Shanique Syrena Pearson

Nappy haired Ho Shanique Syrena Pearson is a cunt.

On the surface this could be a debatable statement, her crime is attacking Jeremy Vine a BBC broadcaster so probably a cunt, who was cycling at the the time. Cycling? So the evidence of Jeremy being a cunt is building, being named Jeremy isn’t helping his case either.

Shaniique is a 22 year old wanna be gangsta. at the time of the incident, she was subject to a suspended sentence for a string of previous convictions for robbery, thefts and assault.

She was also convicted in February of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. She had admitted driving an unlicensed vehicle.

On balance there may be two cunts in this tale, only one of them is getting nominated on this occasion.

Shanique Syrena Pearson you stand before us accused of being a cunt. not only though are you a cunt you are a stereotypical cardboard cutout cunt.

Fuck knows what shit you’ve been involved with and not been nailed for, I don’t know how much cred you get in the hood for getting sentenced for assaulting a middle aged cyclist? Surprised your hommies ain’t burning down their own streets rioting over this.

On the other hand they are probably laughing so hard at you they can’t make it out of their crack dens.

Silly fucking Ho.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit.

100 thoughts on “Shanique Syrena Pearson

  1. The name says it all. A product of the lower league, who will speak a Jamlish or Afrish kind of English that is so prevalent these days in Londonistan. An arrogant ” Az Noze Mi Rytz, ” kind of trollope with attitude to match her ugliness.

    For a start, she is a cunt for not bopping that cunt Vine, who I believe is an irritant worse that a crotch full of crabs. If I ever bumped into that cunt, I would certainly be tempted to at least nut the fucker.

    However, it is Shaneek who is getting the cunting today, a stereotypical coon who is obviously no fucking benefit to British society, a tea leaf and classless piece of trash.
    Shaneek, …yer a cunt!

  2. Looks like a Kodak negative….innit bro? Cunt…………………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. Sterilisation, that’s what this cow needs, please do not breed any unwanted offsprings who will turn out to be scum in 10/15 years time.

  4. she will be a benefit sponging egg and spoon with two kids called ash-tray and chaka both from different unknown dads and she probably goes shoplifting in Tesco,s in her pj,s the cunt

  5. Too late, just read she’s already pumped out a child that will turn out like a rat running around the city’s gutters. I despair.

  6. Another golly gangsta with a chip on their shoulder…that could almost be a crap, I mean rap , no right first time.

  7. No doubt claim some white discrimination and try to get a payout, fucking cunt.

    Will be a benefit whore her whole life to buy Air Max trainers and top drawer weed, paid for by me, and her soon to be state sapping herd of milk and chocolate mini-cunts can fuck right off as well.

    • Finding him irritating is a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to him/her being a cunt.

    • When i see cunts like Rylan, i’m always sat there agog thinking “that’s someone’s child”
      I seem to be doing it more and more lately.
      Now, i don’t want the world to be overrun by chavs and hard men(bullies), but come on, what has happened to mankind.
      Fair do”s about not discriminating about gay folk and their lifestyle, but when they are tantrum throwing, pouting , plastic faced cunts, then i should be able to address that without being classed as some sort of phobic.
      Cunts like Rylan are loonies and need to sort their fuckin act out.
      Back in the eighties we had Andy Bell, jimmy Somerville, Marc Almond, Boy George. Some of them were camp but they didn’t act like nutty wimmin on a perpetual period.

        • Fuck, its finally gathering momentum.
          Cheers, Gingers Ballsac.
          The guy is a total cunt, with bullshite playground opinions and quite possibly the most excruciatingly painfully annoying voice I’ve ever heard.
          The cunt has even got me hoping Rangers FC, Sevco , Glesga Rangers win everything in Scotland, yet i couldn’t give a shiny shite about Scottish football, but this cunt and Brendan Rodgers have me hating Celtic when i should be able to ignore the cunts.

          Are any cunters Rangers fans ?
          If so, can ye tell me what they are called nowadays.

  8. He/she looks fake? I keep thinking it’s some sort of spoof character when leigh cunt Francis does Keith lemon and Harry Hills unfunny act that he lives and breaths.

    • He looks like some fucking Ken Doll or a Madam Tussaud’s waxwork that has come to life.

  9. Anyone who attacks that cunt Jeremy Vine can’t be all bad…hope she gets that fucking brother of his Tim Vine while she’s about it…plus their parents for breeding the cunts.

  10. Apparently she is from Vauxhall. And I thought I knew Africa….

    Speaking of which, Anthony Joshua has a tattoo of some w@g country on his shoulder, I think it might be Nigeria. For those who don’t know Nigeria is a huge shit hole and Nigerians are cunts, all of them, no exceptions. Even other sambos don’t like the fuckers. So why has Joshua got it tattooed on his shoulder? I don’t see any tattoos of England anywhere. Could he possibly be an ungrateful gollie cunt?

    • Got to disagree there, S.E. I’ve been corresponding with a lovely Nigerian lady by the name of Patience Umbongoo,she is a multi-millionairess who is going to share her millions with me after shagging me senseless..I’ve already sent her the airfare 3 times,but she has had terrible luck and hasn’t arrived at Castle Fiddler yet..Oh well,I’ll send another grand to help out her father who has fallen and broken his hip,she’ll come then…She promised.

      • I just sent her my bank details, Mike. If you can’t trust an angel like her,who can you trust? Particularly after she informed me that I’ve just won the Nigerian Lottery and she just needs to pay the fees before I recieve my jackpot.

        • @Mike Oxhard…it’s not luck Mike,it’s karma. I always wish for, and think the best of ,everyone,as my posts on here will prove…and yes,she does look like a Goddess,a cross between Diane Abbott and a Giant Schnauzer.

      • You live in a castle Dick? impressive how do you afford such a high maintenance item such as a castle?! also I think you fallen in love with a nigerian princess….. scam artist

        • I’m very lucky T.S…. As a ginger,thick,cuckoo-in-the-nest member of the Royal family,I’m entitled to a castle,and some respect from you commoners..and don’t you be rude about Meghan… I mean Patience.

    • Nigeria– oil, oil everywhere
      Nigeria– oil refineries nowhere

      What a bunch of stupid cunts to send their own oil away to be refined and then buy it back.

      Fuck that whole/hole continent.

      • It is truly a worthless landmass.

        Bastards never had it so good when they were colonies.

        They can’t lead ants to a picnic let alone their own countries.

  11. C’mon the cyclists.

    Nah, i get yer point. I cycle but i wouldn’t call myself a cyclist. The only cycling gear i wear are gloves, the rest is shorts t-shirt, windbreaker and running shoes.
    I also rarely use roads, mainly coz motorists are cunts, and I’m lucky that the shitehole i live in has cycle paths (and psychopaths) that go along the coast.
    The colourful ones on the road in their little cliques are the cunts.
    I always eyeball the cunts when i over take them on my vastly cheaper bike.

    • I also don’t use the roads with my bicycle , only if one day i want to kill myself , 5 minutes in a road an it´s done…
      Also when driving a car, cyclists annoy the hell out of me …..

      • You’re in Spain, Elder Cunt ?

        Its legal to go on the pavements here, and that helps.
        I avoid roads as much as possible coz most motorists are ignorant cunts.
        Sometimes on one way streets i pull in to let them past and it never gets a wave of thanks.
        If they cant respect that then it shows we’re right to stay out of the cunts way.

        • Right, i friend of mine was cycling on the pavement and got pull over by police and they gave him the fucking sermon….
          Because is ilegal and i think that is fucking retard thinking, i see drivers all day doing crazy dangerous driving and no one gives a shit, and i’m not gonna cycle in the roads with those psychopaths.
          I do not live in Spain, and it’s good because i can’t stand the cunts lol

        • As a pedestrian in Cardiff, I’ve given up counting the number of times I’ve about been sent flying by cyclists. On pavements. On pedestrian crossings, when at green (for peds.). Most of the time it’s the local mong-snowflake amateur virtue-signalling cunt variety (ie students) but sadly not always. Motorists, however, seem fairly good at stopping at red lights, a fairly high hit rate. no pun intended.
          No v-s on my part, but I don’t drive (at the moment, only shortage of the readies + car).

      • Only a retarded cunt would cycle on our roads these days. Its not the 1920’s it’s not fucking ‘Five go on a cycling holiday to Devon’ you mong bastards.

  12. I’d love Shanique Syrena Pearson to knock me off my bike and i landed in her lovely bosom.
    What a sexy curvy ebony babe.
    The pic in the header doesn’t do her mammaries justice.
    Some lucky dyke is going to have a wonderful time Slabbering all over that hot as fuck tart.

    I’d also like to point out the blatant racism on this site.
    Very few blacks get nominated. 🙂


    • Birdman…I thought you found your glasses.
      Maybe a new prescription is the order of the day.

      Sorry mate..she’s a fuckin’ moose…..

      • Sorry but i would totally fuck that cunt in the cunt.. My standard’s are not very high….and also doggie style is pretty useful to avoid moose like faces.

      • I’ve been knocked my whole life for tarts i found attractive.
        When i was in about primary five, i let slip that i thought Wincy Willis was hot and i never lived that down until i left high school.

        I’d say i punched over my weight with the missus even though I’m a handsome chap, and my ex’s have all been top totty, but that doesn’t mean i can’t fantasise about rooting a moose. 🙂

        • Birdman…’re a vegetarian cyclist…anyone you manage to tempt into your lair is going to be waaaaay out of your league. :).

          • Ye forgot tee total.

            The cycling and vegetarianism came after i bagged her.
            Now she’s a vegetarian, but my daughter is a little carnivore.

            Cheeky cunt. 🙂

  13. Wincy Willis? Treasure Hunt? Not a patch on younger Anneka Rice, knocked a few out over her 😁

    • I will never forget Wincey Willis’s nips poking through her thin sweater….I can still conjure up that image even now…..I can honestly…..oh yes but I can……..Oh!

  14. Is a cunt can never be racist, they let me on here for a start. They call me Black and White cunt everytime I post but I have got used to it.
    Remember keep away from the darkies…
    Unless it’s me.

    • Your the token black and white guy. 🙂

      Joke, joke, joke.

      Fuck i felt shite writing that. 🙂

      • Your probably right Birdman, don’t feel bad mate. I don’t really give a shit as I believe everyone who is a bit racist me included.
        As I’ve said before I have things I dislike about white and black people. I actually laughed a lot at Dick Fiddler and Skidmark Eggfarts comments above, you got to be able to have laugh at yourself and others. Fuck being PC.
        Although I think Dick Fiddler is Black.

  15. Sorry but I saw the video and Mr Vine is beating a typical wind up cunt and obviously loved the confrontation, and all the publicity thats come with it. The cunt wouldn’t move his bike and was trying to explain some bollocks.
    I bet if it was me that got out my fucking car the cunt would fuck off quickly and leave a trail of shit and piss.
    What is it with people in vehicles, Bikes and pushbikes video recording all the time?
    You can’t give the cunts a slap without being recorded.
    I’ve come up with a plan you can walk towards the cunts and pretend to fall over whilst punching the cunt and say you didn’t mean it.
    Fucking cunts.

    • Recording yer journey is very strange behavior.
      Its to record accidents and incidents, but pedestrians get caught up in accidents and incidents too.
      Are we all to walk around with cameras strapped to our foreheads?

      Utter nonsense. Deal with whatever situation that comes yer way and then move along.
      Don’t record it and then post it all over the web as if yer the only cunt that has ever been slapped or been in a minor car prang.

      • I like to strap an old style VHS camera onto my boot,and then surreptitiously slide it under women’s skirts while waiting in the bus queue.

      • The drivers are nuts here, Mike Oxard.
        Many times I’ve pulled into the side and been left rattled.

        Mopeds are even worse.

        • “old style VHS camera”

          You mean those big bulky fuckers lol hahaha My parents had one from the late 70’s probably a prototype or something. The fucking thing weighed like 8 stone roughly 100 pounds. Anywhere they carried it was a massive chore to lug around

  16. Going west on the tube in a bit, I think she from round here. If I see her I’ll tell her she’s on is a cunt… After I ask her for a tit wank.

    • I think you should try to call her cunt first , thats how you get laid in these days.

    • I go out on my push bike straight-ish, cycle about 10k, spend half an hour at the outside gym then go to the beach and spark a doob.
      The cycle home is a bit slower and as i have headphones on zapping my already stoned brain, i’m grateful for cycle paths.
      They joggers and speed walkers are cunts though, and I’m always having to stop for the cunts and shout at them to use the fuckin pavement.

      Joggers and speed walkers are cunts.

  17. Is anyone else turned sick at the sight of that pig Kim Kardashforcash in a bikini? What a fucking minger! I hate the entire family, as is normal, but I’m sick to the back teeth of seeing her stupid bimbo face, and now her distended flabby arse. I’m still hoping that tasteless tuneless cunt Kanye forgets he’s only a pretend gangster, and whacks the whole klan, then saves the last bullet for himself. I don’t watch any reality tv wank, nor does my wife, so I shouldn’t have a clue who these coal burner shopping slags are, but they are fucking everywhere! Perhaps her real dad, not the drag act weirdo that clung on later, could have let them spend more time with his best mate OJ Simpson, and he could have spared the world a lot of misery…..

    • What a fucking ass she has got.
      I would fuck her every day and twice on sundays.

      • Are you seeing the same pics? Her inner ugliness is seeping through her skin like piss through a tramps pants. As for her arse, it looks like spitting image made it.

        • @Gutstick Japseye,
          I love a shapely ass, and hers although over the top is very tempting. If you were giving her one from behind you could rest a book, roll a spliff, have a line and still have room to give it a spank.

          • It might appear that she has a big arse, but its probably more to do with her being a jiwarf.

            Its a pity she’s a dumb-dumb cunt coz she’s beautiful.
            But not as beautiful as Kourtney.

          • It would be like the guy banging the gong on the beginning of the old Rank movies. 😀

          • You love a shapely arse B&W?
            Then you’re definitely looking at different pictures of the Kardboardtrashcan than the rest of us. Fat, stumpy and a fucking rank slag that one is. Her arse can be seen from orbit, it’s that big. I like a women with curves but this super sized arse look I just don’t get. Isn’t there another sow called Coco or something who is famous for having a massive backside?

    • Kim Whoredashian is basically a prostitute… Whores herself for TV, newspapers, sex tapes, social media, you name it… It shows conclusively that the world is in decline: when a cheap and greasy slag like Kardashian (and her uppity sambo cunt of a husband) is feted…

      • I agree Norman her and her family is everything thats wrong with todays celebrity bollocks, and that Kanye is a talentless black cunt. He really is a fucking cunt and if he ever tried storming on the stage interrupting my speech I would knock the cunt out.

        • Hey Norman lets hope Man U dont win the Europa and finish 6th eh. Ha ha.

          • I reckon United and the Pool will get the third and fourth spots and City will get fuck all and Pep will get the boot… I’m tempted to go to Stockholm if United get to the Europa Final… And maybe some rapeugee slapping will go on?….

      • According to my youngest stepdaughter, it’s rumoured that Kim and her siblings are genetically inclined towards persistent chronic yeast infections and excessive body hair.
        Fill ya boots Kanye old son…

        • I would prefer Man U and Liverpool in the CL next season, Man City are full of mercenaries and that Yaya “Im gonna leave because you forgot to get me a Birthday Cake” Toure is a cunt. It might get confusing though if you lot win the Europa.

      • She has one massive arse, almost planetoid in its mass. Much to big for me. I will leave her to the more talented members of ISAC. Total shitfest the whole lot of them.

          • Need every STD jab going, that should say…
            Distracted by Ms. McDougal’s backside, you understand…

          • “Now this is what i call an arse”

            Haha, that reminded me of them compilation tapes , ” now that’s what i call music”.
            It’s a brilliant name for a porno compilation DVD.

            Now That’s What I Call An Arse 2008 etc.

  18. Kourtney Katdashian is fuckin lovely.
    Dumb as fuck and a total cunt but she’s lovely, cute, sweet.

    Kim kardashian is fuckin slutty.
    Dumb as fuck and a total cunt but she’s slutty, stunning, sexy.

    The whole lot of them are cunts but i really am attracted to Kourtney. Her husband might be richer than me, but choosing him over me is her loss coz he’s a total cock.

    Bruce Jenner was the saving grace in that family until he became a tart.
    Funny as fuck and was always putting the doss cunts in their place.

    Kourtney an birdman
    Up a tree
    F U C K I N G

  19. Tim “My Mong-Face is melting” Farron has clarified what he meant when he refused to say whether gay sex was a sin. He, erm…meant to say…erm… that it wasn’t, erm…isn’t a sin. He hopes that’s cleared it all up.

    Have you been frantically consulting your consulters to ascertain the best political position for this so you can resume telling Brexit voters that they didn’t know for what they were voting?

    I’ll tell you the best political position: With a noose around your neck dangling from a tall tree whilst dancing on air, you creepy, craven, little cunt-nugget.

    • Well according to Leviticus, it’s not a good idea to have sex with a donkey, your wife when she is on the wrag, or with someones arse.

      All seems sensible public hygene stuff to me

      Not sure about all of the burning in a pit of hell fire for ever and ever and ever though

      • Each to their own, Andy C. I shan’t take advice from either pile of shit, Mong Mong Farron, or a book about a desert religion written in the Iron Age by a load of witches on mushrooms.

  20. Cyclists, motorcyclists, car drivers, lorry drivers, white van man, taxi drivers, uber fucking drivers, bus drivers, fucking diesel driving bastards, fucking pedestrians the cunts! You can slag off your particular bete n’oire but all these cunts are competing for the same space. Fact…this country is OVERPOPULATED! It’s really that simple.

    • Tell that to the powers that be.

      They seem to forget that this. country. is. a. fucking. ISLAND!!
      With half, if that the landmass of Frogland, Krautland and Dagoville.
      How the fuck can they expect endledd mass immigration to be a thing with that in mind?

  21. Is this what this fucking election is coming to. Is it ok to do a bit of uphill gardening???? Time to make a short sharp exit me thinks. Bum Bum.

  22. If they keep putting pressure on little Timbo I can see him snapping. ‘Dirty fucking reaming shit stabbers, you’re all going to hell. Hell I say, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha’.

    • To paraphrase Kevin Keegan; I’d love it if the Libtards suffered their final demise at the election, I’d absolutely love it!

      • Never mind squeaky bum time, fucked up the arse time for Tiny Tim and his band of delusional cunts.

        • Along with Corbyn and his band of cunts, Wee Krankie and her Scottish Nazi Pissants, the stupid Greens and the nothing Plaid Cumrag mongs.

          There are way too many lefty cunt parties around…… what’s up with that?!

  23. Barack Obama is criticised for agreeing a $400,000 fee for a speech he will give to the Wall Street bank. Later this year he will speak at a healthcare conference hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald. I guess I would do the same, easy money, a bit like that cunt Tony Blair, he would do anything for money. But Black Obarmy said in 2009 “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street”. Obviously he forgot to say “unless you line my pockets with thousands of dollars”. I guess it isn’t a big surprise, a cunt is a cunt for life.

    • To think there was a time when I was glad that man was President…… for like the first 5 minutes until he exposed what a chip on the shoulder Brit hating tosser he is.

      Only thing I’m grateful about his presidency is that he kept that warmongering old Bastards McCain out of the Shitehouse.

    • Texas the sheeeeeiiiite pop group and that old hag Annie Lennox are going to sing for Obampot when he visits Scotland soon.
      Now i always knew Texas and Lennox were cunts, so its good to get it confirmed.

      How is he going to “soul” dance to that shite?
      And them singers, imagine calling yer sons Sharleen and Annie.
      Ugly cunts everywhere that night.

      • I’d also cunt the Nobel lot for giving Obummer the Peace Prize for……. becoming President.

        Peace Prize, what a joke……

          • Not too mention that any peace in the world was out of the window when Obama did nothing over N.Korea and became Putin’s Bitch.

      • One more thing to despise Ginger Cunt Chris Evans for… Resurrecting the career of the diabolically shite Texas: by constantly playing that ‘Say What You Want’ single in 1997… That ginger cunt tortured me with that horrible record , as it continuously blared out on the radio where I worked at the time…

        And that tuppence flicker, Lennox, is a premium ‘rent a cause’ snowflake cunt… Her tongue is still brown after licking Mandela’s arse for 20 years….

        • Not forgetting that terribly twee ‘Wake Up’ song by The Boo Radleys… That Evans twat bombarded every fucker with that every single morning on his crappy Radio 1 wankfest…. What a fucking ginger cunt he was (and still is)… And TFI Friday was also a load of complete cunt….

  24. Anybody that thinks someone is a cunt for riding a bike is a cunt.

    Get off yer arses and get on yer bikes. It really is worth it and my calf’s will have the ladies drooling this summer.

    • I don’t think that everyone who rides a bike is a cunt.

      The ones who ride two abreast in the road though…….

      Besides there are worse road users…..

  25. Have mentioned me time back in Canada in the mid ’50s. Have remained in touch and got these photos from a web site. Country knee deep in paedos and assorted low life but they have a different way with such degenerate cunts there. Media keeps public fully informed orf the cunts antics and publishes same in living color. Some sweethearts for you :

    • Why must I log in to continue to see the photos? fucking facebook are dictator type cunts, when I take a shit I just log out

        • Sorry about that. It is on the Anonymous Hamilton Ontario Facebook page. Looks like you cannot link to it directly but have to dance the Facebook fandango. If you can be arsed it might be worth joining the page if only to check out some maple leaf pervs.

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