Noam Chomsky [2]

Noam Chomsky is on Newsnight saying the American Republican party is the worst organisation in human history and are more dangerous than ISIS.Fucking irritating pseudo-intellectual cunt!I have always hated him but this has made my piss boil..He also says he would vote for Corbyn if he was English.Says all you need to know.

Nominated by Shaun

Who the fuck is Noam Chomsky?
Actually never mind, anyone who says that the Republicans are that and that he would vote Corbyn is an utter cunt.

โ€ฆ.Just google the stupid old cunt, he also says that Labourโ€™s future is with Momentum.

Christ, Iโ€™ve only just learnt who this old bastard is and I already hope he hurries up and fucking die already!

Has Noam Chomsky been cunted yet?

I think he should be. Anyone who claims that; the yanks republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world, is worse than ISIS, thinks that the Labour partyโ€™s future lies with the vile Jim Jones like cult known as Momentum, would vote for noted commie lunatic Corbyn, yet another bleeding heart for the murderous, terrorist empowering Palestinians and generally a stupid, delusional, hard left old cretin is well and truly a cunt.

Nominated by prime minister sinister

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  1. Noam Chomsky is a cunt! does he think hes Mark E Smith or something?! Nice try Chomsky your not fooling anyone

  2. never heard of the cunt but any cunts name that ends in sky is a proper cunt

    • And me too! ( Asimplearsehole )
      Meltdown, the guy’s insane, and whats this shit about a little girl ?

  3. Another influential old cunt who can’t believe nobody listens to him anymore. Well we tried listening to you and all we got was shit. Another fucking old liberal who gave us suicide bombers and fucking trannies everywhere you look. Fuck off cunt…..your day has gone…….just die shithead.

  4. He has written a lot of books like profit over people and the failed states, proper old school liberal, I wonder what he being Jewish thinks about all the allegations of anti Semitic behaviour in his beloved corbyn crafted Labour Party? Silly old outdated Cunt…

    • He wrote an offensive paper criticising survivors of the holocaust, and seems to despise the state of Israel. This guy is a fuckwit with issues.

  5. He’s made much of his own innocence and that Anna Raccoon revealed all evidence in a piece on her blog so anyone could quote it.

    What he doesn’t know – until now – is that that was the watered down version. Anna send an email to several of us who were sharing information about him. There’s a lot more info in there and it includes details only the two of them know that Prickie subsequently used in his rants.

    And if its not him, why doesn’t he just tell the innocent bloke about it? That makes no sense.

    Anyway I’m cool with taking the address down. Everybody knows it by now anyway. Let him rant on at the Penguin, talking to glove puppets on a dead blog. Who cares? It’s pathetic…

    • I’ve tweeted the Penguin to let him know how his old blog is being abused. Not had an answer.
      Not sure why he stopped blogging.
      Anyone have an email address for him?

      • Visited the site. My God. Manic and seriously disturbed individual. I can see why you removed his address, you realised just how ill he was.

        • I didn’t remove his address. I’m not admin here any more.

          Having met him, Anna reckons he’s a delusional sociopath with a deep rooted inferiority complex.
          (she has worked in mental health, so she probably knows it when she sees it?)
          On the evidence of his behaviour, I find it hard to disagree.

          Hopefully we can now go back to blocking, deleting and ignoring him…

    • I couldn’t leave a lost either.

      Feel a bit sheepish about it coz only the other day i was takin the piss out of one of the cunts at the penguin for not being able to do it here. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You should be able to post a comment.
        Click the Name/URL button or the Anonymous button at the bottom of the comment form and remember to tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box

        • I think everything has been said.
          It was his minions that i wanted to wind up (birdman v Crowman) but maybe they minions don’t exist.

          Do you think there was a veiled threat to Mr Bastard there?

          • Don’t have a clue who he’s talking about to be honest. Not sure he does either.
            I think Crowman was one of his glove puppets. Look at the writing style…

      • Out of morbid curiosity, I’ve just visited the Ranting Penguin blog and his comments on there are even more bizarre and inarticulate than the ones he leaves here if that’s possible, especially the bits where he talks to himself under different user names. I didn’t really pick up on any threats to myself personally though which is most fortunate…

        For him.

        • This isn’t you then? Thought not. He’s just full of shit :

          I wont publish the full name and address…..just to say one of the mis-informed, mistaken cunts lives in a lovley North Norfolk village although his “pad” is not so desirable.
          Damn nice Victoria sponge cake and cheese scones accross the road eh mate!!….he moved about 8-10 miles south from his old gaff and is now more inland.
          ya see old fella….my facts are 100%…not just daft old shit.

          • Really enjoy the website but have been constantly perplexed by this troll character that regularly gets a mention. So I had a flick through the history of it and now realize the extent of it – a decent size book could be released detailing the exploits of said troll.

            I genuinely thought trolls were a MSM illusion but clearly they exist. How fucking bizarre in all my days I have never read such drivel…

      • Bugger, posted on the wrong bit of the thread.
        That defo is not me, not by a long chalk..
        The sad hopeless delusional wanker…

      • Just took a look at that blog, fucking hell i really think Doubledouche needs a to be sectioned ASAP.

        The bastards is clearly unhinged.

  6. Its Avram Noam Chomsky. You might have known it. Another product of immigration to America. He was born in America of immigrant Jewish parents. Since birth he has done little but shit stir in all areas of American Society. In fact, there is very little in American culture, its values or behaviour that he is positive about. This cunt is in essence a professional whinger. He has been at MIT since the fifties, and is into Liberal ideology, communications philosophy and all the usual useless shite that excites snowflakes, retards and village fucking idiots. He was a leading light in the anti Vietnam crusade of the 60’s and 70,s, and actually pissed off all veterans by describing them as willingly corrupted mentally and intellectually. ( for that alone he is a cunt ) Chomsky is a must read at University for all would be political scientists, neo liberals. Kalergi arselickers, paedophiles and general run of the mill fuckwit students. He IS a massive cunt. He is an example of a fucking immigrant shit, never grateful, always resentful, socio-path. This is how immigrants pay back their host nation. He is a CUNT.

      • Not me!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
        I never realised how many Cunts there were till I found this site, it’s been not only illuminating but makes me laugh on a daily basis!! Keep up the good work…

      • Fucking hell, how have one of the ‘Nam vets not killed the fucker?!

        • One tried, having spent several years in psychiatric care, a vet marine tried to kill the twat. Obviously he failed ( sadly ) The big issue was that twat chops had written a paper that seemed to say that ALL military personnel were feeble minded idiots who had no other useful purpose in life than to serve. he went on to suggest that they were to be compared to soldier ants, and that they were dispensible for the greater good. The man was and is a cunt

    • Nice post Asimplearsehole. I read up on him and found him to be a right cunt.

  7. I don’t know why Noam Chomsky is famous. I used to get him mixed up with Marvin Minski the AI guy, but he seemed OK. You’ve got to have a system to remember which is which.

  8. In life and work I’m a pretty much “get along” type of bloke.

    Always got along fine with Indians (Hindus and Sikhs) at work, have Jewish friends and my best mate at school was a black & white cunt (who’s Dad was from Kingston Jamaica).

    I can honestly say I have no “peaceful” friends and the ones I’ve worked with I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw Dianne Abbott! Especially the “peaceful” contingent from the Northwest of the Indian sub-continent (you know what I mean).

    What I don’t get is the general negativity towards Israel and Jewish people in general, while “peaceful” cunts are to be appeased and welcomed???

    Just out of interest when was the last terrorist attack perpetrated by the Jewish people? I’m struggling to remember but if there was one then Herod was on the throne!

    Now then, flip that on its head, when *HASN’T* there been a “peaceful” terrorist atrocity of some shape or form in recent times???

    I’m totally confused by this continued cow-towing to these “peaceful” cunts whose make-believe beliefs are not only barbaric but are backwards in thought and deed.

    And yet we are to welcome these cunts with open arms? Sorry fuck off! Don’t like it (even if you are a nth generation born here “peaceful” cunt) then please feel free to exercise your democratic right (until we’re under Shariah law that is) and fuck off! I’m sure Riyadh or Islamabad will be more to your liking.

    Ok you won’t be able to claim any benefits for your every expanding brood but hey, you can’t have everything right! Cunts!

    • spot on post ! anti semitism rife in the labour party and I don’t understand why.

      • Because religion in general is competing with left wing ideology to occupy the part of the human brain that believes in ideology, thus religion is a threat to them.

        Socialism/Marxism seeks to impose a higher order on those around them, a greater good, a greater sense of being just like religion does, can’t have competition can they?

      • “anti semitism rife in the labour party”

        Ridiculous statement because why do so many kikes vote labour then? And ken livingstone could suck off the entire state of israel and they would still call him a jew hater lol

        FFS he has a flag orf israel on his door not alot of nazis would do that Also I’ve never heard Flabbot say negative things about israel as shes the biggest Zog arsekisser I know and corbyn what has he said?! almost absolutely nothing thats what

      • Me neither, it’s a really odd one, it’s been rumbling on for a while….

    • Before Israel got independence, the British Army was bombed at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by a Jewish paramilitary group – it was either Irgun or LEHI.

      • Thats why I hate israel, a terrorist state built on the blood of British soldiers. And those cunts in ireland are no better so they can fuck off and all.

        • Irgun and LEHI were not official militias of the zionist leadership, they were terrorists and even David Ben-Gurion considered them as such. The official Haganah militia (which became the IDF) never engaged the British Army.

          • The Irgun were a terrorist organisation which were incorporated into the IDF in 1948. Between 1943 and 1948 it was commanded by Menachem Begin who later founded Likud, a right wing nationalist party and became Prime Minister of Israel between 1977 and 1983. It’s difficult to see how they could be more part of the Israeli establishment. Its like Gerry Addams becoming prime minister and saying the IRA had nothing to do with it.

            Israel is a terrorist state built on the blood of British soldiers and are therefore cunts.

    • Fuck me…I had no idea on that matter at all. Im still struggling to make sense of that.Cheers.

      • So Israel helps people who need help and shows scant regard for what these people think of Israel. This is old news cunters and I am bloody positive we helped a few IRA members with “humanitarian aid” and we have helped lots of “peaceful” extremists with massive payouts etc. One does what one has to do to survive.

  9. Is there no end to the Savile Sheltering Corporation’s blazing cuntitude?….
    Now the BBC want to be Big Brother: and report individuals to their employers if someone says something they don’t like…. Yet they employ a twat like Lineker: who can get away with labeling honest and decent working people as ignorant and racist…. These cunts are fucking priceless… Naturally, this surveillance and squealing will only apply those who are white, straight, and working class… Anyone who says anything about Brexit or those ‘migrants’ will be grassed up quicker than you can say ‘Man United 0-0 draw’…. But any terror loving, rapeugee muslamist human filth or uppity transbneders will be left alone as it will ‘breach their human rights’… Fuck the ABBC… Cunts for all time…

    • ‘uppity transbenders’ that should say… The Bruce Jenner’s dead dick appreciation society…

      • Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is brilliant.

        I’m a fan.

        (No crude put downs please)

          • He’d have probably have fitted in better on “KING” Kenny Everett.

            I miss Kenny Everett.

        • Why are you a fan of him? or that toxic family of his the kardashians? cutting your dick off isn’t brave its sick. Also he murdered people cause of careless driving and basically got off scot free

          His gender bender reveal was basically a coverup for the accident as far as I’m concerned

          • The guy/girl is hilarious.

            He puts the K tarts down all the time as a guy and as a girl, admits that he’s not female, unlike the other freaks.

            Forgot he was a murderer though, so yeah, he’s a cunt.

            Nice tits though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Birdman you obviously love birds as in the name, but do birds ever piss you off or just irritate the tits off you? cause since 4 am this morning this little fucker outside has been singing a repetitive 2 hour chirping song. Iโ€™m inspired to shoot the fucker but Iโ€™m starting to admire the cunts longevity at singing

    Lots of robins , blackbirds, owls around where I live and tons of woodpeckers this… bloody woodpeckers! I’ve been hearing knocking on wood like you wouldn’t fucking believe

    • Hey, TitSlapper
      Leave them birds alone

      I can get wound up at the slightest noise, especially repetitive noises, but never with birds.
      I have swallows nesting outside my kitchen window and they screech every hour or so through the night. I have know idea why.

      Then the pigeons start at about sixish in the morning.
      And then my budgies don’t shut up until a blanket covers them.

      Truthfully, i love it .
      The only things that don’t piss me off in this world, are birds.

      I bet that woodpecker would test me though, but what an amazing creature to be able to do what it does without doing itself a mischief.

      • Woodpeckers are great really beautiful looking birds but they are real moody bastards they are aggressive even to their own species, always on the offensive. I basically live in a bird sanctuary birdman thats what in feels like at times. I’m not even bloody joking

        That other bird stopped at 8am now noon but now I’m hearing woodpeckers sqawk and a few different birds chorus together but its windy. Woodpeckers bird chorus is obviously not that pleasant sounding they wail, sqawk and scream like angry cunts Most birdsongs/ bird chorus I find calming and very relaxing almost put you in a trance and float into a dream. Especially when I flip some killer downtempo on but not 24 fucking/7

        • Sounds like heaven TitSlapper.

          You lucky cunter. ๐Ÿ™‚

          There’s a quiet cove i sometimes go to along the coast and its great for lying back with a doob and watching all sorts of birds flying back and forth, and singing all the while.

          Even saw a few vultures the last couple of weeks and the flamingoes should be passing soon.
          It’s the simple things that cheer me up. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Vultures eh? Hopefully mopping up a few “peaceful” bodies en-route to blighty via the Merkel invite!

    • Are you sure it’s a woodpecker, and not Pinnochio having a wank?

  11. Chomsky is exactly the sort of intellectual 4×2 cunt who triggered Hitler’s hatred of them.

    He is also a coward, he has refused any form of debate with Sam Harris, a philosopher, neuroscientist, conservative commentator and atheist because he knows he will get fucked if he did. He doesn’t even have the courage of his convictions, the cunt.

    • Sam tried to have a chat with him on twitter, Noam went all esoteric like the sophist cunt he is and tried to turn it into a debate. Cue the Young Turks fawning over Noam “crushing” Sam in a “debate”.

      • Sam eventually goaded the old cunt into a private exchange of e-mails which Sam later published. However all Chomsky did throughout was ignore Sam’s points completely, obfuscate the issue and waffle. Typical lefty intellectual tactics in other words; if you can’t win an argument at least make sure you don’t loose.

        • The old twat is a sophist but is held up by the left as some swami or intellectual heavy weight. Lefties – cunts to a man….. And woman.

    • Gad Saad has a video on YouTube where he explains his game called the six degrees of Noam Chomsky. I would post the link but it got flagged as spam FFS!

    • CUNTS!!!!!!

      Why weren’t black artists creating masterpieces back in the day.
      Its amazing that Black’s want to black up everything yet have given very little to invention, art,medicine etc.
      Peanut butter was their peak.

      Last week, the absolutely stunning Alice Eave was vilified for appropriating black culture coz she wore braided hair, yet Beyonce gets away with wearing a blonde weave.

      Its enough to make me a racialist. ๐Ÿ™

      • I agree, its sickening how these fisting pumping black commies BLM violenty assaulting people. Cunts keep appropriating white culture while culture critiquing everything that isn’t theirs. Why don’t they go back to africa if whitey is so horrible for freeing slaves and fighting the civil war for their freedom Now they wanna remove confederate statues and debase european art will that appease will it fuck

        they basically stole egyptian culture too lol

        • I watched Secret Societies on DMAX last night and it was about the modern KKK.
          Anytime a KKK member gave his view it would cut away to a talking head who would repeat over and over that modern society doesn’t think that way anymore.
          Now, I’m no KKK fan but all they where saying was that they aren’t allowed to celebrate who they are yet BLM and the blacks in general were encouraged to celebrate all things black.

          Remember in the remake of the Dukes of Hazard when they Duke boys got slated by a car of black homies for having the Confederate flag on the roof of their car?
          The Duke boys slunked away sheepishly.


          • What is it they say?
            Imitation is the best form of flattery?

            Who am i supposed to be having a pop at, Richard?

            I can assure everyone that i have never posted on the penguin, so a post under my name proves that Richard is conversing with himself.
            Doss cunt.

  12. Don’t know anything about Noam Chomsky apart from what has been said here.
    I only heard of him last week.

    So unable to add anything, I’ll just have my weekly cunting of Noel chumpsky Gallagher.

    The cunt hasn’t invited any family to his 50th birthday bash.
    Not even his Mam.
    Sarah McDonald’s plans of being the superior Yoko is working.

    What a pair of cunts!?!?!

    • On my 50th some mates arranged for me to have a threesome with a couple of Thai hookers, claiming it’ll be better than winning the lottery.

      Not entirely accurate…although it did involve six balls….

  13. Please pass this round cunters.

    Paki cunts bully an 80 year old bloke, a fucking customer in their own shite fast food joint no less. Then see how hard they are when called out on it. Fucking scum cunts.

    • Thanks for the link, Skiddy…
      They really are cunts… Pure fucking filth…..

      • Cheers, Norm. Sadly there is no shortage of this type of disgusting filth.

        When are people going to wake up to the threat that islime posses to us all? What level of cognative disonance must ilsime apologists be working under that they can see this sort of stuff and continue to defend the child rapist scum?

    • Much has been said about boycotting Walkers crisps, so lets get a boycott of kebab shops going.
      Its been mentioned a few times that all these cunts bring is a shite scummy gilberty attitude, mosques, phone shops and kebab shops.

      Don’t give the cunts yer money .

      Cheers Skidmark Eggfart.
      Who is the good guy hosting the clip?

      • Almost everyone Indian I have known has been great… I mentioned my teenage friend/fling, a girl called Jasprit (Jaz) previously here and the Indian Sikh neighbours we had were top people and still are… Yet they despise the Parking Stanleys with the utmost venom, and now I know why…. Mrs Kohli (my mum’s friend and still the owner of the most immaculate and cleanest house I have ever been in) loathed the parkies with a passion in the 70s and 80s…. I asked her why one time (when eating some of her superb Tandoori) and she said, ‘They are the worst people on earth, my son… You, in time and age, will find this out…’
        Turns out Mrs K was right…

        • India suffers attacks on a daily basis from they slimey cunts.

          I know a few Indians through them owning the only restaurants that i eat in (veggie) and its refreshing doing some Muslime slagging with them.

          Maybe the little bit of Indian (and Jewish) blood i have coursing through my veins that gives me my hatred for them.
          Or maybe i hate them coz I’m sane and they’re dirty cunts.

          • Indians hate the paki cunts with a vengence. I think it had something to do with the millions who were killed during partician. Admitadly it was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other in terms of who was doing the killing but the fact remains paki cunts killed millions of Indians.

      • Speaking of Muslim and other assorted terrorist lovers. I’m getting a bit worried now about the amount of positive news Sky ,channel 4 and the fucking BBC are giving to Corbyn and his cunting cronies.
        Only today that snivelling cunt Jeremy vine was fawning all over Corbyn.
        They keep this up until the election and Labour/ momentum will have a chance of getting in.

        • Only 3 weeks to go the BBC would have to suck cock like they have never sucked cock before to reverse May’s lead. They had some polls done in the Middlands and Northern England, traditionaly labour areas and the Tories were trouncing Labour in almost every demographic, especially the JAMs where they lead by 50 points. The only demographic were labour had a lead was the young metropolitan lot and even there the lead has deminished. Bet the house on it, labour are set to loose and loose big.

    • Yes but it’s the same as the “peaceful” Birminghistan cunts that were on “Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away!” programme a few weeks back. “Peaceful” cunt banged to rights on not paying his debt. Won’t say boo to a goose on his lonesome. Sneaks off and within 10mins has an injunction in place to prevent seizure of goods (provided by the local “peaceful” judiciary), comes back with 3 (no doubt out of 8) brothers all hard as nails now, assaults one of the bailiffs and what charges were brought against this cunt? None cos he’s a “peaceful” cunt!

      Like the bloke in the vid above said, had that been two white youths having a go at a “peaceful” cunt – irrespective of age – there’d be public outcry by the meejah and virtue signalling by the bucket load from “nice but dim” libbo slebs, MPs and snowflakes!

      Whichever way round it is wrong, dead wrong, a disgrace in fact! However in this Orwellian meejah/liberalist construct that we find ourselves, anything against “peacefuls” is more wrong than against non-“peacefuls”, and anything committed by these “peaceful” cowards – because that’s what they are, pure and simple – is merely them just being misunderstood.

      And I’ll tell you another thing. I live in the Northeast. We have a few “peacefuls” but they keep themselves to themselves in the most part. I work however up and down the country and the more “peaceful” areas (Londonistan, Leedsdrabad, Lutonistan, Birmingistan and Bradfordrabab) the “peaceful” contingent are a really chippy and arrogant bunch of cunts – but only when there’s a group of them. On their own they’ll barely make eye contact let alone get mouthy.

      Did I mention that they were cowards? There’s not a fair fight in any of the cunts! That’s why they use bomb jackets and drive cars into folk minding their own business because they haven’t got the minerals to do it mano-e-mano!

      As a group they need knocking down a peg or twenty! O”course you’re not allowed to have concerns about “peacefuls” because that’s racist (even though it isn’t because a religion isn’t a race) and it upsets Wickle Timmy Farron who believes we should all offer our arses up to these cunts!

      Isn’t that the LibDums campaign slogan? “Spare a goat! Fuck an infidel!” – summat like that anyway, the appeasing little gobshite!

      • And when the polis turned up, they told the bailiffs to scarper as it “wasn’t safe around here” for them .

        Quality polis.

      • Spot on, Rebel. Gobby cunts when they are team handed but fuck all on their own. But then again you can say that about most johny cunts. Maybe not the Russians and a few yanks might have a go but mostly your wog type is a spineless cunt.

        • Did you see the programme last night? Those car dealers got all their mates to come round and battle with the police. They don’t give a fuck about the law. And after their boss finally decided to pay up, he and the others who were arrested were released without charge! That’s what annoys me. They should have been slung in jail.

  14. Can someone please tell me why here in the west a huge amount of the population want to give them selves up to this medieval scum ???
    Is it to break down our sense of national identity or some kind of white guilt ???

  15. Tell you now, I would burn my house down and lay waste to the grounds with toxic chemicals before I’d be forced to allow any of those cunts use it – empty or not!

    The fucking arrogance of it! Once again the ordinary Joe from working class through to middle class getting screwed by the globalist illuminati who know full well that their lots won’t change one iota!

    Neo liberals = old facists!

    • Hopefully those blessed with the foresight of Lonnie Peters can now see why leaving the cash confiscation club, AKA the EU is now very necessary.

      Merkel is progressively revealing her masterplan for bullet-headed Hun, Europe wide subjugation.

      If we don’t leave and a weak, far left, like-minded lunatic leader such as Corblimey grabs power then the UK as we know it will be completely ronnied beyond all repair.

      This is all very hideously Orwellian.

  16. It all started to go wrong when they gave wiminz the vote. We are now in a completely feminised society incapable of even recognising the danger let alone defend themselves. But wiminz have always been unfaithfull to the society which rased them. Look how many French tarts opened their legs to the bosh and all the jap lasses who married Yanks after they had just nuked the yellow cunts twice.

  17. Went to a secondary school that was about 60% peaceful, these cunts have it bred into them from day 1 on how to play the system.

    • They are also hardcore indoctrinated to the point of being aggressive if you say anything they perceive as negative about their religion from a young age.

  18. By-to-let landlord who has banned ‘ coloured ‘ people because of curry smell at his properties and being sued by Equality and Human Rights commission. You would think this county couldn’t fuck up itself anymore but the peaceful’s are untouchable.

  19. A new low from Smeggy Gleggy. His new argument for staying in the single market is people were not listening when he himself said it was inevitable we would have to do so. Why do they keep having the deluded meglamaniac cunt on the telly?

  20. Not like a fucking Jew to poke his nose inwhere it doesn’t concern him is it?


    • Can we please lay off the anti semitic ranting please. It is very tiresome.


      • We rant about everyone else. Don’t see why the Jews should be exempted.

        • Or faggots or veggies.

          Its amazing how much shite i get for being a veggie yet no cunt takes the piss out of our token homosexual.

          • How couldn’t you know ???

            He mentions it in nearly every post!!!

            Turn yer gaydar on, Dick Fiddler. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Fucking ace , I love this site. Fuck knows why I keep on watching Cunt question time though

          • Ah yes I’ve seen it too.

            One thing I can say dear cunters is that we don’t discriminate, every fucker gets it both barrels!


    • Spanish bulletin at bottom of screen.

      Car accident in New York

      One dead and at least fifteen injured

      Reports it was a drunk driver.

      The authorities are saying it was an accident

      The FBI are working with the police

      End of bulletin


      Why are the FBI investigating a drunk driving incident?
      And why are they reporting a drunk drive incident in New York in a bulletin on Spanish 24hr news?

    • What a fucking surprise!

      Let’s see how they spin this fucker for the next 2wks before they reveal his “peacefulease” name!

      Until then it’ll be a US citizen from Vermont or Idaho or Wisconsin or….any fucking non-“peaceful” place.

      Please note that Thomas Mair was named as Jo Cox’s killer (and branded a right-wing Nazi) before her blood had even dried on the road!

      The actions of Mair nor the “peaceful” cunts repeatedly committing acts of terrorism on a daily basis can be condoned, I’d just like to shine a light on the disparity of the way “peaceful” atrocities are reported (i.e barely at all) Vs non-“peaceful” atrocities (i.e. reported ad-infinitum for weeks so they don’t have to report on the 2doz or so “peaceful” atrocities committed during that time).

      And by that, I mean YOU ABBC! I bet Fox calls it as a “peaceful” terrorist attack just like they did the London Westminster attack while all the indigenous news groups pussy-footed around the subject as being carried out by “some bloke from Kent”.

      Fucking cunts!

  21. You couldn’t make this shit up.
    I just pissed myself laughing when I read this :

    John McDonnell has accused Theresa May of demanding a โ€œblank chequeโ€ from the British people

    What a fucking hypocritical cunt this man is…

    • A Labour cunt accusing others of demanding a ”black cheque” from the people….. priceless Dio.

      This is the party that always spends the country into oblivion when they are in power. FFS we’re still recovering from the last time!

      God help us if people take leave of their senses and put these cunts in power!

    • At least it would be a cheque you could cash with the Connies unlike the IOUs that Labour govts leave behind when they get booted!

      Don’t get me wrong, I vote Connie not because I think they’re great but because I trust them with the wedge in my arse pocket at the end of each month far more than I do the LabDums!

      I wish I had the where with all to start my own party, The Common Sense Party, where I would pillage and plagiarise any good idea (few as they are) from each party and make no fucking shame of it either!

      Too many good ideas in politics get pooh-pooed just because said party in question didn’t come up with them all to tow the party line and fuck the citizens who those ideas may have helped.

      I tell you now, if you made up a cabinet of cunters from this site you’d have a better chance of running (saving) this country than any bunch of Westminster cunts – most of whom have their own fucking agendas to fulfil!

  22. Anybody watching ‘Three Girls’ on BBC1? Last episode tonight 9pm. We all knew what evil fuckers those parking stanleys were in Rochdale but this just brings it to life. Why no one in the GMP has been charged with incompetence is beyond me. Apparently a foetus removed from a 14 year old girl and kept in a fridge was ‘ not enough evidence’. They got there in the end but only after many more girls had been drugged raped and buggered.

  23. I was reading an article on parallel universes today, more and more people in the filed of cosmology and astrophysics are convinced that there are infinite parallel universes where infinite versions of ourselves live infinite possible lives.

    In not one of them is socialism a good idea.


    • The Doppleganger. The physics are mind boggling, and the mathematics amazing. Above all, it is possibly true.
      I would personally like to be in the parallel where I have a full head of hair, all my own teeth and a cock that would be the envy of every donkey on the block!

      • The multiverse idea is all bollocks made up so that the sums work. There is absolutely no evidence for any of it and as such has about as much validity as belief in God. Russell’s teapot.

  24. I can’ t get my head around the barristers who defended the Rochdale paedophiles.are they told they have to do it? I mean why would anyone want to defend them? I know everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty but fuckin hell.

    • Those fuckers would sell their own mothers if the price was right, driven my money not morals.

    • Basic principle of English law is that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, legal representation and a proper defence.
      You want it any other way?

      If yes, they you’re stupid.
      I wouldn’t want to defend some of the people barristers have to represent, but somebody has to do it.
      They don’t have to like it. Just do it

      • As long as the due sentencing is carried out, it is acceptable.

  25. Lee Rigby’s memorial has been “Vandalised”. There is no CCTV filming the site. Plenty of cameras available for steven Lawrence’s memorial,but none for Lee Rigby’s. The police are keeping an “open mind”… they are fucking not…they have a completely closed mind when it comes to things like this….Can’t offend the delightful immigrants.

    Utter Cunts…..Fuck the immigrants and Fuck the apologists who are allowing the bastards to turn this country into a filth-ridden,third-world sewer overrun by scum.

    • Stephen Lawrence has a memorial???
      Add that to his mothers title.

      White Lives Don’t Mean Shite.

      • Yep, all lives matter unless you’re white and British and straight.

        Isn’t it nice to be bottom of the pecking order?

      • Some peaceful cunt will be caught bragging and that will give the polis a reason to hide their identities and hush it up.

        If anybody can handle it, look up Kriss Donald.
        Everybody forgets Kris Donald.

        I don’t.

        • Just read it up, I remember it now.

          Typical of the cowardly cunts to flee to Pakistan.

          Now there’s a cuntry that deserves annihilation. A breeding ground of the worst kind of scum.

      • Doreen Lawrence is another Diane Abbot…. Whitey is to blame for every ill. They are ignorant,arrogant and uppity.

        • They are so far gone that they’ve become the very things they claim to hate – they are racists!

  26. Peaceful ones stone to death unmarried couple in Mali, Africa, Lib’s gf shitting bricks.

    • Nice bunch those peacefuls.

      Stone an unmarried couple but they won’t stone their kiddie fiddling ilk now will they?

      Christ, I swear a certain dictator went after the wrong lot 70-80 years ago……

      • A Peaceful, jailed for 15 years for threatening to behead a poppy seller has his yuman roigts defended by the dust covered, bewigged old cunts in the High Court.

        This particular vole little insect has been attempting to incite other prisoners to behead a guard. The prison want him transferred to a special prison for
        peacefuls but the silly old cunt of a judge has determined this will infringe his yuman roights.

        Allahu Snackbar!

        • What is it about the peacefuls that they get such preferential treatment?

          I have never understood it, they are nasty, vile, evil cunts yet the powers that be bend over backwards for them.

          • Im sure that it is planned to be this way Prime Minister. Cause chaos, bring downfall, and rebuild. A Big Brother would welcome the chance to do that . ( Cunts )

    • I feel no guilt or responsibility for the actions of a bunch of perverted muslims.

      • Neither do I, if anything it shows reason no. 186730303 why the cunts should be eradicated.

          • Let’s be honest, if all those fuckers were to disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow, they wouldn’t be missed by the people that matter.

  27. apparently the Quran states that stars are missiles sent to shoot down demons. lol . must be true because there are ‘no errors or contradictions in the ‘Glorious’ ( lol ) Quran.

  28. It’s all to late. The country is infected. We’re fucked. We’re letting it happen.
    Pink Floyd have a line that rings true….

    “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way”….

    In other news….

    Fucked up my left knee today after continually slipping over in the library.

    Apparently I was in the non-friction section….

    • I threw my Floyd collection out over a decade ago, so i’m struggling.
      Is it Time?

      The lines that got me was

      And then one day you’ll find
      Ten years have got behind you
      No one told you when to run
      You missed the starting gun

      Oh, how that rings true.

      • Much as I have enjoyed Floyd over the years, they are really a bunch of multi-millionaires banging on about how bleak life is.
        It’s the reason all their albums gather dust on my shelf nowadays…

        • I used to love Floyd, especially going to sleep stoned.
          Then one day i got bored and gave them all to a mate along with Dave/David Gilmours On An Island.
          Now, On An Island is the great rock’n’roll swindle.

          I held onto The Wall filum coz i still love Run Like Hell.

          • The syd barrett era was more fun . Piper at the gates of dawn, atoms heart mother, Meddle, DSOTM and division bell were masterpieces in my opinion

            The wall was good but your right its incredibly depressing album to listen to… at times suicidal almost. The only upbeat songs on it are run like hell, goobye blue sky and young lust but of course the subject matter isn’t upbeat its all about alienation and isolation

  29. Question time on now, the panel is:

    Angela Rayner
    Vince Cable
    The co-leader of the Greens
    Priti Patel
    Thatcher’s biographer

    Patel and the biographer are up against it tonight between the rest of the panel and the audience…..

    • ….. not really paying to much attention to QT but old shit Cable said something and gets a massive applause from the audience……. how….. unsurprising.

      • Angela Rayner spouting the usual Labour shit and gets a big applause.

        Patel is calling her out and Rayner is trying to talk over her harping on about Corporation tax being cut.

        Newsflash Rayner, if you think they’re going to sit back and let you tax the hell out of them, remember this, these people didn’t get rich by sitting back and letting Governments do such a thing.

        FFS, someone shut Rayner up already!

        • Now the Green cunt is talking about the Tories breaking the ”social contract”, whatever the fuck that it. Naturally he also gets an applause.

          • Some silly old bitch in the audience claims that the Tories will take the countyr back to the 70’s… the 1870’s…

            Me: OH FUCK OFF!!

          • Loving this, younger fella calling out Rayner on their politics of envy and how the Labour lot have no qualms sending their own kids to private education.

            Rayner spout off about how she sends her kids to state school and raps on some more and gets another cheer.

            Patel now calling her out on Labour wanting tpo tax everything all the time.

            FFS, will someone shut Angela fucking Rayner up!

          • Its all about me…me…..and me. These fucking politicians are all a load of shite. It is political ideology that is fucking this country up. Nowhere is any fucker on that panel talking common sense!

          • A silly old cow is saying that the county could not survive without immigrants.FFS.
            Solution, make your own fucking coffee, wash yer own fucking car ye lazy cunts.

  30. What a fuck up this Tory manifesto is. So much for this Lynton Crosby cunt, the so-called campaign manager, who couldn’t manage to put the fucking cat out. The Tory cunts could do all those things without putting them in the manifesto. But this wanker “expert” knows best. I seem to remember another marketing cunt, hired by Cameron, who made a complete fuck up of the referendum campaign. In the world of marketing you have a couple of successes and you walk on water………until you are exposed as the chancer you really are. In the words of the late, great Bill Hicks…….”If you’re in marketing kill yourself………no, seriously……kill yourself.”

    • Hey Freddie, what parts were the main piss boilers for you then?

      • It’s not a question of what pisses me off but what is very likely to piss off the electorate in general. This Aussie marketing cunt is getting paid a lot of dough for his “expertise” which amounts to nothing more than stumbling around in the dark. Like all these cunts they are just con artists, fucking snake oil salesmen who can’t even see the bleeding obvious. The fact that these politicians listen to these cunts tells you all you need to know.

  31. Rayners voice alone makes me cringe.It isnt the accent more just the tone and pitch is awful.

      • Oh look the Green mong saying that we shouldn’t put so much money into Trident.

        Why do they even give cunts like this airtime?!

        If the Greens want to cut CO2, here’s a suggestion to them – kill yourselves, that way you won’t be expelling so much CO2 every time you open your cunt mouthes.

        • Rayner complaining that May is focusing on the immigration aspect of Brexit.

          Labour really shouldn’t say anything on that subject.

          • Now says immigration has been positive for the country.

            Stupid bitch.

            Rrrgh, that voice.

            I really hate the term ”dog-whistle politics”. Fucking pretentious shit.

      • Patel now ripping Labour on immigration and Brexit.

        Rayner raps on and gets cheered.
        She claims setting targets is the wrong way.
        Also stated they top up the NHS – bull-fucking-shit!
        Twat in the audience says all political parties should be at Brexit negotiations. Prick.

          • Hell no Prime Minister, would you? I don’t think I could hack that continual whining, whingeing windbag.

          • I would Ginger if she didn’t look like she’s in her post-donkey punch phase.

        • She’d be gagging alright G.B,but only after I was done with her fanny.I’d leave it looking like a bulldog slurping porridge. She’s a fine looking bit of totty who just needs a good pipe-cleaning.

          • To Fanny to mouth for her then Fiddler? Thought you’d go for the other entrance too!

          • Now your talking Priti Patel would look amazing after been given multiple facials.

          • Oh,it wouldn’t escape my attentions PMS,but I’m not one for launching into lurid,bizarre descriptions of what is a beautiful,private, tender moment.which shouldn’t be sullied by base descriptions of doing her up her shite-pipe. Decorum in all matters,that’s my motto.

  32. As for the cunts in Norwich, shove your mustard up your arses, fucking retards.

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