Chelsea. Has finally pulled its head oit orf its own arse and appeared ont telly in all its sweaty pink wobbling slaphead glory. Appropriately doing a Stonewall and saying nothing re catastrophic failures ect ect and no comment about HMG finally giving up orn the queenie council and taking over disaster management itself.
    Have dealt with cunts like Paget-Brown many times. It is only interested in its own survival and has been instructed by the council’s overpaid briefs to keep its trap shut so not to incriminate itself. In my time as a consultant in local government we translated the lessons learned during the Blitz and the Cold War into a Civil Response Action Plan involving all services. It was regularly rehearsed and updated with none orf this Silver Command and Gold Command bollox.
    No doubt Al Killyer and its associates have been watching and learned lessons. Sod wasting money on a bit orf truck hire. Just torch a couple tower blocks and bring London to a standstill for weeks.
    Oh and the Brexit fake negotiations begin on Monday. Happy days.

    • Happy days indeed, guess what a load of our next cunting material is going to be?

    • There’ll be no “negotiations” on Monday Sir Limply. Just a big slap up lunch so the parasites can road test their new expense accounts.

      • Probably the biggest fake negotiations since the Pig Fiddler’s with Merkel last year I bet.

      • I wonder if they’ll set the table or just shovel it into a big trough?

        ….our money that is.

      • Some opportunist sandsambo will get thousands this week… But the smelly camelbumming cunt will still go into a shop (any fucking shop!) pick up a ten or twenty quid item, and say ‘One pound! You let me have for one pound! I give you one pound!’

        What’s worse than filth?
        Filth with money….

  12. Sphen Gilbert goes to the doctors and says,
    “Doctor doctor, every time I look in the
    mirror I get aroused.”

    The doctor replies, “I’m not surprised…
    you’re a cunt

    • Good one. Though, considering he’s a shirt lifter, shouldn’t the punchline be; “I’m not surprised, you’re an arsehole”?

      • Eh, arsehole doesn’t quite do this cunt justice, hence why he’s a cunt.

  13. How come dogs can snap off a shite in one clean crisp go, yet us humans end up chasing the mess with sixteen wipers ?

    A rabbit and a bear takin a shite in the woods and the bear says “do you have trouble with shite sticking to yer fur?”
    The rabbit says “no”
    So the bear picks the rabbit up and wipes his arse with it.

    A beast and two kids are walking in a dark forest when one of the kids says “its creepy here, innit?”
    The beast says “fuck you, I’ve got to walk out of here alone”

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      Birdman you come up with questions that are beyond us mere mortals.
      They should be studying shit like this in universities, not cancer cures, bionic limbs and astronomy.

      ….I regularly have to strain numerous times … and the mess it leaves … !

      …Yet a dog gets a nice clean birth.

      People should be dedicating their careers to this shit! 😁

  14. Oh, i fuckin knew I’d get moderated and im starting to get paranoid.
    Cunters use these words all the fuckin time yet i get moderated for it.
    I’ve said before that the moderator has a mind of its own, well I’m not so sure now.
    Some cunts playing funny cunts.

    • You got modded again? What did you do, use the ”R” word?

      I don’t get it either, the things I got modded for made no sense at all!

      Are we being Rick Rolled here?

      • I didn’t use any “bad” word.
        If you go through all my posts since September, you’ll see that i may give dodgy opinions but never use derogatory terms for cunts other than cunt.

        The other week i wrote “chinky” and was shocked when i read it back as i have more respect than that for the slanty eyed cunts.

        • Birdman, we are cunters, we are all bound to give opinion that may be considered dodgy, seems to me like you got the arse end of the m*d draw for some reason.

          Hell, we all have views that the MSM, SJWs, loony left and ever other snowflake bastard out there would be frothing at the mouth at and branding us the grand total sum of Hitler, Satan, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Himmler, Genghis Khan, Jack the Ripper and C’thulhu!

          • How come YOU got away with typing “r***-rolled” ?

            I see the “R” word mentioned many times everyday, yet when i use it, i’m sin binned.

            I’ll be in counseling by the end of all this.

          • It’s not a sin bin – it’s a safeguard
            Mentioning “Rickie” or any word containing it like “Prickiekins” triggers moderation and then the admin boys will have to release it manually if it’s innocuous. Mind you, he’s a bit busy over at the Penguin at the moment…

          • ……I thought you had to put ”i” and ”e” on the end to get m*dded….

            Get you counselling Birdman,and then cunt then mercilessly when you’re done, ‘kay?

          • I wasn’t even talking about that nutty cunt from east Anglia, i was only telling a few jokes to get us all smiley. 🙂

          • Sod’s Law is a bitch huh?

            As for him, I believe he’s still going insane over at the RP and the ‘baiter is still letting him have it!

          • I’ll say Dio, hell someone, most likely him tried to copy something another RD troller posted earlier by posting the old Rick-roll trick of sending a lonk that sends you to that Rick Astley song ‘Never gonna give you up’.

    • PS admin. If any of my shite gets caught up in moderation, then just bin it.
      These thoughts are for the moment and are useless to me the next day.

      Ta. xxxxxx

      Seriously, bin it.

    • The moderator is a program and therefore by definition written by some spotty faced adolescent cunt with little understanding of the world. That’s why it has a mind of it’s own. It’s badly programmed…

      …but it’s the best badly programmed defence WordPress has!

      • It’s better than the mods on the old BBC 606 forums. They, like the forum and the BBC were the shits.

        • I get banned all the time for saying stuff, I got banned from the BBC website for sayng what the fucks wrong with using my normal language I thought their rules were set up to protect people from abuse not to define the everyday language of millions of people as ‘bad’.

  15. Glad to hear this whingeing prick lost out. Still wouldn’t want the twat teaching my daughter. Look at those teeth. Somewhere there’s a rabbit wondering where his pegs have gone. Wonder if he has a constant craving for carrots?

    • Gods when you put it that way he does have the look of some horror movie villain about him!

  16. Gilbert has a face that entices one to want to bludgeon it with the business end of a club hammer.

    Er, that’s about it. I do feel better for saying this.

    • I was just thinking he has a face you’d never get tired of punching. What a smug looking lil snot he is.

      • Eh, I’d get tired of punching that face.

        I’d get so bored of it I’d need to replace my fists with a mallet.

        • Don’t forget the knuckle dusters!

          And that clawed monstrosity for Enter The Dragon!

          • Why is it that those who favour the dungtrumpet such as Gilbert and, for example, Judge Rinder have that coquettish, simpering gay mouth?

            Is it a subconscious signal to other arsehole acrobats that they love to take hard, poovey cock in their mouths?

  17. Farron and Gilbert in conversation…

    Gilbert: ‘Oh, hello, Timmy! How’s your arse?’

    Farron: ‘Shut up!’

    Gilbert: ‘Mine too…’

    • How come when nasty cowardly scumbag males throw acid in a woman’s face he’s gets described, quite rightly, as an evil cunt, yet when wimmin chop off cocks the whole world laughs.

      Some poor cunt from Sidcup gets it lopped off and there’s cunts in Alice Springs having a right laugh.

      John Wayne Bobbit got to root pornstars after his got sewn back on though.

      • Please tell me that article is satire Norm, it has to be hahaha lol

        @Birdman Right well I see what you are saying acid in the face ughh that is a cowardly attack its mostly carried out by arabs, parkis, spics and darkies hey that rhymes! lol Ruins your life forever and one attack could turn your life into a complete nightmare

        Castration is unthinkable for most men, losing your balls and chain is a life ending experience but your right cackling witches on talk shows and radio joke about it all the time… fucking evil cunts

  18. You know, people can be cunts sometimes, well they are to me.

    I’ve done many things in my life, like design a bridge to be built between two villages on opposing sides of a river in Africa, but do they call me ‘birdman the bridge builder’ ?, do they fuck.
    I’ve raised money for starving kids in Asia, but do they call me ‘birdman the fund raiser’?, do they fuck.
    I’ve dug wells in Africa so whole villages can get fresh water, but do they call me ‘birdman the well digger’ ?, do they fuck.
    I’ve even donated a years salary to the local hospice, but do they call me ‘birdman the philanthropist’ ?, do they fuck.

    But i shag ONE sheep!!!!!!!!

  19. Its weird how you cunters are all in bed by 01:30 most nights.
    Since I’ve came on this site, I’ve always noticed that 01:30 British time is the cut off point for posts.

    Bank holiday for me tomorrow/today/Monday.
    One of the queens birthdays or summat, so Gibraltar has a bank holiday.

    She is a cunt, but i’ll take the paid holiday, ta very much. 🙂

  20. see someones driven a van into a load of people coming out of a mosque in london is the tide turning?…..

    • Read yer post, put on Spanish 24hr news and yep, live and exclusive.

      Are they gonna look back in anger?
      Cant wait to hear what our instructions are on how to ‘carry on’ with this one.

      I don’t think my melon is gonna be able to handle the bullshite that’s gonna be coming our way.

      • Already reading words like “mown down”, “ploughs”, and “rams”.
        Usually a vehicle has knocked down pedestrians.
        More word games.
        I am trying to hear arguments in the crowd. A lot of swearing but there’s too many people talking.
        Someone was having a go at Christians I’m sure.
        All i’m hearing is that ethnic accent that they all have, no matter what part of England they are “from”.

        3 or 4 dead.

        Fuck, smiling Muslims are posing for selfies and waving and smiling at the news camera.
        They are all speaking Arabic and are all in a jolly mood.

  21. just reading here that the mosque was once a notorious hub for radical islamists but has entirely changed under new management!
    have to say that gave me a right old laugh!!

      • When there’s a terrorist attack in Europe, Britain or any Western country, the Guardia Civil put the Spanish flag at half mast.
        I’ll let you all know tomorrow.

        • Will it be a “racist” attack on muslimes or a terrorist attack on Londoners?

          We’ll let you know after this message from lily Mon…, sorry, Allen.

          Apologies to any mong viewers there.

          • Oh, the Mong de Spastique will positively revel in this incident, birdman… Just like she did with the recent tower block fire.. Any publicity is good publicity for that cunt…. Also, it will be another golden chance for her to say all white English blokes are bastards, as she eppys out about how our little camelgubbing friends are the victims…. Again…

      • ive just been looking at that birdman but all its showing this end is a line of old bill cars under the title rampant islamaphobia!

        • Shiny happy people thats a good nickname for them. Its also REM’s 3rd most popular song 2nd is Man on the moon and their 1st is probably the sung fast Its the end of the world (as we know it) song

          • ‘Losing My Relgion’ would be better for me, TitSlapper, pal… Because I wish British government and law would lose a certain religion: and outlaw Islam entirely…. Something that dangerous to British lives and society, and that produces so many murderers, p@edos, rapists, and terrorists should be banned outright…

  22. Superb news!…….they caught the unpleasant gentleman who did this. I hope he gets his licence taken away for at least a month. The standard of driving these days…..tut tut.

    • You see how the Police etc swing into action now. Every white cunt that drives a white van nationwide will probably be put in an inturnment camp.
      Yes, it will be interesting to see how the luvvies and politicians fawn all over the slippery cunts.

    • El Mong is probably still suffering the effects of last night’s coke binge, Freddie… That and trying to get her knickers from under the sofa…

  23. And just watch the ABBC, Sky News, and certain slimy MPs label the driver as a ‘Right Wing Fanatic’ and a ‘Nazi’ without hesitation (and no doubt Saint Jo Of The Blesses Cox will get yet another mention!)… Funny that bloodthirsty sandspades are never referred to as muslim terrorists when they murder people… And if these cunts go around killing little girls at pop concerts and stabbing women to death on bridges (not to mention grooming them in shitholes like Rotherham and Rochdale), what do they fucking expect?!…

    Also, are they going back to ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ again?….
    Because only days ago it was ‘I am the God of Hellfire! And I bring you…’ as the savages stormed a British town hall… Sa-va-ges!

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