Matthew Wright

I would like to nominate rubber-faced Golum tribute act and born-again liberal ex-hack Matthew Wright for a monumental cunting.

This fuck-faced fucker continues to chug along on his shitty C5 show, playing the infuriating devil’s advocate like only an ex-journo cunt can. I caught part of his show on Monday, obviously straight after the London Bridge terrorist attacks. One of the phone-ins was about, inevitably, terrorism and whether Treeza’s ‘enough is enough’ speech was justified. One caller – Sarah I think – rightly stating that security of UK nationals comes first, ISIS and associated hate the free West… you know, actual common sense.

But Matthew Wright, cuntlord that he is, justifies these fuckers wanting to blow us up because of Libya. Except, you fucking hideously malformed eunuch, ‘peacefuls’ were blowing us up before that. And there is always an excuse. The truth is these fuckers want to see the destruction of anything not adhering to their warped book of fairytales and associated fuckery.

Aside from all that, Matthew Wright has built up a solid list of cuntship over the years. From wrongly outing John Leslie (himself a cunt, but nevermind) as Ulrika Johnson’s rapist, to asking his backward studio audience whether they would ‘do’ Amanda Knox (right after the death of Meredith Kercher), to joking about dead teenagers (Liam Aitchison) – notwithstanding his daily spiel on his PoS show, pretty much anything he utters from his malformed fucking mouth is worthy of a cunting. Surrounding himself with subserviant fucktards like ex-Emmerdale actors, John Barnes and Janet Ellis, this jug-eared abomination is truly a cunt for the ages.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

[What do you mean “wrongly” outing John Leslie?? – Ed]

268 thoughts on “Matthew Wright

  1. There’s a bunch of the usual cunts outside Downing Street today. I heard one of them on the radio crying about the DUP……..”They’re anti-abortion, ant-gay and anti-human rights.”
    Well so are the Muzzies but I don’t see any of you cunts outside any Mosques waving your little placards about.
    Also I’m not aware of anybody from the DUP mowing down pedestrians, stabbing cunts in the street or blowing up little girls with nail bombs.
    Funny old world innit?

    • Yeah, funny old world when the Tories warn that their opponent cozies up to terrorists…and now, lo and behold, here they are doing the same. Hypocritical cunts.

        • They are/were all terrorist cunts, Sixdog Vomit.
          Don’t trust any of the cunts coz they’d kneecap their own brother if some captain told them to.

          • Indeed they are Birdman. May has turned to people we would rather not have to deal with to form a government. Corbyn and McDonnell in the mean time have been consorting with terrorists since they began their careers in politics and have consistently chosen the terrorists that were killing Brits or wished to harm British people.

            The Labour party has been hijacked by Marxists who are radicals and extremists.

            May had a choice of getting her hands dirty and forming a government with people who identify as British and with a troubling history or surrender our government to a coalition comprised of people who openly despise us.

            Abbott, Corbyn, McDonnell in Government? I am sure the Sinn Fein MP’s would of decided to enter parliament at that point.

        • Fred Fred Fred, they (DUP) are Fenian cunts and they (Tories) are politicians and are therefore master grade hypocrites anyway. I don’t find the prospect of having to give more concessions to the Fenian bastards appealing at all.

          Like Sixdog said though, Corbyn and his band of cunts are long time butt buddies with Sinn Fein/IRA cunts who are weapons grade cunts of the worst kind. They would also get into bed with every other fucker, some of whom are far worse than the DUP, cunts though they are.

          • Fenian? I don’t fink so. These are Paisley’s spawn – No Popery! No Surrender! Oops we just lost half a billion quid due to incompetence.

  2. I try not to watch this type of fuckwittery, but by and large this bloke is a cunt.

    Didn’t that bloke once phone in and ask if he fancied a bum? Bet Wright had more than second fucking thoughts about turning that offer down.

  3. Never liked Matthew Alwaysright. He is after all a liberal pro European sycophantic turd of the type that are difficult to pass.
    This “devils advocate” shite can only be done by people with a sense of proportion, balanced with some common sense and a sensitivity to the event, the speaker, and with respect to the listening audience. Very few people are able to achieve that. The only person who I have known who could do that without pissing everyone off was Kilroy Silk ( ok he is a cunt too but…)
    Mickey Mouse Alwaysright does not have the skills, the wit or the intelligence to make a success of anything other that sucking his mothers tit.He is an irritation that requires to be turned out with a fucking pitchfork and left to rot in the fucking quagmire of irrelevant shite that comes out of his programme He is a total cunt.

  4. I’ve never actually seen his programme,but a small detail like that wont stop me calling him a Cunt. I’ve done my research…well, I’ve looked at the header photo…and can categorically confirm that he is a Cunt. He has the sneery,slightly superior look favoured by Cunts,the same look can be seen on the faces of Emily Thornberry and James Corden…the same kind of look that you get when you fart in the biscuit -tin before your ex-wife’s mother comes round for a “Coffee and a natter.”

    @Ed… Re. John Leslie…I take my hat off to Leslie if he managed to rape that over-bored spunk-catcher Ulrika Johnnson. I’d have lost all interest before I got to the front of the queue, and used the plank that I’d have to have tied to my arse to beat her and Stan Collymore into a double coffin.

    • The Abi Titmus sex tape is on my work phone.
      Still one of my favourites.
      And Abi, what a sexy slut?
      How many girlfriends would want to film a ffm threesome and when the other tart doesn’t want it to be filmed, she get’s her boyfriend (Leslie) to set up a hidden camera.

      What a babe.

    • He also made a ‘home movie’ with Abi Titmuss which still lurks on the internet somewhere. That’s John Leslie not Matthew Wright.

      • Lurks on my phone. 🙂

        That John Leslie is the worlds worst camera man.
        But maybe the view was putting him off.

          • Leslie nearly falls over the bed when he’s trying to position his cock to receive a blowjob from Abi.
            There’s a loud clang and everything.
            That clang hurts my ears through my headphones. 🙂

    • In a way he is, Khan is what he is and we should expect exactly what we get from him. Wright is a media enabler constantly pushing the message that those of us who don’t agree are the problem.

      • You’re right sixdog. But Khan is still and enormous cunt, without the media behind him Khan is just another goat fucker.

        • People who convert to extreme cuntitude are usually more deranged than those who were more or less born that way…

          Hence Lily the Mong being more of a cunt than Jezzer… (although I shouldn’t like to go into the proportions too thoroughly).

  5. I’ll start by sayin that England should have been all over they cu… Scottish, but haha Scotland, so close, so close.
    Gerrit up ye.

    • Yeah, guess some of the jocks should be un-cunted.

      What is going on lately?

      Piers Morgan of all people
      The Jocks
      Tiny Tim for that one comment.

      What next, will the peacefuls convert to Christianity or something?

  6. Mathew Shite made a complete cunt of himself when he was in the jungle. He was a cunt before but managed to upgrade his fuck wittedness to another level. Cock gobbler.

    • I remember him shouting “Scab” at the other celebs who wouldn’t do things his way.
      Wish they’d decked him…

  7. has Islam ever actually been cunted on here ? it really is the biggest pile of shite you’ll ever come across. anybody read the Quran?, fuck me, theres a few good bits in it but if not exhorting violence its talking total bollocks about scientific matters. a big percentage of it is total gibberish. far from the being ‘divine’, ‘ the Word of God ‘, it’s displays precisely the knowledge you’d expect a 7thC goatherder to know, strange that. and as to fuckin MO,, he was simply a war mongering, child raping fuckin bonkers lunatic, i actually think most Muslims haven’t got a clue about whats in the so called ‘ glorious ‘ Quran or what an odious cunt Mo was. they can’t have can they?

    • On you go.
      Give Is..m a cunting.

      I”ll lut you and your close ones up in my spare room until the furor dies down.

      I’ll meet you at Malaga airport , Tuesday 13:30.
      Wear sunglasses, sun hat and a pink Hawaiian shirt.
      The pink Hawaiian shirt is so i recognize you.

      Be careful. 🙂

      • I downloaded the free kindle edition on my phone, just so I can find out for myself what a load of bollocks it is.
        I’m only a few pages in but man! ….what a load of shite!

        • You can buy the Koran in bog roll format. you can read while you dump, and you can wipe your arse on it too.

    • I was about to Google “is..m is a cunt but my thumb pulled away.
      I shat it.
      I instantly imagined some cunts clad in rags coming to my door with lit torches.
      Fucked up world we live in when you/i end up thinking like that, eh?

      • Not me mate, I’m not scared.

        Fuckin smelly camel fuckers can come for me if they want. In fact I hope they do.
        Won’t happen though because I’m not a woman or a child.

        I’m reading the Quran at the mo so that I can find out for myself just how mad and stupid 1.3 billion cunts actually are. I doubt I’ll make it to the end but if I ever do I’m going to cunt it.

        • Is there any pictures?
          Of Allah.

          If you cant draw an image of Allah, and it is punishable by death, i was thinking of drawing a matchstick man with Allah written above it outside a kebab shop to see what the reaction is.
          Just a normal matchstick man.

          I just have to wait until the hoards of camel fuckers go home for the evening.
          It used to be Spanish and British that used the kebab shops here, now they have grown in numbers and every one has its own gang of ugly stinky cunts hanging around.
          No joke, it’s like downtown Basra after dark.

          Since more ugly cunts have arrived there are more kebab shops to cater for the ugly cunts.
          Its not coz kebabs have become popular its the new arrivals need somewhere to meet.
          They cant make that much money, so questions should be asked as to why there are so many in such a condenced area.

          #boycottkebabs #boycottmobilephoneshops

          • There will be when I wipe my arse with it! 😁
            Though I got the kindle edition so I doubt my phone will be absorbent enough to do the job!
            Shit didn’t think there’d be many in spain after the muslims were expelled in the 17th century! Thought spain had told them to fuck off for good. Typical. They know that everyone hates them and that they’re not welcome but just have to invite themselves anyway.
            Are they all North Africans?

          • In the last five years they have swarmed over the Straits.
            Very few wimmin but plenty of non wimmin.
            And they hang around all day, and every one has the latest fashion, yet they don’t seem to work.
            Shite loads of the cunts.

            And it makes me mad.

          • Forgot to applaud you for the arsewipe picture of Allah.
            Brilliant, DeploytheSausage. 🙂

          • I know some cunts who drew pictures of the raghead Mo! They worked for Charlie Hebdo. They are all dead now.

    • Richard 1. he was a real bad cunt wasn’t he? But a fucking really good role model for all those who follow.. Mohammed invented the “elbow tuck” and the “hoof over” techniques to help the less experienced being prodded in the goolies from the goats horns. The common expression “Ive got the horn ” comes from the practice of goat shagging. Entry is aided by holding and pulling on the horn so your knackers are safe.
      If you turn to page 132, Mo. describes the joys of mounting camels. hilarious fucking read.!

  8. I sorta remember this cunt.
    Doesn’t he always pull that face and make wired “eeeiiiuuuoooieee” noises while he does it.
    I always thought that he was Jeremy Kyle.
    Do they mibbee look and act the same and that’s why i get them mixed up?

    Fuck knows.
    Jeremy Kyle lookalike Mathew wright acting cunt.
    Its the same audience, isn’t it?

  9. Which reminds me. I’ve just finished an in depth study into what makes someone a cunt. So after years of investigation and delving into the workings of the human mind my suspicions were confirmed. You are born a cunt. I mean a REAL cunt. All of us on here can be funny cunts, piss taking cunts, clever cunts, arrogant cunts, dirty cunts but can never be a REAL cunt. That honour is reserved for the like of those that appear on this site.

  10. Wright is a cunt. A sort of TV version of that O’Brien wankstain.
    Loads his show up with toadies, has beens and that godawful Yasmin Jihadi-Brown woman.
    Phone in and disagree with him? Get cut off before you can elaborate…
    His one (almost) saving grace is that he loves vintage motorbikes yet he supports Corbyn and fawns to the sort of crusty cunts that would outlaw the lot and plough up the roads. Yet another turkey voting for Xmas.
    Incapable of getting through a show without using the word “Meritocracy” at least once.

    And WHO decides what constitutes “merit” eh Matthew?
    I wonder…

  11. I can’t say I’ve ever watched his show but now I know he’s a lefty I definately won’t.

    Though I guess it’s obvious he would be.
    For some reason ALL schlebs and arty types have to stop using the parts of their brains that deal with common sense and reason and become self righteous cunts, that for some reason think that being ok at one thing suddenly makes you an expert on everything.

    • It is a strange “coincidence” that the vast majority of slebs are left.

      Did you know that certain employees who work for Katy Perry aren’t allowed to talk to her.
      Yet she wants us all to love one another.

      That common sense part of her and other slebs brains is full of pixie dust.

      • Ha ha shit. What a stuck up cunt. So much for “love” and “tolerace”.
        Stupid bitch should have to do a proper job for a while, maybe she’ll realise what a dumb cunt she is.
        Let’s face it, anyone that is too thick even for Russell Brand must be one step from full on retard! …one step BELOW that is!

        • Anyone who spread their legs for Russel Brand deserves to be put down.

          • Especially that tranny whose name escapes me.
            The child genius one.
            Lauren something.

            dick fiddler will know its name.

          • Lauren Harries was it’s name, Birdman. I just googled “Lauren Harries topless” and I must say it has a lovely set of paps on it. Think it must have had the plumbing down below done too….

          • You know I’ve just gotta Google that.

            Yep, just did even though I’ve got company.
            I held my phone at a sideways angle.
            Confusing times we live in. 🙂

        • She comes from a Christian family and i think her father is a preacher or something.
          She started out playing Christian rock but the money wasn’t in it so she reinvented herself as a slag.
          Fame hungry sexy slag.

          • Like most of her sleb ilk then.

            Problem is that they go too far acting the slag and it becomes very non-boner inspiring.

          • Oh God that is an awful look, some birds can pull it off, but Kunty Perry is not one of them!

          • Dunno about bland, but more pointless?

            Hmmmm, how about Religion, or snowflakes, or trolls, or the MSM, or fake news?

          • I personally think the short haired blonde look makes the IS cock sucking Kunty Perry look like a dyke trollop and a chav cunt… But when Scarlett Johansson has a similar look, I still want to bang the gubbins out of her every which way but loose…
            Funny that…


  12. Seems something has happened in Amsterdam this evening. breaking News. Car mows down people.

    • Accident, definitely an accident.
      No inquiry needed.

      It happened in Marbella last week.
      Two pissed up Brits mounted the pavement and ploughed into a number of people, injurng quite a few.
      Drunken cunts.

      Imagine if you accidentally mounted the pavement, knocking pedestrians over.
      You’d be ducked down inside waving a white flag and eating a bacon sandwich.

  13. Haven’t seen this show for a couple of years or so, so I might be behind the times. I didn’t know that this human oil slick was a motorcycle fan so that gives him a big boost in my estimation. However, I also didn’t know he was a dirty remoaner so go to the bottom of the shitpit, cunt.
    As Vincent said , in Pulp Fiction…..”No trial, no jury…straight to execution”.
    I don’t really slag off the Oil Slick or his panellists……..they are just cunts trying to earn a pound note. I want to laugh at the wankers who phone in and the twats in the audience who sit there nodding their heads like the the thick cunts they are. Nod your head all you like we can all see you are thick as shit.
    I’ve only known 2 cunts who were part of a TV audience. One of them was on Question Time and he actually got to ask a question. The next day, at work, people were congratulating him and praising him to the skies like he was a fucking rock star or something. Guess what?…….the cunt burst into tears!
    Before you ask, yes he was as gay as fuck……but that’s not the point. The point is …… No cunt thinks they have experience, knowledge, opinion or a fucking life unless it is refracted through a screen.
    Sorry, I’m a bit pissed……forget about all that shit……maybe.

    • Wrighty is particularly fond of old British bikes, so probably spends more time getting them to start and run properly than actually riding them.
      I believe he lives in London and sad-dick khan has been rooting for that “no vehicles over 20 years old allowed” rule (already happened in Paris).

      Reap what you sow Matthew…

      • Stupid pricks like him won’t realise what they’re doing backing a cunt like Corbyn until it’s too late.

  14. I see that Doubledouche is threatening Dio with the ”finale” and ”consequences” over on Ranting Penguin.

    Christ, I bet the first thing this scrub does in the morning when he wakes up is touch himself.

    • It has been sayin the same shite for ages.
      Just like they Bond villains,

      “Mr Bond, I’m going to kill you, but not the now, later. Even though i have a gun, a knife and fifteen henchmen, i will do it later.
      Much later.”

      • PS. I’m finished with the ranting penguin until he restarts it on a new thread.
        Load more
        Load more
        Load more
        Load more
        Big fuckin sigh.

        Get a new fuckin thread!!!!!

        • Let’s hope we don’t get another 400+ posts on an IASC thread again, huh Birdman?

          • Yeh definitely! Big thanks to the admin team, In the mad mad world that is modern life driven by liberal Cunts this place is a sanctuary for me, always dozens of posts which make me laugh and realise there’s others around that haven’t been hoodwinked by the dark forces!!
            Long may it continue….👍👍👍

        • He can’t. He has no admin rights and can only post comments.

          He’s posting pretending to be me again and replying to himself. As I’ve repeatedly said – delete, block, ignore. Depriving trolls of an audience and reaction is the best way of dealing with them…

      • The other one with Bond Villains is that they try to go for the amusing and elaborate deaths.

        Like Hugo Drax in Moonraker, he even mentions about how Bond keeps thwarting his attempts to give him an amusing death.

        Rickie is not amusing, it’s just tiresome at this point.

        • WTF, the comment before this is getting modded?

          What the hell m*ds?!

    • Cuntageddon?….
      The Cuntpocalypse?…
      Cuntment Day?….
      The Cunt Of Revelation?….

      • The Wrath of Kunt?
        Total Recunt?
        Cuntypendence Day?
        28 Cunts Later?
        or even
        Dawn of the Cunt…

        • All biblical terms for a ‘final reckoning’ and ‘the day of judgement’…. Only with added cuntitude..

      • A cunt too far
        A cunt over the River Kwai
        Cunt Dawn
        Dawn of the Cunts
        Cuntpocalypse Now
        The Cuntfather
        The Cuntinator
        Cunt I II III IV V VI
        A cunt flew over the cunters nest
        Deep Cunt
        The Cunt Job
        Snowwhite and the 7 cunts

        I gotta stop now, it’s really addictive

          • Cuntantic
            The Cunt Menace
            Attack of the Cunts
            Revenge of the Cunts
            A New Cunt
            The Cuntpire cunts back
            Return of the Cunt
            The Cunt Awakens

          • Just idly working “cunt” references into movie titles. Overgrown schoolboy stuff….

          • Dr Cunt
            From Russia With Cunts
            You Only Cunt Twice
            On Her Cunt’s Secret Cunting
            Cunts Are Forever
            Live and Let Cunt
            The Man With the Golden Cunt
            The Cunt Who Cunted Me
            For Your Cunts Only
            From A Cunt To A Kill
            The Cunting Daylights
            Licence To Cunt
            Tomorrow Never Cunts
            The Cunt Is Not Enough
            Cunt Another Day
            Cunting Royale
            Quantum of Cunt

          • F*ck, I forgot about that one!

            Eh, apart from Kim Basinger, that one was the shits anyway.

          • The Cunt Picture
            The Wrath of Cunt (I know it was done earlier)
            The Search For Cunt
            The Voyage Cunt
            The Cunting Frontier
            The Undiscovered Cuntry

          • Marathon Cunt
            The Last Cunt in Paris
            Robin Hood and The Prince of Cunts
            The Philosopher’s Cunt
            The Chamber of Cunts
            The Cunt of Azkaban
            The Goblet of Cunt
            Order of the Cunts
            The Half Blood Cunt
            The Deathly Cunts

    • Thanks for the tip off. Just took a look.
      He’s using my old email address to bring up my old grey avatar and posting pretending to be me…

  15. Doctor Who was yet more shite… A feminazi Ice Warrior who defers to the black lezzer… A good few ‘noisy males’ and ‘all men are bastards’ lines…. A box ticking darkie in the Welsh Guards in 1881 (yeah right)…. And a good old savaging of The British Army… Utter fucking bollocks…

    • Dr Who and James Bond.
      My two childhood favourites…
      Hours of priceless entertaining memories…

      Now poisoned and ruined beyond all recognition by “progressive” (yeah, right) box ticking cunts.

    • I’m sorry, I thought it was called ‘Doctor Who’ not ‘Push PC bullshit down everyone’s throats and blatantly rewrite history with complete and utter bullshit!’.

      At this point, that fucking show should be put out of everyone’s misery, this shit is not even endearing in the least now!

      Fuck, for whatever faults it may have had, I miss the David Tenant RT Davies era. Comparing that era to the dross we have now is like comparing Empire Strikes Back to Episodes I-III of Star Wars.

    • I couldn’t usually give a shiny shite about Dr Who, but the other day i read that Richard Ayoade is being touted as the new Doctor and i smirked and thought “oh fuck, that’ll cheer Norman up”. 🙂

      • Say what you will about Kris Marshall, but him becoming Doctor Who would be brilliant just on the basis that it would have the whole PC brigade frothing at the mouth and having an aneurysm out of sheer fury from a white English bloke being cast in the part!

        If the BBC did that, it would almost de-cunt them ever so slightly.

        Bah, sod that, the BBC are cunts and will always be cunts until they are taken down 6 dozen pegs! CUNTS!

        • “Say what you want about Kris Marshall”

          That ‘Murder in Paradise’ is just shite.
          I think its called that.
          Its shite.

        • I will admit I’ve been in a bad mood today for various reasons but what didn’t help was seeing a trailer for Channel 4’s new show The Autistic Gardener,in which a confused looking chap with silly coloured hair arranges other peoples gardens to his satisfaction. This will probably take a while. Another cunter said recently that there’s now a presenter with Tourettes on there..Where the fuck are they going with all this?. They don’t seem to employ any Tuareg dwarves yet,some cunt had better get their finger out.

      • Word is the ABBC want ‘another Tennant’, so they might go for Marshall … I hope they do, because if they don’t the ABBC’s Golden (or possibly black) Goose will be killed stone dead…

        • The show is on life support as it is.

          Marshall would be a start.
          Moffat is supposed to be done after this season isn’t he? That’s also progress, ha!
          Now, if the obnoxious black lezzer would also kindly piss off then that would also help greatly.

          More to the point, if the BBC fucks remeber that Doctor Who is supposed to be a Sci-fi show, not more PC propaganda that offends most normal people.

          • The bloke who’s taking over Who after pube head fucks off was heavily involved in Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes… So Philip Glenister, John Simm, Danny Mays, Adrian Dunbar, Matthew McFayden, or Mark Warren would do for me if any of them were picked to play The Doc…

            Getting a straight white bloke to do it would also boil lakes of PC and snowflake piss… Magic…

    • Apparently last night’s load of cunt was ‘written’ by pube head Moffatt’s partner in PC crime, Mark Gaytiss… Might have bloody well known…. Who else (apart from Moffat breath) would come up with such waffling, anti-men, the British are cunts, and black lezzers are cool shite?….

  16. The BBC outdoes itself with “How much did grime artists influence the election”

    Agnes Smithe Cock-Womble 78 from Bournemouth reveals that if it wasn’t for her favourite Grime artist Bongo Bongo she would never of considered voting Labour, until I heard Bongo spiting out trot propaganda like bullets from an AK47 she would never of considered voting Labour.

    At this point the interview was cut short when Agnes asked our reporter to stroke her pussy. Unlike Mrs Slocambe she wasn’t referring to her friendly Moggie but offered her ancient old vagina up for some attention.

    As our crew legged it from her doorstep Agnes was heard to exclaim loudly “and you cunts want me to play my license fee now?, you cunts”

    and now we have Carole with the weather (also probably influenced by Grime artists)

    • Heh, amusing.

      For once, even the Youtube comments, which is normally an infestation of cunts, was mostly amusing.

    • Think that is funny, just wait till you watch his other muzzie related stuff

    • Rich, we don’t need to read any articles about Islime to know what vermin they are, pretty much anyone with half a braincell, who hadn’t aready clocked it, cottoned on to what cunts they can be 16 years ago.

      My dear old Da clocked what a menace they were back in the late 70s.

      • Surely the most appalling remake ever was the Hitchcock classic “Psycho”. Yes, shot in colour and different actors but everything else was identical. Same sequences, same dialogue, same music, same fucking camera angles. What’s the fucking point? Oh yes….one obvious difference. When Norman was peering through the spy hole, watching the bird strip off, did they really have to make it so clear that he was jerking off? Have they never heard of imagination the dirty cunts? There are some films that are just classics and should be left well alone. They should just stick to sci-fi, Bond shit , car chase and flying bullets bollocks ,romcoms etc. There are plenty of dimmos willing to pay for that cuntery. Leave proper films alone I say………and stop calling them “movies” you wannabe yank arseholes!

  17. This works in the musical vernacular too
    Dark side of the cunt
    Cunt out of hell
    I can’t get you out of my cunt
    Stairway to cunt
    Save the cunt
    A whole lot of cunt
    Never mind the cunts here’s our bollcocks
    I fought the cunts (and the cunts won)
    Don’t Cha (wish your cunt was hot like me)
    My White Cunt
    God save the cunt
    Rock around the cunt
    Hearbreak cunt

    and if you rant to move into band names

    Pink Cunt
    The Rolling Cunts
    Jethro Cunt
    Fun boy cunt
    Stray Cunts
    Vulture Cunt (poetic license culture cunts)

    • We Have All the Cunts In the World
      What a wonderful cunt
      Blue Suede Cunts
      Are you Cunting Tonight
      Cunt Creole
      Miss American Cunt

      • How about This Cunt isn’t big enough for both of Us? Christ,I’ve disgusted meself now!

        • Fucking hell, that’s probably what the peacefuls say when they’re diddling a kiddie.

      • Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Cunt Band
        Achcunt Baby
        Second Cunting
        The Cunt Lies Down On Broadway
        London Cunting
        Are Cunts Experienced
        The Cunt Is Dead
        A Cunt At The Opera
        Till The Band Cunts In
        Dog Man Cunt
        Different Cunt
        The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Cunts From Mars

  18. More cunt movies

    White men can’t cunt
    Red Cunt (snigger)
    The Running Cunt
    Cunt 13
    Last of the Cunts
    Pulp Cunt

    TV Shows

    Question Cunt
    Breaking Cunt
    Coronation Cunt
    Cunt on the Beach
    Blind Cunt
    The Cunt at Ten
    The 9 O’clock Cunt
    Big Cunter
    Big Cunters little Cunter
    The Cunt Factor
    Britain’s got Cunts
    Songs of Cunt
    Antiques Cunt Show (Ewwwwww)
    The Big Cunt Theory
    Everybody loves cunt
    The Sunday Cunts show
    One man and his cunt
    Loose Cunts
    Coronation Cunt
    Emmerdale Cunt
    I’m a cunt get me out of here
    Two Geordies cunts in anything
    The only way is cuntish

    • Steptoe & Cunt
      Dad’s Cunts
      Are You Being Cunted?
      One Cunt In The Grave
      Bruce Forsthye’s Generation Cunt
      Cunts Behaving Badly
      Only Cunts & Horses
      Cunty Towers
      The Old Cunt Whistle Test
      It Ain’t Half Hot Cunt
      Some Mothers Do Ave Cunts

      Now we return you the Testcunt and some music….

      • Bargain Cunt
        Cunt In The Attic
        Bruce Forsythe’s Play Your Cunts Right
        Cunting All Hours
        Auf Wiedersehen, Cunt
        Whatever Happened To The Likely Cunts
        Phoenix Cunts
        The Cunt Chapparal
        The Twilight Cunt
        The Cunt Report
        Cunts 1999
        Cunt’s Seven
        The Cunts Guide To The Galaxy
        Cunts Of The Unexpected
        The Incredible Cunt
        Battlestar Galacticunt

  19. Film Re-makes – what an arse ache.

    Tired, bone-idle film producers who are bereft of creativity but still salivate over huge wads of moolah keep doing the easy solution: Re-make a film with the tiniest changes therefore doing as little as possible to satisfy their rapacious urges, and consequently make absolute turds.

    Yes, I know it’s not new but there seems to be a whole smörgasbord of rebuffed shite arriving. Don’tLook Now? Bill & Ted? Police Acadamy? Why? What can you add to Mary Fucking Poppins that wasn’t in the original?

    Russel Brand (Cunt Level: Sergeant Major) has already crushed every bit of life out of the magnificent Arthur but now fancies pissing on Rik Mayall’s corpse by re-making the (admittedly average) Drop Dead Fred. That preeny cunt-noodle would drink diarrhoea for more popularity.

    I hear Steve Coogan (Cunt Level: Corporal) is re-making a Laurel & Hardy film. Furthermore I see that Tom Cruise (Cunt Level: Brigadier) has re-made The Mummy.

    I understand there’s a built-in audience for re-makes who will 1) Become angry, 2) Go to see it 3) Uselessly compare & contrast them before finally 4) Feel dirty and depressed. I know, I saw the re-make of The Italian Job.

    Gluttonous, talentless idea-dodgers.

    • The only remake that i can think of that was any good is Cape Fear.
      Not as good as the first one with the greatest actor of all time, Gregory Peck and another great, Robert Mitchum.
      I think the De Niro/Nolte remake was shot scene for scene, so that’s probably why it was good.

      Can’t think of any more decent remakes though.

      Great cunting/nomination Captain Magnanimous.

      • Some re-makes work if they completely mash it up and do something different, like a bizarre cover version of an already-decent tune. At least then, they’re just attracting all the original film’s fans to extract their folding stuff, but have made something fresh.

        Nevertheless, it’s always for the lucre, isn’t it. The Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage? Fuck off. Get Carter with Sylvester stallone? Painful shite.

        BrandCunt’s one was woeful, but the proper Arthur was superb. Dudley Moore on top form, with Gielgud parodying himself hilariously. Simple idea, good gags, great chemistry.

        Arthur: I’m going to have a bath.
        Gielgud: I’ll alert the media.

        • Arthur: I want to spend the night with a complete stranger.
          Prostitute: Listen honey, I’m $100 an hour.
          Arthur: What time do you get off work?

    • I caught the first two minutes of Russell Brands remake of Arthur the other week on telly.
      I watched two minutes just for validation of his cuntishness if any was needed.

      Who is this cunts management team?
      They are amazing at flogging this piece of nothing.

      He’s one cunt in a long list that must pinch themselves every day.

      • That Tom Cruise Mummy film looks fucking dreadful.
        Come back Brendan Fraser all is forgiven…

  20. I hope someone smashes that Cressada Dicks ugly face in! Does the stupid burnt bitch ever hear herself talk?! “Yeah we might have a massive terrorist attack twice a week now but at least the nationalities of the dead victims gives us a positive on diversity”

    What a dumb fucking cunt I cant believe the turds in place of authority nowadays. If there was ever an endorsement against tourism in britain its with her and Mays piss poor help.

    • As she’s a bean-flicker if she was to get married to someone called – say Jemimah Head (an example name picked at random) – do you think that Cresida Dick would do the de-rigeur thing (within the LGBT community) of hyphenating her surname with that of her wife’s?

      It would be more than apt and I’m assuming that she would be the “man” in any such relationship (shall we say). 😉

  21. You know, hard as it is to believe, I’d forgotten just how much of a slimey cunt Gideon Osborne is.

    He’s on Marr now and has obviously polished both boots to put into Theresa May. Justified or not, what a short-memoried, treacherous cunt!

    He’s there is his guise as Evening Standard editor, I fear for the poor cunt who actually edits it (on a 5th of Gideon’s salary no doubt) cos I wouldn’t trust that cunt to edit an eye examination chart!

    • The second rate Mr Bean thinks Treesa robbed him of his chance to be PM. More chance of me opening up a bacon stall in Mecca.

      The cunt

  22. Tomorrow Jeremy is going to attempt to topple Theresa and and become our Prime Minister. Exactly how he is going to achieve this I am not sure.

    Are we to expect momentum Guerrilla forces to stage a coup and take control of our armed forces? I can imagine Corbyn has massive support among the forces.

    Will the police swear allegiance to the man who wants to arm the with tea and cake against terrorists?

    Maybe it is just that Jeremy has found a way to deny the laws of mathematics, after all no matter how you look at them the numbers just aren’t there for Jeremy to form a government. So unlike someone from Labour to struggle with basic math…..

    Possibly Jeremy feels that many conservative MP’s will cross the floor tomorrow having now seen the light.

    None of the above is realistic and neither is Jeremy.

    Fuck off Jeremy, feel free to take Treesa with ya. This country needs strong decisive leadership right now. It’s doesn’t need a 6th form political experiment, it doesn’t need a dialog with terrorists and it doesn’t need the damaged and weakned government you’re unrealistic campaign has left us with.

    Thanks a bunch cunt.

    • Even a dug up Maggie would be better than Jihadi Jezza and Zelda (Terrahawks) May put together….

  23. I’m going to have a whinge about how mawkish football seems to have become.

    Fans of Newcastle United have raised a petition to ask the club to retire the shirt number (24? ) that used to be worn by one of their ex-players, Chiek Tiote,who dropped dead while training for his new Chinese club.

    He no longer played for Newcastle,didn’t exactly set the world alight when he did.They’d been trying to sell him for a while,but nobody apart from the chinks were daft enough to pay his inflated wages

    What a precedent to set…retire the number of every ex-player who dies. My sympathy is with the chinks who have lost a valuable (?) asset.

    Football fans now seem obsessed with A Minutes Silence for every occasion…no death is too trivial that it can’t be used to grief-signal. If it’s not a death,it’s a seriously ill child who gets paraded around,while facebook fans unite in their shared admiration at “Brave little Johnny.”,and start a begging page.

    Why the fuck people want to bask in what should be a private affair is a mystery to me,but I find it distasteful,selfish and false.

      • Griefjacking in football is now a disease that infests the whole game… Pioneered by non-Evertonian Scousers (except Heysel, of course), it now infests every corner of the sport… Even the greatest players with the most famous shirt numbers (Bobby Charlton:9, Johann Cruyff: 14, Pele/Denis Law: 10, etc) should not have ‘their’ shirt numbers ‘retired’… It’s just total bollocks… It’s always sad when a true great of the game passes away (Bobby Moore, George Best, Cruyff, Eusebio etc) but this over the top mawkish spectacle now applies to every two bit bogo-bogo hired gun who ever played in a Premier League team… As an Mcr red I was saddened when Sir Matt, Bestie, and even when Jim Holton and Brian Greenhoff died… But I didn’t know them… It wasn’t the same as losing my mother, father, brother, and eldest sister (all gone)… These cunts talk like they’ve lost a real friend or love one, they make me fucking sick…

        It’s the 60th anniversary of the Munich Air Crash next year (going to have a party, Liam, yer cunt?)… I just hope it’s done with dignity and it isn’t tied in with this year’s terrorist attack… And if anyone sings ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ at Old Trafford, I will shoot them…

  24. The little boy who’s terminally ill and a Sunderland fan(has he not suffered enough?) is Jermain Defoe’s new best mate. Dedicating goals, photo op’s, pitch side walkabouts etc is all ott. All for players giving back to their local community but should be low key and not because its good PR.

    • A bit like that ‘benefit’ gig at the cricket ground this time last week… Nothing to do with getting Ariana Thingy oodles of publicity, Twatter ‘likes’ and ‘karmic splashback’ as Alan Partridge would say, for the rest of her tour?…. Of course it fucking was…

    • I particularly hate that fuckin segment on MOTD when they feature players from the local team doing something with hospitals, schools etc etc all for the benefit of the cameras!!
      Wonder how many of those Cunts earnings 50,000- 250,000 a week actually put their hands in their pockets??? I will take a guess, very very few……..

  25. Theresa May is a dead woman walking, says Osborne….
    Shame Osborne isn’t just dead….

    • He makes me feel violent. I hope I never walk past him in the street. Privileged, recreant, EU-sucking, cock-less turd.

    • Not that little Caesar isn’t a bitter cunt!!!
      He actually thought he could be PM??
      When he was chancellor my mate used to refer to the Cunt as ” king turd of poo mountain ”
      Always made me chuckle…….

  26. Roll up, roll up lets play the next election game. Ladies and Gentleman none of us can see this Government going the full term. How long until the next election is called?

    This is a two part game and you have two chances to win. The glittering prize is you were right in the election game.

    Q.1 When will May be replaced as leader of the Cuntservatives?
    A. August
    Q.2 When will the next election be called
    A. September

    You can earn Bonus points by being more precise in your date predictions and a separate commendation for naming the next leader, my best guess is some cunt.

    • 1. June

      2. November.

      The sooner May goes the better. The next leader…probably Boris the Buffoon.

  27. STEVIE wonders a cheeky cunt
    Didn’t he have a song titled
    My sharia law?? ……😡

    • Snigger (as in type of laugh and not a comment on Mr Wonders ethnicity for any snowflake cunts or members of Lily Allen’s family who may be reading this)

    • Cunt also wrote “Happy Birthday” and my last 10 have been anything but – the cunt!

      Apparently some “peacefuls” have been foiled in a plan to hire a speedboat and drive it into the Thames barrier.

      Police are saying it was to mark Ram-a-dam!

      (Apologies JR Cuntley if this was one of yours 😀)


    1….. August
    2….. April (1st) 2018
    3….. Another fuckin Dud… David Davies for me…….

    • I like David Davies, working class lad done good. However, much as I would like him as PM I don’t think the ‘fuck me up me arse’ weasels in the Tory party would countenance such a proposition. I like Boris too but that would just open them up to have scorn and ridicule thrown at him and Hammond makes Tess look like Tina Turner in terms of charisma. Unfortunately we are going to be served up with a middle of the road remainer who will then have to call an election which they will most probably lose unless they can expose Steptoe and Rigsby for the subversive cunts they are. And even then most of the cunts that voted for them, especially the flakes, will just say ‘yeah yeah whatever’ with a wave of the hand. We are in a jar of Branston it would seem. Oh, and just in case this is a horrible nightmare I am in the middle of I would much appreciate a fellow cunter giving my mrs a ring to wake me up. Cheers.

      • When you see Diane Abbott still get a majority of over 35,000 after the most shocking of performances pre-election, what the fuck does that tell you about the type of Cunts out there willing to vote without giving it any thought whatsoever ….
        If she actually was the best candidate in that constituency then there should have been either a zero turn out or a record amount of spoiled papers ……

        • Her area is Hackney North and Stoke Newington

          The population is ethnically diverse. Of the resident population 36.2% of people describe themselves as White British. 18.2% are in other White ethnic groups, 23.1% are Black or Black British, 10.5% are Asian or Asian British, 6.4% describe themselves as ‘Mixed’, and 5.3% as ‘Other’.

          So in her area only 23% of the people regard themselves as white and British. Another 18.2% are White but probably eastern European on the whole without a vote.

          Add up the rest and throw in the large percentage of white British snowflakes who think it would be racist to vote for a non black candidate in a white minority area and Diane is elected with a massive majority.

          • You know something has gone wrong when voters think that a Corbyn government with a cabinet of McDonnel, Thornberry, Abbott, Angela Mong Rayner, Keir Stamer, Barry Gardiner and that other fuckwit is a good thing.

            Say what we will about Michael Foot, the man was a hard left fool but by all accounts he was at the very least highly intelligent academically. By many accounts, Corbyn is not an intelligent man.

            Foot and his Shadow cabinet were seasoned Cabinet politicians in their own right. Corbyn’s crew have only had Jabbott the Fatt as an actual cabinet member in the past.

            Alas, the problem also lies on the Tory leadership side. May does not even possess a shred of the charisma or iron will of Thatcher. Admittedly Maggie’s judgement went AWOL in her last few years as PM. Didn’t help that Whitelaw (sp?) was dead and Tebbit was gone by then and she was surrounded by noted backstabbing cunts Major, Howe and Hestletine.

            May…… there’s nothing more to be said about her manifesto fuck up and her dumb cunt advisors. Her other castastrophic lack of judgement was to gag the other high profile Tories except Amber Dudd.

            Boris? Fox? David Davis? Even Priti Patel? WTF was May thinking muting them all the way she did?!

          • 🙂 🙂 🙂

            No one escapes the wrath of The Moderator rararararara (evil laugh). 🙂

          • …. but in real common sense terms … shouldn’t it be down to the candidates ability ?

            Re-reading, I think I’ve just answered my own question ..

  29. The chuckle brothers Balls and Osbourne looked like they were having some kind of schadenfreude orgasm when the result was becoming clear, Balls-up you can understand but Cameron’s pet gimp is a Oxbridge silver spooned backstabbing cunt of the worst kind. Independent had given Steptoe a 6 point lead, this is like some twilight zone nightmare.

    • Seeing Gideon and Balls’ love in, keep in mind these two cunts ripped each other viciously for 5 years, makes you wonder about politicians.

      I’d be wary about the Independent, they seem even more in favour of the hard left and Corbyn than the Guardian does!

    • Agreed… Osborne: the man who didn’t think twice about dry bumming Clegg and his LibDem clowns in order to gain power is now decrying a Tory/DUP government… Amongst Gideon’s brainwaves were treating the (genuinely) unemployed like criminals on probation, the fucking bedroom tax, cutting important public services, and generally fucking the British working man over… The bottybashing ex-Etonian cunt is vermin…

      • Backstabbing arrogant vermin at that.

        The cunt genuinely believes that he should have been PM after the Pig Fiddler quit.

        Gideon is just like Hilary Clinton in that aspect, an arrogant, sneering cunt with a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

        • Popped in to see me old Dad this afternoon. Snuck a look at his Sunday Mirror (morbid curiosity) whilst making a cuppa and there was Compo Corbyn, gloating about how he will “oust” Saggy May after the weekend.
          “13 million people voted for us”
          How many millions didn’t?
          Was it more than 13?
          If not, fuck off.
          Or just fuck off either way. Fucking hippy…

          • Well, him and his commie ilk don’t seem to understand basic maths.

            I think it’s a kicker that May actually had more votes than Blair in 1997.

          • But there are far more voters today, ironically thanks to fucking Blaircunt in the first place. His motto was ” if we build it (the benefits office) they will come “,you may remember.

          • To be precise the population has increased by 7.3 million. (Official figures that is). You can guess the proportion of that figure who are fucking foreigners. The indigenous birth rate has been falling for some time so you can see where the increase has come from…….fucking foreign cunts waltzing in and popping out brats left right and centre. We are having a multi cultural society whether we want one or not. Chew on that.

          • 7.3 milliiioooonnn?????? huh?????????.huh??????

            Fuckin hells bells.
            I know time has passed but how can any island cope with 7.3 million?

          • THEY say that there are more people alive today on this planet than all the dead cunts in history put together.

            I ain’t no historian or census clerk but that don’t sound right.
            I may be wrong, and if i am , I’m sure I’ll fuckin know about it. 🙂

          • Corbyn is a delusional cunt, that has always been obvious.

            Now he’s becoming an arrogant one too. He lost the election, he’s 604 seats short of a majority and he thinks he can oust the current mob and become PM just like that?! Cunt.

          • Simple put Birdman, an island can’t cope with a 7.3 million increase in population.

            Of course, all the cuts at the top think the solution is to keep building more houses. Fucking idiots.

  30. Lorraine Kelly is a cunt.
    Can you believe she’s never been cunted?
    The cunt is sayin ” let the memory of Jo help us bridge this great divide”
    Memory of Jo?
    No one knew the cunt until she tried catching bullets.
    And the division was their doing not ours.
    They are the ones who cannot accept anyone who goes against them or their thoughts.
    They were the ones who labelled us all thick racists if we didn’t go along with popstar/actor dictators.

    I ain’t the sharpest tool in the picnic basket and i thank all of you for putting up with my nonsense, but nor is Lorraine Kelly, yet she gets paid handsomely for spouting ideas she picks up from other soft soppy cunts.
    That non stop gurning smile and squeeling is also the sign of fuckwittery and cuntitude.

    I bet she wants every child to ride a unicorn at least once in their lives.

    That’s all I’ve got the now, so in the words of many cunters, “someone should cunt Lorraine Kelly”.


    • I think you have just cunted Kelly very well, I nominate it as the ISAC Lorraine Kelly cunting.

      • Seconded, that was a good cunting.

        Also, yes, the Jo Cox murder was tragic, but as it has been pointed out many times, other, more distinguished, politicians have been murdered before. By the IRA no less.

        Also, Brendan Cox is a spotlight grabbing egomaniacal cunt who has been milking his wife’s death for all it’s worth.

        • I’ll “third” Lorraiine Kelly, her sanctimonius witterings on breakfast TV were the first of many inspirations for our getting rid of broadcast telly.
          Shame really coz I used to think she was quite shaggable, at least 15 years ago anyway.
          A sterling cunting Birdman..

      • I don’t do nominations.

        When i read the daily cuntings written with such eloquence and then one of mine comes up, i cringe.
        That’s the reason i told Sean of the Dead 69, months ago when there was a back load, that he can discard any of mine that maybe waiting for a more intelligent nomination.
        He’s either taken it on board or he’s also realised that I’m not that clever.
        I’m more of an ideas man. 🙂

        • Well then Birdie, give the ideas and let us all cunt away!

          BTW, Chris Sutton and Brendan Rogers are, in fact, cunts!

          • Oh yes they are.
            But ain’t they all nowadays?

            I heard Danny Mills say yesterday that “England need to realise that they are not the best in the world, fifteenth maybe”

            That was the same Danny Mills who was paid by the FA to have a jolly in Brazil before the world cup to gather information that would guarantee England were crowned World Cup winners.
            All i get is 5live and bit of talk sport through BFBS forces radio.
            So i have to listen to all they 5live cunts.
            Pat Nevin and Tim Vickery are the only decent ones.

        • Get too intellectual and before you know it you’ll be paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to live in a Gerry built ex council flat in Islington and be inviting Jez and Di around for drinkies.

          Is that what you want, coz that’s what will happen!!

          • Didn’t cold hard “intellect” play a hand in marching millions into Hitler’s concentration camps?
            Intellect does not guarantee good character or integrity…

          • A lot of so called enlightened folk just have good memories.
            Not one original thought in their heads but can remember shit and pass that off as genius.

            Dr Karl (aussie good guy) said that.
            Or something like that. 🙂

  31. Surely someone on this site is a contender for the job. I’d do but there again I’m a cunt according to Mrs Nag.

  32. I’ve heard from the missus that there’s been trouble with Tommy Robinson.
    She got from it fuckbook who got it from the Daily Mi…r.
    Straight away i told her it was left wing bias nonsense and after looking up about it, i was definetly right.

    We all know the media are shite scared of Tommy Robinson coz he’s quite intelligent and will not be cowed by cunts.
    So its easier if they attack him without letting him reply.

    When i googled Tommy Robinson, i saw that Wikipedicunt calls him a fascist.

    I know anybody can change wording in Wikipedicunt, but come on, name calling?
    Grow the fuck up .
    Or any cunter with the know how could play the same game.
    Change the description of cunts on Wikipedicunt to say
    The Flabbot is a racist
    Corbinbag is a militant
    The queen is a lizard
    Brendan Rodgers is a cunt
    Chris Sutton is a cunt
    James condom is a cunt.

    If anyone has any spare time.
    And if so, let us know.
    I would but i cant even leave a reply on the ranting penguin.

  33. “In a show of solidarity, the market has been inundated with flowers and post-it notes promising that London will not be cowed by terrorists.”

    Post It Notes! bloody fucking post it notes! We are fighting ISIS with post it notes punters, oh and flowers too. If I were one of the 23,000 jihadi terrorists in the UK, I would be crying right now…. crying from laughing so hard at how fucking pathetic and weak the response is. Shunning traditional methods of resistance, however, these people’s weapons are not swords or guns, but office supplies and pretty flowers.

    Oh And ariana airhead is a horrible singer and a shallow cunt of a human being her shite isn’t music its muzak! Its unfortunate people had to die for her slutbag dance routine probably lipsyncs and uses autotune too I don’t doubt it

  34. Fuck a duck, the Govester is back in the Cabinet…..Minister for the Environment or something! I find that deeply ironic as everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of disgusting slime behind him.

  35. Now if they could mash that up with the Nick Clegg sorry vid over tuition fees PMS

    • That would be hilarious L2, as hilarious as Clegg losing his seat.

  36. Here’s a good one…
    Who is actually the worst Labour leader (and bigger cunt) out of Corbyn and Kinnock?…

    • Hmmm, worse leader……. well Kinnock got rolled over by Thatcher in the 80s, thought to be fair that would have happened to pretty much any Labour leader then.

      But to lose to John Major?

      Then again, Corbyn, despite May running what must be the worst campaign ever, failed to get even close to winning, despite what he thinks.

      The bigger cunt?
      Corbyn hands down. When Kinnock was leader, he fought to purge his party of the hard left scum. Corbyn is the hard left scum and has let the hard left scum take over his party.

      And anyone who is kissed up to the IRA and calls peaceful vermin like Hamas and Hezbollah friends is a Master Grade Cunt.

      • Equally massive cunts in their own way. Kinnock has got himself a well paid job and a knighthood out of his titanic failures, he is an EU cheerleader and massive cunt. Jihadi Jez has a long history of achieving fuck all whilst getting well paid, he used to restrict himself to trying to fuck up the Labour party, now he has achieved that his attention has turned to finishing off the country.

        Both happiest in the company of people trying to destroy Blighty.

  37. Found this today… Actually made an old(ish) cunt like me smile a bit…
    Just remembering the days before the BBC became PC and muzzie snakepit, Sky TV/News/Sports, and all that social media shite….

    Ah well… Can’t go back…

    • Norman, I’m not what you’d call old by any stretch of the imagination (I fall under that damn Millenials grouping age wise), but I too miss Ceefax.

    • I still use the Spanish version of ceefax/teletext.
      I was actually looking up this weeks filums a minute ago.

      Nothing on.

      • Nothing worth watching more like.

        For all the TV channels we have now, there sure is a lot of crap on.

        • Ahhh the music they used to play in the early hours on Ceefax, great to help you drift off. Good times.

          • Remember the xmas advent calendar, jokes page and puzzles?
            Good stuff.

            On Spanish teletext you get adult contact pages.
            They have drawing of nude wimmin made out of the square pixels.
            Nipples and everything. 🙂

          • Anyone used to play bamboozle?
            I can’t actually remeber what it was like off the top of my head but I used to play it alot.

  38. Teresa May has finished forming her cabinet.
    Guess what it’s called?

    “strong and certain”

    ….What a class A cunt.

    • Do you recon she makes these up for herself or just reads the sales slogans from the box of her adult nappies.
      My bet is on the next election she and her government will be “descreet and absorbant.”

    • …. I heard her at the ..’strong and certain’ … bollocks yesterday on a radio interview ….. the thing is , she was asked three quite different questions that she could have answered with some quite diverse ‘human’ replies …. however, she chose to churn out this ..’ strong and certain … ready to go to work’… same fucking answer for all three questions.
      With the Tories still reeling from their shocking campaign where she was slated for …’strong and stable’ … and the voting public didn’t buy into her soundbites ….. Isn’t she fucking listening ?

      I’m getting more and more cinvinced she deliberately threw this election and any attempt to get us a good Brexit result.

  39. I thought Gideon was slimey but Gove leaves a Baker-esque trail of slime behind him.

    Do not like the cut of that cunt’s gib and a proven treacherous twat!

    • Yea at first I liked him but there’s something I can’t put my finger on that just doesn’t seem right about him.
      ….I don’t trust any of them though so nothing too out of the ordinary.

    • Yeah, Gove is a real vote killer.

      He’s the sort who strictly belongs backstage behind the scene.

      He’s more the evil mastermind type.

      Then again, wasn’t he the main strategist for Vote Leave? If so, that’s his one redeeming quality.

      • What? Sick? As in ‘retire on health grounds’?

        Yeah, I can see that happening.

        Anyone who would ’empower’ Comrade Corbyn is a cunt.

          • We can dream Sausage, we can dream.

            Or ’empower’ him the same way Liam Neeson did with one of those Albanian cunts in Taken 1.

          • After of course, so that when the Unions have run it into the ground, the power supply would be unreliable a la Taken.

  40. Philip Hammond has the appearance, wit and charm of an undertaker! I saw the cunt in the Houses of Parliament a few months ago and he actually tried his hand at making jokey quips?? He was about a funny is he is competent….. A 24 carat dullard……

    • Even worse, May wanted to sack him apparently, but, like she does everything else, she bungled it and he twigged and was furious.

      There’s talk that as a concession, he’s demanded greater influence in Brexit talks.

      Fan-fucking-tastic, this useless, pessimist twat, who was another turncoat remainer (having previously been a longtime Eurosceptic) will no doubt push for Soft Brexit – which is no Brexit!

  41. Election results 2017: The most diverse Parliament yet

    The BBC celebrates because we now have more LBGT and ethnic MP’s than ever before. Now in my eyes it is about the quality of the MP, not their sexual persuasion or colour.

    Keith Vaz anyone, did his ethnic makeup make him a good MP or Jeremy Thorpe did his sausage addiction make him a great MP? More women MP’s? Yes Treesa will be a great advert for them.

    Fucking BBC so agenda driven it has rejected reality

    • And the reality is that you won’t see diversity of any sort in most other governing bodies in the world.

      Tell me, how many whites, women or pillow biters will you see in positions of power in Ongo Bongo Land?

      • Awaiting moderation. Again.

        Okay, I’ll bite, what the hell is this?

      • Odd as Councillors have lost their jobs just for being members of Outlaw motorcycle gangs as did a BBC reporter. Amazing what you can get away with if you are of an ethnic persuasion

        • In Germany (where else?) I’m told that you can be arrested for wearing motorcycle club patches in public areas.

      • The former “peaceful” Mayor of Milton-Keynes gave a character statement and facilitated the issuing of a taxi licence to a fellow “peaceful” who had also been convicted of rape who then went on to do it again subsequently.

        There was no shame in the cunt until *he* eventually decided to stand down as Mayor but…continued to work as a councillor (and one who loves a bit of positive discrimination for fellow “peacefuls”).

        So it’s a countrywide problem with “peacefuls” in power and this kind of shite!

        Flogging’s too good for these cunts!

  42. Loads of LGBT MP’s and plenty of CUNTS….Clueless Underhand Narcissistic Thieving Shits. You don’t get that on the ABBC.

    • We don’t get anything normal with the ABBC.

      Christ, any foreign bastard could watch the ABBC and be forgiven for thinking at the UK is all a majority of the Rainbow Brigade, Women, Peacefuls and no white English people even though they are still the main actual majority in this country.

      If there’s one thing I think we can all be on the same page as the DUP with, it’s wanting the BBC neutered.

  43. Back on Matthew Wright. A left wing grandstander from what I can make out. I did think that he played the back nine. He has that type of mouth that suggests he has a predilection for rampant poovery.

    I remember he chaired some benefits debate and struggled to keep his socialist emotions in check. A finalist for the coveted 2017 Cunt D’or prize.

    Being of a somewhat liberal disposition, I opine that he deserves to be bound and gagged naked with Russell Brand before an ultra aggressive troupe of sex starved silverbacks are allowed to go to work on them both with just a small pot of vaseline as an sphincter emollient .

  44. I won’t put the TV on before 9pm, unless its to watch something I’ve recorded. This cuts out a load of shit, and I feel much better for it. Daytime TV is the pits, full of cunts like him. Cooking cunts, bargain cunts, house hunting cunts, DIY cunts, chavs and slag cunts arguing, and slapper cunts thinking they have an opinion worth listening too. Fuck them, life is way to short to piss it away watching that shite.

    • I hate television especially the current shite they shovel out nowadays, its all braindead mush. Advertisements also cause migranes and cancer I can’t prove it but I know its a fact

    • What the fuck are ABBC Breakfast doing with their Downing St mock-up? How is this helping report the news and what a waste of our license fee money. It’s even got a toy cat hung up on strings.

      Then Dan Wanker is back so the Mother and Son team with Louise Mingebag is back to full throttle banter mode. Cunts, time to turn over to Russia Today.

  45. That fucking sad bitch Anna Soubry is a classic example of …… ‘The rise of the Remoaners’. These cunts think they have been given the green light to reverse Brexit. Oh sure, they come out with all the usual ‘of course we’re leaving, I accept the result’ drivel. Come fucking off it. You want the whole thing to be binned and are willing to stick the knives into anyone or anything that gets in the way. All the other sediment is starting to rise from the bottom too. Heseltine, Campbell, Mandlebum, Toynbee, Owen ‘chase me’ Jones. Lying treacherous cunts.

    • Anna soubry and ken clarke are two of the most poisonous Cunts in the Conservative party , at least old cuntausaurus clarke realises he is coming to the end of his back stabbing parliamentary career , soubry on the other hand has delusions of grandeur, she really fancies a seat at the top table, a thoroughly dislikeable cunt, one that should be jettisoned from the Conservative party ASAP!!

  46. I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE the Rodent faced ex Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, for a cunting.

    After this latest accident it is a foregone conclusion that the man has the driving prowess of Mr Magoo. The news headline – Hammond crashes again. Yeh, and?

    Perhaps he should stick to safer TV pursuits, such as guest slots on Loose Women or advertising anti wrinkle cream and tooth whitening procedures for vain, middle aged men.

    • Good cunting, the midget shitbag truly is a first order twat who spends most of his day sucking on Clarkson’s tiny cock.

    • Also somebody needs to tell little rodent face that wearing a suit jacket with jeans and trainers isn’t the height of cool!!
      You simply look like a middle aged Cunt trying to look hip!!
      Ditto clarkson and James may!!

  47. So, all the Muzzies arrested after Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter have now been released and Clouseau has announced that the cunt built the bomb on his own in his flat. Of course he did. Next stage is “lone wolf”…….mental illness” etc etc……let’s love each other……the snowflakes united……will NEVER be defeated.
    Meanwhile yesterday, some Muzzie group gave out 3000 flowers on London Bridge to promote peace. Hold on! I thought these. 3 murdering cunts weren’t “real” Muzzies? So what are these cunts apologising for? I don’t remember any Jocks apologising for Ian fucking Brady. I wish these Muzzies and their apologists would make up their cunting minds. Could they speak more slowly so dimmos like me could follow their logic? Thanks.

    • Its amazing after all that’s happened that joe public still swallows the liberal snowflake narrative!!, It’s complete and utter bollocks of course, what will it take for people to realise they are being taken for fools??
      Bombs/ shootings/ knife attacks should not equal concerts, candles and empty platitudes….
      Has anybody got the guts to call it?? Unfortunately no !! sorry if I sound pessimistic but I can’t see anything changing in the near future, we live in an age of weak leaders and a liberal media circus…… CUNTS…….

      • Why do people pray after an atrocity, hasn’t God just shown he doesn’t give a fuck.
        That’s if he exists in the first place…..which he doesn’t.

        Only deluded fuckwits would waste time on this bollocks.

        I see Theresa May was in church at the weekend…..

  48. Anybody else heard of this Al Quds Day march in London planned for Sunday? Apparently its a march against Israel occupying Palestine by peacefuls types they ‘stand shoulder to shoulder with all the oppressed people in the world against the oppressors’. Despite showing support for Hezbolla in previous demo’s cunt Khan and the Mayors Office have given it the green light. Never mind they are oppressing not just the UK but every other country they infest as well as their own war torn sand box shitholes.

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