Dead Pool [55]

Congratulations to Dioclese who correctly predicted that the billionaire and patriarch of the Rockefeller dynasty David Rockefeller would be the next cunt to snuff it at the grand old age of 101.Proff that it is indeed the good that die young.I believe his death also puts Dioclese at 6 wins catching up with my 7 (sorry had to brag there ;)) anyway on to DeadPool 55.

Here are the rules (pay special attention to the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices. List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a really annoying cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the previous pool (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

Nominations are now open on this post only. Good luck.

My nominations this time round (Shaun)

Billy Graham
Nobby Stiles
Tony Booth
Pierre Cardin
Johnny Hallyday

94 thoughts on “Dead Pool [55]

  1. Ricky Gervais
    Keith Chegwin
    Tim Westwood
    Robson Green
    James Blunt

    Same annoying still alive cunts please.

  2. Tim Brooke-Taylor
    Graeme Garden
    Bill Oddie
    Sonny Landham
    Jesse Ventura
    (Bumped off by the New World Order)

  3. Does anybody change a nomination or two coz one of yer nominations didn’t have the decency to die ?

    Angela Lansbury has been dropped.
    The staying alive cunt. 🙂

    • We are all waiting on dead cunts B-man On occasion I change mine but if I like my picks or no one steals mine I’ll keep’em the way they are
      Lansbury that old hag was the bane of my existence when I visted my granny as a lad, always watching that murder she wrote crap when I was in the guest bedroom trying to wank off to old lingerie mags

      • The missus watches it e-very fu-ckin day, and its on right now.

        Four episodes a day, every day.

        Life in the sun huh ?

      • I took a couple of mags when I went to stay at my grandparents house, once.

        I was about twelve and when I was packing to go home I discovered they were gone.

        That was an uncomfortable car ride to the train station.

        I’ve always wondered what one of them took them.

        • They confiscated them to protect you from yourself you filthy little wanker.

  4. Pope Frances
    Roman Polanski
    Ginger Baker
    George Soros

    Well that was quick , when I 1st loaded up the page thought it was a red eyed demon… close its just David Rockefeller Nicely done Dio the old cunt finally crooked

  5. 1. Ozzy Osborne
    2. Dennis skinner
    3. Bill Cosby
    4. Anthony Hopkins
    5. Tom Jones

  6. Michael Heseltine
    Shirley Williams
    Doris Day
    Big Ron Atkinson
    Charlton Heston

  7. Shit! Just realized that Chuck is already dead. Fucking inconsiderate cunt! I’ll have Alex Red Nose Ferguson instead.

  8. Stirling Moss
    Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent
    “Cowboy” Bob Ellis
    Tommy Mair
    Tim Farron

  9. Congrats Dio

    Bill Treacher
    Julie Goodyear
    Martin Landau
    Terry Jones
    Petula Clarke

  10. Camilla Parkyer Bowels (for being…a Jilly Cooper lookalike)
    Jilly Cooper (for being a Camilla lookalike and self-appointed human sigmoidoscope to royal family)
    Emma Twatson
    Joanne Kak Rowlinginit
    George Osborne
    Flabbott dropped from this pool, business before pleasure, don’tchaknow, in honour of our cheap red-nylon-bra-loving ex-chancellor. Also, yours truly didn’t wish to appear too pro-wimmin…

    • Doesn’t look like it but I’m sure someone had him in the last pool?

      Yep – Shaun had him in pool 54. Seems he’s missed out on his eighth win by a short nose. That’s what can happen when you change horses. I know the feeling, mate!

      Bad luck Shaun! That’s how it goes…

      • I thought Johnny ‘Allyday was a good new pick in view of the all the cancer reports in the press, but I had a feeling McGuinness would go first.

      • Ive had that cunt rockerfella in about the last 6 fucking pools as well but got in late on the last. Still, good one dio. Quick or the dead i guess, in literal terms.

        Ill snip Kirk off you when the chance arises.

  11. Well, fuck that, i thought i had a win here this morning, having had McGuinness, the cunt, nominated for months……

    John Hume
    Frank Bough
    Gerry Adams
    Camilla ParkerBowlesWindsor

  12. Oh happy day! I was hoping to be able to congratulate the pool winner this morning. I am travelling alone and have no one to share the joy with.

  13. So Martin McGuinnes was a passionate republican, well now he’s dead. Good riddance.
    There’s a lot of people with short memories across the media this morning…..

    • Yes I’ll repeat what I said above, unfortunately it was natural causes.

      He was a murdering cunt who Roger Cook (remember him) proved was responsible for at least 3 deaths by his own hand (if only it was that few – cunt was responsible for a lot of the “disappeared” as well).

      The ABBC may be fawning all over this “peacemaker” today, me, well I hope Lucifer has put a few extra coals on the fire in readiness for his arrival! The cunt!

      • McGuinness was a murdering cunt, who ordered attacks against military, police, royalty, civilians, children, war veterans and pensioners alike… The bastard was an enemy of the British just as much as the Germans were in both World Wars… And what horrifies me is that this cunt’s heinous reputation was being airbrushed long before his death, and that revisionism will now go into full ‘Che Guevara’ mode (Guevara was a murdering cunt too).. Scum like McGuinness and Addams were inexplicably tolerated and even respected eventually… Not by Maggie: she rightly despised the Fenian cunts… But Major and then that fucker Blair: bowing and scarping to these killers and allowing them into Parliament?… What the fuck is all that about?!… That’s the mistake May is making with Wee Burney Sturgey and Salmond The Hutt… These two sacks of shite and their party loathe the English and brazenly spread anti-English hatred… Like Sinn Fein in the the 70s and 80s, Krankie and her SNP should be banned from English radio, television, and internet… Banana Gob Miller is another enemy of the English: who incites trouble and has committed treason by going against a democratic procces, and she shouldn’t be allowed to…

        As for McGuinness, another cunt bites the dust… Shame it wasn’t agonising and he didn’t suffer, like so many people did at the hands of him and his provo troop… The fucking Fenian cunt…

        • When my granddad saw the news that McGuinness and Addams were being allowed into Westminster, he said, ‘The cunts have been trying to blow it up for the last twenty years! If they’re going to let those two bastards in, they might as well see if Hitler and any of his boys are still alive and invite them as well…’

      • The Cook Report and World In Action… The days when some in the media were actually arsed about the world we live in and bringing cunts to account… Not like today: with snowflakes deifying transbenders and turning a blind eye to any prejudice from Remainers and ignoring any ‘peaceful’ activity’…

        Had they been around now, Cook and the Granada WIA team would have done programmes on Kilary Clinton, ‘child’ migrants fucking the system, Banana Gob, her treason and her ‘colourful’ past, the p@edo muslamist filth in Rotherham etc, and they’d have done Trump and our current government too… Nobody was sacred, but now it seems everyone is… Unless you’re white, pro-Brexit, anti-migrants, heterosexual and working class, of course…

    • Yeah, couldn’t believe what a nice guy this bloke was according to all the news this morning.
      And because I’m not a total fool I still don’t believe it.
      Burn in hell ya cunt.

  14. Sidney Poitier
    Iris Apfel
    Kenny Lynch
    Norman Tebbit
    Pam “fucking” Ayres

  15. I’ve seen Colin Dexter around the pool a few times… But did anybody have him this time?…

    • Mr Bastard I believe had Dexter in every pool for years but sadly dropped him this round.I share the pain Mr Bastard.

      Tebbits tribute to McGuinness is fantastic.I love that there is at least one politician calling out McGuinness for the murdering evil cunt he is.

      I had to do a presentation on pre 9/11 terrorism so at least the cunts death helped me fill a few slides up.So annoyed I dropped him but oh well.

      • Sorry evil murdering cunt he was.Felt good typing that in the past tense!

  16. Have been absent for a spell due to the usual trepidations orf life – not that any cunt noticed. Also technical problems. Have been blagging me connection from a wireless hotspot in a nearby farm then for some God forsaken reason the cunts installed a kiddy filter and suddenly ISAC no go. Purely in the interests orf citizen freedoms ect ect opened a back door to allow access to ISAC and set up a nice little stream orf horse porn to broaden their minds. Public service. Thus far all jake apart from being unable to post Tony Haygarth in time despite having an inside steer on the thesp. Pissed and buggered about that.

    • “Have been absent for a spell due to the usual trepidations orf life – not that any cunt noticed”
      @ I notice Sir Stoke… always miss your fine stories and various rants shame about your connection maybe get a new router or ISP…

      • Sentiments appreciated Tits. On ISPs ect they are all crapola down here and I have already upgraded me router by sticking a bent coat hanger in the bugger. Get me internet for free but the principal buggeration is the thought police software. Do a spot orf dark webbing to get aroinde it but it don’t ‘alf slow a punter’s enjoyment doine to a crawl.

  17. Meat Loaf
    Cytheria (Squirt Queen)
    Steve McManaman
    Diego Maradona
    Arsene Wenger

  18. Late again, coz i’m a lazy cunt, but here goes

    Dobri Dobrev
    William Coors
    Clifton James
    Mary Wilson
    Emperor Akihito.

    That’s Mary Wilson, Harold’s widow. Thanks

  19. Michael Barrymore
    Oscar Pistorius
    Dick Dale
    Boy George
    Former Pope Benedict

  20. Darcus Howe, the race activist, has shuffled orf. A genuine long standing cunt. Doubtless greatly missed by all.

    • Dont forget the poof who made the gay pride flag gilbert baker died…. not so much missed tho for propagating homosexual acceptance and perversions

  21. Anybody have Don Rickles in the pool?…
    He was a funny old cunt… A proper comedian…

      • Don Rickles A man of a thousand insults…but truth is punters he copied alot of Jack Leonard’s routine but Rickles swore more often, then later incorporating some of his own material

    • No one had Rickles.A brilliant comedian.They don’t make them like that anymore.

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