The Judiciary

Judges AGAIN need to be cunted most severely.
Another “right-to-die” case is being blocked.
When, oh when, will people just GROW THE FUCK UP ??!

We are continually being told to take responsibility for ourselves, our health, general fitness & NOT to bother the overstretched NHS, but…when it comes to deciding if our time is up…

“Oi, no !! Archbishop-Cuntuar says NO; Lords Temporal and Spiritual say NO.”
Feckin cunts, what a bloody shower. Me, I’m going to make sure I have a tank of Nitrogen at the ready, in my First Aid kit. Odourless, non-toxic, non-explosive, lighter than air, and it already forms a very large part of the atmosphere.

Buggered if I want to rot away in a diarrhoea-filled hospital bed, the way my mother did, being ignored by the “carers”.

I wish Mr. Conway and his family all the very best during what must be an appallingly distressing time for them.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard.

48 thoughts on “The Judiciary

  1. What about the judge who cleared Jervaise Jones of sexual assault ?

    A six year old girl woke her parents in the middle of the night to tell them that the semi naked cunt was in her bed.

    The cunt of no fixed abode claimed he was drunk and couldn’t remember the incident.

    He also said he passed out and would not have molested the girl.

    lock the cunt up.

    And then there’s the judge who let off an aspiring cricketer for horrible acts committed against his wife, saying the cunts wife was intelligent, and if she really felt threatened by the cunt, she should have left him.

    So if a woman is thick, she has the law on her side, but if she’s intelligent, she should have known better.

    I dread my next court appearance.
    Don’t know when it’ll be, but with my luck and demeanor, it wont be that long.

    • PS. The pic in the header looks like a statue posing for an upskirt shot, exposing a big dark bush.

      • Pps. The judge that let a bitch drop her false allegations about me threatening to kill her, with no action being taken against her for making false allegations and wasting the courts, the police and my time.

        And the judge that let her husband off for attacking me with a hammer and plank.

        I spent a good wad on lawyers fees for nothing.

        I fuckin hate judges.

        Why isn’t there a fixed rate of fines and punishment ?
        Why is it left up to the judges discretion ?

        I don’t think there’ll be a ppps.

    • I should be careful if I were you. Spanish law, as with every fucking thing else in Spain is back to front, you’re presumed guilty until you prove your innocence.

      • Are you looking forward to the week long klu Klux Klan convention ?

        They pass my house tomorrow night, and most of the neighbours have decorated their balconies.

        Madness is never far away.

    • That cunt got his come uppance after it was found he lied about his Leicestershire cricket career.
      Still doesn’t exonerate the judge for basically letting him off in the first place.

  2. Judges are cunts but in this case they are fucking right. Voluntary euthanasia sounds like a good idea, and has an obvious logic to it, but you have to think about how it might work in practice.

    “Come on dear, you don’t want to be any trouble to anyone do you? Just sign here dear and everything will be Ok”.

    NO…fuck that! It’s the beginning of the slippery slope. Politicians have a phrase to describe old people….”Economically inactive.” We know what that means…you’re not slaving away to fill our rich pals’ pockets, please fuck off and die. Sorry, I’m with the judges on this one.

    • ”Economically inactive” my fucking arse!

      I pay taxes and support the leisure and tourism industries. I don’t call that fucking inactive!

      I agree I should be allowed to die at a time of my own choosing rather than suffer a long slow lingering painful death. However, there do need to be safeguards…

  3. I believe in right to die especially considering its some rare form of illness/cancer where you are gonna suffer unimaginable pain anyway. Doctors are authoritative cunts you shouldn’t need a approval from them if you are slowly dying. Alot of these same doctors who won’t support RTD won’t help with pain management so its catch 22

  4. When I get old, useless and smelling of cabbage I have no issues with the state turning me off.

    Soylent Green I say for all the old coffin dodgers out there draining society of much needed resources.

    • I think you’ve just described the House of Lords there Spanky, flip the fucking switch.

      • Soylent Green, I use to love that film probably seen it at least 5 or 6 times but rewatching it a few months back I thought it was kinda shite… didn’t leave the same impression.

        Its too long winded and boring but I thought Heston was alright and it had a few cool scenes despite putting me to sleep

  5. Logan’s run? When the light starts flashing on the back of your hand just shimmy on to the carousel of renewal?? Mind you the vicious Cunts deemed that was on your 30 th birthday, good idea but needs a tweak! 😂😂

  6. Its the cunts fault for letting it get to such a late stage in the game that they require assistance to kark it. If you know all you have to look forward to is a slow painful death then get it over with sharpish while you still can. I guess there are a few who become a vegetable overnight in a car crash or something, but they should have made out a will telling folk what to do in such an event, so I’ve no sympathy for them either. Selfish coffin dodger cunts.

  7. My Dad died in 2014, poor sod spent the last 3 years of his life unable to eat, talk, was bed ridden and double incontinent. It was a miserable 3 years, if i’d of bumped into one of these bastard out of touch ‘cunt’ judges during the time my Dad was ill, especially the last week of my Dad’s life, I’d of ripped off the Judges Wig, set it alight, then stuck it up the judges gay arsehole whilst on fire. NOBODY deserves a death like my Dad’s, I used to go and see him and thought ‘whats the bloody point of this’ Hopefully the old bugger looks down now, laughing at my constant misfortune and bald head. I miss the grumpy old git!

    • Pointless for him and upsetting for his family.

      I feel strongly about this issue and have written on it many time over at my place. I shouldn’t have to go to Switzerland. I should be allowed the courtesy of ending my own life in my own country.

      • You have the right to end your own life in your own country, it’s called suicide. You just don’t have the right to end some body else’s, that’s called murder.

  8. As soon as I cant have a bacon sarnie, sugar in my tea, cunt the tv when Blair is on or England playing shit, wipe my own backside and switch over when EastEnders is on, then hit the kill switch and save the state a few quid.

    • If I get a hint of the illness my Dad died with, I’ll be packing my bags for Switzerland, my ashes must be spread smeared around on a lap dancers huge Tits and arse. Possibly can she be a redheaded lady aswell.

  9. I read the other day that global population is forecast to grow by 37% by the year 2050. FFS we need to seriously tie a knot in our cocks or we really will be eating each other as the food runs out – especially if they keep dumping crop fields to put up solar farms and grow maize for bio-fuel.

    The human race has seriously lost the plot. Thank Christ I’m getting on a bit and won’t live to see the worst of it. Food riots, civil unrest and fuck knows what else.

    Maybe Trump has it right and the best thing to do is to blow the whole fucking world to buggery. For sure, the universe won’t miss us…

    • It’s not us though is it, it’s all the comic relief “boo hoo” mob shelling them like peas while we foot the bill!

      Two starving kids with faces full of flies, lying in bed while Mum sits there all concerned, belly full with another cunt whilst Dad is conspicuous by his absence – either by fucking his other 4 women he has on the go or moping around adorned in an AK-47.

      Or, “peaceful” cunts, 8 abreast – and claiming for 10 in benefits – while we foot the bill.

      If those cunts would just stick to 2.4 children (or a lot less now in non-catholic western societies) there wouldn’t be an issue.

      Alas it’s too late and if you dare mention that the state should only pay for the first two cunts (just in child allowance alone) you’re compared to Adolf!

      That doesn’t take into account all the bens the “non-working” “peaceful” cunts claim. I’ve never seen one of these cunts look pushed financially when they have half a dozen or more kids in tow and aren’t working! Lazy fucking spongers!

      • All immigrants to the United Kingdom must qualify for entry in the following manner. Males must be castrated at Dover, Females Full Hysterectomy bilateral oopherectomy. No more fucking breeding for them !

  10. It’s contardictory isn’t it?

    You’re a bloody nuisance and a drain on resources for not dying, but when you want to then it’s not allowed…

    We need to get the religious cunts and Catholic lobby out of the Lords. The Pope’s a right cunt out of touch with real life. If you don’t play the game, you shouldn’t make the rules…

    • You beat me to it. Any judge or politician who refuses to let people end their suffering because “it’s not God’s will” should be removed from office, and then shot. The deluded cunts.

  11. All judges work for the NWO. Few if any are interested in Justice, and most are liberal minded kiddie fiddlers. Fuck em all.

  12. Kind of a sad day M8’s my next door neighbor’s dog died… Her name was Ruby I called her Ruby tuesday and believe me you couldn’t put a name on her.

    That dog was a mystery, Happiest dog I’ve met always smiling…. until some bellend wasn’t watching where he was going fucking bastard!… saw her die in front of my bloody eyes very sad I’m glad I didn’t drink in the last 3 days but I think today is the perfect day for it. When it rains it fucking pours
    RIP Ruby

    • Sorry to hear it, at least you can put animals out of there suffering.

      • @SE thanks for kind words I kinda blame myself honestly speaking…… if X hadn’t have happened, Y wouldn’t have happened weird world

        I took my dog gaius out for walk and ruby was livid with excitement next thing we were walking (she follows me all the time) runs off into a bush somewhere close by. I walk, turn around I see a white truck pass me,dust settles down blowing in the wind and I saw her lying there twitching with blood coming out of her mouth… heart starts beating like crazy anixety kicks in… ugh

        Its gonna be awkward talking to my neighbor now thats for damn sure. He knows I was with her when she died hopefully he doesn’t blame me for her death. Guilt by association tho not to mention my other dog my mums wolf dog gypsy is mourning rubys death

        • It’s a cunt when your dog dies. Am on my third but hopefully have a lot more years with him yet.

  13. Boris Johnson is turning into a bit of a cunt, and all. Cancelling his trip to Moscow because the Russians refuse to stab their long time allie, Assad in the back. That will fucking show them, eh Boris? I bet Putin will be up all night fretting. Useless cunt.

  14. They’re all traitors anyway (after Brexit) and should all be burned at the stake!

    As part of Brexit we should disband all this legalease bullshit which costs a fortune for some other cunt to understand/interpret on your behalf.

    We should just go back to a simple moral and common sense approach to justice adjudicated by 13 peers (irrespective of infringement). 7 out of 13 = guilty.

    Bye bye £100ph solicitors and £500 per hour QC’s. Fucking cunts the lot of them!

    • £100 an hour solicitors !
      Those cunts don’t get out of bed for less than £300 per hour.

    • and Mandelbumfiddler is again a rancid cunt, saying that we MUST pay the settlement blackmail fee.

      Fuck orf, you twat. If you’re that bothered, you and the Bliars can cough up.

      Then you can all FO&D.

  15. Can we not replace the judiciary with Simon Cowell and all the others wankers that judge talentless competitions?

    Think about it, it would take them cunts and their steamin pile of shite programming off the tele, plus I’m certain with their wealth of experience judging the dregs of society they are well placed to step in to replace the out of touch cunts we currently have…

  16. Something about grown men in stockings and curly wigs that makes me uncomfortable, especially when they use words like “send you down” ( fuck me …is that a blow job? )

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