Islam [3]

has Islam ever actually been cunted on here ? it really is the biggest pile of shite you’ll ever come across. anybody read the Quran?, fuck me, theres a few good bits in it but if not exhorting violence its talking total bollocks about scientific matters. a big percentage of it is total gibberish. far from the being ‘divine’, ‘ the Word of God ‘, it’s displays precisely the knowledge you’d expect a 7thC goatherder to know, strange that. and as to fuckin MO,, he was simply a war mongering, child raping fuckin bonkers lunatic, i actually think most Muslims haven’t got a clue about whats in the so called ‘ glorious ‘ Quran or what an odious cunt Mo was. they can’t have can they?

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  1. All these god botherers are all the same…….simple minded cunts who naively believe any promises they are made no matter how impossible they are. I remember my old Dad (gawd rest his soul) promised that if I was a good boy and waited on him hand and foot (mowed the lawn, cleaned the car, washed the dishes etc) for 6 months I would get a Chopper for Xmas. I’m still waiting for that fucking bike……still got the puncture repair kit and everything! But at least I wasn’t dumb enough to wait until I snuffed it to realize that I’d been mugged off like a cunt. Religion……..strictly for muggy cunts.

    • I recon that’s what it was all about in the first place.

      “I didn’t choose to be emperor, god did. But don’t worry. Serve my well and you’ll be rewarded.”
      “Not now of course. AFTER you die.”
      Coincidentally after it’s too late to complain about getting shafted.

      ….that and fear of death.

      It makes me laugh when these cunts say “we don’t fear death.”
      Fact is they’re so petrified of it they refuse to believe such a thing even exists.

  2. Whilst I think all religion is complete crap. Islam is the biggest pile of shit humanity has ever thought of. For example the camel drivers think that paedo prophet mohammy flew to the moon on a flying horse and split it with a sword, and another pearl of wisdom is the sperm is produced in the ribs. Also I even got a death threat from some goat fondler for telling him the earth is not flat. Totally fucking backwards.

    • I’m not one for any religion generally but have adopted a live-and-let-live attitude: provided no-one tries to convert or preach to me I’ll respect their beliefs.

      That all changes however when certain religions use their faith to either terrorise, imply retaliation or to outright abuse others. This religion in particular has taken liberties to the nth fucking degree.

      I also don’t buy this fucking diatribe that ‘oh, most of these peacefuls are peaceful, honest’. You have to think how many are being indocrinated, because far from every extremist will actually have the balls to blow themselves up. This means that there must be many in the shadows who at least harbor these extreme beliefs, without being actively violent.

      When Maoists, Buddhists and Hindus blow up innocents then I’ll entertain moving away from the focus on Islam as a danger to the UK. Until then, peacefuls can shut up fucking moaning and banding terms around like ‘Islamaphobia’.

  3. Just heard that the Queen’s Speech, due next Monday, has been postponed, presumably because they’ve got to rewrite the fucking thing. If I was running this country, which I should be, that would never happen. Her Maj wouldn’t be able to change her shift on the till at Tesco Express.

  4. 85% of the Muslim world is illiterate.

    They are totally reliant on some goat rapist with the biggest beard in the village telling them what the Koran says….the thick cunts.

    When they aren’t busy impregnating members of their own family, blowing women and kids to bits or flinging faggots off a roof, their favourite read is a book dictated by an illiterate, epileptic kiddy fiddler to a scribe, who obviously saw the dumb cunt coming.

    Obviously, they don’t actually read it, their goatbotherer in chief conveniently does this for them.

    • Most of the cunts don’t speak Arabic which is widely used at their readings.

  5. “Most Muslims haven’t a clue what’s in the …Quran.”.

    Every muslim knows exactly what’s in it,and yet none of them choose to question it. At least other religions have acknowledged that times have changed…..not muslims. They still blindly believe every word and sentiment. This is what makes muslims far more dangerous than other religions. Even muslims who don’t actively participate in the terrorism that is their “duty”,believe in the terrorist’s cause….not a few of them,most some of them, ALL of them are sympathisers.

    I’ve said before that I reject all religions,but the very fact that I can reject my birth religion without being butchered by a group of maniacs is what seperates most other religions from muslims. They are indoctrinated from birth,and their culture never allows them to question their beliefs.

    The reason that we will always struggle to defeat,or even contain,the spread of terrorism,is because every muslim still believes and adheres to the sick teachings of their religion.

    • The only things I can’t stand are yoghurt, people who don’t use their car indicators, musical theatre, mosquitoes and the Irish. Yet you don’t see me trying to ban/kill them.

      I’m also not too fond of God-botherers/Devil-dodgers. And cats. They could be culled a bit.

      Actually, let’s just kill everyone who doesn’t use their car indicators.

  6. Freddie, can we do a job-share on that dictator thing ?
    May should be publicly disembowelled, the odious cuntbitch.
    Gove, the little squirtcunt, is back in the Cabinet (almost as loathsome as IDS), and The Toddler-Buffoon is saying that Treeza should stay on !!?

    Come off it, everybody knows she’s holed well below the water-line, and must go. By Friday.

    • If your job sharing, just make sure that you keep Liz on the tills.
      And liquid clean up duty.

  7. I can understand largely uneducated people believe in that Islam story book, even to some extent some highly educated people want to believe it. If it makes your life fuller having some religious comfort blanket to suck on then that’s ok too. You can have all your toys at home. I don’t want to see them, play with them or even be given them. Keep them for yourself, I don’t mind. What I can’t get my swede around is what these lefty lib holier than tho self aggrandising cunts are trying to achieve by forcing your average British Joe who just goes about his business in a passive and law biding way to have to put up with it,be pushed aside and told to shut up while this all takes place in front of our eyes. Someone tell me what they get or are hoping to get out of it. Fucking beats me.

  8. Bought a DVD/VHS combo the other day not a bad machine its got a mini fan at the back either thats a good thing or a not so good thing. Not sure maybe certain earlier models were overheating,any you cunters know? its a toshiba

    Whatever even if thats the case I got it used at 50% off, big deal if it breaks in a year works perfectly so far watched akira the other night cause I bought it like a year ago I forgot how messed up that film was… In fact most animes are fucked up

    • I’ve still got a Betamax that you could have had at a reasonable price, T.S. It’s got a copy of Big Brenda’s Bouncy Big’uns,a home-made tape that I’d like returned,stuck in it. You’d have to promise to return the tape,and no sly peeking at it. 🙂 .

      • @ Dick Fiddler
        Betamax Eh? Fuck those things are ancient, I rarely find betamax films anyway thanks 4 the offer Dick but I got this beauty of machine for around the same price as a pack of fags… I’m not kidding!!

        Big Brendas Big Uns sounds like a nice vintage 80’s tit porn

      • It is powered on the souls of the munchkin people

        Pedal powered… shovel in coal… what in the fucking hell are you talking about M8?! what are you sayin’ or implying?

          • I don’t bloody care if the VHS format is outdated DTS. I have a huge backlog of VHS films…. I’m not just gonna get rid of them damnit.

            I’d like to see what a coal powered VCR/DVD recorder looks like DTS thatd sure be something. Its a top of the line system check the used price tag it was a great rare find

  9. Borough Market is reopening on Wednesday and the traders and workers are being offered the New Religion……. Counselling!
    Never mind that they’ve been terrorised by fucking goatshaggers, don’t worry about all the money they’ve lost…..just give them some sandal wearing soft cunt and his happy clappy bullshit. Fucking marvellous.
    Am I the only one who has noticed that our rulers, including the Royal Ponces, have been encouraging us to recognise that we might be mentally ill, depressed and it’s ok to cry?
    Of course we are depressed you cunts!! We are being fucked up the arse by rich cunts, foreign cunts, fucking religious nutty cunts, telly cunts and shitarse politician cunts. The answer is not fucking happy clappy counselling bollocks…….it’s bricks, petrol bombs and blood on the streets.
    Yes, I’m angry and I’m getting fucking angrier by the day!

    • Freddie my friend

      You are right to be angry. Collectively the patriotic British will overcome. I do not care if someone is white/black/brown/asian/women/man/trans (but none your non binary shite) gay/straight or a goblin. Furthermore you can be any religion or none, even Muslim. All I ask is Love the UK.Love it’s freedoms and love Her Majesty the Queen. If you do not I can give you directions to an airport. Buy yourself a ticket to whogivesafukistan and FUCK OFF YOU CUNT.

      • I’m a fucking long way short of loving Her Majesty the Queen….or her family.

      • Who the fuck are you calling a cunt and telling to fuck off? I didn’t think you were allowed to do that on here but obviously I was wrong.
        However, I don’t intend to get drawn into an exchange of pointless abuse with a saddo. Your words speak for themselves.

        • Fuck the queen and all her inbred pampered, useless family of halfwits.

          • Krav, that last bit was out of line, Freddie, stick to you guns and don’t get caught in a slanging match.

            We cool guys?

          • On another note, William and Harry wend down several notched in my eyes with all this talk about emotions etc.

            Fucking hells, George VI must be rolling in his grave. The man managed to keep it together during WW2 and these two are having their ”issues”. Gods, it doesn’t bode well the day the Queen passes. Hope she lasts as long as her mother at least.

          • I’m not sure Kravdarth was telling you to fuck off Freddie. I think he was saying that to people who don’t like this country or our values etc should fuck off. I ain’t sure either way but I didn’t read it as him telling you to fuck off.

          • Hmmmm, now that I’ve read Krav’s post again, I think his ‘fuck you’ was aimed at the peacefuls, libtards, snowflakes and every other cunt who hates out country and our way of life, not at Freddie.

            Freddie, I don’t blame you for the rage against all those cunts you listed, hell I think we’ve all got the piss boiling big time because of every single one of those fuckers.

          • I read it the same way Freddie The Frog did.
            And I’ve just reread it the same way.

          • Because she melts my heart and makes my cock hard.
            I’ll keep her for….
            I’ll just keep her for future royal research.

            I WANT TO MARRY HER , ALRIGHT!!!! 🙂

          • Truthfully, it would hopefully be some sweet loving.
            Nice day out feeding birds looking down her top and watching her arse as she bends over to scoop up the dogshite.
            Later back to her swanky gaff were i coax her into wearing stockings with crotchless pantyhose over them, smoke a few doobs then fuck and fist her.

            Then more doobs.
            Then later I’ll wank about it when she’s asleep

        • I don’t know who the bigger cunts are, the royals or royalists?

          Love the queen for what?

          I’ve gave many a reason before as to why i detest the cunts, so I’d like to hear reasons for loving them.
          And not the reason that its better than Blair for president, but a reason to love them.

          I could understand, maybe, if they fought our corner or even paid their own way, but the don’t.
          Not even close.

          • Eh, they’re a good money draw on the tourism front Birdman.

            At least they draw money for the country, unlike Blair and his mob who only burned through it like it was going out of fashion.

          • Bullshite!!!!

            If you emptied their property, people would still come and look at it.
            Just coz some tourist visited Fuckingham palace doesn’t mean that was the sole purpose of the trip.
            They were probably more likely in the country to watch Arsenal but wanted a selfie outside the palace to show their friends back in Beijing.

            I’ve done plenty of sight seeing on holiday and love old shite but i’m mainly there for the beach.

        • I presume you’d be flogging the one eyed snake over her? Literally?

        • I think I have been misunderstood. I was trying to say anyone whor tries to force Islam on me can go forth and multiply.Nothing else.

      • Everyone

        It appears my post did not read well: my apologies! i was trying to say that anyone who tries to force Islam on me can FUCK OFF. This was not directed at anyone on this site (unless the want me to be a muslim….)

  10. “anybody read the Quran?, fuck me, theres a few good bits in it”

    What good bits would these be? The entire fucking book is nothing more than a last-ditch substitute for Andrex quilted.

    • Started but I doubt I’ll finish.

      15 pages in and I’m losing the will to live.
      No wonder the cunts blow themselves up having to read that shit.

      Biggest load of old bollocks I’ve ever tried to read. Even mein kampf (or whatever) was probably more balanced, rational and informative than this shit.
      Though I can’t comment coz I have never and will never read anything written by someone that has a moustache like that!

      • Careful, DeploytheSauage, or maybe we should be careful.
        After page115 you might be off to Syria.

        Admin, ban this cunter now. 🙂

        • Trust me you would have to be the dumbest cunt alive to get converted by this shit.
          It’s total bollocks.

          I started coz (like the brexit thing) I got fed up with hearing so many sides of the story so thought I’d just research for myself.
          At least researching the reich was fun (especially when we won) but this ….uurrgghh.
          I keep having to re read passages coz im like … huh ? What ? That doesn’t make any sense.

          Only an everest size pile of cunt rags would find this shit inspiring.

          • Well it is an Everest size pile of cunt rags who are one of the biggest scourges in the world right now….

  11. I have never read it: My tribe has the Torah. Again I am not religious and am not really au fait with it’s minute detail. However there are requests within it I do not follow : I am gay. What I do recognise is that UK law governs this beautiful land. A proportion of which is derived from religion but all must follow it.

    If someone wishes to resd the Quran :fine. If they wish to live by it;great! However, they must do so within UK law.

    Lasltly, if they try and force it on me then it will be war


  12. It’s my reckoning anyone who converts to this wacky cult is mentally ill.

  13. Old Mohammed was a visionary, I forget which chapter and verse….near the back somewhere. ‘ and the peacefuls shall travel from the lands of sand, across all boarders without hindrance until they can see the white cliffs of the promised land, Britistan. They shall travel in the belly of a great metal beast underwater until they reach the utopia of Toddington Services, M1 southbound. A great star will appear in the sky guiding our peacefuls to Lunar House, Croydon where praise Allah the infidel will provide’.

    • And Lo! Dosh was distributed liberally and we were saved and we were grateful, initially, and we were housed and we did multiply, copiously, and all was well. God is merciful.

      Yet then we noticed the infidels around us. They didn’t pray five times a day, they worked hard, they allowed their wo-men to drive and choose their clothing and everyone was free to think for themselves and no-one was a slave to superstitions or nonsensical magic and they enjoyed their lives, were often merry and they were able to criticise who they wanted and they drank alcohol and they were very, very free.

      So we decided to brutally slaughter them. God is Great.

      • ….But we are THE religion of peace DEATH TO THE NON BELIEVER and our god is merciful.

  14. I’ve often found that the followers of this particular cult are of the highly aggressive, ill mannered, ignorant, intolerant and low intellect variety.

    • Ain’t that the fucking truth.

      I think the irony is lost on the liberal fucktards in that so much of their time is spent demanding more privilege for proponents of a barbaric, far-right, misogynistic and intolerant religion.

      • Well, when it begins to backfire, and it will, I can’t say I’ll have much sympathy for the PC liberal mongs, they really would have brought it on themselves.

        • The PC, Libbo, middle class guilt brigade don’t care. Anything that utterly destroys the country of their birth along with it’s history, heritage and it’s real people is permissible.
          The Empress Maggon, although a cunt, was right about that one thing.

          The enemy within…

          • There was a march against islam the other day and a group of lbgtw ..whatever the fuck, marched AGAINST them.
            Why would you defend someone that would have you brutally murdered if they got the chance?

          • Evidently their brains gone to shite from some illness or something.

            LBGTWYQIAPA or whatever the the fuck they are defending peacefuls? Are they mad?! They’d be some of the first that they would exterminate!

          • And sadly, I’ve got to the point where I am NOT going to stand up for snoflakes… Retards that brought it upon themselves.
            May the wrath of Allan be upon Lily’s stinking minge, and her pissflaps be served up as fake bacon sarnies at the appropriate snackbar !

    • Given how many of them are cab drivers, probably the only way most of the buggers can even get a job, I can verify this.

      Only ones who are even shittier drivers than them are the Africans.

      • They become cab drivers so that they can fiddle the dole and rape children at the same time. Most of them have never taken a test,they get the one who can drive to take the test for the rest of their tribe,or if the examiner is a fellow peaceful person,he just nods them through.

  15. If I remember correctly, there are 164 verses in the koran that incite violence or murder against non-believers. No other holy book has that. Also, it encourages muslims to pretend they are friends with, and to lie to, non-believers, in order to gain an advantage over them. Their prophet is estimated to have murdered between 600 and 900 people. He then married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 9, firmly making this piece of shit a paedophile.

    The irony there, is that muslims consider Mohammed to be the perfect muslim male. What the koran does NOT do, is tell women to dress up like bin bags. It does mention dressing conservatively, but not to completely hide away.

    • I love the walking postboxes, especially the western ones trying to be authentic…it’s hilarious.

    • I heard that apparently the whole making them look like Palpatine’s Imperial Guard was their dear Prophet’s idea – he claimed that Allah told him to dress his wife in a way that you couldn’t tell she was female from the shape of her.

      In other words, the Dear Prophet basically made it up and claimed God told him to do it!

      Another thing to consider – the Bible has been re-written and edited many a time over the centuries, the only way you could get an idea of finding out how it originally read was to see the Dead Sea Scrolls – good luck with that!

      The Peaceful manual on the other hand has never been re-written because as it was written by their beloved Prophet it was already ”perfect” and therefore doesn’t need to be re-written or edited. Ever.

      Hence why they’re such a horde of backward thinking savages, apart from the aberrations like that shopkeeper up in Scotland – and look how that was ”corrected”!

        • Haha I would probably still get a good lumping PMS. Not quite the same when we first met, the odd occasion now and then but to be honest Mrs Ballsac has let herself go a bit.

          PS. I can say that as I never let her read what I message on here.

  16. All I’ll say about the DUP is that my….. distrust of them is the usual distrust of Fenians in general.

    Other than that, a lot of their policies are the sort of thing a lot of people probably agree strongly with.

    What will no doubt piss us all off is watching them extort money out of the rest of us to go to N.Boggieland. Mark my words, that’s going to get old real quick.

    • The current government situation is far from perfect… But at least isn’t Steptoe Corbyn in power,doing a deal with his precious Sinn Fein… They’d hide their arms and explosive stash up Abbott’s arse…

      They always have been – and never not will be – murdering, terrorist, city wrecking, cowardly, kiddy killing, enemies of Britain, and Fenian fucking filth…

      • I’m confused at that too. I thought the Fenians were Irish Republicans who hated Britain and were a bit terroristy. Isn’t that the opposite of the DUP?

    • I forgot to add that peacefuls are

      Foul, murdering, raping, disgusting, dirty, smelly, evil, theiving, lying,
      cheating, despicable, lazy, wife beating, goat shagging, dregs of humanity beneath contempt Cunts.

      That’s better.

      • You forgot kiddie fiddling, hypocritical, stupid, ignorant, racist, vile ans shitty.

        Other than that, you summed the cunts up well.

  17. I can’t believe the only way to get out of the EU and stop iron curtain benefit tourists is to do a deal with the fucking micks…this world is as mad as a shit house rat.

    I was brought up in the 70s and 80s and what a fucking place the UK has become.


    • Ugh, it goes against the grain doesn’t it? We’ve given the Micks far too much in the last 20 years.

      • I agree, however we sell a LOT of shit to the (fucking) Irish.

        Still a bunch of bog-wogs though.

        • I know, they’ve always been one of our top buyers.

          Ahhh bloody Micks, why did you have to get that damned nationalistic streak? We could have done so may great things together.

          • Well, we did steal a lot of their land and do away with a fair few of them. Not a good part of our history.

            Although as I’ve always said when a drunk Oirish starts berating me, “I’ve never killed anyone.”

          • CM, some might argue that we didn’t do away with enough of them.

            That’s what I think about the Argies every time they create over the Falklands.

          • The Argies never owned The Falklands so Britain stuck a flag in it and, erm, claimed it. Consequently that was a fair scrap and well won. It’s a bit different with Ireland.

    • Northern Ireland protestants are not fucking micks or fenians you stupid cunts! go to Sandy Row and call anyone a mick or a fenian and you will be bundled into the nearest house and fucking battered we are Billys and Prods get it right ffs

      • Exactly why you can’t all get along surely?

        A mick is a mick, a spic is a spic, a wop is a wop, a limey is a limey etc etc

        I’m not racist, I just hate everyone in general.

    • Well it sure isn’t a religion of peace, libdems make islam sound like barney & friends

    • That’s an understatement if there ever was one Sixdog.

      I…… dislike them.

      • Bored with hearing about it, bored with seeing it, bored with giving it far more attention than it deserves. Tired of the cunts making it our main topic of discussion on a regular basis.

        Can’t be fucked with it anymore or the people that follow it like rabid animals. Tired of hearing some cunt in the media telling me it is the religion of peace immediately after it has killed another load of innocents.

        It might have more interest for me if all the cunts that believe in it stuck together and looked after each other, fact is Islam is responsible for killing more Muslims than anyone else.

        Nothing I say makes a blind bit of difference, it doesn’t matter how many millions die or have died solely down to this ideology, no fucker with any power to change things will or even wants to change a fucking thing.

        So yep reached the stage that I will treat it with detached disdain

          • It’s really something when you get to the point where there’s nothing more to be said huh?

            Anyone watched the news today? Because I haven’t, if I never hear another word about any fucking topic on the news like the election fallout, Big Don, or any of the other bollocks again…… I’d be a very happy man.

            ……so is there any new cunts we can cunt?

            Who hasn’t been cunted yet?

          • “Who hasn’t been cunted yet?” asks PM Sins.
            Well I’ll tell you, PM Sins, I’ll tell thee right now.

            People who don’t use their car indicators.

          • Total cunts.
            It not hard to flick a switch.
            If i had a car, I’d indicate so no cunt scratched it never mind killing some poor cunt.

            Have roller bladers ever been cunted.
            Seedy cunts, roller bladers.

            One tried to catch me on my bike the other night so he could hold in to my seat.
            Seriously man!

            I never said nothing coz he’s about 65, skinny as fuck, long white hair and a long white beard.
            He creeps me out every time i see the cunt, especially when he does a 360.

            If he had got my seat, I’d have slammed my breaks on.

            What a weirdo, eh?

          • Fucking hell that is a thing!

            Where I live, there are lots and lots of roundabouts.

            There are also lots of parking stanley cabbies, school mum drivers and Africans. Along with the lycra menace, Kraut/Pedoland/Polski/European lorry fucks and drivers who are just the shits.

            Care to guess what a complete and utter f*cking nightmare that is?!

            What’s the matter cunts, too lazy to use the indicator? Don’t know how to perhaps? Don’t care to?

            Well, in any case, any rat bastard who doesn’t use their indicator and leave the rest of us to try and guess where the fuck they are going are monumental cunts!

  18. You know, as cuntish as the religion of the righteous raging towelhead might be, almost equally as cuntish are the proponents of the PC around them. For example, despite the fact that we had two – count ’em, fucking TWO – Islamist terror attacks during the General Election, by my recollection only Paul Nuttall decribed them as Islamist. All other party leaders just alluded to ‘terror’.

    And this borderline fucking insulting refusal to address these gang-rape groomings in Yorkshire as an Asian problem is beyond fucking baffling. I am confused as to how got to this point – a sect of violent fantasists and their fairy stories about paedophiles who carry stones seem to be untouchable in the mainstream.

    We are only two steps behind fucking Sweden, we really are.

    • Not just that Emperor, it’s the fact that a large percetnage of all the bad shit that’s happened in the last near 20 years in the world can be traced back to those fucks and the unwillingness to admit they are a problem and need to be dealt with.

      Unfortunately if you raise that suggestion, you either get shot down by all quarters or you’re part o,f or considered to be part of, the other lunatic fringe.

      It’s so depressingly predictable what happen when there’s a peaceful attack. You can write the fucking script for it these days:

      Attack happens.
      Referred to at first as an ”incident”
      Attacker will not be named for days
      Attacker is revealed to be, surprise, a peaceful
      Apologists come out in force and deliver empty platitudes
      Anyone who states where the problem lies is derided.
      Cunts insist they are the religion of peace
      Peacefuls then complain they are the victims here because people say mean things to them.
      More empty platitudes.
      Hand holding and mandatory one minute silence.
      Empty declarations that it will be resolved.

      Wash rinse and fucking repeat.

  19. Islam?

    Today my imaginary god told me it was forbidden for me to eat bacon butties…
    I told my imaginary god to fuck off and got the HP Sauce out…

    Fuck Allah! La-La-La -Laaaa!

    • I had some lively Quorn Bacon rolls earlier.
      One red sauce and one HP.

      Anybody ever noticed how great a brew tastes after eating brown sauce?

      Champion, that.

        • And a bit of black pudding…. Lovely…
          The camelhammerers can go fuck themselves….

          • I can have beans, tomato, veggie sausages, homemade potato scones, homemade veggie haggis, veggie sausages, and mushroom on my fry up but none of that gets any close to the missing black pudding.

            Black pudding toasted sandwich with brown sauce is amazing.

  20. Apparently Paul Ross had a bit of a dig at Big gob banana boat Miller on his show. Conversation was around Brexit, when Ross asked Miller why she didn’t become an MP. Miller replied she wouldn’t be able to give the constituents the time they deserve, to which Ross replied “why do you keep poking your beak into Brexit then”.

    • How did the smug bitch respond?

      I’ll say it again, as the cunt is from Guyana, it’s a pity she wasn’t there in November ’78, at least we wouldn’t have had to suffer that smug, self satisfied, ugly mug of hers.

      Christ, I wish she’d get shafted and shot by some rabid peacefuls.

        • You’re being insulting now!

          Don’t say that!

          That is insulting to those poor baboons!

          They are far prettier than that!

          • Aaah, the old schoolkid joke –
            “Why doesn’t the Avon lady call any more ?”
            “Becuase Max Factor.”

    • Anyone who has a go at the businessman’s overpriced hooker up in banana tree is definitely not a cunt…

    • Good one. Best cunting of all though was when Andrew Neil asked her if all this anti-Brexit campaigning ‘Is just a rich woman’s hobby for you’.

      Professional divorcee Miller seems to delight in being hated.

      • I read somewhere that when she and her hell spawn saw it on the news the little bastard cried ”do something mummy!” and that’s what got the bitch started off on this.

        No, that is not a joke. Rich bitch started this shit off because among other things is upset her little heelspawn bastards.

        • Wouldn’t surprise me. This cunt is almost a caricature of the sharp-elbowed rich-bitches earning money off the back of divorces from financier ex-husbands.

          Not sure if you saw but this cunt has managed to shoehorn herself into political programmes and TV shows – not just regarding Brexit but as a talking head during the election.

          Why? She is literally only famous for being a cunt.

          • Why indeed?

            I’d never even heard if the bitch a year ago. Now she’s like a peaceful, or a rat, or a virus – she’s everywhere!

            Boo fuckidy hoo she got death threats.

            Well, when you’re a rich cunt throwing money around at causes which will piss many people off, what do you expect?

        • Shit.

          You mean there’s more of these cunts on the way?

          I wonder if there’s room in this world for any more cunts but more keep just springing up.
          Surely they’ll run out soon.
          How much cuntitude is it possible to produce from just one species on just one planet!

        • Her and her friends were having morning coffee a day or two after Brexit, and after some discussion over a pastry her friends told her that she should do something.

          Pity they never told her to do one.

          • That is the truth.
            Not gossip or fake news
            I read it in her daily mail interview.

            FACT!!!!!!!! 🙂

            No seriously, I’m right.

          • Wonder if that’s the same article where I read about her and her devil child?

          • We’ll agree to disagree that we are agreed that one of us are right and disagree that none of us are wrong, even though i still disagree with your disagreement.

            (I’m right)

  21. Check this video out. Watch the black guy at around 3:40 talk sense into these unite against facisism cunts.

      • Fucking hell, those UAF douches are Plutonium Grade cunts!

        Typical of them too, shouting down everyone else and calling them Nazis!

        Cunts, cunts, cunts!!

        I’ll give that black dude his dues for keeping his cool and shooting their cunt arguments down with logic.

        I’d probably brained the cunts. This is why you’d ever see me anywhere near these sort of things.

        That dumb bitch as well… what a cunt!

        • These dumb cunts want anarchy and no borders etc. Once some islamist nutter goes mental around them they’d be the first to run to the police. The cunts.

          • That’s exactly why I can’t stand pricks like them!
            Fair weather cunts the lot of them. All want peace, love, no borders and anarchy yet deep down, they’re nothing but a bunch of spineless hypocritical vermin.

            I hate them, I wish that they were the loads their mothers should have swallowed. Total fucking cunts!

      • That black fella served those bigoted fools up on a plate, as usual when they get stuck in their bull shit argument they quickly resort to shouting, insults and play their favourite cards ” racist, fascist ” etc etc…
        That woman was stratospheric cunt!!!

    • Fuckin great post black and white cunt!

      Sums it up perfectly.
      These anti fascist fascists don’t have a fuckin clue what they’re talking about.
      Misinformed and totally blind to the facts, yelling Nazi at everyone with a different opinion to themselves.

      I used to believe all the media propaganda about Tommy Robinson, then when I actually listened to what he was saying I realised that he is NOT a racist Nazi.
      I’m actually becoming a bit of a fan. Watched all his rebel media shows and he’s right.

      It’s not about race. Its about ideology and integration.

      • Reminds me of this one Guardianista cunt I had the misfortune to share the classroom with in High School, when I was 14-16 it was hell putting up with this cunt, and he was your typical libtard frothing at the mouth cunt. Had to put up with him for 2 more years in college too, I swear that the day I got hit with the realisation I’d never have to deal with, speak to or even see this cunt again was one of the best moments of my life at the time.

        Like I said typical of his ilk:

        Speak out against peacefuls? Get abuse and called racist/facist/everything under the sun.

        Want mass uncontrolled immigration ended? Get abuse and called racist/facist/ everything under the sun.

        Want out of the EU? Get abuse…… I think you all get the pictured by now….

        Christ, just recalling all of that is a piss boiler and makes me remember why I had no remorse over walloping him across the back of his head with a metal pipe that one time…… in retrospect my biggest mistake was that I didn’t hit the cunt harder.

        • Ha ha. Yea but how hard is hard enough?

          I think most … sorry … SOME of them are starting to realise that yelling RACIST at anyone with a different opinion doesn’t really constitute debate anymore. …now they’re fucked coz they have no reasonable argument. …hence the RACIST! NAZI! bollocks just shows them to be uneducated, misinformed, unintelligent idiots.

          • Hmmmm, hard enough that the cunt would have flinched at the thought of pissing me off again.


            If this cunt’s anything like he was then, then he won’t have changed one bit.

            His father was a University lecturer…. in Political Science I believe and his mother worked at one too if I remember.

            Both were rampant Guardianistas and the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree there.

            Apologies for going off like that but recalling that stirred up memories I did an almighty job to repress.

            Anyone who says that school is the best years of your life is a complete and utter cunt. Seriously.

    • Excellent link …. top marks to the coloured guy … and also highlights what folk are up against when the Mickey Mouse Police Cunt is obviously suggesting the coloured guy is the problem and seem to be suggesting he ‘keeps it down; …

      Her with the pigtails … with a tounge like that … I’m sure she’ll end up buried under a patio some day …

      • Whoever does the deed should get a medal. Pigtail bitch was such an obnoxious cunt. A lesser man would have outright brained her.

        As for that rozzer – cunt, pure and simple. Always go for the easy targets.

  22. You may have noticed all the libtard celebs and cunts out there quoting the “peaceful” part of the Quran to prove how peaceful the religion is. Well they always seem to leave out the next paragraph.
    …I wonder why.

    32. Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel: that whoever kills a person-unless it is for murder or corruption on earth-it is as if he killed the whole of mankind; and whoever saves it, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind. Our messengers came to them with clarifications, but even after that, many of them continue to commit excesses in the land. 33. The punishment for those who fight Allah and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption on earth, is that they be killed, or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or be banished from the land. That is to disgrace them in this life; and in the Hereafter they will have a terrible punishment.

    Cutting their hands and feet off!

    ….how peaceful.

    What cunts.

      • With the odious Qataris now under the spotlight, how long before Dubai and Abu Dhabi rightly get the same treatment?…

          • Hah! Fuck no!

            The best part of that question Sausage man? Deep down, down there, every sane perso or those with a brain cell or three think exactly the same thing!

            If that whole fucking region were to disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow, they wouldn’t be missed. Even the libtards and snowflakes would just move on and find something else to kiss up to.

          • Not at all, DTS. Come and join The Cabinet with Freddie the Frog and mahself.

            COBRA committees henceforth renamed “Trousersnake”

      • …… and especially the children. That’s not in jest either.

      • Page 3 goes something along the lines of: allah is great, everyone else is a cunt (unless you worship allah), everyone that doesn’t believe in allah is a cunt and anyone that doesn’t kiss Allah’s crusty bumhole 24 hours a day 7 days a week will face terrible punishment. …and is a cunt.


        …off the top of my head.

        It doesn’t really make any difference, they all seem to say pretty much the same thing.

        It took long enought to get to page 15, I ain’t goin back to page 3. 😐

        I’m dreading going to bed coz I’ll have to read half hour of that shit again.

        Fuck it. I’m having a night off.

        • Have many nights off.

          In fact, there’s a better use for that thing – use it as bog roll.

          Or fap over it while thinking about two hot lezzers going at it! That would be appropriate.

  23. You have to visit Spiveys site as his latest insanity is a claim that Theresa May does not in fact exist and that she is played by at least 4 actors one of whom is a man. I kid you not.

    • I’m not sure who is the scariest ,the Spivmeister or those fuckin numbskulls on there who say things like ‘ thanks for teaching us all Chris ‘ or ‘ I was asleep before I found your site’ . Fuck me, they really really think they are somehow ‘ in the know ‘ and the rest of us poor plebs are deluded fools. It’s both funny and scary.

  24. Last year the amount of EU nurses joining the NHS was X amount in June but down in July. By September it was down again and by last month it was way down.
    This is being blamed on brexit.
    And the English test that was implemented last June, but not so much about that, it was mainly the fault of brexit.

    Reporter: ” can we blame this on brexit?”
    Doss cunt expert: ” yes, we can, there was also the English test but we believe it is mainly

    because of brexit”

    Sorry for not having the numbers with me. 🙂


    When they say the amount of something, be it exam results, job places, fish stocks, is down they never say that it may be because before the numbers were unusually high.

    • Or that the aforementioned numbers should never ever have been that high in the process.

      Hey Birdman, is it wrong for me to say that we’d never have needed such a high number of EU nurses in the first place if the NHS wasn’t under such a burden due to ever Tomaz, Georghi and Kyobewonga coming into the country and taking liberties with our health service in the first pleace?

      • Not wrong at all.
        As i was listening to the report i was thinking about all the unemployed Brits.
        Get them into nursing school.

        Especially the young ones who have already been told they have no future.

          • I’m starting to think that way.

            And to think that I was becoming optimistic.

            Teresa May is a weak cunt!

          • Between Hammond and Dyke Davison and now Sourbry and ever other remoaner fuck out if force now, of course it’s not going to happen.

            Bastards, the lot of them!

    • That’ll please The Flabbott; she didn’t approve of blonde, Finnish IMMIGRANT nurses, as apparently they’d never seen a coon before, and wouldn’t know how to d/w (I’d say a wet towel in the gob, and a syringeful of phenolic acid into the cardiac muscle. Very effective for curing oxygen theft).
      Blame everything on Brexit is a bit like Monty Python’s “Hackenthorpe Book of LIes”- Condensation is due to the number of fish in the atmosphere…

  25. Did any of you cunts see Panorama on the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation earlier? Fuck me, talk about a free 30 minute advert for Catweazle!
    The only Tories interviewed were Soubry (slag remoaner traitor)… Heseltine (long standing remoaner old traitor who would have been locked up with Mosely in WW2″) and Osborne ( poshboy traitor who has a personal problem with the Maybitch)
    Anyway the point is…….forget about leaving the EU. I never believed it was going to happen and this programme just sealed it for me. The cunts have too much power, too much money.
    I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time, but hoping I have misread this pile of shit is grasping at straws. Anyone got an AK-47 for sale? Oh……..and I’m going to need a shitload of ammunition.

    • Right now Freddie, it would be very bad for my peace of mind if I were to watch or read any of this garbage. I wish plenty of ill on the cunts you mentioned as it is.

      I swear the day that old shit Hestletine finally kicks the bucket, which I hope is soon, I bet Thatcher will be having a small little chuckle in the afterlife.

      In fact, when the cunt finally croaks, what say that we have a cunters party of ISAC?

    • Remember them t-shirts?

      “AK-47, when you positively, absolutely need to kill every last motherfucker in the room”

      Got a good signal on the plane i see, Freddie The Frog. 🙂

      • Give the inventor his dues, those things have well and truly stood the test of time!

      • Well spotted Mr. Birdman. Yes I am on my way to Saudi dressed in the full Burqa. Just hoping I don’t get strip searched at the other end. If they find out I’m a bloke I’m definitely getting it up the bumhole. God save the Queen!

        • I’ll meet you at the falafel stall outside the airport.
          I’m the one missing opposite hands and feet.

  26. ITN hot on the heels of ABBC trumpeting ‘the most diverse Parliament ever’. Fucks sake, I wouldn’t care if it was Snow White, the Seven Dwarves and the cast Sesame Street as long as they did what they were voted in for.

    Flabbott the Hutt must be a long time ABBC wet dream, black big tick, feminist tick, woman(just about) tick, left wing tick. Not a bean flicker but she did pork Jezza back in the day so should surly count as some weird sexual deviancy.

    • Yep, no doubt she’s a ABBC fave, she probably scores even higher in their eyes due to bonking their unholy messiah Corbyn.

  27. I’ve just witnessed a most upsetting ad on the telly. It was an old biddy giving her grandson a steak pie. What was shocking was that the grandson was a white male in a British army uniform !!…..Well,of course I was gobsmacked at the insensitivity of such an ad. Not just the fact that there was an army uniform,but there were no persons of colour featured in the ad.

    I plan to organise an immediate boycott of whoever makes and sells these pies. I’ll join facebook and twitter and start a campaign to have this vile filth removed and then I’ll retire to my safe place and count my likes on facebook while I try to recover from this foul fascist propaganda.


    • The sick part about that post Fiddler is that there are probably more than a few snowflake cunts who are attempting to do that.

    • A steak pie you say? Thats the grass munching veggie fuckers with their panties in a knot too then.

      • Christ, when did this infestation of cunts become a thing?

        I blame Fecal Media.

      • I’ve never munched grass in my life.
        Munchies from grass yes.

        Surely the opinions of Mahatma Koat, Captain Magnanimous and myself have put this myth that all veggies are lefty hippy weak cunts to bed.
        Snowflake veggies were most probably snowflake cunts before they gave up meat.
        Also, not all of us get upset at people eating meat.
        I couldn’t give a fuck what people eat just as long as its not my dinner.

        You should try my lentil pie. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmssslurrrppmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • It’s just got worse !!! I’ve just realised that there was no sign of the old biddy’s lesbian partner or the grandson’s transexual fiancee !!!! Oh the inhumanity.

      • Or the gender neutral children!

        The horror! Oh the horror (in a Marlon Brando voice)

      • We should call a solicitor.
        …and a counsillor.
        ..and a councillor.

        Protests. Candlelit vigils. Student debating groups ….

        Box of tissues…

        Copies of the guardian…

        • Don’t forget the safe spaces.

          And call Owen Jones while you’re at it!

          And the BBC!

          • Oh shit i forgot about that!

            …you hurt my feelings!

            … invaded my safe space!

            How dare you!

          • Time for some no-platforming.

            By the way, don’t forget the Palestinian flags!

      • but what if the guy was a white muzzie, and the old dear accidentally fed him PORK pie ??

        As Python (Australian sketch) said,

        Philosophy’s for pooves…

    • Mother of God, it looks like all the villages in the UK has their idiots all gathered in one place!

      Why the hell do the peacefuls never attack these rallies?! They’d make a killing! An actual literal killing! And the mongs in this video wouldn’t be missed.

      And that’s the remoaners for you fellow cunters!

        • The sort of people who’d join a bus queue, because they thought it was a “protest march”

          What are you protesting against ?


          When do you want it ?



    • It would be funny if the people he spoke to didn’t display the ignorance and narrow minds that people like us are accused of.

      They follow blindly a liberal left agenda and don’t have a fucking clue, perfect example of why we are in a fucking mess.

      • We’re the ones who make the informed and long and well thought out decision to vote for Brexit and we get branded ignorant, bigoted ray-sist?!

        Fuck, I don’t know whether to be amused or insulted.

        All these brainwashed masses at that rally really are too stupid to live.

        Big up to T. Robinson, he’s come a long way from his EDL days. And that’s proof he’s not the knuckle dragger many make him out to be. He got out of that group when he saw what it was becoming.

        • I used to think of it as an insult but after finding out how biast and deluded the media really is, I take it as a compliment.

          As for Tommy, it’s hillarious when he’s called a Nazi.
          He has death threats from the Nazis. He fuckin kicked them out of the EDL and burned the swash-dicker.
          ..i think snowflakes just love yelling NAZI at all that don’t agree with their ultra left ideology.

          • They do, they think it’s an easy way to kill a debate. It’s not, it exposes them for what ignorant cunts they are.

          • Tommy Robinson fucking sucks at being racist. You know why because his EDL organization is weak shite He has kicked people out for being too racist he only wants well behaved & well mannered racists apparently. Also he can’t be a nazi Tommy is a quarter jewish for fuck sake

            Andy Burnham is a cunt too and a complete race traitor I’d slap his mum in her dumb cuntface if I ever saw her. Thats how much I hate Burnham he disgusts me lower then dogshit

          • Hang on just a second, Tommy Robinson is quarter Jewish? Why am I only hearing this now?

  28. You’d think the first two Muslims who ever existed would be recognised in the Koran.

    Well I’ve read it from front to back…..Cat Stevens, Muhammad Ali…..not a mention.

  29. According to that cunt, Andy Burnham, only hard left groups can freely protest…. Everyone else is a nuisance… This is fucking tyranny…. Burnham is scum…. Worse than scum,he is actively campaigning against the British people and for islamisation…. Beyond a traitor and should be fed to the dogs….

    • The League Cup is now known as the Carabao Cup and the first round draw will take place in Bangkok…. Football is dead part 9,999….

      • I need a break from football.
        I used to hate the end of season, but its never ending now.

  30. What sort of cunt would be the biggest sort of cunt you could imagine?

    Here’s mine,
    Curly haired, muslime convert, rollerblader who is part of a dance troupe.

    Whats yours?

    • And is a drummer in a group consisting only of drummers.
      And there’s twenty of the cunts.

      Curly haired, muslime convert, rollerblading, dance troupe, drummer who plays tubs.
      And the cunt probably does zumba and par core too, just to really piss me off.

      • …who eats fast food then drops the litter, likes cats, listens to Hip-Hop, voted Remain and when they drive, they never use their car indicators.

        • Men who openly dumb down and slag off their own kind… The mincing effem manicured bearded gaytards on social media who claim to be ‘feminists’ and lick the crabs infested arse of Lily Mong and other feminazi gluebags…. Men that cry openly (about absolutely anything, usually something pointless and trivial) and who get offended (again, at anything) and call anyone who disagrees with them ‘vile’ also absoutely fucking disgust me…

          And the same sort of fuckers who use TV and the media to spread their PC misandry… Cunts like Pube Head Moffatt and that bender, Gaytits….. Who use every episode of Doctor Who (and that Sherlock cack) to spread ‘sister solidarity (do fuck off!)’ and tiresome man hating PC propaganda…. They are the worst sort of uber cunts…

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