Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Legs-it.

The shit storm surrounding The Daily Mail front page last week needs a cunting. The offending headline draws attention to the fact that both Treezer and wee Burney have got legs. Phew! The usual suspects have jumped on the bandwagon to scream “SEXISM!”. Comrade Corbyn demonstrates his firm grasp on history by commenting that it is 2017. In a rare show of Labour solidarity, Harriet Harmen and Yvette Cooper do the same. Ed Millerband broke ranks, but kept to a historical theme by plagiarising a very old joke while Catherine Mayer, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, blamed Brexit on this sort of thing. Meanwhile Sky News’ breakfast time ginger skank Sarah-Jane Mee (me-me-me-me) opined that this was precisely the sort of thing which kept wiminz out of politics, thereby defining wiminz as fragile little flowers who cannot take a fucking joke. Sexist much? Cunts.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

104 thoughts on “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Legs-it.

  1. Finally Nicola Sturgeon seems to have made a tiny, miniscule effort. Until this happened, one would have to admit that she was a disgrace to her kind. We are living in an age of acceptance and tolerance and yet it’s been difficult to offer any support. Ultimately, she’s been a disgrace to all transgenders. Clearly he/she’s has put in no work whatsoever. We understand you’ve got the gait of a muscular rugby fly-half, the face of a bitter gibbon and a tiny mouth with laughably-thin lips; yet do us a favour and make the minimum job all trannies do, i.e. put on a bit of lipstick, sort out your wig and smile a bit more. Christ, I bet he/she doesn’t even shave his plum sack.

    • I’m sorry but this sort of trivialisation of transgender issues is exactly the kind of attitude which has led to BREXIT!! You hadn’t thought about that had you? Not so clever now Mr. Smartypants racist sexist homophobe!

  2. Heard that Wee Jimmy Krankie has made ‘ considerable efforts’ on her appearance in recent years. Eh? What the fuck did she look like before? She’s got a face that would make an onion cry and the whiny grating voice to go with it.

  3. With reference to the amazing photograph taken by lunar orbiter of 2 near earth objects. Radar composite projection suggests that both objects could possibly be terresstial in origin. Lead scientist Warwick Hunt states that both objects have an earthly location in the United Kingdom and not as ( at first thought ) in earth orbit. The discovery of the two objects has the scientific community in meltdown. One object appears as a rather plump blob of pink, and the other a thin rod of grey matter. The audible “white noise ” made by both objects has been likened to post curry visit to a lavatory. Prof Warwick Hunt promises to update us should any further developments take place.

    • I see signs of ISAC every time i read Ron Liddles column.

      It is a great column, and his language and description’s of our peaceful cousins is very rare in MSM.

      I like yer blog, Cunt’s Mate Cunt, and John Wark was class.

      Even in Escape To Victory. 🙂

  4. On reflection, I find it very sad that something didn’t keep The Flabbott out of politics… such as an appointment with Mr. G. Reaper.

    • She really is an ugly odious slag. Her politics are rather confusing, she doesn’t really fit in easily to the “mainstream ” of shite. Black Nazi springs to mind…… hmmm, but you may think that a tadge unkind of me?

  5. Flabbarse and Timmy So-far-wrong are on QT tonight. Better get off to B&Q for some bricks and Currys for a telly. Oh and chemist for sedatives. I’ve started to shake already.

    • I’m blue dah boo dee dah boo dah.
      Now yer a bluenose, Kendo Nag.

      How come cunters little faces change from time to time ?

      • I like it. Must get that tooth sorted tho. I’ll ask Norman to knock it out.

  6. Daily Mail still coming up with horrible puns and considering how much celebrity junk they put it their newspaper why not just call it the Daily Fail? They both have legs but most of the shine is coming from the pantyhose itself not their old aged gran legs not to mention these dogs in pantyhose look more trust worthy though not that comfortable lol but they are two bitches in heat so there is that lol https://laughingsquid.com/dogs-wearing-pantyhose-a-popular-new-meme-in-china/ The real question is who farts louder? Wee Krankie or Maggie May

    • We should run a poll on this site. Krankie fart vs.May fart. then invite both to participate in a fart off! I rather fancy though that Sturgeon may (no pun intended ) just have the edge. I certainly think that she may wedge ahead!

      • Eyes down for a full arse.
        Sturgeon will win paws down, that diet of solidified porridge, straight out of the drawer, sliced thickly, battered and deep-fried.

        Sturgeon’s twat must stink like last year’s Bombay Duck.

  7. The outrage have sod all to do with ‘sexism’, was just a whinge by the Left over Mail’s support for Brexit , no crying over Cameron’s massive shiny ham face or Salmon looking, well like a fish. Bride of Krankistein definitely wins in the farting stakes, must be the highland air and bullshit she spouts. May can have legs like a battery house hen and dress in a bin liner for all I care as long as she stands up to the EU Mafioso parasites.

  8. Fuck me, have you seen the state of Gibraltar’s Mayor? Just google Kaiane Lopez. Christ on a fucking bike, I would crawl over broken glass to suck the cock of the last bloke to fuck her!

    So Gibraltar gets her and Londonistan gets Suckdick Khunt. Something not right there.

      • I suspect that to be a lie. You would be up that like a rat up a drainpipe.

      • It would be a sin not to bang her , i would be fuck that pussy faster than it takes for refugees get into European union and rape somebody.

    • Former Miss World apparently. If she ever needs a place to sit, my face is available.

    • I was wondering why they took her massive photo off the wall at passport control.

      Obviously its unbecoming of the mayor to be seen in her brainless tart days.

      I’ve never heard of a “Mayor of Gibraltar.

      They have a chief minister, governor and loads of positions left over from the empire days.

      Maybe i need to embrace my surroundings more.

      All them leaders and fuss over a rock that has a population under forty thousand.

      That’s the average gate at a premier league game.

      Where does the money come from for all these positions ?

    • UK gets the shitty end of the stick with wimmin MP’s, the horror show of Flabbot and Harperson to name two. Berlusconi in the Italian parliament with all his Bunga Bunga girls must have been like Benny Hill on crack, Flabbot would self combust.

      • Yes, how we miss the sultry, sexy beauty of Ann Widdecome. But at least we get to see her on whatever desperate ‘celebrity’ programme she’s on this week. Or panto.

        • I mean shes attractive but I’m not a moraless whore, you could also imagine the maintenance on a bird like that…

          Also your blasphemy was most unappreciated good sir and I’ll have you know gibraltar is a almost 70% christian country your chances with her would be zero if you spoke to her like that and jesus wouldn’t ride a bike. I mean he could technically speaking but a horse, chariot of winged horses or dragon creature would be more practical

  9. Question time has Diane Abbott Johnathan Bartley and TIm Farron on tonight.Plus union cunt.What a fecking awful panel.

    • The 2017 version of the Victorian freak show…. I hope Abbott The Hutt sits on Timmykins and he is never seen again…

    • Thanks for the warning, can’t afford a new TV so no way I will be putting that rage inducing shite on it.

    • If Abbot and Fallon had a child, it’d look sort of like a chubby, down-syndrome Mowgli.
      That hates Britain.
      And is shit at connecting with voters.

    • All that’s missing is cleggers wife Maria gonzo gonzalez to balance the programme!!! Cunts

  10. This was big news on the ABBC – unlike the “peaceful” London Terrorist attack.

    Shit like this and misnominations at the Oscars are where it’s at now.

    ISIS and their ilk must be livid at this lack of attention and so are thinking of hiring support acts prior to any further atrocities just to drum up a bit of interest.

    ISIS if you convert to Christianity and recruit white English men the next time you do something the ABBC will cover it so vociferously that you’ll think you’ve got your own TV channel!

    Carry on committing heinous crimes under the banner of the religion of peace and you won’t even make the “And finally…” bit!

    This is today’s official cunting of the ABBC.

    • On the subject of useless Beeb employees, that useless cunt Phil Neville again…Phil Neville believes there is “something fundamentally wrong” with Luke Shaw that has forced manager Jose Mourinho to publicly criticise him….

      There is something wrong with Shaw: he’s shite and a useless fat cunt… And Phil should know, because he was (and still is) a useless cunt himself…

      • Phil Neville (and how bad must it be to be the inferior Neville brother?) looks and sounds like he was hit by a Tube train. Mouth-breathing, slack-jawed mong.

  11. Most wimmin are humourless cunts… Especially if a bloke is telling the jokes… Yet they find crap like Bridget Jones, Horsey Miranda, and all the misandrist jokes on Loose Chickens ‘hilarious’…. Same goes for the way they call men ‘sexist’ for looking at Page 3… The same slags will cluck like demented hens when a fireman turns up, and revel in that rapefest ‘Fifty Shades Of Shite’… Such nauseating hypocrisy… They always want fucking jam on it… Kippersnatch Madogga collaborates with a rapist and she’s a ‘feminist icon’… A newspaper makes a gag about a pair of pins and they’re the Antichrist… The feminzai sicken me…

    And Sarah Jane I Me Mine is a gigantic cunt… The successor to Kay Burley when her facelifts finally melt under the Sky TV lights…

    • Right on, Norm. How many adverts do you see on TV where the man, married with kids, is a bit of a dick. Not a nasty dick like a rapist or child murderer but just a bit of a dumb, inoffensive dick non the less? And how many do you see where a man is getting a smack in the bollocks, either seen or implied, “new balls lease” in the pain cream ad comes to mind where the hapless bloke is getting a kicking from the wife at tennis. If wiminz were portrayed in anything like the same negative light as men routinely are there would be hell to pay.

  12. So Sgt Beetroot Ed Sheeran has now worked with James Blunt, Ryan Tedder (responsible for a lot of Adele’s musical crimes),and now Harry Styles… Quite a little cunts club being formed here…

    • Yeah, James Clunt is back.

      He was in the wilderness but he’s back coz Ed Sheeran likes him so the press love him again.

      Terrible music for i don’t know who.
      He had a pop at Noel Gallagher, saying he gets more females at his gigs whereas Noel gets blokes.

      Now I’m sure Noel Gallagher’s fans are cunts of the highest order, but surely its better than a crowd of tarts who daydream about a mullet haired Latino stealing them from their husbands.

      James Clunt makes money out of making words rhyme, so I’m sure he knows what Blunt rhymes with.

      • Is James Blunt the Cunt (handy rhyming name) the one who squawks “You’re Beautiful” like a choir boy whose voice is in the processes of breaking whilst trying to sing during the process of being garrotted?

        Apparently you can’t criticise him because he drove tanks in the Kosovo war so that makes him impervious to criticism – unlike depleted uranium. If ever a shell missed it’s mark to the detriment of world music.

        Not to be confused with James Hillier Blount who you could consign to the ranks of cuntdom without him ever even opening his mouth.

        • It never ceases to amaze me how James Blunt managed to write a song about suicide and get it adopted as the most popular song to play for the first dance at weddings! Just proves that no fucker ever listens to the words.

          Just like the cunt who bang on about the Pistols’ God Save the Queen as an anti monarchy song. It’s not such fucking thing !

          “God save the Queen
          The fascist regime
          Is out to get you”

          “God save the Queen
          We love you ma’am
          We really do!
          God Save!”

          Yeah – real hard edged anti-monarchy song with lyrics like those!
          Listen to the lyrics, you cunts…

          • Oh the youre beautiful song you mean the one where he repeats You’re Beautiful over and over like a fucking braindead mong, that one?

            @ Dio I wouldn’t say God saves the Queen is anti-monarchy but it definitely isn’t pro monarchy either more of a satire protest song

          • Watch the video – he ends up jumping off a cliff because he can’t have the beautiful girl and can’t live without her…

          • The same with John Lennon’s Imagine.

            Bullshite lyrics written by a mansion dweller on the grand piano.

            Imagine no possessions
            It’s easy if you can

            Aye right, nobody in possession of a Beatles record would not have paid for the roller.

          • And what about all the shite over Sgt Pepper.
            Cunts on the TV and radio analysing the lyrics looking for deep and meaningful nuances that were never there in the first place.

            Remember American Pie? 30 fucking years of intellectual pseuds analysing the lyrics and interpreting them. Don McLean was once asked in a TV interview what it all meant. He replied “Nothing. The day the music died is a reference to the death of Buddy Holly. All the rest is nonsense!”

            At least Procul Harem proclaimed their lyrics to actually be rhyming nonsense. I was always particularly fond of “She wandered through the garden fence” which rhymes with “nonsense”

            They don’t write ’em like that any more…

          • How about Freda Payne band of gold?? Played at virtually every wedding!!! ” since you’ve been gone all that is left is a band of gold” FFS!! Hardly a ringing endorsement for marriage….

          • Only interesting part of Sgt Pepper is the backwards bit which says ”I’m gonna fuck you like Superman!’

            And Bunt/Cunt’s ‘Your Beautiful’i s just a very shite Leo Sayer impersonation…

            Scott Walker did some great lyrics.. ‘Pays the barmaid, slaps her arse.. She shrieks, her gold teeth flash with rapturous delight…’

        • And how about all we need is love?

          Can’t stand that shite , how about a health care system that works, god jobs and so on..

          People usually stare at me sideways when i say i dont like the Beatle cunts , my sincere apologies for fans but the Beatles can suck my cock.

          • There doesn’t seem to be many cunters on here who are Beatles fans.

            There is some, but from reading previous comments, they are the minority.

            My opinion is that a lot of folk think they “have” to like the Beatles, or face being the odd one out.

            I cant believe that many people can luurrvvv that tat.

            I’m not saying they’re shite, they’re just not the amazing greatest band everyone claims them to be.

            Echo & The Bunnymen are Liverpool’s greatest contribution to music. IMHO. 🙂

          • I liked the Beatles in their day, especially their early stuff.
            Favourite track? Doctor Robert, or maybe And Your Bird Can Sing
            Favourite album? Rubber Soul – apart from ‘Michelle” which is typical Macca sugar shit. Downhill after that.

            Lennon & McCartney were good together, but Macca on is own is not really worth listening to. He needed Lennon to tune down his overbearing cheeriness. And his love songs were awful…

          • ‘The White Album’ was The Beatles best work.. Also have time for Revolver and Rubber Soul, but The Searchers did the Mersey Sound better…

            From that time The Kinks and Small Faces were the best….

      • Can’t beat some of Tom Lehrer’s stuff – “Werner von Braun”, and “Alma” (Mahler), also no signs of PC crap. Also “The Vatican Rag”.
        He must be knocking on for 90, anyone got him in the DP ?!

  13. This is well funny…


    Oh dear, how sad, never mind… That’ll teach the cunts to do ‘blacks only (and whites can fuck off)’ auditions, and shove benders in peoples’ faces… Nice to see the token black/gay character backlash has started before the series even has… Still, I reckon she won’t want for work… She could do Lloyds Bank commercials…

    • Maybe Chris Chibnall has said he doesn’t want a ‘PC Pet’ or ‘snowflake over substance’ favourite on board when he takes over the show… Be great if she went in a blaze of Dalek fire…

    • In that page there is another link with regards to add campaigns going wrong (Pepsi).

      I clicked on it and it’s the usual easily offended BLM and “peaceful” appeasement outcry.

      Why does every cunt with an axe to grind have to find something to offend them in anything they see or hear but then are completely oblivious to the reverse being true when they advocate far more offensive propaganda?

      Oh that’s right, because *they* support it so that makes it alright then!

      So now a Pepsi ad is an affront to the civil rights movement? Yeah I can see how that works but only if you agree that the MOBO awards are similarly segregatory favouring one part of society over another?

      No, didn’t think you’d see it that way because only *you* have the right to be offended and take umbridge. I’m not allowed. Cunts!

    • Great programme.

      Got the complete series one for xmas.

      When ye live abroad, programmes like these give ye a homely feeling.

      I love Peter Kay.

      I have everything of his on DVD apart from Max and Paddy.

      Sian is lovely, and i envy ye Norman, hearing girls/wimmin speaking in their beautiful Manchester accents every day, even though it’s getting rarer.

      One day the missus is going to get traded in for a Manc bird.

  14. Id give that sturgeon one with the aid of a bag!

    Last summer I made a post cunting the modern world for making life shite since the 90’s.
    I’ve been thinking a great deal and now would like to cunt globalists as the cause of the demise.

    It’s come to my attention that there are a bunch of weapons grade cunts with hook noses at the top of world society who have decided that it would be better for them if everyone was in one basket.
    No nations, no governments, no patriotism, no grief, just one mixed race bunch of humans with one govt.
    Easy to control and administer and fleece.
    Ah you think..a conspiracy theorist loon.

    Well if you think that the very wealthy and powerful at the top with all the influence who run the worlds finances haven’t considered conspiring with likeminded people in order to get themselves more of the same, then you are the loon.

    If your goal is a global govt…
    (Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg group advocated a hemispheric and world govt many times).
    Then how do you get it?

    You take out the law and order in the area between the first and third world, the Middle East by removing the leaders and allowing chaos. Assad is last left.

    Eradicate nations by mixing everyone up.
    Create massive migrant flows through war.
    Allow them in having first infiltrated most western governments and media.

    How do you start wars?
    You stage attacks on the west by middle eastern countries.

    That was the start of it all.

    I think they, the elite, the establishment, whatever, are firmly in control of the manipulation.

    Watching trump switch over to Assad attack mode when Assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at a point where he had won, suggests to me that they give us the odd hope (like scratch cards) to make us think there is a counterance to the likes of Clinton, where in all likelihood, it’s just that, an illusion.
    Actors to make it look like we have a choice.
    Brexit a minor inconvenience.

    Circuses and bread keep everyone occupied while they carry on with the plan.

    It will directly impact all our lives soon enough.

    • I’ve noticed the white fucking helmets front and central in those news reports and we all know they are an IS front known for faking events. As soon as you see those cunts in the picture you just know its as fishy as fuck.

      • Your not wrong, Mike. Apart from the bit about operating out of a flat in Coventry. It’s actually a 2 bedroomed semi in Coventry. RT outed the fat sack of shit a couple of years ago but all the MSM continue to site the SOHR as a legitimate source. They must really think we are a set of thick cunts who will believe anything.


    • Take a look at the “Coudenhove-Kalergi” plan – monstrous scab of cuntitude. (half Austrian, half Japanese – from the people that brought you Eichmann and Hirohito…)
      Douchebag Juncker *might* be on his way out; saw him today, his snout is now same colour as one of his naff ties

  15. I’m a nylon aficionado.

    The picture in the header has upset me.

    Tim Curry nearly ruined nylons for me.
    These two howling dogs have probably clinched it.

    The horror

    The humanity

  16. Cor one would a three way with may and stir-john… Balls deep? Bloody right I will be.

    • I’ve cunted him before and now that he’s lost his case in the Supreme Court today, I’ll cunt him again – Jon Platt, you’ve had your time in the spotlight but it’s now time to get off my telly, crawl back to the Isle of Wight and FUCKING STAY THERE YOU CUNTING LITTLE CUNT OF A MAN!!!

      • Heard him on the radio desperately trying to come up with a reason why the rules should apply to everyone but him.
        What’s the odds on him being a Remoaner as well?

      • On the other hand the state is telling parents how they can raise their children. These same schools process kids for 11 years or longer and many of them leave without any sign of being educated.

        Taking little snot nose away for a couple of weeks is hardly likely to harm their education of the shower of shite education system can’t manage to educate a lot of kids to an employable standard in the first place.

        This guy may be a cunt but I don’t agree with the state having more say over kids than their parents unless their parents are unfit to raise the kids in the first place.

      • Holidays out of term time aren’t more expensive.
        Holidays in term time are cheaper

        Lots of empty hotel beds in term time = more competition = cheaper prices and discounts.

        As you say, basic macro economics of supply and demand…

        • Be interesting to see the approach the peaceful community take when it’s ram a dam time.. I understand that during last year’s celebrations a number of Londonistan schools closed at random times because of the clash with the peaceful festival.
          Not so good for the minority of non peaceful types that attend.
          I expect that it would get airbrushed out if it came to a court case, so as not to offend the sand dwellers and camel drivers…

        • I recall when my dad could only get time off in September: so he booked a holiday for the family… I told my form teacher (at secondary school) and she said ‘Should be alright’ and she said as long as I caught up on work I’d missed (which wasn’t much) there was no problem, and there wasn’t… I missed nothing and everything was sorted… This country has gone fucking mad… Binmen Nazis, Medical Centre Receptionist Nazis, Council Nazis, and now School Nazis… Fucking hell…

  17. Cunts keep posting junk mail through my door, not the usual sort of pizza flyer shit but really annoying shit with photos of really smug untrustworthy cunts who would like my vote in the local council elections.

    One of them is from something called the Labour party and the other is apparently a conservative. I suspect they are politicians or at least would like to be. I ain’t aving none of it. I am certain if either one of these cunts gets elected they will carry on with he work of politicians. Namely turning everything they touch into shit.

    I would like to find out where they live and dump my big stinking steaming shit through their letter box.

  18. Tonight Brightons Green council are to consider charging diesel drivers additional fees to park their cars?? Listening on southern FM this afternoon I heard one green cunt council lady ” whilst we appreciate that back in 2001 the government told everybody to buy a diesel car as they were regarded as more environmentally friendly, we do not wish to punish diesel drivers but feel an additional parking charge would be appropriate ” at £2 a hr already it’s hardly cheap!! WTF!! Cunt!! She went further ” we would also like to bring in a fixed penalty for stationary drivers who’s engines are on!!, we think the first time they are caught a warning would be sufficient” when the interviewer asked her what constitutes a stationary driver she replied ” that’s to be decided ”
    Amazing nonsense……..

    • It’s the patronising attitude from cunts like this that fucks me off. A bunch of jumped-up self-important busybodies. Whenever I read about some taxpayer- funded arsehole talking about “educating” and “punishing” it boils my piss. They seem to think that they’re a cut above the “ignorant” people who actually pay their wages. Just a bunch of holier-than-thou,condescending pisspots.

    • Where I live it would be academic. The police announced in the local press that they don’t have the resources to enforce parking, so the council can charge what they like, diesel or petrol or electric, because around here they thing yellow lines are designed to reserve parking spaces for cunt to abandon their cars in.

      I had one outside my house every week day for six weeks – on a double yellow line on a corner. Police didn’t even reply when I wrote to the about it. So in the end I wrote to the police, the P&CC, my MP, local councillor, county councillor and copied it to the local paper. The next day they ticketed the cunt. He hasn’t been back since. He’s on a different yellow line round the corner…

      I fucking despair. If you’re not going to enforce the law, officer, then at least be sensible enough not to publicise the fact in the local rag. Cunts.

      • Two Sunday nights ago, i let down one of my peaceful neighbours tyres and another one last Sunday night.


        Not even a look from the cunt.

        I also spit all over his windscreen, stick chewing gum on his windscreen, put chewing gum through the gap in his sunroof and write my name in the dust on his car.


        Do i have to set it alight to get a reaction ?

  19. Mel B is a cunt… Token Black Spice is all over the media: moaning about what a cunt her ex-hubby is… Seriously, who gives a fuck?… And if she’s stupid enough to up with such an alleged knobhead then it’s her tough shit… And as for ‘forced into threesomes’? Yeah right…. I would have minded one with Emma and Geri if it was 20 year ago…

      • Today’s Daily Mail was wonderful…

        Sarin attack in Syria – two pages in their on line edition
        Mel B’s fucking love life – seven pages

        Somebody has a seriously bad sense of priorities.

    • Guess the “Girl Power” that she was always banging on about didn’t serve her too well when her husband was,apparently,knocking her about and spending all her brass.

    • Imagine if somebody said “GOOD, SHE’S A CUNT”.

      Imagine that ?

      Or if some sicko said that she “DESERVED IT FOR BEING A CUNT” ?

      There’s probably some guy in Spain wishing she was FUCKIN DEAD.

      • the cunt is all over tv here in Aus fuck knows who let the cunt over here i fucking shudder when i hear her stupid fucking accent telling us she lost 60 kilos or whatever on jenny fucking craig fuck off you leeds cunt

    • Mr Tim Farron thanks you for your most excellent suggestion.( not green, but looking for fame )

  20. Fucking Question Time panel – yes I was warned about it above – but how can so many clearly anti Brexit people can you get on one panel.
    ABBC are absolute cunts and the sooner they lose their charter the better. Let those gravy train cunts get out there and work for a living instead of having my money shoved into their pockets.

    • Spot on mate. A greasy cock sucking sponge sucking bunch of fuckwit retards. Kicked the telly real bad tonight and its gonna cost me big time ( its fucked ) but if I have to endure that fucking retarded prick Farron any longer some cunts gonna get wasted. Flabbot and that utter useless tosspot union shit nudger need wasting immediately!!!
      Mind, the blond with the specs not only spoke out against these cunts, she rolled the fuckers over. She is drop dead gorgeous, and if she plays her cards right she could get lucky and have me. …..cor…

  21. Michelle Dewbury , please go to speksavers and replace your stupid geek classes that you think makes you look clever.

    I can’t stand the bint, because like most of the cunts on Question Time (care free rich people who don’t live in the real world we live in) believe that they are all correct with opinions , because they have shit loads of cash. Dianne Abbott is the reason why I hate soft , fannying about, namby pamby do-gooding politics.

  22. I just kicked our fucking dog coz he smells. Then I realised it’s Flabbycuntbott.
    Soz Jock.

  23. Flabbott on Qt has a had few jars tonight,she can just about raise her head off the desk.

  24. This might be old news to most cunters but its fuckin new to me.

    I’ve just read, hold tight, I’ve just read that Jeremy Corbyn showed naked photographs he had taken of the Flabbot in his bed, to “impress” his friends.


    Were they impressed ?

    That actually shows him up to be a creepy cunt.

    I’m a white, northern, 40 something, and even i think thats seedy.

    Sorry for any graphic thoughts that may be lingering in yer heads.

  25. The BBC fucking cunts just can’t leave the Don alone. Slagging him off because he was being friendly with the Chinese President, what did they want the American President to do, get President Xi in a headlock or give him a Chinese burn because of his previous rhetoric towards the Chinese. Smug BBC cunts and as for Cunt time last night, it is a shame a stray missile didn’t take all them fucking cunts out.

  26. I have to say they look like a pair of trannies to me….. negotiating over a jar of gypsy tears….. not to far from the truth actually…….cunts…..fuck it time for another beer

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