George Soros

I would like to give a well overdue cunting to George Soros.

Mr Sore-ass is the man behind the thrones, presidents, premiers and governments across the world. With billions in monopoly money, to play with, he has and still does influence politics and society. He carries more clout than the two Tyson’s combined, Mike and Fury.

The billionaire once said in an interview in 2010 he felt he is the Chosen One. He believes he is some kind of god.

This is the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992, forcing the UK out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism. Black Wednesday, as it became known, wasn’t black for him as he bagged over one billion pounds on the day. His greed backfired though, since the UK’s exit meant it did not join the Euro currency some years later. As a fan of European integration, it was a blow.

He was active in the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 which kicked off in Thailand then spread to Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Brazil. Ending with Indonesia where 5000 people died in violent civil unrest. In 1998 he trashed the Hong Kong market. His handiwork has spread far and wide disrupting or destroying economies.

He donated $6 billion to the Democratic National Convention and Killarys election campaign. His charities under the banner of the Open Society Foundations have donated to 56 groups including Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood and many wimmins groups who “spontaneously” protested against The Donald recently. He has given billions to 187 political activist groups including those above.

He was behind the Arab Spring and other revolutions across the world including several in Eastern Europe. He openly admits he enjoys “regime change”. Isn’t that what the CIA call it too? Didn’t work out too well for most countries on the receiving end of this special treatment.

At 86 years of age he gets a buzz out of social experimentation. Inciting unrest and chaos across the world he manipulates nations – a monied megalomaniac.

All the Bond villains rolled into one, Goldfinger, Blofeld and SPECTRE are no match for him. Nations and their peoples are pawns on his oversized chess board to match his oversized ego. By pulling the strings of elected leaders and unelected dictators he is the master puppeteer.

Open borders and globalisation are his aims. Purportedly, levelling the playing field for the masses, on a global scale. Of course, not too level, so as to be fair and equal, since some are always more equal than others. Power corrupts.

His vision of socialism (or is it fascism?) he hopes, will lead to his utopian world. Welcome to his Brave New World. However, for the majority, a life more reminiscent of The Hunger Games, The Running Man and Robocop – amongst other Hollywood dystopian epics – would be the reality. A world run by private corporations – of his choosing – like Omni Consumer Products in Robocop.

If all goes to plan, billions are to be made by the Chosen One and his cohorts. For the rest of us, it is do as he says, not as he does.

Well Mr Sore-ass, for too long, you have been pissing in our pockets and telling us it’s raining.

Nominated by Mike Oxard

74 thoughts on “George Soros

  1. Does this cunt belong to the same club a Tony BLLLLLUUUUUUURRRRGGGHH.
    Delusional mega cunts who think they are ‘special’. You all know the next bit.

    • Fuck I’m sure Tony Blairt has sucked Soro’s tiny smelly cock on more then one occasion don’t doubt it Who do you think prodded him to make his shitty 1984 style speech?…. just saying

  2. Great cunting Mike!

    Only caught the start of the argument but I hope you and the admins have made up now!

    Well done for standing by your cuntings.

    And well done to admins for keeping this great site going!

    …..actually now you come to mention it I had a cunting a while ago and …..

    …only joking.

  3. Soros is a massive cunt and has probably done more damage than Hitler…
    Hope the old cunt does a Maxwell and croaks on one of his luxury yachts…

  4. Well cunted, M. Oxard. Soros is a cunt of unmatched cuntitude. May he simmer in a large potful of piss, snot and runny shit for all eternity.

  5. There’s a quote which goes along the lines of: “He’s the kind of cunt who makes bullets for other cunts to fire!”

    Except with Soros they’re nuclear warheads!

    Just goes to show you, a man (or is that fiend) with 10x more moolah than Donald Trump, and he *still* couldn’t get Killary elected!

    And I bet the cunt is bankrolling Tony B.Liar in his come back tour (in some shape or form).

    Thing is, by the time this cunt has converted the civilised west into “peaceful” central, he will have been dead for 20yrs! Cheers for the legacy you evil-minded “let’s fuck the world over cos I won’t be in it much longer” cunt!

    Do you reckon the cunt is going for cryogenic freezing when he fucks off (and good riddance)?

    If he is I’d like to donate some yellow snow! Fucking interfering ultra cunt!

  6. Does Soros have any ‘input’ into the BBC?… It would certainly explain a lot…
    What with all ‘peaceful’ related crimes hushed up (like Rotherham), black actors only auditions, token muzzies winning bake-offs then being treated like gods, leftard snowflake mongs handpicked for Question Time, the ‘migrants are great’ news stories, similar ‘all Brexiters are bastards’ stories, all the ‘Trump is the new Hitler’ stories, comedy classics being remade as sanitised PC bollocks, ‘diverse’ crap like Sherlock and the now ruined Doctor Who, and employing one of the biggest snowflake gobshite turds on the planet to host Match Of The Day….

      • Interesting comparison to a Bond villain.
        It wouldn’t surprise me if this cunt has his own space station, where he can safely sit “in the untainted cradle of the heavens” surrounded by his chosen elite and watch Western Civilisation being demolished and rebuilt to his own liking.
        When you read some of the comments from certain environmentalists, including many prominent (and rich) members of the scientific community, about the “need for depopulation” (not themselves naturally) and “thinning the herd” then certain far-fetched movies seem less implausible.
        It wouldn’t be the first time in history that a chosen few sat around a table and planned the annihilation of a whole people.

        First, there was the dream…

    • Evil reptillian cunt.

      Old David Icke is a nutter cunt, back in the 80s he was for sure. But listen to some of his theories nowadays… Quite lucid and reasoned, some of the time… Easy to dismiss it out of hand I know… But then the stone is lifted and out crawls Soros …

  7. Lloyds Bank are taking the piss,

    I bank with the cunts and I’ve mentioned before they are being cunts offering us 0.05% on a savings account. They have now shown there true colours, after being bailed out by us the people through the Government they’ve now announced profits of 4.24 BILLION.
    I wonder if they will pay us (via the Government) back even a little of the money back? Nah thought not.
    I’m sure no one will even bother asking.

    Another example of the government with its banker ‘friends’ fucking over the people.

    I was thinking of robbing one of their branches to get some money for the people but all the cunts are shut down. It’s expensive having a branch open you know, we wouldn’t want that getting in the way of their 4.24 BILLION! profit would we.

    Fucking wanker Banker government cunts.

  8. Excellent piece mike , soros and his davos mates are utter CUNTS!
    It was reported in the papers yesterday that the EU have called an emergency meeting for the 6th march? Well kind of, up steps political dead duck French midget Hollande and announces ” it’s a meeting of the 4 most important countries ” Germany, France , Spain and Italy are there but nobody else has been invited?? So much for unity and democracy!, I bet the other 23 are well pissed off with that. Looking at the big 4!, Italy is debt ridden, Spain too, France is in turmoil and Germany ( merkel) is bracing itself for a backlash come election time, WOW the big 4 indeed..
    At a time when the EU is trying to show a united front the comments from midget president Hollande would hardly seem helpful?, much in the same vein as presidential candidate Emmanuel macron on his visit to see PM May yesterday, after concluding his meeting macron spent the rest of the day in London making various threats about Brexit and calling for the banks and skilled people to leave the Uk and move to France, nice one cunt!! , may should have had the wanker arrested and put on a ferry back to France!! Bon debarras or as the English would say good riddance!!!!

  9. Excellent critique of the puppeteers’ puppeteer – or is there someone yet more powerful behind this Grand Wizard of Davros?
    Big black limos with tinted windows , lizard speak …beware!!

  10. I nominate Brendan Cocks for another cunting.

    His “Make me your MP at the next general election” campaign was in full swing this morning and the ABBC were more than happy to oblige the cunt.

    As the Batley & Spen area (like most of West Yorkshire) is very “peaceful” then obviously whoever wishes to get that seat needs to appease the “multicultural” aspect and is now shilling for his “The Great Get Together” street party designed to bring people “closer together”.

    Actually we can all see that this is a barely disguised attemp to promote himself for future campaign use in his “multicultural” district.

    Thing is Brendan, the “peaceful” cunts don’t much like us and while that sentiment may be mutual, is is clear – across the whole of Europe – that this “multicultural” experiment just isn’t working.

    I’d say that until recent times 99.999% of the indigenous UK population have tolerated “peaceful” cunts (please don’t confuse that with “like”) but in recent times that tolerance from “peaceful” cunts has not been reciprocated, and it’s getting worse, and across the whole of Europe.

    So Brendan, feel free to campaign for that seat if you must, just don’t expect me to get involved with a load of old bollocks to support you!

    The direction you and your sadly deceased wife are taking us, sure you may get the “peaceful” vote and your seat in parliament (for now) but at the end of the day all that will guarantee is that you’ll be placed slightly further back in the queue to get your head lopped off!

  11. The hate I have for this filthy fucking heeb is unparalleled hes responsible for so much pain, hate, death and suffering in the world the faster this fucker croaks the better although we will still have his ugly creepy son plotting and rotting away his fathers schemes Cunt!

    Funny how these foreigners stay in countries full of people they hate…it’s almost as if they are sticking around in order to achieve something… I despise anybody who plays the ‘I am not racist at all‘ card, because we all know that everybody is, but she is one hundred percent correct in saying that there would have been more severe consequences had a white person gone up to a Moslem baby and spat in it’s face. (Not to mention the intense public outcry over it would also be insane.) No punishment!? again from a retarded “empathic” judge no less and he gets to continue his psychiatric evaluation? why? unbelievable and the fact he has previous warrants and convictions is appalling. These empathic judges are fucking useless and the judge in question should have her cunt ripped off what a dirty shithead judge!

  13. While Soros pursues his global empire building , Trump has chosen to endorse a protectionist agenda. Who do you think wields more power , POTUS or SOROS?
    With Trump being so pro Israel and Soros anti , it would be interesting to see the dynamic between the two , though I don’t expect we will . There should be some interesting ripples though.

    • People keep saying Soros is anti-israel but then why did he cut funding to Femen’s protest? or why did he give nuttyahoo shitload of donations and funding in recent years? Hes not as anti as people make him out to be. In fact anything goes with him the wrinkly faced bellend!

  14. I feel sorry for the cunt. How depressing must it be to have all that money and nothing to spend it on?

  15. Anyone who starts a sentence with “You know” or “Yes, no” or “I mean” is a discombobulated cunt who should give their fucking cake hole a rest until their microscopic brain catches up. Cunts.

    • Who are you calling discombobulated ?

      I’ll throw this dictionary at you, once I’ve found out what it means

      • … I read a dictonary once when I was young, thinking it was a story book … didn’t understand it, but liked how it explained the meaning of each word as it went along ….

        • … that of course should be … ‘dictionary’ … don’t you just hate it when you ‘blast’ something down then read it and think … Cunt … should have checked my speling !!

  16. I feel indebted to Mike Oxard for posting this cunting. Thank you sir. We hear bits and pieces about this Soros cunt on the news over here in Yankland. You cannot underestimate how much of a total bastard this cunt is. His manipulation through financial force is sickening. Why anyone would want to behave this way is beyond belief.

    When this cunt snuffs it, the world will be a better place.

    • Sure, he has a lot of enemies but also a lot of friends. Killary Kiloton is a close personal friend and he is well in with the higher echelons of the EU establishment ( he was invited to give a speech to the EU parliament ). He makes no bones of his desire for no borders and for world government, all the time making this out to be some sort of humanitarian crusade while really only benefiting big business and big government.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that he has funded research into keeping his brain alive after his death, his head grafted onto a robotic body in an obscene parody of a human being. But then again, he has been an obscene parody of a human being for most of his life so no great change there, then.

  17. Breitbart are a set of cunts for sacking Milo Yiannopoulos and Simon & Schuster are cowardly cunts for refusing to publish his upcoming book.

    If you are not familiar with Milo, he is a libertarian activist and provocateur known for making comments like “feminism is cancer”, “Muslims..get away with almost anything.” and “fat acceptance…is given the heart attack it deserves”. As you might expect, this has made him very unpopular with generation snowflake who have banned him from twatter, induced riots on university campus and even got him banned from the city of San Francisco. Ironic as Milo is the worlds biggest homo with a particular liking for bbc. He is often labelled by the liberal media as being “Alt-right” or “far right”, despite his protestations to the contrary.

    This comes after Milo made comments on a youtube live stream more than a year ago regarding the age of consent while at the same time absolutely and unequivocally condemning paedophilia.

    The usual hypocritical liberal shills went into overdrive which has resulted in Milo losing his job and publishing deal. The same liberal shills who will accuse you of racism for daring to point out that Islam does not have any minimum marriageable age or transphobia for questioning if it is appropriate to ask pre-school children which gender they identify as.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not agreeing with the comments he made, just the hypocracy of the liberals and the weakness of Breitbart and Simon & Schuster for caving into them.

    • Breitbart didn’t sack him he resigned they didn’t want to the shitstorm over some of his gallows like humor and his agreeing that a teenager should be able to have a sexual relationship with a older man on Joe Rogan shows from a year ago. He wasn’t talking about pedophila he was talking about pederasty to be exact but they can’t have someone who defends conservative values saying that. The media scapegoated him plain and simple to paint Bannon in a bad light. If your gonna blame someone blame that fat tub of shit amazing atheist for resurfacing the video

      • Technically he resigned, but was probably told to either resign or be sacked. So Breitbart are still cowardly cunts which ever way you slice it. They could very easily have said “fuck you” to the MSM and SJW by refusing to accept his resignation.

        And I agree, the amazing atheist is a shit bag cunt.

  18. Cressida Dick to take over as metropolitan police commissioner after getting the thumbs up from Sadiq Khunt. I always thought he was keen on a bit of dick.

    She was apparently nicknamed “Harry Potter” by the rank and file. Who says plod has no imagination? It would take quite some effort to go for “Harry Potter” over the more obvious alternative.

  19. Pre-emptive cunting for The Brits please. We know already that:

    The audience will all be cunts
    The presenters will be massive cunts
    Unless they are either dead or Nick Cave, the award winners will be talentless cunts* .

    * Ellie Goulding and Radiohead excepted; they are talented cunts

    • I’ll give you 8 to 1 that Adele will eat a pie while collecting a prize for best “album by a fat chav”.

      I also predict David Bowie will beat off strong competition from George Michael and “laughing” Lenny Cohen for being fucking dead.

    • Best Album. David Bowie
      Best Song. David Bowie
      Best Video. David Bowie
      Best Lyric. David bowie
      Best Male. David Bowie
      Best Band. Little Mix
      Best International. Drake
      Best International Album. Drake
      Best Male. David Bowie
      Best Female Adele and Beyonce
      Best R&B. Drake

      Best avoid this pile of shite at all cost.

      • @Harry Axwound Isn’t Nick Cave technically dead tho? well dead inside anyway… Lenny Cohen isn’t exactly known for his laughter either

      • I’m no fan of The 1975, but at least a proper band won for a change, and it’s hilarious to see all the Little Mix fancunts having breakdowns because their precious identikit miming slags didn’t win…… And that fat slab of KFC guzzling riff-raff, Adele, didn’t win either…

        And no Stone Roses for best live act?! Fuck off!

        • I’m not a fan of awards ceremonies, but I’d say I’m OUTRAGED that Suede’s Night Thoughts never got album of the decade/all time, never mind album of the year, at any awards bash.

          Suede and the Roses are just too cool for some cunts.

          • I remember when Suede were on the Brits (92 or 93)… As Brett said, the organisers didn’t want the band on, but they had to because Suede were the thing at the time… The group knew this and launched into an aggressive ‘Animal Nitrate’ that just oozed contempt for the whole ceremony and bullshit… Love Night Thoughts, but Dog Man Star is still my favourite….

          • If ye haven’t already, watch Suede ( live in Paris 2013) on YouTube.

            In interviews Suede come across as quiet, but get them on that stage, and they’ll blow ye away.

            Never seen them live, but hopefully will one day.

    • I just saw a few minutes of the Brits. Someone was being introduced as “one of the 500 most influential people in Britain according to Debretts Guide to Etiquette” so naturally I was expecting some suave sophisticate,instead we got a mumbling cunt in a hoodie dancing like there were cockroaches on the stage. Load of old cunt.

  20. Any body read about the eleven year old Albanian refugee who raped his younger foster brother ?

    “The victim, now SEVEN, alerted his grandmother after the Albanian allegedly attacked him in his bedroom.
    He later told police: “he did some bad stuff to me. He hurt me. He does it every day.”
    The accused, now fourteen, came to the UK alone aged nine and had been with the family for two and a half years in Reading, Berks.
    DNA matching his was found in tests on the boy.
    The lad denies rape and assault. Trial at the town’s crown court continues.”

    That tiny piece was in The Sun, down the inside of page 9.

    There was a time when “children” committing horrible act against other kids was at least a full page.


    When/if all these problems in sandy shiteholes are resolved, are any of these cunts going back ?

    Have the authorities mentioned anything about these cunts going back, when it is deemed safe in Cuba, Morocco, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania etc,etc,etc.

    If they are fleeing danger, surely they should all be sent packing when the time comes that they no longer fear whatever it is they are fearing.

    To me it seems they fear not becoming fashion designers.
    No joke, practically every refugee they interview, wants to be a fashion designer.
    Listen out for it.
    In ten years time, every cunt will be wearing sheets with Lois Vitton logos on it.

    • “Came to the UK alone,aged 9″…….what utter bollocks. No nine year old could make their way from Albania to the UK unaccompanied.

      The cunt probably wasn’t nine,probably nearer 19. I can’t believe the families who take these scum in,especially when they’ve got children of their own. How fucking naive are they? I wouldn’t want any of these migrant “children” in the same school,street or town as any child of mine,never mind the same house.

      There seems to be a far higher percentage of these cunts who turn out to be perverts compared to normal people. I put this down to the fact that they are raised in a culture that sees no wrong in attacking young children…it’s in their “culture”.

      Perhaps all the politicians and celebs who whine on about taking in more of these “poor,downtrodden children” would like to expose their own family to the threat that these perverts bring with them.

      Fuck the migrants and fuck islam…. This is England (for now.),not a dumping ground for a load of uncivilised,sponging,perverted w@gs and sandn@ggers.

      • Linekar, Allen, Cumberbatch and the rest, nave been eerily quiet over this.
        If anybody has doubts about these cunts, they are called all sorts by the lefty love in cunts.

        So, lefty slebs, whats yer thoughts on this ?

        The poor wee boys parents are to blame also, IMHO.
        They, like the McCann’s, left their child in harms way.

        Just back from the shops.
        I actually saw a few Spaniards in amongst the swarm of Moroccans that have invaded here.
        Honestly, its like ten Moro’s for every non Moro, and like the Calais jungle, its all men in their late teens and early twenties.
        Not one female of the same age to be seen anywhere.
        The whole town stinks of kebab shops. (and sweaty beasts)

        • And what would Saint Jo Of The Blessed Cox have said about our little Albanian sicko?… Fuck all, that’s what… Wonderful Jo Cox, eh?… Her ‘values’ involved looking the other way, while British girls were groomed and raped by those she arselicked…..In Rotherham, the entire Labour Party turned a blind eye… They turned the other cheek for Muslim votes…. The snowflake cunts and Coxites make me fucking puke… Thousands raped, hundreds dead they cry over one MP.?….. Fuck them all…

          • Yeah, and according to Brendum, we need to have a giant street party to bring us all together..

            I fuckin dispair of all these virtue signalling cunts.

      • Cue George Sadoss again. That’s his idea of the perfect society. Won’t be too many years into the future when there will a be private police force to protect cunts of his ilk. Looks like the sci fi writers of years gone by forsaw with pretty good accuracy.

        • Wonder if Lily the spakker has anything to say about the Albanian charity case and his victim?…. Nothing?… Who’d have thought it…

          • She’d say the same thing that her type always say…. “you’re an ignorant racist pig who doesn’t understand what these poor people have endured… haters gonna hate…we MUST help these people…”

  21. Nothing to see here cunters just a family of 9 refugees escaping the brutal war and kidnapping a drunk woman and raping her for several hours at a time
    Libtard interpretation “They were just trying to live a peaceful life why was this drunken passed out whore so racist to them, that they would wanna rape her?” I don’t understand how liberals, let alone feminists, can advocate for Islam. I understand that anyone who isn’t Christian/ a FWM “needs to be protected”, but these animals and their ideology are the antithesis to equality and basic human rights.

  22. Anyone see the top trending story on the ABBC about the latest kids “Transgender Doll”?

    Big news eh! Last time I looked my action man didn’t have a cock and bollocks, and last time I saw a Barbie doll she didn’t have a vag, so therefore aren’t all dolls transgender or gender neutral?

    The thing is, look as some of the “select” Facebook posts the ABBC chose to show alongside it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the fucked society we live in!

    If being a trans or even gay is a minority – I’m right in saying that – then how come these cunts get the most coverage?

    Meanwhile the mainly “peaceful” Police No Go areas of Malmo in Sweden are currently in flames. Not one word about it courtesy of the ABBC. Cunts!

    • The disgusting cesspit of leftist moral relativism has meant that everything which was once good is now bad and any disgusting perverted culturally toxic activity is now good. Want to keep marriage between a man and a woman? Come on! This is 2017, for goodness sake! Marriage between a man and several under age girls? Fantastic! This is 2017, we must be inclusive. Cunts.

      • Yes I read something about heterosexuals not being allowed to enter a civil partnership because they’re not batty-boys or bean-flickers.

        Yet again another example of the minority having one set of rules to the detriment of the majority.

        A fair and even society unless you’re straight, non-peaceful or have the audacity to work for a living!

    • How can a doll be fucking trans unless it looks like a girl but has a cock or mangina!

  23. If it wasn’t for the indigenous wildlife that has to co-habit with these sub Neanderthal shit stains, I would be happy to vaporize their entire countries with a few Satan 2
    Nuclear weapons, but after my initial celebrations I would be crying my heart out at the destruction of the innocent creatures, insects, mice, rats, birds, reptiles, mammals etc. It wouldn’t be worth it, just to wipe these scum drips off the face of the Earth.

    I think a better solution would be a fleet of large in-flight refueling aircraft, loaded up with the Ebola viruses mixed in with a large dose of Smallpox. These could be used like large crop sprayers to wipe out the filth once and for all.

    This scenario came to mind after reading that our despicable Government have pledged £200 million pounds to supposedly aid that corrupt shit-hole “South Sudan”
    A problem brought upon themselves because the savages just cannot stop fighting.

    If you can wriggle out of paying tax – do it – because our fuck-wit of a Government will just squander it on these bastards

  24. It’ll be interesting to see if storm Doris affects the turnout in the stoke and copeland by elections. If it is a low turnout who will that be advantageous to. I think it will certainly wipe out the Lib Dumb vote. Limp wristed cunts won’t go out in the rain lest they get their hair wet.

  25. Great British Bake Off winner – and BBC sacred cow -Nadiya Hussain is to host her own cookery show for the corporation… Well, what a fucking shock that is… Didn’t see that coming… What’s next from those BBC muzzielickers?! Rotherham cab drivers doing Top Gear?!…. BBC tongues must be threadbare after licking so much smelly muslamist arse….

    • Just so long as she does a nice pork roast, plenty of crackling and a few pigs in blankets to go alongside then I’ll watch it.

      Yeah, guess I’m not watching it then.

      • I know a couple of professional chefs (one white, one Asian) who both loathe this ‘on a plate’ Hussain cunt… They quite rightly point out that winning (by deliberate PC fix) a cake contest doesn’t make someone a chef…. Yet the sacred cow has her own cooking programme… Nothing whatsoever to make it worth watching, Rebel, I agree… At least Nigella’s tits made her show worth a gander….


        • Wonder why none of the other Bake-Off winners ever got their own TV show?…. Oh yeah, they weren’t muzzies… The cunts at the beeb will have their precious muzzie princess doing The Queen’s Xmas speech soon enough….

    • Oh good, another cookery show, because we just don’t have enough of those fuckers on the TV already, What house buying/makeover show or talent(less) competition are they dropping to make room for that in the schedules?

      Unimaginitive cunts

  26. So every non-peaceful cunt with 2oz of senses can see that the uncontrolled “peaceful” import into Europe is having a disastrous effect across great swathes of Western Europe.

    All brought on by Frau Merkels “Yes, yes please come in and fuck our way of life as we know it in 2 generations!”

    As this notion is preposterous to anyone not on the globalism gravy train (or the joiner snowflakes who just want to feel part of something, anything – their lives are so shit) then how much Soros paying Les Dawson (Merkel) to fuck Europe over?

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