Katy Perry [2]

Katy Perry is a monumental cunt….
As if her ‘Heartbroken for Manchester’ fakery on Twatter wasn’t sickening enough, this immense slag now demands Britain opens its borders and co-exist with IS…. This thick as pigshit whore would do and say anything to gain publicity and more online ‘fans’…. Her shameless media prostitution and endless brainless bullshit stinks as bad as her overused twat… Fucking cunt…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. You can’t cunt Katy Perry,apparently Twitter is awash with theories about Katie’s latest single being a pop,in her long running feud ,with Taylor Swift!!! Well,of course when I read this I was hooked,and now have to decide if I’m a Swifty or a Katy fan.If you cunt her I might never be able to make my mind up. Besides,anyone who marries Russell Brand has shown that they really are a person of impeccable sense whose every utterance must be infallible… Anyhow,as a Cunter said earlier about Charlotte Church,she’s got a lovely set of tits.

    • “Swifty or Katy”

      I think you’ll find, actually, that its Pezza actually.

      Katy is sooooo yesterday.


      • Fuck,my street cred just crashed again. Oh well, I’ll start following Justin Bieber,he’s still cool. I’m down with the kids, I am. Wonder where I can get a beiber t-shirt.

        • Its funny as fuck all these nicknames today’s popsters have given each other and themselves.
          Some of their fans even have “gang” names.

          I think Lady Gaga called her fans ‘Tiny Monsters’.
          What a upherownarse cunt?

          The little cunts lapped it up.
          Some of today’s pop fans even post death threats online to any “haters” of their idols.

          Thank fuck I’m old-er.

          • Bruce Foxton came up with a good one… When The Jam toured Europe and Japan they got loads of girls chasing after them, whereas in the UK they were seen as a lads band… Bruce was amused by this and he said these girls could be called ‘Jam Tarts’….

            Dean Garcia of Curve once said fans of his band could possibly be called Curverts…. Mind you, Toni was bloody gorgeous…

  2. I wouldn’t do the slag now if she offered it on a plate and had a winning lottery ticket up her cunt… Using the deaths of innocent people (and some of them kids) to gain Twatter followers and get publicity by being ‘controversial’ is despicable, even by her stinking media whore standards… A weapons grade cunt and a brainless bitch….

    • It’s become a thing that every vacuous “celebrity” does now after a disaster or attack. Plane falls out of the sky,bomb goes off,another “celeb” dies,and it’s straight on the phone to get their publicity person to rush out the “shocked and heartbroken” stars thoughts out to a gullible,sheep-like twitter audience.

    • Boooolsheeiitee!!

      You’d still root her, even in that West Ham utd lingerie.

    • You have to understand that music industry whores such as Perry and Cyrus have been getting abused all their showbiz lives by the paedos in charge. They will literally say and do anything the company asks them. Fucking slags.

  3. “Open your borders”, says the woman who lives in a huge mansion, behind a fifteen foot high wall. And is surrounded by armed security. How about you butt the fuck out, Perry, and stick to doing what you do best. Whatever that is!

      • Not too keen on her short hair and i was slow to her looks and physic, but yeah, very rootable.

        It would enjoy the challenge of trying to change her facial expression.
        She only has two.
        1. Angry
        2. Butt plug up her arse

      • I wouldnt fuck anything that Russell Brand fucked just out of principle.Also stupid snowflake girls really turn me off.I can deal with shagging a snowflake I can deal with shagging stupid girls but put the two together and no way.

        • I couldn’t give a fuck if they’re stupid or snowflakes,or even if Russell Brand was stuck up her at the same time….. I’d climb on board.
          I’m awfully worried that my hand’s going to get pregnant unless I can break this drought soon.

        • If i hated a female star, I’d never fancy her.
          Then one day Geri Halliwell came along, and then Mariah Carey became a curvy tart.
          That was the only two that broke the rule until one day Norman posted a pic of “Pezza” supposedly topless, and i was hooked.
          Even after Russell Brand.

          • When Mariah Carey left her music executive husband she became a right slut of a cum bucket, good for her. And wanking, good for wanking too.

        • I’m more partial to the mature milf and sometimes a gilf…They can be very surprising with their degree of filthiness .

          • Now I would do Maria Carey, and Geri was always the most doable Spice Girl…. But compare to em to the lady singers of old, and they’re nothing…. The Magnificent Kate Bush, the Abba girls, Debbie Harry, Kiki Dee, and arguably the most jumpable singer ever, Olivia Newton John….


  4. katy perry is west ham vermin cunt
    though as someone rightly said she has cracking bristols
    vermin cunt

    • Olivia Newton John……oh yes.

      Infact I’d go so far as to nominate for a cunting anyone who doesn’t think she’s the most jumpable singer ever.

  5. Katy Perry has to be the worst choice of life support system for what appears to be an amazing rack. But then again, it could all be a big old mess when the latex dress comes off. Don’t want to hear it sing, or talk, not ever.

    • Don’t forget she has like 5 hair stylists and makeup people with her at all times. If I had that kind of treatment I looked pretty presentable too, having dosh helps

  6. Shitepop and a front bottom like the Grand Canyon stinking of Brand’s man yoghurt.
    An unlistenable, unfunny, unfuckable harpee.

  7. Her new music video is like softcore interracial porn notice her new snazzy dyke haircut? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k-2dxSGaTQ

    I can’t believe little girls are listening to this shite! Being turned into little whores emulaing these evil witch cunts like Grande & Perry society is so far up its arse its not even funny anymore

      • Don’t get too excited adeles producer is helping him and its Liam so it will probably be rehashed beady eye/ oasis shite. Liam has got to feel like a sad cunt after that divorce settlement 3 million?! fucking hell whoo thats alot of cheddar right there

        I wouldn’t be surprised if his lyrics in the album will have a slightly misogynist overtone can’t say I blame him The lawyers bills alone were £800,000

        • Paul Epworth is a cunt… Largely responsible for Adele Arbuckle’s records and the pretty bad (for them) ‘All For One’ by the Roses…. ‘Beautiful Thing’ was a good tune, but Epworth is not good enough to produce The Stone Roses…. I only hope if an album does come out that John Leckie is back in the saddle..;. Be good if Liam did a U2 (when they were half decent) and worked with someone like Eno… Using a good voice for other stuff and not a load more Lennon or Noel (even worse) impersonations…

          • Apparently both Squire and Reni thought Epworth was a cunt and not ‘Roses class’…If true, they were/are right…

          • Open yer front door, put yer earphones in, turn All For One up full volume and STRUT down the street.

            Great tune, especially on a sunny day.

        • I am exited about liam Gallagher’s new album, and i can only hope it’s as good as the great , nay, excellent Beady Eye.

          Bit concerned with the Adele producer though.

          • Best thing Liam’s ever done is that track he did with death in vegas maybe he should get those lads behind the desk

          • I see Adele has a new hairstyle and has taken to wearing a bun in her hair.
            Although she maybe saving it for later as she had a burger in one hand and a kebab in the other…

    • I thought the video was lame. Not exactly Redtube. Besides which she knows that only her female fans are interested in her latest autotune efforts. Her male fans just want tits and arse. No guesses as to which of those two categories her real talents lay.

    • Agree, Titslapper old mate… Only a matter of time before Kunty Perry ‘comes out’ or gets outed (ie: grassed on) as a Dick Van Dyke… Also agree about that Ariana Thingy… I would never let a young daughter of mine (if I had one) go and watch such trollopry masquerading as pop music…

    • Its a deliberate tactic by the paedo pop industry. Thats why they need slags to front this music. The slags will happily sing about sex to children. Its what they have been programmed all their lives to do.

      • @Norm Paul Epworth isn’t helping produce Liam’s album Greg Kurstin is. Who helped adele with her big overplayed hit Hello which means he might be co-writing too with Liam. Its not unusual to have 4 producers on the same album that could happen with Liam

        @Birdman Liam’s confused 4 months ago he said he was doing a EP with a “lowfi velvet underground vibe to it” now he’s says its LP with mainstream big name producers. The fact that hes calling the album As you were is cuntish I think

        • Epworth is a shite producer… Has no idea how to produce drums… Has a talent like Reni, but the cunt muffles the drums and puts him (and Mani) down in the mix… ‘All For One’ especially…

  8. I don’t really know who this tart is but what’s all this West Ham shit? They are a bunch of cunts and no mistake. Did she get her legs open so yer darling ammers could get the Taxpayers Stadium?

    • I am sure Gold, Sullivan and Superslag Brady would cash in on Kunty Perry with a whole new range of West Aiiiim related blueys and sex toys….

      Fuck The Ammers!

    • Another reason to despise this brain dead crabs machine of a slapper…. She should team up with Dorrissey (as Bernard Sumner calls him)… That cunt (from Stretford, no less) in a fucking West Ham shirt?!! Moz is a judas cunt….

  9. Easy for that thick cunt Katty Perry to suggest we should coexist with these barbaric child raping muslim cunts as she’s sitting in her multi million pound mansion. Try living in a one bed room flat in Luton for a week and try walking past a mosque in one of your skimpy outfits singing “I kissed a girl and I liked it “. Just see how far you would get before you get gang raped. Still want to coexist ?

  10. And Big Don should say to Kunty Perry: ‘Listen, you blowjob for a bag of chips fucking libmong slag… If you say or tweet one word about ‘co-existing with IS’ my boys will arrest you and have your cunt on a barb wire plate’…

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