Paul Mason

I think it was uber lefty cunt Paul Mason who said UKIP voters are “sort of blokes that nick your bike” and added they are also “toe rags”. Nice one Paul, typically well judged and insightful comment. Keep it up. Cunt.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

27 thoughts on “Paul Mason

  1. Who the fuck’s Paul Mason?

    I’d google him but he sounds like an absolute cunt and my day has been stressful enough already!

    If he’s the kind of cunt that has a bike then yes, I would steal it.

    …Then smear it in shit and bring it back.

    • I didn’t know who this cunt is either the only Mason I know of is Dave Mason from a 70’s band called Traffic hopes hes not related to this cunt as I enjoy his music

  2. Had to google this cunt. As soon as I saw he used to work at ABBC I knew he was a cunt.
    Not untypical of these cunts to say us riff raff who want a free and independent country are racist thickos.
    Say what you like you cunt cos we won !

    • Yea I’m not racist but that’s only because lefty’s aren’t classed as a race yet.
      If they were I’d be the most racist cunt on the planet.
      They’ll probably have a made up word for us anti lefties soon.
      Not sure what it’ll be but it’s bound to have “phobic” in it somewhere.

  3. The sort of bloke that nicks yer bike.

    I’m looking to by a new road bike, and was in the shop the other day.
    I spied one i liked straight away, and then I saw the price tag.
    4499 euros.

    I’d rather rob it.

    • Of course the criticism Mason will get for saying this will be minimal to zero… Just like all snowflake shit, criticism is selective (ie: criticism is for white working class, Brexiters, Trump voters, and heterosexuals only)… If someone accused a ‘peaceful’ sandsambo or some iron curtain gyppo cunt of thieving, the ‘racist!’ siren would blare out, even if it was true….. I think this Mason cunt should be nailed for this… Nobody’s gonna be arsed about him slagging white and English ‘riff raff’ obviously… But quite a few black and Jewish folk voted UKIP (I know some of them)… So Mason is therefore saying that they are also ‘toe rags’ as he so eloquently puts it… Serve him right if this was thrown at him and he was labeled a Nazi… See how he fucking likes it, the cunt….

  4. The trouble with the leftie cunts is they don’t (or should that be refuse to) realise it’s their shitty behaviour and shameless contempt for the working man that has seen the shift to the right…

    • EXACTLY!

      Jonathan pie sums it up pretty well:

      Jonathan pie Trump how and why

      He’s a lefty but he hits the nail on the head especially towards the end.

  5. Fuck Mason and fuck all snowflakes to hell in a shitwagon…
    A Le Pen win will see the end of the EU and the end of free movement, two birds with one stone… The snowflake meltdown if she wins will be a joy to behold….

  6. Another one of those cunts who are incapable of reasonable and logical debate, so they resort to insults and smears. Steal a bike? Cunts like him are trying to steal democracy. Some pudgy bint from a labour think tank said on newsnight earlier that people voted for brexit to rebel against Cameron and Osborne and Tory austerity. No wonder they are fucked, with reasoning like that. She conveniently forgot about the general election the year before, where that was actually an issue that was up for consideration, and they still lost. So, for all the slow witted politicians, of all parties, who are telling me I didn’t know what I was voting for, listen up. I didn’t base my vote on the fear and promises of either side of the campaign. I based it on the last thirty years of a free trade deal morphing into federalism, with an unelected political core. As for the better off, or worse off out of the EU, I couldn’t give a fuck. Freedom isn’t free motherfuckers….

    • getting rid of dave and gideon was just a predicable bonus – the real aim is/was to get rid of of the troughers in brussels

  7. Danny Dyer is a cunt (or is it ‘cant’?)… ‘Exhaustion’ from ‘working’ on a substandard TV soap?… Yer avin a fackin larf, incha?!…. I’m sure nurses, firemen, teachers, factory workers etc feel his pain…. Laughed when some knob at the BBC called the NeverEnders lot a ‘team’ and that Dyer was their ‘Lionel Messi’…. If he is the Messi of TV actiing, then that gigantic wanker Kanye West is the Johan Cruyff of music….

  8. Another Guardianista BBC bullshit spouting cunt. To these fuckers everything is black and white( can I say that?) White,male,straight & working class are all Brexit/Trump supporting racist xenophobes. While women,minorities and so called intellectual elite are the progressive’s.

    They are always banging on about not stereotyping people, if you said all women were whinging femenazi’s or all rag heads were ISIS they would be in some kind of snowflake meltdown.
    That said he is a classic lefty anti white cunt.

  9. Going by his photo looks like he needs some attention with a fucking sharp razor. Scruffy cunt.

  10. Long may he prosper . The kind of odious cunt who is just one more voice lost in the cacophony of shite noise produced by vitriolic , hate filled and increasingly unlistened to (outside their own dwindling demographic) cunts. His main role in life is to keep us troglodytes sharp – not much encouragement needed , mind you.He’s doing a grand job.

  11. Whenever this uber leftie opens his mouth It becomes apparent
    somewhere theres a village missing an idiot!!
    Don’t fuck with Danny dyer!, he comes from cannin tan!! Another talentless professional cockney wanker ala ray fuckin winstone who plays it to the hilt, although born in hackney winstone grew up in Enfield ? mind you it was probably the east end of Enfield!! Gawd blimey guvnor charlie o Reilly the CUNTS from Hertfordshire!! , that being said it pales into insignificance when you look at the blithering mockney cunt Jaime Oliver, born in the East End of Essex rumour has it the CUNTS never been to London 😂

  12. Every time one of these cunts open their mouth they just give more evidence of the total cuntishness the gives birth to every though they have,

    People still elect these cunts to parliament……………………

  13. That dirty festering filthy stinking piece of muzzie kebab grease, Rezzas Abdulla , should be tied to a juggernaut and given a scrape up the entire length of the M1…. Of course, if a white man had spat at a ‘peaceful’ baby and shouted abuse, it would be seen as ‘vile’ ‘islamaphobic’ and a ‘hate crime’… Cunts like Abdulla are pure concentrated filth, and the snowflakes that spread his disease are just as bad….

  14. Thing is not only is the cunt a mussi he has also played the mental card. Now from past experience playing the mental card gets you a big fuck all but then I am white non mussie. But carefully used by victimised ethnics the mental card is like a pass key to heaven. I think I can truthfully say that if I or any of my friends had seen the incident the cunt would have needed the services of the local NHS trust. I find it very hard to believe that the cunt got off but he was a mentalist mussie. If anyone needs to take a lead role in the Sjambok experience this cunt does and fate has a funny way of dealing with cunts.

  15. As a recent recruit to this site I’m not sure how you make a nomination. However it appears that, in Arab fashion, the bloke who makes the most noise,jumps up and down and tells everyone else to fuck off gets served first. Of course I may be wrong but listen up you cunts! How about that disgusting nauseating sidekick of the Blair cunt…the very dishonourable Lord Mandelson. Does anyone remember that New Labour conference when Mandelson,Pescott,Beckett and various other apparatchicks were seen nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the sound of “Things…..can only get better” as Tony swept in like the Fuhrer at a Hitler Youth rally? Fuck me! The Mandelson cunt, born with a silver spoon up his arse, has kept his anal passage very active ever since. A disgusting cocksucking piece of filth who thinks nothing of selling his country down the river if the price is right. The cheesemunchers recently awarded him the Legion d’Honneur for “Services to Europe.” That is a statement of cuntishness in itself and all you need to know. Thank fuck you can’t procreate by shagging a Brazilian rentboy up the bumhole.

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