The Millennial generation will retreat into their safe spaces when ISIS come knocking and ironically spineless cunts who have appeased radical Islam for years will be the first to go.

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  1. If I may quote the late Muhammed Ali (admittedly not the brightest bloke who ever lived) ……….”A man who thinks the same aged 50 as he did aged 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” Let’s not be too hard on these poor cunts. I envy their youth but I wouldn’t swap places with them , no fucking way. I’ll stick with my memories thanks. If you look at the film of all those enthusiastic young boys at the Nuremburg Rallies you have to remember that , a few years later, most of them were laying dead in some shithole field in Russia. Envy the young? Not these days thanks.

    • As a Millenial I will happily say that most are narcissistic dumb cunts who will destroy our society as we know it.Fuck them.Obviously there are exceptions but there are so many of them like Flossman who really are dragging us to the gutter.

      • My old Dad used to say, the trouble with all you youngsters is none of you have had to defend your freedom and are totally complacent about it.
        Although Manchester was a horrible incident, its not exactly the Blitz is it ?

        • No but at least we were taking on tje enemy when the Blitz occured.

      • Unfortunately im also a millennial but i dot have twatter ,facefuck and i dont selfie . Brought up im the south of London to a real working class family who are nice but don’t take no shit from anyone .

    • Disgraceful! How dare people take the piss out of St Gary when he is innocently trying to fill his pockets with our money? If I find anyone on here is responsible for this outrage I will have to offer my resignation. Can I say “you cunts” just in case?

      • The big-eared, libtard, refugee-loving, virtue peacock….holding a photo of Shipman.
        That is quality.

    • Linekunt should be mugged with pictures of known rapeugees and IS terrorists…. Well, he seems to love them so much, doesn’t he?…

    • As a serial killer and enthusastic practitioner of incest, I vehemently object to my image being placed alongside that of Gary Linekunt.

      I will be instructing my lawyers to bring proceedings for defamation.

      • That made me cry and go red in the face from laughter Fred :””):p

      • Pfft, ahahahahaha!

        Geez, Fred, you’ve got me cracking up here!

  2. Fuck off, Andy Burnham, you disingenuous venal virtue signaller of a cunt…. You make me sick with your bullshit faux outrage… I spit on you, you fucking Scouse bastard pro-muslim cunt…..

    • Norm, go easy on us Scousers, we’re not all bastards. We have solidarity with you Mancs, at least this week.

      And remember, not all Muzzlies of the Peaceful cult are terrorists.

      Some are rapists.

      • Sorry Captain… I just hate Burnham and his ‘I’m a Manc like you’ fakery… He’s about as Mancunian as John Wayne… I know some top Liverpool lads (mostly Evertonians met down the years at OT and Goodison) and our our very own Black & White Cunt is a Pool fan…

        • S’alright. It’s been a while since I lived in Scouseshire. I’m daan sarf, now. Still a ‘Pool fan though.

          Burnham’s a turd-nugget. Not because of Labour but because of his allegiance to staying in the EU nest of cunts. I’ll remember every one of those bastards.

  3. It isn’t their fault they were born at the time they were. Idealism is for the young, until it’s ground out of them. Especially in Britain.

    Maybe a good insurance policy is to have a sock and three snooker balls handy at all times to protect oneself. And know when to use it.

  4. Question Time…. A pro-muslim clusterfuck… Anyone who doesn’t condemn these greasy dirty murdering filth outright (Burnham, Sad Dick Khan, Rudd, ABBC etc) should be arrested and charged as IS sympathisers and collaborators….

      • QT last night was one of the worst I have ever seen and for several reasons. The BBBC were desperate to close down, dismiss and ridicule those brave souls in the audience who dared to speak out and make their opinions known. The young muslim woman who was very honest and defiant against hostility and stated that there were significant problems within mosques was harangued by muslim hecklers who should have been shown the door. Andy Bastard, as usual, the slimy cock sucking mealy mouthed little scouse twat was sickening. He was accompanied by some shite in the form of Amber vulval liquid Rudd. Millennials, yes, plenty, and all the fucking same. We are the problem, and unless we open our minds, our doors and our country we deserve all that is coming. Fuck all the bagshits.
        PS Credo to that Muslim girl.

        • You’ve hit the nail bang on the head, when you say the “BBBC were desperate to close Down”. They should be fucking closed down. Save us all the licence tax we have to pay.

  5. A faggot, paedophile, and a terrorist walk into a bar. The bar tender goes “hey Muhammad”.

    • Or…….Keith Vaz! Nice of you to drop in. How about putting your tab on expenses you cunt? No…I’m not buying a washing machine off you, fuckface.

  6. What the fuck is going on with these 20 year old lads who have full grown beards. That are about three shades lighter than the hair on their head. And if that isn’t enough, a cotton reel jammed in their ear lobes. Have these cunts learned nothing from looking at their Dad’s old school photos, of how poor fashion choices can come back to haunt you.

    Cotton reel in the ear lobe, I ask you. What next? A fucking plate in their lip.

  7. Blaming Millenials for not fighting islam is piss pathetic, liberal liquidator they aren’t the ones to blame. “the spineless cunts who have appeased radical Islam for years will be the first to go.” I wish it worked like that, your right tho Millenials woes nowadays seems to be a whole lot worse too many easily offended snowflakes

    Alex Jones is right they are turning frogs, boys and men gay and feminizing them

  8. The original post was about Owen Jones TitSlapper, who is an apologist for Islamic terrorism and also a poof, ISIS are not known for their equal opportunities policies. A lot of Millennials specifically in collages are left wing pro Labour/Lib Dem/Greens who have weak or non existent strategy for our peaceful cunts.Perhaps the real crime is paying £9000 per year to study sociology or gender studies in their uni bubble and leaving a ignorant, naïve cunt.

    • These gay Muslim apologists such as Owen must believe they can fly.
      Either that or sprout wings the second they’re thrown from a ten storey car park, and if things continue at the current rate they may get to test the theory.
      Although I don’t fancy their chances, what with the added weight of the congealed fisting butter stuck up their jacksie….

      • and straight into a nice, pink fluffy heart-shaped bubble-bath of nitric acid…

  9. Not all millenials are cunts, but they do themselves no favours by hero worshipping shallow vacuous twats on facial media.
    Simon Cowell and Mark Suckyerberg have a lot to answer for.

    Too PC, too shallow, too ready to believe anything, to ready to appease.
    Their response to a war would be to start a hash tag.

    We were cunts when we were young too, but we kept quiet about it…

  10. Although I hate millennials with a passion, their not really responsible for the fucked up state of the world. In fact they are not really responsible for anything as they haven’t actually done anything yet.

    The shitstorm we have today is solely the responsibility of the generation which grew up with the new permissiveness of the 60s and 70s when critical theory was used to dismantle the tried and tested foundations of society. Suddenly there was virtue in sin, right was wrong and wrong was the new big thing. Everything was relative and nothing was absolute.

    We are left with a society which doesn’t know which way is up, or even how to defend itself. A society which loaths itself, racked with guilt for the imagined sins of our Fathers. And that isn’t millennial’s fault, it is ours.

    • Actually I think it was the present generations parents to blame. That’s the one in the middle of the two you’re talking about…

      • Technically it is the fault of those born in the last quarter of the 19th century. They were the ones who formed the Frankfurt school and developed critical theory in the 1930s. But then WW2 came along and people had better things to do with their time. Post war dito but come the 60s critical theory, and its bastard offspring cultural Marxism were all the rage and have infected every level of society. Academia, politics, the media and even the fucking police and judiciary is consumed by it.

  11. Although undoubtedly a lot of millennials are utter fuck wits as previous posts have said it’s not just their fault, there has been an insidious liberal agenda running for many years, indoctrination starts early thru schools and into university, these places of learning are infested with leftie/ liberal Cunts and no chance is missed to push the agenda, if you row back you are very quickly labelled a rascist, xenophobic, hater or any other negative term they can think of, it’s the worst sort of brainwashing.
    The mainstream media has also been hijacked by the same thought police, as dio said in an earlier post look at the Cunts who have shows on TV And radio!! Predominantly loud mouthed, bigoted, liberal/ leftie Cunts all spouting their propaganda!! It’s been going on for years so it’s hardly surprising where we now find ourselves….

    • You’re right quislings.

      I hold myself partly responsibly. When I left school I was a stupid cunt. We were all working class and just assumed that voting labour was the done thing.
      I believed all the shite: “We care about workers”, “We care about young people”, “no more boom and bust.”
      So … and I can’t tell you how ashamed I am to admit it .. I… *I’m shuddering with discust* voted for Tony Blair.
      After him and his cunt friends stabbed me in the back I vowed to NEVER vote for labour ever again. I learned my lesson but I was a dumb cunt when I was young.
      Everyone is a dumb cunt when they’re young. (With varying degrees of severity of course).

      I don’t think anyone under the age of 25 should be allowed to vote.
      Sorry to any of you that are under 25, no doubt you’re not one of the stupid ones (or you wouldn’t be on here) but there are too many people are stupid cunts when they’re young. Just like me.
      ….and we don’t want to end up with another Tony b.liar.

      • I too regret to say that i voted for Bliar, and I am not naturally a Liebour supporter.

        Was born and brought up in a parliamentary constituency, Tory, whose MP also happened to be a Governor-General, and was shot in Bermuda. The constituency got into the political history books by voting for Liberal (pre-limp-dump days) candidate, Graham Tope, who served v well, from what I remember.

        The problem was that the outgoing Tory gvnmnt really was beyond the pale, and all this sums up one universal truth in the greasy world of politics: it isn’t a case of the best man winning, but the least objectionable. WC Fields said “I don’t vote for people, I vote against them” Tbh, if Nigel were still in charge, I’d vote UKIP; I mistrust and dislike May, but I feel that, at the moment, they are the only vaguely realistic choice.

        • Deploy and HBelinda – I did the same (voted for Blair). It’s brave of you and perhaps a tad cathartic to confess it.

          I remember being young and romantic, being swept along against a tide of 18 years of Tory power, culminating in John “Back-to-Basics/EU-loving/rutting-Edwina-Currie” Major. Blair had a mesmerising style, he had the Vision thing to lead us into the 21st century, shook hands with the Britpop berks and grinned his way into power. It seemed like OUR victory. It descended rapidly.

          How on Earth did we know how he’d become this monster? How could we have known that he’d not just open the door ajar, he’d rip it off its hinges. Christ on a fucking bike, we had no idea how much he would violate and ruin, maybe permanently, the whole country.

          I, too, am ashamed. We make a lot of mistakes in life.

          • Fuck, fellow cunters, don’t beat yourself up over that.

            If anything, blame John fucking Major for shitting things up so badly that Blair got a landslide.

            Little story here, my dear old Dad used to vote Labour in the 70s until he wised up to what the unions were doing to this country, since then he always voted Tory, except in ’97 where he couldn’t bring himself to vote at all due to his disgust at all political parties at the time.

            Question cunters; would John Smith have been a better choice for PM in the 90s than what we had?

        • I didn’t know that I had science to back me up too.

          ….I must be a genius!

          I’m only in my mid 30’s so by the time I’m 50 I’ll be like … well … Stephen Hawking or something.

          I’ve already got the dribble mastered and I do love to sit down a lot.

          • Stephen Hawking’s new book is well worth a read.

            Around the house in 80 days….

      • Perhaps anyone under 25 should be cunt tested… a strict intelligence test to see if their eligible to vote and if they fail they have to re-sit the test in another five years and so on.
        seriously though Labour would have them voting at 12 years , they are going for the young vote . young people have always believed Labours lies and bullshit policies me included.

        • Nothing has changed.
          The under 25s still predominantly vote LieBore

          Like others on here, they’ll regret it when they grow older…

  12. Since when did we buy into the politics of division so easily. Millennials v Baby Boomers, old cunts v young cunts. lets av it.

    Diversity in action, separate us into ever smaller groups each finding reasons to resent each other. Father vs Son. Sad that the usually astute on this site are buying into the same divisive agenda where we are persuaded that the fault is with us and not with the cunts that force feed division disguised as diversity to us from every angle.

    • The Bilderberg group for starters. If ever there was a scenario for James Bond to go in search for a super villain it would be that group of cunts. Class of 2014 included one Emmanuel Macron. Political outsider? My sweaty ring piece he is. Groomed for power by some very shadowy characters.

    • If a Wanker’s Coy. spokesman recognises that people find certain images &c. offensive, why don’t they just sack Lineker ??

      Lineker is the problem here, not some carked perv or murderer…

      • I never thought that deeply about it, just struck me I’d not seen Fred post for a few days and wondered if he had been busy making Arseache….r look an even bigger cunt than usual.

  13. I also DuckDuckGo as it’s supposed to not track you. I’ve used it for years. I tried to support a British one called Mojeek but it never got off the ground.

    Good points on the research bit. Nowadays people barely scratch the surface.

    Additionally, I makes me uneasy that everyone goes to Wikidpaedio for their information. Isn’t it a bit worrying that the World mines its info from the same source, reliable or not? There’s something unnaturally creepy and Orwellian about it.

  14. Someone mentioned Keith Vaz, that fuckin slimeball hasn’t got the brass neck to be standing again has he?

    • Oh yes the corrupt cunt is definitely standing……defending an 18000 majority in Leicester East (otherwise known as “Little Pakistan”) it’s a fucking disgrace.

  15. Off topic, but Clegg is suggesting a coalition with Labour to end the Tory ‘hegemony’

    COTY Timmikins said there would be no formal coalition and no confidence and supply agreement with the Tories or Labour – though he left the door ajar to an arrangement if one of the parties changed leadership.

    So no alliance or an alliance or maybe an alliance.
    Glad we cleared that up…

    Vote Lib Dem. You know it makes no sense!

    • “No formal coalition”…like “no snap election”…

      Ickle Timmy is, however, leaving his cheeks ajar to ann arrangement !

      COTY would go into an alliance with the corpses of Mengele, Gestapo Müller and Mo the Paedo if he thought he could get his grubby little mitts on the knobs of power…

      • There really is no depths too foetid and depraved that the libdems wouldn’t sink to to get their hands on power.

        And it looks like Saggy May has done the decent thing and turn the one horse race into a possible coalition of chaos. Now, where did I hear that phrase before? Useless, the lot of them are completely fucking useless.

    • Nick Clegg would enter into a coalition with IS if he thought he could get a seat at the top table.

      “In response to criticism that the LibDems are part of a government that performs summary beheadings Mr Clegg had the following to say”

      “Without the influence of LibDem ministers this government would not be ensuring that the beheading swords were sharpened and disinfected before each beheading. The LibDems are putting human rights front and centre of policy”

      Duplicitous cunt then and now.

      • Wasn’t there something called the “Lib Lab Pact” back in the 1970s? Got vague schoolboy memories of it being on the news…

  16. Parents and schools are to blame for all the liberal ultra left leaning the whole of the west seems to be hell bent on.

    Going through that school system in the 90s – early 2002 , we were never taught how to think for ourselves we were told what was wrong and what was right .

    We were told how to act and and how to feel not how to critically look at an argument and decide for ourselves.

    i will admit that up too about 4 years ago when i was 27 i was quite alot like that myself would label someone racist for what i perceived they had said and believe what was reported on the news as fact s.

    But since finally being shown how to be critical and to look into what i am being told and how to go about it , my world has completely changed.

    I take nothing at face value and question everything im told ,i look at the same problem from as many different angels as i can before i finalise my conclusion s these days.

    its created rifts though with family and most of the ppl i used to call friends as they just can t see things from different perspectives. Just believe everything buzzfeed tells them on there facefuck and twatter and then just regurgitate the headlines as facts.

  17. Is not having a Facebook or Twitter account heresy these days? I’m given the impression that most of ‘da yewt’ can’t conclude any real life social interactions (remember them?) without using the obligatory goodbye of: “you should friend me on Facebook” or ‘Follow me on Twitter.” When you tell these people you don’t have either you get the same expression as a dog would give if you showed it a card trick.

    No, I’m not interested in using some macro-internet service controlled entirely by some megalomaniacal, thieving American corporation just to tell a bunch of socially inept, strangers about a sandwich I ate or a Netflix show I just ‘binge watched’ or to exchange the latest Lolspeak cat pics.

    No, I have no interest in using a 140 character global SMS service to read the contents of some narcissist’s 24 character head.

    The only people taking an interest in your Facebook account is plod, when your thieving chavscum boyfriend hikes somebody’s mobility scooter and flashes it up with him and his emaciated shirtless mates, stunt riding and gangster saluting all over it. Or the fraud department of the DSS when you show off all the latest electronic booty you’ve just HP’d for little “Loqueisha and Deshontel”, who in turn are most likely being ‘friended’ by child services.

    If you want a direct pipeline between your pointless existence and the itchy prosecution fingers of the state, social networking is the way to go.

    • I agree.
      We occasionally employ millennials and they don’t phone clients, they email them. Pointless.
      When you ask them to find something online they go straight to fuckface book and post it. Pointless.
      The first thing they do on day 1 it log into their fuckface book and twatter accounts on the work computer.
      They don’t last long.

    • No word of a lie, I have lost mates because I refused to buy into the whole social media shit festival. Would not have twitter or whatsap on my phone so you just never hear from the cunts again. “But it’s free” they argue. No it fucking isn’t. If you are being provided a service free of charge the company providing the service would be out of business pretty fucking quickly. You are not the customer, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!!

      • Agreed. Facebook was great when I worked on the other side of the World, keeping up with mates and family. However, now I tire fairly quickly of looking at plates of disgusting food and people garrulously banging on about their holiday (and consequently advertising their house for burglars). Furthermore “Ian has added 82 photos to his album Jenny’s First Visit to The Park” – no thanks. People used to at least post Poetry or thoughts; now they rant about the price of Starbucks.

        Someone asked me recently if I were on Twitter, to which I replied, “Isn’t that just for stupid footballers and cunts like Gary Lineker?”

  18. Us.

    You’re quite right Mike but 1 proper Englishman is worth 1000 sand people.

    Their culture is inferior, their minds are about 500 years behind the rest of the world and they are genetically inferior due to the inbreeding inherent in the Pakistani community.

    The biggest threat to the west are snowflakes and eu type organisations.

    Pakistanis don’t frighten me one bit. Let’s face it, if they were real men that could fight us would they be blowing up little girls?

  19. Ain’t that the truth……
    I wonder will we ever stop turning a blind eye to it??
    Will anybody have the guts to call it for what it is??
    TBH…. I’m more the doubtful…

  20. So Katie Hopkins has been sacked… There will be snowflakes, libmongs and social media bellends who will be more bothered about this than an innocent eight year old girl being murdered by a filthy sandsambo terrorist… I’ve no doubt Owen Jones will treat himself to an extra large bumplug with tabasco sauce on it, and Kev/Dave/Joe/Jack Monroe will frig him/herself until a mushroom cloud appears… Snowflake purge, that’s what we want…


      Owen Jones : CUNT
      Jack Munroe he/she/ze/confused tranny ugly fucker :CUNT.
      Laurie Penny: Vile CUNT

      Fuck off back to your safe spacws with your organic fairtrade soya milk with your smartphones to drone on about shit on facefuck….

        • This from the (not so) Independent online.

          “Hopkins has consistently been referring to “Islamic terror” and “Islamic extremists” on Twitter, phrasing with implications to an entire religion that even President Trump has been conscious to try and avoid. Though he used “Islamic” while campaigning, during his recent trip to the Middle East his speeches were on the threat of “Islamist terror” (though he misspoke in Saudi Arabia on Sunday and accidentally said “Islamic”).”

          You fucking imbeciles! Do they not recognise a link between islam and islamism? The clue is in the first 5 letters of the fucking word, you cretinous spunk rags masquerading as journalists.

          • You know you’re fuckin’ ugly when you haven’t even got a face for radio….

    • Katie Hopkins was about the only voice of reason on LBC. Ok she was blunt , but I liked the way she shot from the hip. Fuck knows what she would have come out with if they let her ?
      That O’Brian cunt apologised for sharing a platform with her, he will be my cunt of the year that sanctimonious prick I cannot listen to his self important comments anymore.
      She will no doubt be replaced by someone of his ilk. The boy Owen Jones.
      I do hope she gets to comment on this site and call everyone a cunt.

      • Agree…jokes aside I liked her.
        Looks like Fox are interested in her and good luck to her…

        Definite six pints before hand tho….

    • I expect she’ll get a good deal with someone else.
      So intolerant people have sacked her for being intolerant. Makes perfect sense…

  21. Twitter this, Facebook that, hash tag my fanny

    We’ve brought up a weak and pretty much worthless generation.


    • From memory it was likely either a word you used that’s included in the “Rickie’s a cunt and says this a lot” list or a very long comment.
      Very long comments get moderated by the WordPress spam filter.
      Blame WordPress. They wrote it…

      • Okay. Thought I might have broken some rules or gone OTT without realising.

        It was longish but not sure if their were any ‘Rickie’ words as I’m not sure who he is. A notorious and prolific troll I assume?

        • ‘Rickie’ is a Rickie word! There are many others including email address of commenters he’s highjacked to spread his shit such as mine, Kath Gillon, Serena and Limply. Anything mentioning any of that on the rare occasion he gets past the blocking software get put into moderation

          If you don’t know who he is then you must have been living in a cave for the last 6 months. His address has been plastered on the top of this blog under ‘Our favourite troll’ – now gone.

          The man is a total cunt of the first order. See for background on the little shit.

          Latest bullshit is over here on a dead blog he’s ‘squatting’ on :
          See 300+ inane comments under the post.

          He fucking hates me with a passion. I wear it as a badge of pride…

          • Fuckin hell it just goes on and on and on!!
            It’s all blatantly the same person, somehow trying to have a conversation with himself.
            You’d think he’d get bored.
            The cunt is proper nuts and obviously has way way way too much time on his hands!

          • Ha ha the cunt even pretends to be Google but leaves his caps lock on. What a twat.
            I’ve been reading that shit for ages and I’m not even half way down the page yet!

          • Best ignored in my view.

            I would also urge anyone considering paying him a visit to reconsider.
            We’ve ever threatened him – despite what he says – and doing so or physically assaulting him would be a serious criminal offence.
            DON’T even think about it is my considered advice…

      • I don’t understand computers,but just had a look at that ranting penguin. Seems like someone has nailed Rickie’s address.

  22. It’s a misnomer that we are in an information age. We are an in an entertainment age. No sign of it abating.

  23. Comments are moderated automatically.I approve any that arent spam or Ricky Doublecunt.Never seen any spam though.

    • Bastard Hell. Keep getting a 403 Forbidden message now. Beyond a joke.

      • So I can post line above but won’t take me comment. Why? If comments are restricted in length due to troll shite bombing we should be told.

        • Seems to be some arseware calling itself Wordfence doing it. Jesus wept!

  24. Me and me blood pressure go through this regularly. Dates back to when the troll cunt took major exception to yours truly and tried to filch me email, ISAC moniker the lot.

  25. Me and me blood pressure go through this regularly. Dates back to when the troll cunt took major exception to yours truly and tried to filch me email, ISAC moniker the lot. Thus I am repeatedly caught up in the troll sin bin by the bot that be. Bugger is it orften delays a comment so it pops up oit orf context long after the rant stream has moved on and yours truly looks a right prat.

    Imagine defences are constantly being tightened and updated by hosting software oit orf the purleiu orf admin so not their fault they claim. Fuck that, have a go at them anyway. We are cunts after all.

  26. This is the line the fuckware wants to censor:
    Even tried to imitate me inimical way orf expression. Tossers chance orf that.

    • I had brackets around tossers chance orf that. Removed them and bingo it works. Ridiculous.

    • Nothing in the discussion settings to catch there as far as I’m aware

      Don’t know much about Wordfence except that when the troll cunt tried 43 times in an hour it locked the bugger straight out. It’s not something I ever had recourse to look at when I was at the controls to be honest. I think it’s a standard WordPress feature?
      Strange how your stuff sometimes gets through and sometimes doesn’t tho’

      When I get that sort of problem, I write the comment, then slect it all and hit Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard. If it fucks up, I go back to the comment box, Ctrl-V to paste it back in and try again. Saves losing stuff if the system is a bit dodgy…

      • Do the cut and paste thing all the time. Never works for me if I am being black balled. This time I cut and pasted and posted line by line (How tedious is that? Half a bottle orf single malt tedious is how) to find what phrase or word was causing the problem. This time it was the brackets around “tossers chance orf that”. Removed them and all jake. Curious because I use brackets all the time and never a problem before.

        • Possibly, what makes JC look most deranged and incapable of judgement is his shagging of The Flabbott. All highly questionable and…oh fuck, think I’m going to chunder…

  27. Now on to business. Jeremy Corbin very good at being sincere and compassionate. Have known the cunt for years orf and orn and sometimes he actually means it. BBC cut his genuine words of condolence over Manchester. Reported all the other tossers but not him. This is what he said as relayed by social media:

    I’m terribly sorry, terribly sad for you.
    There can be nothing worse than losing a child in a situation like this.
    We have to put our arms around them and support them. Not just today, but in all the very difficult days to come. Because trauma like this doesn’t go in a day or two. It’s there, with them, for the rest of their lives. We have to give them all the support we possibly can. And also make sure we live in a safe environment in the future, and we live in safety together, but we do not allow our communities to be divided by this kind of appalling, atrocious act of violence.

    • I’m sure Corbyn is a very likeable and sincere bloke. Problem is that he’s deluded in his policies and politics.

      Being a sincere and likeable bloke really doesn’t make him a good leader or a good PM. Should be reported fairly tho’ IMHO

      Mind you , I still think anyone who votes for him needs his bumps read…

      • Carry no torch for Corbyn. Me point is the BBC reported reaction from all the other tossers eg May, Farron, Nuttall, Miss Crankie, Putin and many a pink faced poof on the streets orf Manchester ect ect. But her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition (which he is) not a sausage. I have heard it and it does chime nicely with the nation’s mood.
        Any competent editor would want to use it because it is some of the best mood music oit there. For some reason the metrocuntal broadcast media seem to hate Corbyn and in my book that has to be a point in his favour.
        Let me state that at my age all politicos are cunts and I do not vote for reasons financial. Although I might be tempted by this jasper:

      • The moment he became Labour leader and demanded that all of the party fall into line after spending literally the whole of his parliamentary career never toeing the line is just another hypocrite.

        And you’re right on this Dio; being sincere and/or likeable does not make a good leader, see Jimmy Carter as an example.

      • I’m not sure Corbyn is a nice bloke.
        He always comes across a typical nasty humourless miserable left winjer. Complaining about everything and how hard done by everyone is under those nasty Tories.
        Thinking about it he’s definately a cunt….a dangerous one if he was to be voted in.

        • Agreed Ian.

          He’s not the worst though, that would be his cunt of a Shadow Chancellor McDonnell, the man who makes nasty statements about who he’d like to see come to harm/ die and then brushes it off as a joke. He also found it funny when the IRA used to kneecap our soldiers.

          I am convinced that John McDonnell is legitimately evil.

          • Cunt. At least he sticks by his opinion, and doesn’t change it to be more electable. His only quality.

          • On the contrary, Japseye, that’s EXACTLY what he does.

            1975 – voted to not join the EEC.
            1992 – voted against Maastricht.

            But 2016, when he wrongly assumes the tide of voters’ feelings, he capitulates and throws his hat (lukewarmly) into the Cowards’ camp.

            2017 – says we will do a Brexit. Oh, Fuck off.

            [Nonetheless, very eloquent words on the Manchester bombing, as Limply stated].

  28. Could I just enquire how the Governments overarching sex abuse enquiry is progressing? After all its only been around 3 years since it was set up by moon face. ‘Over arching’ I think was the phrase he used as in protected by masonry?

  29. As some one who falls in the Millenial age group, I would like to point out the following:

    I never went to University – I didn’t feel that it was for me, and I probably would have been booted out in the end for kick a snowflake cunt’s head in.

    I don’t do Fuckbook,Twatter or any of that Fecal Media, I severely doubt that I ever will.

    I have, after school and 3 years of college (the last of which I spent more time job hunting than anything), been in employment for 10 years.

    I am not a libtard, or leftie.

    I have never votes Labour or LimpDumbs.

    I became more politically after 9/11 when I was 14.

    I never much liked peacefuls before aforementioned atrocity, always found them a bit cuntish, but afterwards…. well to say that I dislike them is a monumental understatement.

    I have always wanted us out of the EU.

    I want an end to uncontrolled immigration.

    I want Capital Punishment brought back.

    I want that fucking tunnel blown up!

    I don’t do griefjacking.

    I am not into this whole cult of slebs.

    I appreciate and am eternally grateful for the job the Rozzers and the Spooks and the Army for the truly thankless job that they do.

    I am not a pillow biter.

    I think it’s safe to say that I’m no filthy, leftie, snowflake mong cunt.

    Does that still make me a millenial?

  30. Never thought that I would say this but Tiny Tim Farron went up a notch in my estimation today.

    He, rightfully, pointed out that the peaceful cunts were the ones who started all this shite when they did 9/11 and that it’s not because of our foreign policy.

    Now why can’t he show that level of sense more often?! He would actually make a decent human being and politician if he did!

  31. Damon Smith is a total an utter cunt.

    Damon Smith you ask? who the fuck is that?

    This is the feeble minded simpleton who left a fucking bomb made with BALL BEARINGS on a tube train in Lonon, a fucking bomb which if he wasn’t such a fucking loser in all he does would’ve gone off and killed people.

    His mother and his brief say he’s just “a vulnerable little boy”…fucking deluded cunts.

    Hopefully he will meet a big buck African in prison who will take hind in hand (and the ass)

    • Another twat with asbergers. He should have taken his bomb into a field somewhere and blown himself up.

      • Why do they always apparently has Aspergers, when they get caught?

        It’s like every fucker here who hacks the Yanks security services sites and then gets found out all seem to have aspergers.

        • This business of using aspergers as an excuse is bullshit.
          One of my kids has aspergers, I employed someone in my business when no one else would and neither of them are murdering cunts. The fact that this cunt planted a bomb on a train has nothing to do with autism.

          • Indeed. Asperger’s / Autism is now just the default defence if one is caught out by Plod. The guy was intelligent enough to be a “student”, although precisely what of I don’t know…

            Answers on the back of a gammon rasher to Al-BBC, please…

  32. In the 1960’s I was a young mod/hippy type. Daft as a brush with a head of hair that many a woman would envy. I was into all the op art and cultural counter revolutionary shite whether I understood it or not, and would have jumped at the chance of being a universal peace soldier. My point is , I was a silly immature cunt. I knew very little about anything but of course pretended that I did , and I was known to spout loads of anti establishment shite without any stimulus or provocation. 3 years later and serving in Northers Ireland, I had finally started to grow up. 3 tours later and I was a fully fledged knowledgeable and responsible adult. My point is this. We were all young and daft at some time in our youth and no one could ever have guessed at how we would have turned out. Today,s millenials will in time grow , and perhaps will become what we want them to become. Grown up. And in the fullness of time they too will become cunters !

  33. I heard his Mother on the radio……”He didn’t really mean to hurt anyone.” You only have to listen to this bitch for a couple of minutes to realise why he is such a fucked up cunt. They should bang her up for a few years aswell the dozy fucking slag.

    • My thoughts exactly. She is most definitely part of the problem.

    • She would probably give him his 1st sex education practicals, and drop a sprog…

  34. I’m surprised he’s not using the ‘il top myself in jail’ defence like Lauri Love and Gary Mckinnon…good save the taxpayers a few quid.

    • Dont forget that old fucking expenses thieving hag Margaret Moran . She got away with it as well. Old fucking thieviing sow.

    • I wish the fuckers would, has it ever occurred to them to not hack the FBI or CIA or the like?

      To be honest, I’m surprised that neither went out ad had them bumped off.

  35. Last week, one of the breakfast channels, on tour around the UK, was reporting on how the age group of between 18 to 24 would vote. The first one they spoke to, a young girl, when asked a basic question on the various party manifesto’s , she replied that she hadn’t seen anything of the manifesto’s … ‘I mean, like, where am I suppose to find that out .. like … I mean there should be an app. for that … like ‘
    .. What hope is there … ?

    • Simple, there isn’t.

      If this represents the future, we’re fucked.

  36. I worked in schools for 20 years until I was made redundant and replaced by a 17 year old apprentice, anyway, that’s another story. In my times in school as a member of support staff or skivvy staff, I watched yearly as these new names came along, asbergers, gender confusion and so on. My final few years I noticed more and more policy’s, told to be understanding and give preferential treatment to kids who basically, just needed a shake! I saw more and more over the days / years that kids ran the school, it was like planet of the apes. Kids now run the schools, you have to think before you speak when your a member of staff, it’s like treading on glass. I never blamed the kids, it’s the stupid PC brigade and orders from people who spout words like resilience and all that bolex. Business managers were the biggest pains in the arses at school, business managers were normally cut throats who’d not think twice in ruining your career.

    • Jools boogie Woogie Holland is on the box with the usual boring shite.
      I expect to see some ethnic band of fuzzy haired gentlemen called the Somalian goat shaggers that no one wants to hear.

      • If The Who is on, I’ll watch it, I like Muse, System of a Down and a bit Artic Monkeys but Jools just puts shat on now.

        • It’s basically a load of batty women waving their arms about. What the fuck? 10 cc were on there the other week, showed the other twats how it’s done.

  37. Anyone wanting tips and problems you have with your siblings at school, give me shout! I’ve nothing to loose and my life’s on a bad downward spiral. Even if anyone probes this site and traces me you will find my cuntness is just on the grumpy side. Mr Doubleday….. I say no more!

  38. Or plant a small bag of nitroglycerin mixed with ball bearings of various sizes up her crusty old anus.

    The best bit of her offspring must have slipped down the inside of her thigh.

    Emaciated piece of goat dribble.

  39. When I reached the voting age my father (hardly a post graduate in political science) gave me this advice.
    If you want to spend the money you earn on yourself, vote Tory. If you want to spend the money you earn on someone else, vote Labour. His simplistic view struck a chord with me and I’ve never voted Labour, although I do sometimes despair at Tory policies and sleaze. The wife voted for B-Liar in ’97 and I still silently resent her for it, fortunately I didn’t fall for his brand of bullshit at the time. The uber cunt should be currently residing in the Tower of London at Her Maj’s pleasure for the irrevocable damage has perpetrated to this once great country.

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