Richard Hammond (2)

I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE the Rodent faced ex Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, for a cunting.

After this latest accident it is a foregone conclusion that the man has the driving prowess of Mr Magoo. The news headline – Hammond crashes again. Yeh, and?

Perhaps he should stick to safer TV pursuits, such as guest slots on Loose Women or advertising anti wrinkle cream and tooth whitening procedures for vain, middle aged men.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback.

203 thoughts on “Richard Hammond (2)

  1. Yes he is an arrogant cunt. If he wants to top homaelf I can think of quicker and less painful alternatives….


  2. From Australia. My heart goes out to all affected by the Tower Block fire in London. A massive cunting to any cunt who is yet to be identified who may have been negligent or deliberately involved.

    • I said to Mrs Pillar it was probably a Hotpoint or Indesit Tumble Dryer. If it is then not they’ll be in trouble. Again.

    • I watched some of the interviews with people in the streets. Not a white face amongst them…most of the ones that they interviewed could barely speak English.

      Piers Morgan asked one “How does it feel to lose your home and all your possessions?”… How does the cunt think it would feel? He moved on from that to demand to know why the SAS couldn’t abseil out of helicopters to rescue the survivors… Now I’m no expert,but even I can see the flaw in the plan of introducing a giant fan to a fire. The man really is a cunt.

      The fire was probably started by one of them fiddling the gas or electric meter.

      • Well if it was deliberately started by someone peaceful you can bet your life it won’t get reported on Sky or BBC…

      • Its Ramadamadingdong the fire started in the early hours, one of the greedy fuckers was making a bacon sarnie and forgot about the fucking thing

    • If its not full of peaceful I am with Grumpy on the thoughts for the families. If it is, I might go throw another log on just to be sure. I have seen a case where a peaceful died once of carbon monoxide poisoning from using a charcoal BBQ in a flat. Dumb cunts. As its probably a full nest of the cunts it may be something similar.


    • On the radio this morning cunts were blaming tory cuts.

      ….the fire isn’t even out and these twats are already trying to blame the tories.

      Commie cunts.

  3. Hammond doesn’t come anywhere near to the heights of Super Slimey Mega Cunt that usually appears on this news site. However I will acknowledge that he’s a cunt due to the fact he has a stack more money than me and gets to fuck off round the world enabling him to see more milfs, gilfs, tilfs, wilfs etc than I ever will. Cunt.

  4. Top Gear is Ok, it’s a team. Hammond is the crash and burn division. More exciting than that fucking awful drone of F1 where someone gets into the lead and stays there because the tracks are not very wide. like holding the marathon in a corridor.
    Driven by cunts,organised by cunts and watched by cunts.

      • Fear not,you are not alone, I like golf , cricket and footie so I must be a cunt in their somewhere, probably for all three.
        Too early for a cunting maybe but Gary Neville is an uphisownarse boring whining smug cunt and thinks his shit stinketh not.

        • Gary Neville is a cockless cunt; he and his Down Syndrome brother haven’t got a bollock between them. Their mother snipped them off when they were kids, the dirty Manc losers.

          • The Nev cunts are from Bury…. They are not Mancs… Gary Nev is a failed manager of a cunt (Klopp was right about that), while Phil is just the worst football pundit of all time… I agree with the great Jaap Stam: when he called the Nevilles ‘busy cunts’….

          • I groan when I’m about to watch a match with either of those turgid eunuchs involved. Can’t decide what’s worse, his dirty bias or his life-sucking, debilitatingly nasal drone.

    • Yea I’m getting fed up with f1.

      Problem: it’s really difficult to overtake, making races boring as fuck.
      Solution: lets make the cars wider.


  5. So Who had Anita Pallenberg? the ol rolling stone witch has finally popped her clogs

      • Yeah speak of the devil, I read that comment chain earlier was gonna reply to it. Pallenbeg was a real whore and probably did more drugs then Keef did, She was always off & on drugs.

        Also she screwed over Brian Jones the original rhythm guitarist and dated Keith his best friend in the group His disillusionment with music is partly blamed on this betrayal and him being fired from the stones.

        • Read a number of books on the Stones and 60s music in general. Brian Jones sounded like a bit of a cunt but he in no way deserved the treatment he got from the rest of the band, or that fucking whore Pallinberg.

          • Unfortunately Jones was an out of control mega cunt and thoroughly deserved the shafting he got. That in no way detracts from Jagger’s cuntitude though.

          • Wasn’t trying to paint Jones as a saint just saying their breakup had drastic consequences for him. Jones had some real cuntish moments don’t get me wrong his screwing birds and having 6 kids out of wedlock was one of them.

            Pallenberg basically had Jones pussywhipped tho. They had a strange relationship indeed one that revolved around drugs and sleeping with random people. They also had matching haircuts at one point,giving a androgynous vibe to the couples look

    • As was said on another post, funny how her diabetes flared up when sitting opposite Andrew Neil, Peston, Ferrari or any other ‘hater’ interviewing her. That rare form of ‘Interrogating Cunt Induced Hyperglycemia’.

      As can be expected by a cunt with so many liberal cards to play, she is already showing her hand by citing the Tory campaign – and by proxy, the media protrayal of her – as the most evil in living memory, or words to that effect. Presumably the evil Tories/media are also to blame for her forgetting basic fucking numeracy. I reckon her maths is solid though when she is standing at the KFC counter. Cunt.

      The only thing worse than a fat, lazy drama queen liberal is a fat, lazy drama queen liberal who blames every other fucker for her misfortune/ineptitude. If this cunt ever makes it to government I’m going one-way to Beachy Head.

      • The PM is an unatable type 1 diabetic. Does she drone on about it? No. But we must not say a word about the flabbabotamus as it would be RRRAAACCCCCCIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTTTT

    • No surprise the fat cunt. If she was in that fire they could never put her out

    • Afro Caribbean ethnicity? Check
      Overweight? Check

      I dont need this salad dodging imbecile to tell me she has diabetes, its genetic and one would have expected it.

      • We’ve had the race card, the woman card now the diabetes card. My local MP Nick Boles has a cancerous tumour in his head, still got re-elected without bitching about it.

      • Jabbott must perform Matrix-like dodging manoeuvres when she’s at the salad bar.

  6. I would nominate that odious idiot “Jihadi Jack” for a right royal cunting. A useless snowflake spaz who decides one lunchtime for whatever fucking reason to become a peaceful. Not only that, the soft fucker decides to go to Syria to do peaceful things with other peaceful people aka ISIS. This muppet is the biggest wanker in recent history, and his exploits read like something from the old Commando Comics.He was able to speak on the radio in secret from his prison cell ( load of shite ) and gave a detailed 10 minute interview whilst his Kurdish Captors allegedly knew nothing. Another bullshit bonanza, having escaped from ISIS three times, they ISIS had warned they would kill him.! ( I think they would have done that at the time of his first capture ) This fucking moron wants us to believe that he fell out with ISIS following a disagreement over their policy, and that is when he decided to leave. If you fall out with ISIS, then you usually fall out into a little trench in which you are then buried. This fucking fantasist is now whining that the British Government should intervene and have him released, and returned to the UK. Like fuck! You went you cunt, you fucking well rot there!
    His parents are busy trying to put pressure on the Foreign Office to come up with a rescue plan. They describe this fucking idiot as a kind caring soul ( in ISIS !!! ) and it would not surprise me in the least if they now come out with the usual “mental health ” issues we are becoming so used to.Like all people who leave to fight for ISIS, whether they are white black or fucking blue, they can all lie upon the bed that THEY made, and fucking rot in the fucking shithole that they chose to fight for. Jihadi Jack and all his BRISH mates…..fuck off!

    • Good choice.

      Just waiting for claim that he wasn’t in his right mind due to Aspergers – seems to be the fashionable claim for non-Asian descent peacefuls and computer hackers.

      This government could make a good start by blanket banning the return of any non-approved travels to Libya and Syria. As for cunts known to have ‘fought’ with peacefuls, their British citizenship/passport should be rescinded, no questions asked.

    • Leave the cunt to stew. His fucking parents should be sent to join him,too.

      I wouldn’t let any of the cunts who’ve been out there back,and I’d immediately intern the 3 thousand odd who are already here….in a camp with a suprisingly spacious shower-block.

      Good Cunting.

      • I hope his Kurdish hosts do the right thing and smoke the fucker.

  7. As for Hammond, he is a cunt, but there are worse cunts.

    If I were a member of his family, I’d probably consider him a massive cunt for all the undue stress caused by his shit driving exploits.

  8. Nah, not having that, Hammond is awesome.

    There are far bigger cunts in the world of motoring TV like Mike Brewer for example, the odious fat pie munching cunt.

    Or Quentin Wilson, what a cunt and a fucking annoying one at that who does those appalling ads for worthless car warranties.

    Or Jay Leno, the square jawed fat cunt.

    Or how about that carrot topped uber cunt Chris Evans, he worships at the alter of cuntishness.

      • Fully agree Mike, The Lucille Ball Formula stretched out over decades. Boring as fuck.

      • Gaah Mike, that show definitely deserves a cunting.

        And yes, that show managed to create a coffee shop with more cuntishness per bean than a West Hampstead outlet of Pret.

    • Quentin Willson = oily cunt. He was once tugged by the fuzz for selling clocked motors in the late 80’s don’t you know ?

      • Willson’s remarkably like Rebecca’s blackmailing, car-salesman cousin in the Du Maurier film with Larry Olivier.


  9. Apparently the little cunt had the same type of head injury as I had, I had a massive brain haemorrhage after getting my head kicked in by some gutless cunts who robbed me in town, and had to have three holes drilled into my head. Afterwards I forgot load of things, I am not allowed to drive, was off work for six months while I had physiotherapy and learnt to walk again, as nothing worked from the waist down. I only kept my job in engineering because it involves computers, one of the things that I somehow remembered what to do, and had been doing since I was a kid.

    I now have a very short temper, much like this little cunt, and I have to take a mixture of painkillers three times every day, and often forget who my friends are, I even forgot who my Mum and little sister were. This little cunt is not only still allowed to drive, something that I used to adore, but somehow he has managed to get himself a fucking helicopter licence, which takes a hell of a lot of skill and concentration. I cannot even do mental arithmetic anymore, which is still embarrassing when playing darts, pool, or snooker.

    I have to watch myself while out shopping with my girlfriend, anyone barging us out of the way, cutting us up with the trolley, or someone banging into her or me usually causes a huge row. I was once banned from the car for getting out and having a go at some cunt who called my girlfriend a cunt, and it was that cunt that had cut us up. I wanted to hit the cunt with a fire extinguisher, but she managed to stop me. Having that head injury not only almost killed me, but it has ruined some of the things that I enjoyed doing most, thankfully though not sex.

    Hammond is a high class, W16, 8 litre, Carlos fandango wheeled, four wheel drive cunt, and a deep breathing in cunt at that.

    • Sorry to hear that. Did they ever get the cunt who did it? I’d put his nuts through an old fashioned mincer the twat. Regards.

      • Thank you Asimplearsehole., no, they didn’t get the cunts who did it. All I can remember is that they were black, and stank..

  10. Sad to hear about the tower block fire and all, but saw read some cunt was live tweeting from inside for hours. ‘ I’m going to die’ etc while her followers offered advice on how not to die. Later tweeted a pic outside ‘ I’m ok guys, don’t worry’ , what a cunt.

    • Quite. Could have spent all that wasted time getting out and helping others. Welcome to the fucking shit-generation of millenials and their cunting about on social media.

    • Naturally when I’m about to be burnt to death my first thought is ‘I must share this with my followers on Twatter’…

    • Another week of teddy bears, flowers and Vigils. How long before May and Citizen Khan turn up?

      • Citizen Kahn was on scene at 9am this morning, with all that major incident circle jerk nonsense.

        Apparently politicians are going to have a cross party discussion on it, before the fire brigade have put the cunt out, and had a proper forensic investigation. There are a few more pressing issues, but once again the government has succumbed to the tyranny of the urgent…

        Some cunt is in the shit though, did anyone notice the completely melted magnesium alloy cladding and insulation that was just installed year?

        • Six people dead so far – apparently, all Moslems so nothing of value was lost… But guess what? Mayor Suckdick Khan has declared the fire a “major incident.”

          Well he didn’t fucking describe the manchester bombing or the bridge stabbings as major incidents funny that innit?! And those attacks claimed more deaths, were more brutal and were massive terrorist attacks committed by moslems but he describes a minor out of control fire as major. Hmm wonder where his loyalties lies…

  11. Just listening to the radio and it’s all about the fire. There was some guy on who knows people in there and says he saw people jumping. He was then asked ‘just describe what that feels like when you see a sight like that’!!!!!!!!! What in fucks name is a question like that. This is bordering on goulish hysteria. What is this sad world coming to. Next they’ll be putting a reporter in wearing a kevlar suit so we don’t have to use our imagination. Fucking cunts.

    • What is needed at a disaster like that is someone like Laura Kuntyburger. Her ability to mong up the English Language and ask the question that a fucking retarded idiot would ask is fucking legendary.

      • I’m no massive fan of Theresa May but the way Kuntssberg barked at her in front of No. 10, the day after the election, “Is this a strong and stable result, Prime Minister?” made the blood boil.

        If only Theresa had lost her fucking rag, took off one of her kitten heels and gouged out KuenTssberg’s left eye with it.

        • …. and a swift John Wayne ‘haymaker’ to the temple, so she collapses like a bag of shit … TM would certainly get my vote for a long time after.
          I’ve to say .. although I’m not much of a fan of ‘Two Jags’ Prescott …his reactionary punch to the Cunt that ‘egged’ him made loads of folk see how ‘human’ he is.

  12. I wish Hammond and his buddies would go back to do Top Gear like they used to do in the days of the Datsun Cherry and the infamous Yugo 1.0. Those were the days of trashing the only cars I could ever afford, and led to years of riding a bike. ( I later married her )

  13. Ariana Grande, the luvvie pop tart flavour of the month is to receive an ‘honorary citizenship of Manchester’ according the city council. Its to recognise outstanding contributions to the city, a few platitudes, hashtags and hospital visits goes a long way these days but whatever it takes to shift the shitty plastic bubble gum crap that’s passes for music.

    • Honorary citizenship? For what? Running away for a few days after the attack until her PR reps drilled it into her cuntish millenial skull what a great move it would be for her to go back there?

      For adding a few bits of mawkish spiel in the benefit concert?

      No, sorry. It may sound unduly harsh but one thing that absolutely FUCKING GRINDS on me is the backslapping that so often comes from these dreadful events. Like when Lee Rigby was killed by those fucking barbarians, the bystanders were considered ‘heroes’ merely for being there and filming!

      Why the fuck Ariana Grande? What about the members of the public who put up strangers overnight and helped each other out? If Ariana Grande marched into some towelhead wankshack and shot dead multiple ‘extremist peacefuls’, then yes, rain down the plaudits on her. Or more realistically, if she had done something more tangible to help on the night – now I’m not saying she was in a position to do anything but then again, such an award or recognition should be reserved for that sort of deserving action.

      Platitudes, shit-hashtags and over-sentimental hand-holding are sadly not going to stop the next foaming-at-the-mouth goatfucker from pursuing his quest for paradise on the back of multiple murdered members of the public. Pray and weep by all means but the press need stop fucking championing that sort of behaviour.

    • I like that Adrianne whatsherchops, not because of her singing, but because she is small, I have always liked small women, my girlfriends 4’10”. About fifteen years ago while in a pub after work with some friends, a big mamma came trundling in, she had legs like tree trunks, was about six foot, had big bangers down to her knees, one of those huge arses, and everything.

      One of my mates said “pwoor… look at that, I love big girls.” Dopey me replied, “no way, I prefer little girls,” meaning that I like small women. It took a bit of explaining to what I meant to the other geezers who had heard me, and everything was settled down. Somehow, I don’t think that I would get away with it if I said the same thing in a pub this evening.

      • You like young women who look like children? very interesting M8… Ariana airhead will probably get a blue plaque too doesn’t she look like a absolute mental case tho? I bet she has a disgusting personality too and also she is apparently italian but she fucking looks mexican or something doesn’t she

        • I didn’t mean any offence, and didn’t mention anything about young women who look like children, I just saw her and thought hmmm. She is about 24.

    • Jamie Oliver could offer the tower block evacuees solid gold Rolexes and a new house in the Cotswolds each. He is still a cunt of biblical proportions and always will be. Far, far too much cuntitude in the bank with this one. His past crimes can never be forgiven.

      • Like the Ariana Grande love in ECB, cunts trying to score social media browny points out of a tragedy. As predictable as flies on a freshly laid turd.

  14. Obviously the fat tongued cunt needs the publicity after closing six of his restaurants because of Brexit ‘pressures’. Nothing to do with your shitty overpriced tucker then? Prick.

  15. The BBC deserve another good cunting for their ghoulish coverage of the tower block fire in London. They can’t leave it alone and it’s horrible.

    It’s a good bet it was caused by electrical theft or HMOs with improvised wiring.

    • In that case so does Sky News, they were showing exactly the same kind of images. Trouble with live footage of unfolding incidents is that it’s impossible to predict what is going to happen and what the camera will capture… (just ask Abraham Zapruder).

  16. A Council block in London……no British people involved there. As I understand it few of the “residents” can speak English. Suckdick has been there acting concerned for “fellow Londoners” in front of the cameras. Expect plenty of virtue signalling, tears on Faecesbook, candlelit vigils, handholding blah blah.
    At the end of the day it’s all Sir Nigel’s fault the racist cunt. Oh……and Trump the Islamaphobic bastard.

  17. I wonder if all those good British citizens supporting Pakistan will be fucking off to Pakistan after the game.

    No, they will take the benifits of living in Britain but they still identify as paki cunts.

    Speaking of paki cunts; I wonder if Suckdick Khunt will be saying getting BBQd in a high rise block of flats is all “part and parcel of living in a big city” along with having your kids blown to bits, being run over by vans of peace and getting hacked to death while having a pint?

  18. Wobble gob kuntsberg (that’s as good as my spelling gets with that jizz stain) always boils my piss. Just seeing the wonky lipped trout on the news every night is a ghoulish sight. I keep wondering will her mouth actually fit back together when it opens. As for Ariana grandcunt, it’s what me and my mates refer to as a laptop or throwabout. Absolutely wreckable. Definitely a back door smashing with that strumpet

    • …. as they say … ‘You’d ride her round the room like a cheap moped’

  19. What journalism course do the British bullshit corporation get their shite hawks from ? Three years spent repeating the same question “just talk us through what happened, was going thru your mind”. In the follow up to a fucking tragedy the answer I want to hear is thank fuck I’m alive you fucking menstrual cunt blob

  20. Some of the comments by cunters about the tower block fire have been fuckin shocking and even disgusting.
    Right now all we know is that humans of all ages are dead, injured, and have lost loved ones.
    Pets died in that fire.

    No one deserved that.

    • These days I indeed feel most sorry for animals.

      But I’m a cunt, I still eat them…

  21. We’ve all got a time and place Birdman, even pets.

    I find all the non-stop TV coverage and ghoulish gloating by the MSM more disgusting than anything I’ve read on here.

  22. First thing out of the gobs of politicians is untold praise for the emergency services or “first responders” ( another fucking Americanism that is gradually creeping in)
    So how about giving them a pay rise?
    Fuck off there’s no magic money tree.
    So how about stop robbing their pensions?
    Fuck off, that’s communism.

    Learn the message………..we’re all in it together, the magic money tree is in my extensive back garden and that’s where it’s fucking staying you muggy cunts.

    • Wonder how long until the political point scoring begins over this?

      • Corbyn was on radio four earlier, referring to Harmons pop at government austerity being the cause. The fire isn’t out yet, and they’re already on the offensive. Corbyn, you are a cunt.

  23. Anybody ever heard of Aiqon ?

    They are a debt recovery service and international at that.
    Today they sent me a text message, in Spanish, saying that i had debt with them for using credit in my phone that wasn’t mine to use. Huh???
    They haven’t stated how much i supposedly owe the cunts but i can avoid being taken to court by phoning their number and come to an agreement on how i will pay my supposed debt.
    The number they gave me to call is the same number that has been calling me all day every day for months. When i answer they don’t speak but i can hear an office environment.

    This has to be a scam of some sort but I’ve googled Aiqon and they exist.
    Some people worry at nonsense like this, not me, i love mayhem.
    My mobile is pay as you go, so they are definitely at it.
    If anything Yoigo, the communication company owe me money for missing credit.

    Anybody else been targeted by these cunts?

    • Yep, Malaysian registered company akin to Northway Financial. Both lost their licence in the UK and I believe they are trying to trade on an EU licence. Check out Legal Beagles site. They will have some shit on them.

  24. The Momentum shits will stop at nothing.
    Wonder if they’ll be so keen to point the finger if it turns out to be arson by a peaceful one?
    I’ll bet not.

    Anyone making political capital from this should be ashamed…

    • Dio, politicians have no shame, the point scoring is inevitable at this point.

      Still, to not implement those 2009 recommendations…… that’s pretty fucking stupid and a disaster waiting to happen.

  25. @Spanky Mac Spank
    Yeah the coverage is ghoulish.
    No way i should have able to watch people die , live on my telly at quarter to six in the morning, and in a different country, but that’s nothing to do with my comment.
    You finding TV coverage more goulish than comments here is up to you but nothing to do with my comment.

    As for “we have to go sometime”
    Tell that to the families of the recent terrorist attacks we’ve had lately.

    “We have to go sometime” could be Saddick Khunts new slogan.

  26. Being burnt to a crisp is just part of living in a major city.

    Just like being blown up, run over by a hire van, stabbed by a religious lunatic etc etc

  27. DM is reporting that the London fire was caused by a faulty fridge.! How the fuck do they know that? The Fire Service haven’t yet started on the forensic bit yet.

      • Yeah a fridge that wasn’t plugged in but had a half constructed nail bomb in it.
        More likely that the cunts who “refurbished” the block, used the shittiest materials, cut every corner and employed cheap, unqualified EU labour to pocket as much taxpayers’ wedge as possible.
        Excuse my cynicism but I live in a world of cunts.

        • Your cynicism if excused Frogman, it’s a dark, cynical world we now live in.

    • One of the tenants claims that another tenant told him, when it was happening, that his fridge exploded.

      In any case, there will be hell to pay for this for someone.

      • What was the bloody coolant gas? Acetylene ??

        Like someone else said, bomb-inside-fridge, more like…

    • DM hacks are just watching BBC News Channel where a resident of the flats has explained how his neighbour knocked on his door late last night saying his fridge had just exploded and his flat was on fire…

      • To be fair Fred, it’s not like they’ve got a lot to go on at the moment.

        The impression I get from this is that what really sent it all to hell was the cladding not being fitted/molded to the building properly which caused some kind of chimney effect hence the whole bloody thing going up in flames so quickly.

  28. I remember the last time there was a fire.

    Firemen were called to a four storey house in south London that was ablaze. A black couple on the top floor were burnt alive; a family of five Syrian refugees on the ground floor were killed; and a Pakistani family of eight, living in the basement, all perished. The White couple on the first floor survived.

    There was an outcry. Asians and blacks in the neighbourhood wanted answers, ethnic newspapers decried it as racist, police were called in to prevent riots, some idiots even tried to blame Brexit. How could this racist, inhuman act be allowed to happen?

    Eventually a full inquest was made and months later, Black churches and Mosques angrily gathered to hear the Chief Firemen read out his statement. He cleared his throat and said, “The white couple were at work.”

    • …… that part is that I’m not sure if that last line is a joke or not.

  29. The contract to refurbish the building will have been sub-contracted again and again by various companies until the bottom of the barrel was reached.

    Inspection was then probably contracted again to the lowest bidder and then signed off by yet another contractor to the council.

    Most commercial building work is done on retention, I would hate to be holding any retainers on that place.

    • Meanwhile Comrade Corbyn is ”demanding answers”.

      Really? Not even a day has passed and we’re getting this?

      • Speaking of which Jezza met his MPs yesterday and they cheered him to the rafters, slapped him on the back and sang Happy Birthday. Fuck me the cunts have spent the last 2 years undermining him and trying to get rid of the cunt , now suddenly he walks on fucking water. What despicable cunts these politicians are.
        Speaking of which, James O’Shithead has also changed his mind. After continuously slagging him off for not being his hero ,Blaircunt, he has now acquired the status of the Second Coming. O’Shithead must wish he could become a cat…….then he could lick his own arse. Cunt.

    • Hot feces!!!

      Did it have anything to do with Brian PadDICK resigning earlier due to Farron’s ambiguity on gays, or simply because he is was a shit leader with as much appeal as congealed vomit?

      • That and his 700 vote majority in his own constituency, maybe Corbyn, will take the hint now the commie cunt.

      • “To be a political leader – especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017 – and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible for me”

        What a cunt.

          • And religious fuckwits are cunts!

            So, bye bye Tiny Tim. I could say that I’m going to miss seeing this sneering twat on TV, but we all know that would be a blatant lie!

            Wonder which vunt will be their next leader? Surely not that washed up old shit Cable?

    • He’s probably been caught up Gobbler’s Gulch with his gums wrapped around a peaceful cock and wanted to resign before the shit hit the fan.

  30. Tim Farron looks like Joe 90.Who care about the lib dems? More chance of Diane Abbott bingeing on lettuce then a lib dem government.


    • If there is a god, why should he save David Furnish ?

      Music Direct was better than Britannia

      And whether we like it or not, the cunts that run our country have already submitted us all to islime.

  31. Yeah why? He’s no bigger cunt now than before the election and he didn’t do that bad, certainly not as bad as Maybitch or Wee Jimmy. Has he been dipping his wick somewhere naughty? More likely he’s been filling his pockets with some other cunt’s money.

  32. “Get stuffed”

    That was Sadick Khunts response to being asked if he thought the cuts to the fire service had “improved the service” as Sadick Khunt had proudly stated before.

    Get stuffed, eh?
    That’s the height of the man without a preprepared speech being written for him.

    “Get stuffed”, Remember that one.
    I hope it gets uttered back to him every time he opens his mouth.

  33. The people of London get what they deserve I guess by voting in a peaceful as Mayor….

    • Stupid mongs, what were they thinking with that one?!

      I blame the Pig Fiddler too, of all the people to stand against him he picked Zac fucking Goldsmith.

  34. Well I didn’t vote for the goatshagging cunt. Yeah, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the Poshboy so I voted for the “Alcohol is Worse than Marijuana Party.” He was some old boy who runs a hippie shop in North London I saw on the telly. I liked the cut of his jib so I thought, fuck it. He would have made a better Mayor than Suckdick, the fucking traitorous Cameldriver that’s for sure.

    • A bowl of congealed piss would make a better Mayor than Suckdick.

      The only thing I lie about Khan is how easy it is for Big Don to trigger him. I await the next bout of trolling from Trump.

      • I hope Big Don has got a new hobby, alongside snowflake piss boiling and shagging Playboy bunnies… Let’s hope the President now regularly indulges in Khan baiting…

        • Those hobbies of Big Don’s are exactly why I think so many find him endearing. The level of frothing at the mouth he induces from the snowflake cunts puts even Brexit to shame on that front! Long may he last as POTUS!

  35. What the fuck has that Ariana Wotsit got the Freedom of Manchester for?! ‘But… But.. She organised that concert!’ the libspaz flakey wakeys cry…. She ‘organised’ fuck all… Her management and PR people did all that… She’d have trouble reading a label on a tin of beans, and even more trouble opening and cooking them… Will the people – the real heroes of the hour – who helped on the night… Will any of them get such an honour?… Will they fuck… But a celebricunt (who actually fucked off on the night of the carnage) turns up, sings a load of crap, milks the publicity, and gets a gong?!
    Fuck off…

  36. Has Sadiq Khan said “Fires are part of living in a big city, get used to it!” yet?….
    Fucking sandspade cunt…

  37. Big Don has other problems.

    “Love trumps hate”

    Love went on a shooting spree this morning in Alexandria Virginia.
    Love sprayed bullets at Trumps allies.

    Surely Katy Perry, Miley, Gay Gay and the like are complicit in this.
    They all wanted an uprising and encouraged violence.
    Well now it has happened, I’d like to hear their views.

    The cunt had been”hating” on Trump through social media before he shot innocent people.
    So no need to label him a loonball as this had been planned in advance.

    I’m sure some cunt will still try to label him “right wing”

    Imagine if the pop tarts had started this shite against Obama and some cunt went out guns blazing.
    There’s be vigils and never ending preaching about the evils of white racists.

    Todays incident will be old hat by the end of the week.

    • Big Don should send all those celebrisluts like Kunty Perry, Miley Fishfanny, Chickboy Gaga, Madogga etc to an IS harem as part of a slags for hostages deal….

    • The snowflakes will somehow try and blame it on Trump.

      The shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter, now imagine if it was a Trump supporter going on a shooting spree, the libtard media frenzy would be of unmatched proportions!

      Funny how the snowflake slebs never get called out for inciting violence isn’t it?

  38. Farrons resignation made Spanish news.
    No mention of his COTY award though.

    Has Sadick khunt ever gave his views on homosexuality?
    If not, someone should ask him now.
    Not tomorrow, but the now.

    • Apparently he is very comfortable with it, and has attended several Gay Pride events. Some of the more militants have threatened his life for this acceptance, but no attempts have taken place.. I actually think it is all bullshit. Khan attends the Mosque regularly and describes himself as a “devout” Muslim.. I think he is just very good at hiding his real feelings and beliefs.

    • Ha! A peaceful politician being asked their views on homosexuality?!
      Shit, why not ask him his views on FGM, terrorism and paedophilia while we’re at it?

  39. Listening to talk radio and Sam Delaney in my opinion was stoking the fires for civil disobedience aka rioting, he wasn’t outright saying do it mind, Just the streets are tense, this fire could be the trigger, it’s a hot summer. Ever since the election he has been winding up for a response to Labours failure to get elected. Interviewing a sinn fein MP last night trying to stir that bee’s nest. Silly cunt doesn’t seem to understand that the Irish like the division, they like being able to was lyrical about the other side.

    Serious about peace? Stop the violence, not just the news worthy violence but the intimidation and punishment beatings.

    Back to London and the fact that cunts like Delaney (Irish name) who in my opinion is stirring the pot. Smashing up your own streets and making conditions worse for everyone isn’t a smart move. The Liberal left lost the election because the majority of people don’t trust them. don’t vote for them and think they are the cunts we know they are.

    • So, the election didn’t go the way this cunt wanted so he’s trying to stir things up in this manner.

      Fuck, wankers like this need to be put down. Inciting violence like ultimately benefits…….. absolutely no one!

  40. Peter Dinklage is a little smug jiwarf cunt.
    I have nothing against jiwarfs even though my little cunt of a aunt is one, its his smugness i hate.
    How does a guy under two foot tall manage to convince everycunt that he’s cool ?
    He’s not, he’s a fuckin Jiwarf.
    He’s even starting to take over the hard man roles left behind by Joe Pesci.

    Maybe its the cunts who splash him all over my telly that are the bigger cunts, maybe, but Dicklage is an annoying little cunt.
    I’d love to throw that little jiwarf cunt out of a first floor window.

    • Game of Thrones is what made him. The only season he didn’t have top billing was the first one.

      • True, even more so as the show goes on. Most of the other good ones are all dead!

        • Some of the best scenes of any GofT series are the ones where he’s bickering with Jerome Flynn. I remember when his character said, “There’s no cure for being a cunt.”


        • I liked that Bolton bastard who used to set dogs on people. His best scene was when he cut off Lily Allen’s brother’s knob.

  41. As I said a few weeks ago, within five years he’ll be hosting a Sunday night Channel Five programme on hill-walking around Britain.

    Cheerio Onion Head, you democracy-hating, people-disrespecting, gay-worrying, Remain-voting cunt-monkey.

  42. Look at the LA riots 25 years ago, destroyed whole neighbourhoods. Had their supposed watershed moment with Obama and his ‘yes we can’ bollocks and race relations in US are at an all time low not helped by the militant Black Lives Matter movement who are just shit stirrers looking to kick off,

  43. Fucking jesus wept, the fucking questions asked by journalists this evening border the insane. Where is the humanity, and the insight in these fucking idiots. If I had been a survivor, I would have taken one of those reporters to the nearest incinerator and toasted the cunt whilst asking “does it hurt?” Fucking idiots the lot of them.

    • Welcome to the ghoulish MSM at it’s worst! Bastards will probably want some footage of some poor sod being crisped next!

  44. Bugger me. Never thought the Limp Doos had it in ’em. Have torched a multicultural tower block in order to bury the news of the Farron resignation – or at least the reason behind it. IE they put their terminal decline down to having a Christian leader. No option but to fall on his sword then to be replaced by some gender fluid faith fluid arse.

    • Sir Limply, I would ask which of the other 11 LimpDumbs would meet those requirements, but I’m at a loss there. The fucker would also need to be non-binary, whatever the hell that is, too.

  45. The Met are going to have a busy Sunday, Al Quds Day peaceful march in London mainly about the oppression of Palestine and oppressors around the world. King cunt Kahn still given it the green light despite all the shit over last few months and in previous years have actively supported Jezza’s mates Hammas and Hezbolla.

  46. So it begins, I am hearing and reading comments that the tragic fire is the result of austerity, lack of funding, the Tory government not giving a fuck about the underclass. I am waiting for someone to point out that many of the occupants were immigrants, the insinuation being that immigrants lives matter less.

    I would counter these allegations as follows.


    10 million pounds was recently spent renovating this tower block – no lack of funding or austerity there then. When was the last time a council spent 10 million on your street?

    Tory Government don’t give a fuck about the underclass? I would like to see the figures for working\on benefits for residents, many of the people were working to support themselves I would think.

    Many immigrants in the building.

    Well what a fucking shock, whilst many families wait years on a waiting list and single white British or to be fair single Black British can;t even get on the fucking waiting list obvious recent immigrants got a home.

    Tower blocks were never a good idea, many places are removing them and demolishing, London has to use every house it has no matter how shit or unfit for habitation.


    Because London has been flooded with more immigration than it can handle. Anyone saying immigration does not apply extra pressure on housing can look at the continued existence of these tower block hell holes and ask themselves why wlse would we still deem these places fit for human habitation if not for desperation.

    Indigenous population is in decline, without mass and unnecessary in a highly technological society immigration we could be improving our environment for all.

    Instead we have this free falling decline in living standards fuelled by mass immigration.

    • Tut tut you can’t ask questions about immigration. I’m afraid I’m going to have to stick the R word label on you and shut you up for good.
      Meanwhile a candlelit vigil has started outside a nearby church and Maybitch has said “lessons will be learned.” It’s like watching an episode of a particularly bad soap opera stuck on an endless loop.

      • I swear they actually have a set routine every time these things happen. I swear with the ”lessons will be learned”, candlelit vigils etc that I’m getting a bad case of deja vu here.

        It’s a tragedy, goes without saying.

        • Well notice that all those that support mass immigration just happen to live in excusively white areas, have their housing sorted, can afford private healthcare and send their kids to private school.

          They constantly pat themselves on the back for being so generous. It’s very easy to be generous with other people’s healthcare, housing, school places and community.

      • I am very PC and believe in firmly equality, I despise everyone equally. On the subject of mass immigration, I have heard all the arguments telling me I must accept it without question.

        I have yet to hear one of its proponents give an explanation of why it is necessary or why it benefits us, not one that holds water anyway.

        • And you never will Sixdog because they don’t know how to give a proper explanation. They’ve been shouting down anyone who opposes it as ray-cist, Nazi or a bigot for so long that they are incapable of coming up with a proper response.

          All the arguments for it are bullshit too, the old classic such as ”we need X amounts of immigrant to do XYZ jobs” is a load of crap because if there wasn’t uncontrolled immigration in the first place these requirements wouldn’t be necessary.

          Enjoy your vicious cycle snowflakes.

          • as always, snoflake wankstains just piss-brainwashed no-imagination dosscunts.

    • You’re not wrong on any of those counts.

      Tower blocks are eyesores that should have been done away with a long time ago.

      I’ve always thought that if you’re going to do immigration, it has to be done properly – the correct controls and checks and a limit!

      Austerity and lack if funding? Given how these things in general were an issue before that, that shit won’t fly. Even with more funding, corners would still be cut simply because anyone would try and spend the least amount possible.

      Still, for the damn thing to not have had a water sprinkler system of fire alarms after all this time is unforgivable.

      Not doubt this will all be twisted for political means though.

      • Don’t knock it too much. One hell orf a way to get immigration down to the tens orf thausends. 600 hundred a pop.

        • Another way to get it down to the tens of thousands is to simply go back to how the controls were pre-Blair. I know it wasn’t perfect then but it was a hell of a lot better than the way it’s handled now. Right? RIGHT?

  47. I’m hoping someone Senior in the Fire Service will come out and say the cuts the Fire service has had over the past 5 years are also to blame, the fire service has been crippled by cuts. Smug cunts came round with clip boards about 5 years ago in my mates fire station, it lead to getting rid of fire engines and closing stations, but like the NHS and Education, over paid big Wig twats have thrown too many managers into our public services, and these overpaid, big wig manager twats come with huge salarys which cripple budgets in the Fire service. Schools and NHS.

    • If they didn’t have all these overpaid manager cunts, that alone would probably deal with most funding issues.

      Yeah, I bet those fuckers nice gold plated pensions have never taken a hit.

  48. That’s what I mean, budgets are been eating by these twats, School Business managers are on £42000! It’s a glorified Secretary job, lass I know worked as a secretary for years and was on £13500 and the school ran fine!

    • Then there is the public sector final salary pension bomb, non of the fuckers talk about that but that’s where a big chunk of our council tax goes. Propping up pensions that people in the private sector could only dream of.

      • I’ll say, I bet my company pension will never even get close to what those bastards get even by time I’m eligible to use it and that’s a very long way off!

  49. Now ABBC are running a documentary on a 15 yr old tranny. Fucking whoppee fucking doo

    • Why the fuck are we getting 15 year old trannies? Brainwashing I tell you!

  50. About a year ago, I was on about £13000 for 5 years doing admin in a school full time, then made redundant and the School Cunt Business Manager replaced me with an Apprentice on £6000 a year!

    • £13k to do that and it was only relatively recently? Those cheap cunts!

      Talking of cheap cunts, got an interview for a promotion where I am on Friday, I don’t expect things to go my way. I best if it does go well, the cheap bastards will only offer me derisory money for the promotion, in which case I tell them where to stick it.

  51. I cant reply due to slow internet access.
    I smoked two tabs and drank a brew just waiting to get to the bottom of this page, anyway, Game of Thrones is shite.

    Never watched it but its shite.

    Sorted. 🙂

    • Eh, whatever works for you Birdman.

      On another note, got any promotion bid (work wise) advice/wisdom for a fellow cunter?

    • Ian McShane was in Game And Thrones… Says he didn’t mind getting well paid, but summed it up well when he said the series was just ‘Tits and Dragons’…

      And you’re right, birdman…. It is shite…

        • Finally something you right wing bunch of middle class binary BNP members and me can agree on. GAYS OF THRONES sucks an infected cunt!

  52. Good luck Prime Minister Sinister!

    I’m still job hunting, fuck all at this end and when I do find something there’s one of those daft stupid online abtitude tests which fail me all the time, even had a test just to drive a van for a well known catalogue store, 16 hours a week!!
    What happened to the days when you handed in a CV and a employer would ring you and give you a chance. It’s a nightmare now, very rarely I’ve seen any full time jobs, the only work where I live is care work which is poorly paid and badly run by private companies making profits off poor old people!

    • I know that feeling, I’ve had times when I’ve given serious thought to moving on, but damned if I can fight the right job for the right money.

      Never helps when even when you send in your CV the cunts never deign to send a reply or feedback!

      What’s a piss boiler is when people you know get a much higher pay than you doing some Mickey Mouse job!

      Nearly 10 years at where I am at and I am now on just over the £16,500 mark.

      Would be nice if it’s 4th time the charm…..

    • Numpty box-ticking.
      I had to go up to my college the other day to sit some daft literacy & numeracy test, not actually part of my course but some “local” requirement.
      1. Cunt didn’t turn up to “invigilate” until quarter of an hour late
      2. Half of us couldn’t log onto the computer exam site, as dozy college admin hadn’t created accounts for us
      3. Had to hang around 45 mins while the dumb bint arsed around…
      4. Exam took place in open-plan computer bay, so no peace and quiet, least of all from the obligatory “care in the community” quota of windowlickers moaning, drumming their hooves and rocking back and forwards on their chairs…

      She said “Can you come back another day?”

      No, I’ve already wasted a day and ten quid to come up here …pull your sodding finger out.

      Jesus wept superheated piss, I think.

  53. Six cyclist have been killed on Spanish roads this week.
    Twenty one since the start of the year.
    Drivers are cunts.

    Last week i was on a roundabout and a car cut in in front of me, i slammed on my breaks, he carried on.
    I composed myself whilst watching some other cunt come onto the roundabout and cut me off again.
    This time i touched this car, softly, thank fuck, he apologized and went on his way.
    I then came off the roundabout and a car pulled out from being parked at the kerb and cut me off again.
    All this is late at night.
    I go out at about eleven, twelve coz i thought it would be safer.
    Is it fuck.

    Anyway, again, drivers are cunts and if this carries on i’m going to get a bell and ppllling ppllling the cunts.

    ppllling pplllling

  54. Bebe Buell is a cunt…The mother of actress Liv Tyler, described the late Anita Pallenberg as the “official sixth Stone”…. If she’s sad about her going then fair enough… But what over the top bollocks… There is no ‘official’ Sixth Stone… But if there was one, it was Ian Stewart and certainly not one of Keith, Brian, and Mick’s birds (she had ’em all!)… Why do these griefjackers always spout bullshit?…. They’ll have her credited as playing the slide on ‘No Expectations’ next….

    It’s like all this recent arselicking (again) about Lady Died… ‘New’ shite in the papers about her blabbing about her ‘problems’ and how Charlie was so beastly to her…. The deification of Diana is sickening…. Charles had her number (eventually)…. He saw her as an attention seeking, stunt pulling, cry wolfing, manipulative, sloane ranger cunt….

  55. Whenever my last post was until now, is how long it’s taking me to load this page.

    Why Yoigo?, Why?


    The media slagged off Diana before her death.
    Most people did.

    And she wasn’t beautiful.
    She wasn’t a dog o’ war, but she wasn’t beautiful.
    And as for being a fashion icon.
    Fashion icon to who? Crystal Carrington ?

    Lady Gay Gay said her and her mother were massive fans of Diana.
    Like her all you want but to class yerself as a fan is strange.
    She done naffink.

    Lady Gay Gay must have had a massive bedroom to fit all tbem posters of her favourite icons.
    Any cunt dies and Lady Gay Gay claims to be in an elite group of fans who were the only ones to truly understand whoever died.


  56. Lady Di was a cunt, and Chickboy Gaga is a cunt… Expect the ‘I idolised Anita Pallenberg’ bullshit off Gay Gay any time now… I recall the opportunist tranny tosser doing the same shite when Bowie died, when George Michael died, when Prince died, and probably also when Ronnie Corbett and Paul Daniels went too… As Paul himself might have said, ‘Do I like Lady Gay Gay? Not a fucking lot…’

    I bet Gay Gay is also ‘down’ with those camelbummers… Classic stuff here from Chubby…

  57. I’d hate to imagine how much Car Insurance Hammond has to pay, or that any cunt will insure him. Direct Line? Now there’s a bunch of cunts if ever I saw one. They use famous actors in their adverts that they wouldn’t insure because they are too big a risk and they’re not on price comparison sites – because they’re rubbish.

    He’s not bad, at least he gets his hands dirty. I think nearly killing himself twice is going above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t think he gets many MILFs, GILFs or TILFs (I had to look that up) though – he is married.

    • “He is married”So was Oscar Wilde, Tiger Woods, Elton John, JFK, Michael Barrymore, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, John fucking Major (who would fuck him?) Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Napoleon Bonaparte, David Lloyd George, Jeremy Thorpe……I could go on but you should have got the point by now. I can only assume you are a very naïve woman and you know fuck all about blokes.

      • Mentioning John fucking Major…
        Did you see the thing last night about baby boomers…

        Eggwindy Currie, paedo-friend Rantcid, Two-Jags Prescott.
        Currie pulled a mong-face that made Hannibal Lecter look like a bloody good prospect for a night of hot action…
        She also made some dubious comment; I thought “Now hang on, dear, didn’t you shag woolly-pully” ? Old bat’s obviously lost it completely (never had it in the first place ?)

  58. hammond, clarkson, the other posh cunt all cunts
    top gear cunt of a programme hosted by cunts for cunts

    • Indeed,

      How do you know the cunt you have just met has been a Top Gear audience member?

      Don’t worry, the cunt will tell you within 30 seconds.

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