Matthew Wright

I would like to nominate rubber-faced Golum tribute act and born-again liberal ex-hack Matthew Wright for a monumental cunting.

This fuck-faced fucker continues to chug along on his shitty C5 show, playing the infuriating devil’s advocate like only an ex-journo cunt can. I caught part of his show on Monday, obviously straight after the London Bridge terrorist attacks. One of the phone-ins was about, inevitably, terrorism and whether Treeza’s ‘enough is enough’ speech was justified. One caller – Sarah I think – rightly stating that security of UK nationals comes first, ISIS and associated hate the free West… you know, actual common sense.

But Matthew Wright, cuntlord that he is, justifies these fuckers wanting to blow us up because of Libya. Except, you fucking hideously malformed eunuch, ‘peacefuls’ were blowing us up before that. And there is always an excuse. The truth is these fuckers want to see the destruction of anything not adhering to their warped book of fairytales and associated fuckery.

Aside from all that, Matthew Wright has built up a solid list of cuntship over the years. From wrongly outing John Leslie (himself a cunt, but nevermind) as Ulrika Johnson’s rapist, to asking his backward studio audience whether they would ‘do’ Amanda Knox (right after the death of Meredith Kercher), to joking about dead teenagers (Liam Aitchison) – notwithstanding his daily spiel on his PoS show, pretty much anything he utters from his malformed fucking mouth is worthy of a cunting. Surrounding himself with subserviant fucktards like ex-Emmerdale actors, John Barnes and Janet Ellis, this jug-eared abomination is truly a cunt for the ages.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

[What do you mean “wrongly” outing John Leslie?? – Ed]

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  1. Found this today… Actually made an old(ish) cunt like me smile a bit…
    Just remembering the days before the BBC became PC and muzzie snakepit, Sky TV/News/Sports, and all that social media shite….

    Ah well… Can’t go back…

    • Norman, I’m not what you’d call old by any stretch of the imagination (I fall under that damn Millenials grouping age wise), but I too miss Ceefax.

    • I still use the Spanish version of ceefax/teletext.
      I was actually looking up this weeks filums a minute ago.

      Nothing on.

      • Nothing worth watching more like.

        For all the TV channels we have now, there sure is a lot of crap on.

        • Ahhh the music they used to play in the early hours on Ceefax, great to help you drift off. Good times.

          • Remember the xmas advent calendar, jokes page and puzzles?
            Good stuff.

            On Spanish teletext you get adult contact pages.
            They have drawing of nude wimmin made out of the square pixels.
            Nipples and everything. 🙂

          • Anyone used to play bamboozle?
            I can’t actually remeber what it was like off the top of my head but I used to play it alot.

  2. Teresa May has finished forming her cabinet.
    Guess what it’s called?

    “strong and certain”

    ….What a class A cunt.

    • Do you recon she makes these up for herself or just reads the sales slogans from the box of her adult nappies.
      My bet is on the next election she and her government will be “descreet and absorbant.”

    • …. I heard her at the ..’strong and certain’ … bollocks yesterday on a radio interview ….. the thing is , she was asked three quite different questions that she could have answered with some quite diverse ‘human’ replies …. however, she chose to churn out this ..’ strong and certain … ready to go to work’… same fucking answer for all three questions.
      With the Tories still reeling from their shocking campaign where she was slated for …’strong and stable’ … and the voting public didn’t buy into her soundbites ….. Isn’t she fucking listening ?

      I’m getting more and more cinvinced she deliberately threw this election and any attempt to get us a good Brexit result.

  3. I thought Gideon was slimey but Gove leaves a Baker-esque trail of slime behind him.

    Do not like the cut of that cunt’s gib and a proven treacherous twat!

    • Yea at first I liked him but there’s something I can’t put my finger on that just doesn’t seem right about him.
      ….I don’t trust any of them though so nothing too out of the ordinary.

    • Yeah, Gove is a real vote killer.

      He’s the sort who strictly belongs backstage behind the scene.

      He’s more the evil mastermind type.

      Then again, wasn’t he the main strategist for Vote Leave? If so, that’s his one redeeming quality.

      • What? Sick? As in ‘retire on health grounds’?

        Yeah, I can see that happening.

        Anyone who would ’empower’ Comrade Corbyn is a cunt.

          • We can dream Sausage, we can dream.

            Or ’empower’ him the same way Liam Neeson did with one of those Albanian cunts in Taken 1.

          • After of course, so that when the Unions have run it into the ground, the power supply would be unreliable a la Taken.

  4. Philip Hammond has the appearance, wit and charm of an undertaker! I saw the cunt in the Houses of Parliament a few months ago and he actually tried his hand at making jokey quips?? He was about a funny is he is competent….. A 24 carat dullard……

    • Even worse, May wanted to sack him apparently, but, like she does everything else, she bungled it and he twigged and was furious.

      There’s talk that as a concession, he’s demanded greater influence in Brexit talks.

      Fan-fucking-tastic, this useless, pessimist twat, who was another turncoat remainer (having previously been a longtime Eurosceptic) will no doubt push for Soft Brexit – which is no Brexit!

  5. Election results 2017: The most diverse Parliament yet

    The BBC celebrates because we now have more LBGT and ethnic MP’s than ever before. Now in my eyes it is about the quality of the MP, not their sexual persuasion or colour.

    Keith Vaz anyone, did his ethnic makeup make him a good MP or Jeremy Thorpe did his sausage addiction make him a great MP? More women MP’s? Yes Treesa will be a great advert for them.

    Fucking BBC so agenda driven it has rejected reality

    • And the reality is that you won’t see diversity of any sort in most other governing bodies in the world.

      Tell me, how many whites, women or pillow biters will you see in positions of power in Ongo Bongo Land?

      • Awaiting moderation. Again.

        Okay, I’ll bite, what the hell is this?

      • Odd as Councillors have lost their jobs just for being members of Outlaw motorcycle gangs as did a BBC reporter. Amazing what you can get away with if you are of an ethnic persuasion

        • In Germany (where else?) I’m told that you can be arrested for wearing motorcycle club patches in public areas.

      • The former “peaceful” Mayor of Milton-Keynes gave a character statement and facilitated the issuing of a taxi licence to a fellow “peaceful” who had also been convicted of rape who then went on to do it again subsequently.

        There was no shame in the cunt until *he* eventually decided to stand down as Mayor but…continued to work as a councillor (and one who loves a bit of positive discrimination for fellow “peacefuls”).

        So it’s a countrywide problem with “peacefuls” in power and this kind of shite!

        Flogging’s too good for these cunts!

  6. Loads of LGBT MP’s and plenty of CUNTS….Clueless Underhand Narcissistic Thieving Shits. You don’t get that on the ABBC.

    • We don’t get anything normal with the ABBC.

      Christ, any foreign bastard could watch the ABBC and be forgiven for thinking at the UK is all a majority of the Rainbow Brigade, Women, Peacefuls and no white English people even though they are still the main actual majority in this country.

      If there’s one thing I think we can all be on the same page as the DUP with, it’s wanting the BBC neutered.

  7. Back on Matthew Wright. A left wing grandstander from what I can make out. I did think that he played the back nine. He has that type of mouth that suggests he has a predilection for rampant poovery.

    I remember he chaired some benefits debate and struggled to keep his socialist emotions in check. A finalist for the coveted 2017 Cunt D’or prize.

    Being of a somewhat liberal disposition, I opine that he deserves to be bound and gagged naked with Russell Brand before an ultra aggressive troupe of sex starved silverbacks are allowed to go to work on them both with just a small pot of vaseline as an sphincter emollient .

  8. I won’t put the TV on before 9pm, unless its to watch something I’ve recorded. This cuts out a load of shit, and I feel much better for it. Daytime TV is the pits, full of cunts like him. Cooking cunts, bargain cunts, house hunting cunts, DIY cunts, chavs and slag cunts arguing, and slapper cunts thinking they have an opinion worth listening too. Fuck them, life is way to short to piss it away watching that shite.

    • I hate television especially the current shite they shovel out nowadays, its all braindead mush. Advertisements also cause migranes and cancer I can’t prove it but I know its a fact

    • What the fuck are ABBC Breakfast doing with their Downing St mock-up? How is this helping report the news and what a waste of our license fee money. It’s even got a toy cat hung up on strings.

      Then Dan Wanker is back so the Mother and Son team with Louise Mingebag is back to full throttle banter mode. Cunts, time to turn over to Russia Today.

  9. That fucking sad bitch Anna Soubry is a classic example of …… ‘The rise of the Remoaners’. These cunts think they have been given the green light to reverse Brexit. Oh sure, they come out with all the usual ‘of course we’re leaving, I accept the result’ drivel. Come fucking off it. You want the whole thing to be binned and are willing to stick the knives into anyone or anything that gets in the way. All the other sediment is starting to rise from the bottom too. Heseltine, Campbell, Mandlebum, Toynbee, Owen ‘chase me’ Jones. Lying treacherous cunts.

    • Anna soubry and ken clarke are two of the most poisonous Cunts in the Conservative party , at least old cuntausaurus clarke realises he is coming to the end of his back stabbing parliamentary career , soubry on the other hand has delusions of grandeur, she really fancies a seat at the top table, a thoroughly dislikeable cunt, one that should be jettisoned from the Conservative party ASAP!!

  10. I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE the Rodent faced ex Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, for a cunting.

    After this latest accident it is a foregone conclusion that the man has the driving prowess of Mr Magoo. The news headline – Hammond crashes again. Yeh, and?

    Perhaps he should stick to safer TV pursuits, such as guest slots on Loose Women or advertising anti wrinkle cream and tooth whitening procedures for vain, middle aged men.

    • Good cunting, the midget shitbag truly is a first order twat who spends most of his day sucking on Clarkson’s tiny cock.

    • Also somebody needs to tell little rodent face that wearing a suit jacket with jeans and trainers isn’t the height of cool!!
      You simply look like a middle aged Cunt trying to look hip!!
      Ditto clarkson and James may!!

  11. So, all the Muzzies arrested after Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter have now been released and Clouseau has announced that the cunt built the bomb on his own in his flat. Of course he did. Next stage is “lone wolf”…….mental illness” etc etc……let’s love each other……the snowflakes united……will NEVER be defeated.
    Meanwhile yesterday, some Muzzie group gave out 3000 flowers on London Bridge to promote peace. Hold on! I thought these. 3 murdering cunts weren’t “real” Muzzies? So what are these cunts apologising for? I don’t remember any Jocks apologising for Ian fucking Brady. I wish these Muzzies and their apologists would make up their cunting minds. Could they speak more slowly so dimmos like me could follow their logic? Thanks.

    • Its amazing after all that’s happened that joe public still swallows the liberal snowflake narrative!!, It’s complete and utter bollocks of course, what will it take for people to realise they are being taken for fools??
      Bombs/ shootings/ knife attacks should not equal concerts, candles and empty platitudes….
      Has anybody got the guts to call it?? Unfortunately no !! sorry if I sound pessimistic but I can’t see anything changing in the near future, we live in an age of weak leaders and a liberal media circus…… CUNTS…….

      • Why do people pray after an atrocity, hasn’t God just shown he doesn’t give a fuck.
        That’s if he exists in the first place…..which he doesn’t.

        Only deluded fuckwits would waste time on this bollocks.

        I see Theresa May was in church at the weekend…..

  12. Anybody else heard of this Al Quds Day march in London planned for Sunday? Apparently its a march against Israel occupying Palestine by peacefuls types they ‘stand shoulder to shoulder with all the oppressed people in the world against the oppressors’. Despite showing support for Hezbolla in previous demo’s cunt Khan and the Mayors Office have given it the green light. Never mind they are oppressing not just the UK but every other country they infest as well as their own war torn sand box shitholes.

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