#Is a Cunt General Election Game 2017 #

Right here are are the entries for who cunts here think will lose their seat.(This is the also the official thread for general election shitposting.


1)Cat Smith
2)Helen Goodman
3)Clive Lewis
4)Liz McInnes
5)Byron Davies
6)Gavin Barwell
7)Tulip Siddiq
8)Kate Green
9)Gareth Snell
10)Liz Kendall
11)Dennis Skinner
12)Nick Clegg
13)Tim Farron
14)Simon Danczuck
15)Holly Lynch
16)Chuka Umunna
17)Yvette Cooper
18)Owen Smith
19)Chris Bryant
20)Paul Flynn
21)Kate Hoey
22)David Winnick
23)Rupa Huq
24)Calum Kerr
25)Ruth Cadbury
26)Wes Streeting
27)Daniel Zeichner
28)Joan Ryan
29)Dawn Butler
30)Ed Miliband
31)Alastair Carmichael
32)Tom Brake
33)Ian Murray
34)Jess Phillips
35)Ben Gummer
36)Tom Watson
37)Ian Austin
38)Neil Coyle
39)Kerry McCarthy
40)Geoffrey Robinson
41)Ruth Smeeth
42)Ivan Lewis
43)Jon Cruddas
44)Angus Robertson
45)Mary Creagh
46)Emily Thornberry
47)John McDonnell
48)Diane Abbott
49)Jermey Corbyn
50)David Lammy

Chris Matheson
Rupa Huq
Ruth Cadbury
Holly Lynch
Margaret Greenwood
Wes Streeting
Paul Farrelly
John Woodcock
Rob Marris
Tulip Siddiq
Joan Ryan
Peter Kyle
Paula Sherriff
Cat Smith
Natascha Engel
Gareth Thomas
Madeleine Moon
Tom Blenkinsop
Karen Buck
David Winnick
Rosena Allin-Khan
Ian Lucas
Richard Burden
Mary Creagh
Vernon Coaker
Clive Efford
Robert Flello
Gisela Stuart
Susan Jones
Jim Cunningham
Jenny Chapman
David Hanson
Gordon Marsden
Mark Tami
Nic Dakin
Kerry McCarthy
Paul Flynn
Alan Whitehead
Helen Goodman
Lindsay Hoyle
Daniel Zeichner
Albert Owen
Rob Flello
David Crausby
Neil Coyle
Liz McInnes
Tulip Siddiq
Alan Meale
Julie Cooper
Ivan Lewis

Anton Pillar
1. Mhairi Black
Paisley and Renfrewshire South (SNP). Back to school for this cunt!
2. Chris Matheson
City Of Chester (Labour)
3. Rupa Huq
Ealing Central & Acton (Labour)
4. Calum Kerr
Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk (SNP)
5. Holly Lynch
Halifax (Labour)
6. Tom Brake
Carshalton & Wallington (LibDem)
7. Ian Murray
Edinburgh South (Labour)
8. Alistair Carmichael
Orkney & Shetland (LibDem)
9. Margaret Greenwood
10. Holly Lynch
11. Wes Streeting
12. Paul Farrelly
13. John Woodcock
14. Rob Marris
15. Joan Ryan
16. Tulip Siddiq
17. Catherine Smith
18. Ian Lucas
19. Natascha Engel
20. Madeleine Moon
21. David Winnick
22. Karen Buck
23. Gareth Thomas
24. Gordon Marsden
25. Kirsten Oswald (SNP)
26. John Nicolson (SNP)
27. Andy Slaughter
28. Byron Davies
29. Amanda Solloway
30. Corri Wilson (SNP)
31. Tim Farron
32. Jonathan Reynolds
33. Stephen Gethins (SNP)
34. Richard Burden
35. Rob Flello
36. Jamie Reed
37. Vernon Coaker
38. Jess Phillips
39. Iain Wright
40. Nic Dakin
41. Jenny Chapman
42. Jim Cunningham
43. Julie Cooper
44. Mark Tami
45. Helen Goodman
46. Paul Flynn
47. Kerry McCarthy
48. Thangam Debbonaire
49. Karin Smyth
50. Ben Bradshaw

Freddie the Frog:
My entry is:

(1) Little Timmy Farron

That’ll do me

Can’t be arsed with the rest

1. Norman Lamb
2. Caroline Lucas
3. Cat Smith
4. Ian Murray
5. Mary Creach
6. Jess Phillips
7. John McDonnell
8. Wes Streeting
9. Peter Kyle
10. John Nicolson
11. Ben Bradshaw
12. Chris Bryant
13. David Winnick
14. Tim Farron
15. Ed Miliband
16. Gareth Snell
17. Chris Mathewson
18. Rupa Huq
19. Nick Clegg
20. Sarah Olney
21. John Pugh
22. Albert Owen
23. Ruth Cadbury
24. Margaret Greenwood
25. Holly Lynch
26. Natasha Engel
27. Karen Buck
28. Rob Flello
29. Jim Cunningham
30. Jenny Chapman
31. Gordon Marsden
32. Mark Tami
33. David Crausby
34. Geoffrey Robinson
35. Hilary Benn
36. Allan Meals
37. Tom Brake
38. Alastair Carmichael
39. Greg Mulholland
40. Mark Williams
41. Pete Wishart
42. John Nicolson
43. Calum Kerr
44. Richard Armless
45. Alexander Burnett
46. Angus Robertson
47. Byron Davies
48. Amanda Solloway
49. Gavin Harwell
50. Tom Blenkinsop

1.. Alex Salmond
2..Chris Bryant
3.. Liz mcinnes
4..Mary creagh
5.. Paul farelly
6..Catherine mc Kinne
7.. Alan whitehead
8.. tom brake
9..Elidh whiteford
10..Tim farron
11..nick clegg
12..Owen smith
13.. Kate hoey
14..Chris matherson
15.. rupa huq
16..Ruth Cadbury
17..Peter Kyle
18..tuilip siddiq
19..clive Lewis
20..Liz Kendall
21..chuka umunna
23.. ed milliband
24.. tom Watson
25..David lammy
26..Emily thornberry
27.. John McDonnell
28.. Gareth Thomas
29.. Margaret greenwood
30.. cat smith
31..Ivan Lewis
32..holly lynch
33.. Wes streeting
34..Stephen gethins
35..Ben Bradshaw
36..Helen goodman
37..Paul Flynn
38.. hiliary Benn
39.. John Nicholson
40..John woodcock
41..rob Marris
42..alistair Carmichael
43..Ian Lucas
44..John Pugh
45..IAIN wright
46..vernon coaker
47.. Ian Murray
48..Jamie reed
49.. Gordon marsden
50..Joan Ryan

Vermin Cunt Spotter:
I cannot be arsed listing 50 fucking names . But a few that would case me to LOL would be
1 Alex Salmond
2 Angus Robertson
3 Tasmina Ahmed Shrek
4 Nick( Head Boy) Clegg
5 Dim Farron

463 thoughts on “#Is a Cunt General Election Game 2017 #

  1. Jeez, welcome to PISAC.

    Cant wait for a world cup version of this game.

    Not a patch on the Suicide Squad.

  2. Just Farron pleeeeeeeease. Would make my day, month and year. Makes my piss boil every time Insee him on telly. Sanctimonious cunt of biblical,proportions.
    Please electors get rid of the cunt.

    • Clegg too, it’s past time that tosser was gone from politics.

      I hope Toadface Salmond, Angus Arsewipe and that stupid young SNP bint all lose their seats.

      I hope McDonnell loses his, but then I bet the cunt is in a safe seat.

    • Naturally L2, naturally.

      Let’s face it, like all his fellow SNP bigots, he’s full of shit! You can never cunt the SNP too much.

    • May as well learn German and get used to praying 5 times a day in that case.

      • Sod that, get the happy pills and sleeping pills. Lots of them. I hope someone has got another cunting for May ready….

    • Channel-hopping…
      An evening wasted with:

      Owen fucking cunt Jones
      Blowfish-minge BananaGob Miller
      and some beardy, on-message hipster twat “comedian” on the Ch4 prog with Paxo…

      Why the fuck can’t our parties choose decent leaders in the first place?? A choice of DD, J R-M, BoJo…yet they chose May. Almost wish Comrade Jezzer had won, the alternatives…hung parliament, yet another fuckin election hanging over us, and bloody nightmare dealing with Brexit now, with cuntish eurocrats all sniggering and fucking us about.
      At least this am I told a liebore canvasser that I certainly wouldn’t be voting for them cos of the flabbott problem.

  3. I’ve seen the term “keyboard warrior” get banded about every now and again for people acting tough with no threat of any actual contact with whoever they are arguing with.
    Well I’ve come to the conclusion that theres many “keyboard politicians” here.
    Get of yer arse and do summit if it gets to you that much.
    All politicians are cunts will probably be the answer to my question but that’s not good enough.
    Get out there and change your country for the better.
    I’ve heard many views i and others wholeheartedly agree with and there are quite a few of you who can put your points across eloquently, so do something if you are that passionate.
    Become an MP, we need you.

    Fuck, if, if i like you, i may even vote for once.

    Whinging on a website is a waste of all your talents and time.

    • Not sure that any of us would last five minutes in the chamber bearing in mind “cunt” is probably regarded as unparliamentary language.
      Five minutes actually sounds optimistic.

      • Asimplearsehole nearly managed a post yesterday with no “cunt” or “fuck”.

        We could form the Cunt Fuck Uh! Biscuit Tourettes Cunt Fuck Uh! Party

    • I REALLY understand your point, birdman, but feel in general that we’re up against a tsunami of brainwashed….

      Nigel and UKIP started, but although Nigel certainly delivered, UKIP looks to have sunk without trace.

      The big problem is, is that GB is a two-party system; I used to be in the CER as a (naive ??) teenager, but am now convinced that PR is NEVER going to happen here, in the same way that many on this site are convinced that the odds have been DELIBERATELY stacked against Brexit (I agree with this – something smells fishy, and it isn’t just wee jimmy krankie’s minge…).

      Of course, I wish it weren’t the case…but I don’t personally have access to any “useful” ironmongery !!

      • Cheers for getting my point, ffnnaarr ffnnaarr, HBelindaHubbard.

        I think that many cunters may have misread me and didn’t realise that it was a compliment to them and their wisdom.

  4. Don’t give a fuck because if the polls are right then whilst the Connies may have an overall majority because of the absolute monumental fuck-up of their campaign it will mean that we will have 4-5yrs of interfering twats like COTY Farron, interfering Miller, et. al.

    If she’d done nowt she’d have walked it. Whichever parliamentary cunt advised her on uttering the “Dementia Tax” wants shooting for high treason because that cunt was obviously a double-agent!

    While the semantics of that tax may be more favourable than it is now, how did those dozy twats think the leftist media would spin it!

    Useless fucking cunts!

    • Whoever made that manifesto ought to be taken out and shot!

      Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, CUNT!

    • If the polls are right, I can see a leadership challenge in the very near future, it seems clear that knives are being sharpened, and some being drawn slowly in preparation.

      • Gotta love Thornbury.
        Having said Corbyn shouldn’t resign if Labour lose she now reckons that May should resign if the Tories lose.
        Typical Labour consistency…

        • No fan of Che Corbyn, but surely it’s different for a sitting PM with the bad judgement to overturn the FTP Act in order to hold a snap election? I mean, given who we’re talking about, the words stick in my throat (metaphorically), but surely a challenger who has done massively better than expected deserves to stay on while the cynical incumbent who has done far worse than expected should be shown the door?

          • Fred

            Come out of the closet mate.

            We all know your a socialist 😱😱

    • Anyone else get the sneaky feeling that the Connies derailed their own campaign so that they *DON’T* have to play Brexit hardball with the Hun, sorry, EU?

      What a monumental fuck up!

      All we need now is May to do a Cameron in the morning and then we’re no closer to dealing with Brexit, closing our borders to all and sundry (including Merkel’s “peaceful” imports to kill us one by one), and having to repeat this fiasco in 18 month’s time with the next Connie twat who’s (allegedly) in power!

      Shame on you Theresa May! You were gifted the land, all you had to do was say nothing, you CUNT!

      • They should call this Theresa May and how to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. Stupid bitch.

      • Couldn’t agree more Rebel, I believed awhile ago that I wasn’t sure if that hunchback May wanted to be PM. Hence we had a massive meltdown from the cunts and all sorts of nonsense coming out of their manifesto. All it did was give Labour a bit of confidence and the momentum went with that wanker Corbyn. Maybe I am feeling premature (not for the first time) but May should be hung out to dry for a being a useless fucking split arse

    • Whichever parliamentary cunt advised her on uttering the β€œDementia Tax”
      That’d be Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy. Proper pair of cunts: “Special Advisors”. Special Needs more like.
      These cunts get paid Β£150k each. With any luck, they’ll be out on their ears by now.

      FFS, if you can’t even beat commie traitors like Compo & McDonnell, and sub-normal fuckwits like Abbot & Rayner, what hope is there?

      Who but Compo would put a cunt like Rayner, who left school pregnant at fifteen and has fucking zero qualifications, in charge of education?

      Personally, I’d have preferred in if the commies had won, then in 2 years when the country’s fucked, I’d punch these snowflake cunts in the face saying “I. Fucking. Told. You. He’s. A. Cunt. But. You. Didn’t. Listen”

  5. Farron might get his arse kicked
    Amber Rudd looks fucked ( metaphorically of course )
    Knives are out for Treez

    • Don’t get me started on Farron. The raised eyebrows and furrowed brow, like “I’m so surprised and puzzled that people don’t just take what I’m saying as gospel”.
      That’s because, like the gospels, it’s just made-up stuff which everyone knows is bullshit.

      Cunt looks like a fucking child, FFS.

  6. Every SNP cunt (especially Wee Burney)
    Every Green cunt
    Steptoe Corbyn
    Abbott The Hutt
    That McDonnell cunt
    Timmykins Farron
    Judas Clegg

        • If it turns out worse than we expect, than a lot of voters in this country are complete and utter cunts.

          • We should remember, this is the same cuntry that thought voting in Tony Blair 3 times was a good idea.

          • Dioclese
            on June 8, 2017 at 10:36 pm said:
            Never underestimate stupidity…

            well some ponce outside the polling station told me that one of the voters asked him what his roset ment………..

      • One channel has those hateful cunts Gina Miller and Campbellend on, I switched over real quick there.

    • Tony Blair was, is , always will be, forever, and , ever a CUNT! The electorate were on acid during those elections,…surely ?

      • Not as much as anyone who thinks Comrade Corbyn as PM is a good thing. Stupid cunts.

  7. Lots of ragheads voting Labour, and in Croydon Tories are almost certainly fucked. Well done Treez

  8. OH FUCK! Its gonna go titties up at this rate! The only cunt with a safe seat is Dimbleby !

  9. Diane Abbott seen out this evening and is going to view her ministerial car , a JCB has been suggested as the most appropriate.

      • One more big bucket and her arteries will surely clog! A hearse, try something bigger !

        • The Flabbott, a case of life imitating art…in this case, Kim, the pantomime dumb coon in East Enders ?

          • One of those big low-loaders that the army uses to haul tanks about should do her.

    • I thought that said Minstrel car, like a giant Minstrel chocolate or an old jalopy as featured on the black and white minstrel show.

  10. If we are all staying up tonight…who is organising the takeaway and beers ?

  11. If this poll is anywhere near accurate then Maybitch will be gone by tomorrow afternoon, make no mistake. You have to wonder if this is a stitch up. Brexit will be fucked…….2nd referendum will be inevitable…….and the result. Job done…….Establishment sucking each others’ cocks and high fiving. We’re doomed I tell you!

    • I do hope MI5 and the ‘Dark Forces’ have their kill orders prepped and ready……

    • Unfortunately I think your right FTF, total stitch up, from the social care to the fox hunting the conservatives campaign was a vote loser, apparently all overseen by super strategist lynton Crosby??
      Has corbyn run a slick campaign?? Have they reinvented the wheel or simply run it the normal labour way ?? Spend spend spend!!, don’t worry about who’s paying for it, it’s Xmas and jezzers handing out the presents….
      I think the insidious anti Brexit campaign has also taken its toll, BBC and Sky running almost a year of negative propaganda , the legal challenges, etc etc it’s made a lot of weak Cunts waiver….
      I’m absolutely fuckin gutted….

  12. You can’t trust exit polls. A sample of 1000 people isn’t representative with all the regional variations. Some cunt hoping to make money short selling currency or shares no doubt. Who in England would vote Labour? They’re an absolute shower.

    Oh and if Flabbott is gaga there’s a rule that you can’t stand in an election if you are insane, so is her candidateship null and void?

  13. Steady the Buffs!

    The exit poll has to be wrong – I can’t believe Corbyn could win 30 odd more seats than Millipede.

    Cunt Thornberry was just on the box. I do hope to see that smug look wiped from her face later tonight.

    • I hope to see that bitch’s smug look wiped out too, at least it looks like the SNP have taken a hit.

      • They estimate she’s going to lose 22 seats!! …..
        mega Cunt Caroline Lucas ” I’m prepared to back the Labour Party ” what with you projected 1 seat love!! ……

      • I really hate Thornberry, that’s one piggy looking smug bitch.

  14. Curious and curious, Labour held Sunderland South, but there was apparently a 3% swing to the Tories.

  15. Jack Straw says that a hung parliament will lead to ”sensible” Brexit negotiations, fuck that!

    • Hmmmm, not sure that’s a great loss to be honest, never liked her.

      Ahhh, time to hit the sack.

      I will cheer of curse the result in the morning.

      Night fellow cunters.

  16. Keep trying to go up the wooden hill but am drawn back to TV. I just can’t believe the exit poll is right.
    On the Thornberry cunt, I am hard pressed to think of a more self satisfied looking cunt than her. I would say I would kick her in the cunt but I may lose my foot.

    • So Corbyn wins, their will be total capitulation to the eu. What a fucking laughing stock we have become.

    • Fuck me, Laura Kuntssberg is intolerable. Her wonky jaw exacerbates her sneering delivery of info from those ‘exclusive sources’. Clearly thinks she’s the dogs bollocks with her shitty input.

      She’s like a Scottish Douglas Carswell in drag.

  17. Anyone fancy going for a pint down the Winchester until this all blows over?

  18. So early results bear out the ISAC prediction that cunts would be elected in all constituencies

  19. Gah someone put a hobnail boot through uber-cunt king Lineker’s bastard face, please. Already gloating on Twitter based on the exit poll – if there’s any reason to pray the EP is wildly out, it’s to haunt Lineker with his own fucking cuntishness.

    • The fucking stupid hateful arse biscuit is taking about forming the next government

  20. Now Clarke on loving that Brexit is fucked.Treacherous old cockwomble.

    • Don’t know why u guys watch the beebistan. You must have a low blood pressure or sonething.

      Whenever i watch the beeb calif my blood starts boiling.

  21. Mayday, Mayday, Blighty is in a bad way. The country has been infiltrated by trots and radical cunts!

    Mayday Mayday

  22. ….gettin worried.

    Think they’re all holds so far so “don’t panic, don’t panic!”

    I run a business so if comrade cuntbyn gets in I’ll be living on crumbs within a couple of weeks and me and my employees will be in the gutter.

    …..at least I don’t own a house. If you own a house my advice is SELL SELL SELL.
    It’ll be worth about 50p tomorrow if that cunt wins.

    I’m not sure who’s the biggest cunt. Comrade cuntbyn for being an IRA loving, commie cunt or May for running the most piss poor election campaign in history,

    At least the unlib dumbs are getting done over.

    • Reckon the garden tax protests will make the poll tax riots look like a picnic.

      What’s the demographic breakdown? Looks like the snowflakes might actually have voted!!!!

  23. Fuck me, I switch from BBC to ITV and I get the dirty posh boy traitor Osborne and the failed dancing ponce Balls. What a fucking farce!

  24. If she loses this she can fuck off.

    I always wanted boris anyway.

    ….boris would fuckin smash it!

    Actually the average donkey could smash it against comrade cunt face!

  25. I hope someone somewhere is writing a vitriolic cunting of Lynton Crosby…

  26. Mahairy Snatch reelected. Bastard, was hoping to see the back of that chav.

  27. Chukyourbaghi on BBC.Yep the Uk as we know it is dead.My childhood sweetheart is pregant and for the first time I am glad I am not the father.Never thought I would say that!

    • And Farron looking shaky! COTY without a seat, that would be a bonus.

  28. I pay Β£145.50 a year for the fucking Blairite Broadcasting Corporation. I don’t expect much, and demand even less, but can somebody punch that cunt Jeremy Vine in the gob? Thank you.

  29. Teresa May as cunt of the year.

    …though i doubt it’ll take long for cuntbyn to steal the crown.

    …or maybe young people. …can a group of cunts be nominated for coty?

    On sky news they’re all singing and cunts with piercings in their faces are saynig that cuntbyn will be great coz: “he’s the kind of guy you could gave a beer with.”


    • I doubt if Catweazle has ever “had a beer” in his life. However, I suspect that all the Blairites, who were so desperately trying to get rid of the cunt, are now goIng to be lining up to get their tongues up his bumhole. Politicians eh? Lowest form of scum crawling across the earth.

      • In a way i was kinda looking forward to b.liar coming back. …just so the nation could tell him what a cunt he is to his face.
        In one ear and out the other as usual though i expect.


        Yea boris wins!!! Good.
        That’s the area I’m mostly around and boris will be pm eventually.

  30. Scotland could save the tories!


    If so I’ll uncunt the scots IMMEDIATELY

  31. Angus mcporrdgewo … sorry … porrdgecunt has lost his seat!

    Go on scotland!

  32. Lentils, socks and sandles, beans bags, do-gooders being interviewed on the BBC using the term ‘fair and just’
    Compulsory cycling….

    No Royal Family
    Prime Minister Corbyn will be the end of the uk!

    I predict by the evening of Friday, I shall be drunk and full of despair!

  33. And Dianne Abbot, on the front seat at Prime Ministers questions time with Tom Watson (Tom Watson looks like a my 60 year old lesbian Auntie)

  34. Yes yes fucking YES! Cleggy has gone….had his arse kicked! Poor cunt will have to take up a job pushing a pen in the EU, sucking EU cock and poncing off the taxpayer. No change there then. Just fuck off rich boy!

  35. Ben gummer loses.
    He was lined up as a tory brexit negotiator.
    He had a hand in the shittest manifesto ever.

    Stupid cunt.

    …not often that labour does anyone a favour.

    • I’m not clicking on that. Last time it was his cum face.

      Not falling for that one again.

  36. Want to get some kip but there’s a recount in Little Timmy’s constituency. Obviously the two bob cunt. Is stamping his little foot because he’s lost. Well, I hope so. Worth staying awake for the jewel in the crown.

  37. Fuck me, just heard Timmykins has won. Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.


    Cunt, fucking cunt. I’m going to bed. I hope Putin drops a fucking bomb on us so I don’t have to wake up to this EU/ Muzzie nightmare. Come on Vlad you fucking poof!

    • Don’t worry mate.

      The first results in are always the big towns, usually lefties.

      The shires will vote for reason.

  38. What are the odds on boris being the pm next week?

    I’d put my house on it 😊

    …..lucky I ain’t got a house!

  39. Yyyeeeaaaahhh!!

    Salmond loses his seat!


    I never called you a bunch of cunts …it was someone else.

  40. David Davis concedes UK government may have lost mandate to exit customs union and single market (Sky, 2.30am).

    • Trust me. They’ve got a mandate to leave cuntstoms union and the single market.
      If they don’t think so they can stay in and the public will show them in stronger terms.

  41. Surly Mays a gonna??
    Who can step up and lead conservatives ??
    Will they chance a 2nd election??

    • Boris or Davies then we do it all again.
      May ran an appalling campaign
      Labour ran a campaign aimed at bribing the snowflakes and blitzing social media.
      Confirms that snowflakes have no concept of reality…

      • I’m leaning towards Davies, pro brexit, tough negotiator, I reckon May will stay for a short period whilst the tories try and regroup, but whoever wins leadership battle will have difficult decision to stick or twist regarding when to go back to the country….. it’s a dogs dinner for sure….
        Top marks for Ruth Davidson!!,
        She is one formidable woman, I saw her during referendum tearing into Boris …..

  42. A resounding victory for the dark forces who are truly directing International politics. They couldn’t risk Brexit derailing their bigger plans for Europe.

    Might as well bend over and kiss our collective arses goodbye.

  43. Yep, the result is…….we stay in. Get the Vaseline out for your ring holes.

  44. I’m happy though. I put fifty notes on May the day that Cameron stood down and fifty notes on a hung parliament the day the election was announced. At this rate, I’ll soon be able to take as many holidays as Dioclese.

  45. I notice that Sky News is showing turnout as only up by 2.6%. The story has been that Corbyn got millennial cunts out in their millions with unrealistic promises and bribes. If the young cunt turnout is massively up, it rather suggests that a lot of grown-ups didn’t bother to vote. The real story may be that stay at home Tory and UKIP voters cost May her majority. It will be interesting to see some more detailed analysis.

    • Totally agree that Corbyn ‘bought’ the younger vote … probably knowing he’d never actually have to ‘come up with the goods’ .. but surely no Tory believer would chance not voting, after seeing how much a shambles the Conservative campaign turned out to be …

      • The old saying goes like this….

        If you vote conservative before you’re 25, then you have no heart.
        But if you vote Labour after you’ve 25, you’ve got no brain.

        I would add this…

        If you vote Lib Dem at any age, you are a cunt.

  46. Looks to me that you guys are fucked! Get your applications in to Australia House right now. I arrived in this great land with next to bugger all 39 years ago today ! Just a working stiff but now retired with a couple of million in assets. Not just lucky but worked hard. A plant operator in a chemical plant. Get the fuck out guys. Before it is too late. By the way you cannot get Walkers Crisps here.

    • Not true, Grumpy. I went to live in Australia a few years ago and realised eventually that it’s rubbish and dull as fuck. Like a shit version of Britain, but with sunshine.

      Blighty has a lot of problems but it’s still better than anywhere else.

      • and a Canadian once told me that Canada is boring and provincial; now they’re also saddled with Trudeau !!

        Walker’s Crisps probably got turned back by Oz Customs…
        “Have you got a criminal record ?”
        “Yeah, it’s called ‘I’m a circle-jerk maniac’ by Gary Lineker, and the needle’s permanently stuck…”

  47. They can do what the fuck they like trade and finances wise but if they – whoever deals with Brexit – don’t stop the free movement of people from the EU then it will be the biggest betrayal of a people since Judas Iscariot.

    We cannot go on as it is now.

    For my sins I have had to work in Luton for a few of weeks. Here’s a quick reminder on how wonderful Lutonistan is (https://youtu.be/b2nlIfn8tNA).

    That aside, I was also horrified when I had to stop at Toddington services (just after JCT12) for a waz en-route to Little Islamabad.

    I pulled in and thought I’d accidentally driven into a camp site. Every bit of green was occupied by a tent! My initial thought was there must be a festival on somewhere snd these were the “overnighters”.

    That thought lasted about 2mins as I saw well over a dozen cars and vans with folk sleeping in them begin to come to life (this was around 8am).

    As each vehicle “awoke” the various individuals left their cars walked over to a tent where their family were ensconced at which point a Mamma san would appear with their brood and various bottles/jerry cans taken to be filled up from the garage’s air/water pump, returned to the “campsite” where they proceeded to have a cat’s lick wash (even though there are showers in the services).

    They were all Romanians.

    I thought it could be a one off but having called in there 4 times now I can confirm that it’s like the Calais jungle there, full of these “productive benefit to the UK society” Eastern Europeans who have a free pass to just come here without any reason, by or leave.

    We also don’t want any more “peaceful” imports coming here via Frau Merkel’s “no documents, no problem, we’ll just assume you’re children” policy.

    Christ alone knows how many fucking terrorists are milling about western Europe having been gifted a “free pass” by Merkel, and – once they become German, and they will – they have the legal right to come here (and blow us the fuck up)!

    I feel sick!


    Nice to see the ABBC going to do a full day on the election. Had May received the votes she would have had pre “Dementia Tax” (whoever sabotaged their campaign with that nugget deserves to be publicly hung) that would be the usual 5mins every hour at 7, 8 and 9am and again at 10pm. Cunts!

    The only positive is that Salmon, Clegg and that pixie-faced, brain bereft cunt Sarah Olney lost their seats.


    Dear Tory Party,

    You are without doubt the most incapable set of cunts I have ever known, and believe you me, I’ve worked in places where the average IQ wouldn’t get the cunts into MenCap!

    Whether through incompetence or by design (which I’m now leaning towards) you are the biggest set of cunts ever!

    Fuck you,

    Rebel without a Cunt!

    • Nice cunting!! Rwac…..
      The electorate have been bought off, jezzas promised cash for everything and everybody, got a problem ” jezza fix it” after years of austerity it’s music to people’s ears, problem is some Cunts gotta pay for it!!
      The conservatives didn’t offer anything?? Well only dementia tax and fox hunting if that’s your thing, instead of concentrating on making their manifesto appealing they just relied on brexit!! , also may has the charisma of dog shit!, she never really fancied having a proper debate on TV, it doesn’t look good when the PM won’t take on all comers? ( think Cameron avoiding farage in EU referendum) …..
      Where do we go from here??
      Australia? πŸ˜‚
      Seriously it’s now an extremely tricky path…..

  48. I dare not look at any news outlets. Has it happened? Are we going Soviet, or what? I’d rather read about it on here honestly…

  49. Yeah, of course it was by design. How it is possible to be that fucking incompetent by accident? Of course Maybitch won’t resign…..she did the job she was told to do. Those cunts in Brussels must be pissing it up right now……I don’t want to even think about O’Shithead, Blair, Miller, Timmykins, Heseltine, Jug ears and all those other traitors. Come back Sir Nigel, we fucking need you now!

  50. Tories are the biggest party but with no overall majority.

    A hung parliament.

    It didn’t take long for that backstabbing remoaning tory cunt Anna Sour-berries to put the knife in! Cunt!

  51. Gary Linekar has held Bristols. That’s not a result just a statement of fact.

  52. Absolutely dire campaign from Mortisha May. Gagged every cunt worth listening to in the Tory Party, offered nothing of any hope to the electorate and just spewed soundbite after soundbite blah, blah. Jezza on the other hand knew he was never getting a majority so could offer everything under the sun. He may as well have said he’ll pave everyone’s door step in gold. Get this, sitting home sec Ruff Rudd scrapes through with a fee hundred votes, shadow home whale brings home a 38k. Speechle……

  53. Here’s what the Tories should do. Implement labours plans to the letter. See you all at the food bank.

    • What food bank? Isn’t it all donated? Who would be left in a position to spare anything?

  54. Didn’t Theresa May’s mother ever tell her, ‘Never gamble, you stupid cunt! Especially when you don’t even need to!’?!

    I think the DUP will get that clown May out of the shit, but (like those old Marvel comics) ‘What If’ Labour had actually won?! Imagine the antics of cunts like Corbyn, Thormberry, Banana Tree Trollop, the Abbottmonster, and numerous celebricunts who’ve never done a full shift of work in their lives all pretending to be Labour?…. Horrifying….

    • Dr Who/Star Trek style paralell universe I reckon Norman. They would all be strutting around with duelling scars, goatee beards and eye patches…

    • Trust me, it was worth staying up for. Especially as earlier Salmond was giving it the big I am. Cleggs face was a fucking picture. Shame that Timmy scraped in. But Timmy, what about the 49% who didn’t vote for you?πŸ˜€

      • In farrons case there should be a second vote as the electorate didn’t understand what they were actually voting for, and apparently there was a red bus parked opposite the polling station?? But mostly because he is a winging cunt!!!…

    • What clegg said made me lol ” live by the sword” who’s he kidding??
      It’s more like ” act like a Cunt get treated like a Cunt” in his case…….

  55. From what I’ve been able to ascertain, whilst avoiding the MSM like the plague, Alex “Fatty” Salmond lost his seat to a tory.
    I would like to point out right now that (snort!) I personally find no amusement (snort!) value in this (giggle!) whatsoever (hurrr-hurrr!) and furthermore….

    Nah fuck it. It was hilarious. Laughed my arse off at cuntface Cleggers getting wiped out as well.
    I still don’t know if we’re actually turning Soviet though…

  56. Should never have had an remainer as Tory leader after the referendum. Watch all the lefty cunts try and put a spanner on the works and save their Britain in the EU dream. What a pile of of cunt.
    Theresa will form a government with the DUP and she will be replaced by Boris or David after the dust has settled.
    The only positives for me is Clegg the cunt and Salmond losing their seats.
    This country is full of cunts.

  57. Many pundits now saying that although the DUP are pro-Brexit, they absolutely won’t accept restrictions on freedoms of movement. Interesting times ahead.

    • No because that would affect the border with Mick South, so it would, to be sure!

  58. He came, he saw, he sort of conquered and he cost the Glazers a big bag of cash…. Ta-ra, Zlatan… Definitely not a cunt…

  59. Cuntface Nuttall has resigned. Come on Sir Nigel. No other cunt is going to get us out of the fucking EU.

    • Nige should go to the Tories… UKIP are never going to be in power, and the man needs a bigger platform to do his work…. He’ll be leader in a couple of years (I hope)….

      And all snowflakes should be shot… None of these cunts have voted on issues, principles, and well thought out views and opinions… These libmong scum voted Labour simply because they ‘don’t like’ Theresa May and because bashing Brexit is trendy on Twatter… It’s the old flakey wakey celebricunt libtard student cuntykins mantra: ‘If I don’t get my way, the toys go out of the pram!’ and ‘Everyone I don’t like is Hitler! So there!’… These cunts nearly (I say nearly, because I think it’ll still be a Tory/DUP government) dropped Blighty in a big a vat of shit… They must never be allowed to do do so gain… Snowflake purge! Now!

      • The snowflakes voted Labour because the magical money tree promised to abolish tuition fees and repay the tuition fees backdated ten years.

        Plus their ‘friends’ on Twatter and Farcebook told them to. Thick cunts are now finding out that those ‘friends’ were actually Labour party initiated bots…

      • They must never be allowed to do do so again… Snowflake purge! Now! Soz…

        Ah, but what sort of cunts would attempt to derail a whole country just because they haven’t got their way?…The sort of cunts who are more concerned about slagging Big Don and ‘hate crimes’ against deodorant denouncing muslamist filth more than they are about kids getting butchered at pop concerts and innocent women being stabbed in London by psychotic camelbummers?… Those sort of cunts voted Labour?…. Yep, those sort of cunts….

        • So nothing to do with an uncosted manifesto, cuts to police budgets (and accusing the police of “crying wolf” when they tell her that budget cuts will directly impede their ability to fight terrorism), the dementia tax, and a woman who has all the warmth and charisma of Myra Hindley…?

          • Exactly. I mean how bad do they have to be that people instead voted for a bunch of terrorist apologists who would do away with the security services altogether.

          • Totally inadequate responses to Labour accusations didn’t help. Example : “You cut police numbers by 20,000 as Home Secretary”

            Correct response “But you only want to recruit 10,000 so by inference it was OK to cut the numbers because you would have only cut them by 10,000” Did we hear that? Did we fuck!

            My granddaughter could have done better- and she’s only 7…

      • I was going to recommend raising the voting age to 25 but shooting them works for me.

      • After today’s result…it signifies that we were screwed before and we’re still screwed. Snowflakes are the vermin that need to be eradicated. I could liken them to rats, but that’s a cruel insult to rats. Driven snowflake shooting needs to happen now. A useless self-serving bunch of whining libmong toy-throwers and self centred cuntitude graduates. Fuck them all to hell.

  60. It takes a real incompetent cunt to lose a 21 point lead in two weeks. Clearly, May is a real incompetent cunt.

      • To be fair Dio, I can’t imagine when would have been a better time.They ,supposedly, had a massive lead,everyone believed that corbyn was a joke who would never be taken seriously,Abbott was holding forth….what could possibly go wrong? Of course what they didn’t factor in was just how gullible a lot of the electorate are,and how badly May and the tory party would present themselves.

        If she hadn’t called one,everyone would be saying that she missed her chance to finish the labour party off.

      • At the time it was the right decision to call an election. That was when she had a 21 point lead in the polls and Labour were looking at a blood bath. All she had to do was keep her fucking mouth shut and leave Corbyn and his cretins do the hard work for her. But no.

        Then came the dementia tax and the means testing winter fuel allowance, both whipped to a froth by the media and both guaranteed to fuck off their traditional voters. Then the U turn and the refusal to take part in any TV debates must have cost her dear too. She couldn’t even use the 3 spontaneous outbreaks of peace to her advantage.

        She lost the election and she will not be PM much longer. Maybe Boris next?

        Jesus! The more you think about it the worse it becomes. A hung parliament just when we needed “strong and stable leadership”

        But in the end of the day those to blame are not May or Corbyn or even little Timmy but rather the fucking dos voter cunts who put party politics before their country. All anyone who voted leave had to do was hold their nose and tick the conservative box.

    • May requires a mega cunting. One of many no doubt.
      The biggest open goal in political history – Corbyn, who makes Michael Foot look like Churchill, Abbot, for fucks sake and that Marxist twat Watson. All supported and bankrolled by a corrupt union leader and Momentum, a Stalinist organisation.
      What does she do? Campaigns by catch phrase like a tired old comic. Fucks up the manifesto and looks like a startled rabbit every time she appears on TV. Lets Labour get away with fairy tale economics and doesnt press home their terrorist connections and anti-Semitism.
      Now she is lining up with a bunch of religious maniacs over the water. I expect her to say ‘No popery’ in her next address. We are weaker than we have ever been.
      What a monumental cunt.

  61. Much is being made of how the youth vote has given Corbyn a massive boost. They must see him as some kind of benevolent grandfather, always ready with a bag of sweets, some extra pocket money, and a there there cuddle, to make everything better. Unfortunately, he is more likely to be the one they end up showing a specialist police officer on a doll where he touched them.

    May, where do you start? She looks like a wicked old spinster who poisons cats, with the personality of a toilet seat. Inherited a majority and spunked it away for what? On the basis of opinion polls? Because they are always right….

    So, everyone loses. The tories lose their majority, Labour lose the election, and the British people lose any chance of political stability or brexit being made a reality.

    Still, Salmond and Clegg…….

    • Whatever happens now will be a fucking pig’s ear. Goodbye to Brexit that’s for sure. We can look forward to the next few years of hopelessly ineffective government and brown nosing that bunch of cunts in Brussels

  62. I just saw SNP shitbag Stephen gethins retained his seat by 2 votes!! 😑😑😑

  63. The DUP also want single market access and with that comes Free movement and all the other Trappings of our beloved EU!!……

  64. So, the DUP have said there are no red lines. We’ll see about that. I can’t see them being happy about a hard border with the Republic of Ireland, but there could be a way to avoid that. One thing’s for sure though, that penis cranium in No 10 has seriously weakened our negotiating position with her fucking arrogance. What kind of fuckwit brings out a manifesto that attacks pensioners and ignores the calls of the vast majority of the British people to cut foreign aid, and then expect to win by a landslide?

    May is still, nominally, PM. Theoretically, that means she could still use the threat of walking away if we don’t get a good Brexit deal. Frankly though, I don’t think she has the guts. I didn’t trust from day one. My opinion has not changed.

    Still there is some good to have come from this clusterfuck. Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond and Anus Robertson have all been kicked out as MP’s. And so has that ugly twat Sarah Olney. See, there’s always something to smile about. Also, I won five hundred quid playing poker with my mates. It’ll help pay for the booze and cigars we got through last night/this morning.

    • She’s a busted flush!!
      Can the tories recover??
      I’m so fuckin disappointed that this massive opportunity has gone begging!!!

  65. Last night we sent a message to the immigrants………..you’re gonna need a bigger boat.

  66. The DUP also want the pensions triple-lock protected and universal winter fuel allowances retained – both of which the Tories want to ditch.

    Incidentally, YouGov (the only pollster to correctly predict the closeness of the race and the hung parliament) are reporting May’s personal satisfaction rating at +6 and Corbyn’s at +39. Who’d have thunk it?

    • That would soon change if the senile old trot ever got elected though wouldn’t it Fred? The man has made spent his entire career sitting on the sidelines telling other people how it sahould be done.

      Easy for people to look good when making promises they never have to deliver. What cunt can take that rating seriously when the subject of the poll has never had to be judged on the results of their policies?

      I see a lot of retards from the left are celebrating Corbyn’s success and laughing at May for running the worst campaign in the history of British politics.

      Ironic they don’t mention that even with the most pathetic piss poor campaign and an unpopular manifesto to compete against Corbyn is still in opposition, exactly where the cunt wants to be.

      • Picks:

        1)Cat Smith
        2)Helen Goodman
        3)Clive Lewis
        4)Liz McInnes
        5)Byron Davies
        6)Gavin Barwell
        7)Tulip Siddiq
        8)Kate Green
        9)Gareth Snell
        10)Liz Kendall
        11)Dennis Skinner
        12)Nick Clegg
        13)Tim Farron
        14)Simon Danczuck
        15)Holly Lynch
        16)Chuka Umunna
        17)Yvette Cooper
        18)Owen Smith
        19)Chris Bryant
        20)Paul Flynn
        21)Kate Hoey
        22)David Winnick
        23)Rupa Huq
        24)Calum Kerr
        25)Ruth Cadbury
        26)Wes Streeting
        27)Daniel Zeichner
        28)Joan Ryan
        29)Dawn Butler
        30)Ed Miliband
        31)Alastair Carmichael
        32)Tom Brake
        33)Ian Murray
        34)Jess Phillips
        35)Ben Gummer
        36)Tom Watson
        37)Ian Austin
        38)Neil Coyle
        39)Kerry McCarthy
        40)Geoffrey Robinson
        41)Ruth Smeeth
        42)Ivan Lewis
        43)Jon Cruddas
        44)Angus Robertson
        45)Mary Creagh
        46)Emily Thornberry
        47)John McDonnell
        48)Diane Abbott
        49)Jermey Corbyn
        50)David Lammy

        Chris Matheson
        Rupa Huq
        Ruth Cadbury
        Holly Lynch
        Margaret Greenwood
        Wes Streeting
        Paul Farrelly
        John Woodcock
        Rob Marris
        Tulip Siddiq
        Joan Ryan
        Peter Kyle
        Paula Sherriff
        Cat Smith
        Natascha Engel
        Gareth Thomas
        Madeleine Moon
        Tom Blenkinsop
        Karen Buck
        David Winnick
        Rosena Allin-Khan
        Ian Lucas
        Richard Burden
        Mary Creagh
        Vernon Coaker
        Clive Efford
        Robert Flello
        Gisela Stuart
        Susan Jones
        Jim Cunningham
        Jenny Chapman
        David Hanson
        Gordon Marsden
        Mark Tami
        Nic Dakin
        Kerry McCarthy
        Paul Flynn
        Alan Whitehead
        Helen Goodman
        Lindsay Hoyle
        Daniel Zeichner
        Albert Owen
        Rob Flello
        David Crausby
        Neil Coyle

    • The DUP also want to to scrap the licence fee and reform the BBC, Remove air passenger duty, create Freeport zones in deprived areas, and increased use of social enterprise to provide public sector services.

      Some sound policies in their manifesto, they seem more Tory (in terms of small government and less tax) than the actual Conservative party!

  67. The situations vacant columns should read ‘Western democracies seek competent right-wing leaders’. First we had David Cameron miscalculating badly by staking his political future on staying in Europe, then we have Theresa May putting her party before the country and coming an almighty cropper, when the only opposition consisted of the comedy act Abbott and Corbyn. You can just feel the warm glow of smug satisfaction emanating from the fourth reich. They might as well dig Thatcher up, because her dead body would do a better job.
    And if that wasn’t enough, in the States they’ve got Donald Trump making a complete fool of himself and the Republican party, which must have Ras Putin rolling around in hysterics. The Americans may be cunts, but they did eventually realize that prohibition doesn’t work and they are now beginning to realize they made a huge mistake in electing this clown.
    Time for a change I think, on both sides of the Atlantic.

  68. Ive been dreaming of pariament being hung for years but not like this.

  69. Now comes the reshuffle.
    My top tip is Hammond is toast as Chancellor
    Rudd looks dodgy too but will likely hold on…

    • Do you think Boris is safe??
      Agreed Hammond is favourite to get the Spanish archer (elbow)..
      But not sure that May and bojo are a fit?? ….

      • I think if there is any re-shuffling to be done it will be May who gets the chop. This has to be seen as the worst Conservative defeat in history, even though they still won.

  70. The soft cunts had not one jot of cheer in their so called manifesto. Someone should have pointed out that it was an election not a fuckin budget. The object is to sell your party to the voters. She can’t last more than a week surely to fuck.

  71. Arlene Foster is the most beautiful woman in the whole fucking world. Id not only shag her, I would eat her shit for breakfast. Upon acknowledging the electorate of Northern Ireland, she delivered her obvious distaste at the success of Corbyn, and has pledged to support the Tories, is committed to Brexit, and sees open borders as a significant threat issue. Yeah! Go Arlene go….

    • Christ, that is one ugly feller. Him and Sturgeon could do a Transgender comedy double act.

  72. I think our nominations for losers all fell foul of thinking the Tories would win.

    At a rough count I think me and Shaun got 4/50 each but I might have missed a few…

    Either way we were all well wrong…

  73. good afternoon mr doubleday. you took your time. Tony is spot on you know, perhaps you should listen. ….taps ok?

  74. What a fucking disaster…. Diane promised free chicken wings for one-and-all if Jeremy won…apparently she’d done the sums and it was only going to cost Β£97.28 which could be spread (like her delectable thighs) over three years…..think I’m more a chicken wing man in this case.

  75. Could piss down any minute…
    I’m a ten minute walk away from where he claims to be…

  76. While it’s intelligent and evaluating to be introspective and to have a proper post-mortem, let’s keep a wide perspective. It’s not a disaster, just not very good (for everyone). Rees-Mogg (one of the heroes of the great 2016 EU Referendum victory) has rightly stated that it’s not all that different to before the election. We all knew it was a ghastly choice of characters.

    In the grey corner, the debilitating lizard Zelda May, bereft of compassion and deficient in charisma, believer in spirits and an almighty deity. What kind of nasty, bilious witch attacks pensioners and flirts with the return of fox-hunting? Astonishing.


    In the Red corner, a dull, weak, ineffectual man who clearly dislikes Britain. A man who promises money to all, like a politician Father Christmas but refuses to say from where it comes. A man who would betray the 2016 majority decision, a man who would cower at any contest and a man who had that crassly-stupid, hypocritical racist in hs team.

    Am I the only person wondering why Corbyn hasn’t resigned? He tried to become PM and has evidently failed. Why is he still there?

    We will still achieve leaving the wretched EU, it will now just be more difficult. Keep the Faith, gentlemen.

    • You’re a lot more optimistic than me,CM. We might leave in name,but I reckon the EU will follow through on their promise to “punish” the UK. May originally said that she wanted a strong hand going into the negotiations. She,most certainly,hasn’t got it.

      • It’s a reserved optimism, Dick. Nonetheless a dismal consequence to a pathetic and tepid campaign.

  77. Those commercially produced bakewells are not that good, you’re better off making your own

    • I actually quite like them, but, if you want a really special one, I can recommend Pattiserie Valerie. Yum !

      • Mrs wanted to go into that Pattiserie Valerie place, so we went… Expensive as fuck, but top quality…

  78. Today is just the same as yesterday.
    The same as last month.
    The same as last year.
    Fuck!, its the same as its always been.
    We have a bunch of fuckwitts who only care for themselves and their future employment and wealth.
    No matter who would have won, there’d still be some poor cunt getting fucked over somewhere.

    Same old same old.

  79. I remember the halcyon days of the internet when you couldn’t instantly recognise a troll, as they could make you rise to the bait with their guile alone.

    I’d like to nominate Berners-Lee and DARPA for a cunting for enabling legions of dribbling spastics to plague us with absolute fucking eye aids on a daily basis.

  80. Ok this in my biggest bug bear about all of this and this is my experience alone.

    The most fundamental thing for me was immigration, specifically open door immigration from within the EU.

    I’m not anti-immigration but I am anti “pointless immigration” when it is directly to the detriment of this country with regards to resources and amenities.

    The libbo-snowflakes decry “net benefit”. Yes that may be in monetary terms but in real terms all those so called net millions now do not provide school places NOW, do not provide hospital beds NOW, and certainly do NOT provide the homes we need NOW!

    This is a legitimate concern except when it’s raised your classed a racist even though most of Europe (well for the next couple of years or so) is predominantly Christian white people.

    It’s not about race or xenophobia towards other Europeans or European countries it’s about the ability to cope with a populace which isn’t getting any younger and therefore is naturally increasing at a level which we can’t even cope with for our own, let alone hundreds of thousands extra in net migration. It’s that simple.

    Chuck in the Merkel Terrorist Import Directive and it’s a double whammy because this country needs more “peaceful” cunts like a millipede needs bunions!

    That’s why I voted out. Most of the Brexiteers I know voted out for this reason alone and even the remainers I know were concerned about the effects on trade and finance but agreed absolutely that something had to be done about immigration.

    The news groups and remoaning twats are saying this result is because folk don’t want a hard brexit. YES WE FUCKING DO! The reason May lost was purely down to the “Dementia Tax” and the backlash from that singling out the Tory Party as the nasty party yet again.

    Had the “Dementia Tax” not been uttered May would be basking in a Tory majority not seen since 1983. Whoever sabotaged this election with this suggestion, but more importantly the timing on when to announce that suggestion, needs to be outed and have dog shit smeared in their eyes in a public forum!

    Immigration is the only EU issue, everything else is just window dressing. Trade is important but in that respect they need us more that we need them.

    Now we’re going to end up with a worst of both worlds Brexit: poorer trade deals and still having to suffer the vagrant masses coming in from all and sundry not to mention a few naturalised German “peaceful” terrorists just as soon as they get their passports.

    If that’s what we’re getting then we might as well not fucking bother. I’m totally fed up and disgusted by it all.

    Useless fucking cunts the lot of them (all politicians) who couldn’t run a bath between them! Twats!

  81. Surely someone will now photoshop May in the pocket of Arlene Foster (just like the 2015 posters of Miliband in the pocket of Wee Jimmy Sturgeon)? And after all the fuss about Steptoe Corbyn, why is May now cosying up to terrorist sympathisers? The DUP were the party of the UDA, and here’s the tooled-up previous DUP leader Peter Robinson:


    All politcians are fucking hypocritical cunts and none have the moral or intellecual highground. That’s why I put money on a hung parliament the day the election was called: two absolute fucking disasters slugging it out couldn’t possibly have ended any other way.

    • the DUP aren’t IRA why do people keep confusing the two parties?, I’ll never understand… The DUP were the good guys basically they fought the IRA terrorists

      • The were UDA TitSlapper.
        There were no good guys in N Ireland.
        All cunts doing bad stuff and takin shite into their own hands.

        Truthfully, I’m lucky to be alive after the shite i went through with proddy terrorist cunts.

  82. I have been reading and listening to the media and I am a little confused. Apparently Corbyn won a massive victory last night and yet today May is still PM and we still have a conservative government.

    It’s almost like Labour lost the election in reality……..

      • But millions of knobheads on facebook etc will be shouting that they did…
        Did I ever mention that I fucking despise facebook?

    • The bar was set so low that anything other than complete destruction would look like a victory.

      On the plus side it does mean we may see the labour party split. I think a lot of Blairite labour MPs were waiting to see a GE disaster and then mounting a leadership battle. That won’t happen now so those MPs may split off rather than work under Corbyn.

  83. This election was never about winning for Catweazle. It was about doing well enough to put the Blairites in their place. 3 years ahead of time he can now say back me or fuck off. They must think now they can win in 5 years time. There’ll be about another million and a half new immigrants by then, all potential Labour voters. They may hate the cunt but politician scum love power.
    As for Maybitch…….she’s got some front. She obviously isn’t going to resign so they’ll have to get rid of her. Betrayal and back stabbing is what the Tories do best. Beware the ides of May!

    • “Infamy… infamy! They’ve all got it in for me…” (Kenneth Williams)

  84. Fuck the election, I’m in Edinburgh for a stag weekend, not mine thank fuck, I shall be doing my bit to help the Scottish economy by getting pissed and maybe even bang a prostitute. Any advice Birdman?

    • Fuck the prostitutes, I’ll have to see if I can get a Scottish chick. It’s cheap to get here, I’ll tell her I’ll come to see her every month.
      What a generous cunt I am.

      • Tell you now mate you could be smashed out of your head and you won’t even be close to being the most pissed cunt in a 10yd radius!

        As for totty, let me tell you now, black and white cunts are irresistible to the flaxan lassies of Sconny Botland.

        My best mate is a black and white cunt and he was a proper fanny magnet up there, I even caught a few crumbs of his table (shall we say).

        Be wary of proper red-heads mind, especially after a hot night of dancing, etc., cos their lady bits usually ming a bit more than the norm (shall we say).

        The lady who I tapped off with was 14yrs my senior, proper red-head, but who had a “courtesy wash” at her gaff before insisting I went “downstairs” to get her started.

        For my own shame when reciprocated I lasted about a minute. But 2nds and 3rds afterwards was mint. A beer and fag between sessions, why who could ask for more! πŸ˜ƒ

        Ahhhh a fond memory on this most shit of days…hang on…that means she’d be 60 now!!!

        Bet I’d still give it a go, she was wonderful! πŸ˜‰

        • Nice one RWOC, I shall take your advice. I am partial to a red head and I’ll insist she cleans up before the main event.

    • Any advice?

      Aye, get out of Edinburgh.

      I don’t know if its the most boring staid place I’ve ever visited, but it and Cambridge are the at the top of my places never to return to.
      I’ve been many times but it never got any better and all that Scottish culture shite is nauseating.
      Its like a living breathing tin of shortbread.
      Fuckin shite and i cannae understond half ae tha cunts ae man? , ken?
      Me an you an at, no an at, nae dangurr , ken?

      Wtf would i know about prostitutes other than DON’T??????

      What sort of guy do you think i am?
      Honestly never been with one.

      Hope you enjoy yerself, Black And White Cunt.

      Ask for a Macallan neat, no ice or water.
      Lovely stuff. πŸ™‚

        • Evening Prime Minister Sinister.
          Its going great.
          Just got in from the beach, missus is on nights,cheesy beans and toast is ready and I’ve got David Brent to watch.
          Oh, and a large lump of hash that will keep me going until the war in the streets is over.
          Or calmed down a bit.
          Gunshots were heard earlier.

          This place has definitely returned to to lawless eighties.
          The helicopters are even out.

      • Deffo now ice or water and avoid the oak aged cask variety (silver label) nowhere near as nice as the original 10yr old (pink label) even though it sounds like it *should* taste better. ☺

  85. On the team and a load of cunts are singing Robbie Williams. The cunt is performing somewhere. Fuck this I’m off back to England.

  86. Be careful Mr. B & W, some of those “wee lassies” aren’t quite what they seem. They call it Edinbugger for a reason.

    • That’s right. Nicola Sturgeon would “do” us twice as hard and twice as fast as we could “do” her.

  87. Has anyone cunted ABBC political gobshite Laura Kuenssberg yet?

    She’s on the TV all the fucking time, ALL THE TIME. Is she UK, US, European correspondent?

    It’s not like you’d shag it, clueless fucking bitch. No doubt got a degree in Media Studies or the like. Cunt.

    • It’s spelled “Cuntsberg” mate and I’d had enough of the bitch at 9:02am. I only switched the telly on at 9!

      Cunt! And loving every minute of it. As poe-faced and crestfallen the entire ABBC was last June it’s “Champagne Charlie” this June!

      Fucking undemocratic, treacherous cunts! I hope May manages to put the boot in on the ABBC coffers before she’s ejected in a couple of month’s time.

      If she could even manage that then it will be time well served as PM.

      • I want the ABBC to lose it’s funding and die a miserable death. We get very little useful out of it, it’s biased and rotten to the core and the cunts we see on it always have their cuntish smug satisfied faces that we all have to suffer.

        Treacherous cunts of the worst kind.

      • DUP Manifesto pledge: Freeze or remove the licence fee and reform the BBC. They have my vote and this could be the one gift of this fucked up election.

      • Watched from about 2am and fuck me the cunts the ABBC pay to be on are total fucking arsewipes.

        Political bias? Got it in spades. Cunts to a man, or a Cuntsberg, and then that Kryten faced hag Maitlan comes on. No wank sock today.

    • She is considerably better than her predecessor, that Flanders cunt.

      Apparently during university days she was a semen repository for both Ed Milliband and Ed Balls (although not at the same time, allegedly). Who says the old boys and girls network is limited only to the tories? Fits in nicely with the BBC ‘political impartiality’….

  88. Our peaceful friends gave May Day a superb chance to come out and look like a strong leader.

    I was waiting for something inspirational, I was wanting someone to take charge, lead us and show strength.

    What did we get? a leader who looks like Nosferatu, an awful manifesto, I mean who gives a flying fuck about killing foxes when your own citizens are being blown up?

    What a shower of cunts. Shit from a shit fountain.

  89. It was a bad idea from the start to have this election.

    She had 3 years under the FTP without the need for this.

    To even put something like that social care fuck up in the manifesto was sheer rank arrogance and stupidity. If she were going up against a better opponent than Corbyn, they Tories wouldn’t have dared put something like than in a manifesto designed to win voters.

    At least one of the cunts who helped come up with that lost his seat, serves the stupid twat right!

    And now Brexit is in a very real danger. And for what?!

    Fuck, the only ones who have shown any sense in this whole shit storm are the jocks who saw sense and voted out the SNP cunts.

    Theresa May, you are a master grade fuck up and a dimwitted cunt to throw what could have been an easy win and instead empower a shit stain like Corbyn, who we now have to see swaggering around like he won something even though he lost too!

  90. Did anyone see those daft sambos, dead pleased wi’ demselves for having their pictures taken with Corbyn?…. ABBC and the like are going on about how Jihadi Jez got ‘ver yoof’ vote, but they are conveniently forgetting that all the parking stanleys, spearchuckers, and terrorist apologists voted for him as well…

    • God, it’s a melting pot of shit that we have voting for Corbyn.

      And the cunts always said it was us Brexiteers who needed to be purged from the gene pool! Cunts!

  91. Meanwhile, across the pond, an American minister is ranting abou howt Ariana Grande is ‘as bad as any terrorists’ because she is apparently ‘pro-sodomy’….

    Now, I know the young lady’s ‘music’ is spectacularly shite, but putting her on the same footing as smelly murdering inbred shit eating sandspades is going a bit too far….

    And as for the other bit?… I’d be more than willing to dicuss the subject with her if she ever comes to Mcr again…

    • Given that that’s probably one of those yankee ministers whose parents were brother and sister and probably plays hide the sausage with his choirboys, I think his comments can be discarded.

      • Proof, if any were ever needed, that religious fanaticism is a FUCKIN CUNT, be it islime, bible-belt or bogtrotting…

    • Look if Arianna enjoys a bit of rusty sheriffs badge action then who are we to argue!

      • Hairyanal Grande.
        Give it a couple of years and she’ll be peppered with tattoos and haggard-looking; like a sunburnt Amy Winehouse.

        Amy Winehouse: voice like an angel, face like a demon.

        • And another member of club 27 I believe.

          Sad part of her death was how predictable it was. Anyone could see how she was going to end up.

        • Imo , Amy Winehouse voice was one of the most contrived ever.
          She’s up their with
          Mick Jagger
          Elton John
          Shirley Bastard
          Tom Jones
          Blobbie Walliams
          And now every Xhamster contestant.
          People say Tim Burgess can’t sing but at least he uses his own voice.

          Except on Wonderland.
          Fuck knows why the rest of the band let him sing like that on that album.
          I love the tunes but the falsetto, well, no, not having it.

          • Think Tim was trying to a Jagger circa ‘Emotional Rescue’ on ‘Wonderland’… Horrible idea….

            Some don’t have the greatest voices, but they just sound right… Always liked the songs Mick Jones did with The Clash (Strummer was a cunt!) and Ian Curtis in Joy Division….

            Winehouse was a ‘stage school’ voice… Just like Adele Arbuckle, and Beyonce sounds like a fucking car alarm…..

          • It was probably coz The Charlatans were blowing cocaine up each others arse.
            They done that until one day someone realised they could just snort it up their noses.

            I’ve got a live BBC Charlatans double disc that has some Wonderland songs live.
            I listen and enjoy, but its not easy.
            Wake Up is an amazing song, but that falsetto?

        • Yes her last album cover looked like a charity ad campaign for abused horses!

          • The new Charlatans album is very good… At least they’ve put one out and are still moving… Going to see the Roses in Leeds soon (an old mate has got me in), but if an album doesn’t appear this year then they have been taking the piss… The ‘official’ ‘Madchester Aftershow Party’ ads that have appeared on their social media have left a bad taste… They were always above such tacky cliches and cheese… And there’s no Squire artwork for this tour… Just rehashing that fucking lemon… It’s become a corporate logo: like the Beatles’ Apple or the Stones’ Tongue… If they want to do the greatest hits and rake in the cash they should at least be honest about it, and stop all this ‘radio silence’ and ‘new songs’ (when there aren’t) bullshit… And putting out just two songs for sale on separate pieces of one sided (for fuck’s sake!) vinyl was a joke… If they don’t get this nonsense sorted they will be no better than the Eagles or Kiss (ie: cunts)… A shame…

      • #metoo!!

        WTF am I saying?!


        That’s better


        • I’m a born and bred manc, and I agree about Moss Dive… And fuck Manchester Shitty FC and their Al-Qaeda backing ‘owners’…

          A mate of mine made a very good point about Liam Gallagher in the pub the other night… He said that Liam is now commemorating Manchester deaths (the Arena victims), when for so many years he celebrated them… A lot of the lads who perished in the Munich air crash were Manchester and Salford boys… He even used to write the word ‘Munich’ when he signed his autograph… Little fucking cunt…

      • You are all a seedy bunch of cunts.
        She may be of age and wears PVC , but you are all a seedy bunch of cunts.

          • There’s loads of posters and mags in our house and every time i see it i get the heeby jeeby’s.
            She looks like one of them five year old beauty pageant contestants, and has no arse or tits.

            Seeeeedaaaay. πŸ™‚

          • Just googled her and the first thing i read was “Lana Rhoades lube drenched pussy fucked”

            Sounds nice. πŸ™‚

            I’ll be lookin that up later.

            I’ve been waiting for our discussions of tarts past and present.
            Last night i rediscovered Sammi Jessop.
            Sammi fuckin Jessop man!!!
            How did i forget her.
            I was actually looking up Heather Mills porn pics and Sammi Fuckin Jessop was in amongst the images.
            Sammi Fuckin Jessop, man.
            Oh , happy days. πŸ™‚

            PS. There’s a pic of Heather Mills covering her bits with her false leg leaning against a mirror.

            I saw a pic of Heather Mills tits hanging as she was bent over, yesterday and that led to the obligatory “nude/topless” search.
            You all know how it goes. πŸ™‚

  92. Miriam Clegg had a go at May bitch for saying ‘jobs for the boy and jobs for the girls’ a few weeks back now her beloved is a no job housebitch. From Deputy PM to Loose Women and Bargain Hunt..hope this cunt likes daytime TV. Face was a picture, does Cleggy want a second recount because people didn’t know want they were voting for? Its called democracy cunt.

    • Adverts for Stannah Stairlifts to Heaven, or at least God’s Waiting Room, and very likely dodgy funeral policies.

      May is pigfood.

  93. Tim not very nice but awfully Dim held onto his seat by a majority of 777 votes. Being as Tim has been banging on for the last 12 months since the referendum that a slim majority was not enough to enforce the narrow minority to have to live with the choice made by such a slim majority I expect he will be true to his word and resign as an MP so the narrow minority are not forced to be represented be an MP elected by such a slim majority.

    Over to you Dim.

  94. That fucking sandwog Vagina Miller was telling us that we didn’t know what we voted for last july, now the ugly cunt is saying the people have voted to reject Brexit
    I fucking loathe that bastard with a passion

    • Couldn’t agree more… What has what the British people do or don’t do – or vote or not vote for – have to do with this rapcaious foreign chimp with lipstick?….

      • It’s too bad she wasn’t in Jonestown Guyana in November 1978……

          • Nah, she’s from Guyana anyways, if she were in Jonestown of the 18th November that year, she would definitely have croaked when the kool aid was dealt out.

      • Fucking Banana Gob Bitch should shut the fuck bush up… Looks like the bride from Gremlins 2…

        • If I were a super rich cunt, I’d pay good money to see her bumped off.

          She’s another smug self satisfies cunt whose very face incited extremely violent intentions within yours truly.

          The kind of intentions that involves a blowtorch, a waterboard and sandpaper.

    • She is a cunt no doubt, oddly some of the most pro remain MP’s lost their seats. Anyone making the mistake that people voted on the issue of Brexit last night is a fuck wit.

      Labour picked up the idealist youth vote and the obama phone vote (Labour will give me everything free).

      These remain cunts have missed the boat, the technocrats of the EU have realised without the UK putting a spanner in the works the full political unification of Europe will speed ahead.

      They want us gone ASAP, the only negotiating they want to do is for how much money they can extract from us as we go and how much of the financial sector they can take off us.

      • And generally how much they can fuck us over period, and this election result has been a God send for them.

        • Gibbon Miller is now trying to claim credit for halting a ‘hard Brexit’. She overlooks the fact that it was May who chose to call the election, not her.

          This woman is now entering the realms of absurdity with her obsession to stop Brexit. Commentators such as Brillo have noted this. Her repetetive and monotonous utterings are now reminiscent of those of Rainman.

          I can just see her rocking back and forth in a chair, scratching her itchy minge, repeating “Brexit sucks, Brexit sucks”.

      • … and the SNP in Scotland were insisting Scotland remains part of the EU. Well, many of the voters in Scotland fucked them off. Don’t believe Knickerless Krankie that the ‘protest vote’ was all about Indy Ref2 … was it fuck. She’s totally disregarded the million Scots that voted for Brexit … and although the ‘Brexit Map of constituencies’ showed Scotland as a 100% remain …. it wasn’t a 100% of the population .. and since the EU Referendum, many Scots have seen the EU for the Cunts they are
        All the people I know that voted Tory in Scotland did so for a hard Brexit and ‘fuck off’ to some sort of ‘diluted deal’ that appears may now be on the cards … if Brexit happens at all.

        • And all the shite cunters were talking about Scotch/Scottish people when we told them it was the SNP not Scotland.

          We tried to tell them, but would they listen?
          Would they fuck.

          Ignorant cunters.

  95. QT this evening, most of the specially selected audience can’t even speak in English, and are obviously pro abandonment of article 50. The BBC have excelled themselves this evening, and have only just fallen short of arming people with weapons and inciting revolution. The BBC needs to be disbanded.

    • I’m passing on QT, I don’t want to watch anything abut politics at the moment, I am still disgusted about it all.

      The BBC are cunts who should be shut down. End of.

  96. Armando ianucci, Alistair Campbell, Shami Chakribati. Cunts CUNTS CUNTS!!

    • Did they drag out the “peaceful” who’s on every week again?


    • I want that whole panel and audience in the dead pool. Or better yet, dead period, more air for the rest of us!

  97. Alistair Campbellend needs to slide down a razor blade using his balls as brakes. What a cunt. What a fucking audience what a fucking farce.

  98. This cunt of a foreign audience are planning our future…who the fuck asked them ?

    • I don’t think I want to know what the QT cunts have done now……

      Kill them all and let them get sent to hell.

      • Oooh, that reads like a nice idea to me!

        In all seriousness, QT is a piece of crap anyway. I’ll never forget the 1st ever one I saw. It was just a couple of days after 9/11 and they let a couple of peaceful slags spew their hate about America. Just. 3. days. after. that. atrocity.

        Fuck the BBC.

    • Good to see Hislop remind the audience that Labour actually lost. Cheering bunch of leftie twats.

  99. Dim Farron and Dick Clegg have had a massive bust up. one wants another election because the public didn’t know what they were voting for, and the other one said fuck that

    • Well in terms of number of seats it was the Tories.

      Fuck knows why Corbyn is swaggering around like he one when the cunt couldn’t even for a coalition of cunts to get enough seats. Fucking mong.

      LimpDumbs are no doubt extolling their great revival with their ……12 seats. Clegg and that thing from Sptting Image both lost their seats.

      The Sturgeon cunt seems to be delusional, he’s acting like she didn’t just lose 22 seats including those of Toadface and Anus Robertscum.

      The Greens claims they will never get into bed with the Tories and claim they are a political force with their…….1 seat. In Freakland.

      • Looking forward to baiting the Gaytard and Hove Albion fans next season… Not seen them since they were leathered at the 83 Cup Final…. ‘Shit on the seagulls tonight!’

        • Reckon they will go straight (ha!) back down again?

          I reckon them and Shuddersfield will.

      • Fucking right.
        That scruffy retard Corbyn was on telly saying how he should be forming a minority government. WHY? YOU LOST YOU FUCKING COMMIE TWATHEADED FUCKWIT!!!
        Surely it’s not that hard to understand…. cunt.

        • It’s mathematically impossible even with 5 parties joining together.

          Still, when you have a Shadow Chancellor who can’t do sums, how can you expect his boss to be any different?..

      • The bottom line is… It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that May ran a shite campaign; that she didn’t get the required majority; that we have a hung parliament.

        And liebore STILL bloody lost !! Did Jezzer walk in to No. 10. No, he didn’t. The tories fucked up biggest time, liebore were 56 seats behind…

        So only The Flabbott could claim that they won !! And where is she, btw ??!

  100. Just reading about the punter who lost 70K on a Tory majority, Jezza’s trots sending him to the poor house early and starting as they mean to go on.

  101. Post number 349

    Feels like the ranting penguin, what with all this scrolling.

    I don’t know what will finish me off first, epilepsy or sprained thumb?

    • The M*ds do seems to be a bit slow with doing a new thread some days…..

      • Ok, post number 357….. this is becoming a bit of a mission now. New thread please m*ds!

  102. We still don’t know who won the competition. I can’t find a website that just lists the winners. They haven’t updated http://www.politicsresources.net yet.

    No fancy maps or percentages, just the names please. I have written a program to compare my selection with the full new list of MPs and it will tell me who is NOT in the new list i.e. who lost.

  103. From what I’ve seen today Mrs May has a new facial expression.

    Only ever seen once before….when Bill Cosby realised he’d handed his date the wrong glass….

    • Not BoJo, surely not!

      David Davis. Always come across as a decent bloke without 4 bags of plums in his gob and doesn’t mind a scrap when it’s called for.

      That said when the UK voted to leave the EU and Cameron resigned, the big money was on BoJo being the next PM. At that time I thought: “Fuck no! I hope May gets it. We need another strong woman in power for a bit.”

      Boy was I right but totally wrong about that one!


      I see the main focus for the Scottish Connies Leader – Ruth Davidson – after this shambles, is to ensure that the rights for bean-flickers (like her) and batty-boys are preserved.

      Wow just taken control of the highest number of Conny seats in Jockland since 1983 through no small part of your efforts in rubbishing Jimmy Krankie and her mob and your first pressure point is LGBT rights!?!

      Fuck brexit, fuck the economy, fuck terrorist attacks, let’s get those high priority things out on the table first eh! FFS!

      No one cares about your personal preferences Ruth and no one in our society will dilute the rights of any group based on their sexual orientation in this day and age – with the exception of one sector of society, the “peaceful” sector of society.

      So if preserving LGBT rights is the most important thing on your agenda Ruth then you need to get on a much needed bandwagon of pillorying the “peaceful” cunts in our society, their backwards views and their lust to see us all dead and replaced with a Shariah Law nation!

      Do that and you’d:

      a) Be leaning against an open door as far as the non-“peaceful” members of society are concerned.

      b) Bolster and increase your popularity in both Scotland and across the UK.

      c) Be free as a bird to muff-dive as often as you like and have your public wedding in church (as just passed by Jockland this week) without fear of being stoned or having your head cut off!

  104. If Treeza goes cant realistically see who’s on the cards to replace her, talk of Jacob Rees Mogg but he looks and sounds like a Dickensian school master from the 1890’s and will not appeal to the uni snowflake Corbynista cunts who the Tories need to win back. Id like David Davies but at 68 might be seen as too old for the long haul. In other news MP for South Cambridgeshire Heidi Allen is a fox! Where have they been hiding her?

    • Hmmm I agree, a tasty morsel and well worth a vote! I see that she predicts that Treez will be gone in 6 months! A bit naughty that eh ?

      • Wonder what Maggie would have thought of May and Thursday night’s fiasco?….

        I don’t think Maggie would have let May anywhere near her cabinet, and the Iron Lady would only have acknowledged the increasingly disgusting Banana Gob if she was in some kind of skivvying role…. ‘Get the tea, Gina! Jeldi!’

      • He did get mine when he ran against Cameron. I still feel the party made a mistake with that one.

  105. Theresa May has royally fucked herself and all of us whilst she was at it, Brexit isn’t going to be Brexit now, We are going to have the worst possible deal, with open borders and end up paying more for less.

    On top of that she has elevated Corbyn and his merry Marxist band from political joke to legitimate political force. She has had to do a deal with he devil, the DUP are going to drive voters away in droves.

    Telling the very people you rely on that you are going to take away everything they worked for their entire lives isn’t great electioneering and to be honest it exposes that there is a lot of truth in what people say about the tories.

    She compounds all of that by failing to highlight the hidden evils of the Labour manifesto auch of land tax which would of fucked up far more people than the geriatric tax and might of made young people think twice about voting Labour.

    Two party politics was on the wain until this election, Corbyn and May have conducted a pincer movement and put us back into the status quo of LabCon where the real losers are decent working people who are raped to finance either the very rich or the feckless.

    Thanks a bunch cunt

    • Maybe May never had any intention of doing Brexit, and this election was part of her plan?…. I just hope Boris or Davies gets in and sorts it out… And Banana Gob should be silenced… This self serving, self representing, self appointed, unelected, patronising, raoacious businessman’s prossie needs to either shut up or be shut up…

      • Always amazed me how no one in the public eye never said to her: “Who the fuck asked you? Cunt!”

        • The cunt who offed Saint Holy Jo Of The Blessed Cox was, indeed, a cunt…. Should have done for Banana Gob instead…

    • ..Am I being cynical here, but …. I would bet my last tenner on Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, May’s ‘wonder team’ of advisers, .. both being ‘Remainers’ …. apparently quite a bullying pair and a ‘closed shop’, so much so that even May herself was probably frightened to question them, and certainly no other cabinet member would.
      What if they were in ‘the pocket’ of some bigger Cunt … a couple of million quid each which would be buttons to some Cunt with a lot more to lose in a Hard Brexit… run the worst campaign imaginable, throw in enough stuff to the manifesto that you’re going to piss off Tory voters of at all levels ( nobody would question that) .. P45 at the end of it, but hey-ho, Brexit far more difficult to carry out ‘successfully’ ..
      I mean, remainer May wouldn’t protest too much.

      Only saying …..

      • You “May” well be right. It has been said that we should never have been led by a remainer. Yet this morning, there are calls for Philip Hammond to be the next “leader”. I absolutely fucking despair.
        As for today’s young, well, it strengthens my argument that the vote is “earned”. By that I mean, to be eligible to vote, some level of intelligence needs to exist. Some maturity needs to be shown, and some value or service to the country must be evidential.
        To give carte blanche the vote to a bunch of hysterical self important university fuckwits is perhaps the greatest failure of our society.
        On Corbyn’s part, the next smart move is to register all dogs arses to vote. They produce enough shit to satisfy any socialist.

  106. There was a demo in London yesterday, against the result of the election. Usual scum in attendance, crusties with socialist worker placards and half wits with their home made efforts, smash the tories etc. Apparently Lilymong was trying to find a babysitter so she could attend, and give it a z list boost. Still don’t get democracy do they? Now, there’s an online petition to oppose the tories and the DUP forming a government. This ain’t X Factor you cunts! I don’t think anyone is happy with the result of the election. This kind of political turmoil and uncertainty is no good for anyone. May is now surely a leading contender for cunt of the year.

    • But the thick as pigshit spazmotron that is Lily Mong didn’t vote either Tory or Labour… She voted for some ridiculous ‘feminist’ clown from some feminazi ‘equality’ party… Thus, wasting her vote and showing that either party , and the actual result, mean nothing to her… The woman (I use the term loosely!) is a fucking clueless mong…

    • I was driving yesterday and on the M1 from Leicester I was looking for something worthwhile on the radio. DAB i hit the search button and before I knew it the car was filled with a full on Islamic preacher.

      This was a local Islamic radio station WTF, had the M1 diverted me to Islamabad? No I was still in Blighty.

      Now from History I know that the Germans, Russians, Yanks and others had all set up Radio stations in countries they had invaded and occupied to broadcast their message to the masses.

      So here we are invaded and occupied with our Vichy political parties pretending to be in control but actually just mouth pieces for occupying invaders.

      R.I.P Great Britain, I loved you and lost you.

      • I know what you mean Sixdog. I went back to my home city for a day recently to see how much it had changed. I watched some colour footage online from VE Day 1945 where tanks, jeeps and servicemen and women were holding parties in the city square following the end of WW2.

        Fast forward 72 years and in the very same spot near the cathedral, loads of muzzies were selling copies of the Quran down the street. I felt like a spot on a domino. Sad sad times. I just shook my head, made a slow walk back to the car and got away from there. We’re fucked. Politicians and sheeple apathy have sleepwalked us into the death of Britain and a fuck-out of real size. Will the last truly British person to leave the country, turn the lights off.

        • Too true TW. Watching the election results on Thursday night, when constituencies with peaceful populations came up, it was usually a candidate with a peaceful name victorious. It can only get worse.

    • The Left wing have clearly convinced me that they are Nazi’s with another “tag”ie Socialist.

  107. Could I just give my congrats to Bruvver Jezzah. Congratulations for fucking the country up. As a younger man he must have dreamed of causing anarchy to an establishment that he and his cohorts, McDonnel, McLuskey, Fattbot et al so despise and continue to do so to this day. By waving his fairy wand and offering totally undeliverable promises to people who, nievely, tho I can’t blame them, in my opinion have accepted unquestioningly that it can all be delivered without any comeback on themselves. Sure in the short term everything will all be glitter and roses but once reality kicks in and the sums no longer add up and we are then compelled to stump up as is always the case under short sited labour governments. So now we have a government that can be held to ransom by every fucking cunt under the sun like the EU, Lib Dem lords and vagina mullah and end up achieving absolutely Jack Fuck. All we are in for now is a country stumbling from one fuck up to the next. So for that I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Tory cunts who were too stupid and arrogant not to see that coming. There is no easy answer so get braced for a round of piss boiling events that will have this site using up more energy than the national grid can supply.

  108. The election reminds me of the aesops fable The tortoise and the hare!! , but instead of the hare having a kip and losing our hare had a nasty bout of verbal diarrhoea, other than that it’s pretty much spot on!!

    • He should try starting a new site called Boring cunt.com. He is really good at that. Fuck all else though….

  109. I forcast these things in the coming months:

    1/ May will hopefully fuck off.
    2/ David Davis or Boris will hopefully become leader.
    3/ Another General Election will occur.
    4/ Another EU referendum and the remainers will win. ( Cunts).
    5/ I will get a stiffy every time I see Heidi Allen.

    • I think in fishing that’s called a bite!!
      Nice work…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  110. And bugger me, I thought Pauline Collins was an actress. You can’t imagine what a surprise that was. In the latest round of electoral results she didn’t even manage to retain her deposit. Still, worth a try.

  111. Did I say that I was referring to your niece Richard. I don’t recall posting that ?

    • No, the young lady I was referring too has a computing and internet business, and it has been established for quite some time now. I called you Richard because that is the only name I know you by.

  112. I know this my sound unpalatable but I think the dozy cunts in the tory fuck up party should now try to bring in some labour cunts into these E-fuck-U negotiations. We know now that so called hard brex is off the agenda. If she tries to muddle thru with the cunts she is gonna be back and forward getting fucked about and frustrated by all the anti democratic liberal remoaners that in the end we will end up in a dinghy being towed behind the slave ship SS EU. While the labour cunts are still fresh saying we ARE leaving and free movement will stop and while they can still be held to that the best hope of achieving anything meaningful and getting it thru parliament is to take some of their cunts along to show a united front. Maybe we could take Flabbo along. They would just sit and stare at her, mouths open and eyes agog and muttering yeah, yeah, of course whatever. Don’t leave me in the room with that!!!!

    • A hard Brexit is still very possible IF the government wishes.The only thing that will stop a hard brexit, will be political pandering to those opposed. Go for it, and tell Merkel to simply fuck off..

    • Someone was asking who I worked for. I simply responded. Is that Ok Richard?

      • Thats right Richard. We aren’t paid a lot of money. We simply coordinate all the computers for DVLA, HMRC, Customs Division. V&E, and of Course UKBA. I think we work very hard and for little pay…..but the benefits !

    • Apparently you need a hobby??
      Priceless stuff…
      maybe you could become a pathetic friendless troll?? πŸ˜‚

  113. Your knowledge and application of languages is excellent. I can only speak in Geordie.

      • Thank you.I was simply testing the strength of the common thread. But you knew that.

    • No, I don’t know Dio. As you will probably know Im a newbie here. Been on this site for a little less than 6 months. However, some time ago I became very interested in your denials. I even thought. “fuck,poor cunt ” So I made my own enquiries. I don’t need Dio or anyone else for that, Ive been doing this stuff since leaving the forces. Forget about IP tracking and all that crap. But, public records….now that is the difference. The world of officialdom, from cradle to the grave, we leave a mess of paperwork where ever we set foot. In Training we track ourselves throughout our lives. Richard, it is frightening what people know about us. MI6 used to use our computers as filters! Nasty, very nasty. I like this site. We actually do not know each other, but, you can guess and you can pick at crumbs. I think one of my ex colleagues is on this site. Now HE is very clever. Never mind, nice chatting to you Richard, Regards.

    • Direct object pronouns and indirect pronouns still give me grief…so I tend to say word more than I need to compensate for that.

      subjunctive tense in Spanish is a bugger , but i got many phrase learnt off by heart even though I aint sure really why the subjunctive is needed.

      But i am defintely fluent…I speak it every day at work!!

    • OK, I’ll bite.
      Your English is pretty pisspoor and your Sapnish or is it Spanish is even worse.
      Seriously, it’s bad.
      Stop trying to show off, coz to those who know, its fuckin cringe worthy.

      Asiods. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know why he wants people to look at ranting penguin, it’s just him being made to look a fool, over and over. What a dullard.

  114. Ive been visiting Ranting Penguin. But you know that. If you look back in time, you might now begin to realise who I may be. My offer at that time is still open.

  115. I am not birdman, but if you carry on the threats against birdman i will notify him and his family.
    You are lucky i haven’t informed birdman about the threats coz he’s an evil bastard.

  116. I am sat outside the the Millennium Dome, Penny Lane, Swindon, just round the corner from Blackpool Tower with Chris Packham smoking banana skins

    Are you brave enough?

  117. You really need to read the posts properly…..

    As previously explained YOU are on the wrong site………
    This site is ” is a Cunt ” not ” I am a Cunt” …….
    And on one of your previous posts you tell asim to get a hobby? That’s rich coming from boring pseudo intellectual troll?
    Is this your hobby? Haven’t you got any friends to go and have a beer with?……

  118. Fuck this, I’m off to the beach.
    They pensioners cant rub the sun tan lotion into them folds of skin themselves.
    I hope “nasty” Nancy’s there.

    Beach life babeeeee!!! πŸ™‚

  119. What is needed now in the Tory Party is perhaps Ruth Davidson to come South and kick some arse. She certainly don’t take prisoners.Not only that, she would wipe the fucking floor with that Brighton mob, they would be falling over themselves to kiss her arse.

    • You’re absolutely right Mr Simple. She would have the poofery eating out the palm of her rug. The snowflakes would go into ‘can’t compute’ mode. They would be so fuckin confused there would be smoke streaming from their japs eyes and minnie slits. That would be so fun to behold. I may even convert to some uphill horticulture myself.
      C’mon Ruthie lad, I mean love, sorry I mean, oh fuck it whatever you wanna be called.

      • …. I’m fortunate enough to be in the constituency that fucked off Alex Salmon … a bit of a silver lining to what might be a cloud. However, Ruth Davidson has done a lot in the region and campaigned well .. I did smile when my Dad ( in his eighties and maybe his eyesight isn’t so great ) see’s her on TV and proclaims …’I like ‘him’ , he’s my favourite’ ….

        I think it would be too complicated to explain …

  120. I understand Ruth is quite ill. Bloke down the pub told me she’s suffering from Strapadichtomy.

    • Actually, her G/F looks rather punchable….not beautiful, but certainly fuckable. I wonder what Mr Fiddler might make of that?

  121. Voting Conservative was the only choice for me, after Caitlin Moran said anyone who did vote Tory in this General Election was a ‘cunt’… So anything that upsets that misandrist, mackerel knickers, faux-intellectual ugly fat cunt can’t be wrong… It’s so hard to justify even thinking about voting Labour now… Because of thick as pigshit snowflake absolutists and Remaniner zealots, who equate a voting choice with whether someone is good or evil… Snowflakes are cunts…(Most) Students are social media sucking, sponging scum… Labour love sandspades and murderers…

  122. England were 1-0 up near the 90 minute mark and it ends 2-2… Fucking crap and Joe Hart is a useless (ex) Bluenose cunt…

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