141 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un (2)

  1. There must be millions of cunts sat on their arse in Namibia. Can’t you be more specific you cunt?

  2. I would say that he’s just a stupid fat gook with a ridiculous haircut but we have the flag widget back (my own fault I guess) so he might find me and get me.

    …oh wait I just did.

    Fuck it. I’m only here for a couple more days.

    He’s just a stupid fat gook with a ridiculous haircut.

    …and the Americans are going to twat the fuck out of him soon anyway. …hopefully.

  3. If North Korea are that tooled up, and don’t give a shite, why don’t they take back the whole peninsula ?

    Since WWll there’s been a perpetual threat of a nuclear war, so I’m going to ignore all these threats and live my life .

    I’ve already lived through the cold war, not far from Faslane, and all that fear was for nothing.

    In fact, it ended with mullet haired cunts dancing on a wall.

    If the world is going to go to pot, well I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in smoke.

    The threat of war greases wheels and palms.

  4. The problem with this little no mark shit stain gook is that he is such a fucking non entity. Him and his fucking country could disappear off the face of the Earth tomorrow ( which might just happen ) and no one would really give a fuck or even notice.

    So why has Trump put such great store on taking the cunt out? Trump must be the shittiest poker player in history, he goes all in before he gets to the river. If the no mark gook so much as farts the wrong note Trump has committed to twating the cunt, if Trump backs down he will look a cunt, if Trump twats him he’ll get pilloried by his supporters and opponents alike and likely start a regional war in the process and still look a cunt. Jesus Christ, Trump really is a stupid fucking cunt.

    • Even as a Trump fan, I have agree Skid. Trump ran his campaign on a number of key issues, one of which being building up the US military but not getting involved in other people’s back yard squabbles. The point being, the US military would be so tooled up, so primed to kick the shit out of anyone who got cocky that they just wouldn’t bother. I liked that idea.

      Syrian regime change appears to be a spoken/unspoken goal and now we have the unnecessary sabre rattling over the tit in N Korea. But at least we got the awesome repeal and replace of fuck face Obamacare. Oh wait……that didn’t happen.

      Trump’s got to seriously up his game or he’ll turn into a U turning laugh stock one term president. Had such high hopes. Ugh!

      • Not that I follow US politics particularly, I.Y, but doesn’t everyone ignore the President during his second term anyway, knowing full well that the cunt will be out the door soon enough?

      • Did anyone really think that he wouldn’t start a few wars though?
        I liked him only coz it was one in the eye for the libtards and snowflakes!
        He was always a stupid cunt.
        He’s bound to start ww3 but fuck it. It was worth it to see those cunts cry and protest.
        …or maybe that’s just the beer talking.

        • Also the fucking fact america is in quicksand debt and haven’t won a fucking war since the civil war which was more of a draw of sorts

          Germany: wasn’t their war to begin with they just helped
          vietnam: retreated Iraq war: lost… nothing gained except massive debt and destabilizing the country Iran coup: lost also humiliating defeat with hostage crisis

          Trump looks bad the last two videos he did looked like hostage videos… deep state got to him general flynn was mostly anti war non interventionist but now he has general “warhawk” mcmasters

          • Iraq: fastest tank advance in history.
            First time troops surrendered to drones.

            America are fuckin badass mate.

            I admit they may seem a bit silly and sensitive, and they do love a good cry but they got some serious firepower!!

            And they love an explosion.

            They’re nowhere near our boys training wise but I’m glad they’re on our side!

          • Didn’t Friendly Fire kill more British troops than the opponents in the first Iraq war?

      • I guess we all had high hopes,IY. But Trump has just turned out to be a bigger cunt than Killary, at least with her you knew exactly what you were voting for.

        • The problem with the Yanks is they think technology will win wars for them. It won’t. Old fashioned boots on the ground with street by street hand to hand fighting wins wars. All the huge technological american war machine and they get there arses handed to them in Somalia by some untrained w@gs with 50 year old weapons. Look at the cruise missile strike they did in Syria last week. 59 missiles launched, only 23 reached their target. $100m down the shitter and nothing to show for it, planes were using the airstrip the next day. Then there was this super doopa mother of all bombs, cost over $15.7m a go and kills 39 people. Not very economical, is it?

          And lets not get onto all the friendly fire incidents where they shoot there own side in the back because they are too fucking stupid to tell the difference.

          I don’t know, DeploytheSausage. On balance its better to have them on our side than against us, but there is a world of difference between having them on our side and us just automatically doing whatever they tell us to do.

          • Mate it ain’t boots on ground, planes, navy, or any other tricks.
            Bollocks is what wins wars.
            Unfortunately bollocks is what starts wars too!

          • He is a cunt.

            …but I can’t say shit.

            If I had that firepower I’d be a cunt too

          • He promised to piss off Russia, get rid of Assad, help ISIS, piss on the Chinks chips and start WW3? I must have missed that bit.

      • Any cunt that drops the mother of all bombs and 59 cruise missiles into the heart of land of cunts and takes out less camel jockeys than Mohammad with a backpack In Kabal or Lahore proves to be a complete bell end.

  5. I lived in South Korea for seven years, off and on, and those hierarchical clowns North of the border are all mouth and no trousers, living like kings while the peasants eat grass. Every six months or so the latest North Korean “Kim” would send a shitty, little rocket into the Sea of Japan (or “East Sea” as the Koreans call it), rattling his sabre and hoping the world would give him attention for a few hours.

    Eventually the country will unite (I reckon between 10 and 20 years) and the whole peninsula will be fairly powerful. Until then, let the childish turd bang his drum and demand attention. Nothing will happen. Empty vessels make the most noise

  6. I’m sorry but, whichever way you look at it, you can’t allow a bunch of thick, trigger happy mental cunts like this to have nuclear weapons. However they’ve had them since 1945 so it’s a bit late now. God bless America!

    • America has nukes, israel has nukes, russia has nukes , iran has nukes, everyone has nukes hell I’m sure canada has even has nukes fearless leader and inventor of hamburgers doesn’t want war I think they are just being on the defensive

  7. If you wanna get the Americans involved in a war….tell them it’s nearly over…

  8. Without nuclear weapons, this shit hole wouldn’t warrant a seconds thought. However, this cunt would quite happily launch a few big bangs if he felt like it. North Korea has been a pain in the arse for nearly seventy years, and unlike the other communist dumps, it shows no sign of any form of progression. I love the fact that the full name is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Where is the democracy? Bamboo and Bakelite hell…..

    • I tend to agree. You’d think the twat wouldn’t be dumb enough to launch a nuke at the US because if he did, he’d surely know the retaliation would glass his entire country. That said, the fall out issue would affect South Korea and he might figure Trump wouldn’t go nuclear for fear of radiating the South. On the other hand, if the North did nuke a US city, the fall out would affect perhaps Canada to the north or Mexico to the south. Radiating Mexico probably wouldn’t be too much of an issue since the country is mostly empty because most Mexicans live in California, Arizona and Texas anyway. πŸ™‚

      • Kid Mong is TOTALLY unpredictable… it may just be that somebody a little saner in the NK military takes him out (and I don’t mean for chihuaha chow mein and extra fried rice).

        On second thoughts…please tell me there IS someone saner in NK !!

  9. Kim is just a ting tong tyrant with the backing of commie dictatorships Russia and China, Trump will nuke these gook fucks in a heartbeat if threatened.

  10. He looks like he should be serving me with chicken balls and chips.

    Mad as a shithose rat.

    • Obviously inbred to buggery.. Kim Mong-Un’s sister is probably his mum… The demented cunt is probably related to Lily Mong too….

  11. All those ‘missiles’ on the back of the trucks are all fucking cardboard the thick slinty eyed cunt. Looks like a kiddy diddler to me.

  12. Its only because he is ” ronree oh so ronree, row wan tu call his rown”

    just like his father in that regard .

  13. This whole thing is a cunt,
    You got Trump who couldn’t look more of a bellend if he tried, who is trying to show he means business in his first year. He is a fucking fruitcake who cannot be wrong and uses twatter more than a snowflake. Then you Kim Kunt who is a fucking fruitcake as well trying to stand up to a cunt he has no chance against. This whole thing is. Fucking worrying and I never wanted Trump to win after I saw how much of a cunt he was with his Golf Course in Scotland and how he treated the locals. If China and Russia back North Korea America is fucked. Fuck this I’m off to the Isle of Wight.

    • I didn’t want Hillary to win either, America is a cunt. Get Ronald Reagan to sort it out.

      • Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out…

        Alternatively dump ’em all in the Namib desert and let the fucking climate sort ’em out…

    • Re : Trump on Twitter.
      He must be smarter than me.

      Today i opened (?) a Twitter account for the first time.

      I haven’t the foggiest what to do with it though.
      How do you follow a conversation on it.
      Cunts just seem to spout nonsensical shite to each other.

      The reason I opened one was to try and cunt Noel Gallagher fanny’s.
      They think the little potato is GOD and i wanted to set the cunts straight, and at the same time get it read by his “people” so they can relay the message that birdman00075 thinks that the potato is a cunt.

      • With “twatter” you have to be fellow “twats” in order to “twat” to each other, otherwise you are simply retwatting other twat’s twatish comments.

      • I doesn’t look like i managed to successfully set that Twitter account up after all.

        I tried to go on but the Twatters didn’t have clue who i was and I was to start all over again with my details.

        Well, that journey into the land of social media lasted long , eh?

        Maybe i should be proud of myself for subconsciously failing to master that shite.

        • Word to the wise Birdamn, it was the demise of Richard White who ran DSMO site. Mary Beard and the msm undone him, named and shamed him because that is their snowflake site. They spout shit then whinge they get they are getting trolled if someone disagrees with them

  14. Clifton James has snuffed it.Picked in many pools but not the current one.

  15. Joe Anderson mayor of Liverpool is a scouse cunt claiming Kelvin MacKenzie is racist for comparing Ross Barkely to a gorilla despite him being white.Turns out his Grandad was Nigerian.Clutching at straws. Mackenzie is also a massive cunt for the record.

    • Kelvin McKenzie has borrowed from ISAC many a time.
      I’m sure he has.

      His column always contained”banter”.

      Is “banter” banished now ?

      Fuck-in snowflakes….

        • Ron Liddle too.
          If yer reading this Ron, type the word “fiddlesticks” somewhere in yer next column and reveal yerself as a cunter.

          Don’t worry yer secret of being a cunter is safe with us, unless you offend us.

          If you offend us, you’ll get suspended.

          • I’m sure there is.
            I’m sure they were enjoying their colleagues being cunted until one day they were the cunt.

      • Oversensitive, hysterical, self pitying, ‘Always the victims’, humourless, self obsessed, gang mentality, hubcap stealing, permanently offended, drug dealing, holier than thou, tribal, bullshitting Scouse cunts…

    • MacKenzie is a blowhard arsehole. A widedo cunt whom you wouldnt buy a used car from.

  16. What the hell is Kim small dongs hair like? It’s a unfortunate pedo hairstyle, he looks a right dick. Looks like World war 3 could be on the horizon, suppose if mankind is wiped out, it’ll put the pressure off me trying to find a fucking job! Knowing my luck my job centre would survive the carnage. Maybe I should just pop to Switzerland to the dignitas clinic to spend what’s left of the crap amount of redundancy money I got!

  17. The peoples “Day of the Sun” seems to have been a very jolly affair today, and has been enjoyed by millions of happy North Koreans. The Glorious Leader has provided a terrific spectacle on the central plaza of the nations Capital.

    Renowned the world over for its cuisine and street food, Koreans are munching tonight on a most wonderful and delicious delight given them by the Leader Most Loved.

    A Serving of Boiled Soldier Ball, served with rice , and or crispy pancakes has been gifted to the people by no less than the dear Leader himself. The exquisite treat follows the summary execution of an entire company of soldiers, who thought it amusing to poke fun of the most Gifted and wondrous one.

    The silly soldiers did not realise that our Dear Leader is all seeing and all hearing, and such naughtiness must not go unpunished.

    You are advised to enjoy your serving of soldier ball this evening, and smile in appreciation as you chew on the gonads of your fellow Korean. Remember, our great Leader is watching and all seeing, and unless you chew and enjoy, your immediate next of kin will be served as a desert a little later.

    Now Cunts! Have you got it? THEN FUCKING SMILE

    • Very accurate cunts mate. Haven’t watched the Simpsons for a while, gonna check that one out.

  18. First it was Spivey asking for money.
    Then the Guardian started asking for money.
    Now, Wikipedia have the begging bowl out.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck oooooooooof.

    Either Wikipedia or the Guardian are saying its only two pound odd.
    The same as a cup of coffee.

    A cup of decaf coffee costs me one euro fifty.


      Like having sex without coming, or – as popularised by former non-philandering President Clinton – smoking weed without inhaling.

      There’s not a coffee made which is so strong and so full of cafine that I won’t drink it! πŸ˜‰

      • Reminds me of my time in Londistan. I was partial to a nice strong coffee there. Some of the prices in the Shitty (yer Starbucks, Costa, et. al.) was ridiculous. Even my favourite Italian coffee shop was Β£1 99 for my favourite rocket-fuel tipple.

        I was at the top of Tottenham Court Road going into Warren Street tube station when I was asked by a homeless bod if I could: “Spare a quid for a coffee mate?”

        My reply: “Round here! You’ll be fucking lucky!”

        I gave him a deuce.

      • “Normal” coffee gives me a sore head. (sensitive wee soul i am)
        I drink the decaf with soya “milk” in cafes , only coz i cant get a cup of Typhoo with the oo’s anywhere.

        I drink about twenty cups of Typhoo with the oo’s a day.
        I even take a flask of it to the beach, like i did today.
        First day at the beach, yeeeeaaahhh.

        The water was fuckin freezin.

        • Vegetarian
          Tee total (apart from last new year)
          Decaf drinker
          Half Scottish

          Its getting harder to walk between the raindrops, here on ISAC. πŸ™‚

          • @birdman Whatever keeps you fit M8 I could use proper excerise myself I feel like a heavy fatigued mule and I admire the teetotal experience truly do, it isn’t easy. I use to be a seven day adventist which encouraged followers not to drink but I still smoked pot at the time lol

            I have bouts of drinking lately… drink 1 day and 2-4 days off drinking, so its not a problem or anything… yet. I can stop anytime I swear hahaha

          • I’m positive that without the weed, being tee total would be hard as fuck.
            Especially in this day and age. πŸ™‚

            Happy Easter everybody.

            Lets hope Christians and other good people can make it through the day without a camel/goat/kiddie fucker trying to ruin in for everybody.

            The angels rolled the stone away. πŸ™‚

  19. What the fucks all this Ross Barkley carry on about, is about his looks? Bloke reminds me of David Starsky (Paul Michael Glasser) from Starsky the and Hutch! Hope Ross takes the shitty Sun newspaper to court, Ive never understand the fascination of waddling to the newsagents to buy a newspaper full of yesterday’s News?

    • Agree about Barkley…. If the Sun want to pick on a thick as fuck, self indulgent, ugly, moneygrabbing Scouse cunt, they should go for Wayne Rooney… The Sun has even lost its one redeeming feature: the tits on Page 3… So it’s not even worth looking at on the bog before wiping one’s arse on it…

      • A guy at work buys The Star, and thank fuck he does.
        Because of him i don’t need to miss Beau Peep.

        Beau Peep is hilarious.

        Text maniacs is quite good too.

  20. I would like to nominate Liam Neeson as a fucking cunt. Now I know what you are thinking…what has Liam done to justify this hatred? Well, I admit it is irrational but it’s there and it won’t go away. Firstly anybody involved in Star Wars is a total wanker…nothing to discuss. Then there is the “Taken” franchise, a load of car chase, machine gun bollocks where Liam has bullets splattering into the wall around his head but takes out the foreign cunt with a karate chop. I particularly hate “Taken 2″ because I actually paid money to watch that pile of adolescent nonsense. Liam’s tour de force was undoubtedly the title role in Schindlers. But who can forget the pathetic crying scene at the end which completely fucked up the whole film. I don’t know how many takes there were but I always imagine Spielberg saying..”Just print it, it ain’t gonna get any better.” To be fair, Liam has one great film… “Michael Collins”. But that’s only because he was playing himself….a big headed arrogant Irish cunt. I just don’t like the bastard and that’s it!

    • Neeson was outstanding in Ted2.

      Has anybody ever been in an elevator and noticed it was made by a company called Schindler’s Lifts.

      I fuckin shit you not, THAT’S a REAL company. πŸ™‚

      • He was alright in The Big Man, but that was before the septics got hold of him. Now he is a cunt.

    • I remember in taken when he’s talking to the kidnapper ” I have a very specific set of skills, acquired over many years ” but forgets to list bad acting, making excruciatingly boring films, and having an ego the size of an aircraft carrier!!! Agreed Cunt!!

  21. Prince George is a 3 year old cunt,Harper Beckham is a 5 year old cunt.
    Perhaps in the future they could get married and breed a new strain of Ultra-cunt. They have perfect pedigrees on both the sire and dam sides. Just imagine a blend of David,Victoria,Prince William and Kate,with a soupcon of Charles and Diana’s genes mixed in. What a breeding cocktail! Finally the U.K will be restored to it’s rightful place as a world leader in something,even if it just breeding spoiled,vacuous cunts.

    • Kate the fashion icon with beautiful tastes, somehow, in this day and age, 2017, has a husband in his thirties with a fuckin comb over.
      A come over ffs!!!!!!

      Call me cynical, but i reckon that prince cunt was forced to marry a “pleb” to try and connect the Royal bunch of cunts to the public for a few more years.

      • I reckon that he married a “commoner” because they knew that the inbreeding was going to throw up a monga unless they got some fresh genes in there…..mind,I don’t blame him marrying Kate,she might be a bit shy in the tit department,but I’d happily give her a reaming (plus her sister,hell..I’d even slip the mother a length.)

  22. Sadly I reckon we are already world leaders in that particular endeavour. You could argue that the Yanks are No.1 but only because the mad fuckers have such easy access to firearms.

  23. Prince William needs a number one shaved around the back and sides and shave a number two on the top. I’m a slap head, started to go bald on top in my early 30s, 40 now so I’m your typical ‘ignored’ white, British grumpy cunt, with a slight beer belly, who is becoming invisible in this shite modern society.

    • One time when i shaved all my hair off i was stopped at the border four days days in a row.

      That took me about ten minutes to write coz I’ve just just bashed my fuckin neighbour.

      I started typing and the cunt started banging upstairs on the roof terrace.
      So i ran up, shouted at the cunt and before i knew it, i was punching the cunt.

      Other neighbours came rushing up and stopped it and I’m now waiting to see if he’s called the police.

      My daughters all upset, so that makes me even angrier.

      Happy fuckin Easter. Little RED IRATE face……..

        • The witnesses arrived after the first punch.

          The polis have been and taken a statement.
          The Spanish neighbours are backing my story up that he has been antagonizing me.
          My story is that he swung an iron pole at me.

          My daughters a fuckin star.
          Just turned twelve and she managed to put the waterworks on big time, and reminding the polis that this cunt has attacked her Pappy with a hammer before.

          I’m still fuckin raging though, and I’m pretty sure i cant hold it in.

          The cunts got a swollen face, but he has a car, so i better be careful walking along the pavement.

          The polis never mentioned if he complained about the anti islam trade i gave the cunt.
          I hope not, coz that would take over the whole thing.

          They never took me away, so fuck knows what that means.

          I told ye’s that I’d be back in court soon. πŸ™‚

          • Just stick to your story about the iron pole,and deny any anti-islam stuff. Even the police over here know that the cunts always accuse people of racism no matter what. Take the bairn out for the day until the dust settles, I reckon.

          • He parks it where the Guardia CCTV covers it.
            The other week i let two of his tyres down, other than that i spit greeners on it, spit chewing gum on it and in his sun roof, and write my name in the dust.

            Fuck I’ve actually just remembered how this all started.
            I can’t believe i forgot that two years ago the cunt throw a buggy down the stairs at me.

            A fuckin buggy!!!!

            You’ve gotta laugh. πŸ™‚

    • Male, white and straight are the three deadly sins in this country. Didn’t go to university but don’t think I would last the week before being sent to Islington for a cultural diversity awareness course and a workshop on the sensitivities of everyone from ragheads to gender fluid trans cunts.

      • I’m the same,that’s why I stopped going on the piss in town.Between the pakis,coons,students,beggers,pooves.mongas and mingers,there wasn’t a bar I could go to without getting into bother.

        • Agree there, Dickie… Black w@gs, Iron Curtain white w@gs, student tossers with stupid cunt luminous hair, tons of muslamist parking stanleys, tranny cunts… A night out is now like Planet Of The Apes meets Judge Dredd…

  24. Looks like Easter dinner in a cell for Birdman, if a Pcso turns up for you ignore them as they are powerless, a Pcso touching you is assault.

    • The Spanish fake coppers, when they finish their shift, hang around outside the cop shop acting the bug un.
      The real polis must hate the cunts.

      What I’ve found here, in my experience anyway, is that the polis just take statements, leave, and a week or so later a court summons will arrive.

      This will be the third time I’ll be in court coz of that family of goat fuckers, and the last time the judge said if we appeared together again, it would not be dealt with lightly.
      About fuckin time they took it seriously.

      • You seem to have a problem with this cunt. Offer him a mano y mano somewhere quiet with no witnesses, the loser finds a new place to live. But for that he would have to be a man of honor and by the sounds of it he is a crying little puff who goes running to the law when ever he gets a well deserved slap. What a cunt.

        • Today’s the first time I’ve spoken/shouted to the cunt in a year.
          After his wife made false allegations that i made death threats to her, I keep my mouth shut and grin menacingly at the cunts with “come on” hand gestures.
          I also, sometimes, make loud animal noises, but my favourite is to whistle Rule Britannia or the Rocky theme tune.

          Everyday i whistle on the stairs or in the bathroom coz i know it fucks them off.

          Tip. If you want to wind some cunt up, whistle at them.
          The tuneless, the better.

        • Unfortunately there’s not many of them who’ll say boo to a goose unless they’re in a pod of fellow “peaceful” cunts!

          If your in a “muslim area” in Londonistan, Bradfordrabad or Leicester Arabia (which is how the “peaceful” cunts describe them when telling non-peacefuls to fuck off – in our own country, indeed), if you walk past one on their own they say fuck all, but, if you look out of the corner of your eye you’ll see the cunt texting “Infidel Alert!” to a group set up on their phone and within seconds the street will be awash with fuckers wearing bedsheets and heading your way like a galleon at full sail!

          This is a fact because it happened to me once in my home town of Stoke. I lived just south of Hanley but used to drink in Burslem (best pubs and Ruby houses in the area) but between Hanley and Burslem there’s a hamlet called Cobridge (twinned with Tehran).

          I’d had a few in Bos and decided to walk into Hanley forra bus home and half way there I decided fuck it, I’ll get a taxi (not a problem in that area)!

          Rang the cab company and sat overlooking Hanley Forest park (fucking joke – it probably has 1 tree) when I saw a shifty little “peaceful” cunt texting away. In about 60 seconds I was surrounded like a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia!

          I said I was waiting for a taxi but it was a bit unnerving. As the “peaceful” taxi firm was only a stone’s throw away, one pulled up said some babble and they started to fuck off. Just before I got in the taxi I said: “Cheers lads I only needed the one taxi!”

          That’s because most of the cunts were taxi drivers (those that worked that is) and most of the cunts were driving under the one licence (as was reported by The Sentinel newspaper a few weeks later).

          Fucking untrustworthy, cowardly, blowy-up “peaceful cunts!

          • Chalk up another win for diversity. Let’s see how diverse these places are in a couple of years. Britain is fucked.

  25. Going bald young is the new black, what I’m trying to say is going bald if you can carry off the look is only gonna do you favours with the ladies. Firstly all these cunts with hairstyles that resemble womens haircuts
    will look back in 10 years and wonder what the fuck they were on like those 80s cunts must think. The only hairstyle that stands the test of time and I mean millenia is the skinhead. The skinhead haircut will never go out of fashion, it makes you look a bit tougher even if your a weak cunt, women love things in men that are the opposite of themselves like a man with muscles or even a fucking beer gut. The great skinhead look is the only way forward and it bails you out if you thinning on top like me. Prince William should go for the skinhead the dumb cunt prancing round with a comb over at his age. Black, white, fat, thin the shaved head is the only way.

    • Yeah the baldy look definitely gives a mystery element to it I think I would look mental as a bald person. I dunno thou I might look psycho enough to be intimidating like Travis Bickle or Putin, or egghead from batman.

      Baldness probably isn’t far off actually, seeing how my father is bald maybe I’ll avoid it for another 10 years if lucky but stress and fatigue don’t help. If not I’m going full skinhead 1488 dammit

  26. Barry Scot is a cunt,
    You know that cunt from the Cillit Bang adverts. What a cunt.
    It must be his invention as that’s the only way I can imagine someone wanting to act like a cunt in so many adverts. Someone get a gun and shoot the cunt.
    Bang and the cunt is gone.

    • I remember making the mistake of “going downstairs” on the Mrs after scoffing a Vindaloo.

      I’d done me teeth, gargled and everything and never gave it a thought. After about a minute or so the Mrs flew into the shower saying her lady bits were on fire.

      From that point on I called it a Clitty Bang! πŸ˜‚

        • It is true because ever since I get asked: “Have you had anything spicey?”

          • That’s one way to spice up yer love life.

            Were you listening to Rhianna at the time ?
            This girl is on fiiiiiyyyaaaaaa

            Or maybe
            This sex is on fiiiiiyyyaaaaaa

            Are they the same song?

    • barry scot is how i found about this site – i wanted to cunt him but didn’t know how. fortunately my son told me about ISAC (so his extended education wasn’t a complete waste of time and money)

    • I’m definitely feeling that this is a lead-up to a surrender on the part of NK, as organized by China . Before I had my suspicions that Kim Un had his brother Nam killed but I think china killed his brother

      I think the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam is related to this plan to normalize the country. They don’t want there to be a clear heir in NK

  27. The pope is showing off his cunt credentials, saying we should all think of the poor migrants, and the hell of people trafficking, blah blah. The best thing that cunt could say was, sorry folks, all religion is a load of bollocks, let’s try putting a connie on, and help slow the spread of cunts in the world.

    • The old cunt advocates this because his priests are mainly kiddie-diddlers who fancy a bit of fresh meat,as are most of the older “migrants”. The fucker probably plans to swop a few choirboys for a few kiddie migrants. Filthy old nonce.

    • http://FTP….

      When we were younger, it was always sad when yer football burst.
      That sadness quickly went when ye realised that if ye tore the ball in half and turned it inside out, ye could make two pope hats out of it.
      The side with the valve was more convincing.
      The ones who never got a pope hat, played a game of shoot the pope.

    • Imagine your local child abuser getting all preachy about something or other . Would you give him a listen ? Would you fuck! I give you the Roman Catholic Church.

    • Surely if they are good Catholics, they could just walk across the Med? As long as they keep up with being Catholic, they shouldn’t even get their feet wet. It’s only a shortish stroll for these fit (ish) young men and cotton doesn’t pick itself…

  28. Looks like Johnny Turk has voted for the new Hitler. That means, I suspect, a big crackdown on his opponents and anyone who isn’t Islamified enough for his tastes. None of my business, of course, what Muzzies do in their own shitholes, but I reckon millions of the fuckers will be wanting out. I wonder where they will all be heading? Hmmm….let me give it some thought.

    • Those cunts are fucking everywhere, like dandelion seeds. There’s more Turkish barbers in my little town than normal fuckers. Add to that the multitude of kebab/pizza crap holes, and we are swamped with the cunts.

      • Yes, and they will soon be crying about their persecuted “relatives” fleeing from Turkey In yet another humanitarian crisis. You wanna chilli sauce with that boss?

        • The only useful thing to come out of Turkey is the giblets for the fucking gravy at xmas. Other than that, they are all the fucking same, Camel and goat shaggers the lot of them!

    • Always use the Greek kebab outfit near us cos he does a lovely pork souvlaki.

      Never do the Turk ones because after the meat has been killed in the most agonising manner possible it’s as tough as auld pit b’yutts!

    • Worked for Immigration for 15 fucking years until I retired. From 2001, the Turks were pouring in using the same old scripted shite. “Me Kurd” “Me Political” “Me” and so fucking on. Bounced by numbers, the vast majority given T/A status, fucked off to prearranged destination ( Londonistan ) NASS accommodation, and “allowance” (not dole )

      Within Months the fuckers were back home for “my uncle, he is sick ” and all that shite. Piss takers every single fucking one.

      Tell me this….if you are fleeing from some cunt who is going to kill you…do you return for holidays? This country is fucked beyond all hope, and the Libtards and labrats are to blame, and as for this useless fucking spaz in power today. As a Home Secretary, she couldn’t run a friggin bath let alone an office. Fucking useless cunts the lot of them. Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt.

  29. One evening in turkey, i was strolling along wearing a Leicester City shirt (i was 21) when a barber came running out of his shop shouting “fuck you, fuck you” whilst pointing to the Bradford shirt he was wearing.
    On the way back i looked in his window and while cutting some poor cunts hair, he calmly raised the middle finger.

    Baffles me to this day.

  30. Whatever happens you can be sure that Johnny Turk won’t be running and hiding in any Muzzie country. No, Abdul will be over here screaming about his human rights and claiming benefits hand over fist. Ever felt you are being conned every fucking day of your fucking life?

  31. Mr Jeremy Wright ( The Attorney General ) needs to be ( among other things ) Cunted!
    This odious little Turd was appointed by David Cameron in 2014. Cunt Wright is a Cameron man, a cunt not only opposed to Brexit, but a cunt who would rejoice at its failure to materialise.

    But it is not only this that makes my piss boil! The cunt Wright is intervening and attempting to block the prosecution of Tony Blair for misleading parliament, and for deception in engineering a war in Iraq.

    This in itself is bad enough, but the block he intends to place, will put a Prime Minister beyond the law. In essence, they can do what the fuck they like, and free of the threat of prosecution. Cunt.

    Now why would a Tory Attorney General try to protect the Labour cunt turd Blair? And why would Cameron and May support his attempt to prevent Blair from getting what the greasy little cottaging cunt deserves to get.?

    Is it because Prime Ministers of all parties are corrupt dog shite noshing little bastards? Or is it the Higher Command of the New World Order, attempting to cover our march to total subservience and the ant life that will inevitably prevail.

    Wright ( Cunt ) is a cunt Attorney cunt General , and deserves a monster fucking cunting. To put politicians out of the reach of the law and the people is indeed the tool of the Devil.

    May his arse fester with a thousand grapes for all eternity.

    • Hardly surprising this fucker doesn’t want the law poking about in Parliamentary business as he has a tendency to make “genuine mistakes” with his expenses claims, the thieving fucking cunt. They should get the Shadow Attorney General to look into this, Shami Chakr….oh fuck it…forget about it.

    • The CPS protected child rapist Janner for decades. That is all you need to know about them. Criminal cunts.

  32. I can’t help but find the trigger-happy, paranoid, fat little cunt somewhat entertaining but I would be the first to chuckle if they drafted in that two-mile sniper-kill Canadian cunter for a ‘special mission.’ I must admit though; I would miss all the photos of him pointing and laughing. You just can’t buy entertainment like that … not even on Netflix.

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